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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

George H. W. Bush Shaves His Head: The Touching Reason Why

Former President George H.W. Bush shaves his head in 
solidarity with 2-year-old leukemia patient

41 poses with the members of his Secret Service detail who have also shaved their heads to support little Patrick

No, this isn’t Photoshop. Former President George H. W. Bush did shave his head, but not for the same reasons he decided to go skydiving. The photos below show Bush 41 with a shaved head in a touching tribute to a young cancer patient. Two-year-old Patrick is the son of a member of the Bush Protective Division and has leukemia.

Rand Paul Delivers Payback To Cheneys

Rand Paul's strong endorsement of incumbent Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi — over primary challenger Liz Cheney — was payback for former Vice President Dick Cheney's strong support of Paul's opponent three years ago.


Can't Stop Giggling!

DHS Nominee Under Investigation For Allegedly Helping Hillary Clinton's Brother

Authorities are investigating the man President Obama tapped to take over the second highest spot at the Department of Homeland Security for allegedly using his position and power to unfairly obtain U.S. visas for foreign investors in a company run by Hillary Clinton’s brother, has confirmed.

Alejandro Mayorkas, director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, was named by Homeland Security's Inspector General's Office as a target in an investigation involving the foreign investor program run by USCIS, according to an email sent to lawmakers late Monday.


Obamacare’s Branch Of The NSA

President Obama has had a poor record of job creation, but at least one small economic sector is doing well: community organizing.

The Department of Health and Human Services is about to hire an army of “patient navigators” to inform Americans about the subsidized insurance promised by Obamacare and assist them in enrolling. These organizers will be guided by the new Federal Data Hub, which will give them access to reams of personal information compiled by federal agencies ranging from the IRS to the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. “The federal government is planning to quietly enact what could be the largest consolidation of personal data in the history of the republic,” Paul Howard of the Manhattan Institute and Stephen T. Parente, a University of Minnesota finance professor, wrote in USA Today. No wonder that there are concerns about everything from identity theft to the ability of navigators to use the system to register Obamacare participants to vote.


Drop In Number Of First-Time Home Buyers Is Cause For Concern

The notion of buying your first home, building equity, and eventually moving up the property ladder is still something many young Americans aspire to, but between more stringent underwriting procedures, lingering student loan debt, competition from real estate speculatorsand higher interest rates, first-time buyers are being squeezed out of the market.
According to the National Association of Realtors, first-time buyers have represented around 40% of home sales over the course of the last three decades, but in the last year, that has dropped to only 30%.

The simple fact is that it’s more difficult for first-time buyers to make that big-ticket purchase right now.

Lyme Disease Crawls Into New Parts Of Region

Lyme disease infection rates in this region are among the highest in the country, and the disease is beginning to show up in areas where it was seldom seen before.

Virginia and Maryland are among the 13 states that accounted for 96 percent of reported cases in 2011, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CDC statistics for 2012 are not available yet. But Dr. Paul Auwaerter, clinical director for the Division of Infectious Disease at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, detects some disturbing trends.

He says Lyme disease is being seen in parts of Virginia where it was not common before. It is also on the march in Maryland.


Alternate Zimmerman Juror: Passions Didn't Influence Verdict

An alternate juror in the George Zimmerman murder trial said he understands the public's passion following the not guilty verdict on charges Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, but jurors were right not to let such passions influence their decision.

"As a juror, you're not allowed to do that," Juror E-54 said Monday on Fox News Channel's "Hannity."

The jury instructions say emotions and feelings can't be considered, he said. "I know it had to be hard for those jurors to overcome that."

The alternate juror sat with the six female jurors who ended up deciding the case, but he was allowed to go home after closing arguments were made in the high profile case.


MD Car Service Busier After Recent Bay Bridge Accidents

STEVENSVILLE, Md. (WJLA) -- It was calm on the beach below, but there was tension on the bridge above. The Bay Bridge soars like a highway, but unlike a normal thoroughfare, a mere railing separates throngs of vehicles from the edge and a potential plunge into the water far below.

A collision just last Friday actually did send a car and a woman over and into the water, which has made drivers even more afraid to drive over the Bay Bridge.

Peggy O’Brien prefers to drive in the middle lane across the bridge, a trip she made regularly. But then an anxiety attack a few years ago changed her travel plans permanently. She now has a hired driver.

How Does America’s Middle Class Rank Globally? #27

We are number 1 right? USA! USA! No one can beat our wealth creation machine, our economic dynamism, our level playing field and our bastions of higher education. We have a middle class that is the envy of the world, right?

Well, like so much of the “American dream” we have been force fed for a generation or more, this perception is not based in reality whatsoever. Sure it may have been the case for a couple of decades immediately after World War 2. Before the military-industrial-Wall Street complex fully took over the political process, but it certainly isn’t true any longer. Myths die hard and this one is particularly pernicious because it prevents people from changing things. As James Baldwin said:

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.


Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary


After restructuring the Board and operations, Safe Haven is deferring closure, and will continue to operate and to perform duties under the Dog Control contact with Kent County. Support from the public is now more important than ever if Safe Haven is to protect and rehome animals in their care, which is often the last hope these animals have for safety. On Friday, staff was reduced, to save costs.

Blending “no-kill” with an animal control contact is an unusual and challenging combination of operations. Most shelters with dog control contracts are “high” kill shelters. SH has chosen to take a more difficult road by giving animals a chance for a new home and a good life. Euthanasia of any healthy animal is not an option. Second chances, however, are not without cost.

Many animals picked up under the contract are not ready to re-home. Many require re-socialization and/or medical care. This is where the cost is outside the contract and born by Safe Haven. For this reason, community support is essential. Under our dog control contract, SH has adopted out over 400 dogs and cats who would have almost certainly been euthanized under the previous contractors. More

Boeing's New Spy Plane

Footage Shows Bay Bridge Crash Survivor On Rocks Waiting For Help

WASHINGTON - Dramatic footage taken moments after a crash on the Bay Bridge sent a car into the water shows the woman who survived the fall clinging to rocks and waiting for help.

WTOP listener Scott Fortney says he was three cars behind Morgan Lake's Chrysler Sebring on Friday before Lake's car was struck by a tractor-trailer and knocked into the Chesapeake Bay 40 feet below.


Should You Be Worried About The Safety Of Amusement Park Rides?

After a woman was thrown from a roller coaster and killed last Friday at Six Flags Over Texas, thrill seekers might be feeling a bit hesitant to indulge in their favorite loop-de-loops. While it’s natural to think about safety in the aftermath of such an unfortunate event, those in the know say injury and death from such rides are rare.

Consider this: According to the National Safety Council Research and Statistical Services Group for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (otherwise known as the longest group name I’ve typed in recent memory), there were around 1,415 injuries on amusement park rides in 2011.

But take into the account that people took about 1.7 billion rides in the same year, reportsUSA Today.

Maryland Ranked 19th In Growth In Government Spending, Tax Foundation Says

Government spending in Maryland grew 30.5% over 10 years beginning in 2001, according to a nonprofit group that researches tax policies.

The Tax Foundation report ranks Maryland 19th overall in terms growth of government spending, which spans the administrations of three governors – Parris Glendening, Bob Ehrlich, Martin O’Malley — and two political parties.

“Louisiana leads the pack with a 63.6% increase in spending, followed by Wyoming (50.7%) and New Jersey (48.7%),” wrote the Tax Foundation Communications Associate Richard Borean in a July 22 blog post. “On the other end of the spectrum, Alaska’s direct spending grew 8.9%, the lowest in the country,” he continued. “Close behind are West Virginia at 14.2% and South Carolina at 16.8%.”


Reader Returns Overdue Library Book After 41 Years, Pays $299 Fine

Some people need a little more time than others to read a book, like the person who had been holding on to an overdue library book for 41 years but recently decided to turn it in, along with hundreds of dollars in fines.
According to the stamp on the book’s endpapers, the borrower checked The Real Book About Snakes out of the Champaign County Library in Ohio on July 17, 1972. He returned it exactly 41 years later, along with an apologetic note and his overdue fine in cash.

“Sorry I’ve kept this book so long, but I’m a really slow reader!” reads the note. “I’ve enclosed my fine of $299.30 (41 years, 2 cents a day). Once again, my apologies.”

Maryland School Assessment Scores Drop

Maryland School Assessment scores for elementary and middle school students have dropped this year as the state transitions to new national learning standards, according to data released Tuesday by the Maryland State Department of Education.

The data reveals the percentage of elementary students scoring at the proficient levels in reading fell from 88.2 percent in 2012 to 86.4 percent this year. The percentage of elementary students scoring in the proficient levels in mathematics dropped from 87.7 percent to 83.9 percent.

While the percentage of middle school students scoring at proficient levels in reading improved from 82.1 percent last year to 83.4 percent this year, officials say their scores in mathematics in the proficient range dropped from 76.2 to 72.2 percent.

Are These The Final Days Of Door-To-Door USPS Deliveries?

Inscribed above the entry to the James Farley Post Office in Manhattan are the famous words, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” But you’ll notice that this unofficial postal carrier creed doesn’t specify that your mail will actually be brought to your door.
CNNMoney reports on efforts by both the USPS and legislators to curb — and possibly put an end to — door-to-door mail delivery.

Citing its authority to create cluster mailbox units (or CBUs, if you prefer postal parlance) in new areas where routes did not previously exist, USPS has started notifying people in new residential developments that they will not get mail delivered to their door, but to a nearby unit containing individual mailboxes for each address; basically what you’d find at an apartment building or some condo complexes.

MVA Emailing Driver's License Renewal Notices

GLEN BURNIE, Md. — The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration wants your email address.

The MVA is sending out driver’s license renewal notices, and it hopes to process more of them electronically to save money on printing and postage.

Drivers who provide an email address on the MVA’s website will get an emailed renewal notice 90 days before their licenses expire. If they don’t renew within two weeks of the email, the MVA will mail a paper notice.

The MVA says it started emailing renewal notices last year and has since saved $65,000.

MVA administrator John Kuo says drivers appreciate the ease and efficiency of email renewals.

BREAKING NEWS: Prince William And Kate Middleton Name Baby

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their son George Alexander Louis. He will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.
From Fox News

Messing With Nature

Sometimes the federal government just has to interfere with nature. The National Park Service has approved construction of a 100-foot Verizon cell phone tower in Yellowstone National Park. The tower will be near Fishing Bridge and serve a developed area. The Park Service says the tower will be invisible from trails and villages. The Fish and Wildlife Service plans to slaughter barred owls living in the Pacific Northwest. It wants to free up habitat and food for spotted owls, which are on the verge of extinction. That plan has drawn sharp criticism from both the forestry industry and the Audubon Society.

Homeland Security Official Probed

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's choice to be the No. 2 official at the Homeland Security Department is under investigation for his role in helping a company run by a brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, The Associated Press has learned.

Alejandro Mayorkas, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, is being investigated for his role in helping the company secure an international investor visa for a Chinese executive, according to congressional officials briefed on the investigation. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release details of the investigation.

Mayorkas was named by Homeland Security's Inspector General's Office as a target in an investigation involving the foreign investor program run by USCIS, according to an email sent to lawmakers late Monday.


Safety Initiatives

Atlantic Financial Group, LLC through New York Life Insurance Company has partnered with CoCo’s Funhouse in Salisbury MD, to have a weekend of Safety initiatives, one being its Child I.D program. On August 10th from 10 –Noon, and August 11th 12-2pm representative Mark Apolenis will be handing out personalized Child I.D’s to anyone who comes to CoCo’s Funhouse. Atlantic Financial Group along with New York Life realize that strengthening community ties and offering a benefit to parents and children only makes our community better.

Our Nation Under Mob Rules

How many Americans remember learning about the Boston Massacre when they were schoolchildren? I wonder: does anyone truly understand why we are required to learn about incidents like this in our school’s curriculum?

In the aftermath of the Boston Massacre, John Adams agreed to represent the British soldiers who were forced to defend themselves against an unruly mob. That was not a popular position to take; yet John Adams was not one who would concern himself with such things. He took on the challenge because of his understanding of and respect for the law.


Report: Ice Cubes At Beijing KFC Have 13 Times The Bacteria Of Toilet Water

Customers at KFC restaurants in China might be ready to go with iceless drinks, after a new report found that the cubes at Beijing locations are apparently filled with 13 times more bacteria than toilet water. Other fast food outlets also underwent testing, including McDonald’s and a Chinese chain, but KFC had the worst results of the bunch.

According to reporters from China Central Television (via the New York Daily News), there were 900 colony-forming units of bacteria per millileter, above the national limit of 100 CFU. By 800, if I’m doing the math correctly, which in this one instance I feel fairly confident I am.

Next Stop, [Company Name Here]?: MTA May Sell NYC Subway Station Naming Rights

While I always dreamed of hearing the automated voice on the New York City subway trains announcing “Next stop: MBQ Station,” it appears I’ll have to wait a bit longer and save some more pennies: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering selling off naming rights for some subway stations as a way to rake in some cash, but individuals won’t be getting in on the naming fun.

It isn’t just subway stations the MTA is thinking of selling the rights to, but also bridges and tunnels, reports NY1.

AAA: Bay Bridge Barriers Don't Cut It

A call for the feds to take a new look at renewed safety issues on the Bay Bridge.

The request comes from the AAA Mid Atlantic.

The automotive club wants federal safety authorities to take another look with an eye toward whether those side barriers are sturdy enough...and high prevent the kind of accident that happened this past weekend.

A car plunged about 40 feet into the water in an accident when it was rear ended and catapulted over the side.


CONFIRMED: Left Wing Plant At Houston Pro-Zimmerman Rally Is Far Left Activist

A photo from the Houston pro-Zimmerman counter-rally of the NBPP anti-Zimmerman rally picked up by the AP shows a woman holding a sign that read, “Racist & Proud.”

(New York Daily News – AP)

That looked incongruent with the other reports from the pro-Zimmerman side.
The NY Daily News, based on reporting from The Houston Chronicle, identified her as Renee Vaughan:
One woman in the Zimmerman group held a sign that said, “We’re racist & proud.”

Austin resident Renee Vaughan echoed the sign’s ugly sentiments by yelling, “We’re racist. We’re proud. We’re better because we’re white,” at the Martin group as they passed, according to the Chronicle.


Don't Be Taken In By Charity Scams

The Coalition Against Breast Cancer sounds like a charity worthy of your support. And a lot of donors felt the same way, contributing millions of dollars to the group. But just because an organization has a worthwhile name, doesn't mean it's doing much, if anything, to further its charitable cause.

Saying that the coalition was nothing more than a sham being used by one of the state's largest professional fundraising firms, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman recently obtained a court order requiring the firm to pay $3.1 million in restitution. The recovered money, which is in addition to a separate $1.55 million judgment against the defunct charity's directors in April, will be distributed to legitimate organizations that fight breast cancer, Schneiderman said.

The case is just one of numerous actions states have been taking recently against charities and fundraising firms that officials say misused money donated for charitable causes. They underscore why it's as improtant as ever to check out charity before giving.

Here are some other recent cases:



“I mean—hell, I been surprised how sane you guys all are. As near as I can tell you’re not any crazier than the average asshole on the street.” – R.P. McMurphy – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“Years ago, it meant something to be crazy. Now everyone’s crazy.” – Charles Manson

I have to admit to being baffled by the aptitude of the Wall Street and K Street financial elite to keep their Ponzi scheme growing. I consider myself to be a rational, sane human being who understands math and bases his assessments upon facts and a sensible appraisal of the relevant information obtained from trustworthy sources. Of course, finding trustworthy sources is difficult when you live in a corrupt, crony-capitalist, fascist state, controlled by banking, corporate and military interests who retain absolute control over the mainstream media and governmental propaganda agencies. Those seeking truth must pursue it through the alternative media and seeking out unbiased critical thinkers who relentlessly abide by what the facts expose. This is no time for wishful thinking, delusions and fantasies. In the end, the facts are all that matter. As Heinlein noted decades ago, the future is uncertain so facts are essential in navigating a course that doesn’t lead you to ruin upon the shoals of ignorance.

“What are the facts? Again and again and again – what are the facts? Shun wishful thinking, ignore divine revelation, forget what “the stars foretell,” avoid opinion, care not what the neighbors think, never mind the un-guessable “verdict of history” – what are the facts, and to how many decimal places? You pilot always into an unknown future; facts are your single clue. Get the facts!” ― Robert A. Heinlein


Medical Mystery

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda is mixed up in a medical mystery. A patient given a kidney at the hospital back in 2011 has died of rabies. Turns out the kidney came from an Air Force recruit who liked to trap raccoons. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that the donor might have infected others. Three more patients received his heart, liver and second kidney. All three are considered at risk and have received anti-rabies treatment. The report's authors say a uniform donor questionnaire might have let doctors spot the risk.

OCPD Seeking Public’s Assistance in Identifying Bank Robbery Suspect

At approximately 10 a.m. this morning, Ocean City police responded to the Susquehanna Bank at 9405 Coastal Highway in reference to a bank robbery. At this time the suspect is still at large. The suspect is described as a white male, thin and muscular, in his early to mid-20’s wearing a red baseball cap, red polo shirt, and khaki dress pants. Anyone with information regarding the suspect’s whereabouts is asked to call the Ocean City Police Department at 410-723-6600. 

How To Fix Detroit In 6 Easy Steps

The news is full of stories of Detroit, and understandably so. It’s an unmitigated disaster. But I know how to fix it.

Seriously, I do!

I have a plan that would cost the state of Michigan nothing – not a cent. It wouldn’t cost DC anything either, and it would turn Detroit into the most thriving city in North America. As a bonus, it would give the remaining property owners in Detroit a financial windfall.

Here’s the plan:
The federal government (in writing) forbears taxes, regulations, laws, and impositions for a hundred years to the area of the current municipality of Detroit and to all persons and commercial entities resident there.

The government of the state of Michigan forbears taxes, regulations, laws, and impositions for a hundred years to the area of the current municipality of Detroit and to all persons and commercialentities resident there.

All municipal government agencies within Detroit are disbanded.
All state and federal offices within the city of Detroit are disbanded.
The federal government guarantees that entry and exit to/from Detroit will remain unchanged from the current conditions, and that no obligations will be placed upon residents of Detroit in any other place.

Federal and state governments immediately cease all payments to residents of Detroit. (They may resume payment to those persons if and when they are no longer resident in Detroit.)

The final legal document would be more complex than this, but those are all the main points necessary.

What this plan does is to return Detroit to its natural state – to the way it was managed when the first settlers arrived. (In other words, not managed at all.)

And think of the money that will be saved by Michigan and the feds. Billions per year.


SPD Press Release 7-24-13

Ron Paul On "Bernanke's Farewell Tour"

Last week Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered what may well be his last Congressional testimony before leaving the Federal Reserve in 2014. Unfortunately, his farewell performance was full of contradictory comments about the state of the economy and the effects of Fed policies on the market. One thing Bernanke inadvertently made clear was that the needs of Wall Street trump Main street, the economy, and sound money.

Quantitative easing (QE) and effectively zero interest rates have created paper prosperity, but now the Fed must continuously assure Wall Street that the QE spigot will not be turned off. Otherwise even the illusion of recovery will disappear. So Bernanke made every effort to emphasize that the economy was not doing well enough to end QE, while lauding the success of Fed policies in improving the economy.

Bernanke was also intent on denying that Fed policies directly boost financial markets. However, the money the Fed creates out of nothing in order to buy mortgage-backed securities and government debt for the QE3 program, benefits first and foremost the big banks and the financial class — those people who are invited to the Fed auctions. This new money then fuels stock bubbles, bond bubbles, agricultural land bubbles, and others. The consequences of this are felt by ordinary savers, investors, and retirees whose savings lose value because of the Fed’s zero interest rate policy.


New Digs

The General Services Administration needs a quicker way to get rid of excess federal property. Congress has been sitting on a bill to conduct closures and realignments similar to those used by the Pentagon. Plan B is to use public-private partnerships. At a congressional roundtable, GSA administrator Dan Tangherlini said the partnerships could help the government fix outdated or shabby buildings the government owns. They could also move federal offices into new digs without the high, no-equity rents the government usually pays. The White House has been trying to stop the growth in federal office-space under its Freeze the Footprint initiative.


The Susquehanna bank on 94th street in Ocean City was just robbed. Police are looking for a white male suspect wearing a red shirt, khaki pants, red baseball cap approx 6ft tall. Suspect may have left the scene in a early 2000s model blue Toyota Corrolla. Trooper 4 is assisting in locating the suspect.

Out Of Touch

Intoxicated Suspects Arrested for Assault this Weekend

This weekend, Ocean City police responded to two separate incidents involving highly intoxicated individuals at bar closing. Both incidents involved a suspect with a knife. No one was injured as a result of either incident. 

Tyler Nicolas Jovanne Cole
On July 21, 2013, at approximately 1:56 a.m. officers responded to a bar in the 17th Street area in reference to a subject that displayed a knife. When the bar owner would not allow the suspect into the bar because of his high level of intoxication, victims stated that the suspect became verbally abusive and pulled out a knife. The suspect was later identified as Tyler Nicolas Jovanne Cole, 21, of Natrona, PA. When officers arrived soon after the report, Cole was detained without incident.

Cole was charged with first degree assault, second degree assault and reckless endangerment. He was seen by a Maryland Disrict Court Commissioner and released after posting $10,000 bond.
Justin James Parlow
Then on July 22, 2013, at approximately 1:40 a.m. officers responded to a bar near 33rd Street. When officers arrived, the suspect later identified as Justin James Parlow, 22, of Derby, CT, was being held to the ground by the bar owner and an employee. During the investigation, victims stated that Parlow had shown the knife after the victim attempted to break up a fight that Parlow was involved in.

Parlow was charged with first degree assault, second degree assault and possession of a deadly weapon with intent to injure. He was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and released after posting $25,000 bond.

NAACP TO ADDRESS “Fostering Communication Between Law Enforcement And The Community”

Salisbury, MD … FBI Agent Marvella Gray will be the guest speaker for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) workshop on Wednesday, August 7th at 9:00am to 3:00pm.This seminar will be held at the First Baptist, 325 Broad Street, Salisbury, MD. Reverend Thompson is the Disproportionate Minority Contact Coordinator at the Board of Education of Wicomico County. The public is invited to attend this meeting.
Rev. Thompson’s topic will be “Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline.” Thompson will give history into how the prison to school pipeline came into existence and the effects on youth of color. Mr. Thompson asserts, “Although the problems associated with the school to prison pipeline seem overwhelming, we will engage in a discussion on what the schools are doing and review strategic plans for the community in addressing this issue and dismantling the pipeline.”
For additional information about this meeting, contact Mary Ashanti, President, at 410-543-4187.

Armless Man Gets Seatbelt Ticket


USSSA World Series Continues, Welcoming Ages 14-18

Salisbury, MD – Over 5,000 softball players will visit Delmarva as the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) World Series returns to Maryland’s eastern shore this month.  The three-legged series began on July 17 and will run through Aug. 3.  The tournament, in total, will bring over 400 girls softball teams to the region ranging in age from 10 to 18.  Preliminary estimates suggest the World Series will generate an $8+ million dollar economic impact.  

The second leg of the World Series kicks off Wed., July 24 with opening ceremonies at the Arthur W. Perdue stadium.  Play commences on Thursday at fields throughout the shore, with the main fields located at the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex in Salisbury, Md.  Teams 14 and Under through 18 and Under will participate this week, with 120 teams playing in the second part of the series. 

The first leg of the USSSA World Series concluded on Sun., July 21, and brought 140 teams together in competition.  Teams placing first and second in each division were:

10 and Under ‘C’: 
1. New Jersey Carteret Kraze, N.J.
2. Olney Cougars, Md.

10 and Under ‘Open’: 
1. Ashburn Shooting Stars, Va.
2. Maryland Chill, Md.

12 and Under ‘C’: 
1.  Edison Angels, N.J.
2.  Carteret Kraze, N.J.

12 and Under ‘Open’: 
1.  NJ Mystics, N.J.
2.  Maryland Magic 01, Md.

14 and Under ‘C’: 
1.  First State Force, Del.
2.  Bayside Breeze Teal, Md. 

On the local front, the Eastern Shore saw several of its hometown teams compete.  Bayside Breeze, out of Easton, Md. placed second in the 14 and Under ‘C’ division with a 6-1-1 record and a total of 76 runs scored.  Two of its members were also recognized in the individual player tournament awards as well.  Izabele Lomax received the Offensive Tournament MVP and teammate Melissa Richardson earned the Defensive Tournament MVP award.

Complete standings and schedules for parts one and two can be found online at: games are open to the public with no admission fee charged.  For additional information on the USSSA World Series, please In accordance with USSSA National guidelines, schedules are not released until the start of each leg of the tournament.

WCSO Press Release 7-24-13

Gansler To Talk About Ethics Reforms In Maryland

Maryland's Attorney General, Douglas Gansler is planning to talk about "proposals to improve transparency and accountability in state government." (see link below)

Gansler's "timing" on this important topic is very interesting considering the following FACT:

Douglas Gansler, the Attorney General for the State of Maryland is currently named in a $5 million lawsuit for disobeying court orders and for collaborating with the Somerset County Sheriff's Office and other high-ranking officials that sit on the Board of the Maryland Police Training Commission.

CASE # 1:2013CV01350
Charles W. Rapp
Albert L. Liebno, Jr.
Marcus L. Brown
John A. Bartlett, Jr.
Wicomico County Sheriff, Michael A. Lewis
FBI Special Agent, Stephen E. Vogt
William McMahon
Robin E. Roberts
Charles Wellford
Anthony Batts
Jozette Pope
Douglas K. Holland
Stuart M. Nathan
Gary D. Maynard
Larry Brownlee
Charles H. Hinnant
Attorney General, Douglas Gansler

Puppies Having A Blast

Phasing Out Saturday Postal Deliveries

A House panel will debate today a new bill to help the Postal Service. It would phase out Saturday mail delivery and let the agency forgo past payments to its retiree health care benefits fund. The Postal Service would also be able to fire employees in Reduction-in-Force programs, regardless of collective bargaining agreements. At the same meeting, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will take on more bills affecting federal employees. One would let agencies place employees under investigation for certain offenses on unpaid leave. Another would make customers' feedback a factor in personnel reviews.

SEXTING SCANDAL Pressure Mounts On Weiner To Quit NYC Mayoral Race

Anthony Weiner resisted calls to withdraw from the New York City mayoral race Tuesday after finding himself caught in another sexting scandal similar to the one that ended his congressional career two years ago.

Weiner admitted sending a woman sexually explicit photos and messages and acknowledged the activity took place as recently as last summer, more than a year after he resigned from the House in June 2011 for the same sort of behavior with at least a half-dozen women.


Good Morning Delmarva

Full Moon Over Delmarva

Over 400 Softball Teams At Bat For 2013 USSSA World Series

Over 5,000 softball players will visit Delmarva this July as the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) World Series returns to Maryland’s eastern shore. The three-legged series, which began on July 17 runs through Aug. 3, bringing over 400 girls softball teams to the region ranging in age from 10 to 18. Preliminary estimates suggest the World Series will generate an $8+ million dollar economic impact.

Wicomico County has hosted USSSA events for the last six years, but this year’s World Series surpasses all others in size and scope. The tournament has added an additional week and seen a spike in participation by 38% with a total of 402 teams currently registered. Although Wicomico County serves as the tournament’s host, its growth has necessitated an expansion beyond County borders to both fields and overnight accommodations in Ocean City and Worcester County. Realizing the economic benefits of the World Series, the town, in an unprecedented move, has partnered with Wicomico to assist in footing the $450,000 bill for this year’s tournament. Area businesses, also realizing the greatness of the tournament’s impact have come on board as sponsors of the event including Pohanka Automotive Group and Pepsi Bottling Ventures.

Despite the hefty price tag, the $8+ million economic impact generated for the community far out ways the cost. The tournament brings a demand of 16,000 room nights to the Eastern Shore. Over half of these rooms have been booked through Wicomico County’s online booking system. Based on the system inventory, hotels in Wicomico County are just about full, and at least 1/8 of bookings have spilled over into the Ocean City area. In addition to filling hotels, area businesses including restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, etc. see an uptick in foot traffic brought about by the tournament.

Remaining Tournament Dates:

July 24-28: Tournament play for 14U ‘A’ / 14U ‘B’ / 16U-18U ‘C’*

July 29-Aug. 3: Tournament play for 16U ‘A’ / 16U ‘B’ / 18U ‘Open’ *

*’U’ abbreviation for Under.

The Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex in Salisbury, Md. provides the main fields of play for the series. Other fields tentatively scheduled for use in Wicomico County include the East Wicomico Little League (Salisbury), Eastside Youth Sports Complex (Willards), Fruitland Recreational Area (Fruitland) and Mason-Dixon Sports Complex (Delmar). Facilities in Worcester County that may be used include the John Walter Smith Park (Snow Hill), North Worcester Athletic Complex (Berlin), Showell Recreation Complex (Showell) and Stephen Decatur High School / Middle School (Berlin).

Tournament games are open to the public with no admission fee charged. For additional information on the USSSA World Series, please In accordance with USSSA National guidelines, schedules are not released until the start of the tournament. As they become available, information will be posted to the web site.