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Sunday, June 02, 2019

Electrical Fire At Sailsbury Walmart

Tower 16 on display in Annapolis, MD

Caribbean Joe's Brings Back The Rockoholics Today From 2 PM to 6 PM

Come join us today for some incredible entertainment, (no charge) and try my signature Caribbean Joe's drink, the pineapple crush. We introduced it yesterday and they sold like hotcakes. 

As for the Rockoholics, OMG, unbelievable! I've known Ken, Shelby and others in the band for quite some time but I had never heard them play together as a band. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised at yesterdays performance. Ken, the lead guitarist, is one of the most talented guitarists I've ever seen. You'll just have to come and see like so many others did yesterday from the Salisbury/Hebron/Willards area.

Before we get hit with all that rain tonight, come out and relax by the pool and listen to some great tunes. We're right next door to the new Holiday Inn on Rt. 50 in West Ocean City.

Pray For Our President


This Saturday: Pride On The Plaza

State Police Investigating After Woman Claims Troopers Teased Her Son After His Boat Fell Off Its Trailer On Route 50

EASTON, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland State Police have launched an internal investigation into whether troopers teased a Marydel man after his boat fell off his trailer on Route 50 earlier this month. The man, Chris Bailey, later took his own life.

Jane Bailey claimed that troopers were laughing at her son and took video after they responded to a report saying his boat had fallen off the pick-up trailer on May 18 along Route 50.

“Four Maryland state troopers showed up. He asked them to give him a hand lifting it so he could get it out of the road. The laughed at him. The surrounded him and pulled out their cell phones taking videos and laughing at him posting on Facebook live the redneck kid trying to lift a boat,” Bailey wrote on Facebook.

Bailey said Chris had spent the entire winter fixing up the boat and dreamed of being a successful crabber. On the 18th, he took the boat down to Dorchester County on his new truck and went out to crab hoping to fulfill orders he took for Memorial Day weekend. But on his way back home, his boat fell off his trailer into the middle of Route 50. Bailey said when the troopers showed up they laughed instead of helping her son and told him to call a towing company — who demanded $3500 on the spot to tow the boat.


EDITOR'S NOTE: We had a post about this on Wednesday.  The Baltimore news stations and even the Baltimore Sun have noticed and have done articles as well.  


“Growing up I was always trying to figure out what man I wanted to become and I’m still trying to find out what kind of man I want to become,” Brown says as the ad begins.

The ad shows Brown in front of a sink attempting to shave for the first time as his father coaches him through it.

“Now, don’t be scared, don’t be scared. Shaving is about being confident,” Brown’s father advises.

“I’m at the point in my manhood where I’m actually happy. It’s not just myself transitioning, it’s everybody around me transitioning,” Brown explains as the ad comes to a close.


Bradshaw Towing Responds.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bradshaw Towing Posted the below on Facebook.  This is in response to another Facebook post that we posted here on the blog Wednesday.  (See original Facebook post)

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Chris Bailey. Mr. Bailey worked the water and was proud of his efforts as a Chesapeake Bay Waterman. His loss is one nobody would ever seek.

It has come to my attention that our company and the Maryland State Police are being blamed for his loss. It is being said that I purposely price-gouged the young man and made threats toward him. Anyone who has known me for my fifty-four years on this earth, thirty-seven years in the repair and towing business, and nearly fifteen years as a business owner know this would never be true. No words I write can lessen this loss, but I do feel I must explain what occurred that day.

On Saturday the 18th of May, Mr. Bailey contacted my company to assist in getting his boat, which had fallen from his trailer into a major intersection, out of the roadway and back onto his trailer. I explained that several options existed, including use of a rollback to pull the off the road surface- we would then get out of the road and place it back on the trailer. Mr. Bailey declined that, and preferred use of a rotating wrecker to prevent any further damage to the boat. We explained that, for recoveries, we typically bill $1,500/Hour for that truck’s services. This charge is reflective of the piece of equipment’s price, its extremely high operating expenses, and the experience required of its operator. Mr. Bailey said he wanted that truck dispatched and would determine how to make payment. Police had made clear the intersection could not remain blocked.

The truck arrived on scene with operator and a second technician. The truck was on scene for approximately two hours. Following the recovery and placement of the boat on the trailer, Mr. Bailey came to our physical location and made payment. We charged a rate one-half of normal charges in an effort to be fair to the young man. We did this out of compassion with knowledge he would be forced to pay out of pocket.

He at no times made any complaint as to service or price. Indeed, when I attempted to further explain the breakdown of charges, he said he was happy with everything. He made credit card payment and continued on to his destination.

We regularly post photos and information related to services rendered, as an example of the abilities of our equipment and crews. We did not laugh at, nor did we fault Mr. Bailey. After everything had occurred, we were under the impression we had provided an appreciated service to the young man.

Again, my condolences to Mr. Bailey’s family and friends. His loss is a terrible one.

Baltimore police release footage from Inner Harbor chaos

Wicomico First Alert Spreading FAKE NEWS


Maryland to start recalling 66,000 non-compliant drivers next week

A group of Marylanders are at risk of having their driver’s licenses or identification cards recalled in June if they don’t satisfy document requirements that are part of the federally-mandated REAL ID process.

The overall deadline for obtaining a REAL ID is October 1, 2020, but more than 66,300 Marylanders with a new REAL ID star license or identification card have not yet filed the required documents. These people have been contacted by the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) multiple times since December and need to bring those documents to the MDOT MVA by June to complete the process. Without those documents, MDOT MVA will start flagging the affected driver’s licenses and identification cards in June as “recalled.”

The recall of a driver’s license will make the physical card invalid. Customers would still be licensed drivers, but if pulled over by law enforcement, they would have their driver’s licenses confiscated. To avoid this, customers who are part of this group MUST come to a MDOT MVA branch with the required documents as soon as possible and are urged to make an appointment. Affected customers have received three notices via email since December that warn of the June 2019 deadline. They will receive three additional notices in the coming weeks via email and the U.S. Postal Service.


Punkin Chunkin Leaving Delaware For Illinois

It is official! The World Punkin Chunkin Championship is leaving Delaware. The team captains voted on a change of venue to the Village of Rantoul, Illinois. With 75% involvement, the vote was 70% YES and 30% NO. This is our event’s 4th change of venue since 1986. For over 33 years, we have called Sussex County Delaware our home but the chunk must go on. With many other Punkin Chunkin related events going on, there needs to be a World Championship.

We want to thank everyone for their support over the years. Most recently, we want to thank those that came forward in Delaware and Maryland in trying to keep the event on Delmarva. Unfortunately, our unique event requires large tracts of land. The Wheatley’s 600-acre property in Bridgeville, Delaware has served us well to date. We are very supportive of the land owner’s decision to not continue to host the event.

Our event will take place on the once known Chanute Air Force Base that was acquired by Rantoul when it was closed down in 1993. This property amongst their hospitality made their municipality an attractive location.

It has been our non-profit’s mission to conduct our annual event and give funds back to the community in the form of donations and scholarships for children. Since our inception, we have contributed over $1 Million Dollars in donations and scholarships. Our economic impact on the community has been incalculable drawing tens of thousands of spectators and participants from around the world.

We are currently planning the event to be on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Stay up to date by liking us on Facebook (@punkinchunkin) and visit us online at

SBY MSP Press Release 5-30-19

EDITOR'S NOTE: We received this press release late last night.  We didn't publish it because of the error in the report.  We responded to their email asking for a correction and so far have not received one.   Here is the press release just as it was sent.  See if you can find the error.

Associates of Wicomico First Alert Threaten Caribbean Joe's

I just received a call from Joe.  It seems people associated with Wicomico First Alert are calling and threatening him.  They informed him if we don't remove the post about Wicomico First Alert spreading fake news they said they were going on Yelp and posting bad reviews about Caribbean Joe's.   My response was, ok I can't say what my total response was but I said I would remove the post.  Joe's response was. "Hell no, do another post and let people know".   Ironic that they are going to file a FAKE review.

Breaking: Virginia Beach shooting: 11 killed, 6 injured; suspect also dead

6:46 p.m. 11 victims have been pronounced dead, as well as the gunman, and another six are injured following Friday’s shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera confirmed in a press conference.

A Virginia Beach police officer was shot in the incident, but was protected by a bulletproof vest. He’s expected to be OK.

The gunman was a longtime public works city employee.

Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer said this goes down as the most devastating day in the city’s history.


Theodore "John" Jones celebrates 60 years at Delaware Tire Center on June 1

Theodore Johnny Jones started work at the tire center on S Salisbury Boulevard on June 1, 1959.

My niece and I were so impressed with his story last July when we were there getting tires that we vowed to return in 11 months and bring him a cake. My niece, Janna Miller, just finished making the cake and we will deliver it tomorrow.

Mr. Jones deserves more recognition than that.

MSP: Memorial Day Weekend

Over the Memorial Day weekend (May 24-27), Maryland State Police responded to 5,754 calls for service, conducted 6,353 traffic stops, made 107 DUI arrests and 268 total arrests, while also issuing 1,201 speeding citations, 203 seat belt citations, 3,064 additional citations and 4,072 warnings. In addition, troopers also responded to 217 crashes, eight of which were fatal.

Should MLK statues come down amid '40 sexual affairs'?

Dozens of American cities in recent years have removed war memorials to Confederate leaders.

Statues are gone. Plaques have been taken down. Streets renamed. Plazas given new titles.

It’s because it’s no longer politically correct to allow public recognition of someone who would not fit in today’s society.

But talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday raised a question that’s going to be uncomfortable for many.

“Quick question, ladies and gentlemen, should all the statues of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King now come down? Should all of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King boulevards throughout America be renamed?” he asked


Another Rape In Salisbury

This is either the 3rd or 5th rape in Salisbury this year.  It depends on which statistics you are using.

"It's Scary"| About 500 kids converge on Inner Harbor, several arrested

BALTIMORE (WBFF) Six teenagers were arrested for either destruction of property or disorderly conduct, but police say no one was injured.

Video taken Saturday night shows some teens jumping on cars while others were seen assaulting someone.

Baltimore Police Col. Richard Worley, Chief of Patrol, says there were up to 500 young people who converged on downtown streets between 6:30 and 9:30pm.

"We basically monitored them as they moved through the harbor. The officers did an outstanding job and basically showed great restraint," said Col. Worley.


Worcester kicks off anti-littering campaign

Commissioners give approval for undertaking to limit illegally dumped items

(May 31, 2019) Looking to curtail illegal dumping on county roads and recycling centers, the Worcester County Commissioners have approved a new anti-littering campaign that will focus on education first and then tougher enforcement.

Public Works Director John Tustin told the commissioners last Tuesday that a brainstorming session was held in early April between various county departments to tackle the continuing issue of illegal dumping.

“After a lengthy discussion, we’re looking at education, enforcement, and abatement or clean up,” he said.

Tustin suggested the effort should begin with a six-month anti-littering campaign that would involve press releases, flyers and public service announcements.


Rolling Thunder Exec Director: We'll Ride On Washington If Pelosi Tries to Impeach Trump

The executive director of Rolling Thunder, the annual military event that features hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists traveling to Washington to call for full accountability for prisoners of war and missing in action service members, said that the entire membership would arrive in the nation’s capital if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom he called an “arrogant little b****,” decides to try to impeach President Trump.

Artie Muller, 74, who served as a U.S. Army sergeant in the Vietnam War and is listed on the group’s website as a co-founder, spoke at the National Mall on Monday and posited that Pelosi should be ousted from Congress for the series of investigations she is involved with.

He stated, “I would like to see Nancy Pelosi and her hypocrites work on the POW issue instead of bulls***ting [and] aggravating the President of the United States, who's doing a fantastic job.” He added, “When the hell are they going to wake up? It's not their children, their mothers, their fathers that are left behind in the POW camps.”

The Washington Examiner noted, “The numbers involved in a pro-Trump rally could be large. More than 1 million bikers are believed to have traveled to D.C. for this year’s Rolling Thunder rally.

More here

SBYNews & Wayne King Are Proud To Announce FREE CONCERT At The Salisbury Amphitheater Aug, 24th

I/We are honored to announce one of my very favorite bands of all time, "LOUD LOVE" have agreed to join us in a FREE CONCERT. My friend Wayne King will deliver his formal announcement he is running for Mayor of Salisbury. While that announcement will be short, the greatest local performers will get on stage for a 4 hour concert that will rock your world. 

I think by now you people know me well enough. When I say this is a great band, they're a GREAT band. When I say they play songs note for note, exactly like the original artists, they play note for note to perfection. 

NEVER in the history of Salisbury has someone stepped up to the plate to truly entertain the public in such a way but you just set this date aside from 4 to 8 PM and enjoy this great performance. I'm very excited and I hope you are too.  

Anyone Disagree?

Florida woman accused of assaulting Burger King manager after being denied free fries

MIAMI (CBS12) — A 42-year-old woman was arrested earlier this month for reportedly attacking a Burger King manager when she didn't get free fries, WFOR reported.

Natasha Bagley and 26-year-old Genesis Peguero came through the drive-thru of the Burger King at 18240 South Dixie Highway on April 2, according to WFOR. The pair asked for free fries, but the employee working the drive-thru said no.

Just minutes later, Bagley and Peguero walked into the restaurant and caused a ruckus, WFOR reported. Peguero then jumped over the counter to the employees only area. When a manager approached her, she demanded that they open the cash register and give her whatever was inside.




PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY the pictured suspect pictured at the Oasis Truck Stop, Laurel. The suspect is a black male wearing a tie-dye orange, green, and yellow shirt with black pants and do-rag. The suspect entered the victim’s unsecured GMC Yukon and removed a wallet from within. The suspect fled on foot towards Shady Acres. Shortly after the incident, he used the victim’s debit card at Lakeshore Wine and Spirits. Please contact Trooper Merritt at Delaware State Police Troop 5, Bridgeville (302) 337-1090

Salisbury Mayoral Candidate Wayne King Delivers Website/Platform

It is time to bring "Transparent Common Sense Leadership" to the City of Salisbury. I am not a politician nor a bureaucrat. I am running as Mayor to take this runaway train and put it back on the tracks. Crime, Safety, and the Economy will be my main focus; and being transparent will be my mantra. Being an outsider, the King administration will not play favorites and I am not part of the "Good 'Ole Boys Network." We will prioritize what needs to be done. And believe me, I will not be thinking about chain link fences or a mural when we have a gang problem in our city. I will run Salisbury like a business, a successful business. 

To read Wayne's platform and biography go to: