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Friday, May 04, 2012

The Importance Of Free Minds

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

~ Thomas Jefferson

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

~ United States Constitution, First Amendment

The above-quoted words reflect sentiments so essential to a condition of liberty that they are at the forefront of the history of American political thought. Jefferson’s quotation as well as the first of the listings in the so-called Bill of Rights, represent a theme carried over from the Revolutionary War period: minds should be free to explore and express whatever is of concern to them. If one reads the First Amendment closely, it becomes evident that this provision was intended to prohibit government intrusions upon the then-known means and settings for free thought.

Many of the central figures who helped bring British rule to an end would, upon ascending to power under the newly-created Constitution, deny these fundamental principles to Americans. This should surprise no one familiar with the nature not only of power, but of those who fancy themselves fit to exercise it. Thus, George Washington – as President – personally led federal troops into western Pennsylvania to confront leaders of the Whiskey Rebellion. This rebellion was in opposition to a federal tax on whiskey, promoted by Alexander Hamilton as a means of paying off a national debt, much of which arose from the confederacy’s issuance of all-but-worthless "Continentals." Hamilton and his friends had bought up much of this debt in expectation of the constitutional provision that would authorize the new government to pay it off at face value. (And I’ll bet you thought financial corruption in American politics didn’t arise until the 20th century!) Thus were Americans introduced to the first of an endless string of contradictions: a rebellion against a British tax on tea was an act of patriotism, while a rebellion against a federal tax on whiskey was an act of insurrection.



After a year of research and preparation, this giant Imax 3D film, JERUSALEM , is scheduled for worldwide release in 2013. The film takes you on a spectacular and unprecedented aerial tour throughout Israel, the Holy Land and the city once believed to lie at the center of the world.

To see it in full screen - click on the 4 small arrows at the bottom right hand corner.

O’Malley Considering Panel to Study Gambling

Gov. Martin O’Malley is considering creating a panel to study expanded gambling in Maryland.

Raquel Guillory, a spokeswoman for O’Malley, said the possibility of a creating commission to study adding table games and more casino locations in “under discussion.”

The governor has said he will consider calling a special legislative session this summer to address gaming.


Fallout After Md. Rules Pit Bulls a Vicious Breed

Dog lovers are sounding off about a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that pit bulls are an inherently dangerous breed.

The Humane Society of the United States launched a campaign Wednesday seeking legislation to overturn the ruling.

The group says Maryland is the only state that officially regards pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs as categorically dangerous.


Al Sharpton's anti-Arpaio segment shows White House 'scared'

A segment on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show deriding the findings of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility shows the White House fears coming revelations, according to WND senior writer Jerome Corsi.

Corsi, who has probed Obama’s eligibility for four years, said “it’s obvious that the White House is scared.”

The segment by Sharpton on his daily “PoliticsNation” show April 27 was an attempt to get out ahead of the news, Corsi said.

The White House is “front-running the story, putting it out through a surrogate trying to ridicule Arpaio’s investigation, because they know how much damage he is about to do to the president,” he said.


Parents Advocate Competency Tests For Older Drivers After Their Son Is Hit & Killed

When an older driver hits and kills a Hopkins student, his parents target people they believe should no longer get behind the wheel.

Jessica Kartalija looks at the controversy over testing older drivers.

No one knew a ride home from the Farmers’ Market would be the last for 20-year-old Nathan Krasnopoler.
 Now his parents only have pictures to remember their gifted middle child.

“Oh, it’s just heartbreaking,” Susan Cohen, Nathan Krasnopoler’s mother, said. “We really thought that Nathan would figure out a solution to some world problem.”


Arrest Made in Black-Mob Attack on Whites

Police: 'At no time … did it appear this assault was racially motivated'

 Police have arrested a 16-year-old in connection with a mob attack by large numbers of black teenagers against a young white couple in a car, a case which has sparked national outrage.

As WND reported in a story posted on the popular Drudge Report, the couple was pummeled April 14 by dozens of black teens, and the Virginian-Pilot newspaper did not report the incident for two weeks, despite the fact the victims, Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami, are both news reporters for the paper.

Police arrested the suspect this morning, but authorities will not release his name due to his age. According to the Virginian-Pilot, he has been charged with throwing a missile at a vehicle, a felony, as well as two counts of simple assault by mob, destruction of property and participation in a riot, all misdemeanors


Summer Song Contest Approved

OCEAN CITY – With the process and official rules outlined this week, the Ocean City Song of the Summer Contest will be gearing up soon.

The contest details were released this week and received permission from the Mayor and City Council to move ahead.

According to the official rules, participants are to write and record an original song that shares their passion for Ocean City. The song will become the official song of the 2012 summer in Ocean City.

Once the contest is set up, song submissions can be done on the “Song of Summer” tab on Ocean City’s Facebook page or on the town’s website, Entries can also be mailed.


Shut out on World Press Freedom Day

Even on World Press Freedom Day, Les Kinsolving, WND’s correspondent at the White House and the second most-senior reporter on the beat behind only Connie Lawn, was not allowed by press secretary Jay Carney to ask any questions.

Of the 46 reporters at today’s daily White House press briefing, 28 were not allowed to ask questions.

Instead, Carney allowed NBC to ask six, Fox five and Reuters, the Washington Post and American Urban Radio four.

Kinsolving wanted to pursue information about Barack Obama’s funding of the Palestinian Authority.


Frederick Considers Camping Ban as Occupy Group Protests G-8 at Camp David

The Occupy Frederick group says it plans a number of events in Frederick next week linked to the meeting at nearby Camp David of leaders of the Group of Eight leading industrialized nations.

Demonstrators plan a "people's summit" at the downtown C. Burr Artz Public Library on May 18, the first day of the meeting at Camp David.

Occupy Frederick protesters spent about a week camping out in tents along Carroll Creek Linear Park in conjunction with the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, Washington, and across the country.


Berlin Jazz, Blues Bash Returns With New Acts, Offerings

BERLIN – The Berlin Chamber of Commerce and WESM 91.3 FM are once again proud to present the 5th Annual Berlin Jazz & Blues Bash, to be held in downtown Berlin Saturday, May 5, from noon-8 p.m.

Non-stop Jazz and Blues music will be heard all day in Berlin, featuring six acts on two stages, artwork for sale by local artists, selected food vendors, amazing restaurants, shops and galleries. New this year is a Beer and Wine tent to heighten the festival’s atmosphere.

“The Berlin Jazz & Blues Bash is another one of Berlin’s exciting, free, family events,” Joel Todd said. “We will be presenting six different acts this year guaranteed to have people dancing in the streets. In addition, the event offers plenty of food and specialty vendors. Never to be overlooked are the downtown shops which regularly make Berlin a travel destination.”


Gov't Seeks More Than 1,700 Secret Warrants

The Justice Department made 1,745 requests to a secret court for authority to wiretap or search for evidence in terrorism and espionage investigations last year.

That's according to an April 30 letter from the department to the Senate that was first reported Thursday by the Federation of American Scientists.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which meets in secret to hear classified evidence from government attorneys, did not reject any of the requests, though judges did require modifications to 30 requests.


"Overwhelming military-type response" - Oakland Cops Could Face Sanctions For OWS Actions

The city of Oakland, California has been issued an ultimatum by a federal judge: either figure out a way to handle the flood of complaints against the police or start being sanctioned.

District Judge Thelton Henderson has demanded that officials in the Bay Area city start determining this week how to deal with the abundance of accusatory statements filed with Oakland authorities, specifically citing the flood of complaints that have come in over how law enforcement conducted themselves during raids on the city’s Occupy Wall Street protests. In a decision made this week, Judge Henderson says that the Oakland Police Department must submit their proposal on how to handle the grievances within the next week or else be sanctioned by federal authorities.

Calling into question the police department’s documented mishandling of protesters demonstrating there under the OWS umbrella, Judge Henderson says that cops have time and time again resorted to "an overwhelming military-type response" when conducting crowd control during a series of events in recent month that have become especially commonplace since the Occupy movement began last fall.


‘Remembering Our Babies’ Vigil Planned On May 7

BERLIN -- While Mother’s Day is usually a time to give thanks for family bonds, it can also be a “bittersweet” holiday for those who have lost children, according to Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center (SGPC) representative Mari Quillen.

Consequently, the SGPC will be having a “Remembering Our Babies” candle lighting ceremony the week before Mother’s Day.

“Mother’s Day is not always the happiest holiday for some moms,” said Quillen. “We just want to give parents an opportunity to remember their baby.”

The vigil is for anyone who has lost an infant through a miscarriage, stillbirth or any loss of a child shortly after birth. Miscarriage especially is often underrepresented, said Quillen, explaining that many people do not understand exactly how traumatic the experience can be.


New Stadium In Charlotte NC

Proposed new Charlotte stadium with retractable roof.
Just in time for the Democratic National Convention and Obama's speech.

Wave of Black Mobs Brutalizing Whites

In a wave of black-on-white crime since the February Trayvon Martin slaying, reports are emerging of dozens of brutal assaults by black mobs and assailants against white victims – and some attackers are citing the revenge for the Martin slaying as reason for their aggression.

Martin is the unarmed black teen who died after being shot by a white/Hispanic community-watch captain, George Zimmerman, in Sanford, Fla., sparking a wave of outrage o violence against whites long after the Feb. 26 incident.

On March 17 in Baltimore, Md., a white man was beaten, stripped naked and robbed. As a girl danced against him, a black man grabbed an item from the man’s pocket. When the victim attempted to recover his property, the man punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground, stripped his clothes off and taunted him.

Then one man in the mob, identifying himself on Twitter as “Lil Darren,” posted a video of the assault online, explaining: “me an[sic] my boys helped get justice fore[sic] trayvon.”



Great video of a Spontaneous Victory Parade in Honolulu in 1945. Take a look at this video-absolutely fabulous! Notice the cars and jeeps, youth. The guys in khaki or gray shirts and black ties are Navy officers or chiefs The rest are Army or Marine. How young they all were to do what they did.

This guy really captured a moment in history! (You can listen to Jimmy Durante singing "I'll be Seeing You" in the background, too) This is a super video of a time past - we need to remember and be THANKFUL. Check out the color fidelity. It's not bad for 1945. Nothing will ever compare with Kodachrome film.

Click here for the video:

Behind The Scenes With A NASCAR Team

I had the opportunity to spend a couple of weekends with one of the NASCAR Nationwide Teams in Bristol, TN, and Richmond, VA. During the next couple of days, I am going to share my behind-the- scene experiences with you.  If you are a fan of NASCAR, you will probably enjoy learning a little more about an exciting sport.

Jeremy Clements and his teammates run in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.  They are hard-working, dedicated professionals who compete in a sport in which some teams have huge million-dollar budgets while others scrape together every dollar they have just to stay alive. Jeremy’s team is a lower-budget team that scrapes every dollar they can to stay competitive.


Who is your favorite Nascar driver/team?

High School Student Might Have Found Cure For Cancer

This is a pretty amazing video. This girl is only in high school and may have come up with the solution for a cure to cancer. Share this with people as this is extremely amazing and great news for all of us that have been affected by the scourge that is cancer. 17-year-old Angela Zhang of Cupertino of California, just won $100,000 in the national Siemens science contest for potentially finding the cure.


Worcester Plans Rabies Clinics

SNOW HILL -- The Worcester County Health Department this week issued a reminder to county residents about the dangers of rabies and announced a series of upcoming clinics.

According to the health department, rabid animals continue to be found in all areas of Worcester County, even within town limits. There have been seven confirmed rabid raccoons thus far in 2012 and two of them were found in the town limits of Snow Hill and Pocomoke. Raccoons are the most frequently identified carriers of rabies in Maryland and throughout Worcester County, but the deadly viral disease has also been found in Worcester in foxes, skunks, cats, groundhogs and bats.

Cat with rabies serve as a reminder that the disease is not only associated with wild animals. Cats are the number one domestic animal species most likely to be unvaccinated and are at higher risk of exposure to rabid wildlife while outdoors. In Worcester County, there have been four laboratory confirmed cases of rabid cats in the last two-and-a-half years with a number of human and pet exposures.


Rep. Andy Harris Statement On April Unemployment Report

WASHINGTON D.C. – Rep. Andy Harris released the following statement after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released their April unemployment report:

“Today’s weak job numbers show that the President’s policies of taxing job creators and encouraging higher gasoline prices for all consumers simply don’t work. The labor force participation rate is at its lowest point in 30 years. If all of those individuals who have been pushed out of the labor force by these policies were seeking work today we would have a real unemployment rate of 11 percent. Hard-working Americans deserve better than a historically high sustained unemployment rate and policies that are only making the situation worse. It’s time for the President to work with the House Republicans, who have already passed and sent several bills to the Senate, for positive job growth and prosperity for all Americans.”

We're Almost There Now

HR347 – the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act is now “the law.” (More accurately, an updated version of the Law to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich. The phraseology and cadences are becoming so familiar, aren’t they?)

It codifies the federal government’s practice – ever since the days of The Chimp – to shunt protestors into what Judge Andrew Napolitano rightly calls No Speech Zones and more, expands on it – criminalizing mere speech, mere peaceful assembly, if it “impedes or disrupts the orderly conduct of government business or official functions” – as defined by the agents of the federal government. The language is so sweepingly vague it amounts to carte blanche suspension of the First Amendment whenever and wherever the government so decides.

Heckling – or even standing silent with a protest sign could and will be construed as “impeding” and/or “disrupting” the “orderly conduct of government.”


Johns Hopkins Astronomer Discovers How Black Holes Work

Johns Hopkins is again at the center of groundbreaking research. One of their astronomers had a simple idea, and as Mike Schuh reports, it led to a once in a lifetime discovery about black holes.

Black holes are out there sucking up stars like cosmic vaccuum cleaners. But they’re invisible. We’ve never seen them work in real time… until now. Until a Hopkins-led team found a star caught by a black hole’s gravity.

“And when it got really close, the gravitational force of the black hole literally ripped it apart, stretched it into a thin stream,” Dr. Suvi Gezari, a Hopkins astronomer, said.


Ron Paul: "Central Bankers Are Intellectually Bankrupt"

The financial crisis has fully exposed the intellectual bankruptcy of the world’s central bankers.

Why? Central bankers neglect the fact that interest rates are prices. Manipulating those prices through credit expansion or contraction has real and deleterious effects on the economy. Yet while socialism and centralised economic planning have largely been rejected by free-market economists, the myth persists that central banks are a necessary component of market economies.

These economists understand that having wages or commodity prices established by government fiat would cause shortages, misallocations of capital and hardship. Yet they accept at face value the notion that central banks must determine not only the supply of one particular commodity – money – but also the cost of that commodity via the setting of interest rates.


Jo Ann Burbage, EMS Dispatcher, Surrenders License After Botched 911 Call

A Maryland 911 dispatcher who bungled an emergency call for a man who was dying from a heart attack in Ocean City in 2009 has voluntarily surrendered her license.

On Oct. 3, 2009, Jo Ann Burbage responded to a call from the sister-in-law of 52-year-old Richard Rehmann, who had collapsed while cleaning a boat. However, Cheryl Monno said that Burbage seemingly had no idea where she was calling from despite having given her a street address and a nearby major intersection.

"I felt like the dispatcher had no idea where I was," Monno told ABC7's Kris Van Cleave during an interview in 2010.


Yard Sale

Yard sale 5/5/12 @712 E State St Delmar (corner of State St & 8th St) 7:30 am until at least noon if rain holds off!

Future Economy, Future Stability, Future Careers

Dissent, feedback, innovation and adaptation are the only sustainable sources of stability, prosperity and well-being.

Reader Michael K. recently asked one of the key questions of the next 20 years:

I would very much like to learn your thoughts on what careers may be viable for our children. With the future likely to change our lives so dramatically, where do you see opportunities for some form of career growth and some form of stability?

Thank you for the question, Michael. All of my books can be read as attempts to answer this question: or Weblogs & New Media: Marketing in Crisis [6], Survival+: Structuring Prosperity for Yourself and the Nation [7], An Unconventional Guide to Investing in Troubled Times [8]and Resistance, Revolution, Liberation: A Model for Positive Change [9].

There is no way to adequately address the many issues raised by this question in a single entry, but we can start with these general observations:

1. The next 20 years will not be like the last 20 years, so projecting current mainstream trends will very likely lead to wrong answers. Trends change, cycles turn, and so predicting the future by extrapolating current trends leads to faulty conclusions about the future.



After serving the public for 29 years, Town Commissioner Frank White has decided to call it quits. Frank was the Town Commissioner for the past 12 years.

Frank met with upcoming candidate Mike Hall yesterday and will be endorsing Mike as his replacement in the upcoming election. Frank believes Mike will make a great Commissioner.

Bumper Stickers Are Now In

Not just any bumper sticker. These bumper stickers will last more than a year and are of the quality in which they will come right off when and if you ever choose to remove them.

So come on down to 300 W. Main Street and pick one up. We'll leave the light on for ya.

2 Social Workers Honored For Saving Baby’s Life After Stabbing

A surprise honor for two social services workers who helped save the life of a baby. They took swift action after the infant’s mom stabbed her during a supervised visit.

Mike Hellgren spoke to the social worker who was in the room when things turned out of control.

The social worker was only five feet away. This case has prompted a review of security at the facility. On Thursday, those who rescued the child got some major recognition.


Morning In America

That was Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection campaign slogan, which manipulated the voters to give Reagan a second term of deficit-spending, expanding the welfare/warfare state, and further enlarging Big Government.

Barack Obama will do similar manipulating of the masses.

For many decades it has not been "morning in America," given America’s extreme decline, economically and culturally. Many Americans today are dependent and ignorant, and more and more aspects of daily life have been politicized and centralized into an increasingly frightening and totalitarian Washington, D.C.

Many Americans are impatient, intolerant, short-sighted, self-centered, and our irresponsible, spend-happy Congress merely reflects the general population.

Last Fall’s Black Friday shopping frenzy was a clear example of what Americans have become.


Virginia Profile Rises in Presidential Contest

Move over Ohio and Florida. Virginia is becoming the hottest new battleground in this year's race for the White House.

Shifting demographics have President Barack Obama fighting for another win in this Southern state four years after he became the first Democratic presidential nominee to carry Virginia in more than four decades. Republican rival Mitt Romney is banking on buyers' remorse as he works to prove that Obama's unlikely 2008 victory was a fluke.

Six months before Election Day, both sides concede that Virginia is truly up for grabs. And the outcome here could have dramatic consequences _ for Romney especially.



Daniel Chong Drank Urine To Survive 5 Days In Holding Cell Without Food, Water

Update: The Drug Enforcement Administration has apologized to Danny Chong after he spent five days in a holding cell without food, water or a toilet, the LA Times reported.

“I extend my deepest apologies [to] the young man and want to express that this event is not indicative of the high standards that I hold my employees to,” William Sherman, special agent in charge of the San Diego division of the DEA, said in a statement. He added that he has ordered “an extensive review” of DEA procedures.


Mixed Verdict In Shomrim Beating Case

A judge has convicted one brother of two charges and cleared the other in the beating of a black teenager while volunteering for their Jewish neighborhood's watch program.

Eliyahu Werdesheim was found guilty Thursday of false imprisonment and second-degree assault. He was cleared of a charge of wearing or carrying a dangerous or deadly weapon with intent to injure.

His brother, Avi, was cleared on all the same charges. They faced up to 13 years in prison if convicted of all three.


This Weekend In Downtown Salisbury – Be There!

Park & Flea is located on the corner of Route 13 and Main Street. The parking lot is filled with antiques, collectibles, yard sale items, produce, plants and more.
Open: Saturday 7 AM and Sunday 9 AM

Season's Best is a large antique mall, next to the market, that opens at 10am on Saturdays and 12 PM on Sundays!

Shore Fresh Growers Farmers Market is officially open. They will be in their regular location. Corner of Market St & Rt 13. 8am-1pm tomorrow! Start Cinco de Mayo off with fresh from the farm veggies, berries, eggs, meats, baked goods and jams. They will also have beautiful flowers and herbs to brighten your tables and gardens. They are located on the beautiful Riverwalk in downtown Salisbury.

The Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District is opening a new outdoor Riverside Arts & Crafts Market on Saturday, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. The public will be able to view and purchase original art and craft items, created by local and regional professional and emerging artists and crafters. The location is the public parking lot on West Main Street across from Yum! Café and next to Brew River!
Just across Route 50 in Newtown from 9-2 there will be a Plant and Bake Sale at Poplar Hill Mansion. This is a perfect opportunity to shop for Mother’s Day! The outdoor events include a showcase of more than 100 plants, as well as a bevy of baked goods on Saturday, May 5 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The plants are provided by the Four Seasons Garden Club and the baked goods are donated by Poplar Hill Mansion volunteers. Guests will also be able to visit Poplar Hill's gift shop, where several locally made works of art will be available for sale. All proceeds from the sale will go to the preservation of the mansion.

The 34th annual Wicomico County Elementary & Secondary Student Art Show, featuring more than 1,000 works from students in every Wicomico school will be on display at the Wicomico Public Library in downtown Salisbury. Art teachers have selected 20 to 50 pieces per school, including paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture, to represent the creative efforts of Wicomico County students. A reception for student artists and their families will take place tonight from 7-8:30 p.m., May 4. The exhibit will be available for viewing through tomorrow Saturday, May 5 from 12-8 p.m.

The Plaza Deli is now open in the Gallery Building on the plaza at 212 W. Main Street. They use only the freshest ingredients to make homemade Salads, Wraps, Subs, Breakfast, & More. “A touch of New York in everything we do!” The Plaza Deli will be open Saturday, May 5 all day so stop in for a bite as you travel from one end of Main Street to the other.

Eric Holder To Be Held In Contempt Of Congress?

While normally we stay away from outright political commentary especially of the kind that has no direct relation to finance or the economy, the fact is that if the US had a functioning, uncompromised, uncorrupt, and effective Justice Department, much of what we see every day on Wall Street would be vastly different since if crime did indeed have punishment, then a vast portion of the questionable behavior that is exhibited by financiers would have been eliminated long ago. Which is why we find the news just released from The Hill that "Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has circulated a draft copy of a resolution that would hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress" particularly relevant. For it is none other than Holder's complete lack of involvement and intervention to outright daily crimes conducted in the financial world that is as much a reason for the deplorable economic state of this country and the world, as are all those other factor extensively discussed in books and documentaries each and every day.
From The Hill [5]:
The 44-page measure was sent to members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Thursday in an attempt to shore up support for what would be the toughest action taken by Issa as chairman of the powerful panel.

Issa has been investigating the botched gun tracking operation Fast and Furious for more than a year and has repeatedly expressed his frustration at the Department of Justice’s lack of cooperation.

Issa has issued two subpoenas to obtain documents from DOJ, and is arguing that the agency’s glacial pace in returning the requested information provides cause for holding Holder in contempt of Congress.

“The Justice Department’s failure to respond appropriately to the allegations of whistleblowers and to cooperate with Congressional oversight has crossed the line of appropriate conduct for a government agency,” reads a 17-page memo attached to the draft copy of the resolution on contempt circulated to members.

“Congress now faces a moment of decision between exerting its full authority to compel an agency refusing to cooperate with congressional oversight or accepting a dangerous expansion of Executive Branch authority and unilateral action allowing agencies to set their own terms for cooperating with congressional oversight.”


Hearing Speakers Seek Tax Hike To Boost Schools

SNOW HILL -- With a few vocal exceptions, Worcester County residents told the County Commission Tuesday that they would be willing to take a tax increase as long as the money went towards education.

The County Commissioners took this with a grain of salt, however, especially since there are still a number of potential budget pitfalls in the road ahead, including the continued uncertainty of state mandates and the fact 44 commercial properties in Ocean City are currently appealing their values.

All in all, things are looking bleak and, according to Commissioner Virgil Shockley, most people don’t realize just how bad finances are.


Caption This Photo 5-4-12

Thank God Its Friday 5-4-12

What will you be doing this weekend?

Dat's My Boy!

Today's Fill In The Blank 5-4-12

My first job was _____.

Oh Boy!

Reminisce 2 Brings MIDNIGHT STAR, Bar-Kays And Zapp To Civic Center

Salisbury, MD – The Reminisce 2 tour will ‘bring the funk’ to the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center on Friday, August 10th at 8:00pm. The line-up features MIDNIGHT STAR with Bar-Kays and special guests Zapp along with SFB and Comedian ‘LightFoot.’ Tickets for Reminisce 2 go on sale Sunday, May 6th.

MIDNIGHT STAR, the world renowned songwriters, producers and entertainers made a name for themselves in 80’s with the Certified Double Platinum Plus “No Parking on the Dance Floor.” They later released a multitude of top 10 and No. 1 hits during the decade including dance-floor smashes “Freak-a-Zoid,” “Wet My Whistle” and the lovers ballad of the mid-80’s “Slow Jam.” Back together again, MIDNIGHT STAR is hitting the stage this summer bringing the high energy they are known for to every performance. The funkomatic group of Memphians, the Bar-Kays will bring their trademark smoke, fire and vibrant costuming to the stage along with soul and funk band Zapp. Accompanying the MIDNIGHT STAR, Bar-Kays and Zapp trio will be SFB and Comedian ‘LightFoot.’

Tickets go on sale Sunday, May 6th and range in price from $25 to $60 (additional fees may apply). Tickets can be purchased online at, in person from the WY&CC Box Office (M-F from 8am – 5pm) or by phone at 410.548.4911.

Photo Of An Entrepreneur

Today's Advertiser Of The Day 5-4-12

Don't forget the Farmer's Market this weekend.


If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner. H. L. Mencken

Though the people support the government; the government should not support the people. Grover Cleveland

Once the principle is admitted that it is duty of government to protect the individual against his own foolishness, no serious objections can be advanced against further encroachments. Ludwig von Mises

The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups. Henry Hazlitt

Berlin’s Main Street Corridor All Filled Up

BERLIN -- With the addition of three new businesses this spring, Berlin’s Main St. is officially full.

Town representatives were enthusiastic about what having a Main St. without any commercial vacancies means for Berlin.

“Now we begin what I call the ‘Early Years of the Berlin Renaissance,’” said Mayor Gee Williams.

The last four years have seen a surge of businesses setting up shop in Berlin. According to Economic and

Community Development Director Michael Day, there has been a net gain of 21 new businesses in the downtown area since June 2008, with nine businesses leaving but 30 fresh operations moving in.

“Since 2008, the downtown has seen a net gain of 84 jobs,” said Day.

Boosting the downtown will be three new businesses that will soon be moving into the last openings on Main St.


NYTimes Realizes That The FBI Keeps Celebrating Breaking Up Its Own Terrorist Plots

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed that nearly every victory the FBI celebrates against terrorism is actually about stopping its own terrorist plots that it feeds to hapless individuals, often nudging them and pushing them down the road to “become” terrorists, despite commonly displaying little to no aptitude for actual terrorism.

Add the NY Times to the newspapers who are beginning to question the FBI’s penchant for setting up its own plots for the sake of a high profile arrest of some clueless individuals.

The United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years – or so it has seemed. A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol; a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh, N.Y.; and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts.

But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested.


huge Multifamily Yardsale This Weekend

Today's Survey Question 5-4-12

Do you think prison inmates should be used in more local clean ups, landscaping and other monitored projects?


Agents Seize $47 Million In Counterfeit Goods From Flea Market

5 charged with selling the counterfeit items

- More than $47 million in counterfeit merchandise seized at the Patapsco Flea Market is the Homeland Security Investigations' largest such seizure ever at a flea market, federal authorities said.

Agents raided the market in southwest Baltimore on April 22 as part of a 2½ year investigation. Authorities seized nearly 220,000 counterfeit items including clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, DVDs, CDs, perfume, makeup and other personal care items. Had those items been legitimate, authorities said, the total manufacturer's suggested retail price would be about $47.3 million.


Laura Bush Helps National Mall

Former First Lady Laura Bush is helping the National Mall get a makeover. She said the Mall is "America's backyard." But it's not the well-manicured and vibrant gathering place that many would like to see. ABC News reported, Bush is helping the Trust for the National Mall raise $350 million for the landscaping project to match federal funds. The foundation has picked three design contest winners. Their ideas include an ice rink by the Washington Monument, concert space and more shaded walking paths.

$47 Million In Fake Goods Seized

Federal authorities say more than $47 million in counterfeit merchandise seized at the Patapsco Flea Market is the Homeland Security Investigation's largest such seizure ever at a flea market.

Agents raided the market in southwest Baltimore on April 22 as part of a 2 ½ year investigation. Authorities seized nearly 220,000 counterfeit items including clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, DVDs, CDs, perfume, makeup and other personal care items. Had those items been legitimate, authorities say, the total manufacturer's suggested retail price would be about $47.3 million.



"The interpretation of the laws is the proper and peculiar province of the courts. A constitution is in fact, and must be, regarded by the judges as a fundamental law. It therefore belongs to them to ascertain its meaning as well as the meaning of any particular act proceeding from the legislative body. If there should happen to be an irreconcilable variance between the two, that which has the superior obligation and validity ought of course to be preferred; or in other words, the constitution ought to be preferred to the statute, the intention of the people to the intention of their agents."

-- Alexander Hamilton

Millsboro Man Arrested At Wildlife Area For Felony Drug And Weapon Violations

MILLSBORO – DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement agents arrested a Millsboro man Wednesday at the Ingrams Pond Wildlife Area boat ramp on an assortment of drug and weapon charges.

Jeffery J. Adkins, 25, was charged with one felony count each of carrying a concealed deadly weapon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, and three related misdemeanor charges for possession of paraphernalia for ingesting cocaine, and for weighing and storing the drug. Mr. Adkins was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 3 in Georgetown and committed to Sussex Correctional Institute in default of $9,500 bond.

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Enforcement Section is charged with achieving public compliance through education and enforcement actions that help conserve Delaware’s fish and wildlife resources and ensure safe boating and public safety.

Citizens are encouraged to report fish and wildlife and boating violations to the Delaware Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Section at 302-739-4580.

NOAA Hires Magicians Too

The General Services Administration is not the only agency hiring magicians for its conferences. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration intended to hire one for a conference in suburban Maryland. But it withdrew the request for proposals a few days later. GovExec reported that NOAA wanted a motivational speaker for a June management training session. It called for a person who could translate magic and the psychology of magic into a method of teaching leadership. NOAA said it has referred the solicitation to the agency general counsel.

22nd Annual Springfest Underway In Ocean City

OCEAN CITY -- Springfest celebrates spring and the upcoming summer season through Sunday, May 5, with delicious food, live entertainment, and unique arts and crafts in and around four big top tents located in the Inlet Lot at the south end of Ocean City’s famous Boardwalk.

Ocean City’s 22nd Annual Springfest will serve up a continuous variety of musical performances on two stages throughout the event. Admission to the four-day event is free. All entertainment is free with the exception of the headline acts.

 Tickets are now on sale for country star Loretta Lynn, 80s sensations Eddie Money and Survivor, all of whom along with the Fabulous Hubcaps, who performed last night, will headline the entertainment at Springfest 2012.

Loretta Lynn performs at 8 p.m. Friday, May 4. Her instantly recognizable delivery is one of the greatest country-music voices in history. Tickets for Loretta’s Springfest show range from $25 to $55.
Eddie Money and Survivor take the stage at 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 5 with tickets ranging from $20 to $45.


A Different Perspective

WCSO Press Releases 5-4-12

Incident: Warrant Arrest
Date of Incident: 1 May 2012
Location: 1200 block of Mt. Hermon Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Nicole Marie Miller, 34, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 1 May 2012
at 3:45 PM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office arrested Nicole Miller on an outstanding Circuit Court bench Warrant. The warrant was issued on 27 April 2012 after Miller violated her probation in a CDS case.

The deputy transported Miller to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed. Miller was detained in the Detention Center on $2,500.00 bond pending an initial appearance in front of a Circuit Court Judge.

Charges: Violation of Probation

Incident: Resisting Arrest
Date of Incident: 2 May 2012
Location: 8000 block of Hawthorne Lane, Hebron, MD
Suspect: Mark C. Clarkson, 57, Hebron, MD

Narrative: On 2 May 2012
at 12:24 PM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to a location in the 8000 block of Hawthorne Lane in Hebron to locate Mark Clarkson who was being sought on a Circuit Court Indictment that was issued on 9 April 2012. Upon contacting Clarkson at the location, he fled back into the residence in an attempt to avoid apprehension. Clarkson refused to
submit to an arrest once inside the residence and continued to act belligerently towards the deputy. The deputy had to physically subdue Clarkson who continued to refuse to submit to the arrest. The deputy managed to take Clarkson into custody but suffered a shoulder injury in the process which necessitated medical evaluation and treatment after the arrest.

Clarkson was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Clarkson was charged with resisting arrest and assault against the deputy.

The Commissioner detained Clarkson on $5,000.00 bond on those charges.

Clarkson was also detained in the Detention Center on $150,000.00 bond on the Indictment. The charges in the Indictment involved CDS Distribution and Firearm Possession during a Drug Trafficking Crime.

Charges: Resisting Arrest
Assault 2nd Degree

Incident: Possession of Marijuana
Date of Incident: 3 May 2012
Location: 900 block of Booth Street, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Marvin L. Jones, 21, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 3 May 2012
at 1:47 AM, a deputy on patrol came across Marvin Jones in the 900 block of Booth Street in Salisbury. During the encounter, the deputy became suspicious of the activity of Jones and subsequently began a consensual search of Jones, during which the deputy recovered marijuana.

The deputy placed Jones under arrest and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Jones on Personal Recognizance.

Charges: Possession of Marijuana

Incident: Warrant Arrest
Date of Incident: 24 April 2012
Location: 1000 block of Adams Avenue, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Alexis Marie Turcol, 20, Pittsville, MD

Narrative: On 24 April 2012
at 1:30 PM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office located Alexis Marie Turcol of Pittsville in the 1000 block of Adams Avenue in Salisbury. Turcol was being sought on two open District Court Bench warrants that had been issued in a theft case and a credit card fraud case.

The deputy took Turcol into custody and transported Turcol to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner.

After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Turcol in the Detention Center without bond pending her next court appearance.

Charges: Failure to Appear

Spanish Students

Md. First To Protect Kids From ID Theft

WASHINGTON - Children in Maryland are better protected from identity theft after Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a bill Wednesday giving parents a preventative way to protect their kids' credit.

The Maryland Child Identity Lock bill allows parents and legal guardians to place a preemptive freeze on their child's credit report starting in January 2013. The freeze prevents thieves from applying for credit in a child's name. Previously, credit freezes were only available to people who have a credit history.

Maryland is the first state to respond to recent reports that children are fast becoming the favorite target of identity thieves. Identity theft among the five-year-old and younger age group increased by 105 percent since 2011, according to an AllClear ID report.


SU Hosts 11th Relay For Life Friday-Saturday, May 4-5

Since 2002, Salisbury University’s Relay For Life has raised nearly $800,000 for the American Cancer Society. The goal for this year’s 11th event: push that total toward $900,000. SU’s Relay is consistently among the top collegiate Relays in the nation, and organizers anticipate another highly successful event. Opening ceremonies for the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraiser begin 6 p.m. Friday, May 4, at the SU Intramural Fields. Closing ceremonies are 6 a.m. Saturday, May 5. This year’s theme is “Holidays!” SU students Maggie Sullivan and Casey Gaul co-chair the event.



OC Eyes Dock For Fire Boat

OCEAN CITY -- Ocean City Fire Chief Chris Larmore presented the department’s quarterly report this week, including a proposed ambulance replacement schedule and a request to use 13th Street and the bay as the berth facility for Ocean City Fire Department’s Fireboat.

The ambulance replacement schedule sets a time line to replace ambulances and allow planned purchases to be budgeted as well as maximize the use of the vehicle fleet.

Larmore explained the ambulance replacement schedule reflects the means of the previously approved fire apparatus replacement schedule that was a $12 million plan but also reduced the funding of fire trucks by 50 percent over the next 10 years.

“I think that goes a long way to be able to utilize a long-range plan,” he said. “I hope to do the same thing with the ambulances and in summary we would like to … replace one ambulance a year, and I think one can really argue that there is not a more important vehicle that needs to be reliable.”


Secret Warrants

The Justice Department is relying more and more on secret warrants to carry out investigations against suspected spies and terrorists. The Federation of American Scientists uncovered a letter the agency sent to the Senate. It said Justice asked a secret court's permission to wiretap or search for evidence more than 1,700 times last year. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court did not reject any requests, although it modified a few of them. At the same time, the letter said, the FBI was making fewer national security letter requests than in the past. Those letters let it collect sensitive and private information about people in the United States.

Community Invited To Conference On "Celebrating the Beauty Of Diversity" Saturday, May 5 At Prince Street

Prince Street Elementary School will host a conference on “Celebrating the Beauty of Diversity” on Saturday, May 5, for families and educators in the community. The Wicomico County Board of Education and Sister Cities of Salisbury Wicomico County are co-sponsoring this conference, with funding provided by the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore. This event is part of WCBOE’s continuing efforts to promote high student achievement and to close the achievement gap.

The goals of the conference are to discuss issues relating to multiculturalism/diversity and to help improve the educational experiences for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). All families and educators are invited to attend. Participants must be preregistered for this conference. Registration fee of $5 (nonrefundable) includes lunch. Space is limited and preregistration is required.

The conference will begin at 9 a.m. with a performance by students who attend Prince Street Elementary School. Consecutive breakout sessions will follow including “Embracing and Implementing Cultural Diversity Strategies,” “Building and Sustaining Relationships,” “Making Cross Cultural Connections,” and “Culture in the Classroom vs. The Classroom of Culture.” Some of the workshop presenters include professors from Salisbury University (Dr. Anjali Pandey, Dr. Althea Pennerman, Dr. Joaquin Vila) and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore; classroom /ESOL Teachers of Wicomico County Public Schools; and Eduardo V. Gonzalez, Esq.

Lunch will be provided. Keynote speaker Nora Courtland, Vice President of the Mid Atlantic Equity Consortium and Senior Educational Equity Specialist, will speak during the luncheon. The Mid Atlantic Equity Consortium promotes academic rigor for students and supports educational opportunities to help ensure all students have equal access to a quality education. The conference will conclude at 2 p.m.

For more information and/or registration forms, please contact Dr. Judylynn Mitchell,, or Dr. George Whitehead, The registration form is also posted at, under Highlights.

Please make checks payable to WCBOE and write “Diversity Conference” in the memo line. Checks should be mailed to Wicomico County Board of Education, c/o Dr. Judylynn Mitchell, PO Box 1538, Salisbury MD 21802.

$2.6 Billion Transportation Audit Finds No Problems; BPW Heaps Praise On Departing Secretary

Many audits of state agencies find wasted dollars, poor accounting controls, lax purchasing measures and even occasional fraud; so it’s worth pointing out that legislative auditors reviewing $2.6 billion of spending that went through the transportation secretary’s office found absolutely nothing. The good news comes as Transportation Secretary Beverley Swaim-Staley announced she’s leaving the post July 1, after almost three years in the job.

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Police: 2 Dead, 1 Wounded in Md. Church Shooting

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. - Howard County police have found a man dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in the woods near an Ellicott City church where two women were shot Thursday evening.

The man is being investigated as a possible suspect in the St. Peter's Episcopal Church shooting.

One woman dead at the scene and another seriously wounded.

Howard County Police say a church custodian called 911 to report the shooting about 5:20 p.m. One woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The other was taken to a trauma hospital in critical condition.


Eat Carp

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said one way to get rid of an invasive species is to eat it for dinner. NOAA is trying to turn Asian carp into a nutritious meal for Haitian earthquake victims. NOAA said the fish is a nuisance for Louisiana fishermen and often gets caught in their nets. But it's full of protein. Toss in a bit of tomato sauce and it resembles a popular Haitian sardine dish. Orphans at a children's home on the island gobbled it up in a pilot program. Now NOAA is working toward canning enough carp to fill a 40-foot shipping container heading to Haiti.

Albero For Mayor!

A American I bet he has his birth certificate!
L Legal Again, he can prove he is a legal citizen
B Birth Certifcate. I bet he will show it
E Eligible He has a birth certificate, & is a legal citizen who can prove his address
R Respected by many
O Obviously the right choice


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Two accidents at the same time. One at Snow Hill Road and nutters crossing road And one at Snow Hill Road and Shiloh Street. Busy day for rescue personnel and police.

Berlin Burglary Spree Continues

BERLIN -- The ongoing rash of residential burglaries in Berlin continued unabated last week with two more cases reported, but local law enforcement officials believe they are closing in on the perpetrators.

The spree began with four residential burglaries in a span of eight days in late March and continued last week with two more reported cases. In each case, the victims were either out of town when the break-ins occurred, or, in the case of one last week, the victims were just out for the evening.

Berlin Police, working in cooperation with the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation (WCBI), are pursuing leads and processing the crime scenes, but no firm suspects have been identified. Berlin Police Chief Arnold Downing confirmed this week a search warrant was obtained and executed on a possible suspect, but the effort proved fruitless. Nonetheless, Downing believes the identification and arrest of a suspect or suspects is near.

“We’re getting somewhere,” he said. “I definitely feel like we’re getting close.”


Ted Turner: U.S. and Israel Should Disarm to Prevent Nuclear Iran

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, the news network's founder, Ted Turner, complained that a double standard exists between the U.S. and Israel being allowed to possess nuclear weapons while Iran is expected to be nuclear-free, as he suggested that all countries dispose of their nuclear weapons to persuade Iran not to build such weapons.

After host Piers Morgan asked Turner what he would do about Iran if he were President, the CNN founder absurdly complained that Iran was being held to a different standard than Israel, without either he or Morgan noting Iran's support of terrorism against both Israel and the U.S. Turner:

The U.S. Government Wants To Make Sure You've Written Your Social Media Will

The United States government is hip to social networking, and because it knows all about the Facebook and the Twittering, it wants you to be prepared with a social will in the event of your demise. After all, there have been reports of the families of deceased people having trouble gaining access to those kinds of accounts.

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