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Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Hope Your Day Was As Special As Mine

Legendary Steelers coach Chuck Noll dies

Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Chuck Noll, a 4-time Super Bowl winner, dies at age 82.

BREAKING NEWS: Casey Kasem dead at 82

Casey Kasem, the legendary radio broadcaster whose style set the benchmark for Top 40 shows, died Sunday at 82, his publicist says.


Distinctly Dad

One of the most difficult things for fathers to realize... is how irreplaceable they are.

SFD Calls For Service 6-14-14

  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 21:27Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 20:58Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 19:17Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 19:09Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 18:40Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 18:03Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 17:56Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 15:54Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 15:52Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 14:52Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 14:34Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 13:51Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 13:30Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 12:42 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: N Salisbury Blvd & Priscilla St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 12:19Nature: Emergency UnknownCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 12:03Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 10:46 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: Maryland Ave & Waverly Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 10:24Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 10:03Nature: Emergency UnknownCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 08:49Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 08:42Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 08:42Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 08:21Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 07:22Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday June, 14 2014 @ 00:54Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Happy Father's Day!

A Viewer Writes: Is Matt Holloway Scamming Wicomico County?

Since posting that list of property owners who want to sell conservation easements on their farms to the State, we have learned that one of them, referred to on the list as Log Cabin Properties, LLC, is connected to a member of the Wicomico County Council, Matt Holloway. Now, he did abstain from the vote by the Council to support the purchase of the development right with tax dollars, but most folks have no idea that he is involved with the potential seller.

There's more: as a result of those state mandates that prevent development in the agricultural districts, which Mr. Holloway seems to support, that development right has probably become all but worthless – yet the State may be paying good money for it if the deal goes through.

Now, would you call that a scam?

While the Ukraine Awaits Russian Invasion - Annapolis Invades the Eastern Shore

During the latest County Council meeting - one couldn't help but to notice the vast amounts of eastern shore lands that is being silently confiscated by our State Government.   During Tuesday's June 3, County Council meeting - the Wicomico County Council approved the transfer of 8 parcels of land into the Maryland Agriculture Preservation Foundation.  In all - it wiped out 1,085 acres of private land development potential into the sole control of the State Government.  What people fail to realize is that once these lands are set-aside - the lands are basically off limits for any future development - except for Agricultural use.  What does this do to the eastern shore economy - it severely restricts it, and thus diminishes its resource value for future development.  How long is the Agriculture Preservation good for - indefinitely.  The Governmental control easement - runs in perpetuity - effecting future generations.

June 2, 2014 - Wicomico County Council Meeting Approved:

1. Michael and Dawn Harcum - Hebron, MD - 184.71 Acres
2. WTK, LLC - Dagsboro Road, Salisbury - 182.48 Acres
3. WTK, LLC - Dagsboro Road, Salisbury - 76.35 Acres
4. Log Cabin Properties, LLC - Salisbury - 153.78 Acres
5. Log Cabin Properties, LLC - Salisbury - 123.33 Acres
6. C. Jones and Ron Jones - Powellville - 73.3 Acres
7. DAH Investments, LLC - Hebron - 91.68 Acres
8. Hamblin Farm, LLC - Pittsville - 199.11 Acres

All told - 1,084.74 Acres (almost 2 square miles) - in just (1) County Council Session alone - wiped out or basically confiscated by the State Government.  The one time capital injection of taxpayers money into the pockets of the program applicants -

'will forever diminish the development potential for future generations to come'.

On the surface one would think this type of confiscatory activity could only happen in places like Socialist Russia.  Better think again, it is happening each and every year right in your own backyard here in Wicomico County. 

Thousands upon thousands of valuable acreage being silently confiscated by your very own Government.   

What was the County Council's vote - 6 In Favor and 1 Abstention. 

Here at Salisbury News we encourage you to contact your local State/County local representatives and voice your concern from what we consider an unconstitutional encroachment upon your individual liberty - right to own property.

Article by SBYnews Editorial Staff

The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Is Asking The Public's Help In Identifying Two Suspect

The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public's help in identifying two suspects accused of theft at a produce stand located on South Division Street in Fruitland.

The victim reported that sometime on 6-9-14 between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. two unknown suspects broke into a safe/ lock box where the victim keeps money for his produce stand and took at least $150 without permission.

Sheriff’s Deputies have gathered surveillance footage and provided photos of the suspects.

Anyone with information about the suspects' identities is asked to contact Deputy First Class Bobbi Jo Lewis at the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office at 410-548-4892 ext. 331 or

Releasing Authority: Captain Babe Wilson Date: June 11, 2014

Salisbury News Delivers Investigative Reporting On HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT: Part 9

Tuesday June 2nd five members of the Wicomoco County County voted to increase property taxes by 5% or 4.3 cents. This insures plenty of funds to keep Rick Pollitt and his cronies well fed plus while your taxes are increased the Sheriffs Dept is dining at Ruth Chris Steakhouse, have they no shame. 

County Executive's Food Charges Sept 2013 9/20/13 

Food Lion $10.58 (/30/13 
Food Lion $6.36 9/30/13 
Food Lion $65.61 9/20/13 
Wawa $5.74 9/20/13 
Wawa $4.25 9/20/13 
Wawa $5.74 9/20/13 
Wawa $ 6.67 9/30/13 
Subway $7.42 9/30/13 
Wawa $6.57 9/30/13 
Lonestar $82.08 9/13/13 
Market Street Inn $ 59.40 9/13/13 
Market Street Inn $ 23.85 9/13/13 
Mojo's $ 30.00 9/20/13 
Market Street Inn $23.88 9/20/13 
Market Street Inn $92.40 9/20/13 
Arby's $7.90 9/20/13 
Red Door $ 44.24 9/30/13 
Market Street Inn $40.65 9/30/13 
Sobo's $ 58.75 9/30/13 
Main Roots Coffee $30.55 9/30/13 
Back Street Grille $ 29.34 

Sheriffs Department 

9/20/13 Fat daddy's O C $15.34 
9/20/13 Ruth Chris Steak House $ 43.74 

More from the Board of Ed

12/16/12 Phyllis Twilley Red Lobster $ 100.00 
2/13/13 Phyllis Twilley Applebees $101.94 
1/21/12 Rebecca Raygor Sonic Drive Inn $ 10.68 
2/27/12 Rebecca Raygor McDonald's $25.00 
2/3/12 Robert Langan Goin Nuts Cafe $30.00 
7/17/12 Robert Langan Dunkin Doughnuts O C $13.98 
7/17/12 Robert Langan Dunkin Doughnuts O C $11.37 
5/16/12 Robert Langan La Tolteca $40.00 
4/30/12 Robert Langan Twisted Pretzel $ 360.00 
1/13/13 Robert Langan Twisted Pretzel $42.40 
3/19/12 Robert Langan Devages $ 20.00 
8/30/12 Robert Langan Goin Nuts Cafe $32.00 
2/16/13 Robert Langan Back Street Grille $ 21.00 
9/7/12 Robert Langan JTs Grille $ 21,79 
6/13/11 Robert W Carlisle Back Street Grille $ 15.90 
4/25/12 Ruby L Brown Longhorn Steakhouse $ 60.00 
5/9/12 Ruth Malone East Side Deli $ 209.71 
7/19/12 Don Brady Greene Turtle $ 63.72 

Ladies and gentleman there is over $80.000.00 of these charges being done every year. We are printing just a sample each week. Enjoy your tax increase.

Joe Biden: US Needs ‘Constant, Unrelenting Stream’ Of Immigrants

Vice President Joseph R. Biden told a National Association of Manufacturers’ crowd this week that what the United States needed was more, not fewer, immigrants.

Specifically, he called for a “constant, unrelenting stream” of new immigrants — “not dribbling [but] significant flows,” to bolster the national economy, The Hill reported.

“We need it badly from a purely — purely economic point of view,” Mr. Biden said, The Hill reported.

Later, on Twitter, he wrote: “The final thing we need to do together is pass immigration reform … We need it badly. -VP at manufacturing summit,” Newsmax reported.


200 U.S. Contractors Surrounded By Jihadists In Iraq

NEW YORK – About 200 Americans under contract with the Department of Defense at Balad Air Force Base in Iraq are trapped by the al-Qaida-inspired jihadists who have seized control of two cities and are now threatening Baghdad, according to WND sources.

The sources, private contractors who have recently returned to the U.S. from Iraq, said Friday their former colleagues effectively have been abandoned by the U.S. military and are fighting for their lives against an army of jihadists surrounding the base who belong to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

The U.S. contractors are at Balad to help the Pentagon prepare the facilities for the delivery of the F-16 aircraft the Obama administration has agreed to provide the Iraqi government.

The surrounded Americans said they currently are under ISIS fire from small arms, AK47s, and rocket propelled grenades, or RPGs.

Today's Survey Question 6-13-14

Do you think Americans are fat?

Downtown Display


Okay, so it’s pouring rain as I drive through Downtown Salisbury, and see the scene pictured here in front of the GOB and thought, ”well, there are either a lot of stupid people who work at the GOB who picked the middle day of a predicted 3 day rain forecast to ride their bikes to work, or, there’s at least 8 college scholars who rode Downtown to sit about, study, and take advantage of the free WIFI.

Well, if you take a close look at the third photo, you will notice they are all locked together by one big, long cable lock! Soooo, this is nothing but a display of Democratic magnitude! Set up by the Mayor, no doubt, to make it look like there are actual people who ride bikes to Downtown! Since he spent tens of thousands of dollars (yours and mine) to paint pictures of bikes on the pavement (without lane lines @ the most dangerous road to ride a bike, and b Ike lanes that run right into parking places and begin and end arbitrarily), he finds nobody is using them! Gee, willikers, Batman! And, to top it off, if you or I DID decide to ride bikes to Downtown in a rainstorm, THE BIKE RACK IS FULL AND WE CAN’T USE IT!!!!!

Let’s see, about a thousand for the rack, and about 4 grand worth of bikes to instill in peoples’ heads the idea that Downtown is a bike-able destination, and John Q. Public can’t use it!

As my head continues its explosion…

Can Americans Prove They're Not Stupid?

First, Americans proved they are not "racist" by electing, (twice) the first black president.

Now Americans might prove we're not "Sexists" by considering the first female President, Clinton.

Locally residents proved they weren't "Homophobes" by electing a gay Mayor.

Quite frankly I have to wonder just how STUPID Americans actually are. It isn't about what's best for this country or our communities. The new agenda is proving the underdog can move into powerful positions without having the proper credentials as the best person for the job.

A County Executive can propose a dead person for such a position, totally clueless about his own Office, STUPID. Clinton can lie through her teeth and act completely pompous about it, but hey, she could be the first woman President, STUPID. Obama has lied more times than any President I've ever seen and he gets re-elected, STUPID. Ireton is going to clean a river in 10 years so everyone can swim in it, STUPID. 

So what do Americans need? How about homes they can afford. How about jobs and industry. Americans need LEADERS they can actually believe in and trust. We don't need a very small amount of billionaires making the majority of money left in America who leave behind POVERTY and no middle class. 

We need EXPERIENCED business people running our Country, not liars and lawyers, (and don't think for a second I'm not complimenting the liars over the lawyers). 

The time is NOW to rebuild America. Call me a HOMOPHOBE, A SEXIST or a RACIST if you like, simply because I refuse to support just the hand full of people above, I really don't care. 

We need to dismiss Hillary Clinton as a candidate. We need to dismiss Rick Pollitt as a candidate. We need to RID of ALL of those people who have PROVEN they cannot deliver economic development to America and our local communities. Eliminate Norm Conway and Jim Mathias, (not that there's anything wrong with them being heterosexual). 

We need ACTION and EXPERIENCE. This is one reason I support David Craig for Governor. Yes, there are some very good choices out there and frankly there are some very crappy ones like Brown. Oh, sorry, is that RACIST for me to say that?

Get your heads out of your rear end for once in your life. Stop voting for affirmative action. ACT like an AMERICAN and do what's RIGHT for your Country for once. Do it before your children and grandchildren become totally dependent on the GOVERNMENT because the majority of you were too STUPID. 

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 6-12-14

Fenwick Inn Management has left a new comment on your post "A Letter To The Editor: Fenwick Inn WARNING to you...":

The Fenwick Inn values the needs of every single guest, especially those who are handicapped. As much as we strive to provide the best service and accommodate all of our valued guest's requests, sometimes due to various circumstances, we fall short. In those cases, we always make every attempt to make it right with the guest. When this reservation was made, a request was made for the lowest floor due to handicapped needs. This immediately flagged our staff to preblock a handicapped room for the guest. Unfortunately, the lowest floor we have a handicapped room on, is the third floor and the priority was placed on ensuring a handicapped accessible room was assigned even though it was not on the second floor. Regrettably, on Sunday a bus group checked into the entire second floor, including the 4 king rooms. When one of our staff realized Monday morning that the guest request for the second floor was not possible, she called the guest to inform them that it wasn't available and sadly the guest was very upset and decided not to stay. Simply put, we made a mistake by not giving the priority to the second floor over the handicapped accessability. We have since contacted the guest offering a complimentary stay in the hopes to make things right.

Independent Voters Shut Out Of Md. Primaries

Early voting for Maryland’s primary begins t0day (Thursday), and Republicans and Democrats across the state will be able to select their candidates for the general election.

Over 600,000 independent or ‘unaffiliated’ voters in the state, however, will be left out of this process.

While Maryland does not have a completely closed primary, the choice of whether or not to allow unaffiliated voters to participate in their primary is left up to each individual party, and thus far, both Republicans and Democrats have kept their primaries closed. This has meant that the primary itself effectively remains closed, a fact that has angered many unaffiliated voters. 


Pollitt Proposes A Dead Man To Serve On A Board In Wicomico County

It has been said and is probably true the the liberal democrats will push to get anyone to vote, even dead people. Now Wicomico County wants them to serve on management boards. 

On Pac 14 last Tuesday night the County Executive's Office presented an agenda to the county council that comprised of resolutions for the appointment of managers for the tax ditches in Wicomico County. 

Included in one of the appointments was a man that is deceased. 

Now we would assume that with the price the taxpayers are paying for staffing the Executive's Office and also a law office that a mistake like this would not happen. Maybe they should do more research in the future.


On June 11, 2014, a Wicomico County jury convicted Alexander Dewight Stevens, age 34, of Salisbury, Maryland, of possession with the intent to distribute cocaine and possession with the intent to distribute marijuana. Following the jury trial, a Wicomico County Circuit Court judge sentenced Stevens to 10 years in the Maryland Division of Corrections for the cocaine offense. That 10 year sentence represented a mandatory minimum, non-parole eligible sentence based upon Stevens’ status as a subsequent offender. Stevens had previously been convicted of possession with the intent to distribute cocaine in 2009. Under the count related to possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, Stevens was sentenced to 5 years. That 5 year active sentence was ordered to be served consecutive to the 10 year sentence imposed for the cocaine offense.

Stevens had been pending charges related to a drug investigation conducted by members of the Salisbury Police Department’s Safe Streets Unit and members of the Maryland State Police Gang Enforcement Unit. This investigation culminated in the issuance of a search and seizure warrant for Stevens’ person and residence. During surveillance prior to execution of the search warrant, investigators observed Stevens leave his residence while carrying a black backpack and enter into a cab. The cab was immediately stopped and the same black backpack was found resting between Stevens’ legs. Investigators searched the black backpack pursuant to the search warrant and officers recovered a Crown Royal bag. Inside of the Crown Royal bag, investigators recovered and seized a large amount of powder cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana packaged and ready for street-level distribution.

Wicomico County State’s Attorney Matthew A. Maciarello commended the Salisbury Police Department’s Safe Streets Unit and the Maryland State Police Gang Enforcement Unit for their work in the investigation and prosecution of this case. Mr. Maciarello also thanked James L. Britt who prosecuted Stevens.

Wicomico School System Feeds Children in Summer Food Service Program June 25-Aug. 1

The Food Service Department of Wicomico County Public Schools will once again participate in the Summer Food Service Program, with funding support from the Maryland State Department of Education through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Meals will be provided from June 25-Aug. 1 on all weekdays except July 4. Meals are available to all children without charge. Acceptance and participation requirements for the program and all activities are the same for all regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. There will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service.

When schools are not in session, many children do not have access to the good nutrition that school cafeterias provide during the normal school year. The Summer Food Service Program is designed specifically to fill the nutrition gap for children of low-income families when schools are not in session.

The Summer Food Service Program of Wicomico Schools includes lunch service at three park playgrounds in Salisbury as well as a new location this year, The UpRising Church @ St. Paul’s in Hebron. There will be breakfast and lunch service at the Christian Shelter and Wicomico County Housing Authority in Salisbury.

Meals will be served at the sites and times as follows:

The Christian Shelter, 334 Barclay St., Salisbury
Breakfast: 8 a.m.
Lunch: 12 p.m.

Wicomico County Housing Authority, 911 Booth St., Salisbury
Breakfast: 8:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11:30 a.m.

Indian Village Playground, 916 Mineola Ave. (Wicomico County Recreation and Parks)

Lunch: 12 p.m.

Emerson Holloway Playground, 903 Manoa Ave. (Wicomico County Recreation and Parks)

Lunch: 12 p.m.

Doverdale Playground, Dover & Vaden streets (Wicomico County Recreation and Parks)

Lunch: 12 p.m.

The UpRising Church @ St. Paul’s, 204 E. Walnut St., Hebron

Lunch: 12:30 p.m.

Please contact the Food Service Department of Wicomico County Public Schools at 410-677-4442 for more information.

BREAKING: Eric Cantor Plans To End His Tenure As House Majority Leader on July 31.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) plans to step down from his leadership post by the end of July, setting off a weeks-long scramble for the chamber’s number two job, according to three Republicans familiar with his plans.

Cantor will formally announce his plans later Wednesday in a meeting with his House Republican colleagues in the basement of the U.S. Capitol.

Cantor’s decision – made just hours after he lost a primary contest to tea party-backed economist Dave Brat – comes as several senior Republicans began scrambling Wednesday to build support and fill the leadership vacuum.


Look Mom, No Hands

Citation Number:00000036N0AZ3Case Status:CLOSED CASE
Violation Date:02/10/2014Violation Time:09:24 AM
District Code:02Location Code:03
Officer Name:GOLDMAN, TFC
Officer ID:5099

Defendant Information
Address:29825 JACKSON RD
City:SALISBURYState:MDZip Code:21804

Charge Information
Location Stopped:RT 212 @ RACE ST
Contributed to Accident?:NOPersonal Injury?:NO
Vehicle Tag:38190M4State:MDVehicle Description:08TOYT08

Disposition Information
Disposition Date:03/18/2014
Contributed To Accident:NOPersonal Injury?:NO
Sentence Date:03/18/2014
Sentence Time:Yrs:00Mos:00Days:000
Suspended Time:Yrs:00Mos:00Days:000

Costs: Fine:83CourtCost:0CICF:0
Suspended: Fine:0CourtCost:0CICF Cost:0

Anti-Redskins Ad To Air During NBA Finals

WASHINGTON -- Earlier this week, WTOP confirmed Politico's report that the Washington Redskins had hired K Street lobbying firm McGuireWoods Consulting in late May to help defend them in their fight over the team's name.

Now comes the news that the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation will air a minute-long spot in seven major markets during Tuesday night's NBA Finals Game 3 calling on the Redskins to change their name. A full, two-minute version of the ad can be seen below.


Study: Banning Sugary Drinks in Food Stamps Could Slash Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes

Prohibiting federal food stamp dollars from being used to buy sodas and sugary beverages could slash obesity and Type 2 diabetes in recipients, claimed a new study in Health Affairs.

Modeling from a sample of 19,000 Americans receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), researchers found a ban on soda and sugary beverages would be more effective in combating obesity-related diseases than giving recipients an extra 30 cents for every $1 spent on fruits and vegetables.

The soda ban would prevent some 141,000 children and another 281,000 from becoming obese, said the study authors from Stanford University and the University of California. They noted it would also reduce Type 2 diabetes, which typically results from obesity, by 2.3 percent in adults receiving food stamps.


BREAKING NEWS: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses Virginia GOP primary

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses Virginia GOP primary in a stunning upset to Tea Party-backed challenger Dave Brat, The Associated Press reports.

From Fox News

Women behind walls: A look inside Md.'s Jessup prison for women

Shiva Dayani's bad decision dramatically changed the course of her life.

When Dayani was 17, she was a drug addict.

"Me and two other people decided to rob some drug dealers for some drugs. And the robbery went wrong and somebody died," she says from inside Jessup Women's Correctional Facility in Maryland.

"I got 45 years."


Chilling online messages of white supremacist couple who killed cops

The married white supremacist couple who killed two Las Vegas cops before shooting dead an innocent Walmart shopper shared chilling messages online about their loathing for the government before they carried out the murder spree.

Jerad and Amanda Miller often told neighbors they wanted to overthrow Obama, ranted online about immigrants and gun control, and even dressed up as The Joker and the fictional killer Slender Man.

The day before they went on their deadly rampage, Jerad Miller wrote on his Facebook page: 'The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it.'

On Sunday, the couple stormed a Cici's Pizza just before 11.30am and killed the officers as they ate pizza. The shooters then ransacked the dying cops' bodies for ammunition and weapons before covering them with the famous 'Don't Tread On Me' flag from the American Revolutionary war.

They then ran to a nearby Walmart, where they shot dead a female shopper before shooting themselves dead as part of a suicide pact, police said.


Brown: "No Need For Tax Increases"

It wasn't a promise not to raise taxes, but Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, the front runner in the Democratic race for governor, did say he wouldn't raise taxes early in a Brown Administration if elected.

"I don't see the need in the foreseeable future to raise taxes in the near future, so that's good news," Brown told the C-4 Show.

Brown did not offer any specifics as to how long a "foreseeable future" would be.

Brown did say that in his first year as governor, he would form a commission to study tax reform in Maryland.


Guess Who’ll Play Trayvon Martin In Will Smith’s New Film

Thought the world has had enough of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman? Think again.

Hollywood strikes again as actor Will Smith announced he will begin production on his upcoming Trayvon Martin film, which is set to hit theaters Spring 2015.

Just who could capture the monumentally controversial role? Apparently Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment – responsible for I Am Legend, Hancock, and The Karate Kid – believes Will’s son Jaden Smith fits the role perfectly.

Coney Island Principal Bans Another ‘USA Song’ From Graduation

A Coney Island principal has put the kibosh on patriotism — again.

Greta Hawkins caused a furor when she barred her PS 90 kindergartners from singing “God Bless the USA” at their graduation ceremony in 2012.

Now she has stopped pre-K kids from singing “Stand Up for the Red, White and Blue” at their June 19 moving-up ceremony.

A class of 4-year-olds was rehearsing the song — which they would belt out while marching into the auditorium waving mini-American flags — when Hawkins (top) halted the patriotic parade.


The unhealthiest items on the McDonald’s menu

The McDonald’s menu changes more than just about any other chain’s, and the nutritional value of its offerings vary greatly. But at the end of the day, McDonald’s is a fast-food chain, and it’s to be expected that plenty of items on it are unhealthy.

We’ve combed through their menu, and the unhealthiest items on it might surprise you.

When McDonald’s got its start back in the 1950s, the menu was quite small: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, shakes, soft drinks, and apple pie were available, and that’s it. Those items are still on the menu today, and while they might not carry much nutritional value (save for the lettuce and tomato on the burgers), all things considered, they weren’t that bad for you. A hamburger contains nine grams of fat and 250 calories; a cheeseburger contains 12 grams of fat and 300 calories; a small order of fries contains just five grams of fat and 100 calories; a 12-ounce Coke contains 100 calories; and an apple pie contains 13 grams of fat and 250 calories. A 12-ounce shake is surprisingly the unhealthiest of all the original menu items; it contains 15 grams of fat and 530 calories.