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Monday, September 05, 2016

2-year-old cited for littering in D.C., but officials say they’re dropping the case

Harper Westover, age 2, had never run afoul of the government before. The “Paw Patrol” fanatic lives in Northeast Washington with her parents, who insist she’s just the tidiest, most polite and well-behaved toddler in the nation’s capital. They call her “Harpie.” Sometimes “Lovey.”

But to officials at the city’s Department of Public Works, Harpie is known by another name, etched in capital letters on D.C. government letterhead: VIOLATOR.

On Thursday, she received in the mail a “Notice of Violation” reporting she was being fined $75 for allegedly littering at the end of the alley by her home, on 9th Street NE.



lmclain said...

Have the "authorities" ever hung out in NE D.C.?????
In less than 30 seconds, you (or a cop, or an "authority" of some kind) would be able to observe a whole lot of people just throw their beer cans in the street, unwrap a candy bar and let the wind blow it down the street, and toss their McDonald's trash on the side walk (even when a trash can is 3 feet away).
Why aren't THEY ticketed?
Because in N.E. D.C., you'll get your ace whipped and they don't have any intention to pay any fine.
White people, however, in nice neighborhoods, are easy and have the money to fork over. They don't fight, kill you, or riot when they cross the law.
They just pay.
How did that happen, anyway???
Did some cop wander down the alley (to the end of it!!) and LOOK for a piece of trash with someone's name on it?
He did such a GOOD JOB maybe we should put HIM in charge of finding hillary's emails, because the regular cops seem to be helpless.
That, too, might get him killed, if you catch my drift.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

How about all those thugs robbing people and burning stores but write a 2 yo a tix, POS.