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Friday, June 06, 2014

Things You Don't See Everyday (Part 2)

States Can Stop EPA’s War on Coal

This weekend the Obama administration announced a trade for the release of Army Specialist Bowe Bergdahl, offering in exchange the five most deadly Taliban terrorists incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay. This was an illegal act. The president is required by law to inform Congress 30 days before making such a decision. He did not do so, and the White House admitted it. Obama claims a signing statement made at the time this law was passed gave him a right to ignore aspects of it when he saw fit.

Similarly, on Monday the administration violated the law by announcing stringent carbon dioxide emission targets for power plants that will effectively kill the coal industry. The new regulation calls for a 30 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 2030. Congress failed to pass so-called “cap and trade” legislation that would enable such a move, so Obama is using the regulatory authority he claims the EPA already has to regulate carbon. But the president cannot just ignore the will of Congress. To do so assumes that Congress is irrelevant. Apparently this is what President Obama believes.

President Obama’s Organizing for America website brags that the new EPA regulations are “the strongest action ever taken by an American president to tackle climate change.” Most media outlets are echoing Obama, heralding the new EPA rule, while downplaying or ignoring the calamitous effects it will have on the economy. CBS called it “groundbreaking.” The Christian Science Monitor calls it“bold, signature, and controversial.” CNN called it “the boldest step yet,” characterizing prior U.S. positions as “hypocritical.”

ABC News cited a new poll claiming that 70 percent of Americans think something should be done about global warming. This, of course, follows numerous polls that indicate just the opposite. A Gallup poll published in The Washington Post last year indicated that most people do not consider global warming a serious threat. An ABC poll found only 18 percent ranked global warming as their highest priority. Sixty-eight percent of respondents ranked the economy as the number one priority. A Pew poll found only 42 percent believed global warming to be caused primarily by human activity.


Swimmer Trapped By Beach Balls

OBENSHAIN: McAuliffe, Herring going rogue in Richmond

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe just vetoed a unanimously passed General Assembly bill that would have removed any possibility or appearance of unethical campaign contribution dealings from a fund he controls. Surprising? At this point, not at all.

In the five short months since taking office, both Mr. McAuliffe and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring have become the radical left’s poster children at the state level for public officials ignoring and even circumventing the will of the people and their representatives.

Shortly after swearing to “uphold the laws of the Commonwealth,” Mr. Herring announced he would ignore Virginia’s voter-approved marriage amendment, help the governor find a way to expand Medicaid whether or not the General Assembly agrees, and in direct contradiction to a law passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by the previous governor, force state-supported colleges and universities to offer in-state tuition rates to the children of illegal immigrants. Mr. McAuliffe recently took steps to undermine General Assembly-passed regulations that mandate abortion clinics to meet the same safety standards as outpatient surgical centers.


The ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Audition That Had the Judges Crying Out in Pain

What could possibly cause the three judges on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” to shudder in horror and disgust this week?

The panel of dance professionals had a problem with the brief audition of an 18-year-old Chicago dancer/contortionist named James Thomas.

Thomas warned the judges that his audition was going to include some of his body-bending moves. However, nothing could have prepared the trio (or the people watching at home) for what they were about to see.


When Work Is Punished - Why The Poor Stay Poor

The dismal reality in America that we first exposed over 18 months ago is that 'work is punished'. Simply put, for increasingly more Americans it is now more lucrative - in the form of actual disposable income - to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work. As the following brief clip exposes, supposedly well-intentioned welfare programs drastically decrease benefits at certain income thresholds - which in effect can make a breadwinner and his/her family worse off when they start earning more. Sound absurd? That's because it is.

As we noted in detail previously,

This is graphically, and very painfully confirmed, in the below chart from Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (a state best known for its broke capital Harrisburg). As quantitied, and explained by Alexander, "the single mom is better off earnings gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045."


Student Achievement Gap Won’t Be Solved With Just More Pre-School

All the benefits for pre-kindergarten education touted by the Democratic candidates for governor can be easily lost in just a year or two if there isn’t strong follow-up in kindergarten and the early grades, experts and studies show.

As reported Thursday, research into pre-K programs has shown very promising results on its potential to mitigate the achievement gap. But without quality K-12 programs, the benefits gained from pre-K programs can be reversed by as early as first grade.

“High quality pre-K is a necessary component of the effort to close the achievement gap,” said Jason Botel of advocacy group MarylandCAN (Campaign for Achievement Now). “It can’t be the only component, though, because if you have high quality pre-K and low quality K-12 that work can be undone.” 


Hillary floats new excuse for role in Benghazi

Evidence belies claims about personal involvement, motive for attack

Published excerpts of the Benghazi chapter in Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming book, “Hard Choices,” contain misleading statements about the deadly attack and the then-secretary of state’s personal role in the decision-making process, WND has found.

While the full 34-page chapter will not be available until the book is released June 10, Politico last week unveiled tidbits that raise major questions about the accuracy of Clinton’s claims.

Denying a personal role in the decision-making process regarding security of the compound, Clinton writes that she did not see the cables requesting additional security.

She claims cables related to the security at the compound were only addressed to her as a “procedural quirk” and didn’t actually land on her desk.

Clinton writes: “That’s not how it works. It shouldn’t. And it didn’t.”

However, the Senate’s January 2014 report on the Benghazi attack reveals lawmakers found that the Benghazi facility required special waivers to be legally occupied, since it did not meet the minimum official security standards set by the State Department. Some of the waivers could only have been signed by Clinton herself.


Skeletons Draped in Jewels Preserved for Centuries

Sure, we’ve all heard of and seen mummies. After all, people have been preserving bodies throughout time and across cultures. Finding a preserved skeleton draped in jewels, gold and silver, however, is unusual — but it happened to art historian Paul Koudounaris, who photographed dozens of such relics. The images will appear in a book scheduled for release in early October.

“The skeletons are about 2,000 years old,” Koudounaris told “They were taken out of the Roman catacombs...These were sacred objects.”

After being left to decay in the Roman catacombs, Koudounaris’ subjects were exhumed, decorated and sent to homes and churches in European towns in the 16th century, according to The Huffington Post. But before they could be decorated, they had to be preserved.


Taliban chief freed in Bergdahl swap 'vows to fight Americans again'

One of the terrorists President Barack Obama released last week in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is already plotting to avenge his captivity by attacking American soldiers serving in Afghanistan, a Taliban commander has claimed.

As a condition of the deal with the Taliban that secured Bergdahl’s release, the U.S. relinquished five Taliban associates to Qatar, where they are required to stay for the next year.

Already, Noorullah Noori, is pledging to return to return to the battlefield, the commander said.


Bob Woodward: White House in 'Unfortunate Bubble' of Isolation

The Obama White House doesn't seek advice from anyone when it makes controversial moves such as exchanging five terrorists for a U.S. soldier, says The Washington Post's Bob Woodward, and that go-it-alone attitude often comes back to bite the administration.

"You see that there's that unfortunate bubble in the White House where they are too often isolated on something like this," Woodward said Tuesday on Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor."

Woodward, who served in the U.S. Navy, says he finds it hard to criticize Obama's actions to free Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl on Saturday "except from a management point of view."


Softball World Series Event OK’d Even With City Losing Parking Lot Revenue

OCEAN CITY — A request this week for a special event permit for the opening ceremonies of the USSSA Softball World Series opening ceremony on the beach at the Inlet in July touched off a debate about the amount of parking revenue the resort would lose to accommodate it.

On Monday, the Mayor and Council approved a variety of upcoming special events on their consent agenda, including the opening ceremony of the USSSA World Series at the Inlet in July, but not before an interesting debate about conceding a large area of the Inlet parking lot for roughly two to three hours in the height of the summer season.

The USSSA World Series, held in Wicomico County, last year attracted roughly 1,500 athletes on teams from all over the region and the opening ceremony was held on the beach at the Inlet.


Hillary Versus the Truth on Benghazi

The liberal media consistently dismiss or condemn hearings into Obama scandals as unnecessary and rabidly partisan, and reach those conclusions before said hearings even begin. That might explain why the public doesn't always line up with that opinion.

A new ABC-Washington Post poll shows 51 percent of those polled support the new House investigation into the scandalous lack of security for our personnel at the Benghazi, Libya, consulate. ABC and the Post found 58 percent think Team Obama engaged in a cover-up, and only 32 percent denied reality and claimed they "honestly disclosed" what they knew.

Perhaps it is because we are approaching the second anniversary of that attack, and this administration simply refuses to account for its actions that night.

Worse yet for the liberals, 50 percent of Americans surveyed disapproved of Hillary Clinton's handling of Benghazi, and only 37 percent approved.


Tattoo Artist Gives Nipples And 'Relief' To Breast Cancer Survivors

WASHINGTON -- Most people who visit Vinnie Myers at his Finksburg, Maryland, tattoo shop aren't there to get a black-and-white skull or a colorful full sleeve. Myers' clients come to him for nipples.

Myers started tattooing nipples 13 years ago, when he teamed up with a Baltimore-based doctor to help the doctor fix nipples he'd given his reconstructive breast patients.

"The results were less than what he felt was adequate … So I went down to his office and fixed the ones that he had started," Myers says. "The word slowly kind of got out. Next thing you know, it's all I'm doing."


NBC, CBS Skip Latest Developments in VA Scandal as It Explodes to New States

The Veterans Affairs scandal engulfing the Obama administration has spread into Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, but only ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday found time to cover the latest developments. GMA news reader Amy Robach revealed, "We're learning those secret waiting lists were also kept at ten facilities in these four Midwestern western states with nearly 100 veterans waiting more than three months for treatment." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Despite the eight hours of air time available to the three network morning shows, CBS and NBC avoided the story. ABC allowed 21 seconds. Obviously, the prisoner swap involving a U.S. soldier and five Taliban terrorists has rightly dominated the news. However, The four-hour-long Today show still found time to devote five minutes and 13 seconds on the subject of "six months to six pack" abs. CBS This Morning offered three minutes and 50 seconds to the phenomenon of "urban farming." Clearly, time was available.


More Worcester School Security Upgrades Ahead

SNOW HILL — Expanding on the initial steps taken last year, the Worcester County Commission unanimously approved funding for a second phase of school security upgrades this week.

Last year the county decided to employ armed School Resource Officers (SRO) in its schools under the purview of the Sheriff’s Department. Other security measures like ID scanners and buzzer systems were also added at that time. The upgrades requested this year are a natural evolution from that, according to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jerry Wilson.

“As you can see with this request mostly what we see here are security cameras, we see security systems, upgraded security systems and communications systems,” he said.


US Marshals Transfer Controversial ‘Stingray’ Cellphone Surveillance To Prevent ACLU Review

Stingray equipment essentially acts as a fake cell tower and collects information from each of phone that connects to it

The US Marshals Services has intervened in a dispute between a Florida police department and the ACLU, with the Marshals sweeping in at the last minute to seize controversial cell phone records before the ACLU was able to review them.

Earlier this year the Florida chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the Sarasota Police Department in an attempt to compel them to turn over records on the police’s use of its “Stingray” devices.

The powerful Stingray equipment has drawn the ire of civil liberties advocates nervous about its ability to essentially act as a fake cell tower and collects information from each of phone that connects to it.

The ACLU, which asserts that the Stingray enables the “electronic equivalent of dragnet ‘general searches’ prohibited by the Fourth Amendment,” convinced the court to force the Sarasota police to make the documents available for review.

ACLU staff attorney Nathan Freed told Wired that the US Marshals sent an agent from the Tampa area to Sarasota to pick up the documents so the police would be unable to disclose them.


Maryland Food Company Bought By TreeHouse Foods

CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) -- Maryland officials say the food processing company Protenergy Natural Foods in Cambridge is being acquired by Oakbrook, Illinois-based TreeHouse Foods for $150 million.

Upgrades are planned for the Cambridge facility as part of the acquisition. The Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development announced the acquisition Thursday.

TreeHouse plans to invest $6 million to purchase new equipment and increase the plant's capacity. The expansion is expected to create 35 new jobs.


1 In 4 Obamacare Signups Are Faulty - But, We Are Sure Obama Never Knew Anything About It Until Now

While the administration unabashedly argued that they would not hand out taxpayer cash subsidies to anyone who didn't verify income on... it seems once again, they lied. 9 months later andAP reports  that 2 million of the Obamacare sign-ups have data discrepancies that could jeopardize coverage for some, a government document shows. Direct from the HHS itself, AP adds that several congressional committees are actively investigating the discrepancies, most of which involve important details on income, citizenship and immigration status. The farce is complete as no resolution looks likely anytime soon - "Current system access and functionality...limits the ability to resolve outstanding inconsistencies." Of course, this is the first that Obama would have heard about it (from AP) and a probe of this SNAFU will begin immediately...


Liability Concerns Slow County’s Okay Of Grant Program

SNOW HILL — Hurricane season began Sunday and a new federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) looks to provide funding to help residents in Worcester County elevate their homes to guard against flooding. Unfortunately, the way the program is written could leave county government in the lurch if any of the projects run into problems.

The County Commission has indicated interest in the grants but isn’t ready to commit until more information is gathered.

The biggest issue the commission had with HMGP is that there might be a lot of hidden liability with each project since the county would have to act as the sponsor.


Border Patrol Sector to Release 500 Illegal Aliens Per Week

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) revealed to Breitbart Texas that the San Diego Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol is making plans to receive, process, and then release 500 illegal aliens into the U.S. per week who were shipped in from Texas, specifically from the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector.

The specifics of how the illegal aliens are transported in unclear at this time, however, recently some have been flown at the tax-payers expense and some have been transported on buses.


SFD Calls For Service 6-5-14

  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 23:57Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 23:11Nature: Unresponsive PatientAddress: 213 W Main St
  • Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 22:40Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 22:01Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 21:26Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 20:49Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 20:31Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 20:25Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 19:01Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 715 S Schumaker Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 14:52Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 14:42Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 13:07Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 12:41Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 12:41Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 11:18Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 09:55Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday June, 5 2014 @ 05:40Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

The ZIRP Economy Unmasked, Part 1: Zero Growth In Private Labor Hours Since 1998

Every now and again the apparatchiks who dutifully tend Washington’s statistical sausage factories accidently let loose a damning picture of what actually goes on inside. In that vein the BLS has just published the equivalent of a smoking gun. Namely, a study showing that in 2013—the year of 32% stock returns—the business sector of the US economy generated no more labor hours than it did way back in Bill Clinton’s blue dress period (1998) yet purportedly produced 42% more output in real terms:

“…workers in the U.S. business sector worked virtually the same number of hours in 2013 as they had in 1998—approximately 194 billion labor hours.1 What this means is that there was ultimately no growth at all in the number of hours worked over this 15-year period….. it is perhaps even more striking that American businesses still managed to produce 42 percent—or $3.5 trillion—more output in 2013 than they had in 1998, even after adjusting for inflation.

Striking indeed! The most important thing we know about those 194 billion labor hours is that the mix of labor supplied to the US economy deteriorated drastically during that 15 year period owing to the sharp decline of the goods producing economy in the US and its replacement by the low productivity HES Complex (health, education and social services).


Poll: Working Class Voters Abandon Obama

A new CNN poll of Americans finds falling support for President Obama on every policy issue. On no single issue does a majority of Americans approve of Obama's position. On many important issues, e.g. health care, immigration and foreign policy, his approval ratings have reached new lows. Perhaps surprisingly, however, his approval ratings are worst among America's working class. Those earning less than $50k and those who haven't been to college have turned decidedly against Obama.

It should be noted that Obama's approval ratings have collapsed across the issues, not just with this sub-group. On voters' top issue, the economy, 61% of voters disapprove of Obama's performance. Just 38% approve. Obama's numbers are 7 points worse than they were on the eve of the GOP landslide in 2010. His approval ratings on health care, illegal immigration, gun policy and the federal deficit have all reached new lows, with Obama's approval mired in the 30s. On the deficit, 67% of voters disapprove of Obama.


Read Putin's SEXIST put-downs of Hillary Clinton

Russian President Vladimir Putin struck back yesterday at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for comparing his actions in Ukraine to those of Hitler, saying that ‘it’s better not to argue with women’.

According to a Kremlin transcript, the Russian leader went on to suggest that Clinton is weak, and added that ‘maybe weakness is not the worst quality for a woman'.

‘But when I hear such extreme statements, to me it only means that they don’t have any valid arguments,’ Putin said in an interview with reporters from Radio Europe 1 and French TV channel TF1.


Donald Sterling agrees to deal to sell the Clippers for $2 BILLION

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling agreed Wednesday to sign off on selling the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for what would be a record $2 billion, according to his attorney.

Sterling 'has made an agreement with the NBA to resolve all their differences' and as co-owner has given his consent to a deal that was negotiated by his wife, Shelly Sterling, to sell the team, said attorney Maxwell Blecher.

Representatives for Shelly Sterling declined to comment.


Seattle Shooter Was Obsessed With Columbine, Report Says. Student Who Stopped Him Hailed As Hero.

Two young men — each vastly different from the other — will forever share a tie to the Seattle Pacific University shooting: one branded a suspect, the other hailed as a hero.

The suspect in the shooting at the university Thursday afternoon that left one dead and several others injured was obsessed with the Columbine High School shootings, unnamed police sources told KIRO 7. The station said the man, 26, had even visited the Colorado site where two student shooters killed 15 and injured 21 classmates in 1999.

The suspect, Aaron Ybarra, was not a student at Seattle Pacific University, police told reporters Thursday night — but the man who stopped him was.

Poverty Up 30.5% for Americans 18 to 64 Since LBJ Declared War on Poverty

( -- The percentage of 18- to 64-year olds who live below the poverty level has increased 30.5% since 1966, two years after Lyndon Johnson declared the War on Poverty, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

“We have declared unconditional war on poverty. Our objective is total victory. I believe that 30 years from now Americans will look back upon these 1960s as the time of the great American Breakthrough toward the victory of prosperity over poverty,” said then-President Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

According to a House Budget Committee Report, the federal government spent $799 billion on 92 programs to combat poverty: $100 billion on food aid; $200 billion spent on cash aid; $90 billion on education and job training; $300 billion on health care; and $50 billion on housing, in fiscal year 2012 alone.


The Bill of Rights?

On the same weekend that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs resigned amidst the scandal of veterans dying before the government’s doctors could treat them in government hospitals, on the heels of another revelation of NSA unconstitutional spying in which federal agents have been seizing the digital images of our loved ones and friends that have accompanied our emails, and a week after the White House intentionally or negligently revealed the true identity of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan, President Obama announced a new foreign policy initiative called “No One Left Behind.” The reference was to the sole service member then held in captivity in the venue of America’s longest war, the one most Americans have forgotten: Afghanistan.

Late last week, Obama announced the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who had been held by the Taliban for more than five years. Bergdahl apparently shed his weapons and equipment, sent his personal belongings home, and walked into the hands of his captors one day, unwilling to remain a part of his military unit and largely ignorant of the fate that faced him. The president must have been determined to bring Bergdahl home at all costs, because the manner of his doing so makes it likely that he violated federal criminal law in the deal he cut with Bergdahl’s captors.


ER Hospital Visits Mounting Because of Obamacare, Studies Show

Emergency room visits have not slowed down, as Obamacare backers predicted when they supported the Affordable Care Act.

Instead, as the ACA and the accompanying expansion of Medicaid are implemented, they've corresponded with an increase in people seeking urgent hospital care.

Studies about emergency room visits, including, most recently, by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), found that more people than ever were visiting the hospital for expensive emergency treatment rather than turning to primary care physicians.

"This is counter to what was said by those advocating for the ACA and particularly the expansion of Medicaid, but also the expansion of insurance," said Dr. Scott Atlas, a professor at the Stanford University Medical Center and a senior fellow who studies healthcare policy at the Hoover Institution.

"Labeling people as insured is not synonymous with saying they have access to medical care," Atlas told Newsmax.


D-Day Veterans Remember Invasion

Seventy years ago this morning, Bill Swanner crawled through hell.

It was still dark when the 19-year-old infantryman joined the more than 150,000 Allied soldiers making the secretive passage out of England for Normandy. Dawn was breaking when he dropped into the water short of Omaha Beach.

Now he was on the sand, in the smoke, crawling past the mines and through the corpses, a 50-pound water-cooled machine gun in his hands, pushing through withering German fire to get to the hedgerows beyond the beach.


Killed Myself When I Was Young

A Message From WCSO 6-6-14

WCSO would like to remind our citizens to stay up to date with offenders who may be living in your area. Please go to here:http://www.icrimewatch.netindex.php?AgencyID=55336&disc= to stay in the know with Wicomico County, here for all of Maryland: and here for Delaware: At all of these websites you can register to get notified when an offender updates/changes their information.

Teacher promo for The Irish Penny Pub

The 10 Worst College Majors

Your undergraduate major could be the path to a high-paying career ... or a highway in the opposite direction.

H&R Block looked into college majors, starter jobs, locations, and industries to figure out how a person's major might affect their paycheck.

Students majoring in fields such as anthropology and archeology, film and video, and the fine arts may struggle to find a job: Both recent and experienced grads face high levels of unemployment. But jobs such as registered nurse, sales rep, and accountant had the most openings.


Thief steals groceries from SUV after woman killed in wreck

HOUSTON -- Eyewitnesses at the scene of a fatal crash on Fondren this evening say someone stole groceries out of an SUV with a dead mother and her two injured sons inside.

Houston police tell us the woman's vehicle collided with another car causing her to lose control and crash into a tree. The mother died on impact. The two boys, ages 4 and 6, were taken to Texas Children's Hospital and are expected to survive. The other driver was interviewed and released.

Eyewitnesses told police that before emergency crews arrived, people stole groceries that were sitting in the front seat. The mother was not wearing her seat belt. The two boys were restrained but not in car seats.


Evil or Stupid?

USPS losing millions to fuel-guzzling contractors

The Postal Service incurred millions in unnecessary fuel costs from its contractors because it isn't using industry averages for fuel consumption and has no procedures in place to ensure contractors are using fuel efficient vehicles, a May 27 USPS inspector general report says.

USPS contracts for transportation on over 15,000 highway contract routes by identifying miles to be driven and negotiating a base operating rate per mile, the report (pdf) says.

Fuel is a major component of HCR total costs. The Postal Service negotiates annual fuel allotments based on miles per gallon, considering past suppliers' MPG contracts and general vehicle and route type, the report says.

In fiscal 2012, HCRs used over 242 million gallons of fuel, costing USPS almost a billion dollars.


Salisbury Design Initiative Underway

SALISBURY — The Envision Salisbury program is in full swing and a student-driven design plan is expected by next fall.

Community enthusiasm for the project is running high, according to the City Council. Envision seeks fresh ways to revitalize downtown architecture.

Envision represents a partnership between the University of Maryland (UMD) and the city of Salisbury. Several students from the school’s architecture program have been working since October to brainstorm ways to improve city infrastructure and design, especially downtown.



Brewmore Baltimore is the story about one of the 
largest industries in the United States... BEER.

Evolution Brewing Company will host a screening...

Wednesday, June 18 @ 8:00pm (show time 9:00pm)

Advance tickets available at EVO PUBLIC HOUSE.

$15 each - Limited Quantity Available.

Tickets include unlimited evo beer during the film.

A feature length documentary chronicling the rich history of the brewing industry in Baltimore, MD.The documentary takes a look at local businesses, home brewers and organizations preserving the brewing history in Baltimore. A special spotlight feature on Evolution Craft Brewing Company! Come early and tour the brewery!

Dinner reservations recommended... 443-260-2337(BEER).

Supporting United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore!

FREE Concert Tomorrow In Crisfield

Just a note to let you all know that a free concert in on for Sat June 7th at 6pm in Crisfield at the city dock. 

Three very successful acclaimed songwriters will do their own tunes. 
On hand will be Phil Madera, Dan Narvarro and Wyatt Esterling. Look up the the hits these guys have written and you will see why this will be a real nice event. Attached is a picture and below is a press release. 

Thanks All,
Hal Chernoff

Saturday, June 7th, 2014 6pm
Free Concert on the City Dock, Crisfield

*City Dock Serenade: Three Masters of Song Featuring Dan Navarro, Phil Madeira and Wyatt Easterling*
Enjoy an acoustic concert featuring three songwriters who brought you hit songs from Dierks Bently, Toby Keith, Pat Benatar, The Civil Wars, Cindy Morgan and so many more!

Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy the sunset, stories & songs.

Is That A Pole Dancer? Front-Runner For Md. Governor Caught In Scandalous Photo

Democratic Maryland gubernatorial frontrunner Anthony Brown was caught on camera in front of an apparent pole dancer.

The Mirror is told that this picture comes from last year’s ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) conference in Las Vegas. Brown was there evidently “on official” business — meaning the taxpayers picked up his tab.

Brown’s campaign manager Justin Schall added some color in a phone interview: “This is the Maryland party last year,” he explained, and “all the elected officials” from Maryland were in attendance.

While it’s uncertain if he was there to fundraise for his campaign, it’s widely known to be a major reason why candidates go to Vegas.

The picture is all smiles and bliss. But look closely — in the background is a pole-hugging, scantily-clad woman with a top hat. So what would otherwise be a normal visual of a politician on a trip with work-related guests includes, err, a curvy woman in a red bikini (or bra and panties, whatever the case may be.)


Three Students Charged After Weapons Found at William Penn High School

New Castle -- Three students were charged Wednesday after school administrators found the students in possession of weapons.

On Wednesday, June 4, school administrators removed two students from their classrooms after learning an Instagram photo depictured the pair posing with a handgun in one of the school's bathrooms.

School staff searched the book bags of both students. In one bag, belonging to a 16-year-old male from Newark, staff found an unloaded realistic-looking gas-powered pellet gun. In the bag of a 15-year-old New Castle male staff found an unloaded 9mm handgun. Further investigation revealed a third student, another 15-year-old male from New Castle, had originally brought the 9mm handgun to school. That student was removed from class and school staff found two magazines in his book bag. One magazine was empty, the other contained six 9mm rounds.

All three students were turned over to the Delaware State Police school resource officer assigned to the school, and were transported to Troop 2. All three students were charged with possession of a weapon in a safe school zone, conspiracy second degree, and related charges, and committed to the New Castle County Detention Center on secured bail.

D-Day at 70: Historic Photos From The Invasion Of Normandy

Friday marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, when the U.S.-led Allied armada crossed the English Channel to launch an offensive that would help lead to the defeat of the Third Reich. World leaders, including President Obama, will journey to France to commemorate the occasion. More than 9,000 Allied soldiers died or were wounded.

While most in the U.S. know of the bloody scenes that immediately follow the beaching of amphibious craft on the shores of Normandy, the brunt of the fighting took place far from the coast. Some 20,000 French civilians would perish in the crossfire, most killed by Allied bombing. Allied and German forces engaged in pitched, chaotic skirmishes throughout the picturesque Norman countryside, marked by hedgerows and old stone-and-steeple towns. Bitter fighting between U.S. forces and crack German paratroop regimes took place by St. Lo, which was reduced to rubble.


24 Hour News Cycle Tomorrow

Salisbury News will deliver 24 hours worth of news once again on Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thank God Its Friday 6-6-14

What will you be doing this weekend?

Seaford Man Charged with DUI After Crashing into an Unoccupied House

Laurel, DE – Troopers have arrested a Seaford man for DUI after he crashes his vehicle into an unoccupied home north of Laurel

The incident occurred at approximately 1:15 a.m. this morning as Justin T. Hazzard, 27 of Seaford, was operating a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser northbound on Seaford Road just north of Oneals Road. For unknown reasons, he traveled off the west side of the roadway and struck an unoccupied mobile home.

Hazzard, who was uninjured in the incident, was taken into custody by troopers after a DUI investigation ensued. He was transported back to Troop 5 where he was issued traffic citations for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving While Suspended, and Failure to Remain within a Single Lane and later released.

Released: 060614 0610

BREAKING NEWS: American tourist reportedly detained in North Korea

An American tourist has been detained in North Korea for allegedly committing acts inconsistent with the purpose of a tourist visit, the country's official news agency claims.


"Unsung Hero" Just Watch It And Have A Great Weekend

A Viewer Writes: Old Long John Silvers building new restaurant

Not sure if you had heard, but I've seen ads for a southern restaurant chain called cookout ( hiring here in Salisbury and apparently they bought the old LJS building across from SU. Probably more of the same chain wise but at least its different.


(WALDORF, MD) – A driver observed by a state trooper to be headed east in the westbound lanes of a Charles County highway was fatally injured in a crash moments later when he accelerated away from the trooper attempting to stop him.

The driver is identified as Gerard V. Hall, 48, whose last known address was the 800-block of Roxbury Court, Waldorf, Md. Hall’s driver’s license was revoked and he had an alcohol restriction requiring an ignition interlock system. He was the driver and sole occupant of a 2012 Nissan Altima without an interlock system registered to an apparent friend at the same address.

At 11:15 p.m. yesterday, a trooper assigned to the La Plata Barrack called in the tag number of the vehicle Hall was driving. Moments before, the trooper had observed the Nissan being driven east in the westbound lanes of Smallwood Drive. The driver had pulled into a business parking lot, where he was seen unbuckling his seat belt before pulling back out onto Smallwood Drive, this time headed east in the eastbound lanes.

The trooper activated his emergency lights to attempt a traffic stop, but the driver immediately accelerated away. Seconds later and about one-quarter of a mile away, the Nissan traveled straight through the T-intersection of Smallwood Drive and St. Charles Parkway and struck a tree. Hall was transported by ambulance to the University of Maryland Charles Regional Hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased.

Hall’s body will be transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy. Troopers at the scene smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, but will await toxicology tests for confirmation of alcohol consumption.

The investigation by the Maryland State Police Crash Team is continuing. Troopers have briefed the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office on the investigation and will be forwarding the detailed crash investigation to that office for review upon completion.

TNA Wrestling Impact World Tour Announces Card for Salisbury, June 7

Salisbury, MD – TNA Impact Wrestling is bringing its 2014 World Tour to Salisbury’s Wicomico Youth & Civic Center this Saturday, June 7 at 7:30 p.m. TNA announced the card for this weekend’s fight, and it includes:

Tag Title Match
Magnus & Bram vs Wolves
James Storm vs Mr Anderson
Bobby Lashley vs Samoa Joe
EC3 vs Gunner

X Division Title Match
Sanada vs DJ Z

Knockouts Title Match
Gail Kim vs Angelina Love

Also appearing Rockstar Spud. Card as of 6/2/14, subject to change.

The tour also features a new “Fist-Pumpin Pre-Show Party” staring one hour before bell time and free with your ticket. Join world-renowned DJ Z as he entertains the crowds and spins popular music throughout the party. For additional information and tickets visit, call 410.548.4911 or stop by the WY&CC Box Office (open M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Manufacturing a Stronger, More Sustainable Future

This week, I had the opportunity to address a group of over 200 Maryland manufacturers on the topic of energy efficiency– and the great strides we’re making together as a State to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, boost renewable energy, and drive down energy consumption. This group of innovators is at the forefront of an era of breathtaking change; they’re leading the way, helping us to accelerate the innovation curve so we can strengthen and grow our green economy.

It’s all about how we live, and fuel ourselves, on a planet with finite resources — and our collective moral imperative to take action, embrace market trends, and mold a better, more sustainable future for the next generation.

Climate change is transforming our planet in ways that continue to evolve. This past Monday, we took a critical step toward combating this growing threat when President Obama announced new regulations that go after a principal driver of climate change — carbon emissions. Hailed as one of the boldest policy initiatives on climate change in decades, the President’s proposal empowers states to fight carbon dioxide pollution in a way that best suits their regions. I commend the President for his resolute leadership.

This follows a model that we’ve used here in Maryland. More than seven years ago we joined 9 other states (currently 8 states after New Jersey exited) in the Northeast to form the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Since that time, we’ve come to realize that this would serve as the blueprint for addressing the monumental effects of climate change.

Cook Facing Charges For Licking Parole Officers' Sandwiches

Mmmmm. Looks tasty, doesn't it? Well, if you were an officer at the South Valley New Mexico Women's Recovery Academy in Albuquerque, looks could be deceiving. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Duffman)

KVIA reports "Authorities say 59-year-old Yolanda Arguello would secretly lick the sandwiches she would serve to probation and parole officers."

"She's accused of licking the cheese on sandwiches, serving ice dropped on the floor, and even sucking on an ice cube then spitting it into an officer's cup. ... She faces three counts of battery on a police officer." (ViaKOB-TV)

Arguello's colleagues turned her in after they say they witnessed the gross food prep.