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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The 26th Annual Chesapeake Celtic Festival October 3rd and 4th, 2015

A Viewer Writes:

Chipotle using Roto Rooter with two trucks. Not very appetizing at lunch time. Especially for the outdoor seating.

Pakistani Mob Sets Christian Family's Home on Fire to Burn Them Alive

A mob of radicals in the capital city of Pakistan torched the home of a Christian family and attempted to burn them alive by locking them inside before setting it on fire, a Christian aid group is reporting.

Earlier this month, a large group of radicals in Islamabad arrived at the home of 38-year-old Christian Boota Masih and began banging on the door, shouting for him to come outside.

Masih told the British Pakistani Christian Association that when he answered the door, the mob's leader demanded that he and his family either give up their home, leaving all of their belongings behind, or suffer the consequences.

Masih believes that the mob went to his house because they wanted to take his family's property. The mob told Masih that he and his family were trespassers in their own home.


Disillusioned and self-deluded, Bowe Bergdahl vanished into a brutal captivity

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Tex. — Army Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl was fed up. He was five weeks into a deployment in southeastern Afghanistan and frustrated with his mission and his leaders. He and his fellow soldiers weren’t going after the Taliban as aggressively as he wanted, and his sense of disillusion added to the disgust for the Army that he had begun developing while still in basic training.

Looking to make a stand, Bergdahl hatched a plan: He would run away from his platoon’s tiny outpost in Paktika province late on June 29, 2009. He would stay away from the Army a day, maybe two, and then reappear about
19 miles away at a larger installation and demand to air his grievances with a general. He knew that the region was crawling with insurgents, but he had “outsize impressions of his own capabilities,” according to an investigating officer, and was determined to create enough chaos to get the attention of senior commanders.

Those were among the details that emerged in a preliminary hearing here late last week. The soldier, carrying just a disguise, a knife and some provisions, was captured by insurgents by 10 a.m. the following morning, beginning four years and 11 months of captivity and torture by the Haqqani network, a group affiliated with the Taliban, according to Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, the senior officer who carried out an investigation of Bergdahl’s actions and interviewed him at length.


Defense Lawyer Makes Shock Allegation About Why Texas Deputy Was at Gas Station at Time of Killing

The lawyer representing the man accused of killing Texas Deputy Darren GoForth said Monday that his review of evidence has led him to believe the officer was at the gas station for a rendezvous with a woman he was having an affair with.

“I believe he was not there pumping gas. I believe he went to the station to meet this young lady,” said Anthony Osso, who is representing Shannon Miles.

Miles is charged with capital murder in the case, a charge that can only be brought against him if he murdered GoForth while the deputy was performing a “lawful discharge of an official duty.” If the deputy was at the gas station for another reason, the charge could be reduced to murder.

“From my client’s standpoint, this would no longer be a capital murder, but just a murder. It wouldn’t carry the death penalty as punishment,” Osso told reporters outside his office, according to KPRC-TV.


Only Action the Fed Took Was to Guarantee the Next Recession

What the Fed really decided Thursday was to ride the zero-bound right smack into the next recession.

When that calamity happens not too many months from now, the 28-year experiment in monetary central planning inaugurated by a desperate Alan Greenspan after Black Monday in October 1987 will come to an abrupt and merciful halt.

Why? Because Keynesian money printing is in a doom loop. The Fed’s ZIRP policies guarantee another financial crash, which will trigger still another outbreak of panic in the C-suites of corporate America and a consequent liquidation of excess inventories and labor on Main Street.

That’s the new channel of monetary policy transmission, and it eventually leads to recession.

This upcoming recession, in turn, will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that in today’s financialized global economy you can’t manage the GDP of a single country as if it were isolated in an economic bathtub surrounded by high walls; nor can you attain domestic macro-targets for employment and inflation through the blunderbuss instruments of pegged money market rates and wealth effects levitation of the stock market.

Instead, the Fed’s falsification of financial asset prices simply subsidizes gambling in secondary markets; enables daisy chains of collateral to be endlessly hypothecated and re-hypothecated; causes vast misallocations and malinvestments of corporate resources, especially stock buybacks and other financial engineering; and sends money managers scrambling for yield without regard to risk, such as in junk bonds and EM debt.


Montgomery Co. Council aims to crack down on prostitution

WASHINGTON — Soliciting a prostitute is already a criminal offense, but in Montgomery County, lawmakers are taking another look at ways to go after the problem.

A bill being sponsored by Montgomery County Council members Tom Hucker and Craig Rice would allow police to issue civil citations for prostitution. It would be $500 for the first offense and $750 for each subsequent offense.

The bill is being introduced in a council session Tuesday; a public hearing is scheduled for Oct. 20 at 1:30 p.m.


Blame America? No, Blame Neocons!

Is pointing out this consequence of bad US policy also blaming America first?

That is how my critique of US foreign policy was characterized in a recent interview on the Fox Business Channel. I do not blame the host for making this claim, but I think it is important to clarify the point.

It has become common to discount any criticism of US foreign policy as “blaming America first.” It is a convenient way of avoiding a real discussion. If aggressive US policy in the Middle East – for example in Iraq – results in the creation of terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda in Iraq, is pointing out the unintended consequences of bad policy blaming America? Is it “blaming America” to point out that blowback – like we saw on 9/11 – can be the result of unwise US foreign policy actions like stationing US troops in Saudi Arabia?



Motorists Should Expect Nighttime Single Lane Closures 
until mid-November
Now that schools are back in session and the vacation season is nearing the end for many people, the Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration (SHA) has started a more than two mile resurfacing project on MD 404 (Shore Highway) between the Choptank River Bridge and Legion Road in Denton. Weather permitting; the project should be completed by late fall.

“The pavement on MD 404 along the eastern edge of Denton has outlived its life and needs to be resurfaced to provide a smoother ride for the thousands of motorists who use MD 404 each day,” said SHA District Engineer Greg Holsey. “We ask that motorists slow down in the work zone for their protection, as well as our crew’s safety.”

SHA will grind (remove the top layer of asphalt), resurface and restripe the two mile section of MD 404. The work will take place at night between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Motorists can expect single lane closures during the project. Crews will use cones, barrels and arrow boards to guide motorists through the work zone.

The U.S. is Now $18 Trillion in Debt

What are the Ramifications?

Last week, the national debt surpassed $18 trillion. That’s $124,000 for each American household or $56,378 per individual. It took the country 205 years to accumulate its first trillion dollars of debt in 1981, but has only taken us 403 days to accumulate our most recent trillion. It’s hard to even think about numbers that big; if you were to count to a million it would take one week; if you wanted to count to a trillion it would take 31 thousand years.

Like with our personal debt, there may actually be some advantages to taking on debt. The flatscreen TV and Christmas presents we purchase with debt likely increase our standard of living and wellbeing. But this short term gain is often paid for with long term pain. And the currency of this pain is interest.

Interest is the price of debt. So, when we buy a TV on a payment plan, we are actually buying two things: the TV and the debt that goes with it. While a few extra dollars spent on interest each month may be worth it to see our favorite football players in HD, too much of our income spent interest can seriously reduce our quality of life because we must forgo other purchases to pay for it.

This is the point that the country has reached with its interest on the national debt.


UPDATED: Missing Person In Worcester County

Mr. Collins, the missing person in Bishopville has been found in good condition on Route 610 and is currently being...

Posted by Worcester County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Sheriff's Office is currently looking for a missing 61 year old black male in the Bishopville area. State Police...
Posted by Worcester County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Sheriff's Office is currently attempting to locate Donald Collins B,M 62 yr old 5'8 to 5'10 slender build..120-140...
Posted by Worcester County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Notice of Public Demonstration and Ballot Canvasses for 2015 Salisbury Election

Fed Cred Dead!

The economy is a two-headed monster. One head is the trade in real goods and real services. The other head is the financialized traffic in swindles and frauds that surrounds banking. There is some deception and overlap about which is which. For instance so-called health care might be perceived as a real service. In fact, it’s a hostage racket, designed to victimize “patients” at their weakest, with a “protection” premium that easily runs to $12,000-a-year for a married couple, even when they aren’t sick, and vulnerable. Just see what happens if you go to an emergency room with an injury that requires six stitches. Next stop: re-po land.

Most of the remaining on-the-ground economy consists of people merely driving their cars absurd distances, burning gasoline, between exquisitely-tuned giant warehouse store operations that were designed to destroy local Main Street trade - and accomplished that, by the way, to the applause of the local citizens whose towns were destroyed (“We want bargain shopping!”).

Now, of course, even WalMart is looking over its shoulder at the collapse of the complex arrangements that allowed it to metastasize across North America like some cancerous fungus. Globalism is winding down as the gargantuan matrix of Ponzi schemes based on owed money dissolves debt by debt. It isn’t long before nobody is a credit-worthy borrower, and no transaction in real goods can be risked unless cash hits the barrelhead — which turns out to be a very awkward way of doing business.

It’s especially like this these days in the so-called “emerging markets” — e.g. places in the world with large populations of willing factory slaves. The traffic in shipping-out containers full of flat screen TVs (or shipping-in the raw materials to make them) won’t work very well without letters-of-credit, which are promises between banks to make sure that the stuff on the receiving end gets paid for. That becomes difficult when national currencies drop 3.5 percent in value one day and then 4 percent another day, and so on. An eight-year-old can figure out how that math works.

My new theory of history applies well to the macro situation: people do what they do because it seems like a good idea at the time.


Group Home Employee Charged with Rape

Middletown, DE - Delaware State Police have arrested a Lincoln, DE woman and charged her in connection with the rape of a 17 year old resident of a Middletown area group home.

The investigation into the incident began on Friday, September 4, 2015, after troopers responded to a group home located in Middletown, DE, for the report of a subject who had run away. Upon their arrival, troopers were informed that a 17 year old male resident of the home had voluntarily left the facility at approximately 9:40 p.m. that evening and had not returned. Through interviews and other investigative means, it was learned that the male resident was possibly involved in an inappropriate relationship with an employee of the home, Joniequa Macklin, 32, of Lincoln, DE, which is believed to have begun in July of this year.

On September 19, 2015, troopers received information that Macklin and the male resident were possibly together in a home located in the 100 block of Bright Way, Milford, DE. Troopers responded to the residence and were able to take Macklin into custody as she attempted to flee from the home in a vehicle. The 17 year old male victim also fled from the home on foot, however, he returned a short time later.

Joniequa Macklin was arrested and charged with 10 counts of Rape 4th Degree, Interference with Custody, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Reckless Endangering 2ndDegree, Knowingly Abusing a Resident, Sexual Abuse of a Child by a Person of Trust, Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, and Driving While Suspended. She was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 7 and committed to the Delores Baylor Correctional Institution for lack of $86,600.00 secured bail.

The 17 year old male victim was turned over to authorities from the Prince George’s County Maryland Division of Social Services.

Due to the sensitive nature of this incident, specific details will not be released so as to protect the victim.

Local Law Enforcement Is All Screwed Up

The above image was recently published on Facebook. Here's the problem though. The message before this one, (above) was about shoplifters posted yesterday.

In other words, the SPD never let the public know the above mentioned person was ever missing in the first place. 

We see a lot of the same thing with the Wicomico County Sheriffs Office. And we never see anything at all from the MSP Salisbury barracks. 

What makes that interesting is the fact that we receive every single press release from every other MSP location across the entire state, Salisbury tends to cover crime up, even after years of attempts to get their press releases.

While this Post may come off as if we are complaining that in some cases we are left out of the loop, we are not complaining. Salisbury News has been around for almost 11 years now. Our hits are literally in the tens of millions and we'd like to challenge those department heads to ask ALL of the local media to come forward and PROVE their hits. We would certainly participate.

Law Enforcement talks the big talk about community policing and getting the community involved. HELLO! We do not charge to publish their information and reach more people that anyone else on a local level. 

In fact, all they have to do is ask County Executive Bob Culver how many hits Salisbury News has and that should shut just about everyone up. Bob has personally seen our traffic. It is documented and factual. 

If local Law Enforcement refuses to pass on important information, well, it simply proves they are covering up not only crime but discouraging the parents of those children who have disappeared. One only has to look at how quickly we reunite animals, (for God's sake) to their owners to realize how far reaching this Website is. 

Nevertheless, the above image shows the SPD never let ANY news media know this individual was missing in the first place but then pounded their chest letting the public know they were found.

UPDATE: This is how it's done. 

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton announces opposition to Keystone pipeline

After declining to state her position for years, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she opposes the Keystone XL oil pipeline. 


Two Months After a Minor Incident at a Game, a Popular Girls’ Coach Got a Shock in the Mail: ‘All the Color Went Out of My Face’

It was a tense game between two third-grade basketball rivals, but it wouldn’t be until two months later that one team’s coach would feel the full effects.

Jessica Curs was coaching a team of 9-year-old girls in Burleson, Texas, when things got so heated that fans started heckling her, her husband and other coaches, she said. But it was when one particular fan, who turned out to be a plainclothes police officer, said he heard the coach fire back with her own comments that things escalated quickly.

Andy Love, the referee for the February game, said he blew his whistle for a foul when he saw a man holding Curs.

“We got a foul. I blow the whistle. I turn to report my foul, and I’ve got some guy standing on the edge of the gym floor grabbing a coach by the arm, trying to pull her off the court,” Love told KTVT-TV.


US mulls abstention on Cuba embargo vote at UN

WASHINGTON — For the first time, the United States may be willing to accept a United Nations condemnation of the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba without a fight, The Associated Press has learned.

U.S. officials tell the AP that the Obama administration is weighing abstaining from the annual U.N. General Assembly vote on a Cuban-backed resolution demanding that the embargo be lifted. The vote could come next month.

No decision has yet been made, said four administration officials who weren't authorized to speak publicly on sensitive internal deliberations and demanded anonymity. But merely considering an abstention is unprecedented. Following through on the idea would send shock waves through both the United Nations and Congress.

It is unheard of for a U.N. member state not to oppose resolutions critical of its own laws.


#ShoutYourAbortion Proves That Modern Liberalism Is A Satanic Death Cult

This has already been quite the banner week for abortion disciples.

Just a few hours ago, Democrats voted down a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. Only three Democrats voted for the bill to protect children from murder after five months of development, while two truly despicable Republicans, Susan Collins and Mark Kirk, voted against it. They should be out of a job when it comes time for reelection, and if I was in charge of these things, I’d put them both in prison, along with almost all of the Democrats, for facilitating the murder of thousands of innocent human lives. Remember, if you support late term abortion, you are in favor of killing babies who can survive outside the womb. This is a radical, insane, extremist position, and one that is considered by progressives to be not only mainstream, but mandatory.

Progressives love to say they aren’t “pro-abortion,” but that is a more and more self-evident lie. Nobody who possesses even the slightest hint of a moral qualm with abortion could actually oppose a bill to protect kids after five months in the womb. Similarly, nobody who isn’t an enormous fan of abortion could be anything but repulsed by the hip new fad swept through the internet like wild fire yesterday.

It’s called #ShoutYourAbortion, and it encourages women to boast confidently of killing their children. The hashtag has been trending on Twitter for over a day, and many hundreds and thousands of women have taken the opportunity to “shout” with pride about the magical wonders of baby murder. I’m sure the aborted babies would have loved to participate in this campaign, but they’re all dead and decomposed in dumpsters or dissected in petri dishes.


Rand Paul wins Michigan Straw Poll, Carly Fiorina Second

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 93% won the 31st biannual presidential straw poll at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference (MRLC) on Saturday.

Paul delivered the keynote speech prior to the straw poll results being announced.

Paul’s campaign said that the MRLC straw poll is the largest pre-caucus poll since the cancellation of the Iowa Straw Poll.

“Since established in 1953 by the Michigan Republican Party, the MRLC straw poll has been considered a gauge of where the grassroots and party leaders are leaning with regard to the presidential race. The straw poll was previously won by Gov. Mitt Romney in 2011,” noted Paul’s campaign in a press release.


Cardin Applauds Maryland’s Strong Showing on White House 2015 HBCU All-Stars List

BALTIMORE– U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) today applauded the strong representation of Maryland students and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) among the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities 2015 HBCU All-Stars. Eighty-three undergraduate, graduate and professional students were recognized based on their accomplishments in academics, leadership and civic engagement. With 10 students from the state or attending a Maryland HBCU, Maryland was the second most recognized state on the list. Today marks the beginning of the 2015 HBCU Week Conference in Washington, D.C.

“Historically Black Colleges and Universities have been instrumental in providing students with access to quality educational opportunities,” said Senator Cardin. “These institutions are an integral part of Maryland’s higher education system and strengthen many communities across our state. I congratulate every student who made the list and am especially proud of the Maryland HBCUs for helping to mold so many future leaders. The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities All-Stars is a prime example of why we need to continue to invest in and support these colleges and universities across the country.”

A Century Of Fed Fools (Or How To Turn $1000 Into $40 Since 1913)Chart

The Federal Reserve system was created in December 1913 with the stroke of the pen by then President Woodrow Wilson.

Since that time, consumer purchasing power has fallen from $1,000 in December 1913 to … $40 today.
Since 2007, the purchasing power of the dollar continues to fall along with average hourly wage growth YoY.

Comptroller Peter Franchot Releases Statement Regarding Updated Revenue Estimates

BRE to write up revenue estimates for FY 
2016 and 2017 by $212.2 Million

Annapolis, Md. – The Board of Revenue Estimates met today to write up revenue estimates for Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017 by $212.2 million. Comptroller Peter Franchot, as chairman of the Board, released the following statement:

“This action, coming just weeks after we closed the books on Fiscal Year 2015 with a fund balance of $295 million, provides reason for restrained optimism. As do recent occurrences within the broader Maryland economy, ranging from a pattern of modest growth in private sector wages to the reduction in the State of Maryland’s official rate of unemployment.

I would suggest that we keep these numbers in their proper perspective, and I believe that my colleagues, and those who are entrusted with fiscal policy decisions on behalf of the State of Maryland, should avoid falling into the trap of unrealistic expectations.

How the Constitution Caused Our Dysfunctional Government

Over the past few decades, many of the unwritten rules of American political life have been discarded. Presidential appointees, once routinely confirmed by the Senate, now spend months in limbo. Signing statements have increased in frequency and scope, as presidents announce which aspects of a law they intend to enforce, and which they intend to ignore. Annual spending bills stall in Congress, requiring short-term extensions or triggering shutdowns.

The system isn’t working. But even as the two parties agree on little else, both still venerate the Constitution. Politicians sing its praises. Public officials and military officers swear their allegiance. Members of Congress keep miniature copies in their pockets. The growing dysfunction of the government seems only to have increased reverence for the document; leading figures on both sides of the aisle routinely call for a return to constitutional principles.

What if this gridlock is not the result of abandoning the Constitution, but the product of flaws inherent in its design?

The history recounted in a recent book on the Constitution’s origins, by Eric Nelson, a political theorist at Harvard, raises that disturbing possibility. In The Royalist Revolution, Nelson argues that the standard narrative of the American Revolution—overthrowing a tyrannical king and replacing him with a representative democracy—is mistaken. Many leaders of the patriot cause actually wanted George III to intervene in their disputes with parliament, to veto the bills it passed, even to assert that he alone had the right to govern the American colonies. In short, they wanted him to rule like a king. When he declined, they revolted.


Need a good laugh? This will do it!

Need a really good laugh? This is to funny

Posted by Straight Forward Class A Jobs on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: EU approves refugee plan

European Union ministers agree on a plan to resettle among member nations approximately 120,000 refugees from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa who are seeking asylum.


Here's how to go completely invisible on Facebook

Facebook doesn't exactly make it easy for you to stay off its radar.

If you want to stay hidden on Facebook, however, we can help you out.

When you're finished with this process, no one but you will be able to see your Facebook activity, view your photos, or see where you've checked in. Your current friends will still be able to view your basic profile — there's no way around this — but all your activities will be blank.

Note: You don't have to block all the features we suggest. You can pick and choose.


Poll: Government Poses Immediate Threat to Rights and Freedoms

Almost half of Americans say the federal government poses an immediate threat to citizens’ rights and freedoms, according to results from a poll released Monday that show an upward trend over the past decade of the percentage of Americans who see the government as a threat.

Forty-nine percent of Americans said the federal government poses “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens,” according to the Gallup survey, which is up from 46 percent in 2013 and equal to the percentage who said so in 2011.

Those numbers are up from 37 percent in 2005 and 30 percent in 2003, according to Gallup.

Gallup’s Frank Newport wrote that Democrats were more likely than Republicans to say the federal government posed an immediate threat than Republicans during the George W. Bush administration. Since President Obama was sworn in, the trend has flipped, with the percentage of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents who now say government is a more than doubling the number of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who say so, 65 percent to 32 percent.


Iranians Collect Own Samples For Nuclear Probe

The chief of the U.N. nuclear agency acknowledged Monday that samples used to determine whether Iran tried to develop a nuclear weapon were collected by the Iranians instead of agency experts, but insisted the probe stands up to strict agency standards.

Such sampling of soil, air or dust from equipment is usually done by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s own experts. But IAEA chief Yukiya Amano confirmed that Iranians carried out that part of the probe at Parchin, where the agency suspects that explosive triggers for nuclear weapons might have been tested in the past.

Diplomats say Iran insisted on the compromise as a condition for any probe of Parchin.

Deputy IAEA Director General Tero Varjoranta said the criteria at Parchin included: invasive monitoring by video and still cameras while the sampling took place; GPS tracking of the sampling process; IAEA agreement on where the samples were to be taken; review by unspecified peers of the inspection process; risk assessment and strict observance to make sure that procedures were followed step by step.


Enough: 'Abandon the Modern Filibuster'

Several House Republicans have seen enough of Democratic filibusters in the Senate, and have introduced a resolution calling on Senate Republicans to do away with it so the chamber can take up legislation supported by the majority.

Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va., and seven other House members say the GOP needs to "abandon the modern filibuster rule and return to the historical filibuster rule."

That call came just hours after the Senate tried and failed for the third time to advance a resolution disapproving of the Iran nuclear agreement. Sixty votes were needed to move the resolution to a final vote, but 42 Democrats voted against it and blocked it.

"[T]he Founding Fathers never intended for a significant portion of the Senate's business to be able to be blocked by a minority," the resolution reads.

It added that the 60 votes needed to advance a bill used to be used to stop debate if a senator was actually standing in the chamber and debating. But now, under a rule change in the 1970s, senators can place holds on legislation if they "simply announce their intention to filibuster."


Refugee Crisis -- A Modern Trojan Horse

Two weeks ago now, 14 years later we, as a nation, took pause to remember September 11, 2001. Yes it has been 14 years already since that deadly attack on the American people, and it is something that will be burned into our collective psyche for the rest of our lives. We will never forget September 11, 2001. Or will we? Or have we already?

Currently, there is a “crisis” in Syria, and the people are fleeing the multi-faceted civil war going on in that small Middle East nation. There are at least three major factions fighting each other, and it is creating havoc for the people of that nation, so much so that the men, women, and children are fleeing for their lives. They are flooding European nations that are near to Syria. Or are they really?

Some studies have suggested that, in many groups of refugees, the makeup of the people include women and children and elderly but that 80 percent are men between the ages of 18 and 30. That just so happens to be the age of a soldier. In fact, we have reason to believe that some of those young men are indeed members of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other Muslim extremist groups that are bent on the West’s destruction. The problem is, we don’t know which of them are or how many there are.

The media has portrayed this as a mass human exodus with unimaginable suffering.

What we hear from people on the ground in the areas affected is that this is not true.

Read more

A Viewer Writes: Public Hearing To Be Held

Good Afternoon Mr Albero,

In case you are interested for your blog, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow, the 22nd at Delmar elementary on Foskey lane starting at 6pm a public hearing will be held to discuss the possibility of an elected school board for Wicomico county. This will be the second of four scheduled public hearings.

You can find more information online at or

Why Do Muslims Flock to The "Evil West"?

"The tragedy of the Palestinians," Jordan's (late) King Abdullah wrote in his memoirs, "was that most of their leaders had paralyzed them with false and unsubstantiated promises that they were not alone; that 80 million Arabs and 400 million Muslims would instantly and miraculously come to their rescue."

Decades later, Syrians fleeing the civil war in their homeland make up the backbone of the world's refugee tragedy.

Officially, Muslim Turkey is home to the largest number of Syrian refugees (1.9 million). Lebanon hosts 1.2 million Syrians; Jordan, more than 600,000; and Egypt, over 100,000. That makes nearly four million predominantly Muslim Syrians.

But curiously (or not), the refugees risk their lives trying to cross into the predominantly Christian West, which probably most of them have viewed as "evil." Hundreds of thousands have made their way into Greece via Turkey, or Italy via Libya, and thousands have drowned in rough crossings as their rubber dinghies often capsize in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

European Union officials say the refugee crisis "could last years," while European countries work day and night to settle hundreds of thousands of Syrians in their countries. Even faraway non-Muslim countries such as Brazil, Chile and Venezuela have said that they would volunteer to take thousands of refugees.

Tragic? No doubt. But who is to blame? According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it is the West.

More here

Drug Firm Ripped For Hiking Pill's Cost From $13.50 to $750

Infectious disease specialists are protesting a huge overnight increase in the price of a 62-year-old drug used to treat a life-threatening parasitic infection.

The drug, Daraprim, was acquired last month by Turing Pharmaceuticals, a start-up run by a former hedge fund manager, which immediately raised the price to $750 a tablet from $13.50, The New York Times reported.

That brings the annual cost of treatment to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“What is it that they are doing differently that has led to this dramatic increase?” said Judith Aberg, M.D., the chief of the division of infectious diseases at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She said the price increase could force hospitals to use “alternative therapies that may not have the same efficacy.”

In recent months, critics have slammed pharmaceutical companies high prices on new drugs for diseases like cancer, hepatitis C, and high cholesterol, as well as older drugs, some of them generic.

Although some price increases have been caused by shortages, others have resulted from a business strategy of buying old neglected drugs and turning them into high-priced “specialty drugs,” The Times reports.

More here

Suspect Dead in Harford County Home Invasion

Detectives from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a home invasion that resulted in the fatal shooting of the 34 year-old suspect.

Shortly after 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, Deputies from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Southern Precinct responded to a call for a shooting at a residence located in the 2500 block of Thornberry Drive, in Edgewood. Responding deputies found the shooting victim lying inside the home with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the upper torso. The male was pronounced dead on the scene.

The preliminary investigation indicates multiple male suspects entered the home and were confronted by the resident. During the confrontation, several shots were fired. One of the suspects, identified as Javon Brookes Langston, with a last known address of the 4800 block of Atlas Cedar Way, in Aberdeen, was struck by the gunfire and killed. The other suspects fled the scene.

Deputies, with assistance from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit, Troopers from the Maryland State Police and a Maryland State Police Helicopter, canvased the area in search for additional suspects.

Man facing $8.7M embezzlement case hid on Appalachian Trail

CINCINNATI — He was known as "Bismarck," a genial, thick-bearded hiker who had become a familiar character along the Appalachian Trail over the past six years, and a regular at Susie Montgomery's bed-and-breakfast in a small Virginia town — until the day the FBI showed up.

"I'd say he was one of my favorite guests," said Montgomery, whose four-bedroom Montgomery Homestead Inn offers on its website a place to "forget life's stresses" for a slower, simpler life. "He was a smart man, interesting to talk to; a pleasant personality. All of the other people who stayed here liked him."

He was in his room, she recalled, on May 16 during the annual Trail Days festival that brings thousands of people into tiny Damascus, Virginia, when she responded to a knock on the door. She recounted finding three agents, one holding up a picture of Bismarck. He told her they believed her guest was someone the FBI wanted, she said. Her husband spotted someone guarding the back door.

Soon Bismarck was being led away in handcuffs, and the FBI was announcing the arrest of James T. Hammes, a white-collar crime suspect missing since 2009.

"They allowed me to hug him," she said. "He whispered to me that he was sorry that this happened."


How a spider caused a car to T-bone a school bus

It all began innocently enough: An Indiana woman, with her 9-year-old son in tow, put her car in reverse and began backing out of her driveway.

But then terror struck. Specifically, terror in the form of an eight-legged creature, resting upon the driver’s shoulder.

Yes, a spider. And it scared Angela Kipp so much that the 35-year-old jumped out of her moving car on Friday, according to the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department.

Somehow, Kipp’s 9-year-old son still had his wits about him, despite his mother having just jumped out of a moving car. The boy sprang into action, climbing from the back seat into the driver’s seat, authorities said. But as he tried to hit the brake pedal, he instead pressed down on the throttle. The car rammed right into a passing school bus.


Wicomico County Declares October Shore Craft Beer Month

(Salisbury, MD) The Wicomico County Council approved October’s designation as Shore Craft Beer Month at its meeting on Sept. 15. The County now joins its neighbors Worcester and Caroline in making the designation. October, the newly crowned Shore Craft Beer Month, will kick off with the Good Beer Festival on October 10 & 11 at Pemberton Historical Park in Salisbury, MD.

As the shore’s largest craft beer event, the Good Beer Festival offers unlimited tastings of over 100 different American craft brews. The returning Local Beer Garden partners Wicomico County based breweries Evolution Craft Brewery, Tall Tales and Rubber Soul with neighboring Dogfish Head, Fin City, Burley Oak, 3rd Wave and Assawoman Bay Brewing Company. Throughout the event, Xtreme Brewing will host home brew demonstrations and Pro Brewer Beer Talks, where professional brewers will discuss their craft and offer exclusive tastings.

In addition to great beer, the festival offers the weekend’s biggest games in the Sports Zone and food, craft and commercial vendors amongst the backdrop of the 18th Century Pemberton Hall. From its inaugural year, the festival quickly garnered a strong reputation for its winning and eclectic music mix. The tradition continues this year as folk, funk, 80’s, acoustic pop, rock, reggae and bluegrass can be heard from both a main and bar stage.

Early bird tickets are available until Sunday, October 4 for $25 per day or $40 for the weekend. Regular tickets are $35 per day or $60 for the weekend. Non-tasting tickets are also available; early bird non-tasting tickets are $5, regular non-tasting tickets are $10. Additional fees may apply to ticket prices. Proceeds from The Good Beer Festival benefit Wicomico County’s Recreation & Parks Division and are used to help offset rising program costs. Visit for a complete festival schedule or to purchase tickets.

New York Military Academy closes after 126 years

CORNWALL-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. — The 126-year-old New York Military Academy — once attended by Donald Trump, Stephen Sondheim and John Gotti — has closed its doors and is up for auction.

The New York Times reports ( ) the doors of the financially-struggling private boarding school were closed for good last Monday, despite promises of remaining open.


Beware Of Emails With Monkey Videos

That monkey video in your email inbox might be funny to look at, but it also probably means you're being hacked by Russians.

Researchers have discovered a new hacking group called the "Dukes" that appears to be backed by the Russian government. One of their tactics involves displaying monkey videos to trick victims into downloading malware.

"The Dukes are a well-resourced, highly dedicated and organized cyberespionage group that we believe has been working for the Russian Federation since at least 2008 to collect intelligence in support of foreign and security policy decision-making," the Finnish-based cybersecurity firm F-Secure reported last week.

The group was first identified hacking Chechen targets in 2008 and has since added targets such as Ukraine, Austria, the U.S., NATO, and even Russian drug dealers. F-Secure said the group generally works inside Moscow's standard business hours, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, and initiates attacks by sending phishing e-mails to its victims.

Unlike other sophisticated phishing attacks that typically use personalized e-mails that contain information relevant to their victims, F-Secure reported, many of the e-mails sent by the Dukes were made to look like spam.

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"Dude, You're Getting A Degree"

School Safety Equals Islamophobia?

If you’re a fan of media distortion, faux-Islamophobia, so-called “zero tolerance” policies and inconvenient reality, the self-constructed “clock” 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed recently brought to MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, to show to an engineering teacher is right up your alley.

The reason clock is in quotations is because the device Mohamed constructed bore no resemblance to anything most people would construe as a clock. As the above photo reveals, it was a compendium of wires and other electrical components built into a briefcase. When compared with a normal clock, one might be forgiven for a having certain level of apprehension regarding Mohamed’s invention.

School officials certainly did. His English teacher confiscated it, and a few hours later the principal and school resource officer removed him from class and began questioning him. Shortly thereafter, he was taken to police headquarters in handcuffs and fingerprinted. He was subsequently released to his parents, and police said no charges would be filed.

An overreaction? Compared to what? We live in an age when many schools have embraced a leftist-promulgated zero tolerance policy that often results in nonsensical punishment. Thus a six-year-old is suspended for bringing a toy gun to show-and-tell. Two five-year-olds are also suspended, one for making a Lego gun and another accused of making a “terroristic threat” — for talking about shooting a Hello Kitty bubble gun.

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Virginia, Maryland rank among top 10 states with fairest tax systems

If you are reading this, chances are you think your taxes are unfair. But if you live in Virginia or Maryland, stop whining — it could be far, far worse.

Virginia and Maryland both rank among the top 10 states with the fairest tax systems, according to financial information company WalletHub.

Virginia ranked No. 8 on the list, while Maryland ranked No. 10. Montana was the fairest state when it came to taxes, followed by Oregon and South Carolina. Washington state was the most unfair, according to WalletHub.


Hungary Posts Warning Ads in Mideast Papers

Thousands of refugees continued to arrive in the Balkans today, despite the Hungarian government posting ads in Lebanese and Jordanian newspapers warning them that entering the country illegally is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

In a full-page advertisement in several newspapers, including Lebanon’s leading An-Nahar and Jordan’s Al-Rai, the government said ‘the strongest possible action is taken’ against people who attempt to enter Hungary illegally.

This afternoon Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban followed up the ads with incendiary language, insisting that Europe’s borders are threatened by the refugees, who he claimed were ‘breaking down the doors’. He subsequently granted the Hungarian army additional powers to deal with the crisis.


Bikers Leave Eastern Shore Cleaner Then When They Arrived

Say what you want about Bike Week, pictures don't lie. The images above are from the stragglers on late Sunday. You can't even say you'd see the same even after a National Night Out event on the Shore. 

The New Left: Envy, Resentment and Hate

Bernie Sanders is angry. Who is he angry at? Rich people. Why rich people? That’s not clear.

At Liberty University, Sanders complained about a small number of people who have “huge yachts, and jet planes and tens of billions” while others “are struggling to feed their families.” In Madison, Wisconsin, Sanders called for a “political revolution against greed.”

So what’s the connection between people who have “tens of billions” and people who are “struggling to feed their families”? For the most part it’s a positive one. In a capitalist system, people get rich by meeting other people’s needs. Because some people are rich, other people find it easier to feed their families.

Take the world’s richest man, Bill Gates. When I was a student at Columbia in the 1970s, I remember a friend showing me a fantastic handheld device. It could add, subtract, divide and multiply. And it only cost $400. Today, I can sit in bed with my lap top, which in 1970 dollars cost less than $400. I can buy and sell goods on eBay, conduct personal banking, purchase airline tickets, book hotel rooms and even work the New York Times crossword puzzle — in large part because of Bill Gates.


Baltimore Leaders Want Children & Youth Investment Fund

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — City leaders champion the cause of young people in legislation to create a children and youth investment fund.

Pat Warren reports the plan requires voter approval.

This is one of several ways members of the city council propose to address the unrest that rocked the city this summer.

Baltimore saw its worst moments this summer after the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody, when a protest turned to an assault on police.

“They were supposed to march,” said one woman. “There wasn’t supposed to be no riot or nothing like that.”


Join Us on October 1st!

What's brewing on October 1st?
Job growth in our community! 

October 1st is the day brewpubs in Wicomico County are allowed to double their production, so we're using that day to celebrate job creation in our region. Join us at EVO Public House from 6:30pm - 8:30pm! Appetizers and soft drinks will be served and a cash bar will be available.

$30.00 - Individual
$50.00 - Couple

We would love for you to be a sponsor! We have several levels available:

You may pay at the door or follow this link to pay online.

We can't wait to celebrate with you!



Construction of Phase 1 of the Salisbury Skatepark is well underway, and the new facility may be completed ahead of schedule. Therefore, the City of Salisbury is now accepting registrations for the Salisbury Skatepark, so that skaters will be ready to use the facility as soon as it opens.

All skaters MUST be appropriately registered with the City of Salisbury – Department of Community Development. Skaters 18 years of age and older must complete and sign a Waiver and Release form and obtain a Salisbury Skatepark registration sticker. This sticker must be displayed prominently on your skating helmet in order to enter and skate in the park. All skaters under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Please visit the City of Salisbury website – – and go to the Salisbury Skatepark page for more information. The Skatepark page can be found under the “Information Center” section and in the “Important Links” box on the City website. This page includes downloadable versions of the Salisbury Skatepark Rules of Use and the Waiver and Release form, as well as other important information.

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release 9-22-15

On September 18, 2015 at approximately 2105 hours, Deputies were conducting a premise check at 12848 Ocean Gateway, West Ocean City Park and Ride, Ocean City, Md. when they were approached by a citizen reporting a male harassing a female in the area of the bus station. Deputies identified the female as Kim Van Duuren, 37, Salisbury Md. While speaking with Ms. Van Duuren, she consented to a search of her book bag and admitted to having marihuana in the bag. Various types and amounts of suspected narcotic prescription pills of which she was not prescribed were located in the bag. Ms. Van Duuren was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance-not marijuana. Ms. Van Duuren was released pending trial.


Wicomico Public Libraries is excited to announce the opening of our new Homework Help Center located in the Downtown Library. The Homework Help Center will officially open on Monday, September 28th. Hours for center are Monday & Wednesday 3-5pm, Tuesday & Thursday 4-8pm and Sundays 1-5pm. Skilled and dedicated volunteers will be available to provide homework assistance to students in grades K-8. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library, this space is dedicated to providing a positive work space where children can successfully complete their homework and thereby increase their potential for success in school.

Parents, teachers and students are invited to the Homework Help Center Open House on Tuesday, September 29thfrom 6-8pm, to learn about this free service. For more information on the Homework Help Center and other homework help resources the Library provides, please contact our Children’s Department at 410-749-3612, Ext. 125. To learn about volunteering in the center, please contact the Library’s Community Engagement Coordinator, Paula Mitchell, at 410-749-3612 Ext. 114.

Wicomico Public Libraries are located in Downtown Salisbury, the Centre at Salisbury, in Pittsville, and the Library Bookmobile. Wicomico Public Libraries offer numerous resources such as free Internet access, a variety of classes and events, and an online eBooks library, and it engages the community through education, economic development and through various community events. You Belong @ Wicomico Public Libraries!

Killing of endangered Sumatran elephant sparks anger

A critically endangered Sumatran elephant who had patrolled Indonesia's jungles to help protect threatened habitats has been killed for his tusks, an official said Monday, sparking a surge of anger online.

Yongki, a tame creature who worked with teams of elephant keepers, was found dead close to the camp where he lived in a national park on the western island of Sumatra, said park official Timbul Batubara.

His one-metre (three-foot) tusks had been hacked off, leaving just bloody stumps, and his legs still bore the chains put on him by his keepers to ensure he stayed in the camp.

There are estimated to be less than 3,000 Sumatran elephants remaining in the wild. They are frequently targeted by poachers for their tusks, which fetch a high price for use in Chinese traditional medicine.

Batubara, from the Bukit Barisan Selatan national park, said it was not yet known how Yongki was killed.

His body, which was found Friday, bore no bullet wounds but he had a blue tongue. Elephants have in the past been poisoned.


Statement from Governor Larry Hogan on New 2016 Revenue Estimates

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today applauded the new revenue estimates for 2016, which have been revised up by $80.6 million since March. These new estimates reflect recent growth in Maryland’s economy, including the addition of 32,700 new jobs since January.

“The news of these growing revenue estimates, along with our larger-than-anticipated 2015 closeout numbers, further illustrate that the business climate is finally improving and that Maryland’s economy is growing,” Governor Hogan said. “Some Marylanders are now starting to see their earnings improve, and Maryland businesses are beginning to grow and create jobs."

“While there’s no question that we are now headed in the right direction, we must continue to budget cautiously and keep spending under control. Maryland still faces a considerable structural deficit as well as significant pension obligations, and unless we continue to push for more budget accountability, the state’s long-term fiscal outlook won’t improve,” Governor Hogan said. “My administration will remain focused on stabilizing Maryland’s finances while continuing to put money back into the pockets of taxpayers.”

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Term Limits

Trump Called ‘Racist’ in Opening Monologue for Emmys

If you don't support amnesty, you're racist, according to Hollyweird leftists

“Donald Trump is running for president — to the delight of uncles everywhere.”

It took about five minutes for Donald Trump to be mentioned during the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday night.

Host Andy Samberg took a shot at the GOP presidential frontrunner during his opening monologue.

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