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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIllards VFD Dine In/Carry Out Dinners This FRIDAY

Friday September 23rd  4 P.M. - 7 P.M. Crab Cake Platters w/2 sides - $12.00
Oyster Fritter Platters w/2 sides - $12.00
Oyster Fritter Sandwich - $8.00
Crab Cake Sandwich - $8.00
Burgers - $3.00
French Fries - $2.00
Drinks - $1.00

Willards Volunteer Fire Company Inc
7370 Main St, Willards, Maryland 21874

Allegations Of Fraud Surface Over "One Time" Donations To Hillary That Occur Repeatedly

Things are not going well for the Hillary campaign these days.

She is without a doubt sick, but no one knows from what. Anyone trusting the pneumonia diagnosis as the full truth has mush for brains.

Her “deplorables” comment backfired miserably.

And today we learned that the Clinton campaign has been dinging donors multiple times for “one time” donations.
Recurring “One Time” Donations

Please consider Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is stealing from her poorest supporters by purposefully and repeatedly overcharging them after they make what’s supposed to be a one-time small donation through her official campaign website, multiple sources tell the Observer.

The overcharges are occurring so often that the fraud department at one of the nation’s biggest banks receives up to 100 phone calls a day from Clinton’s small donors asking for refunds for unauthorized charges to their bankcards made by Clinton’s campaign. One elderly Clinton donor, who has been a victim of this fraud scheme, has filed a complaint with her state’s attorney general and a representative from the office told her that they had forwarded her case to the Federal Election Commission.

“We get up to a hundred calls a day from Hillary’s low-income supporters complaining about multiple unauthorized charges,” a source, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of job security, from the Wells Fargo fraud department told the Observer. The source claims that the Clinton campaign has been pulling this stunt since Spring of this year. The Hillary for America campaign will overcharge small donors by repeatedly charging small amounts such as $20 to the bankcards of donors who made a one-time donation. However, the Clinton campaign strategically doesn’t overcharge these donors $100 or more because the bank would then be obligated to investigate the fraud.


MSP Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrest from 9/06/2016 to 09/16/2016

Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrest from 9/06/2016 to 09/16/2016:

Josue Sanchez 29yoa Salisbury, MD

Amber Marie Lee 25yoa Salisbury, MD

Ronald Dean Showand 68yoa Delaware

Mary Jane Doyle 51yoa Delaware

Philip Lee Robinson 44yoa Ohio

Daniel James Baumgartner 34yoa Virginia

Richard Shawn Whetzel 31yoa Baltimore. MD

Kevin Laurel Delos Santos 22yoa Baltimore, MD

Antonio Gonzolo Belote 30yoa Salisbury, MD

Don't Let Hillary Leave You Defenseless

America's 'Ultimate Failure' in Afghanistan: Corruption by the Billions

A blistering new report blasts the U.S. government's pouring of billions of dollars into projects in Afghanistan with inadequate oversight that in many cases fueled corruption on unprecedented levels and ultimately undermined America's mission there.

The 164-page report, published online today by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), is the first in the agency's "Lessons Learned" series, which takes a broader look at the U.S. government's shortcomings in the 15 years since the 2001 invasion. SIGAR previously released report after report about the waste of millions of dollars in failed individual projects.

This report, titled "Corruption in Conflict," says that at early on, the U.S. government did not "fully appreciate the potential for corruption to threaten the security and state-building mission in Afghanistan," where some form of regular corruption has existed for centuries.

"The U.S. government also failed to recognize that billions of dollars injected into a small, underdeveloped country, with limited oversight and strong pressures to spend, contributed to the growth of corruption," the report says.


Live Feed Of Riots In Charlotte

This video auto starts.  Click the READ MORE link below to view the video

HOW DID 858 ILLEGALS From TERROR “HOTBEDS” Get Full Citizenship When They Were Supposed To Be Deported?


The reason 858 were given full citizenship is because our director of the Department of Homeland Security is a treasonous radical left-wing open borders advocate who doesn’t give a damn about America’s homeland security. 

Think about it…Jeh Johnson is responsible for this negligence and enabling of any and all “mistakes” big and small. He is the director of the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY yet he’s a snake who continuously looks the other way while illegals from all over the globe cross our borders. Johnson famously said he felt that illegals were already American citizens:

Proof The Military Overwhelmingly Supports Trump

Vote in our poll if you are a current or former US military member
14 Medal of Honor recipients recently pledged support to Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

In a survey of American military personnel, Donald Trump emerged as active-duty service members’ preferred choice to become the next U.S. president, topping Hillary Clinton by more than a 2-to-1 margin.

Just before the Commander-in-Chief forum that took place at the beginning of September, Trump released a list of 88 retired generals and admirals who support his campaign.


Soldier was Feeding her Infant When Thugs Broke In. She Returned Fire.

Home invaders bit off more than they could chew when they kicked in the door of 21-year-old SPC Semantha Bunce. To those that don’t know better, she seems like the typical suburban mom. But Semantha is a combat medic in the National Guard and that warrior spirit is why she’s still alive.

Having heard the invaders kicking in the door Semantha secured her child in the bedroom and retrieved her handgun.

When she startled the two criminals at the base of the stairs, they opened fire on her and a brief intense gun battle ensued.

Despite taking two hits in the gunfight, she crawled back up the stairs to check on her son before calling 911 – and then began treating her own wounds before the ambulance even arrived:


WARNING: The Clintons Plundered Haiti

We reveal how the Bill and Hillary screwed over hundreds of thousands of Haitians

After the devastating earthquake the Clintons and the United Nations brought with them a Cholera epidemic that infected 700,000 Haitians and killed at least 9,000, $6 billion of aid that was mysteriously squandered, Formaldehyde laced cancer causing trailers and a legion of corporations that would use Haiti’s humanitarian crisis to line their own pockets, taking 25% off the top of every project they were awarded.

Trump Supporters Greet CNN Crew With Chant: ‘Tell The Truth’

The crowd at a rally this weekend for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Fredericksburg, Va., had a strong reaction when they saw representatives of a news network that they view as biased against their candidate.

In a video posted to Twitter on Sunday, the Trump supporters are seen shouting at a CNN crew, “Do your job! Do your job!”

They then started chanting, “Tell the truth! Tell the truth!”



Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants

The Clinton Foundation spent a hair under $91.3 million in 2014, the organization’s IRS filings show. But less than $5.2 million of that went to charitable grants

Just 5.7 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s massive 2014 budget actually went to charitable grants, according to the tax-exempt organization’s IRS filings. The rest went to salaries and employee benefits, fundraising and “other expenses.”

The Clinton Foundation spent a hair under $91.3 million in 2014, the organization’s IRS filings show. But less than $5.2 million of that went to charitable grants.

That number pales in comparison to the $34.8 million the foundation spent on salaries, compensation and employee benefits.

Another $50.4 million was marked as “other expenses,” while the remaining almost $851K was marked as “professional fundraising expenses.”


Despite Obama Promises, Health Care Costs Have Risen the Most in 32 Years

Despite years of Obama’s promises that America’s health care costs would go down if Obamacare was passed into law, new statistics show that care and insurance premiums have risen more this year than in the last 32 years.

A report by Kaiser/HRET Employer Health Benefits released on September 14 found that the average American family’s health care plan costs over $18,000 a year. That is up 3.5 percent over 2015, a hike exceeding the growth in wages.

While it is bad on individuals, in the chronically poor Obama economy, it is worse on employers.

Hillary Is Secretive, Abusive Because of Psychic Scarring

Via The Daily Bell

She wasn’t always like this … No, Hillary Rodham Clinton was once willing to share her deepest thoughts and feelings, as she did in a 1993 speech on “the politics of meaning,” delivered as her father lay dying, in which she said the country was suffering “a sleeping sickness of the soul,” and urged her fellow citizens “to remold society by redefining what it means to be a human being in the 20th century.” – Politico

This article attempts to convince us that Hillary is secretive and abusive because she has been psychically injured during her long career of public service.

But there are so many instances in Hillary’s past of ways she has deliberately injured others that it is difficult to believe such acts are mostly the result of ongoing injured feelings.

On its surface, therefore, this Politico article is jaw-dropping in terms of its thesis and argumentation. But there is probably another reason for its dissemination as well: More on that below.

From a surface standpoint, we are aware that she has been more than ordinarily abusive to others working with her or reporting to her. It has even been suggested that Vince Foster killed himself because of her relentless denigration when he worked at the White House as Special Council.

But another reason has recently circulated once more for Foster’s supposed suicide: He was devastated by the Waco massacre, which Hillary supposedly had a hand in triggering. See here.


Baker to decide on gubernatorial run after presidential elections

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D), who is frequently mentioned as a likely 2018 challenger to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R), says he will decide whether to run for governor after the November presidential elections.

Baker, 57, is almost halfway through his second and final term as county executive of Maryland’s second-largest jurisdiction. His record in Prince George’s is mixed.

He has helped the county recover from the 2008 recession and the humiliating arrest of former county executive Jack Johnson (D) on bribery and corruption charges, and has restructured school leadership, shepherded a slew of development projects, including the MGM casino at National Harbor, and started major initiatives to boost the public school system and revitalize neighborhoods.


Does Anyone Recognize This Driver/Vehicle?

Ocean City Police Arrest Three in Human Trafficking Operation

OCEAN CITY, MD – (September 21, 2016): The Ocean City Police Department and Homeland Security Investigations Baltimore recently conducted a joint investigation into human trafficking and prostitution in the resort town with assistance from the Worcester County Bureau of Investigations and Maryland State Police.

On the evenings of September 15 and 16, three individuals were arrested after detectives conducted an operation at an Ocean City hotel. During the course of the operation, detectives seized over 270 baggies of heroin totaling a street value of $1,200, a small amount of marijuana, $350 in U.S. Currency, a 2011 Honda Odyssey mini-van, five cell phones and a police-style baton.

Ocean City police arrested Jamaica A. Brickhouse, 24, of Elkton, MD, Shadia E. Kelliehan, 33, of Burtonsville, MD, and Danielle N. Young, 28, of Ocean View, DE. Brickhouse and Kelliehan were both charged with prostitution while Young was charged with prostitution, possession of heroin and possession of heroin with intent to distribute. Each of the arrestees were seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner. Brickhouse and Kelliehan were released on personal recognizance. Young was transferred to the Worcester County Jail on $75,000 bond. Each individual was offered victim services through Homeland Security Investigations.

Maryland Lawmakers Buckle Up to Regulate Self-driving Cars

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)– Maryland lawmakers buckled up in Annapolis Monday to talk about the future of regulating self-driving cars.

Eight states, plus Washington D.C. have laws regulating driver-less cars. Maryland is not one of them, but that may not last long.

Self-driving car technology is picking up speed. More cars are being tested that can brake, accelerate, and avoid obstacles, with back-up help from a real driver.

Tuesday afternoon, committee members took the wheel on Maryland’s plans to regulate them.


Trump: Hillary Unleashed this Monster of Evil on the World

"This is beneath the dignity of the oval office"
GOP nominee Donald Trump addressed the threat of radical Islam at a rally in Estero, Florida Monday, following sevreal attacks that took place in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota over the weekend.

Hillary Clinton’s policies in Iraq, Libya, Syria, other places, are largely responsible for the rise of ISIS in the first place. Her attacks on me are all meant to deflect from her record of unleashing this monster of evil on us and all over the world.

And her claim that my opposition to radical Islamic terrorism – you know this was something she said today – that it’s my strong opposition to these people that’s a recruiting tool.

And it demonstrates a level of ignorance about the terror threat and its motivations that – let me just tell you: she is not the right person to solve a problem that largely her and Obama gave us.

It disqualifies her from being a credible presidential candidate, in my opinion. What do I know? In my opinion. Does everybody agree with me or not? [cheers and applause] That’s all we need is four more years of Obama – except worse.

And I will say this – you see that in the polls, you see it all over, you see it outside – she has very, very low levels of enthusiasm. I think a lot of people are not gonna bother and go to the polls and vote for her. But I know that our people – and this is also in the polls – the highest level of enthusiasm that they’ve seen. We’re gonna vote.


Who was the first ‘birther’?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah names first man to introduce doubts about Obama's birthplace

Donald Trump was wise not to take the advice of some of his staff and political allies by apologizing to Barack Obama for questioning his eligibility for the presidency and, yes, even whether he was born in the U.S.

Trump was hardly the first “birther.” Neither was I. Nor was my colleague Jerome Corsi. And neither was Hillary Clinton.

That honor belongs to one person and one person alone – Barack Obama.

Obama went to extreme lengths to conceal his past. And, indeed, if he was born in the U.S. and was eligible to serve as president, he certainly did his best to create the mystery that led to the question being asked.

Years earlier, he billed himself as having been born in Kenya.

Maybe he thought it was a sexy way to sell books, get a foreign student scholarship, attract women – who knows?

Word On The Street: Town Of Ocean City To Purchase The Old 5th Street Post Office

Multiple sources have informed me the Town of Ocean City bought the old 5th Street Post Office. The property had been owned by the Hannah Family and the USPS leased it for many years. Some are saying the Town is interested in expanding parking in that area.

Katie Couric Sued by Second Amendment Patriots — for $12 million

Journalists are fair, impartial and unbiased reporters of nothing but the cold hard facts, right? Ha! Not in our country in 2016.

In fact, even America’s sweetheart and the news anchor who supposedly could do no wrong has been exposed for lying to and manipulating her audience in her latest documentary, “Under the Gun.”

Katie Couric, the director of the film, and the studios that produced the film are now facing a $12 million lawsuit for allegedly editing their anti-gun documentary in a defamatory way.


Bloomberg Supports TPP as a ‘Trade Agreement,’ But It Is Actually a Shift in World Power

Via TheDailyBell

Help American Workers. Pass TPP … Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both said they will oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact between the U.S. and 11 nations negotiated by the Obama administration and signed in February. But their views shouldn’t matter much, because the issue should never get to the next president’s desk. Congressional consideration of the agreement has been delayed long enough. Congress should vote on the bill — and pass it — before the year is out. – Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg wrote an editorial boosting the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP. This is just one of three “trade agreements” that are putting in place a 21st century global sociopolitical and economic structure.

Bloomberg is a multi-billionaire and he understands the benefits that the upcoming structure will bestow on a relative handful of people including himself.

And so he supports these agreements.


State debt a pending national financial crisis

States across the country are massively in debt and must be held accountable

Government transparency and accountability are two issues surfacing this election. Well-known examples include Donald Trump’s resistance to releasing his tax returns, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s murky answers about her private email server and both of their resistance to releasing comprehensive health-related files. In addition to the presidential election, but not receiving as much attention, state-based politicians and government officials are also struggling with transparency and accountability producing inaccurate financial reports and making downright false claims. These actions, state-by-state and taken as a whole, are leading us toward a significant, national crisis.

Across the country, states have racked up $1.3 trillion in debt. In fact, 80 percent of states are in debt, meaning 40 out of 50 states do not have enough money to pay their bills. Yet every state, except for Vermont, has balanced budget requirements. Seems contradictory, right?

The worst offenders include New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts and Kentucky. The taxpayer burdens — or the amount each taxpayer would need to pay the state’s treasury in order for the state to be debt-free — for these states are massive. New Jersey has the highest taxpayer burden with each taxpayer owing $59,400; Connecticut has the second highest with each taxpayer owing $49,000; and Illinois has the third highest with each taxpayer owing $45,500. How long until one of these states is in the next Puerto Rico situation, requiring a federal bailout?


Trump: 'Stupid' leaders to blame for NYC attack

Donald Trump predicted terrorist attacks like the one that occurred in New York City on Saturday would continue to happen because the nation's leaders are "stupid."

"I knew this was going to happen," said the Republican presidential nominee during a Fox News interview on Monday while criticizingPresident Obama and Hillary Clinton's foreign policy positions.

"Thousands of people are pouring into our country, we have no idea what we are doing," he said. "Our leaders are, I don't even say weak, I say stupid."

The Republican presidential candidate said the problem is that too many people are being allowed into the country that "can't be properly vetted." He said the threat of terrorism is "only going to get worse ... you have to stop them from coming."


Census report an indictment of Obama, George W. Bush

While touting the new Census report on income and poverty in America, Barack Obama took credit for $2 a gallon gasoline, and immodestly shouted to his crowd of supporters: “Thank you, Obama.”

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but given that for eight years your administration has done everything to decapitate the oil and gas industry that gave us low gas prices, sorry, no thanks are in order Mr. President.

Even more amazing was Mr. Obama’s victory lap on the income numbers. Yes, incomes for middle class families rose by an impressive 5 percent in 2015. And poverty fell. Thank goodness. It’s about time.

But the Census report was anything but cause for celebration. It is a stinging indictment of the policy results of both the George W. Bush and the Obama legacies. They both miserably failed and are equally culpable for the sad state of the American family finances today.


Legislation Pushes To Ban Fake Guns

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ)– A new push from council member, Jim Kraft, could put a citywide ban on replica guns, taking them out of the hands of children and teens.

This comes just days after a teen with a fake gun was shot and killed by police in Ohio, and just months after Baltimore City police shot a 13-year-old with a similar replica gun.

It’s a growing problem across the country and now Baltimore is looking to crack down.

In the heat of the moment, replica guns force officers to make split second decisions. Potential life or death scenarios becoming all too common nationwide.


Trump says White House downplaying threat from Islamic State after bombings

Democrat Hillary Clinton on Monday accused Republican Donald Trump of aiding Islamic State recruitment, while Trump said she had helped weaken national security as bomb blasts in New York and New Jersey resonated on the U.S. presidential trail.

Both candidates for the Nov. 8 election tried to use the weekend attacks to flex their credentials to protect America as world leaders gathered in security-heightened New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly.

Clinton said Trump's rhetoric against what he calls "radical Islamic terrorism" was helping Islamic State recruit more fighters.

"We know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from Donald Trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular ISIS, because they are looking to make this into a war against Islam rather than a war against jihadists," she told reporters in White Plains, New York. ISIS is an acronym used for Islamic State.


The Fed Has Set Us Up for a Massive 50% Market Collapse

The Fed is running a virtual repeat of 1937.

The common narrative is that the Fed “didn’t do enough” during the Great Depression. This is used to justify the Fed’s use of non-stop extraordinary monetary policy post-2008.

But it’s a total lie.

The Fed went bananas in the aftermath of 1929, expanding its balance sheet by 300%. On a relative basis, the Fed’s balance sheet grew from 5% of US GDP to 23% of GDP.

This is an expansion relative to GDP is IDENTICAL to that which the Fed has accomplished since 2008. And the outcome is looking to be the same.

In 1933, CPI began erupting higher. By 1937, CPI was 3.6%. The Fed was forced to hike rates to halt inflation, kicking the weak US economy in the teeth and triggering a particularly nasty recession.

Today, the same issue is occurring. Core CPI hit the Fed’s alleged target of 2% in November 2015 and has remained above it ever since. Inflation is rising.


Relief for Fidencio the paleta man

While we had mentioned this gentleman the other day, a Go Fund Me account was set up with the intention of raising $3,000.00 for this 90+ year old man. The Go Fund Me account has already raised 

Ready For Killery

'Clinton Inc.' - A look inside the Clinton family

What a difference a week makes. A week after Hillary Clinton stumbled, both literally — at a Sept. 11 memorial — and figuratively — by calling half of Donald Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables” — polls show that the race for the White House is essentially tied.

While Hillary falters, Mr. Trump is picking up speed. His series of pro-growth proposals announced last week indicates that his new campaign team is keeping him on message and preventing him from speaking off the cuff. But let’s not kid ourselves. The outcome of the presidency will turn on whether any of Hillary’s brewing scandals boil over into the mainstream.

These scandals have been well-covered — from setting up a private email server to seemingly accepting donations to the Clinton Foundation in return for political favors to blaming the Benghazi attacks on a YouTube video. They go all the way back to her 100 fold profit trading cattle futures, which she explained away with the pedestrian excuse of reading The Wall Street Journal.

What hasn’t been widely addressed, however, is the psychology behind such perpetual scandals. A new documentary that hits theaters later this month called “Clinton Inc.,” which I had the opportunity to see an advance screening of, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Clintons, their unique marriage arrangement, and how it has influenced their political actions and controversy.


180 arrested for underage drinking at University of Delaware party

On September 17, 2016, Newark Police with assistance from the University of Delaware Police, Delaware State Police, Middletown Police, and Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (D.A.T.E) arrested 180 people for underage consumption of alcohol at a residence, 302 East Park Place, Newark, DE.

Officers from the Newark Police, while conducting a pre-planned controlled party dispersal operation, observed a party at 302 East Park Place with approximately 200 guests attending. Alcohol was seen being freely distributed to the guests, many of which appeared to be under the age of 21. Due to the circumstances, a search warrant was obtained which focused on providing alcohol to minors and underage consumption of alcohol. At about 4 p.m., officers from the multiple agencies executed the search warrant at the residence. Between the different agencies, there were 180 underage consumption of alcohol arrest which included two juvenile arrests. One subject was found unresponsive inside of the residence and had to be transported to Christiana Emergency Room (C.E.R.) via ambulance for an alcohol overdose. The residents of 302 E. Park Place have been identified as well as their affiliation with an unsanctioned fraternity APES. Charges are pending for these residents. All people arrested who are students at the University of Delaware were referred to the UD Office of Student Conduct.

The subject that had been transported to C.E.R. was treated and released.

More details of this investigation will be released later in the week.

Sucking The Blood From America

Caddell: Political Elites Will Tell Us Terrorism Is ‘New Normal'

Long-time Democrat pollster Pat Caddell spoke withBreitbart News DailySiriusXM host Alex Marlow Monday about the weekend’s terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota, and questioned if they should be considered “the new normal.”

Caddell stated, “I don’t think that this was the end of it. We may, sadly, see more. But the question here is, are we to accept this as the new normal?” He added, “Or are we going to take the approach, ‘Not in our house’ and really get tough on this stuff?”

Added Caddell, “I suspect this will now have a huge impact on the race. The media was all over Trump on Saturday for saying the obvious, that it was a bomb.”

“I think what we’re going to find in this country is, finally, it’s enough,” he went on. “It’s a very simple matter. Are you willing to take this as the new normal and just adjust to it … or are you going to get serious about this stuff, including taking in all the new refugees?”


Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The Real Donald Trump

Am I Missing Something, What's Changed?

Trump Lashes Out After Hillary Accuses Him Of Inspiring Terrorism

Despite her agreement that "strong vetting" was necessary, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton early Mondayaccused Donald Trump of inspiring acts of terrorism through his rhetoric, saying her GOP rival is turning the fight against terror into a religious war with Islam that threatens U.S. safety.

Speaking at a press conference to address the blasts in the New York area over the weekend, The Hill reports Clinton was asked (a rather softball question) whether sympathizers of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Russia are looking to sow chaos that might influence the presidential campaign.

“We know that a lot of rhetoric we’ve heard from Donald Trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular ISIS, because they’re looking to make this into a war against Islam rather than a war against jihadists. Violent terrorists, people whose number in the tens of thousands, not tens of millions, they want to use that to recruit more fighters to turn this into a religious conflict,” Clinton responded.

“That’s why I’ve been very clear: We’re going after the bad guys and we’re going to get them, but we’re not going after an entire religion and give the terrorists exactly what its wanting in order for them to enhance their position,” she added. “Second, we know Donald Trump’s comments have been used online in recruitment for terrorists.”

Clinton pointed to remarks from former CIA Director Michael Hayden and Matt Olsen, the former director of the National Counterterrorism Center, who have accused Trump of giving terrorists recruitment material by calling for a blanket ban on Muslims entering the country.


Judicial Watch: Obama Admin Aware of Clinton's Emails in 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Obama administration’s State Department expressed confusion and concern about Freedom of Information Act requests involving Hillary Clinton’s missing emails from her tenure as Secretary of State.

Newly obtained emails provided to Breitbart News by Judicial Watch show administration officials discussing the email problem and the Clinton Foundation as early as 2013, more than a year before the State Department sought to obtain Clinton’s emails.

On August 7, 2013, State Department official Margaret Grafeld wrote to Department officials Sheryl Walter and John Hackett with the subject line “Fw: IPS significant FOIA Report.”

“… Finally, John, you mentioned yesterday requests for Secretary Clinton’s emails; may I get copies, pls and thx,” Grafeld wrote.


Donald Trump Praises Law Enforcement, Slams Obama-Clinton for 'Not Taking ISIS Seriously'

Donald Trump is praising law enforcement for its handling of the terrorist attacks in Minnesota, Manhattan and New Jersey over the weekend, while criticizing his rival Hillary Clinton for her record as secretary of state and plans to take in more refugees from the Middle East.

“In the past 48 hours, our law enforcement showed again that, without them, our country is neither safe nor secure. I am grateful for the quick action of law enforcement in capturing the terrorist responsible for Saturday’s bombings, and the off-duty police officer for stopping the terrorist in Minnesota. This weekend’s attacks, from Minnesota to Manhattan, are just the latest to be carried out on U.S. soil under President Obama. These should be a wake-up call for every American,” Trump stated in a press release.

Trump also slammed Clinton’s reaction to the attacks, saying “she will say anything – and blame anyone – to shift attention away from the weakness she showed as Secretary of State.”

“The Obama-Clinton doctrine of not taking ISIS seriously enough has emboldened terrorists all over the world. They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes President so that they can continue their savagery and murder,” he added.


Report: All Three Clintons Called the Secret Service 'Pigs'

Former White House florist Ronn Payne claims that Chelsea Clinton learned from her parents to call the Secret Service “pigs,” according to the new book The Residence: Inside The Private World Of The White House by Kate Anderson Brower.

The Daily Mail reports:

As he walked into the second-floor kitchen one day, he saw Chelsea talking on the phone. A member of her Secret Service protective detail came in behind him to take the Clintons’ only child to school.


Children say they made up story of spotting suspicious clowns in Md

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (ABC7) - Multiple children say they were lying to police when they reported spotting individual(s) wearing clown costumes with face paint. The original story, according to police, was that there were clown spottings in several Annapolis neighborhoods since Thursday.

It was only children who had reported the made up clowns, Annapolis Police reported in a press release.

"Incidents were reported in the 700 block of Newtowne Drive, Bens Drive near Victor Parkway, and the 1400 block of Tyler Avenue. The most recent sighting reportedly occurred around 8:30 a.m. on September 19 on Bens Drive," Annapolis Police state in the release. The group of children were on their way to school when they made the most recent sighting.

Police were concerned the recent reports of clown sightings in other states may have sparked the Annapolis incidents.


Bill Clinton Admits: Some Gave to Clinton Foundation for Favors

Former President Bill Clinton admitted to National Public Radio on Monday that some donors to the Clinton Foundation may have sought to win favors from the government, particularly the State Department while under his wife, Hillary Clinton.

“The rules we had worked great when she was Secretary of State, because if we made a mistake, you could appeal to the White House, and the White House obviously didn’t want anything to be done that shouldn’t be done,” Clinton told NPR.

Asked whether he thought some Clinton Foundation donors might have given money in the expectation that the Clintons would be returning to the White House, and able to exert political influence on the donors’ behalf in the future, Clinton said:


Bernie Sanders Asks The Only Relevant Question About The Wells Fargo Scandal

While one can accuse Bernie Sanders of being a socialist, a sellout or, now that his presidential campaign is over, a "has been", he is the only politician who has so far asked the only relevant question in the ongoing Wells Fargo consumer fraud fiasco. The following:

We wonder if anyone will ask John Stumpf a similar question at tomorrow's Senate Banking Committee hearing, or if - mysteriously - all Senators had a meeting with Stumpf (or Bill Clinton) on some hot tarmac, where for 45 minutes they discussed nothing but "grandchildren and golf."


Clinton Computer Tech May Have Tried To 'Strip' Emails

The computer technician who worked on Hillary Clinton’s email server appears to have asked for advice on how to “strip out” a “VIP’s” email address during a crucial period in the Clinton email timeline.

The advice was sought in a July 24, 2014 entry on the website Reddit from a user with the handle “stonetear.” The Daily Caller has confirmed that Paul Combetta, the Platte River Networks technician who worked on Clinton’s server, uses an email address with the same handle.

The FBI discovered during its investigation of Clinton’s email practices that Combetta used a software program called BleachBit to delete backups of Clinton’s emails in March 2015, just weeks after Clinton’s email operation was exposed and after Congress had subpoenaed all of her records. He was also granted immunity from the Justice Department despite lying to FBI investigators about using the BleachBit program.


Republicans Ask for Pause in Refugees Coming From ‘Terrorist Hotbeds’

Rep. Brian Babin (R., Texas) and 36 other lawmakers are asking House leadership to use appropriations legislation to put a pause on refugees coming from “terrorist hotbeds” until appropriate screening measures are put in place.

The lawmakers wrote a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.), and Rep. Hal Rogers (R., Ky.), who chairs the Appropriations Committee, asking for the inclusion of provisions in the fiscal year 2017 continuing resolution that would put a moratorium on refugees coming from Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa until the U.S. government can properly screen them and congressional oversight of the refugee program is boosted.

“In the aftermath of the attacks by radical Islamist jihadists in Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Nice, Germany, Istanbul, and Orlando, the American people have become increasingly wary of the massive refugee influx from terrorist hot spots, the inability to conduct proper security screening of these individuals, and the serious national security concerns this raises for the American people,” the lawmakers wrote Thursday.

They also alleged that Obama’s push to allow for the entry of 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States in the current fiscal year despite concerns from administration and national security officials “indicates that national security concerns are being set aside in order to meet arbitrary policy goals.”

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Hillary Clinton gaffes imperil Americans

The moving finger — the one that having writ moved on and can’t recall a single line (per Omar Khayyam’s famous poem) — is the enemy of all of us, and never more than to somebody called on to write or say something in public. We’ve even confiscated a word for it, “gaffe.” A gaffe is not usually a mistake but what happens when someone blurts out an inconvenient truth.

And not just for politicians. The moving finger pursues the ignoramus elsewhere, too, even an educationist intimidated by political correction run amok.

Only this week in the small Michigan town of Forest Hills, the public-school superintendent, one Daniel Behm, banned the display of the so-called Betsy Ross flag, the 11-star banner that Mzz Ross designed for George Washington. He imagines it’s an object of hate because it was a white man’s flag.



NORTH CAROLINA - Police used tear gas to disperse a violent riot Tuesday that started as a result of police fatally shooting 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott. 12 law enforcement officers were injured during the protest. Protesters shut down highway I-85 near UNC Charlotte, threw bricks and looted. Raw video shows a protester running over a police officer with a car and trying to break into a Walmart.

Story developing...


Additional videos can be found HERE

DETROIT: Black radio host pulled from air over being Trump supporter

Trump’s visit to Detroit is what set off the network to pull him from the air

A Detroit, Michigan radio host has been pulled from local airwaves for supporting GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump after the New York business mogul visited the area on the campaign trail.

Wayne Bradley, a black Trump supporter, took to Facebook to say that he was put on “hiatus” after Trump visited Detroit, saying he has “not been allowed back on the air since.”

“Essentially, I feel like it’s because of Donald Trump,” Bradley told The American Mirror in an exclusive interview. “I’ve never been allowed back in the studio.”

“I was never told of anything, other than it was a ‘hiatus,’” Wayne said.


Dog Found In Salisbury

Found dog on Riverside Dr. in Salisbury, she is an American bull dog she had no collar and no chip. She is white with brown spots. They must have some sort of proof such as pictures or papers to receive the dog. She was found in bad shape dehydrated, hungry, hot, sunburnt, and mange. If anyone is looking for her please call 410-430-1317.

Goldman Downgrades S&P 500, Stoxx 600 To Sell, Cites "Elevated Valuations And The Risk Of Shocks"

The gloves finally come off.

After tactfully warning clients for months that staying invested in US stocks and bonds is an unacceptable risk, overnight Goldman's Peter Oppenheimer finally changed Goldman's official "tactical" bias, and as of this moment recommends selling not only bonds, as well as the S&P500 and Europe's Stoxx 600 "due to elevated valuations across assets and the risk of shocks."

Here is the full list of Goldman's latest recos:

We are Underweight S&P 500 as we see strong positioning, headwinds from the resumption of the Fed rate hike cycle and a strong Dollar, and increasing political uncertainty into the US elections.

We are also Underweight Europe into year-end due to elevated political uncertainty (from Brexit and the Italian referendum) and uncertainty on ECB policies. A ‘no’ vote in the Italian referendum (a 40% probability, in our view) could put pressure on Italian risky assets, in particular banks, and increase political uncertainty in Italy and the Euro area.

Negative macro surprises and the global bond sell-off since last week have driven a reversal of the ‘Goldilocks’ summer rally. Risk parity and balanced funds suffered in particular, with a sharp increase in equity/bond correlations.We think bond yields will increase more until year-end, and downgrade bonds to Underweight on a 3-month horizon (in line with 12-month). However, while rate volatility could pick up in the near term, we expect the most pressure in the back end and continued anchoring of the front end by central banks next week.

We remain defensive in our asset allocation and Overweight cash (3m) due to elevated valuations across assets and the risk of shocks. However, we upgrade equities back to Neutral on a 3m basis due to support from still low rates and optimism on fiscal easing stabilising LT growth expectations. We continue to expect ‘fat and flat’ returns but our equity strategists now forecast less negative returns. Risks are still skewed to the downside in the near term, in our view, owing to more bullish positioning and the fading ‘Goldilocks’ backdrop. However, we see a lack of catalysts for a material drawdown.

More Akin To Goebbels

The best thing that could happen during this presidential election is happening. Once and for all, the press is being outed as the traitorous bunch of clowns we have always known they were. Their absolute devotion to anyone not named Trump is driving them into increasingly ridiculous and contemptible positions concerning Hillary Clinton, her crimes and her rapidly declining health. Their only hope is to push the corpse across the finish line of the election and rally around Tim Kaine.

But, millenials are, for all of the bad press about their addiction to video games and their devotion to smoking dope, aregrowing concerned that the emperoress has no clothes, despite the fawning description of the beautiful attire. Never before has reality so closely reflected a fairy tale as the blind, deaf and dumb press corps accommodatingly ignoring the obvious flaws of a pre-ordained head of state. There is always an excuse for a Clinton, always a nuanced explanation that is offered and eagerly consumed by the press.

It depends on what the definition of "heat" is.

The crux of the issue is that the "press" has been given special privileges through our Constitution to allow it to say anything, to print anything they believe is true. Unfortunately, it does not bind them to reporting what they believe is a lie. This goes to the heart of our Republic and their willing cooperation with a given political party is nothing other than traitorous. Information that they are Constitutionally protected to reveal is being withheld, shielded from the public, information that is necessary for the Republic to function.

They either do not realize, or care (either is just as damning as the other) that their political affiliation is being exposed and that they are willing to submit the nation to any degree of poor judgment, criminal activity, or outright corruption in order to secure the election of "one of their own."


Gold Alert Issued for Missing Millsboro Woman

UPDATE: Miriam Kline has been located and is fine. The Gold Alert has been cancelled.
Millsboro, DE-The Delaware State Police are issuing a Gold Alert for Miriam Kline, 81, of Millsboro, Delaware.

Troopers are looking for Miriam Kline, who hasn’t been heard from since approximately 9:00 a.m. this morning, Tuesday, September 20, 2016, after she was last seen leaving her address in Millsboro.

There is a concern for Kline’s safety and welfare as troopers have been unable to make contact with her to check on her welfare and attempts to locate her have been unsuccessful.

Miriam Kline is a white female approximately 5'05" tall, 120 lbs., brown eyes with white hair wearing jeans and unknown color top operating a 2012 gray Ford Fusion.

If anyone has any information in reference to the whereabouts of Miriam Kline they are asked to call Troop 7 at 302-644-5020. Information may also be provided by callingDelaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

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Guess who’s not coming to dinner with Dems

Christians, whites leaving Obama-Hillary party in droves

While atheists, young people and minorities are still attracted to the Democratic Party in big numbers, three other groups are moving in big numbers to the Republican side, according to a New Pew Research Center poll.

Those three groups are whites, Christians and older voters.

The result of this continuing shift is that the percentages of Democrat-leaning voters and Republican-leaning voters remain almost exactly the same as in 2012 – 48 percent for Dems and 44 percent for the GOPers.

Another result, according to the poll, is that the demographic profiles look more different than any time in the last 25 years.

Colin Powell Criticized 'Hillary's Mafia' On Emails

Retired Gen. Colin Powell believed that “Hillary’s mafia” was trying to drag him into the Clinton email scandal, newly leaked emails show.

Powell, who served as secretary of state in the George W. Bush administration, also appears to have warned Clinton’s personal attorney, Cheryl Mills, about dragging him into the fiasco.

“Been having fun with emailgate,” Powell wrote to Beth Jones on March 9, 2015, days after news broke that Clinton used a personal email account and private server as secretary of state.

“Hillary’s Mafia keeps trying to suck me into it,” he continued.


European Civil War Looms: French Professor Fears Growing "Jihad Generation" Among Unemployed Muslims

"The long-term goal of the Jihad Generation is to destroy Europe through civil war and then build an Islamic society from the ashes..." warns Professor Gilles Kepel, who is a specialist on Islamic and contemporary Arab world.

As The Sun reports, Kepel, from the Sciences Po in Paris, claims a growing number of Muslims with poor job prospects are forming a “Jihad Generation” to continue to commit acts of terror across Europe.

According to German newspaper Die Welt, Kepel said the terror group’s aim is to incite hatred towards Muslims from the rest of the society which would eventually radicalise others to the point that Europe could enter into full-blown civil war.


The Most Political Fed in History

Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari wants us to believe that the Fed is not a political entity.

Kashkari is either ignoring reality or simply providing cover for the single most political Fed in history. This is not a Left vs. Right issue, this is an establishment vs. legitimate reform issue.

Consider 2012. Supposed “Republican” Ben Bernanke launched QE 3 as a clear gift to the Obama administration’s re-election bid. The data didn’t warrant another QE program in any way. Moreover, the Fed was already engaged in Operation Twist at the time.

Unemployment had declined steadily since the 2009 recession ended.


Trump: Hillary "Looks Down On Proud Americans As Subjects For Her Rule”

Demands Clinton retract 'deplorables' comment or quit

GOP Nominee Donald Trump avoided the ongoing speculation over Hilary Clinton’s health in a speech Monday, instead opting to hit out at her for calling half of all his supporters ‘deplorables’.

“Hillary Clinton still hasn’t apologized to those she slandered. In fact, she hasn’t backed down at all,” Trump said.

“She’s doubled down on her campaign’s conspiracy and contempt. If Hillary Clinton will not retract her comments in full, I don’t see how she can credibly campaign any further.” the GOP nominee added.


Trump to Victims of Illegal Alien Crime: You Have Been ‘Forced into the Shadows’

On Saturday, Republican nominee Donald Trump addressed the American families victimized by open borders that have been “forced into the shadows” by both establishment politicians and media elites.

“Help is coming,” Trump told the angel families, assuring them that “their loved ones will not have died in vain.”

At a Saturday luncheon hosted by the Remembrance Project, a group that represents the American victims of illegal alien crime, Trump honored the “stolen American lives” and pledged to “advocate for justice on behalf of all American victims.”