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Monday, August 19, 2019


Meet The Clintons

Baltimore City Woman Sentenced for Medicaid Fraud

BALTIMORE, MD (August 19, 2019) - Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh announced today that Mariah Larease Moore, 25, was convicted of felony Medicaid fraud related to the purported care of her grandmother. Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Laura S. Ripken sentenced Moore to one year incarceration, all suspended, placed her on three years probation, and ordered more than $29,000 in restitution to the Medicaid program.

According to documents filed in court, Moore worked for Abel Health Care, Inc., which was owned by Moore’s mother and located in Towson. Abel was an authorized provider of services to Medicaid recipients. Her services included in-home, personal care services, consisting of assistance with such things as dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, and the administration of medicines.

From December 2013 through February 2016, Moore fraudulently represented to Medicaid on numerous occasions that she was caring for her grandmother through Abel when Moore was, in fact, not doing so and could not have been doing so. During that time period, Moore was working at another job located in Baltimore County.

In making today’s announcement, Attorney General Frosh thanked the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, specifically Assistant Attorney General Marilee Miller, Senior Investigative Auditor Todd Sheffer, and Fraud Investigators Prashani Mankhusu and Carl Stambaugh. Attorney General Frosh also thanked the Maryland Department of Health, Medicaid Provider Services - ISAS Division for their assistance with the investigation and prosecution of the case.

Rep. Harris Announces $150,000 in Grants for Rural Development in Somerset and Talbot Counties

Rep. Harris Announces $150,000 in Grants for Rural Development in Somerset and Talbot Counties
WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Monday, August 19th, Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) announced a total of $150,000 in grant awards in Somerset and Talbot counties through the Department of Agriculture’s Office of Rural Development. Specifically, the grants include:
$50,000 to assist with the purchase of an enhanced security system and an emergency chase vehicle for the Princess Anne Volunteer Fire Company.  The new vehicle “will benefit the region and citizens by providing more reliable, enhanced medical and emergency services and address the growing Opioid crisis by delivering antidotes for individuals that have overdosed,” according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  The funds were awarded through both the Economic Impact Initiative Grants program and the Community Facilities Direct Loans and Grants program.
$50,000 to assist with the funding of a pre-school facility at White Marsh Elementary School in Trappe, Maryland. The project includes “the relocation of a temporary classroom from Easton Elementary School.  Talbot County Board of Education assisted with the relocation and placement of the structure.  The new pre-school facility provides child care for the Town of Trappe,” according to the USDA. The funds were awarded through the Community Facilities Direct Loans and Grants program.
$50,000 to assist with the funding of a street sweeper for the town of St. Michaels, in Talbot County.  The funds were awarded through the Community Facilities Direct Loans and Grants program.
Congressman Harris made the following statement:
“As a member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, I understand the need to invest in rural America and support our local economy. These awards from the Department of Agriculture are a welcome investment in Talbot and Somerset Counties, and as a physician, I am particularly committed to improving medical services in our local communities and assisting families impacted by the opioid crisis.”

Stacey Abrams Says Voter Suppression Worse Now Than In The 1960s

Failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams suggested voter suppression is more “insidious” today than it was in the 1960s, and she reiterated her claim she “won” her 2018 election.

“We have always struggled with voter suppression,” Abrams said to ABC’s Lindsey Davis on Sunday. “But what’s happened in the last 20 years, is that it’s gone underground. It’s no longer hoses and laws that say you cannot vote, it is this insidious nature that says it’s race neutral, that we’re just putting in these laws in place for everyone, but we know it has a disproportionate effect on the communities that have long been marginalized.”

Abrams said there has been a “constriction” over the past two decades on who has the right to vote, repeating her long-held views that voter ID laws and other election regulations are “rigging the game” against people of color.


90% of the Racism in America Comes from the Democratic Party and the Left

Ninety percent of the racism in America today comes from the Democratic Party and the Left. They live off it and exploit it. It is unconscionable to the degree they do this, ruining the lives and futures of the very people they say they are helping in the process.

I am uniquely positioned to say this because I spent most of my life on the Left and was a civil rights worker in the South in my early twenties. I was also, to my everlasting regret, a donor to the Black Panther Party in the seventies.

So I have seen this personally from both sides and my conclusion is inescapable. The Left is far, far worse. They are obsessed with race in a manner that does not allow them to see straight. Further, they project racism onto others continually, exacerbating situations, which in most instances weren't even there in the first place. From Al Sharpton to Hillary Clinton, they all do it.

Barack Obama is one of the worst offenders in this regard. Recently, in reaction to the horrid actions of the deranged, but solitary racist Dylann Root, the president claimed racism is in our DNA.


Editor's Note: This article is from 2015.  Seems nothing has changed.



Rehoboth Beach, Del. Kiley Dippery, 22, of Hummelstown, PA was arrested on Friday after officers responded to her location on Rehoboth Avenue when she suddenly began screaming.

Just before 11:00pm on August 16 2019, officers near the area of 143 Rehoboth Avenue heard a woman begin to scream loudly. Through investigation, officers determined that Dippery had become separated from her boyfriend and assisted Dippery back to her hotel room where she was reunited with her boyfriend.

Within minutes of departing the hotel, officers were called back as Dippery was again screaming loudly. Once contacted, Dippery would not stop screaming and had drawn the attention of several hotel guests. Dippery was placed under arrest and had to be assisted out of the hotel. While officers were attempting to place Dippery into a patrol vehicle she became combative and kicked an officer in the leg. Neither Dippery nor the officer were injured.

Once in custody, Dippery vomited in the patrol vehicle and later vomited and urinated on the floor of the holding area of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department.

Dippery was charged with resisting arrest with force or violence, which is a felony. She was charged with offensive touching of a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct - unreasonable noise, and disorderly conduct - creating a physically offensive condition which serves no purpose, which are all misdemeanors. Dippery was committed to Sussex Correctional Institutional in default of $3,200.00 secured bail.

California Woman Sentenced For Dumping 7 'Palm-Sized' Puppies In Trash

A Southern California woman authorities caught on surveillance video in April dumping a bag of 3-day-old puppies into a trash can has received jail time after changing her plea to guilty.

Deborah Culwell Wednesday was sentenced Wednesday to 365 days in county jail - reduced to 174 days with credit for time served.

The Desert Sun reports the 59-year-old admitted to animal cruelty and animal abandonment charges after previously pleading not guilty.


Study: Cats DO Know Their Names and Really ARE Ignoring You

Did you just get snubbed by your cat?


We all want to give our cats the benefit of the doubt but the chances are they know their own names and are just ignoring our calls, a study suggests.

A group of researchers from Japan recently determined this by conducting a series of experiments over the course of three years to see how 77 cats would respond to their names.

What they found confirms our sneaky suspicion. Cats do know when you are calling them, they are just choosing not to respond, CNN noted.

"Their lack of response may be caused by their low motivation level to interact with humans, or their feelings at the time of the experiment," said Atsuko Saito, first author of the research paper.

This is not the only discovery researchers made.



Employees at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center where convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly took his own life last week are not cooperating with the Justice Department investigators according to Fox News.

Two senior DOJ officials sent by Attorney General William Barr have been on-site at MCC while the agency’s Inspector General investigates the situation. According to a senior DOJ official, Barr said that “serious irregularities” had been uncovered at the jail.

The night of Epstein’s death, correctional officers did not check on the extremely high-profile prisoner for “several hours” before he died, despite being required to look in on him every 30 minutes. Moreover, guards are suspected of falsifying log entries to show that they were checking as required, according to the Associated Press.


Report: 3 NYPD Officers Injured by Cop-Hating Mob in Brooklyn

Three New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers were injured by “cop-hating mobs” outside a Brooklyn housing project on Sunday, according to a report.

The New York Post reported that at least some of the injuries the officers suffered were from “air mail,” or objects being tossed from the rooftops of the housing projects.

Police ran toward the gunfire when they heard at least six shots come from a rooftop of the housing project in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

“Straight up cowards!” one man in the crowd shouted at cops at just after midnight. “You don’t know how to do anything you f–king coward!”


Man arrested at library’s mind-boggling, perverse event fights back

A pastor arrested as he approached a Spokane, Washington, library to observe its “Drag Queen Story Hour” is fighting back.

The Pacific Justice Institute, in defense of Pastor Afshin Yaghtin, filed a motion to dismiss the case against him, and a hearing is scheduled in a few weeks.

Yaghtin was arrested even though the drag-queen event was open to the public.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice, said the criminal charges against the pastor “pose a serious threat to free speech.”

“We are vigorously contesting the charges and will continue seeking justice as long as it takes,” he said.


Queen Anne’s County Man Pleads Guilty to Improper Disposal of Raw Sewage, Required to Pay Fine to Maryland Clean Water Fund

BALTIMORE, MD (August 19, 2019) – Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh today announced that David C. Clazey, of Ocean City, pleaded guilty in the Circuit Court for Queen Anne’s County to the Illegal Discharge of a Pollutant to Waters of the State.

Clazey previously operated a business, Safe Harbor Sanitation, which provided sewage pump out services to marinas on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. On October 26, 2018, a citizen observed Clazey discharging the contents of his pump truck into a storm drain behind the businesses at 200 Kent Landing in Stevensville. After Clazey left, the citizen called the police. Clazey ultimately admitted to discharging raw sewage into the storm drain. Investigation revealed that Clazey no longer held a septage hauler’s license in Queen Anne’s County, or any surrounding county, therefore, he was unable to properly dispose of sewage at the various county-owned waste water treatment plants. Clazey has since closed his sewage business.

The Honorable Judge J. Frederick Price ordered three years of probation before judgment for Clazey and imposed a fine of $10,000, suspending all but $2,000 paid to the Maryland Clean Water Fund.

“Mr. Clazey’s illegal dumping created an environmental hazard,” said Attorney General Frosh. “His illegal activity was a threat to the Chesapeake Bay and the health of the community. We are grateful to all citizens who take the initiative to report environmental violations.”

The Attorney General thanks Environmental Crimes Unit Investigator Bill Schmidt for his assistance in this case.

Los Angeles is a Sh*thole

Former CIA Spook: "Russian Hoax Coup & Epstein Are Interlocked"

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the Russian hoax and attempted coup of President Trump and the sex trafficking case against Jeffery Epstein are linked together by the same Deep State players.

Shipp explains, “The FBI has completely raided his vault, and they have some pretty damning material..."
"I don’t know why it took so long, but they have raided Epstein’s island... So, there is a lot of damning information the FBI has now on certain people. At the top of the list, and the one who flew the most, was Bill Clinton. Then he lied about it. They are intertwined in that regard and with the Clinton Foundation that we know is a fraud. It is known around the world, and you’ve got these two intersections with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Of course, Hillary Clinton is tied to the dossier in an attempt to get rid of Donald Trump. So, these webs interlocked with each other, and these people interlock with each other. Welcome to the global elite. Welcome to human trafficking. These things are connected, and with Epstein dead, there are a lot of prominent people breathing a sigh of relief—for now. Is Barr aggressive enough? He says he is going to pursue this case anyway. Is he going to call in the people seen on the CD’s, videos and photographs? That remains to be seen.”

37 In MD Sickened In Parasitic Illness Outbreak Linked To Basil

BALTIMORE, MD — A parasitic illness outbreak has sickened 37 people in the last month, the Maryland Department of Health has announced. The cyclosporiasis outbreak has hit 11 states, and tainted fresh basil seems to be the cause of the illness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. The state Department of Health says it's working with the CDC, several states and public health and regulatory officials to prevent the spread of infections.

Cyclosporiasis is an illness caused by the ingestion of food or water contaminated with the microscopic parasite Cyclospora cayetanesis.

CDC's analysis of epidemiologic information indicates that contaminated fresh basil from Mexico is the likely cause of many of the illnesses across the country, but Maryland officials have not yet confirmed the link.

It is unknown at this time if all reported cases of Cyclospora infection in the United States are linked to fresh basil. Other possible sources are also being investigated, authorities said.


Brother Of Parkland Shooting Victim Delivers Message To Anti-Gun Democrats

Dad Asks 7-Year-Old To Be His Best Man. But Never Knew He’d Say This.

Trump donating second quarter salary to the Surgeon General's Office

The White House announced on Friday that President Trump will donate his second quarter salary of $100,000 to the Surgeon General's office.

The donation is Trump's third salary offering to the Department of Health and Human Services.

"The President recognizes the important mission of the Surgeon General to protect and improve the health of all Americans, including helping to tackle the opioid epidemic and raise awareness of the dangers of e-cigarette usage among teenagers and children," a White House statement said.


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Days after Carroll County sheriff calls Walmart security ‘poor,’ company officials to meet with police leaders

After an armed robbery at the Eldersburg Walmart led the Carroll County sheriff to harshly criticize Walmart’s security policies, he and other local law enforcement representatives will meet with corporate Walmart officials Thursday to try to find solutions.

Crime data obtained by the Times showed that local police are often called to Walmarts in their jurisdictions, and thefts and police calls at the Westminster location have increased significantly since last year.

On Friday, Sheriff Jim DeWees alleged Walmart’s poor security policy “breeds” criminal activity and puts a burden on law enforcement. DeWees then requested a meeting with corporate Walmart officials, who responded “rather quickly,” he said in an interview Wednesday.

Walmart representatives will meet in a closed session Thursday with DeWees and representatives from three of four Carroll municipalities where there is a Walmart: Westminster Police Deputy Chief Maj. Pete D’Antuono, Mount Airy Police Chief Doug Reitz, and the property management company that manages Eldersburg Commons, where the Eldersburg Walmart is located, DeWees said. Maryland State Police, whose jurisdiction covers the Hampstead Walmart, is unable to attend, according to DeWees.


Let Your Voice Be Heard

Rep. Haaland (D): Antifa Are ‘Peaceful Protesters’ Trying To ‘Safeguard Their City’

Democratic Rep. Debra Haaland (N.M.) called Antifa a group of "peaceful protesters" that is "working to safeguard their city from domestic terrorism" during an appearance on CNN Saturday. Police arrested at least 13 individuals during the protests and counter-protests between far-right activists and "anti-fascist" demonstrators in Portland, Ore. according to reports.

CNN host Ana Cabrera read a tweet from President Donald Trump posted Saturday in which he called for Antifa to be labeled a terrorist group.

"Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an "ORGANIZATION OF TERROR." Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!" Trump tweeted.


Next Domino To Fall: Inventory Glut Plagues US Auto Sector, New Prices Plunge In July

China, Europe, and India, some of the world's largest industrial hubs for automobile manufacturing, have shuttered factories, laid-off workers and reduced average workweek hours, all due to an industrial slowdown that originated in the Eastern hemisphere in late 2017, early 2018. The industrial downturn has spread from East to West, now infecting the US economy.

So far US auto manufacturers have weathered the synchronized slowdown, but in a new report by Reuters, headwinds for the industry are starting to mount in 2H19.

Federal Reserve data shows auto vehicle and parts production was up 3.7% in the three months from May to July YoY. This is far better than the rest of manufacturing was down by 0.3% in May-July YoY, which was the fastest rate of change to the downside since Sept. to Nov. 2016.


Virginia NAACP sues over schools with Confederate names

A Virginia chapter of the NAACP filed a lawsuit saying school names that commemorate Confederate leaders “champion a legacy of segregation and oppression.”

The federal lawsuit was filed against Hanover County and the school board for the district located outside Richmond, Va.

The suit argues that Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School violate the rights of African-American students whose ancestors were held in slavery during the Civil War. The NAACP wants the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia to “eradicate the vestiges of a shameful, racist educational system in Hanover County” by ordering the schools be renamed.

The children who participate in school activities will represent the school, which the NAACP said violates the First Amendment guarantee to being free from compelled speech.


Trump accuses New York Times of leading 'Racism Witch Hunt'

President Trump on Sunday accused the “Failing New York Times” of launching a “Racism Witch Hunt” after a leaked recording allegedly showed the newspaper discussing a pivot from its Russia collusion investigation to race.

Mr. Trump was hardly alone. Conservatives were stunned by the transcript of the staff “town hall” led by executive editor Dean Baquet, a recording of which was reportedly leaked to Slate, which posted what was described as a transcript on Thursday.

“Leaked Audio: NY Times shifts targeting of Trump from Russian collusion to racism,” said Friday’s Legal Insurrection headline.

“This is a smoking gun. It shows the most powerful news organization in the country congratulating itself for setting the anti-Trump narrative on Russia collusion, and seamlessly transitioning to setting a narrative of Trump as racist after collusion flopped,” said Legal Insurrection’s William A. Jacobson, a Cornell Law School professor.


Clinton Emails With Classified Info Sat in Gmail Account Two Weeks Before Comey Exonerated Her

Hundreds of Hillary Clinton’s emails that included classified information from her tenure as State Secretary sat in a private Gmail account for over two years and were still there about two weeks before then-FBI Director James Comey cleared Clinton in a 2016 statement of criminal responsibility for mishandling the country’s secrets.

The Gmail account came under scrutiny of Republican lawmakers because its name——mirrored that of a Chinese company, Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Machinery CO., Ltd. The similarity raised concerns that a foreign actor had gained access to Clinton’s emails.

Platte River Networks (PRN) employee Paul Combetta, who managed Clinton’s email server between 2013 and 2015, said he made up the name of the email address and used it in Feb. 2014 to transfer an archive of Clinton’s emails to a new server. The emails seem to have covered a period from about 2009 to mid-2013—including most, if not all, of Clinton’s time at the State Department.


Officials investigating reason for over 4,000% rise in kids seeking sex ‘change’ treatments

(LifeSiteNews) – Officials in the United Kingdom want to know why there has been an explosion in the number of kids seeking sex “change” treatments.

In just eight years, the increase in children seeking to transgender themselves has gone up 4,500 percent for girls and 1,250 percent for boys.

During the reporting year “2009/10 a total of 40 girls were referred by doctors for gender treatment,” according to a report by UK’s The Telegraph. “By 2017/18 that number had soared to 1,806. Referrals for boys have risen from 57 to 713 in the same period.”

“Officials in the Government Equalities Office will look into whether the influence of social media is driving more children to consider changing sex, and whether it is appropriate to treat pre-pubescent children with drugs,” according to the The Telegraph report.


Top Ten Contradictions Of The Left

America Has a Health-Care Crisis — in Prisons

Prison is no place to get sick. The nation’s incarcerated population is aging rapidly, with nearly four times as many inmates 55 or over as there were at the start of this century. That’s led to increased rates of diabetes and heart disease, among many other problems. Younger offenders are hardly the picture of health, given their high rates of addiction. Altogether, prisoners make up 1 percent of the population, yet they account for 35 percent of the nation’s total cases of hepatitis C. “They are the most expensive segment of the population,” says Marc Stern, a public health professor at the University of Washington, “and they are the sickest.”

For all the care that inmates need, they’re unlikely to receive adequate medical attention. Over the past dozen years or so, a majority of states have contracted out prison health care to private companies. The leading vendors have all been on the receiving end of hundreds of lawsuits. Some are frivolous, but some have led to multimillion-dollar judgments and court orders to change their practices. It’s a problem that could get worse.

Horror stories of needless deaths abound. From Arizona to Florida, prisoners with cancer have been treated with nothing more than Tylenol. A recent Columbia University study found that 97 percent of inmates with hepatitis C do not receive the expensive medication they need. Inmates routinely have to complain of the same symptoms multiple times before they even get to see a doctor, sometimes waiting weeks. There’s no doubt that prisoners have faked illnesses, and escape attempts during medical transfers to hospitals are a real problem. But too often the default attitude among guards and other staff is that inmates are lying about being sick, says Susan Lawrence, a physician and attorney who has worked in prisons.


WATCH: Antifa protesters square off with Proud Boys in Portland

Antifa activists descended on a rally being held by the far-right group Proud Boys on Saturday in Portland, Oregon.

Police prepared for violence as the antifa, or "anti-fascist," activists came ready for confrontation to Waterfront Park in Portland. Close to 1,000 police officers are reportedly on the scene as over 200 sign and bullhorn-wielding protesters attempt to stand each other down.

Portland has been a hotbed of controversy involving antifa recently, drawing significant controversy when journalist Andy Ngo was physically attacked by protesters associated with Rose City Antifa while covering a recent rally.


Trump dismisses recession fears: 'Our consumers are rich'

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, N.J. — President Donald Trump said Sunday the economy is "doing very well" and dismissed concerns of recession, offering an optimistic outlook after last week's steep drop in the financial markets.

"I don't think we're having a recession," Trump told reporters as he returned to Washington from his New Jersey golf club. "We're doing tremendously well. Our consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous tax cut and they're loaded up with money."

Larry Kudlow, Trump's top economic adviser, also played down fears of a looming recession and predicted the economy will perform well in the second half of 2019. In Sunday television interviews, he said that consumers are seeing higher wages and are able to spend and save more.


Epstein's lawyers 'not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner'

The lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein announced they are not "satisfied" with the medical examiner's conclusion that the alleged sex trafficker died by suicide.

Epstein, 66, was found unconscious in his cell Aug. 10 and later pronounced dead after an apparent suicide attempt. The New York City medical examiner confirmed Friday that he hanged himself.

Chief medical examiner in New York City, Dr. Barbara Sampson, ruled out foul play, saying that after a “careful review of all investigative information,” she had determined Epstein’s death was via “hanging” and the manner was “suicide.”


What They Say VS What Actually Happens At The Border

Report: Illegal Workers Flee Georgia Food Plants After Mississippi ICE Raids

Illegal workers fled a number of Georgia food processing plants this past week after highly-publicized raids by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency at five Mississippi plants.

This month, ICE agents conducted the largest workplace raid in more than a decade across five food processing plants in Mississippi, netting the arrests of 680 illegal aliens. That same day, though, ICE officials said they released about 300 of the illegal workers back into the U.S. on “humanitarian grounds.” More than 200 of the illegal workers had prior criminal records and a federal criminal investigation is expected to result in convictions of the employers at the plants. The raids have already resulted in job fairs at some of the plants seeking to hire locals.

Those ICE raids, according to reports compiled by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), spurred illegal workers in Hall County, Georgia — where numerous food processing plants are located — to flee their jobs in fear that they could be arrested for illegally working in the country.

Jerry Gonzalez with the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials told AJC that food processing plant workers fleeing their jobs following the Mississippi ICE raids proved that employers were illegally hiring illegal aliens.


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