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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

After Trump Is Elected, The Surprising Truth About Mike Pence Is Exposed

After Trump Is Elected, The Surprising Truth About Mike Pence Is Exposed

It’s fair to say that until recently, most Americans had never heard of “Mike Pence.” But ironically, this relatively unknown man will soon take the second-highest office in the country. 

Today he’s mostly known for being resident-Elect Donald Trump’s sidekick, but truth be told, there’s a side of Mike Pence that many haven’t see.

Unlike most men in Washington, Mike Pence wasn’t raised in a thriving political household. Instead, Pence carved his own path — fueled by deep convictions which were grounded in his faith.
Michael Richard “Mike” Pence was born on June 7, 1959, in Columbus, Indiana. Pence was the youngest of six children born to devout Catholic churchgoers, Nancy Jane and Edward J. Pence, Jr.

His father was a U.S. Army veteran who earned a humble living by operating a gas station.
Pence admits that his parents were never politically inclined. But unlike his family, heroes such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. caught young Pence’s attention and inspired him to get involved in politics.

Former MI5 intel agent: Obama Russia claims 'pure propaganda'

Remarkable Drone Photos Of The World And Cities

  Pretty spectacular, even with the colour enhancements. Air Pano captured famous cities and natural landscapes from above, mainly using drones. Famous cities such as New York, Singapore and Barcelona are shown in a new perspective.The team consists of nine photographers and three tech specialists who have a portfolio of 230 locations.
Dubai never ceases to impress, but this aerial shot of the skyline by Air Pano shows the city in an incredible new light.
Only a photograph from above like this one can demonstrate the vast size of the Angel Falls in Venezuela.
This perfectly ordered city is Barcelona, Spain - captured in the middle is the famous Sagrada Familia church.

Creator of NSA’s Global Surveillance System Calls B.S. On Russian Hacking Report

We've previously documented that the hacking evidence against Russia is extremely weak, and the new report on Russian hacking doesn't say much.

Indeed - if Russia hacked the Democratic party emails (from the DNC and top Clinton aide John Podesta) - the NSA would have all of the records showing exactly who did it.

We asked Bill Binney what he thought of the new report.

Binney is the NSA executive who created the agency’s mass surveillance program for digital information, who served as the senior technical director within the agency, who managed six thousand NSA employees, the 36-year NSA veteran widely regarded as a “legend” within the agency and the NSA’s best-ever analyst and code-breaker, who mapped out the Soviet command-and-control structure before anyone else knew how, and so predicted Soviet invasions before they happened (“in the 1970s, he decrypted the Soviet Union’s command system, which provided the US and its allies with real-time surveillance of all Soviet troop movements and Russian atomic weapons”).

Binney is the real McCoy. As we noted in 2013, Binney has been interviewed by virtually all of the mainstream media, including CBS, ABC,CNN, New York Times, USA Today, Fox News, PBS and many others.

Binney tells Washington's Blog:

I expected to see the IP's or other signatures of APT's 28/29 [the entities which the U.S. claims hacked the Democratic emails] and where they were located and how/when the data got transferred to them from DNC/HRC [i.e. Hillary Rodham Clinton]/etc. They seem to have been following APT 28/29 since at least 2015, so, where are they?


Toddler hit by stray bullet on New Year's Eve, while mom was putting him in his car seat

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Police all over the country warned people not to ring in the new year by firing their guns into the air. A toddler's near-death experience this past New Year's Eve is a good example of how celebratory gunfire can turn dangerous.

If the bullet had hit 2-year-old Cameron Eli Compton just a few inches over, he may not have survived. Thankfully, the wound is not fatal. Cameron's dad, Dustin, said the bullet has been removed and that Cameron is going to be OK.

"We know that we are truly blessed that we still have our little soldier and that he's going to be OK," Dustin posted on Facebook.


EPA to sub-freezing Alaska: Stop burning wood to keep warm

In state's interior, it can reach -50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter

(Federalist) In Jack London’s famous short story, “To Build A Fire,” a man freezes to death because he underestimates the cold in America’s far north and cannot build a proper fire. The unnamed man—a chechaquo, what Alaska natives call newcomers—is accompanied by a wolf-dog that knows the danger of the cold and is wholly indifferent to the fate of the man. “This man did not know cold. Possibly, all the generations of his ancestry had been ignorant of cold, of real cold, of cold 107 degrees below freezing point. But the dog knew; all its ancestry knew, and it had inherited the knowledge.”

If only the bureaucrats in Washington DC knew what the wolf-dog knew. But alas, now comes the federal government to tell the inhabitants of Alaska’s interior that, really, they should not be building fires to keep themselves warm during the winter. The New York Times reports the Environmental Protection Agency could soon declare the Alaskan cities of Fairbanks and North Pole, which have a combined population of about 100,000, in “serious” noncompliance of the Clean Air Act early next year.


Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections

Leaked funding documents reveal an effort by George Soros and his foundations to manipulate election laws and process rules ahead of the federal election far more expansively than has been previously reported.

The billionaire and convicted felon moved hundreds of millions of dollars into often-secret efforts to change election laws, fuel litigation to attack election integrity measures, push public narratives about voter fraud, and to integrate the political ground game of the left with efforts to scare racial minority groups about voting rights threats.

These Soros-funded efforts moved through dozens of 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) charities and involved the active compliance with civil rights groups, government officials, and purportedly non-partisan groups like the League of Women Voters.

The leaked documents also reveal deliberate and successful efforts to manipulate media coverage of election issues in mainstream media outlets like the The New York Times.


My New Year's Resolution

"Something Stinks" - Like Iraq WMD Fiasco, Russia Story Doesn't Add Up

Yesterday, President Obama expelled 35 Russian “Operatives” from the Russian Embassy.

Is there any evidence those expelled are “intelligence operatives”? Any hard evidence Russia was behind the Hillary hacks? Any credible evidence that Putin himself is to blame?

The answers are No, No, and No. Yet, once again the American press is again asked to co-sign a dubious intelligence assessment.

Something Stinks

The Rolling Stone comments Something About This Russia Story Stinks

In an extraordinary development Thursday, the Obama administration announced a series of sanctions against Russia. Thirty-five Russian nationals will be expelled from the country. President Obama issued a terse statement seeming to blame Russia for the hack of the Democratic National Committee emails.

“These data theft and disclosure activities could only have been directed by the highest levels of the Russian government,” he wrote.

The problem with this story is that, like the Iraq-WMD mess, it takes place in the middle of a highly politicized environment during which the motives of all the relevant actors are suspect. Nothing quite adds up.


Chesapeake Housing Mission annual meeting Jan. 25 (RSVP date is Jan. 13)

Chesapeake Housing Mission is celebrating 2016 as its most successful year ever, with the completion of 61 projects for residents of the Lower Eastern Shore, according to Don Taylor, executive director of the CHM board of directors.

This all-volunteer operation accomplished this with a total of 1,048 volunteers contributing more than 8,000 hours to help their neighbors. Volunteers included high school students, college groups, church members, civic clubs, local businesses, Appalachia Service Project teams and many more. In 2016, 36 different groups volunteered of which 18 were new to Chesapeake Housing Mission.

One recipient of a build in 2016 was a young man who had been struck by a car while crossing the street. Members of the Salisbury Rotary Club stepped in to volunteer for the build after hearing the young man could not leave the nursing home to return home until a ramp was built.

Texas Backs Challenge to State Bar’s ‘Unconstitutional Racial and Sex-Based Quotas’

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has joined the challenge in a lawsuit that is fighting against what Paxton calls “unconstitutional racial and sex-based quotas.”

The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas challenges on constitutional grounds, racial and sex-based quotas for State Bar of Texas board membership.

The plaintiff, Greg Gegenheimer, filed the federal lawsuit on December 5 against the State Bar of Texas board of director members in their official capacities complaining “that the State Bar of Texas is violating the Equal Protection Clause by maintaining a race-and sex-based quota scheme on its Board of Directors.”

Austin lawyer Gegenheimer, a white male, is seeking both “declaratory and injunctive relief against this unconstitutional discrimination.” Gegenheimer says he is a lawyer in good standing with the State Bar of Texas who has never served as a minority director or elected director of the Board of Directors at the State Bar of Texas.

Attorney General Paxton has filed an amicus brief in support of the motion for preliminary injunction where he urges the court to “invalidate the unconstitutional quota system.”



WICHITA, KS (AP) – A Mexican man accused of raping a 13-year-old girl on a Greyhound bus that traveled through Kansas had been deported 10 times and voluntarily removed from the U.S. another nine times since 2003, records obtained by The Associated Press show.

Three U.S. Republican senators — including Kansas’ Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts — demanded this month that the Department of Homeland Security provide immigration records for 38-year-old Tomas Martinez-Maldonado, who is charged with a felony in the alleged Sept. 27 attack aboard a bus in Geary County. He is being held in the Geary County jail in Junction City, which is about 120 miles west of Kansas City.

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, from Iowa and chairman of the judiciary committee, co-signed a Dec. 9 letter with Moran and Roberts to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, calling it “an extremely disturbing case” and questioning how Martinez-Maldonado was able to re-enter and remain in the country.


Kissinger's Emotion, Soviet Joke in Thatcher Resignation Files

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger rang Margaret Thatcher’s office in “a very emotional state” after she resigned as Britain’s prime minister in 1990, while the ambassador from the Soviet Union hazarded a joke at her ousting, newly released files show.

Previously secret papers about Thatcher’s premiership published by the National Archives in London on Friday also cast further light on her relationship with Ronald Reagan, the depth of divisions within her government and her passion for single-sex education.

“Henry Kissinger telephoned me in a very emotional state about your decision to resign; it was worse than a death in the family,” Thatcher’s private secretary, Charles Powell, wrote in a note. “Nobody outside Britain could understand how your fellow Conservatives could have done this,” he quoted Kissinger as saying.

Thatcher quit after losing the support of her cabinet in the face of a challenge to her leadership from former Environment Secretary Michael Heseltine, who was emboldened by Tory divisions over Britain’s relationship with the European Union and the premier’s waning popularity. Even though she beat Heseltine in a first round of voting among lawmakers, she didn’t win by a sufficient margin, so there had to be another round, before which she dropped out. She was replaced by John Major five days later.


Washington Post Report of Power Grid Hack by Russia Quickly Falls Apart

The Washington Post reported Friday that the U.S. power grid had been hacked by the same Russian actors accused of breaching the DNC – the only problem, the grid wasn’t hacked.

According to the report, malicious “code” associated with Grizzly Steppe, the name given to Russian hacking operations by the Obama administration, was found within the system of a utility company in Virginia.

“While the Russians did not actively use the code to disrupt operations, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a security matter, the discovery underscores the vulnerabilities of the nation’s electrical grid,” the article states.

The code, which was not specifically identified by the Post, was released by the FBI and DHS in a Joint Analysis Report (JNC) Thursday regarding the “tools and infrastructure” of the accused Russian hackers. The report provided a way for network administrators to examine their systems for malicious activity and other Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).

Soon after publication of the Post’s story, it was revealed that the malware had only infected a utility company laptop that had no access whatsoever to the electrical grid.


Traffic Alert: Worcester County

Traffic Alert. Currently, there are several areas on the north end of the county without power due to a transformer being down. This has impacted traffic lights in the north part of the county. Please use caution when approaching intersections that normally have traffic lights operational. Delmarva Power and Choptank have been made aware and is working to correct the issues.

Jack Russell needs emergency treatment after his mouth is glued shut

A Jack Russell dog needed emergency treatment after his mouth was glued shut when he bit into a shiny brochure through the letterbox.

Staff at Estcourt Vets in Devizes, Wiltshire, have issued a warning to dog owners after seven-year-old pooch Finlay was rushed into the practice unable to open his mouth.

The dog's owners, who do not wish to be identified, said their pet had chewed a glossy leaflet which had been delivered with their mail and was lying in the hall.

It is believed Finlay's saliva reacted with the shiny coating on the brochure's paper, creating a strong glue-like substance which welded his teeth completely shut within seconds.


Democrats Attack, Demand That Sessions Drop Out

The Democratic National Committee is calling on Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., to recuse himself from his nomination for U.S. attorney general following a report that he has withheld information that the Senate will need to decide on whether to confirm him.

The report, produced by progressive groups, accused Sessions of neglecting to provide "major details from his years as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, from 1981 to 1993; as attorney general of Alabama, from 1995 to 1997; and as a first-term U.S. senator, from 1997 to 2002," according to the Huffington Post.

Sessions omitted the information from a questionnaire submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which "requires complete documentation of employment history, published writings, interviews and speeches, among other things."

The DNC released a statement Saturday attacking Sessions and calling for him to recuse himself from consideration for attorney general.


Rubin: 'Anti-Israel' Obama Carrying Out Islamic 'Mission'

President Barack Obama's "main mission" was to prop up the Islamic world, and the abstention from the U.N. Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements was a "parting shot against Israel" and a "subliminal message to the Islamic world that he still stands with them," the former major of Shiloh, Israel, David Rubin told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

"You cannot build strong alliances throughout the Islamic world without going against Israel, because unfortunately in the Islamic world, it's not acceptable to be supportive of Israel or even to say something good about Israel in public," Rubin told Bill Tucker, guest host of "The Steve Malzberg Show."

"So that was Obama in the beginning of his first term, and now Obama is going out at the end of his second term with a parting shot against Israel and sort of sending a subliminal message to the Islamic world that he still stands with them."

More here

Maryland State Police Holiday Traffic Enforcement Results

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – Traffic enforcement efforts by Maryland state troopers during the six-week holiday period resulted in more than 47,000 traffic stops that led to more than 1,300 criminal arrests and almost 700 arrests of impaired drivers.

Maryland State Police patrol troopers began increased holiday traffic enforcement efforts on November 23, 2016 that continued through January 2, 2017. During that period, troopers arrested 699 impaired drivers, arrested 623 for criminal offenses and arrested another 724 people who were found to be wanted on warrants.

The arrests occurred during 47,555 traffic stops made by troopers working traffic safety initiatives that included additional patrols, sobriety checkpoints, saturation patrols, and speed enforcement. Troopers issued 27,149 citations, 31,906 warnings and 6,871 safety equipment repair orders. Troopers also wrote 388 civil citations for a variety of offenses. Troopers at each of the 23 Maryland State Police barracks were involved in special enforcement operations during the holiday period.

During this period, troopers responded to 21 fatal crashes. Of those, preliminary investigations indicate two are alcohol-related, two involved unrestrained individuals, and four involved pedestrians. Troopers responded to a total of 106 crashes that preliminary investigations indicate were alcohol related. (NOTE: This data is for crashes the Maryland State Police responded to and does NOT include total statewide data for all police agencies.)

Some of the increased enforcement included troopers working overtime initiatives. Funding for overtime enforcement was provided by the Maryland Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office.

Gingrich: Worried Trump Admin Will 'Lose Its Nerve,' Give In to Left

Trump ally Newt Gingrich says his big worry about President-elect Donald Trump's incoming administration is that they'll "lose their nerve" – and faced with flak from the left, "give in."

In an interview with ABC News' "This Week," the former Speaker of the House said the new Trump administration will have to take positions the "left will hate."

"Look, they're going to arrive in Washington, and for them to be successful they have to stake out positions that [Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile] will not like and the left will hate," Gingrich said.

"I'm worried that when they realize how big the problem is, that they decide that they're just going to do the best they can and give in."

More here

SPD Press Release - (Weekly Shoplifting Arrests) 1-3-17

Proposed Howard Co. bill prevents law, school officials to ask about immigration status

WASHINGTON — Two Howard County, Maryland, council members have sponsored a bill that would prevent police and sheriff’s deputies from inquiring about someone’s immigration status — unless they were investigating a crime that had been committed.

The bill sponsored by council members Calvin Ball and Jen Terrasa would also apply to school officials, for example.

Council member Calvin Ball said he was moved to craft the legislation after hearing from residents who were brought to the United States as children but didn’t have legal status. Among those Ball said he’s heard from are “College students who’d gone through the Howard County Public Schools — they were concerned about being targeted because of their immigration status. And when I hear stories like that, I just feel compelled to stand up for them.”


Global Recession And Other Visions For 2017

Conjuring Up Visions

Today’s a day for considering new hopes, new dreams, and new hallucinations. The New Year is here, after all. Now is the time to turn over a new leaf and start afresh. Naturally, 2017 will be the year you get exactly what’s coming to you. Both good and bad. But what else will happen?

Here we begin by closing our eyes and slowing our breath. We let our mind role back into the gray matter of our brain. We wait patiently for new neurological connections to open up. Then, ever so subtly, visions of the year ahead come into focus.

Will stocks go up or down? What about gold and Treasury bonds? Will the economy expand or contract? Are we fated for World War III? Who will win the Super Bowl? These are the questions – and more – we intend to answer.

Obviously, conjuring up visions is more art than science. But so is Fed monetary policy. Nonetheless, before we get to it we must first lean upon ancient Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu for a full disclaimer:

“Those who have knowledge, don’t predict. Those who predict, don’t have knowledge.”

Hence, what follows comes from a place of zero knowledge. We know nothing. Still we sharpen our pencils and face our limitations. What follows, for fun and for free, are several simple conjectures for the year ahead…


News Release: Suspect in New Year’s murder of Ellicott City teen dies at hospital

News Release: Suspect in New Year’s murder of Ellicott City teen dies at hospital

Howard County police have been notified that the suspect in the New Year’s Day killing of an Ellicott City teen has died at Shock Trauma as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Sean Crizer, 15, of Alice Avenue in Ellicott City, was the suspect in the murder of Charlotte Zaremba, 16, and the shooting of her mother Suzanne, inside their Ellicott City home Jan. 1 at around 2 a.m.

Police have learned that Charlotte Zaremba’s parents left their house in the 4800 block of Knoll Glen Road on New Year’s Eve to pick up Charlotte from a party. They returned home and a short time later, Suzanne Zaremba heard a scuffle in her daughter’s bedroom. She entered the room and found Charlotte struggling with a masked suspect. The suspect, now known to be Crizer, fired a shot at Suzanne Zaremba and another at her daughter Charlotte, before turning the gun on himself. Both the mask and the gun were recovered at the scene.

Charlotte Zaremba, 16, was pronounced dead at Howard County General Hospital. Suzanne Zaremba, 52, was taken to Shock Trauma, where she was treated and released. Crizer was transported to Shock Trauma in critical condition, where he remained until his passing.

At this stage of the investigation, police have not found a link between the suspect and the victim. They are known to have lived in the same neighborhood and attended the same school, but police have not found any indication of a relationship between the two.

Detectives believe Crizer is responsible for burglarizing at least two homes in the same neighborhood, one on Alice Avenue and the other on Marybeth Way, in the weeks leading up to the shooting. The gun Crizer used had been reported stolen from the residence on Marybeth Way.

Police do not know the motive in the homicide and do not know if Crizer was targeting Charlotte Zaremba or her home.

Detectives are continuing to investigate. Anyone with information should contact police at 410-313-STOP or

Teen killed, mother and suspected gunman injured in shooting

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (AP) — Howard County, Maryland, police said a 16-year-old girl is dead and her mother was hurt in an attack in their Ellicott City home.

Officers said the alleged gunman is in critical condition after shooting himself in the head.

According to the department, 52-year-old Suzanne Zaremba heard a scuffle about 2 a.m. Sunday in her daughter’s bedroom in the block of 4800 Knoll Glen Road.

Investigators said Zaremba went to Charlotte Zaremba’s bedroom and saw a male in the room. Police said he shot Suzanne and Charlotte Zaremba, then himself.


Italy Announces ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Illegal Aliens

In the wake of recent Islamic terror attacks in Berlin and Turkey, Italy’s National Director of Public Safety has announced a clampdown on illegal aliens as well as an increase in deportations.

National police chief Franco Gabrielli has sent a circular letter to the country’s police departments announcing a new “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal immigrants, including intensified checks and controls as well as expulsions of foreigners without residence permits.

In the letter, Gabrielli urges “maximum attention from the different branches of law enforcement to track down foreigners in irregular situations through targeted controls.” The police chief also directs law enforcement officers to “establish immediate contact with immigration officials to expedite deportation procedures” for those found to be in the country illegally.

The circular letter underscores the importance of the crackdown “in the current context of crisis in the face of increasing migratory pressures and an international scenario characterized by instability and threats.” The grave situation imposes on law enforcement a “maximum commitment” to keep the territory “under control,” it reads.

The new hardline policy was announced on New Year’s Eve and follows on a deadly truck attack in Berlin earlier this month, when Tunisian jihadist Anis Amri drove a tractor-trailer through a Christmas market, killing twelve and injuring dozens more. Amri was later shot in a skirmish with Italian police in Milan.


KKK Leaders Allege Producers Paid Them to Fake Scenes in Canceled A&E Documentary

The subjects of a TV documentary series about the Ku Klux Klan abruptly canceled last week by A&E allege to Variety that significant portions of what was filmed were fabricated by the producers.

Some KKK leaders divulged that they were paid hundreds of dollars in cash each day of filming to compel them on camera to distort the facts of their lives to fit the documentary's predetermined narrative: tension between Klan members and relatives of theirs who wanted to get out of the Klan.

The findings are based on an exclusive Variety investigation based on interviews with over two dozen individuals in and around the KKK who cooperated with the documentary in at least six U.S. states.

Originally scheduled to air Jan. 10, "Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Series Exposing Hate in America" was produced by Venice, Calif.-based production company This Is Just a Test.

The KKK leaders who were interviewed by Variety detailed how they were wooed with promises the program would capture the truth about life in the organization; encouraged not to file taxes on cash payments for agreeing to participate in the filming; presented with pre-scripted fictional story scenarios; instructed what to say on camera; asked to misrepresent their actual identities, motivations and relationships with others, and re-enacted camera shoots repeatedly until the production team was satisfied.


Fake News: 117-Year-Old Story of Pittsburgh 'Lynching' Busted

The tale of the lynching of a black man in Pittsburgh back in 1899 has been used for decades to illustrate how bad the area was for minorities. But new research into the incident found that the story is a 117-year-old example of “fake news,” as it appears this famous “lynching” never actually occurred.

With the whole of the media wringing its hands over “fake news,” it is instructive to remember that the “news” media has for decades been less than serious in its search for the truth, often placing sensationalism above facts and indulging in lazy reporting.

Activists in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area have used the “lynching” of African American fuel plant worker David Pierce as an example of the inequities heaped on minorities in the region for well over 100 years — a stain on the region’s history.


Why Nationalism?

The very fabric of Western nations is shifting. Europeans will soon be minorities in their own countries, their languages replaced and their cultures forgotten, with younger generations forced to pay into social systems that are so generous with strangers, they have become unsustainable for themselves. National Geographic depicted this future when they featured a Middle-Eastern family on their front cover; above them was emblazoned the words, “The New Europeans.”

Right now, in London, the most common name of young men is Mohammed. German towns and cities, such as Marxloh, have been colonized – their windows adorned with Turkish flags. Most shocking of all, the French president declared that terrorism was now just part of the lives of his citizens, and that they must accept it.

Western nations are akin to battered wives: they take their beatings, and apologize to their attacker, making whatever excuses they can for those that invade their communities and terrorize their citizens. Headlines scream “Islamophobia” if anyone suggests that Islam is a common link between terrorists, “xenophobia” if welfare abuse becomes the topic of the day, and, if the media really wants somebody ostracized, they will be labeled “Nazi” or “white supremacist”.

Until the people said, “no more.”


Wounded Deputy Stands Up In Hospital Room

A Queen Anne's County sheriff's deputy shot and wounded last week stood up in his hospital room on New Year's Day.

The sheriff's department posted a picture on Facebook today of Deputy First Class Warren Scott Hogan standing up with assistance in his room at Shock Trauma.

Hogan was shot and wounded when he exchanged gunfire with a suspect early last Thursday at a home in Chester River.

The suspect, James Rich, II, was killed in the exchange.


Former Chicago Police Chief Blames Black Lives Matter for Rise in Violent Crime

Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy on Sunday blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for the uptick in violent crime in this country.

During an interview with John Catsimatidis on AM 970 in New York, McCarthy blamed anti-police brutality protests in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Charlotte for creating a “political atmosphere of anti-police sentiment,” according to the Hill.

“So what’s happening, and this is ironic, is that a movement with the goal of saving black lives at this point is getting black lives taken, because 80 percent of our murder victims here in Chicago are male blacks,” McCarthy said. “Less than half of 1 percent of all the shootings in this city involve police officers shooting civilians.”

McCarthy was fired last year over the controversy caused by a fatal police-involved shooting in October 2014 of a black 17-year-old named Laquan McDonald.


Report: 90,000 Christians Killed for Their Faith in 2016

During the year 2016, some 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith around the world, according to a new study from the Turin-based Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR).

The director of CESNUR and leader of the study, Dr. Massimo Introvigne, told Breitbart News that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, and the numbers of those affected are staggering.

Christians are targeted primarily for two reasons, Introvigne said, “first because their proclamation of peace disturbs more belligerent groups; and second, because their social teachings on life, family and poverty are opposed by powerful forces.”

While in the past century, atheistic communist regimes were the greatest persecutors of Christians, Introvigne added, the geopolitical landscape has changed considerably since then and the actors have changed as well.

While “Communism’s last salvos” are still responsible for some ill-treatment of Christians, Introvigne told Breitbart, “Islamic ultra-fundamentalism” has taken its place as the number-one agent of persecution.


Jordan army chief: ISIS in Golan have anti-aircraft missiles

Jordanian Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mahmoud Freihat warned in an interivew with BBC on Saturday that ISIS fighters have anti-aircraft missiles.

In the interview, which was given in Arabic, Freihat referred specifically to the Syria-Jordan-Israel border, near the Golan Heights area.

"This faction is a constant and close threat to Jordan. Some of the areas its fighters are in are a kilometer away from the border," he said."They have tanks, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft missiles and machine guns that can hit the military posts on the frontline."

ISIS was reported to have seized Russian anti-aircraft missiles a few weeks ago, when they recaptured th Syrian town of Palmyra.



Funding HIV/AIDS project pushes U.S. dollars there to new heights

The Obama administration is seeking to infuse another $306 million into HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programs solely for the African nation of Kenya, where men who have sex with men, female sex workers and people who inject drugs “are considered key populations for intervention.”

The U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, citing government of Kenya statistics, says an estimated 1.5 million Kenyans are HIV-positive, the majority of whom transmitted the disease “heterosexually.”

The administration plans to award contracts to separately deliver services in distinct clusters of Kenyan counties, according to the USAID procurement document, which WND located via routine database research.

The agency, which released Solicitation No. SOL-615-17-000002 on Dec. 27, has served at the forefront of expanding Kenyan health-care services. Indeed, as WND has reported, one of Obama’s long-term goals has been “to establish a social health insurance system to enable equitable provision of health care to all Kenyan citizens.”


JUST IN: Ford cancels $1.6 billion Mexican plant after Trump criticism

Ford Motor Co (F.N) said Tuesday it will cancel a planned $1.6 billion factory in Mexico and will invest $700 million at a Michigan factory, after it had come under harsh criticism from President-elect Donald Trump for its Mexican investment plans.

The second largest U.S. automaker said it would build new electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles at the Michigan plant.

Ford Chief Executive Mark Fields on Tuesday said the decision to cancel the new plant in Mexico was in part related to the need to "fully utilize capacity at existing facilities" amid declining sales of small and medium sized cars such as the Focus and Fusion.


WCSO CID Press Release - Dec. 30, 2016

Incident: Stolen Vehicle / CDS Possession with Intent
Date of Incident: 12/30/16
Location: 800 – Block of Seminole BLVD, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Terrell Louis Smullen-Parsons, 19 years old, of Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On December 30, 2016 at approximately 3:07PM, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team located a stolen vehicle in the 900 – Block of West Road, Salisbury, MD. The vehicle was previously reported stolen through the Salisbury Police Department.
Deputies assigned to the CAT unit attempted to conduct a traffic stop of the vehicle. The driver, later identified as Terrell Louis Smullen-Parsons, did not yield and attempted to flee, from deputies, in the stolen vehicle. After a short pursuit through the surrounding area, Smullen-Parsons drove the stolen vehicle into a driveway of a residence located in the 800 – Block of Seminole BLVD, Salisbury, MD. Smullen-Parsons exited the vehicle, leaving the vehicle in drive, and fled on foot. The vehicle continued to travel forward and ultimately struck another parked vehicle and a wooden handicap ramp causing minor property damage. Deputies were able to apprehend Smullen-Parsons, after a short foot pursuit.
Deputies conducted a search of the stolen vehicle and located marijuana, a bag of fifteen oxycodone prescription pills and $920.00. These items were seized. Smullen-Parsons will be charged and transferred to the custody of the Wicomico County Detention Center.
Charges: Motor Vehicle Theft, CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute, Fleeing and Eluding, Driving without a License, and other related traffic and criminal charges.

Delaware man hurt in Istanbul attack says he played dead

GREENVILLE, Del. -- A Delaware man wounded in an attack at a New Year’s Eve celebration in Istanbul says he survived by playing dead.

William Jacob Raak told NBC News he stayed silent and motionless during the attack at a popular nightclub, even after being struck.

“When he shot me I didn’t move - I just let him shoot me,” he said. “I was shot when I was already on the ground. He was shooting people that he had already shot.”

Raak, 35, is a small-business owner from Greenville. The State Department said Monday that he was the only U.S. citizen injured in the attack in Turkey’s largest city.

Raak told NBC he was with a group of nine people, seven of whom were shot, and that he was within inches of the shooter.


The Real Purpose of PC

Parents of college-age children are finally catching on to the cultural Marxist PC scam. Cries of “insensitivity” every time a conservative or libertarian speaker appears anywhere near a college campus; “safe rooms” equipped with play dough, soft music, and videos of frolicking puppies; the endless accusations of “racist/sexist/homophobe” aimed at all non-leftists on campus; and widely-publicized episodes of vulgar, ignorant, x-rated, “students” screaming their heads off at conservative campus speakers have exposed the real purpose of political correctness: censorship of any and all non-Marxist ideas. It’s not about fighting racism, sexism, etc.; it’s about censoring the ideas of freedom.

Today’s college students have been –and are being – trained to be intolerant, totalitarian-minded, communist thugs. All for a mere 50 grand a year at even mediocre institutions of “higher education.”

This all began after the worldwide collapse of socialism in the late 1980s. Socialists never give up on their dream of ordering their fellow human beings around, plundering them with taxes, and enriching themselves in the process. Very few of the twentieth-century socialist ideologues ever admitted that they were disastrously wrong, or apologized for providing aid and comfort to the likes of Stalin, Mao, and Castro. Instead, they and their intellectual descendants have worked tirelessly to invent a virtual socialist reality – at least in the minds of America’s youth – while censoring all dissenting opinions. Socialism’s dirty secrets must never be revealed to America’s youth, lest they revolt against the giant lying machine known as “higher education.” (There are a few exceptions, of course, but most of academe is now dominated by the totalitarian, cultural Marxist Left).


Horrors of the Courtroom Lead Stenographer To Seek Disability Pension

A former court stenographer is asking a judge to grant her a disability state pension stemming from the accounts of crimes she had to listen to and record.

For 10 years Mary K. Morse heard stories of child abuse, murder, domestic violence, and child pornography while working at Salem Superior Court. The cases depressed her and led her to start drinking heavily again after a previous period of sobriety, according to court documents.

She is receiving a modest state pension now, but she is seeking a much larger accidental disability pension.


Best Presidents I’ve Known

by George Roof
Chief Master Sergeant (Retired), US Air Force
Taxidermist in Magnolia, Delaware (born in Lexington, SC)

Because I am a “lifer” in the military, I’ve seen the impact of a president more than many of you can imagine. I enlisted with LBJ and saw just what a Democrat clusterflock was all about. I went to Vietnam and saw how we were constantly and incessantly bombarded with micromanagement from Washington that got thousands of military people killed. I sometimes wonder if I’ll get to heaven, but if I go to hell, I’m sure I’ll still be a few hundred floors above that bastard Robert McNamara , LBJ, John Kerry, Jane Fonda, and yes, even the “hero” John McCain.

After Johnson “abdicated” rather than having his ass waxed, I lived through Nixon who was hawkish but allowed the generals (and there WERE a few real generals back then versus now) run the show. He was so out of touch that he never knew North Vietnam was about to surrender when the Paris Accord was presented.

Only God could help us after Gerald Ford was beaten by Jimmy Peanuts who’d been funded by Saudi money. The military was turned into Section 8 and even the Whitehouse suffered the austerity.

Then the light began to shine and Ronald Reagan swept into the fray. He not only loved the country and the military, they loved him back. Esprit d’corps was off the scale during his presidency. The Liberals were slowly turning into socialists, however, and about this time all the draft dodgers of the 1960’s who’d been given amnesty by Jimmy Peanuts were turning out college graduates with degrees in socialism.

Bush 1 was an enigma from the CIA and though he never did much either way, he NEVER DID MUCH EITHER WAY.

Welcome to Bill Clinton. Clinton spent most of his two terms wagging the dog and creating the Oral Office, sending a bomber to blow up Quaddafi’s tent and killing a goat or two, while allowing the UN to set up the infamous Black Hawk Down situation. He made history by becoming only the second president to be impeached.

I actually felt sorry for Bush 2. He was doomed to infamy from the start. He thought most of America was still the rah rah patriots of WWII when they were simply socialists waiting to feed him to the sharks.

Then there came the Manchurian Candidate with a faked (OK Democrats, let’s say “of questionable origin” to assuage your PC brains) birth certificate, who’d gotten a free ride through college under a foreign student exemption, and whose college records and complete life history had been sealed. (We know more about Thomas Jefferson’s bastard children than we do about Obama, Michelle, OR their two kids.) From his inaugural address, he slandered America and within days had begun to encourage dissention of the races as well as slandering police who “acted stupidly.” That was mild to the crap that would come in doubling the national debt from what had been built by ALL THE PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED, feeding us bullspit about how Muslims built this country, and nationalizing American industries. Fueled by George Soros’ money and using the Air Force fleet as his personal charters, he appointed malcontents and traitors into positions of authority. He trashed the Constitution by installing “czars” (interesting he chose a title like that) to bypass Congressional authority. By that time, Congress was completely corrupt on both sides of the aisle. No one had balls to impeach this charlatan.

Dog Attacks Family Trying To Dress It In Sweater, 3 Hurt

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Police in Florida say an angry dog sent three people to the hospital after one tried to put a sweater on it.Tampa police say the pit bull mix named Scarface bit a 52-year-old woman who was trying to dress him on Friday and her husband was attacked while trying to pull the dog off of her. Police say the couple’s 22-year-old son was attacked while trying to stop the dog by stabbing it in the neck and head.

The three people escaped the house and left the dog in the backyard.

Police say animal control officers shot it with a tranquilizer gun, but it managed to get back into the house where there were two children present. Police used a bean bag gun and stun gun on the animal before catching it.


BOMBSHELL: British Intelligence Officer Shuts DOWN Obama’s “Russian Hack” Claim…

British whistleblower and former operative Annie Machon slammed the joint FBI and DHS report that “details” the alleged hacking of the U.S. election by Russia, saying it’s simply a case of “fake news” in order to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency.

The document released by the Obama administration lacks specifics and doesn’t explain how the Russian government and the two hacking groups reported are linked.

According to RT, Former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon says exactly what’s happening:

“This is very much a case of fake news, shall we say. It seems to serve two ends as well,” Machon said.

“On the day when the ceasefire is announced, which has been brokered by Russia and Turkey – this is a story that will run and run in America, not the ceasefire in Syria. It’s all going to be about these Russians, and hacking the election and things like that. I think this is the first stage – this is why it was announced that the Russian diplomats were going to be expelled,” she said.


NOI 1/1/17 Wicomico Apartment Fire Emory Court

2016 Man of the Year: Hero Manager Who Fired Interns Petitioning to Relax Dress Code

What is a job for? Is its purpose to help employees grow? To actualize their best potential futures and shift their paradigms? To provide space for sharing bold visions in a dynamic environment that nurtures creative minds such that maybe, just maybe, we all finish the day having learned little bit about ourselves?

No. The purpose of a job is for an employee to provide the owners of capital with labor in return for money.

The same goes for interns, but more so. You know all that happy talk about an internship being an opportunity for you to get to know a field and learn some professional skills? This is incorrect. It’s about managers getting a look at potential hires for little or no money, and a way for them to hook up their friends’ children with advantageous positions to begin a bleak, desperate life scrambling for scraps tossed from the masters’ table.

Everyone has to learn the lessons of life eventually—and that is why the anonymous manager who fired almost his whole class of summer interns en masse when they petitioned to relax the company dress code is a 2016 Free Beacon Man of the Year.


The Worst of MSNBC in 2016

After a volatile 2015 for MSNBC that included multiple show cancellations, 2016 seemed like a time to get back on course.

With the hopes of steering another election into the Democratic column, MSNBC leaned far forward in 2016 on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the hopes of an ascendant Democratic Party to carry on the legacy of President Obama (“the most noble man who has ever lived in the White House”).

Those hopes were dashed.

Whether it was Joy Reid systematically shutting down any conservative voices on her program,hysterical overreactions to Donald Trump’s victory, openly celebrating the Democrats’ gun control sleepover, hilariously bad coverage of Clinton’s 9/11 fainting spell, or Brian Williams saying the U.S.used nuclear weapons in “anger”, the hot takes came thick and fast as usual.

Here’s the worst of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and the gang in another year of left-wing lunacy on cable’s most ridiculous news channel.


Media suffer press conference delirium

Though President-elect Trump is everywhere on TV and in the newspapers, the media would like everyone to believe he's sheltered himself in an underground bunker, hiding from everybody but his Twitter and maybe Don King.

It's become a point of outrage among reporters and pundits that the president-elect hasn't held a press conference since July.

You'll recall those long, winding events in the Republican primary in which Trump would answer dozens of questions and reporters would react with Lamaze breathing to cope with whatever he said.

When Trump hosted a press conference in March, he used the event to rebut Mitt Romney, who had attacked him as a "fraud," and his past business ventures as failures.

The media complained that Trump had turned the conference into a commercial for his brand.

When he hosted a conference in June at one of his golf courses in Scotland, the media accused him of a bait-and-switch that was surreptitiously intended to show off his property.

And when he hosted his latest conference in July, the media nearly collapsed into a vacuum after he joked that Russian hackers should release Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.

More here

Abbas: Willing to Work With Donald Trump to ‘Achieve Peace’

Ynetnews reports: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday he is willing to work with US President-elect Donald Trump to reach a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel.

“We want to emphasize our willingness to work with the newly-elected American administration… to achieve peace… based on a two-state solution” as well as the Arab peace initiative and international resolutions, Abbas said during an event marking the anniversary of his Fatah party.

Abbas thanked the US for its UN abstention vote last week, which allowed the Security Council to adopt a resolution declaring Israeli settlements in territory claimed by Palestinians illegal.

In a televised speech, Abbas demanded that Israel stop all settlement activities and avoid making any changes to the demographic situation of "the land of the state of Palestine which has been occupied since 1967, including east Jerusalem."


A stolen cellphone, then an odyssey through Maryland's juvenile justice system

Before Michael ever saw the inside of juvenile lockup, caseworkers recommended he be sent home.

The 13-year-old came from a stable, two-parent home in Columbia. He watched over his three younger siblings, did chores around the house, and enjoyed playing in his youth football league.

Then, he says, he fell in with the wrong group of kids. He was with one of the boys, he says, when they stole another teen's cellphone.

It was Michael's first offense. Juvenile caseworkers thought a letter of apology and counseling made the most sense. His attorney argued that a return home would be the best outcome for everyone.


Canadian MP: As PM, I will move Canadian embassy to Jerusalem

Following the passage of the recent anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council and subsequent condemnation by US Secretary of State John Kerry of Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem as being illegal, candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada Kellie Leitch vowed to move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem if elected as Prime Minister.

“In the wake of the recent UN vote and the comments of John Kerry, Canada must demonstrate its support for Israel. As Prime Minister, I will move the Canadian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem”, Leitch posted on her official Facebook page.


Obama’s anti-Trump quest to crush America

Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson warns of outgoing president 'behaving like a maniac'

With just three weeks left in his final term as president, Barack Hussein Obama is behaving like a maniac; his desperate actions to salvage his disastrous legacy are unnerving the American people and our closest allies.

Obama is doing all he can to sabotage President-elect Donald Trump to prevent him from successfully undoing the failed socialist policies of the last eight years. But he didn’t start this quest yesterday. This past year Obama covered a lot of ground in his bid to diminish and jeopardize America:

1. Allowing in a record number of Muslim refugees. The Obama administration’s refugee “resettlement program” skyrocketed in 2016. From Oct. 1, 2016, through Dec. 27, a total of 25,671 refugees have been resettled in the U.S. During that same time period in 2015, 13,791 refugees were resettled. The number of Somalian refugees resettled in the U.S. has doubled since Oct. 1 compared to the same time last year. Not surprisingly, 98.8 percent of the refugees Obama has welcomed are Muslim. This is a Trojan hoarse being set up to destroy us from within.

Fight against publishing notices in newspapers persists

As classified advertising, once the lifeblood of newspapers, has dried up, one constant has remained: a thick daily listing of government public notices. But legislative fights have put that at risk.

A measure to allow government agencies in New Jersey to no longer publish their legal notices in newspapers recently stalled, but Republican Gov. Chris Christie said he will make the change a priority in 2017. And Democratic leaders in the Legislature aren't backing down from having the debate, either.

Christie says the change would save taxpayers and residents $80 million, but the state's newspapers dispute that math. They say that the state spends $20 million on legal notice advertising each year and that more than half is reimbursed by private business. Christie's figures also apparently include an estimate that $60 million will be spent on public notices of pending foreclosures, a fee paid for by banks.

It's not only an issue in New Jersey..

More here

Maryland County To Become ‘Sanctuary City’

A region just outside Baltimore, Maryland, is now looking to join hundreds of other counties and cities across the country with a ‘sanctuary city’ policy that protects criminal illegal immigrants from federal immigration law.

Howard County officials, comprised of mostly Democrats, say they want to ban county officials from inquiring about an individuals’ immigration status. The officials would also be barred from cooperating with federal immigration officials, according to the Baltimore Sun.

“The recent national political climate, increased incidents of hate speech and violence, and unfortunate statements made by our nation’s President-elect, has caused many in the Howard County community to fear for their personal safety and the loss of civil liberties,” Howard County City Council member Calvin Ball said.

The City Council, though, acknowledges that Howard County designating itself as a sanctuary city would not go far with President-Elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration. The incoming President plans to focus heavily on banning a region from failing to comply with federal immigration laws.

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I Know Snowflakes, It's Deplorable.

Tomi Lahren UNLOADS on Megyn Kelly For Pandering To Liberals

MSP DUI Press Release 1-3-17 (Berlin Barrack)

DELINGPOLE: Rules for Righties — a War-Winning Manifesto for 2017

2016 was a great year for most of us – but just because we’ve gained the beachhead doesn’t mean we’re going to win the war.

With Brexit and Donald Trump, we’ve done the equivalent of capturing everywhere from Pointe Du Hoc to Pegasus Bridge. But just like with D-Day, the worst of the fighting is yet to come. Our enemy is fanatical, determined, well organised. Plus, they still hold most of the key positions: the big banks, the corporations, the top law firms, the civil service, local government, the universities, the schools, the mainstream media, Hollywood… Give those bastards half the chance and they’ll drive us back into the sea – which, in contemporary terms, means nixing Brexit (or giving us “soft Brexit”, which is basically the same thing) and frustrating all the things President Trump will try to do to Make America Great Again.

I use the war analogy first because World War II analogies never fail, but second because this really is a war that we’re fighting.

The bad news is that wars are hard, costly and ugly. The good news is that we’re on the right side and we’re going to win.

Here’s how:

1. We will never underestimate the wickedness of the enemy

BREAKING: Deal Between Kerry, Obama, And McCain To Arm And Fund ISIS Exposed

There are several key moments in history when one is forced to stop and reflect on the gravity of what has happened. One of those critical historic moments just took place, and now it’s sending shock waves through the political arena.

Let’s take a step back, and look at the timeline of events that led up to what has now happened.

In August of 2014, Obama gave a speech during a press conference where he firmly stated that he “did not have a strategy” to defeat ISIS, insinuating that they were a small “JV” force not to be concerned with.

Then, just two months later, Josh Earnest held a press conference with major media outlets where he told journalists and reporters that, “Our ISIS strategy is dependent on something that doesn’t yet exist.”


Caught on camera: Rare ocelot kittens

For the first time in 20 years, wildlife biologists have discovered an ocelot den in Texas, raising hopes for the future of the endangered “little leopard.”

Ocelots, which stand 16-to-20 inches high and weigh between 20 and 35 pounds, once ranged from South Texas up into Arkansas and Louisiana. Today, there are only about 50 remaining in the U.S.

But recently, wildlife biologists using remote cameras to monitor seven female ocelots at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Texas photographed three of the cats being followed by kittens. One of the remaining four has not been seen with any offspring, and two are just now approaching the age when they can reproduce.


Salisbury City Council Work Session Agenda & Packet For 1-3-17

Obama Seizes Area Near Bundy Ranch In Massive Last Minute Land Grab

With a stroke of the pen President Obama has unilaterally declared vast swaths of land in Utah and Nevada as two new national monuments, thus putting them under control of the federal government.

Startlingly, the area in Nevada includes the site of the infamous Bundy Ranch standoff as well as land very close to the Bundy Ranch itself. With this move Obama has possibly triggered another armed standoff while also heading off any moves set to be made by incoming president Donald Trump.

A “fact sheet” put out by the White House reads:

Today, President Obama will designate two new national monuments, protecting sacred sites, spectacular scenery, and important natural and cultural resources in the desert landscapes of southeastern Utah and southern Nevada. The creation of the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah and the Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada follow years of robust public input from tribes, local elected officials, and diverse stakeholders, and draws from legislation introduced in Congress.

In addition to protecting more land and water than any Administration in history, President Obama has taken unprecedented steps to elevate the voices of Native peoples in the management of our natural resources. Today’s actions build on this important work, and further demonstrate the President’s commitment to protecting sacred sites and our land, water and wildlife for future generations.


You Don't Know Crap

Who Remembers?

Democrats Have a Religion Problem

A conversation with Michael Wear, a former Obama White House staffer, about the party’s illiteracy on and hostility toward white evangelicals.

There aren’t many people like Michael Wear in today’s Democratic Party. The former director of Barack Obama’s 2012 faith-outreach efforts is a theologically conservative evangelical Christian. He is opposed to both abortion and same-sex marriage, although he would argue that those are primarily theological positions, and other issues, including poverty and immigration, are also important to his faith.

During his time working for Obama, Wear was often alone in many of his views, he writes in his new book, Reclaiming Hope. He helped with faith-outreach strategies for Obama’s 2008 campaign, but was surprised when some state-level officials decided not to pursue this kind of engagement: “Sometimes—as I came to understand the more I worked in politics—a person’s reaction to religious ideas is not ideological at all, but personal,” he writes.

Several years later, he watched battles over abortion funding and contraception requirements in the Affordable Care Act with chagrin: The administration was unnecessarily antagonistic toward religious conservatives in both of those fights, Wear argues, and it eventually lost, anyway. When Louie Giglio, an evangelical pastor, was pressured to withdraw from giving the 2012 inaugural benediction because of his teachings on homosexuality, Wear almost quit.


What Crimes Are Eligible for Deportation?

Last December, Mayra Machado was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Arkansas. Turns out she had an unpaid ticket for failing to yield. And as a teen, she’d spent four months in boot camp for writing bad checks. Now 31, the single mother of three, who is an undocumented immigrant, faces imminent deportation to El Salvador, the battle-scarred country she fled when she was 5 years old.

Sylvester Owino, 40, said he survived torture in Kenya as a young activist and came to the U.S. on a student visa, which ran out. A 2003 robbery conviction in San Diego resulted in a nine-year stint in a detention facility. Now, he is part of a U.S. Supreme Court case that will determine whether immigrant detainees have a right to a bond hearing.

The two situations illustrate the variety of crimes that can get immigrants detained and deported, even after they have served a jail or prison sentence for the crime — and even if they are in the country legally. And while the federal government says it targets noncitizens who are serious or repeat offenders, immigrants with minor offenses often are deported.