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Monday, September 05, 2016

New FBI Documents Show Hillary Was OBVIOUSLY A Criminal. Here Are The Top 11 Revelations.

On Friday, the FBI released some of its files on the Hillary Clinton email investigation – more specifically, a memorandum summarizing the investigation, as well as the transcript of its interview with Clinton. The information was heavily redacted, but remained shocking and damaging nonetheless. Here are eleven of the top revelations:

1. Hillary Used TONS Of Different Devices. According to the FBI, Hillary used at least 13 mobile devices “associated with her two known phone numbers.” That blows up her original lie that she set up a private server so that she could use one email address and one device.



Anonymous said...

She and Bill were running cocaine in Mena Arkansas for Georgie Peorgie "H" Bush in the 1980s.
They are all members of secret societies.
Criminals of the highest magnitude.

Anonymous said...

None of us in the military would be able to get away with what she has. We'd be breaking rocks in Leavenworth, right there with murderers, rapists, violent anarchists and those who delivered classified information to our enemies for a price.

lmclain said...


When the hanging starts and we finish with the politicians, judges, bureaucrats, Congress, and all their staff, we're going to start working on the cheerleaders.
The fun (not for them, however) will last quite a while. I hope it's broadcast live every day.
So, cheer on. Remember what I told you.
One day, we will return to the rule of law and the even application of it to each and every person, not just the poor and the middle class, but EVERYONE.
Personally, I can't wait.

Steve said...

Back to the Constitution can't come soon enough!