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Monday, September 05, 2016

We Need Secession and Nullification

In his new book Nullification: Reclaiming Consent of the Governed, Clyde Wilson pinpoints the folly and futility of “presidential politics” – of hoping against hope that some Great Savior will somehow restore American liberty. Only those who are almost completely ignorant of American history could be fooled by such a farce. Unfortunately, that seems to include most Americans.

Early Americans were never so naïve as to believe that national politicians could preserve their freedom; that was their job. They are the ones who, acting through their state-level political societies, created and gave authority to the Constitution. The government was to actas their agent and was delegated by them only a few specific powers. Moreover, the government itself could never be the judge of its own powers, for that would lead to “nothing less than a government of unlimited power, a tyranny,” writes Wilson. Of course, that is what Americans have now lived under for generations with the “black-robed deities” of the “supreme” court announcing for all of us what freedoms we shall have.


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lmclain said...

EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN should look up and be knowledgeable about "jury nullification.
It IS the ultimate citizens answer to the BS thes Nazi's are forcing down the throats of "we, the people".
Upon further consideration, I have to amend that statement.
It's the SECOND most powerful antidote to their corrupt, slimy, back room dealing, keep the poor people in their place, lying operations.
The first one deals with their body hanging about 8-10 feet off the fround.
But, right now, we can go with jury nullification (until they outlaw that.....and from what I understand, they already prohibit citizens from being told about that option as jurors). It's a legal -- PERFECTLY LEGAL - option for "we, the people", but they are so afraid of it, you'll be jailed for mentioning it in a courtroom.
Standing up for our rights and serving the people.
Thats what they do.

I made that last part up.

Keep cheering (but USE jury nullification. and don't be afraid of Heinrich --- we're going to settle with him soon).