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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Town of Ocean City Implementing Phase I of Emergency Operations Plan in Preperation for Hurricane Sandy

Ocean City Emergency Services is continuing to monitor the projected path of Hurricane Sandy.  At this time, Ocean City is beginning to see the initial effects of the storm, with accelerating winds and chances of rain arriving in the area and intensifying well into tomorrow, October 28.
The Town of Ocean City is implementing Phase I of the Emergency Operations Plan.  All persons traveling to Ocean City are asked to postpone their visits until the existing situation improves.  Residents in the downtown area (south of 17thStreet) and those living in known flood prone areas should secure their homes and prepare for possible evacuation.  In addition, all watercraft objects and outdoor furniture should be sheltered or protected.
The projected forecast, which estimates 10 inches of rain fall, combined with upcoming tidal anomalies will cause severe flooding in low lying areas.  In addition to substantial rain and flooding, power outages are anticipated and could be experienced for several hours or several days.  In the event of a power loss, citizens should make sure they have a disaster supply kit with a three-day supply of non-perishable food, one gallon of water per person per day, a first aid kit, a battery-powered radio and extra batteries, extra medications and any special items you needed for infants, children and pets.  Businesses should take proactive measures to protect property should there be a prolonged loss of power.
During the storm, the Town of Ocean City will be posting storm related information on various websites, social media outlets, through the GovDelivery system and the television access channel.  Citizens are asked to tune into Ocean City’s Government Access Channel (4 & 15) for further detailed information or advisories.  To subscribe to GovDelivery, visit the “City Wide Alerts” tab on the Town of Ocean City’s website at
The next scheduled update is expected at approximately 9 a.m. tomorrow, October 28.

Governor Markell Issues Limited State of Emergency, Mandatory Evacuation Order to Include Residents in Areas Most at Risk

WILMINGTON – Governor Jack Markell has ordered a mandatory evacuation of coastal communities for Sussex, Kent and New Castle counties, along with a flood-prone area in western Sussex County.
Under the Governor’s order, the mandatory evacuation period  for people to leave the designated evacuation areas will begin tonight, Saturday, October 27, at 8 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. tomorrow, Sunday, October 28.  Due to the increasingly severe weather conditions that are forecast to begin late tomorrow night, Sunday at 8 p.m. should be the end of evacuees’ travel period, not the beginning.
To facilitate the mandatory evacuation, a limited state of emergency will begin statewide at 8 p.m. tonight, Saturday, October 27. The state of emergency that will begin tonight does not include any driving restrictions or bans, nor does it require business closures. Those measures, should they become necessary, will be announced as storm progresses and conditions worsen.
“While the predicted track of Hurricane Sandy has shifted a number of times over the last 24 hours, it has become clear that the state will be affected by high winds, heavy rainfall, and flooding, especially along the coastline for a several day period. These factors, along with the potential for power outages, have convinced me that the prudent thing to do is have people leave most of our coastal communities,” Gov. Markell said.
Shelters in all three counties will open Sunday at noon for those who need them. Anyone needing the shelters should not evacuate their homes until noon on Sunday.
“Those who come to the shelters need to be aware that the shelters provide is space on a floor and some basic food. There are only cots for the elderly and those with special needs. People who evacuate to one of the shelters should bring sleeping bags, pillows and blankets, as well as books and games or other items to keep themselves and their families occupied,” said Jamie Turner, director of the Delaware Emergency Management Agency.
Recommended evacuation routes can be found at Please note that it is recommended thatthose in Sussex ocean communities south of the Indian River Inlet travel west along major arteries (Routes 26 and 54) to U.S. 113 to leave the area rather than north on Route 1.
Residents who have evacuation questions may contact their respective local emergency operations centers:
Sussex EOC – 856-7366 starting Sunday at 8 a.m.
Kent EOC – 735-3465, starting Sunday at noon
New Castle County EOC – 395-5555 starting Sunday at 9 a.m.
Wilmington EOC – 576-CITY starting Sunday at 9 a.m
The Delaware Helpline at 1-800-464-HELP (4357) will also activate Sunday at 8 a.m. for hurricane information. The Hurricane Sandy Delaware Information Line is also available at 302-632-7060.Residents are encouraged to check-in on the elderly.
The areas subject to mandatory evacuation, which are based upon recommendations by county emergency directors, are listed below. Attached are maps for New Castle and Kent Counties showing the general area of evacuations, though the list below is more detailed. Also attached is a map generated by Sussex County of possible flooded areas.
Mayor Baker has announced separately an evacuation for flood-prone areas of the City of Wilmington.
Sussex County Delaware Bay Communities:
Slaughter Beach
Prime Hook Beach
Broadkill Beach
Lewes Beach, east of the Rehoboth Lewes canal
Sussex County Ocean Coastal Communities:
Flood-prone areas within ¾ of a mile of the coast in the following communities -
Henlopen Acres
Rehoboth Beach
Dewey Beach
North Bethany
Bethany Beach
South Bethany
Fenwick Island
Sussex County Inland Bay Communities:
Areas surrounding the Rehoboth Bay, Indian River and Little Assawoman Bay
Flood-prone areas south of Route 24 (John J. Williams Highway) including Angola, Long Neck and Oak Orchard
Flood-prone areas along Route 26 (Vines Creek Road and Atlantic Avenue)
Flood-prone areas along Route 54 (Lighthouse Road)
Sussex County Western Communities:
Flood-prone areas in close proximity to the Nanticoke and Broad Creek Rivers
Kent County Delaware Bay Communities:
Woodland Beach
Pickering Beach, including any homes east of 799 Pickering Beach Rd.
Kitts Hummock Beach, and all addresses above 2123 Kitts Hummock Rd.
Bowers Beach, including any homes east of Old Bowers Rd.
South Bowers Beach
Big Stone Beach
Bennetts Pier
Port Mahon Rd., any address above 900
New Castle County, City of New Castle:
Washington Park Subdivision
From the Delaware River to Fourth Street
Penn Valley subdivision
Buttonwood subdivision
New Castle County, City of Delaware City:
All houses east of Second Street
The 100 block of Fifth Street
All of Delaware City Mobile Home Park
All of Polktown
Other New Castle County Coastal Communities:
Town of Port Penn
Augustine Beach
Bayview Beach
Any residences South of Augustine Beach and East of Silver Run Road/Route 9
The state will open seven shelters at 12 noon on Sunday:
William Penn High School
Middletown High School
Smyrna Middle School
Dover High School
Milford Middle School
Cape Henlopen High School
Indian River High School
No decision has been made at this time about state government closure for Monday or Tuesday..

Hurricane Safety Checklist

Be Red Cross Ready

What should I do?
What supplies do I need?
What do I do after the hurricane?

Find out HERE

Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Hurricane Sandy: Service Suspended Sunday, October 28 through Tuesday, October 30.
Call 800.643.3779 for up to date information. 

Ferry Service Ceases Operations Beginning Sunday, October 28

(Cape May, NJ) Due to the anticipated track and effects of Hurricane Sandy, Cape May - Lewes Ferry (CMLF) officials announced this morning that the ferry service will suspend operations following the last scheduled departures this evening. The last departures will be the 6:00 p.m. from Cape May, New Jersey and 7:45 p.m. from Lewe

s, Delaware. Given the current weather forecast concerning the impending storm, the ferry service expects to be closed from Sunday, October 28 through Tuesday, October 30. 

For the safety of the ferry vessels during Hurricane Sandy, CMLF marine personnel will transport all vessels upriver. The MV Twin Capes and MV Cape May have departed Cape May this morning. Early Sunday morning, the MV Delaware, MV New Jersey and MV Cape Henlopen will make the trek north. All vessels will be moored at Holt Marine Terminal in Gloucester City, New Jersey.


Abortion continues to be a contentious discussion in social and political circles. Every election cycle, without fail and to varying degrees, the issue creeps up and takes it place among a plethora of other contentious subjects (click here to find out where President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney stand on the issue). Just as profoundly interesting as the debate surrounding reproductive rights (and wrongs), is the litany of questions surrounding how media outlets treat pro-life and pro-choice candidates.
Trevin Wax, managing editor of The Gospel Project at LifeWay Christian Resources, published an intriguing list entitled, “10 Questions a Pro-Choice Candidate Is Never Asked by the Media.” Clearly, the list has a conservative, pro-life bent, but it does raise some fascinating curiosities, while also challenging the mainstream media in its handling of candidates’ stances on abortion.
TheBlaze has adapted the original list to share with readers, below. Note that some of the questions have, indeed, been asked, but that, in Wax’s view, these elements have not been explored among pro-choice candidates diligently enough.


Federal officials say that absentee ballots being sent to U.S. military serving in Afghanistan may have been burned in a plane crash.

A top official in the Federal Voting Assistance Program this week notified election officials across the nation that a transport plane crashed at Shindad Air Base on Oct. 19.


Commentary: Redistricting Map Is A Stain On The Political Process

When Del. Neil Parrott was gathering petition signatures to put congressional redistricting on the ballot so voters could overturn it, he found that all he needed to do was show people the map itself and they were ready to sign on.

That’s the same appalled reaction I found last week when I made a presentation on Question 5 to students and staff at the University of Maryland Baltimore. All they had to do was look at the map, particularly the lines for the 3rdCongressional District, to realize there was something very wrong.


Woman’s Halloween Decorations Take Morbid Jabs At Neighbors

A Michigan woman's Halloween decorations are stirring up more than just a few scares.
The woman set up head-stones in her front yard referring to her neighbors.

There are names, initials, even a ‘Rest in Peace Nosey Neighbors' line.

Casey Anthony: Attorney Wants Change Of Venue For Defamation Trial

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Attorneys for Casey Anthony are asking for a venue change in her coming defamation trial.

Her attorneys filed paperwork this week seeking to have the trial moved out of Orange County. The Orlando Sentinel reports that attorneys argued that Anthony can never get an impartial jury due to pretrial publicity.


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Donates $250K To Md. Marriage Equality Campaign

In a week and a half, Maryland voters will decide whether to allow same-sex marriage in this state. And supporters are calling on high-profile help. With Election Day fast approaching, the mayor of New York City stands behind local leaders to rally for the message.
Kai Jackson has more on the push for voter approval.
The state of New York already made national news by allowing same-sex marriage. Now, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to help Maryland do the same.

Feedback Reply is the best local source

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Hello, thanks for your feedback. Would you please return this mail along with your ZIP code? Also, if you have a recommendation for another source of local news in your area, please include that information.

When I receive your mail I'll forward it to the Local News team and they'll remove the Salisbury Daily Times from your feed, and, if possible add your suggested source.


Former State Dept. Employee Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft

A former State Department employee has pleaded guilty to an identity theft plot in which he and others used stolen credit cards to make more than $70,000 in purchases.
Twenty-six-year-old Rodney Quarles Jr. of Charlotte Hall, Md., entered the plea Friday. He agreed to pay restitution and faces a maximum of 15 years in prison at sentencing Jan. 11.

Romney, Obama Could Split Popular And Electoral College Vote, Polls Suggest

Most polls at this moment suggest GOP nominee Mitt Romney is in the lead nationally, but surveys in the nine or so swing states are registering a narrow advantage for President Obama.
So here’s a prospect worth contemplating: What if Romney carries the popular vote, but Obama regains the presidency by winning 270 votes or more in the electoral college?
“I think it’s a 50/50 possibility — or more,” said Mark McKinnon, who was a political strategist for former president George W. Bush.
“If the election were held tomorrow, it wouldn’t just be a possibility, it would be actual,” added William A. Galston, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, who also served as a policy adviser to former president Bill Clinton.
That kind of split decision between the electorate and the electoral college would mark the fifth time in American history — and the second time in a dozen years — that the person who occupies the White House was not the one who got the most votes on Election Day.

FDA: Staffers Knew of Mold, Bacteria In Drugs

Staffers at a pharmacy linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak documented dozens of cases of mold and bacteria growing in rooms that were supposed to be sterile, according to federal health inspectors.
In a preliminary report on conditions at the pharmacy, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday that even when the contamination at New England Compounding Center exceeded the company's own safety levels, there is no evidence that staffers investigated or corrected the problem. The FDA uncovered some four dozen reports of potential contamination in company records, stretching back to January this year.
The report comes from an FDA inspection of the Framingham, Mass.-based company earlier this month after steroid injections made by the company were tied to an outbreak of fungal meningitis. FDA officials confirmed last week that the black fungus found in the company's vials was the same fungus that has sickened 338 people across the U.S., causing 25 deaths.

White House Considering New Tax Cut

The White House is weighing the idea of a tax cut that it believes would lift Americans’ take-home pay and boost a still-struggling economy, according to people familiar with the administration’s thinking, as the presidential candidates continue battling over whose tax policies would do more for the country.
Obama administration officials have concluded that the economy, while improved, is still fragile enough that it may need another bout of stimulus. The tax cut could replace the payroll tax cut championed by President Obama in 2011 and 2012, which was designed as a buffer against economic shocks such as the financial crisis in Europe and high oil prices. It expires at year’s end.

Md. Suspends Enforcement Of Blue Crab Harvest Time

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - The Department of Natural Resources says it will not enforce times for removing crabs from commercial pots so fishermen can prepare for Hurricane Sandy.

The DNR says from Friday through Monday, fishermen may keep crabs removed from crab pots during this period, as well as the mandatory days off Sunday and Monday.


How Many Faces Do You See?

Hurricanes That Hit Maryland The Hardest

Already out buying your milk, water and toilet paper to get ready for Hurricane Sandy’s potential arrival? If you’ve lived in Maryland for a while, you’ve been there before.
  • 1960 – Hurricane Donna, winds 100 mph in Ocean City, two deaths
  • 1961 – Hurricane Esther, winds 45 mph in Ocean City.
  • 1964 – Tropical Storm Cleo, 5.8 inches of rain in Westernport (Allegany County)
  • 1968 – Tropical Depression Abby, 3.83 inches of rain in Centreville
  •  Continue HERE

Berlin Pregnancy Center Transitions To Further Help Community

OCEAN CITY – The Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center is officially a pregnancy medical center now offering ultrasounds along with many other free services to keep women informed and healthy before, during and beyond pregnancy.

The Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center is a non-profit organization that provides free and confidential services, such as pregnancy tests, education on fetal development, abortion and adoption, options counseling, poor prenatal diagnosis support, material assistance, pregnancy and parenting education and support, and now ultrasounds for pregnancy viability.

“We offer services to all different women, of all different economic statuses and different needs,” founder and Executive Director Mariratina Quillen said.


Ed Klein: Docs Show Obama Overruled Clinton To Deny Security In Benghazi

Ed Klein stated that the Clinton’s legal team told him that there were documents that showed President Obama denied the requests for additional security at the Benghazi Consulate despite Hillary Clinton’s request for more security. He also said that Bill Clinton wants to release the documents to exonerate his wife.

Harris Town Hall In Salisbury To Be Held October 29

Congressman Andy Harris will be holding a town hall meeting in Salisbury on Monday, October 29th.  Harris has conducted more town hall meetings than any other congressman from Maryland, holding well over sixty in the 18 months he has held office. 

"Getting out of Washington DC and hearing directly from residents in my district is the best way to serve my constituents.  I like to keep my focus on what is happening in Maryland's 1st district and holding regular town hall meetings is a great way to communicate with residents," Harris commented.

Andy Harris Town Hall Meeting
Monday, October 29
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location - The Black Diamond Lodge, 219 N. Fruitland Blvd., Fruitland, MD 21826

All interested residents of the Salisbury area are encouraged to join Andy Harris on October 29th for another opportunity to speak directly with their congressman.

For more information, please call or email Bonnie Luna,, 410-603-1679

Jeff Dunham in 'No Spin Zone'

Who will Walter and Peanut be voting for in the Presidental election?  Click  HERE to find out.

Town of Ocean City Monitoring Path Of Hurricane Sandy, Storm Updates Provided On Various Outlets

Ocean City, MD – Ocean City Emergency Services is continuing to monitor the projected path of Hurricane Sandy.  Currently, the storm is expected to be in the Ocean City area during the evening hours of Sunday, October 28, and is projected to last through Tuesday, October 30.  High winds and large amounts of rain are likely, which may lead to flooding and possible power outages.

During the storm, the Town of Ocean City will be posting storm related information on various websites, social media outlets and through the GovDelivery system.  In an effort to keep citizens informed with the most updated and accurate information, the Town of Ocean City will be posting storm related information on the following outlets:

  • Town of Ocean City Alerts via GovDelivery:  subscribe to GovDelivery, visit the “City Wide Alerts” tab on the Town of Ocean City’s website at


  • Town of Ocean City Twitter: @townofoceancity

  • Town of Ocean City Access Channels 4 & 15

  • Emergency Management Hotline: 410-723-6666


  • AM 1670 Advisory Radio Station
Throughout the storm, the Town of Ocean City’s Emergency Services personnel will be working closely with local and state representatives to provide citizens with timely, accurate and essential information.  The Town of Ocean City encourages residents and business owners to begin to prepare for any impact the storm may have on Ocean City.  To begin preparing, citizens should build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.  For more information regarding storm preparedness, please visit:


JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia's anti-terror squad arrested 11 people suspected of planning a range of attacks on domestic and foreign targets including the U.S. and Australian embassies, police said Saturday.
The suspects were arrested in raids Friday and Saturday in four provinces, national police spokesman Maj. Gen. Suhardi Aliyus said.
He said the suspects belonged to a new group called the Sunni Movement for Indonesian Society, or HASMI.

Vote Today

Early voting is now officially underway! 
Starting today and running through November 1, 2012, you can cast your vote at any early voting location within your county.
To find a polling location in your neighborhood, visit this website:
We really need you to vote. This election is close--very close. We need to reelect President Barack Obama and Senator Cardin, take back our 6th Congressional District by voting for John Delaney and vote FOR all of the ballot initiatives so that we can move forward---forward by protecting rights equally under the law for everyone, by securing the DREAMs of Maryland kids and by securing greater investments in our schools and creating jobs through expanding gaming.
The polls are open until 8PM tonight and from 12pm-6pm tomorrow. Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching and we don't know how it will affect early voting yet. Beat the storm and beat the lines by getting out to vote today. 
Maryland needs you.
Martin O'Malley
P.S. Once you vote, make sure to encourage your friends and family to vote as well. We need everyone.

Ocean City’s Winterfest Of Lights Kicks Off Nov. 15

OCEAN CITY -- The Town of Ocean City will be a bit brighter beginning Nov. 15, when the Winterfest of Lights celebrates its 20th year illuminating Northside Park.

Named a prestigious Top 100 Event for 2011 by American Bus Association and voted “Maryland’s Finest Holiday Tradition” by Maryland Life Magazine, Winterfest of Lights is a winter paradise for the whole family to enjoy.

The Winterfest Express takes guests on a ride through a mile-long animated wonderland of dazzling lights and spectacular displays, including the Twelve Days of Christmas and additional fairytale favorites. Christmas carols float through the air and throughout the Winterfest Village, which is located inside a festive and heated pavilion.



I have a friend that is a geologist in the Seattle area. His company, Weyerhaeuser, pays for specialized weather consulting services. He just forwarded me a weather advisory that included the following:

"In the 36 years that I have been a weather consultant I have never issued a special update for another part of the U.S. However, the developing storm expected to hit the Central & NE Atlantic coastal areas next Monday thru Thursday is so strong and Deep, that I feel compelled to urge any of you heading in that direction to not go, or if you have family or friends going, try to stop them. This storm will have severe impacts on commerce/trade and travel all of next week, and the damage caused by the winds and heavy rainfall will last for weeks or Months, perhaps years.

This could easily be the single worst weather event to impact the region from Washington DC/Baltimore to New York City to Boston in our recorded weather history, in the last 300 years! It is that massive and deep!

Hurricane Sandy skirts the outer banks of the Carolina's this weekend, it then takes direct aim at New York City starting next Monday/Tuesday it curves back to the W-NW. It is expected to make landfall over New Jersey/New York City and Long Island next Tuesday & Wednesday with high winds, heavy rainfall and massive storm surge.

The destruction from this event could be total and massive: trees, power lines & poles, buildings coming down, etc. This event/storm will impact commerce, trade and travel throughout the entire region! Again, if you have travel plans to the is region, or have friends or family doing the same, I would cancel this immediately! If you have product that you are shipping East, or are expecting some from this region next week or beyond, I would make other plans!!

The long term effects from a storm this massive will take weeks or months to recover from, and for some, perhaps years!

This is a Hurricane that becomes what we call an Extra-tropical storm, or in this case a Mega-Storm! The ripple effects on this country could be impressive, from Political, to trade, to elections, to travel! This could also turn out to be a massive economic stimulus event, putting many out of work near term, but then the hiring begins once the clean-up starts!

For those living in the region from Washington/Baltimore to New York City to Boston, GOOD LUCK AND STAY SAFE, AND GET PREPARED!!!"

26 October    5:00 PM
At this time the projected track of Hurricane Sandy is for the center of the storm to make landfall at either Cape Henlopen or Cap May . The track has varied very slightly and could continue to do so.  We should feel the effects of an on shore flow Sunday and for the next 48 hours or so.
We can expect tropical storm winds of 40 MPH + and with a direct hit winds of 50 to 75 MPH.   Rain fall is expected to be up to 8 to 10” Major effects of the storm are expected to impact the area starting Sunday late afternoon building though Monday evening , diminishing late Tuesday morning
A storm surge of 4 to 6 feet on top of the full moon tide is expected. Major coastal flooding to be expected.
Sandy is projected to equal the Mothers Day Storm and possibly the Storm of ’62.   At this time there have been no evacuation orders issued, but the subject is being discussed by all the  appropriate agencies . We will know more about that Saturday afternoon.  The next update though the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center  (DELAWARE)  will be 5:00 PM tomorrow afternoon.    We will update everyone as soon as possible
We suggest everyone prepare for this storm. Secure everything that can blow away or cause damage.