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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Update On Wicomico Humane Society

Dear Joe,

Well here we go again.

I have been hearing complaints from inside the shelter.

The employees are even complaining to the Board of Directors for the HS and it's all falling on deaf ears.

Ive heard that David Fitzgerald is running the place into the ground very quickly. Not only is he the director and book keeper he is the shelter manager. Seems to be a one man band. A shelter of this size cannot be run and controlled by one person.

I also saw a new sign on the desk saying they no longer accept checks. Wonder if they still except credit and bank cards. Why does this not surprise me. Seems the new director is trying to take in money in cash form as much as possible. No paper trail no accountability.

This do nothing board and the HS need to be reported to and investigated by the IRS. If
the books are not in order they will lose the 501(c)3 charity status that they have. If they lose this a new board would have to be formed with a new tax exempt status being issued as a non profit. Come on people of Wicomico County we need to fight for accountability for our tax dollars and for the animals.

Please step up to the plate and make the necessary calls to finally get answers. If
enough people call they will audit this place.

Attention: Civil War Buffs

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Poplar Hill Mansion

1-4 P.M.

Displays, re-enactors, authors,

Civil War weapons

Carriage rides ($10)

Entrance: Free

Great chance to learn about Salisbury in the Civil War.

First West Nile Virus Death In Delaware

The Division of Public Health (DPH) confirmed two additional West Nile virus cases, including the state’s first death from the disease. A 76-year-old New Castle woman with West Nile virus infection and several underlying medical conditions died.


Lewes Charter Boat Captain Fined For Illegal Possession Of Flounder Parts

DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife Enforcement agents on Aug. 22 cited charter boat captain Brent W. Wiest, 31, of Lewes, for eight counts of possession of flounder parts. Use of flounder parts as bait is illegal if the carcass is not kept.


Judge Tells Family Too Bad, So Sad: Your $80M In Rare Coins Belong To The Government

In yet another example of why it's kind of crappy to be a grownup, the rule of "finders, keepers" doesn't work beyond the playground's boundaries. A federal judge ruled recently that 10 rare gold coins valued at about $80 million that had disappeared from the Philadelphia Mint decades ago belong to the U.S. government, and not a family that found them in a safety deposit box. Bummer.

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Burning Rubber Will Be A Lot Easier With Texas’ New High Speed Limit Of 85 MPH

Everything is bigger in Texas (or so the saying goes, I've never measured a thing in that state so I can't vouch) and now that includes big ol' speed limits. Or rather, very high ones, at a new fastest speed for the nation — 85 miles per hour. It's all for a new stretch of a toll road running 41 miles from Austin to Seguin.

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Should Clothes For Larger Children Be Called ‘Plus-Size’?

People come in different sizes. This is particularly true for children, whose bodies are constantly growing and changing. Standard sizes meant for all kids don't fit all kids, especially with an increasing percentage of overweight children. Boys' clothing cut larger with the designation of "Husky" have been around for a while, and some kids and parents find them embarrassing. But what about girls? Some retailers of children's clothing have introduced larger cuts of clothing for girls as young as 3, but have designated these clothes "plus size," just like clothes for larger adult women.

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Wells Fargo Sends Crew To Foreclose On Home That Doesn’t Even Have A Mortgage, Shrugs

There isn't really a great way to make it up to homeowners that don't even hold a mortgage when you've sent a crew to break into their house and take everything out of it, but we suppose "sorry" is an okay, if lackluster, start. A California couple says Wells Fargo made a huge mistake by trying to take their home and now they're not being very helpful in getting the family's belongings back to them.

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Cop Claims He Was Only Issuing Tickets To Dead People To Keep Up With Nonexistent Quotas

As my grandma used to say, honesty is the best policy. But you know what else is a pretty good policy? Giving traffic tickets only to people who are actually alive. The cop fired by the New York Police Department says he was issuing summonses to deceased people, but only because he had to fill monthly quotas the NYPD says don't exist.

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Grandma Gives Birth To Her Own Grandchild

Setting foot in a hospital again, Emily and Mike Jordan couldn't help but feel anxious.

More than two years before, at age 29, Emily had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. But just before she was to undergo a radical hysterectomy, she was told that she was pregnant. Faced with saving her own life or their unborn child's, the young couple made the excruciating decision to go forward with her surgery. It meant losing the baby, and forfeiting any chance at having their own children.

Or so they thought.



A few months ago, my older brother emailed me with an interesting observation. “If you spend your whole life doing the right thing,” he wrote wearily, “you don’t get any credit for it. You can be responsible, save money, work your way through college, not be in debt, not have kids out of wedlock, keep up with your mortgage payments … no matter what you do, you don’t get any credit for it. But let someone mess up and they’re showered with all the things I had to work hard for my whole life.”
My brother isn’t the only one to note this trend of entitlements. From my column a few weeks ago called “We ain’t got no self-control,” a reader named “bdsunrise” said it beautifully: “All I can see is beggars, especially the young. Beggars and dead weight. The working mules are getting tired. Tired and old. I can easily see the young beggars kicking your door in and making you pay for years of doing the right thing.”
With the elections coming on, there’s been a lot of focus on the economic disparity in this nation. Our politicians are doing their best to foster class warfare by spotlighting the “haves” versus the “have nots.” What is seldom addressed is WHY the “haves” have, and why the “have nots”don’t have.

RI Woman Accused Of Training Parrot To Curse At Ex-husband's Girlfriend

WARWICK, R.I. - A Rhode Island woman has been accused by her neighbors of violating an animal-noise ordinance by training her cockatoo to cuss.
The Providence Journal   reports that Lynne Taylor is accused in Warwick municipal court of training the bird, Willy, to say expletives.
The bird allegedly aimed the invectives at the neighbors, who happen to be Taylor's ex-husband and his girlfriend.

Blind Xpress And CPSC Recall Window Blinds After Michigan Toddler Was Strangled To Death

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and window blind manufacturer Blind Xpress issued a recall   of their custom-made window blinds after a 2-year-old girl was strangled to death by the hanging adjustment cord.
The recall will affect about 39,000 vertical and 315,000 horizontal blinds made by the Michigan-based company. They were sold in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana from January 1995 through December 2011 and retailed for $16 to $380 each.

Fort Detrick to receive $100 million grant to study PTSD

The Fort Detrick-based Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs on Friday announced $100 million in grants to fund research into the diagnosis and treatment of combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder and mild traumatic brain injury.

The money follows an executive order issued by the White House on Aug. 31 that calls for expanded mental health services for members of the military, veterans and their families. The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs are funding the research, CDMRP spokeswoman Gail Whitehead said.

Two consortia, one to focus on PTSD and another on mild TBI, are to be set up. Investigators from a number of organizations, including the Defense Department, VA and academia, are expected to collaborate on the work, which will take place over five years, Col. Dallas Hack, director of the Combat Casualty Care Research Program at Detrick, said Friday.


Speed Camera Near School Defaced Again

Speed camera vandals have struck again.

This time repeating earlier damage on a camera near Loch Raven High School in Baltimore County.

Detective Cathy Batton with the Baltimore County Police Department tells WBAL Radio that someone spray painted the camera around 5:30 Friday morning along Cromwell Bridge Road.



Cardinal Timothy Dolan surprised people on both sides of the aisle last week when he announced that he would be offering the benediction at the Democratic National Convention — an odd occurrence, considering the Catholic Church’s ongoing debate with the Obama administration over the controversial contraceptive mandate.

Still, the faith leader extended the ultimate olive branch and, in an effort to appear unbiased, he delivered closing remarks at both political conventions. But — following his remarks, some liberals launched into Twitter tirades, sending expletives Dolan’s way. The reason? He prayed for the protection of the unborn during the DNC, an apparent cardinal sin in the eyes of some Democrats who decry pro-life sentiment.

Language Warning

Weak Jobs Report Puts Ball in Fed's Court

The party conventions are over, the signs and funny hats are overflowing trashcans in Tampa and Charlotte, and reality returns to center stage in the form of Friday’s jobs report. It’s rare that a single data report matters much. After all, we can’t project a trend from a single data point. The report that the economy added a mere 96,000 jobs in August is an exception. No matter that the unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent from 8.3 percent—that is only because 368,000 more workers dropped out of the work force, and the labor force participation rate dropped to its lowest level in 30 years. For every worker who found work, four simply stopped looking and joined the ranks of what economists call “discouraged workers.”

“Consider some startling numbers,” invites the Lindsey Group in its latest client bulletin. “The number of adult males eligible to work in the civilian economy has expanded by one million over the last year. But the number declaring themselves not interested in working has expanded by roughly the same amount. Overall, if the labor force participation rate was the same as it was a year ago the unemployment rate would still be 9.1 percent – unchanged over the past year.”


An African warlord once sought as an international criminal on genocide allegations will soon be contributing his judgments on human rights issues worldwide as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, a development that is sparking outrage in Congress.
Sudan, led by Omar al-Bashir, has been awarded a seat on the international tribunal starting in 2013, and U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., said it’s just gone too far.
“Allowing this genocidal dictatorship, which has killed thousands of its citizens, to serve on such a body is beyond hypocrisy, it is callous, dangerous, and tragic,” she said in a statement issued as the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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Racism! Racism! Racism!

This past February, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the late great Andrew Breitbart correctly predicted that this would be the year of the “dog whistle” election, that the media would hurl charges of racism at President Obama’s opponents at every opportunity. How right he was.

When the Republican National Convention got underway with great fanfare last week, the now-openly leftist media went all out to perpetuate their narrative that candidate Mitt Romney is “stoking the racial politics of yesteryear.” The ever-reliable propaganda organ known as The New York Times, for example, accused the Romney campaign of making the election about race, a case of psychological projection if there ever was one. It’s the progressive left that is doing their damnedest to make this election entirely about race. It’s the only weapon they have in their impotent arsenal.

In order to paint Republicans a whiter shade of pale, the media cut their RNC coverage of conservative speakers of color, and when they did acknowledge non-white conservatives, it was only to dismiss them as patronizing tokens. After all, to the left, non-white conservatives are white “on the inside” anyway – hence such derogatory labels as “Oreos” and “coconuts” – and are therefore just as racist as their white counterparts.


Md. Trooper Recovering After Being Hit By Truck

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Maryland State Police say a trooper is recovering from being hit by a tractor-trailer as he stood along Interstate 70 near Hagerstown.

A spokesman said Friday that Trooper David Avila suffered shoulder, back and leg injuries. The agency posted a dashboard video clip of the June 14 incident on YouTube Friday to publicize a state law requiring drivers to give stopped emergency vehicles an extra lane of space.

Continue to story and dashboard cam video HERE

Troopers Investigate Home Invasion With Serious Assault, Georgetown

•22000 block of Lewes Georgetown Highway, Georgetown, DE

Date of Occurrence:
•Friday, September 7, 2012 at 11:20 a.m.

•39 year old female

Suspect/Suspect Vehicle:
•White male, unknown age, 5’06”-5’08” tall, 175-185 lbs (no further physical or clothing description available)
•Suspect vehicle described as a unknown make/model green pickup truck with a cap (no further description available)

Georgetown-The Delaware State Police are investigating a Georgetown home invasion and serious assault that has left a 39 year old female hospitalized.

The incident occurred on Friday, September 7, 2012 at approximately 11:20 a.m. as the 39 year old female resident was inside of her house located in the 22000 block of Lewes Georgetown Highway when she heard someone knocking on her front door. The female victim opened the door and was greeted by the male suspect who was asking if a utility trailer located on the property was for sale. The suspect then grabbed the victim and struck her in the face and forced her into the living room, knocking her to the floor. The violent assault continued as the male suspect continued to strike her and attempted to strangle her. The victim fought back and struggled with the suspect and was able to escape to a bedroom, pushed out a window air conditioning unit, and then climbed out of the window, fleeing to the roadway where she flagged down passing motorists for assistance. The male suspect fled the house on foot and drove away in a vehicle described as an unknown make/model green pickup truck, with a cap.

The female victim was transported to a local hospital where she was treated and admitted in serious condition from traumatic injuries from the assault.

If anyone has any information in reference to this incident, they are asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at Troop 4 at 302-856-5850 Extension #255 or Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333. Information may also be provided via the internet at

Send an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

“Troopers remind the public that the first priority to reducing the risks of becoming a victim of crime, is to become aware of your surroundings and utilize situational awareness when out and about, but also at home. Do not answer the door for strangers, and be on the lookout for suspicious activity in and around your home, to include the neighborhood that you live in. Call the police to reports suspicious activity or something out of the ordinary.”

Troopers offer the below general prevention tips that can be used to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.
1. Lock all doors, windows, and garages at all times, when you are home. Criminals look for houses with the easiest entry.
2. Secure your home with solid doors and deadbolt locks. The exterior doors should be metal, metal clad or solid wood, not hollow core.
3. Keep exterior of home well lit.
4. Install a peephole so that you can verify who is on the other side of the door. Never open your door to strangers or solicitors.
5. Install a monitored alarm system with a “panic” feature. If you have an alarm system in your home, activate the perimeter doors and windows while you are in the home. If someone attempts to gain entry, the alarm will sound, giving you time to escape.
6. Keep a cellular or cordless phone available to call 911
6. Have an escape plan in mind for your family. Train family members on where to go and what to say. This plan should include your children. If someone can escape, the invaders will have lost their advantage of privacy and time.
7. Report all suspicious activity to police. If you see something out of the ordinary, call.

Canada Closes Tehran Embassy and Orders Iran Envoys to Leave

QUEBEC — Calling Iran “the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today,” Canada’s foreign affairs minister, John Baird, abruptly announced Friday that his government had cut all diplomatic ties with the country.

Mr. Baird told reporters in Vladivostok, Russia, where he was attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting, that Canada had closed its embassy in Tehran and given Iranian diplomats in Canada five days to leave. An online list prepared by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade indicated Friday morning that there were 18 Iranian diplomats in Canada.

The action by Canada contrasts with its decision in 1979 to keep its embassy in Tehran open after the United States Embassy there was seized by students and several diplomats were held hostage. Six Americans found sanctuary in the Canadian Embassy and were eventually smuggled out of the country using Canadian passports.


Man Indicted For Child Pornography Continued Working At Md. Library

A Greenbelt man, who had been arrested and indicted on 11 counts related to child pornography, continued working unnoticed at a Prince George's County public library for seven months.

David Hartley was the subject of an investigation by local police, state and federal prosecutors, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the images of children engaged in sexual acts that were found on his computer.

Even after he was arrested directly outside of the Greenbelt Branch Library on Crescent Road in December 2011 and indicted a month later, Hartley continued his part-time job as a front desk clerk, working in close proximity to young people.



The past couple of years have been alright for famed gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson but 2012 has been exceptionally kind.
“Gross profit for the first quarter was $51.3 million, or 37.7% of net sales, compared with gross profit of $26.5 million, or 28.9% of net sales, for the comparable quarter last year [emphasis added],” the company said in its press release.
And it doesn’t end there.


School Days

People remember their grade school days in different ways. These are usually the years from when they were between 5 and 13. They have taken a much different approach to teaching than years ago. A hundred years ago there was only one teacher for all grades with around 25 children making up the student body. These were one room schools with very few amenities. The children still managed to learn and became the backbone of America. Now with all the trappings and electronics in the classroom, the children seem to be less educated when the school system finally awards them a diploma. The basics of reading, writing and arithmetic have fallen by the wayside to make room for the time required to make them eligible to enter the computer age.

I went through St. Francis and remember it well. Every month we had to take home a manila envelope that my mother would put $2 in and I would return it to the nun the next day. At the time, which was the early 1950’s, the nuns were paid the whopping sum of $40 a month. They also got to live there and get their meals there, but there were no Mercedes or Continentals parked outside as you see today outside the schools. They had something that is missing from today’s educators. They had a vocation. Along with our religious education, we practiced the times tables and penmanship for an hour at a time. Did you ever try to make “O’s” for an hour at a time?

About 10 years ago there was talk among the educational fraternity that they were going to do away with cursive writing because typing on a computer was all they had to learn.

The teachers of today for the most part are disciplinarians. They have to be because of the lack of respect shown by the students. This reflects the fact that no discipline was instilled in them at home. If they have over 25 children in a class they consider it crowded. In some years at St. Francis, the class size was between 60 and 70 students, comprising three classes, with only one nun for all three classes.

The Rockawalkin School House on the grounds of Pemberton Elementary School shows how a one room school looked. There were many of these schools up until about 1940. The teachers were usually unmarried young women who had graduated from high school. And remember, a high school education was only 9 years before 1902. A 10th year was added in 1902 and the 11th was added in 1906. The 12 year education we have today didn’t come about until 1949. The education of a teacher in 1900 was that she assist a teacher in a one room school for only one year. They could then obtain a teaching position on their own.

The discipline has been taken out of schools to the point that children of 9 or 10 know nothing physical is going to happen to them so they can act up any way they want. At St. Francis, the fear of that 15 inch Westcott ruler or the hand of a nun kept many a child in line. Corporal punishment has gone the way of discipline. “Spare the rod and spoil the child”.

Mexico Makes Arrest In Killing That Sparked 'Fast And Furious' Probe

Mexican authorities say they arrested a man wanted in the killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, whose death led to the public disclosure of the botched "Fast and Furious" gun-smuggling sting.

Leonel Sanchez Jesus Meza was arrested in Puerto Penasco, about 60 miles south of the Arizona border, the Ministry of Public Security said in a statement Friday.

The investigation into Terry's killing revealed the existence of Operation Fast and Furious, which sought to build arms trafficking cases against drug cartels and smuggling networks.


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