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Monday, June 22, 2015

California Raisins Beat Feds at U.S. Supreme Court

You may have heard it through the grapevine: the California raisin farmer who challenged the federal government’s power to seize a substantial portion of each year’s crop as part of a New Deal price-floor scheme had a very strong case under the Fifth Amendment’s takings clause. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed, overturning the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Horne v. USDA, ruling the farmers could not be fined for keeping their crop, and that they were due fair compensation.

The issue was whether the Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC), under the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, could require farmers to set aside large percentage of the crop for the government to deal with as it wished without just compensation.

The government had argued that because it often sold the crop and returned profits to the farmers, that satisfied the Fifth Amendment. Marvin and Lorna Horne disagreed, barring the government’s truck from their property. The Court sided with the farmers.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the decision for the 8-1 majority (which narrowed on certain issues). There were three main findings.

First, the Court found that the Fifth Amendment required the government to pay just compensation even if the property at issue was personal property and not “real” property (i.e. land or real estate).


Hundreds of Thousands Rally in Rome Against Gay Unions

Hundreds of thousands of Italians gathered in Rome Saturday to demonstrate against gay unions and the teaching of gender theories in schools, as Prime Minister Matteo Renzi tries to push a civil union bill through parliament.

Holding aloft banners reading "The family will save the world" and "Let's defend our children", a sea of people crammed into the San Giovanni square near the Italian capital's historic centre to support family values.

The square, which can hold an estimated 300,000 people, was overflowing with the young, elderly and parents with toddlers, an AFP photographer said, with many more demonstrators spilling into nearby streets. Organisers for their part said one million people were taking part. Italian police never provide figures for demos.

"In my children's schools they are talking about families made up of two fathers or two mothers, without asking parents' permission," said 41-year old doctor Giuseppe Ripa, adding: "It's dangerous and wrong."

Fellow protester Piero Uroda, a 78-year-old pharmacist, said it was "not honest to say these things to the very young, it's not like they are students who can debate these ideas."

"I don't want gay marriage or gay adoption, the natural family is like ours," he said, pointing to his relatives gathered around.

The protest comes as the Italian senate examines a civil union bill, which Renzi wants to see go to a vote in the coming weeks, with the aim of legislation being enacted before the end of July.


Why the Saudis Are Going Solar

The fate of one of the biggest fossil-fuel producers may now depend on its investne

PRince Turki bin Saud bin Mohammad Al Saud belongs to the family that rules Saudi Arabia. He wears a white thawb and ghutra, the traditional robe and headdress of Arab men, and he has a cavernous office hung with portraits of three Saudi royals. When I visited him in Riyadh this spring, a waiter poured tea and subordinates took notes as Turki spoke. Everything about the man seemed to suggest Western notions of a complacent functionary in a complacent, oil-rich kingdom.

But Turki doesn’t fit the stereotype, and neither does his country. Quietly, the prince is helping Saudi Arabia—the quintessential petrostate—prepare to make what could be one of the world’s biggest investments in solar power.


Conservatives: Lack of Focus on Working Women Hurts GOP's WH Chances

A growing group of conservatives is concerned that many Republican presidential candidates may be ignoring female breadwinners in their campaigns, and that the results will show when the 2016 election rolls around.

"For years now, Democrats have been saying: We are focused on women in the workplace," Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, which promotes conservative policies, told The Washington Post.

"For whatever reason, Republicans keep ignoring these issues. It’s the absolute worst thing they can do. They need to understand, engage and offer better solutions. They can’t be afraid."

The results of disregarding working mothers' needs has been showing in the past three presidential elections, reports The Post.

Nearly half of all working mothers voted to elect George W. Bush as president. However, by 2008, that share dropped to 40 percent for Arizona Sen. John McCain and in 2012, only about one-third voted for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, both of whom lost their bids.

There are many new proposals that are being embraced by the party's policy makers and economists, but Republican strategists are concerned that many of the large crop of candidates are waiting until after the primaries to adopt the ideas in hopes of not alienating a segment of the party who believes at least one of a family's parents should stay home with their children.

More here

Body of missing ex-White House chef found in New Mexico

Searchers found the body of a former White House chef whovanished more than a week ago on a solo hike through New Mexico mountains.

Authorities did not release 61-year-old Walter Scheib’s cause of death.

The body of Scheib — who cooked for Presidents Clinton and Bush, their families and their White House guests between 1994 and 2005 — was found Sunday night just off a hiking trail in Taos, N.M.


Matt Barber: Transwhatever

Hold on.

Courage, Matt, courage.


OK, I’m ready.

This is it. I’m coming out. I want the world to know. I’m a black, lesbian platypus trapped in a white, straight guy’s body. This is my truth. It’s my experience. It’s how I identify. It’s my reality (actual reality notwithstanding).

Transracial, transgender and transpecies lives matter (#TransLivesMatter), and I’m declaring myself an out and proud member of the LGBTTT community.

Crazy, you say? Don’t judge me, hater. This is my race-species-gender identity and expression, whether real or perceived, and if you refuse to play along, then you’re violating my civil rights.

This is my struggle. I demand admission to the wrong bathrooms and showers, the right to play for the other sports teams and unfettered access to your children so I can indoctrinate them till they can’t see straight, or I’ll ruin you.

Identify me by whichever stupid pronoun I invent, you cisgender, cisracial, cisspecies bigot, or I’ll glitter bomb you so bad that you’ll be slightly inconvenienced.

Move over, Caitlyn Jenner.

You’re yesterday’s news, Rachel Dolezal.

I’m here! I’m, er, whatever! Get used to it!



43rd Annual Camp Barnes Benefit Stock Car Race

Delmar, DE- The 43rd Annual Camp Barnes Benefit Stock Car Race will be postponed until Wednesday June 24, 2015 due to the impending heat and potential for severe thunderstorms being forecast for the evening of Tuesday June 23rd. Gates will open at 4:00 p.m. at the Delaware International Speedway and racing action beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Call it Racism By Dr. Ben Carson

Not everything is about race in this country. But when it is about race, then it just is. So when a guy who has been depicted wearing a shirt featuring an apartheid-era ‘Rhodesian’ flag walks into a historic black church and guns down nine African-American worshippers at a bible study meeting, common sense leads one to believe his motivations are based in racism. When the sole adult survivor of the ordeal reports that the killer shouted before opening fire, “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”—well, that sounds to me a lot like racial hatred.

Let’s call this sickness what it is so we can get on with the healing. If this were a medical disease and all the doctors recognized the symptoms but refused to make the diagnosis for fear of offending the patient we could call it madness. But there are people who are claiming that they can lead this country, who dare not call this tragedy an act of racism, a hate crime, for fear of offending a particular segment of the electorate.

Tribune Red Light Camera Series Wins Award

The Chicago Tribune's investigation of corruption and undeserved ticketing in Chicago's red light camera system has been honored with the 2014 Taylor Family Award for Fairness in Journalism, according to the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University.
In reporting that began in 2012, the Tribune revealed a $2 million city bribery scheme that has led to federal indictments and more recently exposed a lack of oversight in the program that led to unexplained ticket spikes nabbing tens of thousands of Chicago drivers.

The Tribune also commissioned a study showing that while the city boasted about red light cameras increasing safety, the cameras did nothing to make drivers safer and may have caused an increase in injury-related crashes.


Labor force swells as Maryland adds 13,500 jobs in May

Maryland's labor market heated up in May, as the number of people entering the workforce swelled and employers added 13,500 jobs, the Labor Department reported Friday.

It was the second month in a row of significant job gains in Maryland, boosting payrolls by nearly 1.8 percent from the same period last year. The state added more than 16,000 jobs in April, after several months of declines or smaller increases.

"It's exceeding our expectations of growth," said Daraius Irani, chief economist at Towson University's Regional Economic Studies Institute. "There's optimism that basically we are getting some legs back under us in terms of the labor market."


Rancor Rises At The FCC

Partisan warfare has broken out at the once-sleepy Federal Communications Commission, where disputes over Internet subsidies for the poor, robocalls and net neutrality regulations have taken on an increasingly bitter tone.

At an open meeting on Thursday, Republican FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly accused the body’s Democratic majority of trying to force through an expansion of broadband subsidies for low-income Americans before President Obama leaves office.

“It is clear that the majority wants to spend as much as they possibly can without any hint of restraint before a possible change in Administration,” he said.

Though the agency is adversarial by nature — by law, only three out of the five commissioners can come from the same political party — a recent series of controversial items have laid bare the fault lines between some of the commissioners.

O’Rielly also accused unnamed commission leaders of lying to him during a later discussion on a measure to crack down on robocalls and spam texts.

“After 14 months working on this issue, it is clear that this process brought out a new low I have never seen in politics or policy making — which is saying something,” he said. “Along the way, some of us were led to believe that we were working together to find a common resolution. Instead, we were being deceived in order to produce one of the most slanted documents I’ve ever seen.”

More here

Police officer sings to comfort little girl after father killed, family injured in crash

A Colorado police officer is being praised after a photo captured him comforting a young girl moments after crash claimed the life of the girl's father while injuring her mother and three siblings.

The photo of Brighton, Colo., police officer Nick Struck singing to the girl, who is believed to be about 2 years old, as rescue personnel work in the background quickly went viral.

"When you hear that there's children involved, I'll tell you what, everyone that responds to that scene, you get that pit in your stomach," Struck tells KUSA Channel 9. "The first thing we do when we get on scene is we just try to, if we can comfort anybody, of course we're going to go to the kids."


Congressman Andy Harris’ Statement on Governor Hogan’s Personal Announcement

WASHINGTON, DC: Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. released the following statement on Governor Hogan’s personal announcement:

“My thoughts are with Governor Hogan and his family. I hope all Marylanders will join me in praying that he has a speedy and complete recovery. We have made dramatic advancements in treatment of this disease and I am sure the Governor will get the best care available.”

Governor Larry Hogan: A New Personal Challenge I Will Face

GovernorHogan: Better Odds Than I Had of Beating Anthony Brown

Governor Hogan: I Remain Comforted By My Abiding Faith

Jonathan Gruber Reportedly Played Key Role In ObamaCare Law

MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, who claimed the authors of ObamaCare took advantage of what he called the "stupidity of the American voter," played a much bigger role in the law's drafting than previously acknowledged, according to a published report.

The Wall Street Journal, citing 20,000 pages of emails sent by Gruber between January 2009 and March 2010, reported Sunday that Gruber was frequently consulted by staffers and advisers for both the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) about the Affordable Care Act. Among the topics that Gruber discusses in the emails are media interviews, consultations with lawmakers, and even how to publicly describe his role.

The emails were released as the Supreme Court prepares to rule on the legality of federal health insurance exchange subsidies.

The Journal reports that the officials Gruber contacted by e-mail included Peter Orszag, then the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB); Jason Furman, an economic adviser to the president; and Ezekiel Emanuel, then a special adviser for health policy at OMB.

"His proximity to HHS and the White House was a whole lot tighter than they admitted," Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R- Utah, chairman of the House oversight committee, told the Journal. "There’s no doubt he was a much more integral part of this than they’ve said. He put up this facade he was an arm’s length away. It was a farce."


Dr. Ben Carson: Leaders Making 'Political Hay' of Charleston Church Shooting

2016 Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson reacted on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today to the fallout from the Charleston church shooting.

He said that it's difficult for politicians to let a terrible event like that occur without trying to make "political hay" of it.

"If we continue to allow the purveyors of division and hatred to stoke the flames of controversy, we're going to continue to have hatred manifested in these kinds of horrible ways," Carson said. "And we must, as a nation, begin to teach, particularly our young people, what is very important. And that is that everybody is equal, everybody is protected. And let's look more deeply than just superficial coloring of skin."


"What Negros Can Expect From Kennedy"

I wonder, will they publish a current magazine saying, What whites can expect from Obama?

Berlin Vandals Get Community Service, Must Pay Restitution

(Editor's Note: There was incorrect information included in an earlier post and this is the corrected version. We apologize for the error.)

SNOW HILL — Two local teens each charged with 40 counts of malicious destruction of property after a graffiti spree throughout downtown Berlin in January were placed on probation and fined last week after trials in District Court in Snow Hill, but their biggest punishments will be restitution to the 30-plus victims and hundreds of hours of community service that must be completed within the town of Berlin.

Jordan Denton, 18, of Berlin; and Nicholas Bonser, 18, of Ocean Pines, were each charged with 40 counts including malicious destruction of property and malicious destruction of property scheme, following the spray paint spree in January throughout downtown Berlin. Last week in District Court, each defendant pleaded guilty to 10 counts of malicious destruction and one count each malicious destruction scheme and each was fined $200 and placed on probation for two years. A third suspect, a juvenile, was also charged and was sentenced similarly to the named suspects.

The Berlin Police Department received the first phone call about the widespread vandalism in the Broad Street area downtown around 10 p.m. on Jan. 25 and received additional calls on the following morning. Over 30 vehicles were spray-painted with graffiti including some with racial slurs. Some examples include a white vehicle with red paint slashes down its entire side. The side of one building simply said “cheeseburger.” Another vehicle had “LOL” painted on its driver’s side window. Yet another building was adorned with the message “your mother is a nice lady.”


CFPB Report Finds 90% Of Student Loan Borrowers Who Seek Co-Signer Release Are Denied

Last year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau brought our attention to a relatively new phenomenon in which more and more private student loan borrowers found themselves placed in automatic default – even if they were up-to-date on payments – when their co-signer died or filed for bankruptcy. While the agency and consumer advocates urged these borrowers to seek co-signer release from their lenders, a new report finds that’s simply hasn’t been possible.

In fact, nearly 90% of consumers who have applied for a co-signer release from their private student loan lender were rejected because of unfair industry practices.

That figure is based on the CFPB’s mid-year report [PDF] which analyzes more than 3,100 complaints and more than 1,100 debt collection complaints filed between October 2014 and March 2015 related to private student loans, as well as an analysis of lender policies and contracts.


Wife of Israel's interior minister tweets, and deletes, racist joke about President Obama

Judy Mozes, an Israeli talk-show host and the wife of the country’s interior minister, tweeted a racist joke about President Barack Obama on Sunday morning.

She then quickly deleted it and apologized.

Mozes, who is married to Silvan Shalom, a Likud party member and currently vice prime minister and head of the Ministry of the Interior, tweeted a joke she said she heard that compared Obama's skin color to a weak cup of coffee.


Delaware Decriminalizes Possession, Private Use Of Small Amounts Of Marijuana

Delaware is joining a slew of other states that are loosening up a bit on the private use of marijuana, with legislators in the Senate giving final approval to a measure that decriminalizes the possession and private use of up to an ounce of the drug. Gov. Jack Markell signed it into law almost immediately.

The bill allows residents to have up to an ounce of marijuana and to use it privately without getting into trouble with the law, reports The News Journal, though police are authorized to confiscate marijuana.

Any criminal repercussions for having marijuana will be replaced with a $100 civil fine instead. It’s still illegal to sell marijuana under the law, and anyone under 21 will still face criminal penalties if caught with pot. It’s also still illegal to consume marijuana in a moving vehicle.

“The governor remains committed to reducing the number of people entering the criminal justice system and refocusing resources where they are needed most and House Bill 39 supports these efforts,” a spokeswoman for the governor’s office said in a statement.



In the wake of the heinous attack on Charleston’s Emanuel American Methodist Episcopal Church, Democrats’ ritual calls for more gun control have louder than usual, and a mainstream media’s focus on the threat of “mass shootings” has been kicked up a notch.

The question none of the Democrats or media outlets have asked is why gunmen, historically speaking, attack churches and school but bypass NRA meetings?

Why do they target Fort Hood twice within a five years period while opening fire in Walmart remains unpopular?

To ask the questions is to answer them. Law-abiding citizens are largely prohibited from possessing guns for self-defense in churches and schools around the country, but they may be heavily and openly armed at an NRA meeting. Likewise, soldiers are then mandated to be unarmed on stateside military bases while law-abiding shoppers at Walmart can and frequently do carry guns to protect themselves and their families.


‘This Is A White Supremacist Society That Dehumanizes Minorities’ – White Lady On Msnbc

Some crazed professor of politics at Occidental College got hysterical and started saying that America is a white supremacist society. Yeah sure, OK white lady*.

Sure, Caroline. Is that why so many are demanding to gain entrance to America? It’s amazing that people like this call America the worst racist place in the world but then want tons of illegal aliens to roam free here. If it’s so bad isn’t charitable and humane to deport them where there isn’t so much racism?

*assuming she doesn’t identify as Dolezal-American

Watch Video HERE.

The Trans Fat Ban Is Worse Than You Think

The Food and Drug Administration issued a final decision this week, giving the food industry three years to phase out bad trans fats, still used in a wide variety of products, such as Pillsbury’s Ready To Bake cookies and cake frosting. Now, if you’re ingesting large quantities of either, perhaps partially hydrogenated oils aren’t your biggest concern in life. But if the government’s goal is to prevent cardiovascular disease and preventing cardiovascular disease is all that matters, why stop there?

The FDA alleges that phasing out trans fats will prevent about 7,000 premature deaths each year. (If you believe that these things can be quantified with that sort of precision, you have far too much faith in crusading bureaucracies. Years ago, I attempted to tally up the deaths that various studies, public interest groups and government agencies had attributed to obesity, smoking, salt, trans fats, meat, etc., and came up with a number larger than the number of all Americans who’d passed away that year.) But 610,000 Americans die from cardiovascular disease each year. Will 603,000 be left for corporate America to slaughter because we won’t act? The negative externalities of allowing people to eat whatever they desire are huge.

So if we can ban trans fats in an effort to curtail heart disease, I wish someone would explain what stops the state from banning any unhealthful ingredient it feels like. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading reasons for higher risk of heart disease are diabetes, obesity, poor diet, physical inactivity and excessive alcohol use.


An Open Letter To Black Americans About The Mass Murder In Charleston

The mass murder of nine innocent black Americans attending a Bible study in a Charleston church by a drug-addled, racist, terrorist thug was as close to universally condemned as anything can be in a country like America. Expressions of sorrow over what happened and loathing for the killer are everywhere. Moreover, the shooter was quickly apprehended and the governor of South Carolina has already called for the death penalty. Hopefully, she’ll get her wish.

Supposedly, the shooter had the same lunatic dream as Charles Manson did back in 1969: he was hoping to start a race war.

That won’t work any better today than it did back in the sixties.

However, what this evil piece of human debris did manage to do is sow a little more hatred and division between Americans. There are already enough people doing that.

We always have ghouls who gleefully try to exploit every tragedy for their own political ends and there are more of them than ever before. They’re trying to tie this into their campaigns against police, trying to whip up voter registration, trying to convince black Americans that white people in general and conservative whites in particular hate their guts.

It would be nice to just shrug that off, but it has become so easy for people to talk past each other in today’s social-media-driven environment where every molehill is blown up and repeated and intensified until it’s made to look like a mountain. So, I want to try to cut through the clutter.

I think of myself as a typical white Tea Party conservative. I’m pro-cop, tough on crime, anti-Affirmative Action and I can’t stand Obama. In fact, if you put pretty much any black liberal (or for that matter, any liberal) and me in a room, we probably wouldn’t agree on ANYTHING political.

There are liberals who will tell you all day long that people like me are racist, that we hate black Americans and we secretly send “dog whistles” to each other about it all day long. If you believe them, you’d think people like me don’t care about black Americans at best and want to see them suffer at worst.

Now, here’s the truth about me and people like me.




Attempts to demonize firearms backfire spectacularly

In the wake of the shooting at a black church in Charleston that took nine lives Wednesday, many calls were issued for stricter gun control in America.

But others frustrated with what the media portrays as an increase in white on black crime took the shooting as a sign to procure guns in self defense, starting the Twitter hashtag #WeWillShootBack as a means of communicating they will not be victimized by white supremacists.


Marc Kilmer: "The Daily Times does not understand the revenue cap"

The Daily Times does not understand the revenue cap. In a recent story, it wrote, "When new home sales plummeted, the...
Posted by Marc Kilmer, Wicomico County Council on Monday, June 22, 2015

Obama: Gun reform would have kept ‘some more Americans’ alive

“You all might have to attend fewer funerals."

President Obama said on Friday that if lawmakers had responded to his earlier calls for reform of the nation’s gun laws “we might have some more Americans still here with us.”

“You all might have to attend fewer funerals,” he said. “Some families might still be whole.”

Obama made the remarks in the wake of a mass shooting in Charleston, S.C. Nine people were killed at a historic black church in the city on Wednesday evening. Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old white man, has been charged with nine counts of murder in the atrocity.
Obama made the remarks as he asserted that he would not abandon his quest fo stricter gun control.

“I am not resigned,” Obama said at the annual U.S. Conference of Mayors in San Francisco.

Full article here

Never Buy Sunscreen With This Ingredient

Wearing sunscreen — along with a hat and protective clothing — can protect you from skin damage, cancer, and wrinkling. But some sun-protection products are less effective than you’d think and may do more harm than good.

That’s the latest word from the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG), which has issued a new analysis that found that as many as one in five sunscreens on the market contain a form of vitamin A, known as retinyl palmitate, that may speed development of skin cancer tumors.

EWG’s 2015 Guide to Sunscreens checked 1,700 sun-protection products and found the additive in 19 percent of sunscreens, 17 percent of moisturizers with SPF, and 13 percent of lip products.

It also found 80 percent of sunscreens on the market don’t work as effectively as makers claim or contain other potentially harmful ingredients, such as oxybenzone and methylisothiazolinone, as well as retinyl palmitate.


'Ridin' With Biden' Bumper Stickers Urge Veep to Run in '16

A Draft Biden 2016 committee is busy building a movement to support a Joe Biden presidential bid – replete with bumper stickers declaring "I'm Ridin' With Biden" – but the vice president isn't yet on board, The New York Times reports.

William Pierce, who launched a Chicago-based Super PAC, and other Biden backers insist he's the best Democrat to carry on the legacy of President Barack Obama, and have collected more than 81,000 petition signatures, sponsored house parties, secured endorsements, made fundraising calls, issued news releases and, on Saturday, will sponsor a rally in Davenport, Iowa, in hopes of getting Biden to toss his hat in the ring, The Times reports.


Baltimore City Mayor Rawlings-Blake to Head U.S. Conference of Mayors

The mayors of cities with populations greater than 30,000 are gathering Friday in San Francisco, where Rawlings-Blake will be sworn in Monday. She was elected second vice president of the organization two years ago, putting her in a line of succession to become president.

Rawlings-Blake argues her new position will enhance, not detract from, her work as mayor.

“When I became mayor, nobody was checking for Baltimore as far as national profile for leadership,” Rawlings-Blake said. “When you’re president, you have the opportunity to advocate on a national level. I can’t think of a more important time to have that visibility when we have so many significant needs in our city.”

She said she looks forward to bringing mayors from around the county to Baltimore in September for a conference the organization is planning.
“It’s important that we put the urban agenda on the map,” Rawlings-Blake said. “We have issues that need to be at the forefront, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. More than 80 percent of the country lives in metro areas.”


WCSO Most Wanted 6-22-15

Kurt Thomas Barnes Sr.
• White Male, 6’01” 245 lbs
• DOB 07/06/1974 40 years of age
• Brown hair, Blue eyes
• Barnes’ last known address was Seaford DE
• Barnes is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear for a Sentencing Hearing in March 2014 on the charge of Criminal Child Support
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA
• Barnes has history of DRUG ABUSE

Michelle Denise Natzke aka Province
• White Female, 5’02” 120 lbs
• DOB 10/03/1968 46 years of age
• Brown hair, Blue eyes
• Natzke’s last known address was Baltimore MD
• Natzke is wanted by the Sheriff's Office on a Child Support Body Attachment issued in October 2010
• The preset bond is $10,000 cash
• Natzke has a history of DRUG ABUSE

William James Mitchell Jr
• White Male, 5’08” 180 lbs
• DOB 11/06/1966 48 years of age
• Brown hair, Blue eyes
• Mitchell’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Mitchell is wanted by the Sheriff's Office on a Child Support Body Attachment issued for Failure to Appear in November 2012
• The preset bond is $40,000 cash 

Marcus Dwayne Harmon
• Black Male, 5’06” 150 lbs
• DOB 05/11/1988 27 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• Harmon’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Harmon is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Violation of Probation in May 2015 on the charge of Criminal Child Support
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court

 Quana Devole Dennis
• Black Male, 5’11” 200 lbs
• DOB 05/15/1972 43 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Dennis’ last known address was Pocomoke MD
• Dennis is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in April 2015 for a Violation of Probation hearing on the charge of Criminal Child Support
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA

Eugene Demonta Bowen Jr.
• Black Male, 5’09” 130 lbs
• DOB 08/29/1984 30 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Bowen’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Bowen is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear for Jury Trial in February 2014 on the charge of Criminal Child Support
• There is no preset bond, he must be brought before the court
• Bowen has history of DRUG ABUSE

Karl Rove Says the Only Way to Stop the Violence Is to Repeal Our Second Amendment

Apparently the only people Mr. Rove wants to have guns are criminals who commit mass shootings and the government
Apparently the only people Mr. Rove wants to have guns are criminals who commit mass shootings and the government.

WALLACE: How do we stop the violence?

ROVE: I wish I had an easy answer for that, but I don’t think there’s an easy answer

We saw an act of evil. Racist, bigoted evil, and to me the amazing thing is that it was met with grief and love. Think about how far we’ve come since 1963. The whole weight of the government throughout the South was to impede finding and holding and bringing to justice the men who perpetrated the [Birmingham] bombing.

And here, we saw an entire state, an entire community, an entire nation come together, grieving as one and united in the belief that this was an evil act, so we’ve come a long way.

Now maybe there’s some magic law that will keep us from having more of these. I mean basically the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society, and until somebody gets enough “oomph” to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s not going to happen.


Huckabee: Confederate battle flag should be up to state

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Mike Huckabee and other GOP presidential contenders are staying clear of the Confederate flag debate in South Carolina, saying it’s an issue that should be decided by the state, not the federal government.

The flag is a symbol of racism to some, of Southern pride to others. The flag remains on the South Carolina Statehouse grounds, but some want it moved to another location behind the Capitol, or removed entirely. Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president in 2012, has called for the flag’s immediate removal in the wake of Wednesday evening’s fatal shootings of nine black people at a Charleston church.

“Everyone’s being baited with this question as if somehow that has anything to do whatsoever with running for president,” Huckabee said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” ”My position is it most certainly does not.”


No Rolling Mainstream Media Coverage Of Two OTHER Mass Shootings

While the nation’s mainstream media continues to obsess over the heinous Charleston shooting, two other mass shootings occurred this past weekend in Detroit and Philadelphia, but were barely covered at all, despite the fact that 19 people were shot and 1 person killed.

In Detroit Saturday night, one person was killed and 9 were wounded after a block party turned into a mass shooting:


Huckabee Whacks 'Modern Myth' of Supreme Court

WASHINGTON – “The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Branch, and it is certainly not the Supreme Being,” emphasized GOP presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, in remarks provided exclusively to WND.

The remarks come from a letter the former Arkansas governor will distribute to conservative leaders and pro-family activists ahead of a crucial upcoming Supreme Court decision on whether to legalize same-sex marriage, due before the end of June.

Huckabee vowed to “refuse to sit silently as politically driven interest groups threaten the foundation of religious liberty, criminalize Christianity, and demand that Americans abandon Biblical principles of natural marriage.”

He observed that it is we the people, not one branch of government, who can ultimately decide what is the law of the land, and he promised “to reject judicial tyranny and fight for religious liberty,” while the country awaits the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges.


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Councilman Questions Batts' Op-Ed

Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes questions why Police Commissioner Anthony Batts felt the need to respond to his critics in an Op-Ed in the Baltimore Sun.

Batts' essay appeared in the print edition of the newspaper on Sunday. It has been online since Friday night.

In his essay, Batts said the he would expect more officers would be arrested as the police department cracks down on corruption.

On Maryland's News This Week, Stokes said he, "found it curious that he (Batts) would call out the Vanguard Justice Society, but not the Fraternal Order of Police, which has been much harsher in its criticism."


Oh Boy, Here We Go Again!

Yes, Rachel Dolezal Is Black

This week, Rachel Dolezal, the former local head of the Spokane NAACP, a lecturer in Africana studies at Eastern Washington University, and a proud black woman, was revealed to be a non-proud white woman. She lied about her personal history: She said her parents whipped her when they lived in South Africa, that she underwent rape and physical abuse, that the KKK targeted her with swastikas and nooses. No evidence exists to support any of this. Her parents point out that Dolezal has no black ancestry, and grew up in a Montana home as the child of two white parents.

Nonetheless, Dolezal insists she is black. "I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon, and black curly hair," she said to Today. "It's a little more complex than me identifying as black or answering a question of, are you black or white?"

Just two weeks ago, the world went gaga over Bruce Jenner's transformation into Caitlyn Jenner; the left passionately insisted that Jenner's genetics, hormones and penis did not mean he could not be a woman. The president of the United States felt the need to tweet out his support for Jenner, stating, "It takes courage to share your story." Anyone who abided by the antiquated notion that biological sex exists was treated as a Neanderthal holdover.

Now, however, the left insists that Rachel Dolezal is not black. On June 9, The Daily Beast headlined, "Caitlyn Jenner Is Pissing Off Feminists and Bigots — Good for Her." Three days later, The Daily Beast headlined, "BREAKING: NAACP 'Stands Behind' Fake Black Woman." The left insists on preserving non-biological, illegitimate racial barriers because they exploit those racial barriers for political gain; the left insists on destroying biologically based sexual differences because they wish to overthrow all established sexual mores.

So what distinguishes Jenner from Dolezal? On what basis can we reject Dolezal's blackness, given that the left has now redefined objective reality as self-definition? If you want to be a woman, you are a woman. If you want to be black, why can't you be black?

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Walker Continues Lead in Iowa Caucus Poll, Rand Paul Slides

Scott Walker continues to lead the field of Republican presidential candidates in Iowa, according to a poll of likely Republican Iowa caucus participants released on Thursday.

The poll, commissioned by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, also found a 5-point drop in support for Sen. Rand Paul compared to a similar survey by the Des Moines Register late last month.

Walker received 19 percent in the poll, followed by Ben Carson at 13 percent and Jeb Bush at 11 percent. Marco Rubio received 9 percent, followed by Rick Perry at 7 percent, Ted Cruz at 6 percent and Rand Paul at 5 percent.

Paul has been sliding in Iowa caucus polls since January, when he was in second place behind Walker at 14 percent. The latest IRFA poll has Paul in 7th place, tied with “Unsure.”


Government debt threatens to send U.S. economy into death spiral, CBO warns

Rising federal debt threatens to choke economic growth within a decade, beginning a death spiral that will sap revenue from government programs even as demands grow, forcing the government to borrow even more, Congress‘ budget watchdog said in a frightening report Tuesday.

Budget cuts or tax increases now would help avert that scary scenario, leaving the economy far stronger than it otherwise would be, the Congressional Budget Office said in the starkest warning yet by the independent agency that putting off tough decisions will only make things worse.

The report — the first major one under new CBO Director Keith Hall — also takes aim at some traditional liberal arguments, finding that government investment yields only half the return on investment compared with the private sector and that money transfers to the poor act as “implicit taxes,” keeping them out of the labor force and depressing the economy further.


US Allies Happy to Have A-10 Warthogs Back in Europe, Airmen Say

An A-10 Warthog with the 355th Fighter Wing is on display at the Paris Air Show as the unit is on a six-month deployment to Europe as a theater security package. Michael Hoffman/

PARIS -- U.S. allies are happy to have the A-10 Warthog attack aircraft back in Europe to counter a resurgent Russia, airmen here at the Paris Air Show said.

The Defense Department brought the Cold War-era tank busters stateside in 2013 as part of a consolidation of bases and equipment in Europe. But it sent them back to the continent as part of a theater security package earlier this year -- including countries in the former Soviet bloc -- in response to Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine and support for pro-Russian separatists.

The planes have been a welcome sight during training exercises involving NATO forces in the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia and Romania, among other countries, according to crew members.

"It's pretty amazing because that's what this jet was designed for -- Russian tanks -- so it's pretty wild that we're helping them out for the original cause," Air Force Staff Sgt. Marcus Nugent, a crew member who works on the aircraft's avionics systems, said on Tuesday at the Paris Air Show, held at the historic Le Bourget airfield outside the city.


Wicomico County Budget Approved

During the June 2, 2015 County Council meeting, Executive Bob Culver proposed the 2016 Operating and Expense Budget. The Wicomico County Council, without amendment, approved the
proposed county budget. Executive Culver commented, “Recognizing both the continuing State fiscal challenges and the slow recovery in our local economy, my 2016 budget includes no tax increase and incorporates a 6.4% reduction in operating expenses in all departments other than public safety and education.

The approved budget is virtually flat to last year’s budget. The County has absorbed mandated increases totaling $910,000 for the Board of Education, $227,000 associated with the Fraternal
Order of Police collective bargaining agreement signed in February and over $500,000 in increased health insurance premium costs. Additionally, we are absorbing a $1.6 million dollar reduction in the State Disparity Grant and will continue to receive  approximately 10% of the historical level of Highway User Revenue appropriations from the State (a loss of approximately $6 million dollars that must be made up from general revenue in order to keep our roads in some state of repair). County Executive Culver has proposed a continuance of the Economic Development Fund that is for support of Salisbury-Wicomico Economic Development (SWED) and other initiatives to invigorate our local economy.

Other tactics to foster a business friendly environment are:

  • Continued phase out of the inventory tax
  • Continuance of the automatic Manufacturer’s Exemption from personal property taxes
  • A personal property tax rate that is 20.75 cents below the state allowable rate (the State rate is $2.379 and Wicomico County’s rate is $2.1715).
One-time and capital spending will address improvements to county roads needed after the harsh winter and a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) that funds all of the Board of Education’s priority systemic renovation requests that includes the completion of Bennett High School and Bennett Middle School, as well as requested planning funding for West Salisbury Elementary School.
In summary, County Executive Culver stated that his budget is fiscally responsible. It strikes the appropriate balance in terms of recognizing our citizens’ household budget constraints while
providing needed funding for public safety, education and other core services and stimulates our local economy so we can lift our community out of recession more rapidly.

FY2016 Approved Budget

VA's New Rules on Agent Orange Reject Most Previously Filed Claims

New rules posted to the federal register on Thursday make it possible for American service members exposed to Agent Orange years after the Vietnam War to be awarded compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs for related health problems.

But it is unlikely that many of the now-eligible, dioxin-sickened veterans who previously applied for compensation will have an active date-of-claim any earlier than tomorrow -- June 19, 2015 -- when the rule change takes effect.

"The effective date will generally be the date of publication of the interim final rule -- in this case, June 19, 2015 -- as long as the veteran or reservist files a new or reopened claim with VA within one year of that date," VA spokeswoman Meagan Lutz said.

The rule change applies to 2,000 or more veterans, most of them Air Force reservists who served aboard or maintained C-123 Providers contaminated with Agent Orange for years after the planes' defoliation missions over Vietnam ended.

Until now, the VA has not recognized these service members for the purposes of Agent Orange compensation, and denied claims based on exposure to the dioxin.


A Combat Veteran's Story of Transgender Life in the Army

Staff Sgt. King works in the headquarters of Fort Carson's 4th Infantry Division.

A three-tour veteran of Afghanistan combat, King is fighting a different battle now.

She's becoming the person she's felt destined to be since the age of 13.

"I'm the first openly transgender infantryman in the Army," King said.

The Army has accepted lesbians and gays into the ranks since 2011, but transgender life is a violation of regulations -- a fireable offense.

"These conditions render an individual administratively unfit rather than unfit because of physical illness or medical disability," Army regulations say.

But this year, the Army is changing, slowly, on the issue of transgender service. So is Patricia.

"As I grew up I dealt with my feelings quietly." -- from Patricia King's blog.


US Employee Data Hack Tied to Chinese Intelligence: Sources

The Chinese hacking group suspected of stealing sensitive information about millions of current and former U.S. government employees has a different mission and organizational structure than the military hackers who have been accused of other U.S. data breaches, according to people familiar with the matter.

While the Chinese People's Liberation Army typically goes after defense and trade secrets, this hacking group has repeatedly accessed data that could be useful to Chinese counter-intelligence and internal stability, said two people close to the U.S. investigation.

Washington has not publicly accused Beijing of orchestrating the data breach at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and China has dismissed as "irresponsible and unscientific" any suggestion that it was behind the attack.

Sources told Reuters that the hackers employed a rare tool to take remote control of computers, dubbed Sakula, that was also used in the data breach at U.S. health insurer Anthem Inc disclosed this year.

The Anthem attack, in turn, has been tied to a group that security researchers said is affiliated with China's Ministry of State Security, which is focused on government stability, counter-intelligence and dissidents. The ministry could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Ben Carson Only GOP Candidate at Latino Officials' Convention

Ben Carson was the only Republican to accept an invitation to speak to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials annual conference on Wednesday, CNN reports.

Carson spoke for 15 minutes, outlining his plan to secure the border and implement a guest worker program for the 11 million illegal immigrants currently inside the United States.

"As a compassionate nation we should ask what can we do to help people in nations that feel they don't have an opportunity in their nation," Carson said. "We need to be looking at ways that we can share the wealth and still maintain our borders and integrity."

Carson told the group his reason for wanting the borders sealed isn't to keep out Hispanics, but to protect against terrorism.

NALEO Executive Director Arturo Vargas welcomed Carson, telling CNN, "The next president of the United States will be elected by the Latino community."


BREAKING NEWS: UN report accuses Israel, Palestinians of violating international law

A UN report released Monday found both Israel and Palestinians committed 'serious violations' of international law and possible war crimes in last summer's seven-week battle in Gaza, a finding Israel swiftly denounced.


If you were a J.C. Penney photographer, how much would you need to be bribed to take these photos? We're shuttering over here.


33 Most Epic Dog Photobombs On Pinterest

How to never have a serious poison ivy rash again!

I am very allergic to poison ivy yet am no longer afraid to touch it because I understand how to avoid getting a rash.

When I retired as a research scientist I had been involved in studies of wound healing, immunology, and inflammation of the skin for over 25 years. After retiring I started spending much of my time in the woods doing work on deer habitat. I had several serious bouts with poison ivy before I decided I was either going to figure things out or quit working in the woods. I figured it out. I know now how poison ivy works, and so I doubt I will ever have a serious rash again. If I do, it will be my fault not the fault of the poison ivy. Watch this video and I believe that you will be convinced that you do not have to fear poison ivy. How it infects you is actually no mysterious at all but is really quite simple. You can act to never have a serious poison ivy rash again.

My upcoming book, “Extreme Deer Habitat” will have an entire chapter with lots of other tips about how to prevent and treat poison ivy, oak, and sumac reactions.

For a district on the brink of collapse, Philly schools still managed to hand out huge salaries and pricey perks

PHILADELPHIA – If ever there was a school district with huge financial problems, it’s Philadelphia’s.

The alarming media headlines have told the story for the past few years:

From January, 2012: “Philly schools send layoff notices to 1,400.”

From June 2013: “3,783 being laid off by Philadelphia school district.”

From August 2013: “Philadelphia borrows so its schools open on time.”

Sounds like a desperate situation, doesn’t it?

But maybe the school district’s financial problems do not have to be as grave as they are. Perhaps this district is a lot like an alcoholic who complains about being broke and homeless, yet spends all of his money on booze.

How else can a district with a $300 million deficit explain having 395 employees making more than $100,000 per year in straight salary, totaling more than $50 million per year?

How else can this district spend more than $132 million per year for health insurance for teachers union members alone, while the teachers contribute a measly $288,000?

How else can the district pay $5.2 million per year toward a “wage continuation plan” for sick or injured employees, or $36 million in severance pay for those leaving the district?

EAGnews came across these disturbing figures – and many more – as part of our continuing “Where Your School Dollars Go” series. We inspected checking records and filed freedom of information requests in an effort to track as much district spending as possible in the 2011-12 and 2012-13 fiscal years.

There’s absolutely no reason for this type of spending when district leaders are begging state and national officials for operational funds to keep their doors open.

Some say the Philadelphia school district is broke? We say district and union officials have nobody to blame but themselves.


Staff pay ate up 77 percent of Youngstown budget, yet the district received failing grades

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Do smart parents reward their children when they bring home failing grades?
Of course not.

But the Youngstown City School District has been rewarding its staff with raises and generous benefits, despite the district’s dismal report card from the state.

Youngstown teachers obviously have a generous union contract, based on the amount of money the school pays for their health insurance, automatic annual raises, and their current two percent general raise, which totaled nearly $8 million in 2012-13.

School administrators also obviously do well, considering that the 10 highest paid employees earned nearly $1 million in straight salary in 2012-13.

The entire staff really has nothing to complain about, since total salaries and benefits in 2012-13 came to about $72 million, which equals 77 percent of all school spending for the year.

So what does the school district and its taxpayers get for that type of “investment?”



Akron Public Schools is a good case study of how education spending often defies common sense

AKRON, Ohio – The people who decide how school districts spend their money don’t seem to approach things very logically.

On the surface, it should be simple enough. You make sure there is enough money to hire quality teachers and administrators, purchase adequate supplies for students, and provide decent buildings for them to learn in.

Everything else should be secondary.

But simple logic obviously has nothing to do with school spending. A quick look at the spending records in the Akron school district in 2012-13 makes that perfectly clear.

This is a district operating with a $16 million budget deficit. Within the last few years it has cut 84 teaching jobs, the middle school sports program, language and music classes, and even a unique anti-bullying program.

Oh well, you might say. At least the school is doing something to address its money problems.

But is it doing enough? And are outside forces, like the state and federal governments, making their best effort to help the district, and others like it, put every available penny to the best possible use?

In 2012-13, the district spent $110,847 on upscale hotels around the nation for various professional conferences, $540,807 on legal fees, $138,368 on various forms of student entertainment, $44,327 on restaurants and catering, $31,066 on a program for adolescent boys based on African drum beats, and $25,445 to rent space at various convention centers and country clubs.

Then there’s the $1.6 million in salary paid to the 14 highest compensated employees in the district. That’s a full 10 percent of the entire budget deficit.


Board Of Education Propaganda