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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Methodists not the only ones deviating from Scripture

The United Methodist Church is splitting over an internal compromise on a biblical definition of sexuality. But one Christian leader explains the UMC isn't the only denomination that's drifting in that direction.

Talks are under way between leaders of the United Methodist Church for conservative congregations to split off into their own denomination that will be faithful to scripture, leaving liberal denominational leaders and some like-minded congregations in a vastly weakened UMC. But Christian author and apologist Dr. Alex McFarland says they aren't the first denomination to split over the Bible's definition of sexuality.
Methodists not the only ones deviating from Scripture

"I think the Presbyterian Church … already did; the hyper-hyper-liberal PCUSA," he shared this week on American Family Radio. "Three conservative Presbyterian denominations – the PCA, the EPC, and the ECO* – those are three conservative, Bible-believing groups [that] emerged once it was clear that the PCUSA was not merely liberal, but actually apostate."

Even more alarmingly, he mentions the Southern Baptist Convention..


Gun Control Advocates Ignore the Data On Reciprocity

So much of the gun control debate is about things that might go wrong. Democrats, who just took control of the Virginia state legislature, are about to pass a law that will dramatically limit the ability of people with concealed handgun permits from other states to carry in Virginia. There haven’t been any problems with these permit holders, but that doesn’t matter for gun control advocates.

Currently, Virginia recognizes concealed handgun permits issued by all other states. Out-of-state permit holders can carry in Virginia as long as they follow local laws and carry photo identification.

The current rules came about in 2016 because Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring, a staunch gun control advocate, announced that he was going only to recognize the permits issued from five other states. Republicans who then controlled the state legislature fought back and took away Herring’s authority. The new proposed law will again give Herring control over whether permit holders from other states can carry.


6 Key Points From Report to Secret Court on FBI Spying

A former Obama administration lawyer who long defended investigating President Donald Trump’s Russian ties and spying on a campaign aide concludes in a new report that the FBI’s proposed reforms are “insufficient” to prevent abuses from occurring again.

The new criticism follows Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s scathing report last month on the FBI’s warrant application under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to eavesdrop electronically on a Trump campaign foreign policy adviser.

In doing so, the FBI used an unverified opposition research document paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign as the factual basis for seeking the warrant from the secret FISA court.

The FBI did not disclose the source of its information to the court. It in fact was compiled for Democrats by a former British spy, Christopher Steele, working with the opposition research firm Fusion GPS.

After release of the inspector general’s report, the FISA court on Jan. 10 appointed David Kris, a former assistant attorney general with the Justice Department’s National Security Division, to oversee reforms to the court’s process for reviewing warrant applications.


Morbidly Obese "Jabba The Jihadi" ISIS Leader Caught In Iraq

Considered one of the biggest captures in recent months due to his heading up still active but underground "ISIS gangs" in the region, he was nabbed at his hideout in Mosul earlier this week. Lately he was known to issue sermons and messages to his followers to target Iraqi police.

And according to an Iraqi police statement, “He is considered one of the foremost leaders of ISIS and was responsible for issuing fatwas that led to the murder of scholars and clerics.”

The fat mufti was also well-known for issuing a fatwa in 2014 to bomb one of Mosul's most revered pilgrimage sites — a mosque believed to be site of the tomb of the Prophet Jonah — which attracted Muslims and Christians alike.

The Islamic State's strict Wahhabi interpretation of Islam forbids such veneration of tombs or religious places, and therefore sought to demolish any historical site it considered 'unIslamic'.


CDC: Season’s Flu Vaccine ‘Mismatch’ for Main Strain Hitting Children

The flu season is far from over, yet a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states this season’s vaccine for the flu strain primarily affecting children is only a 58 percent match.

“It’s not a very good match for B/Victoria,” Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), told CNN Health. “It’s not an awful match, but it’s not a very good match.”

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is part of the National Institutes of Health, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.


Twitter mistakenly suspends and later reinstates Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

Twitter mistakenly suspended and later reinstated the account of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, Farrakhan's Twitter timeline disappeared and was replaced with a message saying his account had been suspended for violating the Twitter rules.

However, Twitter later reinstated Farrakhan's account in the afternoon. A Twitter representative confirmed to the Washington Examiner the initial suspension was an error, saying that "the account was caught by our spam filter in error and has been reinstated." After being reinstated, Farrakhan's account did not immediately display his correct follower account. The representative said an account's followers take time to replenish after being reinstated.


A 14-year-old girl kidnapped by three men used Snapchat to alert her friends, police say

Police charged 55-year-old Albert Thomas Vasquez, 34-year-old Antonio Quirino Salvador and 31-year-old Hediberto Gonzalez Avarenga

A 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped in Northern California used Snapchat to share her location with her friends, who then called 911, police said.

The girl met Albert Thomas Vasquez, 55, in Capitola on Tuesday, the San Jose Police Department said in a statement.

Vasquez gave the girl drugs and she became incapacitated, police said. He called two other men -- Antonio Quirino Salvador and Hediberto Gonzalez Avarenga -- to help move the girl in their vehicle.

Vasquez then sexually assaulted the girl in the vehicle, police said. The men drove the girl to a motel in San Jose, where they carried her to a room on the second floor and Vasquez sexually assaulted her again, police said.


Yes, Obama Paid Iran a $1.7 Billion Ransom

The Obama administration sent $1.7 billion cash to the government of Iran right around the time that five American hostages/prisoners were freed by the Iranian regime on January 17th 2016 – and naturally one would assume those events were connected. President Trump made such a claim while on the campaign trail (and later again this year), and was widely dismissed by the media, and then-President Obama himself for his “conspiracy” theory.

The Official Line of Defense

In response to allegations of paying ransom money, the Obama administration claimed the payments were a return of money for payments (plus interest) that the Iran made to the U.S. in 1979 for military equipment they did not receive. That $400 million went into a Foreign Military Sales trust fund, and that remained untouched since Jimmy Carter froze Iran’s assets in ’79.

Obama personally stated in August 2016 that “We do not pay ransom. We Didn’t here, and we won’t in the future.” He went further, claiming that the payments were completely unrelated. “We announced these payments in January. Many months ago. They were not a secret,” Obama said “It wasn’t a secret. We were completely open with everybody about it.” John Kerry also denied that the payment and freed hostages were related.

So in summary, Obama’s defense is that the cash payment was owed to Iran regardless ($400 million plus 1.3 billion in interest), and the freed prisoners are completely unconnected. How well does that narrative hold up?

Let's take a look..

Biden’s Delaware Problem: Sharpton and Liberal Group Protest Against “White, Wealthy, Male” Judges Appointed by Democrats to State Courts

Does Delaware’s Joe Biden have a diversity problem in his Democrat run home state? Delaware courts are too “white, wealthy and male” according to the liberal group Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware and Rev. Al Sharpton who joined the group at the state capitol in Dover on Wednesday to protest the nomination of attorney Paul Fioravanti, Jr. to the state Court of Chancery by Gov. John Carney (D). Sharpton’s demand to speak before the Democrat controlled state Senate about the appointment was rejected. The Senate voted unanimously on Wednesday to confirm Fioravanti to replace African-American Vice Chancellor Tamika Montgomery-Reeves following her elevation to the state Supreme Court last month.

Delaware is solidly Democrat, with the party holding all six statewide elected offices, the state Senate, state House, both U.S. Senate seats and the state’s lone U.S. House seat.

A group of African-American pastors participated in the protest.


Senate Republicans To 'Weaponize' Impeachment Witnesses If Moderate Colleagues Side With Dems

Trump supporting Senate Republicans have warned their moderate GOP colleagues that if they side with the Democrats to force witnesses in the upcoming impeachment trial, they're going to flip the script and weaponize the process to call controversial witnesses such as Hunter Biden and Alexandra Chalupa - people central to the core claims behind the impeachment, yet were ignored like the plague by House Democrats during their investigations.
The pressure tactics are the latest shift in strategy as Republican leaders try to navigate the factions in their caucus, where moderates want to leave the potential for witnesses on the table and conservatives are anxious to quickly acquit President Trump. -The Hill
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) warned fellow GOP senators that if four or more of them join with Democrats to entertain witness testimony, he'll make sure the Senate holds a vote on subpoenaing President Trump's preferred witnesses - including the Bidens.

"If you vote against Hunter Biden, you’re voting to lose your election, basically. Seriously. That’s what it is," Paul told Politico on Wednesday. "If you don’t want to vote and you think you’re going to have to vote against Hunter Biden, you should just vote against witnesses, period."


IT BEGINS: Virginia Judge Rules No Guns Allowed At Pro-Gun Rally — In OPEN-CARRY STATE

Democrats took over both chambers of the Virginia legislature in November, and as expected, they’re pushing anti-gun laws through as quickly as they can.

On Thursday, lawmakers in the state Senate passed an the first pair of bills in a wave of gun-control legislation that is set to come up for votes. One bill would restore the state’s previous one-handgun-a-month rule, while the second would allow local governments to ban guns in public buildings, parks and at permitted events — including political protests. The vote was straight party line, 21-19.

Democrats have also proposed an assault weapons ban, red flag laws and universal background checks.

Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam immediately banned all guns ahead of Monday’s pro-gun rally, citing “credible and serious threats.” Virginia is an “open-carry” state, meaning residents don’t even need a concealed-carry permit but can rather just wear a gun openly.


Pimp who kept dead girlfriend’s head in freezer gets light prison sentence

The Brooklyn pimp who was convicted last year of dismembering his prostitute girlfriend and keeping her head in his freezer was sentenced to four to eight years in prison on Friday after hearing a statement from the victim’s family in which they branded him an “evil monster.”

Somorie Moses, 43, was convicted in November of negligent homicide for the Jan. 12, 2017 killing of 32-year-old Leondra Foster and concealing her dismembered corpse — disposing of portions in a Bronx trash dump and keeping others in his freezer.

But a Brooklyn jury let Moses, a registered sex offender who went by the handle “Sugar Bear,” skate on a second-degree murder charge when it handed up its verdict, which means he can spend no more than eight years in prison for his ghoulish deed.



Democrat academics want to divide Washington D.C. into 127 new states

Researchers at the Harvard Law Review have released an extreme proposal suggesting Congress passes legislation turning Washington D.C.’s 127 neighborhoods into new states in order to allow Democrats to ratify the Constitution and get rid of the Electoral College.

“Congress should pass legislation reducing the size of Washington, D.C., to an area encompassing only a few core federal buildings and then admit the rest of the District’s 127 neighborhoods,” the paper states.

Doing so would give D.C. swamp creatures the power to ratify four new amendments.


Kunstler: The Democratic 'Resistance' Is "Titanically Self-Unaware"

So titanically self-unaware is the Democratic Resistance that it failed to grok it was actually signing the party’s death warrant Wednesday, complete with official Nancy Pelosi commemorative black-and-gold signature pens. And that their solemn, prayerful journey from one side of the Capitol building to the other was actually the conveyance of that death warrant in what amounted to the party’s funeral march. Remember this eternal paradox of the human condition: people get what they deserve, not what they expect.

Could you look at the line-up of Democratic impeachment managers without laughing? Was there ever such a band of hapless, misbegotten ninnies assembled for a suicide mission? Led by the waddling homunculus, Jerrold Nadler, side-by-side with Adam Schiff, oozing a flop-sweat of falsehood, a rank cloud of bathos trailed the procession to the Senate side with its pathetic bill-of-particulars.

Could they actually be so dim as to proffer “abuse of power” and “obstruction of congress” as articles of impeachment? These two figments would be laughed out of a second-year law school mock court. Legal necromancers of the future, with all the time in the world, may never unpack the intended meaning of these charges besides “we hate you” and “you hurt our feelings.” But it’s up to the Senate of today to dispose of them procedurally one way or another, and the exercise is sure to be a high order of entertainment.


Why The Supreme Court Needs To Let Families Use Tax Dollars For Private Schools

Brittany Sukhbir’s little girl Raelyn cried after every day at school. Raelyn attended second grade at the local public school in Livingston, Montana, and a classmate was bullying her unmercifully.

Brittany and her husband, Kyle, a retired army veteran injured while serving in Afghanistan, met with teachers and administrators, but nothing changed. “Life at home,” Brittany recalls, “was kinda like walking on eggshells.”

That was before St. Mary’s. This Catholic grade school had a good reputation in Livingston and a “zero tolerance policy” about bullying. The Sukhbirs did not think that they could afford private school, but the daily bullying simply became too much for Raelyn to bear.

They contacted St. Mary’s prior to the Christmas break. They visited the school and arranged for Raelyn to spend the morning as a visitor when classes resumed. Brittany was impressed: “Every single teacher knew her name and every student was excited to meet Raelyn and play with her.”


Happy birthday Michelle Obama, I've canceled your school lunches! Donald Trump's administration lets schools cut back on fruit and veg and sell MORE pizza and burgers - and serve fries every day

Donald Trump's administration proposed new school lunch guidelines Friday that would undo several changes made by Michelle Obama to get more fruit and veggies on the menu: a move that comes on the former first lady's birthday.

The Department of Agriculture, which oversees the Food and Nutrition Service, said it is proposing new rules 'to simplify meal service and reduce food waste.' That would include 'increasing flexibility in the “vegetable subgroups” requirements for school lunches.'

But the changes would allow schools to cut the amount of vegetables and fruits required at lunch and breakfasts while giving them the ability to offer more pizza, burgers and fries instead.

It would also undo rules championed by Michelle Obama as part of her Let's Move initiative and The Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010.


Watch–ICE Director: Bill de Blasio’s Sanctuary Policy ‘Sole Reason’ 92-Year-Old Maria Fuertes Is Dead

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s sanctuary policy is “the sole reason” 92-year-old Maria Fuertes is dead today, Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Matthew Albence says.

Reeaz Khan, a 21-year-old illegal alien from Guyana, was arrested late last week and charged with sexually assaulting and murdering 92-year-old Maria Fuertes by strangling her to death on a sidewalk in Richmond Hill, Queens.

As Breitbart News exclusively reported, Khan first arrived in New York City on a B-2 tourist visa in May 2016 but never departed, overstaying his visa for three years. That violation of federal immigration law makes Khan an illegal alien.

On November 27, the New York Police Department (NYPD) charged Khan with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. ICE agents filed a request that Khan be turned over to them for arrest should he be released from NYPD custody. That request, though, was ignored and police freed him back into the general public.


'Terrible debater and speaker': Trump slams 'Mini Mike Bloomberg'

President Trump trashed 2020 Democrat Mike Bloomberg, calling the septuagenarian a "terrible speaker" and mocking the billionaire's height at 5 feet, 8 inches.

"Mini Mike Bloomberg doesn’t get on the Democrat Debate Stage because he doesn’t want to - he is a terrible debater and speaker," tweeted Trump on Friday. "If he did, he would go down in the polls even more (if that is possible!)."

The president further slammed Bloomberg in a follow-up tweet soon after, saying, "Mini Mike Bloomberg ads are purposely wrong - A vanity project for him to get into the game. Nobody in many years has done for the USA what I have done for the USA, including the greatest economy in history, rebuilding our military, biggest ever tax & regulation cuts, & 2nd A!"


CNN tries to create a military conspiracy theory

CNN is trying hard to sow doubt in U.S. military leadership after officials confirmed 11 American servicemen are being treated for traumatic brain injuries following Iran’s Jan. 8 missile attack on an Iraqi airbase.

“Breaking,” tweeted Jim Sciutto, chief national security correspondent and former Obama State Department appointee, citing CNN’s reporting, “11 US service-members were injured during Iranian missile attack on Al Asad airbase in Iraq.”

He added, “Following the attack, the Pentagon had said no casualties had resulted from the 16 missiles fired by Iran.”


A Century of Democrat Socialism

Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal was a response to a crisis in America’s economy. Stock prices were crashing, businesses were failing, and unemployment was soaring. FDR’s popularity was engendered by his ability to generate hope that there could be relief, recovery, and reform that could bring us out of our straitened circumstances, and keep us out. His policies were aggressive and his uncanny paternalistic communication skills -- such as his fireside chats on the radio -- endeared him to the masses. When he said “we have nothing to fear but fear itself,” he highlighted the deep-seated fear of tomorrow in the hearts of the citizenry.

FDR introduced “socialism-lite” into American politics and economics with the implementation of Keynesian or demand-side economics, as it is sometimes called. However, the economic theories created to justify increased governmental spending were advanced by John Maynard Keynes, a British economist who did not portray himself as a socialist. Instead of a balanced budget goal, deficit spending by government was justified by Keynes. Government expenditures were increased, which required increased borrowing of funds and increased printing of money (we went off the gold standard in 1933 which enabled greater printing of currency). The increase of the money supply led to an increased rate of inflation. With more dollars chasing fewer goods, prices rise. But this inflationary trend was offset by the multiplier effect whereby the number of economic transactions produced by the increased supply of money more than offset the inflationary problems. Government spending could thus bring about a stability in economic markets that regular supply and demand curves in a laissez-faire market could not by themselves achieve. This influx of money into the economic system is still called “priming the pump.” However, modern critics of Keynesian deficit spending will now suggest that deficit spending at some point produces grave distortions. Overspending encourages crony capitalism, and that dependency upon government means more economic regulations which stifle economic liberty and even our God-given personal freedom.


FBI finds the Saudi government 'almost certainly' helps its citizens escape prosecution in the US for serious crimes while American officials looked the other way

A new bulletin from the FBI has revealed that the Saudi government 'almost certainly' helped its citizens escape prosecution for serious crimes they were charged with in the US, and American officials looked the other way for years.

The secret effort was carried out to spare the Persian Gulf kingdom embarrassment, while US officials looked the other way for years, and will likely continue without their intervention, the FBI said in the bulletin released Friday.

The revelation comes after President Donald Trump signed into law a requirement backed by Representative Ron Wyden of Oregon that the FBI disclose what it knows about the Saudi government's suspected role in helping its citizens avoid prosecution in the US.


Antifa group to join pro-gun rally at Virginia Capitol

Virginia antifa group Seven Hills plans to join Second Amendment supporters outside the Virginia General Assembly as thousands descend on Richmond, Virginia, for the annual Virginia Citizens Defense League gun rally on Monday, Jan. 20.

“I think it’s been pretty important for us to focus on the fact that gun control in America has a legacy of racist enforcement,” said Seven Hills spokesman James, who withheld his name to protect himself from being identified. “Like taking guns away from black people because black people were perceived as a threat to property and the sanctity of the state.”

Pro-gun activists will travel from as far away as Texas next week to protest new legislation proposed by the Democratic majority in Virginia that will limit handgun purchases, institute red flag laws, and require mandatory background checks on private transfers of guns in the Commonwealth. Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has prioritized gun control this session, and bloc voting by the Democrats almost assures the passage of such legislation.


A VERY Dry January! Stunning photographs show how America's ban on alcohol took effect, from beer being emptied into gutters to the birth of bathtub gin, on the 100th anniversary of Prohibition

It is hard to imagine in a happy hour, White Claw-obsessed kind of world, but 100 years ago a ban on alcohol went into effect across the United States.

The 18th Amendment, which prohibited the 'manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors,' began on January 17, 1920 and ushered in the era known as Prohibition. The push to put an end to Americans drinking was a decades-long effort led by women like Carrie Nation, who wielded her hatchet to smash up saloons.

Prohibition gave rise to perilous, sometimes blind-inducing bathtub gin served at secret clubs called speakeasies and empowered organized crime, making the mafia unfathomably rich with gangsters like Al Capone earning, by some estimates, hundreds of millions of dollars a year in bootlegging and other illicit activities. Gang violence reached its pinnacle on Saint Valentine's Day Massacre on February 14, 1929 when seven men were shockingly gunned down in Chicago.


Even Black Voters Found Kamala Harris to Be Obnoxious From the Start

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) had solid debate performances. It’s what’s kept her in the running for a few months, but infrastructure matters. Staffing matters. And having an agenda and a message matter. All three were missing from Harris’ 2020 campaign and it led to the end of her presidential ambitions. No one really knew where she stood. By the Fall, the wheels from this shoddy operation quickly fell off the hinges. In December, The New York Times wrote about an operation that quickly devolved into chaos with warring factions. On top of that, the publication reported that Harris’ people are already worried that Tom Steyer, who is still running for president, could primary the senator in 2022. And yes, that jab by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), another 2020 candidate, on her record as a prosecutor—and Harris’ inadequate response—is what many point to as the moment that marked her quick decline in the 2020 race (via NYT):
...[E]ven to some Harris allies, her decline is more predictable than surprising. In one instance after another, Ms. Harris and her closest advisers made flawed decisions about which states to focus on, issues to emphasize and opponents to target, all the while refusing to make difficult personnel choices to impose order on an unwieldy campaign, according to more than 50 current and former campaign staff members and allies, most of whom spoke on condition of anonymity to disclose private conversations and assessments involving the candidate.

Many of her own advisers are now pointing a finger directly at Ms. Harris. In interviews several of them criticized her for going on the offensive against rivals, only to retreat, and for not firmly choosing a side in the party’s ideological feud between liberals and moderates. She also created an organization with a campaign chairwoman, Maya Harris, who goes unchallenged in part because she is Ms. Harris’s sister, and a manager, Mr. Rodriguez, who could not be replaced without likely triggering the resignations of the candidate’s consulting team. Even at this late date, aides said it’s unclear who’s in charge of the campaign.

NFL Sunday At Caribbean Joe's

Titans vs. Chiefs 3:05 PM
Packers vs. 49ers 6:40 PM

Who do you want to win?

Nearly 40% of countries around the world will face civil unrest in 2020 with flashpoints predicted in 75 nations, study warns

Nearly a quarter of the world's countries saw a dramatic surge in civil unrest last year, a trend that is likely to continue into 2020, a new study has warned.

Analysts predict that as many as 75 nations will see violence and demonstrations break-out this year, according to the report published today.

Hong Kong, Chile, Nigeria, Sudan, Haiti and Lebanon were among the 47 states that saw significant rise in protests in 2019.

But data published by socio-economic and political analysis firm Verisk Maplecroft, predicted that this year will see that number increase to 75 countries.


Seven Times the GAO Found the Obama Administration Violated Federal Law

Democrats and journalists were excited Thursday when the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a legal opinion that the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had violated the Impoundment Control Act by withholding congressionally-appropriated aid to Ukraine last summer.

The non-binding opinion was disputed by the OMB, which released a memo last month arguing that the “programmatic” delay sought to fulfill, not oppose, congressional intent.

The GAO decision, which had been requested by Democrat Senator Chris van Hollen of Maryland, disagreed, concluding that the delay had been for “policy reasons,” not “programmatic delay.” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) cited the decision in her morning press conference — though she had trouble pronouncing the word “impoundment” — and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) likewise trumpeted the GAO decision as a vindication of the House impeachment.

Though the GAO works for Congress, it is not the finder of fact in impeachment cases. Moreover, it is not even clear that the Impoundment Control Act is constitutional.

Nevertheless, if a mere GAO finding is sufficient to justify impeachment, then President Barack Obama ought to have been impeached at least seven times over for each of the following cases in which the GAO found that the Obama administration had violated federal law.

More here

Top Military Media Outlet Puts A 28-Year-Old Who’s Touted Her Hatred For Trump In Charge

The Army Times appointed as its top editor a 28-year-old feminist from Brooklyn who has repeatedly tweeted that she hates President Donald Trump and worked as a spokeswoman for a New York councilman who describes himself as a “moderate Democrat.”

After interning for several Democrats, graduating Hofstra University in 2014, and contemplating art school, Sarah Sicard wrote for a marijuana publication called the “Bluntness,” served as communications director for a New York city council member, and worked in corporate PR, according to her resume and online bios.

As of Jan. 10, she occupies the top editorial position of the Army Times, which has been published since 1940 and is one of the preeminent publications for military men and veterans.


Joe Burrow Praises Trump After White House Visit: ‘He Showed So Much Love’

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow praised President Donald Trump after the team’s visit to the White House Friday, saying that the president showed everyone “so much love.”

Burrow’s comments were reported by Bloomberg reporter Jordan Fabian who tweeted the player’s remarks.

“Joe Burrow on Trump,” Fabian tweeted. “He showed so much love to everyone on our team. I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat, don’t care about politics at all, that was an awesome experience for everybody.”


[Geaux Tigers!]

11 U.S. service members were injured in Iran's missile attack

Eleven U.S. service members were treated for concussion symptoms in the days after Iran’s Jan. 8 missile attack on an American military base in Iraq, Pentagon officials said late Thursday.

The statement from U.S. Central Command, which oversees operations in the Middle East, is a shift from the Trump administration’s previous contention that no Americans had been injured in the attack on Al Asad Air Base.

However, the Pentagon downplayed the notion Friday that information about possible injuries may have been intentionally hidden from public view, saying Defense Secretary Mark Esper, himself, only found out about the development Thursday afternoon because the symptoms experienced were not severe enough to trigger department protocols for alerting the secretary.


Reality: There Is No Such Thing As Student Loan ‘Cancellation.’ Someone Still Has To Foot The Bill.

This week, Elizabeth Warren unveiled a plan to “cancel” billions of dollars worth of student loans without involving Congress. She believes a legal loophole may allow her to erase the debt with the stroke of her pen, no questions asked.

The most obvious problem with exploiting this loophole is that it probably doesn’t actually exist. The next most obvious problem is that this would represent a seismic expansion of executive power, which would be ironic given all of the concern among Democrats that Trump wants to be a dictator.

But there are two even larger and more fundamental issues with any plan to cancel student loans.

First, there is no such thing as “canceling” student loans. What various Democrat candidates have proposed are plans to transfer, not cancel, the outstanding debt of millions of college graduates. They wish to remove the burden of the loans from the people who agreed to the loans and have received their degrees in exchange for it, and place that burden on the shoulders of people who did not agree to the loan and did not receive anything in exchange for it. Student debt will still be paid; we would just be taking the funds from someone else’s pocket.


Political Memes

Saturday Morning Funnies


Poplar Hill Mansion hosts Sweetheart Tea February 13, 2020

Friends of Poplar Hill Mansion
Sweetheart Tea
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 11:30 a.m.
Poplar Hill Mansion, 117 Elizabeth Street
Salisbury, MD. 21801
410 749 1776

Come to Poplar Hill Mansion to celebrate Valentine's Day at our Sweetheart Tea. Menu will include Homemade Tomato Soup, Assorted tea sandwiches (Cucumber, Pimento Cheese, Italian Chicken Salad, and Cheesy Shrimp Canapes), Cherry White Chocolate Scones with jam and homemade clotted cream, Assorted Desserts (Brownies, Cheesecake, Chocolate Eclairs), and Lady Gray Tea. This is one of our most popular teas of the year. Price is $22.00 per person. Door Prizes! All proceeds go towards the preservation of Salisbury's Oldest House, Poplar Hill Mansion, a 501(c)-3. Seating is very limited. RSVP is required. Call 410-749-1776 to reserve seats or for more information.