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Sunday, April 26, 2020

COVID-19 Statistics in Maryland 4-26-20

Number of confirmed cases: 18,581
Number of negative test results: 78,084
Number of confirmed deaths: 827
Number of probable deaths: 83
Currently hospitalized: 1463
Acute care: 933
Intensive care: 530
Ever hospitalized: 3,962
Released from isolation: 1,177

By County
Anne Arundel1,510(63)8*
Baltimore City1,866(73)6*
Baltimore County2,509(71)10*
Prince George's4,987(163)11*
Queen Anne's53(3)
St. Mary's133(6)

Data Not Available

By Age Range and Gender
Age Data Not Available
Male:8,618 (427)35*
Gender Data Not Available:
By Race and Ethnicity

African-American (NH)6,742(305)24*
Asian (NH)363(30)2*
White (NH)4276(301)44*
Other (NH)707(11)
Data Not Available3,652(134)13*

Hogan, Maryland Is Not Ready To Reopen

Stated until our numbers continue to drop for two weeks straight he's not lifting anything. He's optimistic if we continue to stay in things will turn around fairly soon. This is not good, not even recreational boating! 

A Viewer Writes: OC Boardwalk Being Closed?


I am in Ocean City on the boardwalk doing work in a condo. In 10 minutes I have counted over a dozen people walking, jogging and riding bikes on the boards. I also just watched two police cars riding the boards, one going North and the other going South. Neither has said one word to people on the boardwalk. I thought Ocean City declared the beach AND boardwalk closed. I guess privileged few are allowed on it while the rest of the public are not allowed on it. So Ocean City mayor is the boardwalk closed or not? My girlfriend and I would love to be walking the boards but you sir declared it to be closed! Which is it, opened or closed?

GE Refrigerator From Home Depot Conks Out After A Couple Years

Don't you just love it when an expensive refrigerator peters out after just a few short years! So get this. I called a local service company to see if they couldn't come by and attempt to figure out why the freezer is working just fine but the refrigerator isn't working at all. Their response, we can fit you in but we have conditions.

First of all, have you been out of the country over the past year? 

Then they told me we must ALL vacate the home while the technician inspects the refrigerator. I replied, wait a minute. I have masks and gloves, why do we have to leave the premises? That is our new policy during this pandemic. They went on to tell me we can sit in our car while they repair the refrigerator. I hung up.

It's bad enough I spent thousands of dollars buying nice equipment and the refrigerator peters out in a few short years. Then I get kicked out of my own home for someone I do not know, who may or may not have the coronavirus to service this fairly new piece of equipment. This is ridiculous. 

Thankfully I have spare refrigerators but never again will I buy from Home Depot or a GE product. I'll add, when I purchased all my equipment throughout the home it included a washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven/stove and a microwave. The dryer petered out after one year as well. 

Owning a few homes I can tell you I have purchased Maytag as well and they went up after a few years. It seems the best thing you can do is buy the cheapest products any more and just throw them away after a few years. 

I can't wait until President Trump brings back quality manufacturing to the United States!

Salisbury Maryland National Folk Festival Canceled

A joint statement from Mayor Jake Day, City of Salisbury, and Lora Bottinelli, executive director, National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA).

The National Folk Festival is an event that fosters the well-being of community through vibrant cultural exchange and the joyous gathering of tens of thousands of people from across the country in celebration of the richness of American culture. The success of this event is rooted in the tremendous community cooperation and collaboration that is shared and cultivated throughout its tenure—from event sponsors to volunteers, from city workers to the festival’s many community partners. The National Folk Festival relies on this goodwill and multiplies it through the success of the festival.

As we look ahead into 2020 and the uncertain future that COVID-19 presents, we realize that the community effort required to support an event of the scope of the National Folk Festival should be refocused to the immediate needs of all of our partners and participants, no matter their location during this global crisis. The responsible thing to do is suspend planning for the 80th National Folk Festival in 2020, and focus those energies toward community health, safety, well-being, and recovery. By suspending event planning for the year, the tremendous wellspring of support, effort, and commitment that this event has fostered can be redirected to the welfare of the Salisbury community and the most pressing needs that have emerged in the region during the public health crisis.

To that end the NCTA and the City of Salisbury are rescheduling the 80th National Folk Festival for September 10-12, 2021, in downtown Salisbury. We feel it is in the community’s best interest to pause our efforts and join others in devoting as many resources as possible toward flattening the curve so that we can return to our normal lives once health officials deem it appropriate to do so. It is disappointing to have to reschedule the festival, but it is necessary. We hope all of our supporters understand why we have come to this difficult decision.

Additional details for sponsors, artists, vendors, contractors, and volunteers will be available from the National Folk Festival leadership team in the weeks to come.

A Viewer Writes: Social Distancing State Police

Took this picture as I was out this morning getting supplies. Went home and had to go back about half hour later. State Policeman still talking to car salesman at Courtesy Chevrolet across from Bob Evans.

NEITHER sales person or patrolman wearing a mask while they were talking the whole time.

Cannot make out tag number but State Police are not leading by example neither is Courtesy. Kinda make you go Hmmmm?

State of Maryland Files Felony Charges Against Julie Brewington

Case Information
Court System:District Court For Wicomico County - Criminal
Case Number:D-023-CR-20-000711
Title:State of Maryland vs. JULIE D BREWINGTON
Case Type:Criminal - SOC - Application
Filing Date:04/20/2020
Case Status:Open
Tracking Number(s):201001136022

Defendant Information
HairColor:Blond or StrawberryEyeColor:
City:SALISBURYState:MDZip Code:21804-0000

Involved Parties Information
Name:State of Maryland

Attorney(s) for the Plaintiff
Name:State's Attorney - Wicomico County
Address Line 1:309 E. Main Street
Address Line 2:PO Box 1006
City:SalisburyState:MDZip Code:21803


Court Scheduling Information
Event TypeEvent DateEvent TimeCourt LocationCourt RoomResult
Hearing - Preliminary Inquiry06/08/202008:30:00Wicomico District CourtCourtroom 2

Charge and Disposition Information
Charge No:1CJIS Code:1-1136Statute Code:CR.7.104
Charge Description:THEFT: $1,500 TO UNDER $25,000Charge Class:Felony District Court
Probable Cause:YES
Offense Date From:04/11/2020To: 04/11/2020
Agency Name:Officer ID:

Document Information
File Date:04/20/2020
Filed By:
Document Name:Document Issued

File Date:04/20/2020
Filed By:
Document Name:Summons Issued

Service Information
Service TypeIssued DateService Status
Summons Issued04/20/2020

Good Question

Michelle Obama Scares Children with Creepy Animated Faces During PBS Storytime

As TGP previously reported, Michelle Obama has been given a show by PBS starting this week, the taxpayer funded network announced Friday.

Michelle Obama was given this show after Democrats marked $75 million for PBS’s parent the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the Coronavirus relief bill that passed at the end of March.

The former First Lady scared kids with her weird faces while reading a children’s book titled, “The Gruffalo.”

The reading program is called “Mondays with Michelle.”


With coronavirus spreading, Gov. Hogan signs order for expedited release of hundreds of prisoners

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread behind bars in Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan has signed an executive order to expedite the release of hundreds of men and women imprisoned at state correctional institutions.

Hogan’s order, posted Sunday morning, speeds up the release of inmates who were already eligible to be released within the next four months and the processing of inmates eligible for home detention.

The order also directs the Maryland Parole Commission to accelerate consideration of parole for inmates convicted of non-violent crimes who are older than 60, have a good record while incarcerated, and an approved plan for re-entry to society.


Virginia Governor Orders Residents to Stay Home Until June 10

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam on Monday issued an order to residents stay at home until June 10, part of expanded efforts to curtail the coronavirus pandemic that continues to spread across the country.

“I want to be clear: Do not go out unless you need to go out. This is very different than wanting to go out,” the Democratic governor said in announcing the order.

Northam noted that “some of our beaches and other recreational areas were literally packed” over the weekend, and warned that, “everyone who is gathering in a crowd is putting themselves and others at risk.”

The Virginia order goes into effect immediately and will remain in effect until June 10 unless the governor cancels it sooner. Violators can be punished by up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Hours earlier, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced a similar “unprecedented” order, requiring residents to stay home except for essential trips such as grocery shopping or obtaining medical care. The order goes into effect at 8p.m. on Monday and will remain active until the state of emergency is over. Violators can be charged with a misdemeanor offense with penalties up to a year in jail or a $5,000 fine.

“We are no longer asking or suggesting that Marylanders stay home. We are directing them to do so,” said Hogan, a Republican. “Every single Marylander can be a hero just by staying home.”


Response to Culver news release

GO HERE to see Executive Culver's original press release on this matter.

Response to Culver news release
To all:
First I would like to address Mr Culver's statement in his recent press release that certain Council members have created hysteria in the KIlbirnie-Walstons Switch neighborhoods.  In the 2016 Md. Dept of Environment (MDE) documents, the project in question is addressed as an Urban Service agreement. Earlier this year it came back to the Council as a pre-annexation agreement. Concerns arose after the citizens found out it was to be a pre-annexation agreement and no longer an urban services agreement.  They wanted to know when and why this changed.  I do not call that hysteria but a desire for additional information and clarification.  Many made contact with myself and other Council members requesting a public hearing. If you live in the County and found there was going to be a pre-annexation agreement in your neighborhood wouldn't you want more information?

The Council has also heard great concern from the area's volunteer fire department. Parsonsburg Volunteer Fire Department has been providing excellent service to these neighborhoods for years. In the past few years they have lost area to the City of Salisbury which affects their funding and recruitment.  In most situations, their response time has been less than the response time from City equipment. They are not disagreeing with the water line going to the airport, just that the bigger picture is that the citizens of Wicomico County need to be heard. Their fear is that the closest and most appropriate fire/EMS service is not utilized for calls due to annexation.  The current Fire Service Agreement does not protect their fire service area.

On April 17th, a fellow Council member requested from the County Executive's Office, that the Airport Manager and the engineer over-seeing the water project from the contracted engineering firm be present at our next Council meeting to offer answers to some of these questions.  The County Executive's office replied that the Airport Manager was not involved in the project and a question "what would be the purpose of the engineers being at the meeting." We took that as a"NO" to the request. The question now is," Why can't the County Council and citizens get any answers to valid concerns?" There are no engineers on the Council that can answer these question. Are we to understand that the Council is suppose to approve a large financial agreement that could have long ranging impact on the citizens of that area when the necessary information is being withheld from Council and homeowners? Four Council members agreed that more information was vital before voting for the project.

The City has said that it has no interest in any further annexation in the area at this time. However, one only has to look 1/2 mile North from Walstons Switch road to see areas that have been annexed. While this water line has been deemed a denied-access line, it would only take a request from the City and/or County to the State of Maryland to change this designation.  Also, if this water line is vital to the development of our airport, why is it being said that it cannot be used for the adjacent Airport Business Park?

In summation, some County Council members have been vilified in the media and in emails from people that don't even work or live in the area, for not just signing on the dotted line. When in fact, the responsibility actually rest on the shoulders of the County Executive's Office for not being forthcoming with information in a timely manner to the Council so that an informed decision could be made. And the County Executive bears a responsibility to inform and reply to the requests that the citizens have a voice by holding a public forum. Trying to push this vote through without more transparency and during a time of National crisis seems suspect at best. Why the rush?  The Council is more than willing to work collaboratively with the Executive's Office but when requests for information, questions on projects, etc. are met with resistance, silence or accusatory press releases, that is hard to do.

Wicomico County Councilman, District 5
Joe Holloway

Councilman Bill McCain responds to Joe Holloway
To all:

Joe, I have to respond to your response because of its inaccuracies and lack of facts. You keep referring to fears of annexation. Please read the water agreements. There is no “annexation” of anything taking place. The City of Salisbury does not do urban service agreements anymore and have not for some time. Any provisions of water outside their municipal city limits requires a pre-annexation agreement. This does not mean anything is being annexed and in fact to relieve any such fears the Airport agreement includes a clause/statement that no such agreement can be considered until 30 years have passed. You fail to mention that very important clause in any of your statements. In addition, you also fail to mention that the City of Salisbury cannot just annex anyone’s property. Property owners have to petition to be annexed.

You also fail to mention the fact that the water line is a dedicated denied access line that only permitted purpose by the Maryland Department of the Environment is to provide potable public water to the Airport. Residents cannot tap into the line.

As the County Council representative of the citizens in the area you are referencing, you should take the responsibility to help them understand the facts and explain to them the facts. You also failed to mention and inform your constituents that the construction contract was extended 90 days in February and expires May 12. Which creates an urgency of this matter. The County Council’s failure to act for the second time regarding the construction contract will certainly cost our taxpayers significant dollars probably in the hundreds of thousands. Not to mention the threatened future of our most treasured Airport asset. The State of Maryland recognized the importance of this project and thus awarded the County 4 million dollars. Another fact you failed to mention. This delay tactic will now place that in jeopardy. Trust me, other counties in the State of Maryland will be happy to take our 4 million dollars and put it to use in their counties.

It is even more disappointing to see statements in your conclusion about trying to accuse the Council of trying to pass the resolution through without transparency and during the current climate.  This project has been in the works for nearly four years, publicized often, and this agreement was just discussed in detail in a council public open work session in January.

The public is able and welcomed to send the County Council any concerns and have done so over several weeks. All public comments regarding this issue that are submitted have been shared with all council members. Thus, delaying for a public hearing which is not required for a resolution serves no purpose.

I will continue to advocate to make Wicomico County a better place to live, work, and play.

Bill McCain, Wicomico ,County Council At Large

Should I Ask Like The Liberal Media, Hey Hogan, What Took You So Long?

Rather then cracking on President Trump like the above image in typical liberal fashion does, let's turn it around and simply ask Governor Hogan, (who leads the Governors nation wide) what took you so long and why didn't you help the other 49 states if you're such a so called leader. 

Len Foxwell Is Mentally Deranged And Sick In The Head

A Viewer Writes: So much for saving historical buildings!

This is what is left of what is to be the 13 story high-rise!

Why are we letting China buy American companies?

This takeover, the largest takeover of a US company by a Chinese firm, represents a precedent that will damage the American economy and cost jobs in the long run.

It also may have emboldened China. Weeks after permission was granted by Washington, Beijing claimed the airspace over some contested islands in the East China Sea as “a defense identification zone.” Chinese saber rattling forced the Pentagon to dispatch two unarmed B-52 bombers to fly in the airspace to send a message to China that it was overstepping its bounds.

China’s ambitions are multi-pronged and the Smithfield Foods transaction is another questionable invasion by Beijing. Currently, American authorities only evaluate foreign takeovers on the basis of national-security issues or shareholder rights and securities laws. But these criteria are inadequate.

A fairer test in the case of Smithfield, and future buyout attempts by China, should also require reciprocity: Only corporations from countries that allow Americans to buy large companies should be allowed to buy large American companies.

That’s not the case with China, Middle Eastern sheikhs or Russians. Critics of reciprocity label this as protectionism. It’s not. It’s protectiveness.

Here’s why.

A Viewer Writes: Salisbury University, PRMC & COVID19

Salisbury University and PRMC have entered into a contract for SU to house COVID19 patients in some of the empty dormitories. Mainly in the ones referred to as Dogwood Village across from Asbury Church. This will be taking place next week. It's all about the Benjamin's.

Abrams: Biden VP Pick Should Be a Black Woman as Payback for Our ‘Loyalty’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) said presumptive Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden should pick an African-American woman as a running mate because black women were “the strongest part of the Democratic Party.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “You know, Stacey, this is something that is concerning to me because Biden has committed to a woman as vice president, but has stopped short of committing to a woman of color. How important is it do you think for Biden to make that commitment? Do you think that not choosing a woman of color, a black woman actually, is a slap in the face to the black female voters who are credited with really reviving his candidacy?”


MD Gov. Hogan: ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ Trump Encouraging Protests Against His Own Policies

Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that it did not make sense for President Donald Trump to be encouraging protests against state stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic when the federal government has laid out strict reopening policies.

Host Jake Tapper said, “Protesters gathered in the state capitol yesterday to call for you to reopen businesses, reopen schools. I want you to take a listen to what President Trump said about protests occurring around the country.”

In a clip, the president said, “I mean, I know there are a lot of protests out there, and, uh, I just think that some of the governors have gotten carried away. We have a lot of people that don’t have to be told to do what they’re doing. They’ve been really doing everything we’ve asked them.”

Tapper said, “Specifically I think President Trump is referring to three Democratic governors, and coincidentally, I’m sure, three battleground states for 2020. What’s your response when you hear the president saying that some governors are going overboard?”


Proposed: $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Checks And Canceled Rent And Mortgage Payments For 1 Year

The CARES Act provided a lifeline for taxpayers and small businesses. But as a one-time cash payment, many fear that it didn’t do enough to support taxpayers in one of our country’s greatest times of need. Especially in light of the fact that many people still have not received their stimulus checks.

To address this, members of Congress have made two separate proposals, one that would provide Americans over the age of 16 with a $2,000 monthly check for up to 12 months, and one that would cancel rent and mortgage payments through the duration of the coronavirus emergency.

Let’s take a deeper look:

Proposal #1: $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Check

Representatives Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Tim Ryan (D-OH) introduced the Emergency Money for the People Act. This Act, if passed, would provide additional cash payments to Americans who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Emergency Money for the People Act would provide a $2,000 monthly payment to every qualifying American over the age of 16 for up to 12 months.


Just In Case You REALLY Need It...