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Monday, October 29, 2012

WBAL TV in Ocean City Tonight

Debris is still blowing around down in Ocean City. Debris almost hits reporter at the 3:05 time mark.

CLICK HERE to see the video


 Much of New York was plunged into darkness Monday by a superstorm that overflowed the city’s historic waterfront, flooded the financial district and subway tunnels and cut power to nearly a million people.
The city had shut its mass transit system, schools, the stock exchange and Broadway and ordered hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to leave home to get out of the way of the superstorm Sandy as it zeroed in on the nation’s largest city.
Residents spent much of the day trying to salvage normal routines, jogging and snapping pictures of the water while officials warned the worst of the storm had not hit.

Explosion In Lower Manhattan

MANHATTAN — A massive explosion rocked a Con Edison plant near East 14th Street and the FDR on Monday evening as Hurricane Sandy continued to batter New York City.

Area residents shared photos and video footage of the explosion, which plunged much of the neighborhood into darkness, via social media websites shortly after it happened.

From Governor O'Malley

According to the National Weather Service, we're now just getting into the worst part of the storm. Please stay indoors. For those of you without power, use caution. Don't use generators inside, use flashlights, not candles and check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly. For more updates and tips, "like" Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

Photos Of Hurricane Sandy's Damage

 Coney Island Rides Under Water

 Ground Zero

 Hoboken, NJ Subway

Lake Erie


As superstorm Sandy was preparing to pound the Eastern United States, Cam Edwards, of NRA News, joined Glenn Beck on his television program Monday to discuss Americans’ gun rights during a state of national emergency.
“You need to know your rights,” Beck said. “This is what happens when people’s rights are trampled in an emergency…Somebody takes advantage of that situation,” he later added.
Beck went on to air part of a news report about a woman who was disarmed and forced from her home during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Western Maryland Dealing With Sandy In A Different Way

Maryland State Highway Administration

Snow Update: Allegany County has 17 plows that are applying salt/abrasives. There is snow coverage on the primary and secondary routes in the Western end of Allegany County.

Garrett County is experiencing blizzard conditions. 45 trucks are out responding. They are applying both salt and abrasives. *There is overall coverage on all roadways.*

UPDATE: SHA crews are working with state and local partners to reopen Westbound I-68 at the Garrett/Allegany line. Several trucks need to be cleared. SHA also has dozens of crews salting roads and working to keep them passable. Given the nature of the storm, SHA recommends travel ONLY for emergencies. Thank you.

Govenor O'Malley Press Conference

MD Governor O'Malley will be having a press conference at 9:30pm streaming live on the web. CLICK HERE

Craziest Halloween Scare/Prank Trick Ever!

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Downtown Salisbury Maryland

Trevor Santora sent in these images moments ago.


No block to foreign money – not even from dead terrorists


 Using a Pakistani Internet Protocol, or IP address, a disposable credit card and a fake address, “Osama bin Laden” has successfully donated twice to Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign.
The “Bin Laden” donations, actually made by WND staff, included a listed occupation of “deceased terror chief” and a stated employer of “al-Qaida.”
“Bin Laden” is currently set up on the official campaign website to contribute more to Obama’s campaign. The name is also registered as a volunteer.
Since the “foreign” contribution was sent, “Bin Laden’s” email address has received several solicitations from Obama’s campaign asking for more donations.

Peninsula Plastic Surgery Center In Salisbury Under Water

It is absolutely amazing how much this storm has damaged buildings and businesses in Downtown Salisbury. This beautiful building is destroyed.

This Gal's A Keeper

"ya might be a red-neck if"... My stepson, 
Steven Atkinson's fiancee, Kathy, 
decided they were hungry so, with power 
out in o.c., she boiled enough water with 
tea-lights (!)  to cook pasta! 
That's an Eastern Shore girl worth keepin'!


I just spoke with Rob Mulford and he told me they are three feet under water. Rob assures me they will rebuild but he's not sure how long it will take.

You Had Me At Joe


While I have only been following SBYNews for a little under 3 years now I have seen you do amazing things. You followed Sarah's story all the way to Annapolis. You fought and won for stronger Sex Offender Laws. You post any and all missing animals so they can be reunited with their owners. You get involved with local government and tell us things no else has the gusts to say. You go out shovel snow for the handicap and elderly. You are running for Mayor to make a positive change in the City. And now, today you have stayed on top of this storm that has in packed so many lives here on the Eastern Shore. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.   

Your Loyal Follower


Starting bid for this beautiful Riverfront property is $1,000,000.00.

You Really Have To Wonder How The Animals Are At The Salisbury Zoo

Many people tend to forget that the Salisbury Zoo is 95% in the flood plane zone. Hundreds of animals have died over the years due to flooding.

If anyone has any contacts down at the Zoo we'd love to hear if and where they evacuated animals and just how bad things got down there today.

Hurricane Sandy impacts Cambridge

T L Morris Seafood in Cambridge

Please Take Care

Tonight, Ann and I are keeping the people in Hurricane Sandy's path in our thoughts and prayers.

I hope that if you can, you'll reach out to your neighbors who may need help getting ready for the storm -- especially your elderly neighbors. And if you can give of your resources or time, please consider supporting your local Red Cross organization -- visit to get involved.

For safety's sake, as you and your family prepare for the storm, please be sure to bring any yard signs inside. In high winds they can be dangerous, and cause damage to homes and property.

I'm never prouder of America than when I see how we pull together in a crisis. There's nothing that we can't handle when we stand together.

Stay safe and God Bless,

Mitt Romney

Things Are Not Looking Good For Market Street Inn

Bow To Nobody

Ocean City, MD Hurricane Sandy

Balitmore Sun Picture taken 24 hours apart

BREAKING NEWS: Sandy Downgraded From Hurricane Status

Superstorm Sandy has been downgraded from hurricane status, but forecasters say it is still a dangerous system packing high winds. 

From Fox News

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Wicomico County Maryland

These pics are of the Wicomico River overflowing down by Cooper Rd off of South Upper Ferry Rd.

A Reader Says WBOC & Fox Off Air

WBOC & Fox seem to be off the air. Its up to SBY news to keep us in the loop.

Power Lines Down

Wires down on Allen Rd. at S. Camden Ave.

Ocean City, MD News Release

Hurricane Sandy 12

Vail Colorado - Monitoring SBYnews

Hi Joe
A relative of mine just telephoned me who is also an insurance adjuster located in Vail Colorado.  She informed me that they are monitoring the storm via your SBYnews website.  They just commented how nice the live streaming coverage is for the Hurricane.

Maryland National Guard

Fruitland Press Release

Effective immediately, Fruitland City Hall will be closed through Tuesday October 30th, 2012.


City Of Salisbury Declaration Of Civil Emergency

Click To Enlarge

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 10-29-12

Ireton just pulled a curfew from 7 PM to 10 AM.  So you have 20 minutes to get home, or you are stuck where ever you are.

BREAKING NEWS: Monster Storm Sandy Makes Landfall

Hurricane Sandy has made landfall, with the eye of the 900-mile wide monster storm striking southern New Jersey at 6:03 p.m. ET.

From Fox News

Salisbury News Breaks 100,000 Hits In One Day And It's Only 6:30 PM

Say what you want about Salisbury News, believe the local MSM surpasses us daily, (if you like). However, when it comes to Breaking News, ALL of the Eastern Shore depends on Salisbury News.

One thing I can assure you of is, WBOC, WMDT and the Daily Times will look at this Post and say, Holy Crap, this guy is for real. Of course they'll go to their sources to check to confirm what I'm publishing and when they find out we're for real they'll think, uh oh, we're in trouble.

The Eastern Shore knows who Delmarva's News Leader really is and it certainly isn't them. The power of suggestion is just that, a suggestion.

Am I boasting, absolutely. We have worked tirelessly for almost 8 years now starting from scratch with less than a hand full of people. We have competed with the local MSM with hundreds on their staff.

People want their news in real time. They want the truth and they are proving they no longer want to pay for two or three day old news that isn't accurate anyway.

We want to thank ALL of you for visiting Salisbury News. Time to go back to work.

Md. Mother Charged After False Abduction Report

Three children reported missing Sunday evening have been found and police have canceled an Amber Alert issued to help find them.

Prince George's County police say the children are safe and were never in the car or in danger. The children's mother - 33-year-old Deborah Fashakin of Capitol Heights, Md. - has been charged with making a false report to a law enforcement officer.

Police began looking for Brian, 5, Denise, 3, and Jacklyn Fashakin, 2, Sunday evening after their mother reported that someone got into her Nissan Altima as she was pumping gas and drove away from a gas station at Central Avenue and Ritchie Road.


Ocean City, Inundated With Flooding, Awaits Storm's Worst

Peak storm conditions, sea levels to come around 8 p.m. high tide
Ocean City passed its first test of Hurricane Sandy – perhaps barely – Monday morning as the morning high tide and a 7-foot storm surge covered downtown areas and the bayside shoreline with up to 4 feet of water.
But the worst is yet to come, with the heart of the storm still on its way and another high tide expected about 8 p.m. The storm surge is already the worst the town has seen since Hurricane Gloria in 1985.
So far, no injuries, deaths or close-call rescues have been reported, town officials said. But conditions are increasingly treacherous, with police halting traffic south of the Route 90 bridge. In a 10 a.m. press conference, Mayor Rick Meehan urged residents to stay indoors to ride out the storm.
Go Here to see more including video.

Video Update On Hurricane Sandy

Is It Real?

I Just Took This Pic Driving Down 142nd St.

There have been many images being sent in. Are they all real, who knows. Cool pic though.

Delmar Maryland Caution

Tree with wires is down on Foskey and Maryland Ave. AVOID THIS AREA! Crews are on the scene but it will be some time before it's clear!

Hurricane Sandy Impacts frostburg Maryland

Rt. 13 Closure Update

One lane US 13 south bound below Pocomoke City now opened.

Another Tree Down On Alternate Rt. 13

This is a quarter mile south of Salt barn road on alternate 13

Power Out At Aspen Hill Duplexes

Power went out at 5 pm on Aspen Drive

Fagers Island Gazebo- 60th St. Ocean City,Maryland


Not local, but these soldiers show dedication and honor!

Library Closed Tuesday

All locations of Wicomico Public Library will be closed Tuesday, October 30th.  We urge anyone planning to visit any location to call first.  If power outages continue, we won't be able to update our Facebook page or our webpage.  Please post where appropriate.

Tree Down on Alternate Rt. 13

This is a quarter mile north of Salt Barn Road on alternate Rt. 13.

Greenbackville Road Closed

Greenbackville Road now closed due to large tree blocking the roadway with live wires tangled and arcing in the tree.

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Market Street inn

Republican Legislators Angry At Failure To Release Gambling Data

Republican legislators are riled up that data they asked for months ago on the proposed expansion of gambling has still not been handed over to them by the Department of Legislative Services. 

Continue Reading...

Power Outages

Transformer blew S. Camden Ave.

Foskey Lane lines down
Alberta Ave. Transformer fire

S / Bound US 13 Closed

South bound US 13 near the VA Line, south of Pocomoke City is now closed due to numerous trees down on the roadway.
Power starting to blink on and off in this area now.
Rob Clarke

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Delmar, Maryland

The National Guard Has Arrived In Ocean City

Full Moon Could Make Hurricane Sandy's Impact Worse - Heaven and Earth may be aligning to turn Hurricane Sandy into a real monster, just in time for Halloween.
Forecasters expect Sandy to make landfall along the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States on Monday or Tuesday (Oct. 29 or 30). It may merge with a separate tempest hitting the region at about that time, creating an immensely powerful "Frankenstorm" whose effects could be magnified by the full moon.
When the moon waxes to its full phase Monday afternoon, high tides along the Eastern Seaboard will rise about 20 percent higher than normal, even without the help of Sandy's storm surge, said Joe Rao, a meteorologist for News 12 in Westchester, N.Y. (Storm surges occur when a hurricane's winds push the water surface above normal levels.)

Its Not Looking Good In Ocean City

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Bay Side & 9th Street Ocean City, Maryland

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Mt Vernon

Hurricane Sandy impacts Wicomico Yacht Club, Eden, MD


Residents urged to not use water if wells are flooded

(Salisbury, Maryland) - Residents are urged to not use well water if their yard is flooded.  People who rely on private wells for their water should consider their well contaminated if it is submerged during Hurricane Sandy.  If the septic system has been flooded, sewage can back up into the home.  This is more than just a serious nuisance.  Sewage contains disease causing microorganisms that can make you sick.  If there is an electrical outage, septic systems utilizing pumps will not function.  A continued use of water in the home could lead to a sewage backup.  Water usages in the home should be held to a minimum until the electrical power is restored. 

Water used for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking or preparing food should be either bottled water or water that has been boiled. Bring water to a rolling boil for at least 3 minutes.  You can add household chlorine bleach to your water to disinfect it.  Do not use bleach with fragrances or detergents. Add 8 drops of 5.25% sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) per gallon of water and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before using it. 

For more hurricane safety tips, go to

Did Obama Watch While They Fought For Their Lives?

They fought for their lives for seven hours.  9/11/ 2012.  Benghazi. The White House watched.  No help was sent and they died. 
Four Americans died in the jihadi attack on our consulate in Benghazi.  Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, two retired SEALS who were working as civilian security specialists in Benghazi, learned that Ambassador Stevens and nine other people at the consulate were under attack and rushed to their defense.  The fourth man was Sean Smith, father of three, an Air Force veteran, working for the State Department in Libya. 
The White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, and our military monitored the battle in real time starting with the first phone calls directly from Benghazi.
A small military force from Tripoli was dispatched and was able to rescue some personnel hiding in other buildings.  Ambassador Stevens remained missing, as did these three men.  The fire-fight raged on.
The shocking news of October 22 was that a drone ordered in from Tripoli sent back images of the attack in real time.  The battle was sent on streaming video direct to the Situation Room in the White House.  Within two hours, emails from Benghazi reported that Al Qaeda in Libya was claiming responsibility. 
President Obama, our Commander-in-Chief, had military options available to try and save our men.  He could have had the drone armed with Hellfire missiles.  He could have scrambled fighter jets from Sicily to drive off the attackers.  He could have dropped in Special Forces. He had seven hours to take action.
He did nothing.  Doherty and Woods died in the last hour of the attack. 


Hurricane Sandy Impacts Pocomoke CityMaryland

Attached are some photos I took from around Pocomoke City about noon today.  At that time we had flooding in all the usual areas, but things are getting worse.  The wind has picked up and the rain is coming down sideways.  Currently there is a report of a tree down at 10th & Cedar Sts., on the powerlines to a residence.
Img 2707 is at Cypress Park
Img 2711 obviously is at the docks on the Pocomoke River, with the drawbridge in the background.p[;'
Img 2713 is at Eighth St. just north of Pocomoke EMS Station.
Rob Clarke
Councilman, 5th Dist.

Eastern Shore Updates

Tree & Lines down at 7827 Brown Rd. near Zion Rd. 

Tree Down Across Road at Sixty Foot Rd. 

 Power just went out on Somerset Ave in the Camden area. Viewer called almost in tears because he can no longer view Salisbury News.

Will Supreme Court Turn Up Its Nose At Drug-Sniffing Dogs?

Two dogs, a chocolate Labrador retriever named Franky and a German shepherd namedAldo, should have their day at the U.S. Supreme Court.

The court is scheduled on Wednesday to hear Florida's appeal of two decisions by that state's highest court that found the detection of drugs by trained police dogs had violated the constitutional ban on unreasonable searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

These arguments involve distinctly different issues: whether a dog can sniff outside a home without a warrant, and how qualified a dog must be to do a legitimate sniff.


Hurricane Sandy Impacts Crisfield Maryland