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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Democrats Who Cheered ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests Now Claim Trump Is ‘Selfish’ For Holding Rallies, RNC Convention

“The president’s plan to hold mass rallies in Florida and elsewhere as we experience a resurgence in COVID cases is irresponsible and selfish,” Rep. Val Demings said on Thursday.

But on Monday, Demings, a Florida Democrat rising up in the Joe Biden veepstakes, attended a massive “Healing and Hope” rally, where people were packed in like sardines. She told her Twitter followers she was there “to speak with our community as America grieves.”

Demings wasn’t alone in flip-flopping for political purposes. Plenty of top Democrats cheered on “Black Lives Matter” crowds across the U.S., with many attending rallies in honor of George Floyd, a black man who died while in the custody of Minneapolis police. They mingled with maskless protesters, shaking hands and kissing babies.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a socialist from Vermont who failed a second time to win the Democratic presidential nomination, wrote Monday on Twitter: “Congratulations to all who are out on the streets today peacefully protesting. Together, we will end police brutality. Together, we will defeat Trump. Together, we will fight for a government based on justice and compassion, not greed and lies.”


Trump Hits Back at Biden, ‘He is Not All There and Has Created His Own Sanctuary City in His Basement’ (VIDEO)

President Trump hit back at Biden during his sit-down interview with Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner.

Harris Faulkner asked the president what he thought about Biden’s claims that he would ‘steal the election’ and if he doesn’t win, the military would have to ‘haul him out of the White House.’

“Look, Joe’s not not all there. Everybody knows it and it’s sad when you look at it and see for yourself,” Trump said. “He has created his own sanctuary city in the basement of wherever he is and he doesn’t come out.”


Mathematical Facts or COVID-19 (was it worth it?)

Do you like math? I like math. Sometimes we hear numbers like $3-Trillion and our mind blocks them out because they are incomprehensible to us, but statistics are different, they are easy to understand.

Facts of COVID-19:

Population of the United States (as of 6/8/20) – 330,887,485*

Total number of diagnosed cases (in US) as of 6/7/20 – 1,920,904**

Total number of deaths (in US) as of 6/7/20 – 100,901**

The death rate (in U.S.) from COVID-19 - .052

This means:

0.00058 of the U.S. population has been diagnosed with COVID-19

0.00030 of the of the U.S. population has died because of COVID-19

.052 is the death rate of someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19

This means:

99.99942% of people residing in the U.S have not been diagnosed with COVID-19

99.9970% of people residing in the U.S who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 have survived.

99.48% is the survival rate of COVID-19.

*worldometers. Info 10:15 6/8/20


All death is tragic, I believe we all can agree on this. However, my believe and the belief of many people smarter than me, is this; the increase in substance abuse, the return to substance abuse (both drug and alcohol) of those who returned to their previous habits due to this pandemic, their meetings were no longer available, or the continual stress of this current crisis, the increase in spousal abuse, child abuse, anxiety, depression, and other disorders (both mental and physical) due to quarantine, the financial repercussions from businesses being shuttered and crippled due to closings, will in the long term create many more illnesses and deaths than COVID-19 itself will do.

Would have their been more diagnoses and deaths due to COVID19 had we not quarantined? Absolutely. But in the bigger picture, taking all the deaths we will be seeing, and have already seen, from suicide, the ramifications of less exercise, poor eating habits, abuse, pent up hostility, etc., will be far worse.

Then take into consideration the financial repercussion on both U.S businesses, particularly small businesses, and the loss of wages for the U.S. workers, the excessive cost of reopening under the new mandates, the increase in cost of goods, and one has to wonder was it worth it?

The bigger question is, was this threat real or fabricated. One more statistic leads me to believe the latter.

Fact of first 2020 HEROES Act (stimulus):

$3,000,000,000 (3 Trillion U.S. Dollars)* - Total Bill

$257,954,545,196 (2.6 Billion U.S. Dollars)** - Amount distributed in stimulus checks to U.S. general population.

*CBS News

**Forbes (5/23/20)

If you have a question as to whether this is concern for the safety of the people in the U.S. because of COVID-19 or political ask yourself, “Where did the other $2.74 Trillion dollars, or 91.2%, of the HEROES Act (stimulus money) go to?”

Inquiring minds want to know. My challenge is to not accept what you are being told, but to investigate the facts. Sometimes they are surprising.

Robert Welsh
Selbyville, DE

John 13:35 <><

Pastor Rob Welsh
The Odyssey Church

Ocean City’s Early Pier Deal Talks Violated Open Meetings Act

OCEAN CITY – The Town of Ocean City was taken to task for violating Open Meetings Act requirements after two separate complaints were filed questioning the negotiation process behind the new franchise agreement for the historic pier.

Late last year, Ocean City officials announced the town had reached an agreement with franchise holder Charles “Buddy” Jenkins and his Synepuxent Pier and Improvement Company to extend the franchise agreement for the iconic pier that juts eastward from the Boardwalk at Wicomico Street. In 2018, Jenkins approached the city about renewing the pier franchise agreement reached in 1978.

The accord was set to expire in 2029 and the franchisee sought to extend it an additional 25 years beyond the remaining term, essentially extending it for another 35 years. The full Mayor and Council appointed a three-member work group consisting of Council Secretary Mary Knight and Councilmen Dennis Dare and John Gehrig to negotiate with the franchisee and work through the details of the agreement extension.

Maryland’s COVID-19 Positivity Rate Drops to 6.94%, Hospitalizations Fall By More Than 100 Over Two Days

Key Statewide Health Metrics Continue to Trend in Positive Direction; Hospitalizations Fall to Lowest Level in 66 Days
Positivity Rate In Single Digits In 23 of 24 Jurisdictions
More Than 150 Test Sites Now Open Statewide; Six Flags Site Open Today in Prince George’s County

ANNAPOLIS, MD—As Maryland prepares to begin additional safe and phased reopenings, the state’s COVID-19 positivity rate has dropped to 6.94%, and total current hospitalizations have fallen by more than 100 over the last two days, and are now at their lowest level in 66 days.

“The fight against this virus is far from over,” said Governor Hogan. “In fact, now more than ever, as we begin to come into contact with more people, we must all continue to remain vigilant. Our health and economic recovery depends on all of us continuing to exercise personal responsibility in order to keep ourselves, our family members, our neighbors, and our coworkers, safe.”

State officials continue to encourage Marylanders to get tested for COVID-19, and a no-cost, no-appointment testing site is open today at Six Flags America in Prince George’s County. There are now more than 150 testing sites open across the state.

Gen Mark Milley Turns His Back On Trump – This Is Sickening

(Gateway Pundit) – General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff addressed graduates at the National Defense University on Thursday morning.

During his speech Milley apologized for joining US President Trump and walking over to St. John’s Church the day after it was torched by violent leftist protesters.

General Milley told the graduates this was a “political event” and he should not have stood with the President.

Leftist looters and rioters defaced the Korean War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and torched St. John’s Church during their rioting and Milley believes standing with the US President was a “political event.”


Cornell Law Prof Says There's A "Coordinated Effort" To Have Him Fired After He Criticized Black Lives Matter

Recall, it was just days ago that we pointed out Cornell professor and friend of Zero Hedge Dave Collum was publicly shamed by Cornell for daring to express the "wrong" opinion about current events on social media. Now, there's a second Cornell professor coming under fire for his critique of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson has challenged any student or faculty member to a public debate about the Black Lives Matter movement after he says liberals on campus have launched a "coordinated effort" to have him fired from his job. At least 15 emails from alumni have been sent to the dean, demanding that action be taken, according to Fox News.

“There is an effort underway to get me fired at Cornell Law School, where I’ve worked since November 2007, or if not fired, at least denounced publicly by the school,” Jacobson wrote on Thursday. “I condemn in the strongest terms any insinuation that I am racist.”

Jacobson founded the website Legal Insurrection and says he's had an "awkward relationship" with the university for years as a result. The recent outrage comes as a result of two posts he recently made on his site:

Reminder: “Hands up, don’t shoot” is a fabricated narrative from the Michael Brown case (June 4, 2020)
The Bloodletting and Wilding Is Part of An Agenda To Tear Down The Country (June 3, 2020)

"Those posts accurately detail the history of how the Black Lives Matters Movement started, and the agenda of the founders which is playing out in the cultural purge and rioting taking place now," Jacobson said.


Virginia Senator Told Police To Stand Down Before Statue Collapse That Left Man In A Coma

Virginia Senator Louise Lucas told Portsmouth City police officers to stand down and urged Black Lives Matter protesters to “wreck” a statue that was later toppled and struck a man in the head, leaving him in a coma.

Shocking video footage of the incident shows one of the four bronze soldiers on the Confederate monument being torn down by an angry mob, only to immediately strike a man in the head, leaving his skull split open.

The victim was later named as BLM protester Chris Greene, who remains critically ill in a coma.


Amazing! Trump Just Got Democrats to Defend a Criminal, Anarchist Mob

I'm not one of those "Trump plays 4D chess while everyone else plays checkers" kind of political observer.

I think Donald Trump has great political instincts, and I also think his political adversaries make stupid, unforced errors because he either brings out the worst in them (see Marco Rubio in the 2016 Vegas debate) or he gets them to show their true colors.

I believe what we are witnessing transpire this week is a perfect case of the latter phenomenon.

In Seattle, a group of armed anarchists have cordoned off a portion of the downtown area and declared it an "Autonomous Zone." Autonomous from Seattle laws and law enforcement. Autonomous from the State of Washington and autonomous from the jurisdiction of the United States federal government.

Our intrepid reporter Julio Rosas has provided some incredible, Pulitzer-worthy coverage from inside the zone.

Without the presence of police in the area, things can be dangerous for people accused of wrongdoing. In one instance, a young man was accused of stealing a phone from another protester. A crowd quickly surrounded him and tried to interrogate him, with one individual brandishing a baseball bat in the man's face. The accused thief was clearly frightened and explained he did not steal anything, to which the crowd asked why did he run away.

The situation was resolved after it was discovered the phone was never stolen, but it only came after the man was able to once again run away from the crowd.


So, Those are the Details the FBI Omitted in Russian Collusion Intelligence Report

The country was engulfed in riots after the officer-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Black Lives Matter, anarchists, Antifa, the far left—all were out in force, and the Trump-Russia collusion circus was still going on in the background. More and more about this fiasco is coming to light with former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell declassifying the interviews relating to this subject. His successor John Ratcliffe recently declassified the 2017 intelligence assessment where it shows the FBI added the Trump dossier to the annex of the report but kept out critical details. This isn’t shocking.

The bureau’s credibility has been shot, stabbed, and set on fire post-2016 election. The counterintelligence probe they launched in 2016 to look into Russian collusion was a partisan witch hunt. I mean, if you want to talk about omissions, just look at the papers disgraced ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok signed off on to launch Crossfire Hurricane, the non-spying spying operation against the Trump campaign.

Former FBI intelligence official Kevin Brock wrote, “What this FBI document clearly establishes is that Crossfire Hurricane was an illicit, made-up investigation lacking a shred of justifying predication, sprung from the mind of someone who despised Donald Trump, and then blessed by inexperienced leadership at the highest levels who harbored their own now well-established biases.”


Jussie Smollett LOSES bid to have new charges over his 'hoax attack' dropped after he argued the new indictment was double jeopardy

A Cook County judge on Friday shot down actor Jussie Smollett's attempt have the criminal charges against him dropped, telling the actor that the new charges against him do not violate his right against double jeopardy.

Smollett's attorneys made the double jeopardy argument after a special prosecutor secured a six-count indictment on charges alleging that he lied to police about a racist and anti-gay attack that police say he staged himself. The new case came months after the county's state's attorney's office abruptly announced it was dropping charges against the actor, angering police and City Hall.

The way Judge James Linn saw it, the only way double jeopardy would apply is if Smollett was legally punished for what had happened to him since he was charged in connection with the January 2019 incident in downtown Chicago. But Linn determined that the deal in which the state's attorney's office agreed to drop charges without requiring Smollett to admit any wrongdoing and Smollett agreed to forfeit his $10,000 bond did not add up to legal punishment.


Colorado Bill Requires "Re-Education" For Parents Who Refuse The COVID-19 Vaccine

Are you ready for re-education camps in the United States? Colorado has introduced a bill that would “re-educate” parents who refuse to vaccinate their child with the coronavirus vaccine.

The bill forces all doctors and medical staff to give vaccinations with no exemptions, even if they are in a situation where they believe it would not be in that child’s best interest. The bill’s current version, however, does not list any sanctions or punishments for medical staff that refuse, according to Life News.

The bill just passed through a committee in Colorado (20-14) to reduce available exemptions on vaccinations for school-age children (making vaccines mandatory). This bill offers “online education modules” for parents who want a different vaccination schedule than what the state demands. Submitting a “certificate of completion” from the re-education classes is one way to receive the state-sanctioned vaccine exemption.


AWKWARD! It Looks Like Rapper and Local Warlord ‘Taz from CHAZ’ is a HUGE Homophobe

As reported earlier the nation of CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) in what used to be Seattle was set up by antifa earlier this week.

CHAZ has its first self declared dictator/warlord. Seattle based rapper Raz Simone evidently deputized himself and his crew, and they are patrolling the streets, regulating any unauthorized activity in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

They’ve already started assaulting people who are engaging in unauthorized activity:


Biden Confuses the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden on Wednesday night confused the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence during a NAACP virtual town hall from his basement.

Biden has only been in government for nearly five decades, but he still can’t recall the preamble to the Declaration of Independence.

“The Constitution says all men and women are created equal,” said Biden.


K.T. McFarland to Newsmax TV: Comey Blackmailed Trump, Acted Like Hoover

Former deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland accused former FBI director James Comey of blackmailing then-President-elect Donald Trump in January 2017, comparing Comey to the agency’s disgraced founder J. Edgar Hoover.

McFarland, appearing on Newsmax TV with former colleague Sean Spicer, described a Jan. 6, 2017, briefing by the national security officials for incoming White House staff – including McFarland and Spicer.

After the briefing, she said, Comey pulled Trump aside to privately inform him of documents gathered by former British government spy Christopher Steele as opposition research for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign against Trump.

While the other intelligence chiefs recommended against including it as part of the briefing, Comey acted on his own to do it anyway, McFarland said. The filed contained unverified accusations of “weird sexual behavior and stuff that (Trump) had done in Moscow,” she said on Spicer & Co. speaking as Comey.

The information was used to help justify a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign which eventually was taken over by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.


Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice Race to the Top as VP Choice for Biden

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has narrowed his list of potential running mates down to three women, The Associated Press has reported.

Elizabeth Warren is considered the top contender on his shortlist, along with former national security adviser Susan Rice and Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.

Experts think Warren can appeal to energetic liberal Democrats while Biden pulls in the more moderate members of the party. But since both are in their 70s, neither would bring any youth to the ticket.

As a former United Nations ambassador, Rice comes with foreign policy experience. But her time working as a diplomat was marred by lack of leadership in 2012, when four Americans were killed and 10 others were wounded in separate attacks by Muslim extremists in Benghazi, Libya.


Molotov-throwing Lawyer in Brooklyn Was Intern for Soros-funded Anti-Israel Group

One of the two lawyers accused of trying to torch an NYPD cruiser during protests that engulfed Brooklyn over the weekend spent a summer in the West Bank as a fellow and intern with radical Palestinian activist organizations.

Two attorneys, Colinford Mattis, 32, and Urooj Rahman, 31, reportedly were caught attempting to distribute homemade molotov cocktail devices to protesters who were clashing with police near the 88th Precinct in Fort .


Gospel Radio Announcer Fatally Shot Outside Home in Baltimore

A long time Gospel radio announcer was shot and killed outside her home in Baltimore, Maryland, on Wednesday.

Fifty-seven-year-old Tyra Womack was pronounced dead after police responded to a call about the shooting at her home in the Lauraville neighborhood on Wednesday night, according to the Associated Press (AP).




Get Er Done

We Don't Need No Stinking Vaccine For COVID-19A

A Glaring Omission

With the 24/7 media circus coverage of Covid-19 I find it particularly interesting that there is an obvious glaring omission of some extremely important facts relative to dealing with a virus, especially one that is allegedly so virulent like this one. Yes, I read all about the critical need to shelter in place, stay inside away from other people, wash your hands constantly, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, wear your face mask and by all means observe social distancing if you MUST venture outside for food!

Then it’s repeated ad infinitum that the ONLY hope we have of ever returning to a semblance of normalcy is to have a vaccine to protect us! Then to add some drama to this narrative the media highlights their death-o-meter scoreboard with the implied threat that you’ll be next IF you don’t obey the rules as dictated by the “experts”.

But what is assiduously avoided at all cost is any reference to our most potent defense against any virus; our body’s natural immune system. Try as I might I couldn’t find anything about this first line of defense on the World Health Organizations (WHO) website or Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website. It’s as if it doesn’t exist and is completely irrelevant.

If these organizations were genuinely concerned about the health of citizens they would obviously discuss the vital role a healthy immune system plays in protecting us from illnesses. But since they don’t its obvious some other motive is at work, at least to me, and I strongly suspect to other critical thinkers as well.

We now know from the science and data that over 90% of the people exposed to Covid-19 have no symptoms at all or at worst a mild cold. The flu vaccines we have are only effective 30% to 60% of the time and the bugs change regularly so a vaccine that worked OK last year may barely work at all this year. Let’s learn some more about our body’s immune system.


Is This CHAZ Leader Going to Cancel Himself?

Leftist loons have taken over the streets of Seattle. That's not news, but the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" (CHAZ) that rioters set up around a precinct abandoned by Seattle police officers is. Townhall's Julio Rosas is on the ground covering the Left's latest attempt at building a communist utopia. It hasn't been a week yet and the whole enterprise is nothing but chaos. The CHAZ criminals, encouraged by their Democratic leaders, have declared the CHAZ a "no cop co-op." So who will police the CHAZ and who will speak on their behalf?

Enter rapper Raz Simone, a Seattle local and a self-appointed leader of the CHAZ. The rapper has reportedly been patrolling the CHAZ with a handgun and an AK-47, so contrast that to how the mainstream media reacts whenever a gun is spotted at a pro-Second Amendment rally.

Here's a video of the rapper conducting his official patrol duties by allegedly assaulting a CHAZ vandal who was in the process of spray painting a building.


Joe Biden's all-female shortlist for VP: Democrat narrows down his potential running mates to six including Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

Joe Biden's search for a running mate is entering a second round of vetting for a dwindling list of potential vice presidential nominees, with several black women in strong contention.

Democrats with knowledge of the process said Biden's search committee has narrowed the choices to as few as six serious contenders after initial interviews.

Those still in contention include Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Kamala Harris of California, as well as Susan Rice, who served as President Barack Obama's national security adviser.


Gunmen wearing ski masks open fire on group of people in Philadelphia injuring 6 during night of violence which left 11 wounded and one dead

Thursday night in Philadelphia was marred by a spate of shootings that left at least one person dead and 11 others wounded, including one episode where a pack of gunmen in ski masks opened fire on a group of people.

Police described the incident in the Tioga neighborhood involving the masked shooters as possibly gang-related.

According to investigators, a half-dozen people were standing outsider a house at North Broad and Colwyn streets at 1.30am on Friday when a black car pull up beside them.


CNN analyst suggests tearing down all George Washington and Thomas Jefferson statues because they were slave owners as protesters deface more memorials and call for the 'Spokesman of the South' Henry Grady to be removed from Atlanta

CNN commentator Angela Rye has called for all statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to be taken down because the men they enshrine were slave owners, she said Wednesday.

Rye's demands come during nationwide protests spurred by the Memorial Day death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, during which Confederate monuments have drawn the ire of demonstrators with dozens defaced and demolished nationwide.

‘American history is not all glorious... George Washington was a slave owner. We need to call slave owners out for what they are,’ Rye declared on the network Thursday. ‘Whether we think they were protecting American freedom or not, he wasn't protecting my freedoms – my ancestors weren’t deemed human beings to him.


Top CDC Official: ‘We’ll Just Get Rid of All Whites in the United States’ Who Refuse Vaccines

Salisbury City Council Member

Absolutely Incredible, This Has To End NOW!

Rioters In Salt Lake City

A Viewer Writes.......Crazy Night!

Another crazy night in Ocean City.  Lots of fights again on the boardwalk, a stabbing in front of Burger King on 33rd st. He was flown to the trauma center by Maryland State Police Helicopter Trooper 4 in serious condition with a stab wound to the chest.
There Was a fatal accident this morning on Whaleyville Rd. One dead and4 others injured. Head on accident at around 3am. Showell fire/EMS was the first responding units to arrive.

Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone” Has Been Taken Over

Why is Seattle letting a warlord run part of the city?

(Infowars) – The “warlord” of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Raz, has said he has morning meetings with the Mayor’s office and Fire Department.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) was set up a few days ago with the aim of creating a communist utopia in the heart of Seattle. However, it has been taken over by Raz Simone, who has been dubbed the “Black George Zimmerman,” and is acting like a warlord, extorting businesses for protection money.

A recent community meeting was live-streamed, where people in the CHAZ could bring up their quibbles and ask questions of Raz and others.


CDC warns U.S. may reimplement strict coronavirus measures if cases go up 'dramatically'

States may need to reimplement the strict social distancing measures that were put in place earlier this year if U.S. coronavirus cases rise "dramatically," a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official said Friday.

"Right now, communities are experiencing different levels of transmission occurring, as they gradually ease up onto the community mitigation efforts and gradually reopen," the CDC's deputy director for infectious diseases, Jay Butler, told reporters during a press briefing.

"If cases begin to go up again, particularly if they go up dramatically, it's important to recognize that more mitigation efforts such as what were implemented back in March may be needed again," Butler said.

He said the decision to reimplement measures will have to be made locally and based on "what is happening within the community regarding disease transmission."

The "pandemic is not over" and it's important to recognize that Covid-19 is still making headlines everywhere, he added.


Publishers Notes: See, this is exactly what I've been afraid of when it comes to reopening. If you hadn't noticed, every state is pressing for EVERY citizen to get tested. Remember the SYMPTOMS and all of a sudden they want everyone tested. Nevertheless, restaurant/bars are throwing millions of dollars to reopen and the threat of closing once again will be the final straw for almost every one of them. 

Boaters For Trump