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Monday, September 05, 2016

Sen. Rand Paul: President Obama, what on God's green earth is our policy in Syria?

This is a serious matter. It should require serious people making real plans with metrics for victory and an end strategy in sight.

That is clearly not the case right now.

We are seeing reports that U.S. arms are fighting U.S. arms. Turkey has rolled U.S.-made M60 tanks into Syria to attack U.S.-backed Syrian Kurds. These Kurds have our weapons and support -- and have had special forces embedded with them.

We helped these Kurds take towns from ISIS, yet now we watch our ally in Turkey attack them and our Secretary of State tells them to retreat from the gains they made with our help.



Anonymous said...

This has been one of Obama's smartest moves. Give them arms, and let muslims go fight their own war.

Anonymous said...

War for profit's sake.
It is evil. It is real.

Anonymous said...

In WWII the Wall Street bankers funded both sides of the conflict.
Prescott Bush helped the Nazi war machine through the funding at Union Bank in NY>