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Friday, June 23, 2017

OC: Silver Spring man found guilty of raping minor

Erick Humberto Ramirez, one of five men who was charged with attacking an unconscious 17-year-old girl in an Ocean City hotel last summer, was found guilty Monday of second-degree rape and filming child porn.

A Circuit Court jury in Snow Hill also convicted Ramirez, 21, of Silver Spring, of second-, third- and fourth-degree sex offenses and second-degree assault for the incident that occurred on May 29, 2016.

Ocean City and Worcester County police said he had videotaped four other men undressing, inappropriately touching, and raping a teenager in the Dunes Manor Hotel on 28th Street.

Ramirez’s face went white when the guilty verdicts were read, and ultimately put his head in his hands and trembled. He was sentenced 23 years, with five suspended, for all crimes.

The jury reached its verdict roughly 15 minutes after hearing hours of testimony from the victim, Ocean City Police detectives and sheriff’s deputies. A dozen videos and photographs recovered from Ramirez’s phone during his drug arrest last June were central to Assistant State’s Attorney Diane Karsnitz’s case.

“This may not be what you expect from a sexual assault case,” Karsnitz said to the jury in closing arguments. “Typically, these cases come down to he said/she said, with motive and corroborative witnesses. I think the videos speak for themselves, and Mr. Ramirez’s cell phone says everything.”


Prof Who Made Belligerent Appearance On Tucker Carlson Tonight Suspended Indefinitely

A former professor at Essex County College was indefinitely suspended two days after her heated appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Lisa Durden was told that she had to cancel her classes and report to Essex County College’s human resources department two days after a June 6 appearance on the prime time Fox News show. School officials then indefinitely suspended her.

“They did this to humiliate me,” Durden told The Star-Ledger. “Essex County College publicly lynched me in front of my students.”

Durden went off on the show in defense of a black-only Memorial Day party organized by Black Lives Matter, dodging a direct question from Carlson on whether it’s okay to exclude people based on race.



Showell Fire / EMS on the scene of a banner plane that made an emergency landing near Peerless Rd. Minor injuries to the pilot.

3 Va. teens arrested on drug and alcohol charges on the way to beach week

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - On Saturday, North Carolina State Highway Patrol officers stopped three teens they say were driving a car full of drugs and alcohol for speeding on their way to beach week in South Carolina.

Officers stopped the car for driving 76 mph in a 55 mph zone on NC 87, and smelled marijuana when close to the vehicle, prompting a search.

Police found 3.3 ounces of marijuana, 2.6 grams of cocaine, 18 liters of liquor, 50 liters of beer, drug paraphernalia and $3,600 in cash.

The three teens graduated high school on Friday night in Manassas, Virginia and were heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a week as a part of a group of 10 graduating seniors.


NOI 06 22 2017 Wicomico Accidental Vehicle


Date: 6/22/2017
Time:  3:15 pm
Location / Address:  104 Staton St. Fruitland, Wicomico County
Type of Incident:  Vehicle Fire
Description of Structure / Property: 1990 Ford F250 pick-up truck
Owner / Occupants: Jeff Mills
Injuries or Deaths: none
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $   2,500                  Contents: $ 0
Smoke Alarm Status: n/a
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status: n/a
Arrests(s):  n/a
Primary Responding Fire Department: Fruitland
# of Alarms: 1      # Of Firefighters: 12
Time to Control: 10 min.
Discovered By: Employee
Area of Origin: Engine Compartment
Preliminary Cause: Accidental, electrical wiring.
Additional Information: 

A Viewer Writes: Monument/marker @ Removing marker @ Salisbury Court House

Joe - Just got a reply from Bob Culver on the marker removal: "After some research, we have determined that the marker in question is owned by the State of Maryland. It is not my intent to remove it."

Capitol Police arrest 43 protesters at ‘die-in’ in Senate office building

WASHINGTON — U.S. Capitol Police arrested dozens of protesters objecting to cuts to Medicaid in the Senate Republicans’ health care bill.

Around 11:30 a.m. Thursday, disability rights activists staged a planned “die-in” in the Russell Senate Office Building, located a block away from the Capitol. The demonstrators filled the hallway outside the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Many of the protesters got out of their wheelchairs and blocked the hallway – an unlawful act, the Capitol Police noted. Capitol Police arrested 43 demonstrators after officers warned them they could not block the hallway, said police spokeswoman Eva Malecki.


Chris West Announces Run For Senate

I have decided to run for State Senate in District 42. This seat is currently held by Jim Brochin (D), who is vacating it in order to run for Baltimore County Executive next year. I had made no plans to make this race until recently and fully expected other qualified GOP candidates to run for it. When I learned that former longtime Delegate Wade Kach and four-term Delegate Sue Aumann have both decided not to run, I pondered the situation and concluded that I should throw my hat into the ring.

This Senate seat was designed to be a Republican seat. It gave Governor Hogan a 16,000 vote edge in the 2014 gubernatorial race. Senator Brochin narrowly edged out his Republican rival in the same election. I am confident that I can and will win the seat.

Key in my decision to run is that central Baltimore County, from Towson to the Pennsylvania Line, needs a State Senator who is respected by his colleagues, knows the ropes in Annapolis, has a demonstrated track record of success in solving constituent problems, can effectively represent his constituents from the day he is sworn in, has developed a close working partnership with Governor Hogan and the leaders of the General Assembly, and is intimately familiar with District 42, its residents, and its issues. I believe that, now that Wade Kach and Sue Aumann have decided not to run, I am the only person in District 42 who qualifies on all those counts.

I will make a public announcement of my candidacy on Monday morning, June 26, at 9:30 am on the lawn in front of the Baltimore County Board of Education at 6901 Charles Street. Parking is available along the shoulder of Charles Street. I would deem it an honor if you are able to be present for this announcement.

With best wishes, Chris West

At Glastonbury, Depp asks about assassinating the president

LOS ANGELES —Johnny Depp has asked a crowd at the Glastonbury Festival when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. The remarks came during a segment Thursday in which Depp was speaking about President Donald Trump.

He asked the question at the annual festival that celebrates the performing arts.

The 54-year-old "Pirates of the Caribbean" star followed by saying that he is not an actor, but someone who lies for a living.

However, he said, it's "been a while, and maybe it's time."


We Are ALL Racist Now

Stevie Wonder: Can’t Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ When Blacks Are Killing Blacks

While addressing “gun violence” at a North Minneapolis Conference on Peace, musician Stevie Wonder said it is contradictory to say, “Black Lives Matter” while black-on-black crime rages out of control.

According to Billboard magazine, Wonder said, “It is in your hands to do it. It is in your hands to stop all the killing and all the shooting wherever you might be. Because you cannot say, ‘Black lives matter,’ and then kill yourselves.”

"Because you know we’ve mattered long before it was said, but the way we show that we matter, the way that we show all the various people of color matter is by loving each other and doing something about it. Not just talking about it.."

He continued:

Woman raped at Vanderbilt testifies in Brandon Banks trial

A woman who was raped while she was unconscious in a Vanderbilt University dorm room cried when she testified in court on Wednesday.

The visibly shaken woman faced Brandon Banks for the first time in the flesh since she was sexually assaulted four years ago and told prosecutors in Nashville, Tennessee, she had only seen his image in the collection of evidence.

The woman's boyfriend Brandon Vandenburg was caught on surveillance video carrying her into his dorm room, where prosecutors say he handed out condoms to his three teammates and egged them on.

A video shows Banks assaulting the student with a water bottle, Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman told the court, but the former football player claimed he was bullied and pressured by Vandenburg and his other teammates.

All four of the former football players were charged, and Vandenburg was convicted and sentenced to 17 years in prison. Corey Batey, who was also found guilty of rape, is serving 15-years.


Germany to Quash Convictions of 50,000 Gay Men

Parliament votes through measure overturning conviction and offering compensation to the estimated 5,000 men still alive

Germany’s parliament has voted to quash the convictions of 50,000 gay men sentenced for homosexuality under a Nazi-era law that remained in force after the second world war.

After decades of lobbying, victims and activists hailed a triumph in the struggle to clear the names of gay men who lived with a criminal record under article 175 of the penal code.

An estimated 5,000 of those found guilty under the statute are still alive. The measure overwhelmingly passed the Bundestag lower house of parliament, where chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition enjoys a large majority.

It also offers gay men convicted under the law a lump sum of €3,000 (£2,600) as well as an additional €1,500 for each year they spent in prison.


Ocean City Police charge teen with rape in bathroom

Ocean City Police charged an 18-year-old man with rape and second-degree sex offense after he allegedly attacked a woman in a condominium bathroom Tuesday evening.

The victim reported the assault around 6:20 p.m., and was taken to Atlantic General Hospital by police for examination. While she was in the hospital, the woman told police that she was assaulted by Cameron G. Broaddus, of Coatesville, Maryland during a party at a condominium at 115th Street.

When the woman excused herself to use the bathroom, Broaddus followed her, according to the charging documents. He would not leave the bathroom, even though the woman told him repeatedly to leave.

As the woman sat down on the toilet, Broaddus allegedly pulled his pants down and approached her. When the woman pulled away, she hit the back of her head on the toilet seat.


Sanctuary Cities Protecting MS-13 Gang Members from Deportation, Says ICE

There is a “rather long list” of sanctuary cities across the United States that choose to release incarcerated members of the notoriously violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang back into U.S. communities rather than allow immigration agents to prosecute and deport them, testified a federal officer under oath before lawmakers.

“We are not asking the state of local institutions to do anything besides give us access and transfer that individual to our custody at the completion of their criminal process so we [can]…remove them from the country or prosecute them,” declared Matthew Albence, the executive associate director for Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, during a Senate panel hearing.

More here

45 Migrants Cross Same Area of Border in One Day as DHS Continues Obama’s Policies

Forty-five foreign nationals turned themselves in to Border Patrol agents in one day in one area of the Texas Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV). This is the largest group of illegal aliens doing so since President Trump took office and he incorrectly claimed Obama’s catch and release directives had ended. Agents warn this is just the beginning and that the numbers are likely to grow again to Obama-era levels. The mass surrender occurred over the weekend of June 18, 2017.

Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera, speaking to Breitbart Texas in his role as a spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), stated, “We have been warning the American public that catch and release has not ended and that simple rhetoric is not enough to secure the border. DHS is continuing the same Obama-era policies. People south of our border are realizing that they can still come and that a large number of them will simply be released into U.S. communities with a Notice to Appear form.”

“Forty-two of these illegal aliens turned themselves in out in the field and another three turned themselves in at the McAllen Border Patrol station. If you want this problem fixed, you need to actually listen to the Border Patrol agents on the ground. Sadly, that is not happening right now,” said Agent Cabrera.

More here

Jake goes Full Jan Brady on us!

If a Trump Supporter Had Shot a Democratic Congressman

What would have happened if a Trump supporter had shot a Democratic congressman and other Democratic Washington officials?

The answer is obvious.

The New York Times, the rest of the left-wing media and the Democratic Party would have made the shootings the dominant issue in American life. It is not possible to understand the left — and, therefore, the media and the current state of American life — without understanding how the left uses and relies on hysteria. Hysteria is to the left as oxygen is to biological life.

From the moment Donald Trump was elected president, America has been drowning in left-wing hysteria, all fomented by the media and the Democratic Party.

The charge of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is hysteria. The claim that the president engaged in obstruction of justice is hysteria. As I have pointed out, the charge of Trump's election unleashing hate and anti-Semitism, which dominated American media for months, was hysteria.

If Democrats had been shot by a Trump supporter, all you would be hearing and reading about is how much hate the Trump election has unleashed in America, how his election is threatening our democracy and how he is unleashing fascism.

But it was a not a Trump supporter who attempted to murder a Democratic congressman, Capitol Police officers, a House GOP aide and a lobbyist; it was a Trump-hating leftist who attempted to murder a Republican congressman and other Republican officials.


Three Monkeys

Drawing the line on North Korea

"We reiterated to China that they have a diplomatic responsibility to exert much greater economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime if they want to prevent further escalation in the region." --- U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


5 Years For Ex-Karate Instructor

OCEAN CITY — A Salisbury martial arts instructor who pleaded guilty to sex abuse of a minor in March in both Worcester and Wicomico Counties was sentenced last week in Worcester to 15 years with all but five years suspended.

Last October, Zachariah Bennett, 26, of Salisbury, was indicted by a Wicomico County grand jury on 29 total counts including first-degree rape for his alleged illicit activities involving minors while employed as an instructor at Mitchell’s Mixed Martial Arts in Salisbury. In November, a Worcester County grand jury indicted Bennett on five total counts ranging from sexual abuse of a minor sexual abuse of a minor to second-, third- and fourth-degree sex offenses stemming from similar incidents at an Ocean City amusement park last August.

Over the course of two days last fall, Bennett pleaded guilty in Worcester County Circuit Court to one count of sexual abuse of a minor and a pre-sentence investigation and mental health assessment were ordered.


Starbucks Plans to Hire 2,500 Asylum Seekers in Europe

U.S. coffee giant Starbucks has announced plans to hire 2,500 asylum seekers across Europe in the next five years as part of a worldwide initiative.

The coffee company announced earlier this year they would be seeking to fill around 10,000 positions over the next five years with asylum seekers in the 75 countries in which they operate. New reports claim that around 2,500 of those asylum seekers hires will take place in Europe, Neue Presse reports.

The initiative, which was announced in January, is the brainchild of former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz who made the pledge in response to an executive order travel ban by U.S. President Donald Trump.

The decision sparked controversy and some took to calling for a boycott of the company on social media with one user on Twitter writing: “Hiring 10K refugees makes liberals feel warm BUT we have homeless vets that need those jobs. #BoycottStarbucks.”

More here

Trump announces hopes for 'solar wall' along US southern border

President Trump on Wednesday made his first public pitch to install solar panels on his border wall with Mexico.

It was the first time that the president mentioned his plan publically. Earlier this month, two congressional Republicans told The Wall Street Journal about the plan after a private meeting with Trump.

“Think of it,” Trump told the audience Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “The higher it goes, the more valuable it is. Pretty good imagination, right?”

The president joked, “This way, Mexico will have to pay much less money, and that’s good. A solar wall. Makes sense.”

In March, two experts wrote an opinion article in The Journal about the potential benefits of a solar wall.

Vasilis Fthenakis, director of the Center for Life Cycle Analysis at Columbia University, and Ken Zweibel, the director of the Solar institute at George Washington University, wrote that a “massive string of photovoltaic panels could be placed on the Mexican side of the wall. They said a solar wall may be more practical than a traditional wall.

Baltimore businesses destroyed during riots sue city officials for failing to prevent violence

Dozens of Baltimore business owners are suing city officials, including the police department and former Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, saying they mishandled the city's response to the rioting in 2015.

In a nearly 700-page complaint filed in federal court this week, more than 60 plaintiffs say city officials failed to prevent the looting and rioting that erupted after the arrest and death of Freddie Gray in April 2015, despite warnings the city would experience violence.

More than 380 businesses, including many located south of North Avenue in West Baltimore, were damaged or destroyed. Property losses were estimated at nearly $13 million.

The plaintiffs are suing under the Maryland riot act statute, which allows parties to bring a claim against the city for property damage during civil unrest. They name Rawlings-Blake and former Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, who were in office at the time of the riots, current Mayor Catherine Pugh, the City Council, city police and the state as defendants. They are seeking an unspecified amount in damages.


Yard Sale Tomorrow

Jerry Brown’s Appointed Panel Votes to Make Him Highest-Paid Governor

California Gov. Jerry Brown is currently the longest-serving governor in California history, and will soon enjoy the distinction of being the highest paid governor in the country after a 3% pay raise.

According to an article by My MotherLode, a Gold Country newspaper, “the governor’s pay will go from around $190,000 to $196,000…[and] Jerry Brown will become the highest paid Governor in the country. Pennsylvania currently pays its governor just over $193,000.”

Unlike Jerry Brown, however, Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Wolf, also a Democrat, does not accept any salary.

The Sacramento Bee reports that every state politician will receive a similar pay raise:

Grassley blames Comey for false Trump narrative: 'Played right into Russia's hands'

A top Republican took to the Senate floor Thursday to blame fired FBI Director James B. Comey for fanning “conspiracy theories” about the U.S. election that “played right into Russia’s hands.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican who, as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has oversight of the FBI, also accused Mr. Comey of working to “shade the truth” by agreeing to the Obama administration’s attempt to soft-pedal the criminal probe of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Despite rampant public speculation, Mr. Comey kept hidden the fact that the president wasn’t under investigation — allowing conspiracy theories and speculation to run wild, Mr. Grassley said.

Mr. Grassley said he personally told Mr. Comey to reveal publicly what the FBI director had told top congressional leaders — that the president wasn’t a target of the Russia probe.

But Mr. Comey refused, saying later that he had feared saying something he’d later have to correct.


Flu Vaccine Ineffective for Seniors Last Winter

The flu vaccine did a poor job protecting older Americans against the illness last winter, even though the vaccine was well-matched to the flu bugs going around.

U.S. health officials on Wednesday released new vaccine data showing it did a so-so job overall.

The vaccine was about 42 percent effective in preventing illness severe enough to send a patient to the doctor's office. But it was essentially ineffective protecting some age groups. That includes people 65 and older — the group that's hardest hit by flu, suffering the most deaths and hospitalizations..


Gowdy: Maybe There Was Something Else On That Server

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said it was concerning that while testifying before the House Intelligence Committee earlier in the day at a hearing on the alleged Russian hacking of the 2016 presidential election, former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said his department’s offer to help the Democratic National Committee was denied.

MACCALLUM: "What struck you most about your conversation with Jeh Johnson today?"

GOWDY: "He is in a unique position to answer those questions. He is looking at what Russia was doing. What was the government’s response in 2016? He was the secretary of DHS at all relevant times. I was interested in what the Obama administration knew and when and what efforts they took to thwart the Russians, or to notify potential victims.."

MACCALLUM: "..[The DNC] was asked by the FBI and the DHS to give the servers up, let’s figure out who is getting into them and how. Why would they say no? Why would they not want to cooperate?"

GOWDY: "Let me hazard a wild guess. There may be something else on that server they didn’t want law enforcement to see? That is where you start.."


Third violation of probation hearing delayed for Denton

For the third time since her June 2015 conviction on 22 counts of malicious destruction of property in the Town of Berlin, Jordan Denton was scheduled to appear in District Court last Friday for a violation of probation hearing, but didn’t show up.

Her lawyer, Anders Randrup, said despite several attempts to contact his client, he had not spoken with her before the hearing. Deputy State’s Attorney Paul Haskell said he’d spoken with Denton’s probation officer, Michelle Peeples, and was told she may be seeking treatment for a personal issue.

Randrup said he had no other details.

Haskell told the court he wanted it to know what he knew.

District Court Judge Gerald Purnell said the information, scant as it may have been, was sufficient to grant a delay until July 21.


Congressional Black Caucus Rejects ‘Social Gathering’ with President Trump

On Wednesday, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) voted to reject an invitation to meet with President Donald Trump for a follow-up meeting.

“Given the lack of response to any of the many concerns we have raised with you and your Administration, we decline your invitation for 49 members of the Congressional Black Caucus to meet with you,” the group wrote in a letter addressed to the commander-in-chief from CBC Chairman Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA).

In his letter, Richmond said he failed “to see how a social gathering would benefit the policies we advocate for.”


Majority of Lawmakers Sponsoring $15 Minimum Wage Legislation Do Not Pay Their Interns

The majority of lawmakers sponsoring legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour do not pay their interns, according to a report from the Employment Policies Institute.

The Raise the Wage Act, which would increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024, was introduced by the Congressional Progressive Caucus in May.

The analysis conducted by the Employment Policies Institute shows that the majority of the lawmakers who have co-sponsored the measure do not pay their interns a wage at all. The study found that of the 184 lawmakers who supported the bill, 174, or 95 percent did not pay their interns.


Deported MS-13 Gangsters Keep Sneaking Back Across U.S. Border

U.S. immigration officers keep apprehending and deporting members of the brutal Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang, but they keep sneaking back across the southwest border into the United States, a high-ranking Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official told lawmakers.

“In many cases, we know who these individuals are. We have biometric identifiers. They’ve been arrested by the Border Patrol [USBP] or been arrested by ICE previously and removed and then re-entered the country unlawfully,” testified Matthew Albence, the executive associate director for Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) at ICE, under oath.

His comments came during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on January 21, 2017, titled, “The MS-13 Problem: Investigating Gang Membership, its Nexus to Illegal Immigration, and Federal Efforts to End the Threat.”

Both ICE and USBP are components of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Breitbart Texas has long documented the threat posed by the notoriously violent MS-13 gang in the United States.

U.S. federal government figures show that there are “more than” 10,000 MS-13 gang members — accused of extortion, murder, and rape, among other crimes — operating in “at least” 46 states and the nation’s capital.


Three American Hostages Still in North Korea Following Release, Death of Otto Warmbier

Americans are mourning the death of 22-year-old Otto Warmbier, a college student who was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for allegedly stealing a poster in a hotel where he was staying.

The Trump administration secured Warmbier’s release after he was imprisoned for almost a year-and-a-half. He arrived in the United States last week in a coma and died just days later.

But Warmbier was not the only American languishing in North Korea’s gulag-style prisons.

According to the New York Times, two were arrested in the last two months — Tony Kim, also known as Kim Sang-duk, on April 23, and Kim Hak-song, also known as Jin Xue Song, on May 6, according to the New York Times, with each accused of “hostile acts.”

A third American, Kim Dong-chul, has been detained since 2015.

Tony Kim had spent a month in North Korea teaching accounting at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (P.U.S.T.) and was about to leave the country when he was arrested, Chan-Mo Park, chancellor of the university, told the media.


Black Lives Matter Disrupts Another Pride Parade, Injuring Four Police Officers

The Left always eats its own, but its embrace of totalitarian, violent tactics can make such developments anything but encouraging. For example, in Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend four police officers were injured as Black Lives Matter interfered with a Pride parade:

Over the weekend, several Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to block a Pride parade in Columbus, Ohio. When police responded, they reportedly resisted arrest, and one suspect tried to disarm an officer, leaving several officers injured, the Columbus Division of Police said.

Four demonstrators now face charges ranging from disorderly conduct to aggravated robbery over Saturday’s confrontation.

Showing up for Justice Columbus, a group that organizes “white people to take action to fight white supremacy,” wrote on Twitter that the demonstrators were “disrupting Pride” to protest Friday’s acquittal of the Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile last year.

“Today myself and a group of other queer and trans PoC [People of Color] (and allies) staged a silent, peaceful protest in the middle of the pride parade to highlight the lack of support for queer POC trans folk within our community and the larger lgbtqia community,” Stephanie Ewen, one of the Black Lives Matter protesters, said in a statement on Facebook.


Wicomico BOE: New Dog, Old Tricks

Dr. Donna Hanlin
By Thornton Crowe

We believed when Dr. Donna Hanlin took the reins from Dr. John Frederickson as Superintendent of the Wicomico Board of Education, everything would miraculously be transformed... Were we ever wrong. Things just got worse -- much worse.

In the fashion of big government, bureaucracy and all things we hate about politics and its effect on our worlds - another astounding development surfaced on the last day of school when parents received a  letter stating if their children lived less than a mile from a school, they would be forced to walk because the WBOE will no longer provide bus service in that radius.

This new measure encompasses even pre-kindergarten children. Yes, babies ages less than 5 years old are also expected to walk to school up to a mile away; regardless of said school's location.

As per one source, this means some students in the Quantico area will have to walk 25 minutes to get to a school, only to be bussed to their end destination. Does this make going to school more an adventure of endurance in a maze of confusion?

While many of you will no doubt herald this as the way for kids to get much-needed exercise, is it prudent in our current melee? Violent crime is on the rise in Salisbury and all, it should concern all parents whose children will be forced to walk through neighborhoods most adults wouldn't drive through in order to get to school five days a week. Is this really what folks expected when the WBOE touted budget cuts?

Is this really looking out for the kids?

Back in the day when most walked to school except for those in far-reaching rural areas, Salisbury and surrounding areas were much safer than today. In most cases, neighbors knew one another and watched out for each others' kids. With an 80% rental population in Salisbury, those days of community are long past.

Additionally, remember sex offenders are banned from living less than a half mile from any school; meaning child molesters live within the same vicinity as your child's walking path to school everyday.

For example, within less than a mile's distance to Hebron schools, there are currently five child molesters listed as living in that area - one convicted of penetration of a child. As many of you know, some sex offenders fail to register when they move; hence, their whereabouts are unknown to both law enforcement and the communities for which they live...Is this safe for your child(ren) to walk pass this person's home?

Furthermore, besides the obvious physical danger, for those students who are prone to skipping school, this provides them with a perfect opportunity to continue a pattern of truancy due to the lack of any adult supervision. Now the WBOE expects youngsters to basically decide for themselves whether or not they will show up for school? Simply Brilliant!
Desmond Hughes

A curious fact about this new 'rule' is that it was forwarded by your General Assembly Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes's husband, Desmond Hughes, Transportation Services Director for the WBOE. As your delegate, isn't it her ultimate responsibility to promote legislation to keep you and your children safe, not create potential sex crime victims and/or continued truancy?

Isn't it quite the black eye to residents after revelations exposed by Salisbury News where we learned of the $100K ruse a couple years back? Teachers and administrators were using gift cards meant for the kids, enjoyed lavish dinners and trips -- rarely using those cards for their intended purpose. However, now, the WBOE can't afford to make sure your 5-year-olds have a safe journey to and from school. In what universe does this make ethical or practical sense?

Important Side Note to contemplate...

Doesn't this encourage good residents to move outside the one-mile radius of schools? By sheer supply/demand economics, this will lower rents and home prices in that area; making these areas more attractive (and affordable) housing for sex offenders who have difficulty finding jobs due to their criminal records?

It's really up to you to be the judge but this doesn't look like a prudent decision on Hanlin or the Wicomico School Board members' part. While they look for ways to save money, is your child's safety really such a low priority that this was put forth without a second thought?

This whole escapade smacks of nothing less than what we expected from Frederickson and his comedy of errors and illegality; therefore, is Hanlin really any different or is she just the former superintendent in a dress?

Thank God Its Friday 6-23-17

What will you be doing this weekend?

Hey Wicomico County Sheriffs Office, This Is How It's Done

Handgun Arrest
Date and Time: 6/23/17 @ 0347 hrs
Location: Rt 113 @ Rt 610, Bishopville, MD
Vehicle(s): 2001 Ford Escape VA registration BRNXBOI

Driver: Robert Boyle Jr ( 43 ) of Virginia Beach , VA
Accused: Robert Boyle Jr ( 43 ) of Virginia Beach, VA

Charges: 2 Counts of Handgun in Vehicle
2 Counts of Handgun on Person

On 6/23/2017 at approximately 0347 hrs, MSP Berlin barrack was dispatched to the area of US 113 @ Rt 610 for a motor vehicle collision. Upon making contact with the driver, Robert Boyle Jr a deputy from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office observed in plain view a loaded Ruger SP101 handgun in the subject’s waistband. The trooper and deputy where able to remove the handgun without incident. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a second loaded handgun in a lunchbox which was seated on the passenger’s seat of the vehicle. Boyle was transported to PRMC for injuries he sustained during the motor vehicle collision. Both handguns were seized and placed into evidence. The Maryland Gun Center was contacted and after conducting an investigation determined the gun was not stolen. Boyle will be charged with two counts of handgun in vehicle and two counts of handgun in person. Charges are pending and Boyles will be taken in front of the district commissioners once released from hospital.

What Drinking Costs You Over the Course of Your Life

A quick trip to the liquor store on Monday to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner, drinks out during the week, a trip back to the liquor store on Friday (because you must stock up for the weekend)…

Twenty bucks here and 30 bucks there may seem like nothing, but have you ever stopped to add up what you spend on drinking in a week? A month? A year? How about in 10 years? If you did, would you still spend the money?

The costs associated with regular drinking can be significant, so it’s important to be aware of the price you pay for maintaining this expensive habit.

What You Will Spend on Alcohol During Your Lifetime

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend about 1 percent of their gross annual income on alcohol. For the average household, that’s $565 a year, $5,650 in 10 years, or a whopping $22,600 over a 40-year period.

It’s worth noting that $565 per year breaks down to about $11 a week. In some cities that will barely buy you one cocktail, so it is very probable your spending exceeds that. But this is one area in which you may not want to be above average.


Can You Imagine If They Spelled Out The TRUTH Today On Who Gets What!

Let's Make A Sandwich (1950)

Who Remembers These?

Illinois' Fiscal Dumpster Fire Is a Lesson

If you recently bought a lottery ticket in Illinois, the odds are stacked against you — way against you. The Land of Lincoln has gotten itself into such a financial pickle that it may not even be able to pay out lotto winnings, meaning the chance of striking it big would be, literally, zero.

Years of fiscal mismanagement have finally caught up with Illinois, and the state is now facing $130 billion in unfunded public pension liabilities and nearly $15 billion more in debt. And because of certain court-ordered payments the state is required to make, the Illinois comptroller recently sounded the alarm that mandated bills will equal 100% of the state’s monthly revenue. In case the obvious needs emphasis, this is a problem.

It’s so bad even Republican Governor Bruce Rauner didn’t mince words. “We’re like a banana republic,” he said recently. “We can’t manage our money.”

The crisis should hardly be a surprise. As George Will noted last year, despite the state constitution’s requirement of a balanced budget, Illinois hasn’t had such a budget in 25 years..

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WB Route 50 from Maryland into D.C Closed

Shortly before 4:00 a.m. on June 23, 2016, Maryland State Police, College Park was advised by D.C. Metropolitan Police of a serious crash on New York Ave. Just over the Maryland line on Route 50 inside D.C. College Park Troopers responded to route 50 to assist with traffic control. As a result of this collision, all W/B route 50 traffic is being diverted onto MD 201 Kenilworth Ave. Maryland State Police can not advise how long the road closure will last as the collision occurred in D.C.

Maryland State Highway Administration handled the lane closures.

Who Needed Air Bags Back In The 1950's

How The Baby Boomer Generation Began - The Drive-In

What We Did Explains It All

Kim Jung Un had NO military experience whatsoever before Daddy made him a four-star general.

This snot-nosed twerp had never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership.

He hadn't even so much as led a Cub Scout troop, coached a sports team, or commanded a military platoon.

So he is made the "Beloved Leader" Of North Korea.


Oh nuts! I'm sorry...

I just remembered that we did the same thing.
We took an arrogant phony community organizer, who had never worn a uniform, never ran so much as an ice-cream stand, and made him Commander-in-Chief.

A guy, who had never had a real job, worked on a budget, or led anything more than an ACORN demonstration, and we made him "Beloved Leader" of the United States - Twice!

So if you think North Koreans are stupid...

I'm sorry I brought this up....never mind!

But What If You're Edgumacated On The Shore?

I Love It, You?

University Will Offer Free Rides In Driverless Shuttles On Campus Next Fall

Students and faculty at the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor will have another option for getting around campus next fall, when the school will offer free rides in driverless shuttles. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Delaware Senator Brian Pettyjohn Caught Trying To Bring Loaded 9 mm Weapon On Plane

Delaware State Senator Brian Pettyjohn was denied access loading a plane today at the Salisbury, Maryland Airport. 

Pettyjohn had a loaded 9 mm weapon in his carry on baggage. He later claimed he had forgotten he had it with him. 

The Senator was detained and not allowed to board that flight but Wicomico County Sheriffs eventually released him and allowed him to board a later flight, he was not arrested.

Senator Pettyjohn does have a right to carry license but it is a Federal Offense to not forewarn the airline in advance that you will be carrying a weapon and allowing the airline to approve or deny it.

Airline sources have informed me that there will be charges against the Senator once he returns to the area. 

Super Bingo This Saturday In Willards

Super Bingo
Saturday, June 24th

at the Willards Lions Club
on Main St in Willards, MD

Doors Open at 5 pm
Early bird games at 5:30 pm, 6:00 pm, and 6:30 pm
Regular games begin at 7 pm

Over $3,500 in guaranteed prize money

$35 Admission Pack Includes: 9 cards for 20 games of Regular Bingo paying a guaranteed $125 each and 1 U-Pick card with 4 chances to win a guaranteed $1,000

50/50 Smoke Break Games
Additional 9 card packs and other bingo
games will be available for sale

Kitchen will be open with assorted food and desserts

ACLU Sues D.C. Police Officers

Members of the Washington, D.C. police department are being sued by the American Civil Liberties Union for allegedly arresting people unlawfully and depriving them for hours without access to basic items, like food, water, and the chance to go to the bathroom.

The ACLU is representing four plaintiffs who were present at the anti-Trump rallies Jan. 20 in D.C. including Shay Horse, a freelance photographer based out of New York who was photographing the demonstration when he was pepper sprayed by a police officer and later arrested.

Horse was "denied food, water, and access to a toilet for periods ranging from 7 to 16 hours." He and another plaintiff, Elizabeth Lagesse, were kept in a state of "anxiety, hunger, thirst, and other discomfort," according to the complaint. They were also handcuffed so tightly "that one of Plaintiff Lagesse's wrists bled and Plaintiff Horse lost feeling in several fingers, some of which were numb for months afterward."


Alarm clock stuck in Pittsburgh man's wall has been going off for nearly 13 years

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - Walls may not be able to talk, but they do ring for a Pittsburgh man who got an alarm clock stuck inside his wall during a DIY project gone wrong nearly 13 years ago.

Back in September 2004, Ross Township resident Jerry Lynn was attempting to pass a TV wire through his living room wall and came up with a trick to help him pinpoint exactly where to knock a hole in the wall. He set an alarm clock to go off in 10 minutes, tied it to a string, and put it down an air vent.

"As I was laying it down, all of a sudden I heard it go 'thunk!' as it came loose," he told KDKA. "I thought, well, that’s not a real problem. You know, it’s still going to go off. And it did."


Governor Larry Hogan Addresses Cyber Industry Leaders at Houses of Parliament

Promotes Economic Development, Enhanced Trade Between Cybersecurity Hubs in MD, UK

Governor Larry Hogan today addressed cyber industry leaders of the United Kingdom at the Houses of Parliament in London. His visit is part of a week-long economic development and trade mission to Europe, where he is leading a delegation including representatives from the Maryland Department of Commerce. Joining the governor for his address to business leaders were Member of Parliament James Morris, Midlands Engine Chairman Sir John Peace, Professor Keith Mayes of the Royal Holloway University of London, and U.S. Embassy Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs John Simmons.

In his remarks, the governor promoted Maryland’s unique position as a premier location for international cybersecurity companies seeking to establish or grow their presence in the United States, extolling the state’s highly-acclaimed skilled workforce and already robust cyber sector.

"When it comes to the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry, Maryland is the cyber capital of America. Nearly all of the cyber-related federal government agencies and military installations in the United States are located in Maryland," said Governor Hogan. "We are home to a world-class academic community - we have the highest concentration of doctoral scientists and engineers in America, and we are second among all 50 states for concentration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics employment. Our state is home to 17 universities and colleges that are designated as National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, which is more than any other state in the U.S.

Michael Vick’s father among 12 indicted in Hampton Roads heroin distribution ring

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Twelve people are facing charges in connection to a large-scale heroin distribution ring in Hampton Roads, including Michael Vick’s father.

Tina Vick confirmed that 55-year-old Michael Dwayne Boddie is the former NFL quarterback’s father. She also confirmed Vick’s father was listed in an indictment charging him with conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute heroin, conspiracy to launder money and use of a communication facility.

The indictment was unsealed Wednesday afternoon and accuses Boddie and 11 others (full list below) of conspiracy to distribute and possession with the intent to distribute 1,000 grams or more of heroin. Some of the suspects also face charges including possession of a firearm during drug trafficking, money laundering, maintaining a drug-involved premises and use of a communication facility.


Democrats Block Witnesses from Testifying in House Intel Probe

House Democrats are continuing to block testimony from about a dozen witnesses who sought to appear before the intelligence oversight panel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Congressional officials said one of the key witnesses, former informal adviser to the Trump campaign Carter Page, was scheduled to testify at a closed hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

But Democrats on the committee blocked the testimony, asserting they needed more time to prepare.


Millsboro Stars & Stripes

Millsboro Stars & Stripes Fireworks Celebration. Saturday, July 1st 2017

Why Would Anyone In Their Right Mind Advertise Anywhere Else?

Trump celebrates after Republican special election wins

Donald Trump has heaped praise on Republican Karen Handel after she won a special election runoff in Georgia, and celebrated a string of GOP wins.

The president fired off a flurry of tweets on Tuesday night after Handel defeated her upstart Democratic challenge Jon Ossoff 52-48.

The margin was much lower than when Trumps' Secretary for Health and Human Services Tom Price won the 6th District last year, when he was re-elected with a 24 point buffer.

'Congratulations to Karen Handel on her big win in Georgia 6th. Fantastic job, we are all very proud of you!' he tweeted after the result was confirmed.

Earlier, he wrote, 'Things are looking great for Karen H!' and: 'Thank you @FoxNews "Huge win for President Trump and GOP in Georgia Congressional Special Election."'


WATCH LIVE: President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump host their first Congressional Picnic on the South Lawn of the White house.

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UPDATED: Diakonia Plans To Build Affordable Housing Project

SNOW HILL – County officials approved a text amendment this week that will allow Diakonia to establish a new facility on Route 611 in West Ocean City.

On Tuesday the Worcester County Commissioners approved an amendment to allow supported living facilities in the C-2 commercial district. Supporters of Diakonia, several of whom attended to show support for the change, said it would enable the shelter to increase its services.

“There is way more need out there now than we can facilitate and help in our present location,” said Allyson Bernard-Church, president of Diakonia’s board of directors.

According to Ed Tudor, the county’s director of development review and permitting, the text amendment will allow two-family and multi-family dwellings utilized as a shelter by nonprofit educational philanthropic organizations in the C-2 general commercial district. It also establishes parking requirements for those dwellings.


Subject: Jon Ossoff's $23 Million Loss Shows Dems Have No Idea How to Win in the Age of Trump

SANDY SPRINGS, Georgia—After $50 million and a congressional contest bigger than some presidential primaries, the special election in Georgia’s 6th District to replace Rep. Tom Price ended up where it began, with the House seat still in Republican hands and national Democrats still looking for a way to turn the resistance to Donald Trump into a victory at the polls.

With 81 percent reporting, former Secretary of State Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff 52.5 percent to 47.5 percent.
From the moment Price announced he was leaving the seat to become President Donald Trump’s secretary of health and human services, the race to replace him was a highly nationalized, money-soaked brawl—a referendum, especially for Democrats, on the president in an affluent suburban Atlanta district he’d barely won in November.

“Operation Broken Heart” Yields 35 Arrests In Maryland

Maryland State Police Investigators Arrest 11 In Two Month Initiative

(Columbia, MD) Maryland’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force yields 35 arrests in Maryland, 11 of which were arrested by Maryland State Police investigators, while participating in “Operation Broken Heart,” a nationwide, two-month initiative targeting offenders of child sexual exploitation.

The Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) was one of 61 task forces included in “Operation Broken Heart IV”, a two-month initiative. Members from the Maryland ICAC worked tirelessly throughout April and May, initiating 314 investigations. Investigators executed 75 search warrants with 35 arrests. There were also public outreach sessions, which reached over 400 people.

The coordinated effort by law enforcement represents more than 3,000 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with the purpose of arresting child predators, along with internet safety education and outreach. During the National Operation, investigators educated over 99,000 individuals during 1,245 educational programs across the country.

The Maryland ICAC Task Force is comprised of police agencies statewide. They concentrated on those offenders who possess, manufacture, and distribute child pornography and who engage in online enticement of children for sexual purposes. They also targeted crimes including child prostitution and human trafficking.

The Task Force’s primary mission continues to be to protect children from computer-facilitated sexual exploitation. This goal is achieved by cooperation between law enforcement agencies and prosecutors as they combine resources to combat these crimes. Additionally, the Task Force also provides community awareness campaigns helping to prevent the spread of these crimes through education.

UPDATE: Man Found Unconscious In Bay Dove Off Bulkhead

Steve Green

OCEAN CITY -- A 24-year-old Pennsylvania man is in critical condition Thursday night after being found floating in the bay earlier in the day by citizens.
According to Ocean City Police Department Public Information Officer Lyndsay Richards, at approximately 10:50 a.m. Thursday, June 22, authorities were alerted to 14th Street and the bay for a report of an unconscious individual found in the bay by a passing vessel.
“Upon arrival, officers learned that the victim, a 24-year-old male of Hazelton, Pa., had dove from the bulkhead in to the bay,” Richards said. “Thanks to the efforts of several good Samaritans, the victim was brought onto a citizen’s boat and to a nearby pier to meet responding officers and paramedics.”
The victim, who has not been identified yet, was then transported by Ocean City EMS to Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin. He was later flown by Maryland State Police Trooper 4 to Johns Hopkins Medical Campus where he is currently in critical condition.

Dad, beat baby girl into coma, said he wanted her aborted

A Brooklyn man who allegedly punched his 16-month-old daughter into a coma said he told the baby's mother to get an abortion when she was pregnant.

'Feel mad disrespected,' Shaquan Taylor, 19, wrote in a Facebook post in February 2016 around the time his daughter Nylah Lewis was born. 'Told that lil b***h to get abortion (and) she tells me she is but still keep it. Exactly why I hate that lil b***h.'

The child's injuries are so extreme that prosecutors said in court early Tuesday they don't expect her to live another 24 hours according to the New York Daily News.

Little Nylah was rushed to Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn on Sunday.


Study supports Trump: 5.7 million noncitizens may have cast illegal votes

A research group in New Jersey has taken a fresh look at postelection polling data and concluded that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is likely far greater than previous estimates.

As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, which put Barack Obama in the White House.

The research organization Just Facts, a widely cited, independent think tank led by self-described conservatives and libertarians, revealed its number-crunching in a report on national immigration.

Just Facts President James D. Agresti and his team looked at data from an extensive Harvard/YouGov study that every two years questions a sample size of tens of thousands of voters. Some acknowledge they are noncitizens and are thus ineligible to vote.


Dear Democrats / Media: ICYMI Last Night Was A Referendum On You, Not Trump

For months now the entire country has been forced to listen as Democrats and the media prematurely boasted about the Georgia special election being a 'yuge' referendum on the Trump administration. Guess what, it wasn't.

Democrats lost last night not because 'Russia' stole the election, not because it rained in Dekalb county and supressed the minority vote and not because Trump is doing an amazing job...Democrats lost again last night because Americans are sick and tired of mainstream, corrupt politicians, tired of the millions of dollars that flowed into Ossoff's bank accounts from San Francisco in an apparent attempt to buy a house seat and tired of the fake media narratives on Russian hacking.

What's more, Democrats lost despite playing all the games they always play to give themselves an edge. Democrats spent more money on this race than any in the history of congressional races, outspending Handel by a margin of 7-to-1...but it didn't matter.


Canadian man charged after possible terror attack at Michigan airport, FBI says

Canadian Amor Ftouhi has been charged in connection to a knife attack that left a police officer in critical condition, the FBI said Wednesday. The FBI said it is investigating the attack as an act of terrorism.

MONTREAL—A Montreal man accused in a vicious terror strike at the Flint, Mich., airport allegedly cited conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan as justification for his actions.

Though little is known about the background or motives of the alleged attacker, Amor M. Ftouhi, the incident appears to mimic the recent cluster of random and small-scale attacks that have plagued Europe in recent months.

But what may be more troubling is the likely stoking of Americans’ long-running security fears that could potentially end up stifling the flow of people and goods across the Canada-United States border.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ftouhi, 50, entered the U.S. from the Lac-Champlain border crossing south of Montreal on June 16 and spent five days in the country before entering Bishop International Airport in Flint Wednesday morning.


Susan Rice Unmasking Documents to Be 'Locked Up' in Obama Library for Next 5 Years

Content originally published at

Get in here deep staters and explain yourselves.

Do you remember when Rep. Nunes found out some information about the unmasking of key Trump personnel during and after the elections, which tossed former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, on the barbie?

It was believed that Rice had some vital information that could shed some light on who Obama was spying on and why. The fact that Trump was, in fact, unmasked raised questions as to the veracity of the 'incidental' intelligence claims. Well, if you were hoping for Susan Rice to pay for her sins, exposing Obama to potential criminal charges for spying on Trump -- too bad fuckers -- that's not going to happen.

See, the information is now locked up in the Obama library and will not be released for another 5 years. Why is this the case? No one really knows, other than the fact that it's in there and it is impossible to get out.

Judicial Watch is going apeshit over this.


Milford Man Arrested for Killing Two Dogs

Milford - The Delaware State Police have arrested a Milford man after he stabbed two dogs inside his house.

Troopers were called to a residence in the 7000 block of North Union Church Road yesterday, June 21, 2017 around 10:30 a.m., for a domestic issue occurring between Denzel L. Brown, 27, and his 34-year-old girlfriend. After troopers settled the verbal dispute between the two, the female secured her two adult pit bulls inside separate crates in the house and then left the residence. Denzel, who also resides at the house, was waiting outside for a ride, but went inside to retrieve some personal belongings. He suddenly emerged stating he had stabbed two pit bull dogs with a knife that belonged to his girlfriend after claiming the dogs were fighting.

Delaware Animal Control Officers were contacted and responded to the scene to take control of the two deceased dogs.

Denzel Brown was charged by troopers with Possession of a Deadly Weapon During the Commission of a Felony, two counts of Cruelty to Animals, and Criminal Mischief. He was arraigned at JP2 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $16,100.00 cash bond.