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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

‘How Does Going From Being a Senator to a President Rewrite the Constitution?’: Trey Gowdy Explodes on Obama in Stirring Floor Speech

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Ignoring President Barack Obama’s veto threat, the House voted on Wednesday for a bill that would expedite congressional lawsuits against the chief executive for failure to enforce federal laws.

The vote was 233-181 in the Republican-led House as GOP lawmakers excoriated Obama for multiple changes to his 4-year-old health care law, steps he’s taken to allow young immigrants to remain in the United States and the administration’s resistance to defend the federal law banning gay marriage.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., sponsor of the ENFORCE the Law Act, delivered a fiery speech and read a series of statements by Obama when he was an Illinois senator in which he warned of the encroachment of the executive on the powers of the other branches of government.


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How Long Does Your State Last?

Americans don't exactly take their time in the sack

If New Mexico’s looking for a catchy tourism slogan, may we submit “New Mexico Does It Longer?”

The state, home to the fictional Walter White, contains the longest sex-havers in the nation, according to data collected by the Spreadsheets App and published in map-form by, a mobile app that helps people measure their time between the sheets. People in New Mexico do it for just over seven minutes on average.

Alaskans aren’t nearly so patient: the coldest state also has the shortest sex sessions, clocking in under two minutes. Two minutes is barely enough time to get every article of clothing off! Get it together, Alaska. Then again, maybe Alaskans aren’t even bothering to take their clothes off since the weather is so cold.


Update: Oakland Airport Vendors Levy Health Benefits Surcharge

Travelers passing through the Oakland Airport may be in for a surprise when they get their meal or drink receipts - a surcharge for employees' health benefits. The Oakland Airport authority decided to allow an additional surcharge to be added to patrons' bills - not unlike the Obamacare surcharge restaurants in Florida and L.A. are charging.

"A 2% Airport Health Benefits Surcharge will apply to all pre-tax food and beverage purchases," a sign says on one eatery. The receipt in the photo shows a charge for "2% Health SC."

Acting on a tip that vendors were levying the charge, reached out to the airport for comment on when the surcharge was instituted, and why.

Scott Wintner, Senior Marketing and Communications representative for the airport, acknowledged that the surcharges are added by concessionaire, but said he could not comment on when the charge started.


Charlie The Dog's Life Saved By Drinking Vodka

You're drunk, dog.

Charlie, a Maltese terrier from Australia, was saved from certain death the first weekend in March by veterinarians who fed him copious amounts of vodka.

Staff from Animal Accident & Emergency in Melbourne wrote on the facility's blog that Charlie came in with a case of Ethylene Glycol poisoning. They wrote that Ethylene Glycol, a product commonly found in radiator and brake fluids, tastes sweet but causes kidney failure when ingested.

"In Australia, the only antidote we have is alcohol," the blog states. "Alcohol alters the chemical reaction and stops the kidney failure from occurring."


David Craig Rallies Political Support For Urgent Need To Export Natural Gas From Maryland

Simmering Cove Point LNG controversy takes on greater importance in light of world events

Harford County Executive and Maryland Governor Candidate David Craig called on incumbent Governor Martin O’Malley to push the Obama Administration to complete a final regulatory review to enable a facility in southern Maryland to export liquefied natural gas. The issue takes on greater urgency as the Ukraine and several European countries seek long-term solutions to reduce dependence on Russian energy exports.

“Now is not the time for dithering and red tape,” said Craig. “Maryland is on the verge of being only the second state in the country to export liquefied natural gas and our proximity to the Marcellus Shale, and the Atlantic Ocean and existing infrastructure gives us a competitive advantage that nobody else has. Maryland can attract thousands of energy sector jobs and help assert U.S. influence in the crisis in the Ukraine. But we must act now.”

Impossible Shots With Ted Gundy And Gibbs 1903A4 Sniper Rifle.


The Nanny State’s Stranglehold On Civilization

The political correctness of our era is all about the “neutralization of maleness”

The untamed human spirit is dynamic, creative, beautiful, sometimes dangerous, and unpredictable. It is a frightful thing to behold in the eyes of a compulsively controlling, authoritarian nanny state.

French historian Alexis de Tocqueville articulated what he foresaw shaping up in the early 1800′s. Tocqueville saw it as a “democratic authoritarianism”. He wrote,

“Over these men stands an immense tutelary power, which assumes sole responsibility for securing their pleasure and watching over their fate. It is absolute, meticulous, regular, provident, and mild. It would resemble paternal authority if only its purpose were the same, namely, to prepare men for manhood. But on the contrary, it seeks only to keep them in childhood irrevocably. It likes citizens to rejoice, provided they think only of rejoicing. It works willingly for their happiness but wants to be the sole agent and only arbiter of that happiness. It provides for their security, foresees and takes care of their needs, facilitates their pleasures, manages their most important affairs, directs their industry, regulates their successions, and divides their inheritances. Why not relieve them entirely of the trouble of thinking and the difficulty of living?”


Knockout Game FAIL!!! Guy Fights Back!!


Goal: 68 Million New Voters, Healthcare Be Damned

Please review Mathew Boyle’s explosive article published at on Oct. 30, 2013: “Election Integrity Activists: ObamaCare is “Biggest Voter Registration Fraud Scheme in History.” In brief, ObamaCare has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare for all.

Matthew clearly documents 6 facts that allows any objective reader to accept his very reasonable conclusion.

1: Beginning in 2010, the Obama administration began savagely attacking Houston resident Catherine Engelbrecht, President of “True the Vote”, with personal and business IRS audits, DHS threats, FBI visits, Secret Service investigations, harassing OSHA and BATF investigations. Watch a brief overview of the government attacks she and her family endured. Ask yourself, why so much massive fury directed at a single citizen unless she posed a dire threat to exposing the truth?

2: 100% of ObamaCare exchange applicants will automatically receive a voter registration card in the mail, in a manner more egregious than Bill Clinton’s 1993 “Motor-Voter” law, without one single government official actually laying eyes on another human being. The ObamaCare exchange system is programmed to blindly accept all user input data at face value. Period.



One young man went to apply for a managerial position in a big company. He passed the initial interview, and now would meet the director for the final interview.

The director discovered from his CV that the youth's academic achievements were excellent. He asked, "Did you obtain any scholarships in school?" the youth answered "no".

" Was it your father who paid for your school fees?"

"My father passed away when I was one year old, it was my mother who paid for my school fees.” he replied.

" Where did your mother work?"

Homeland Security Snipers Terrorize Confused Residents During Raid

DHS agents train weapons on innocent neighbors

Department of Homeland Security snipers trained their weapons on frightened residents during a raid on a nearby apartment in East Williamsburg, with neighbors complaining of how they were “utterly confused and frankly terrorized” during the incident.

The combined federal/NYPD drugs bust started in the early hours of Sunday morning when a low flying helicopter startled East Williamsburg and Bushwick residents, before streets were blocked off, preventing people from going home.

“Witnesses spotted a big Department of Homeland Security truck as well as DHS agents toting machine guns as they raided 221 Devoe Street,” reports the Gothamist.


It’s Unlikely He Will Ever Forget What He Had to Do After Losing a Bet to His Brother

After losing a bet to his younger brother, a Utah man was forced to perform a daunting task — dance in public to a series of songs chosen by his sibling.

“My brother had never beat me at basketball, but he was getting cocky! I thought I’d use his ego against him and make a bet that would humiliate him after I beat him at basketball,” the YouTube description for the video on Andrew Wilcoz’s account said. “Loser had to dance on the corner of Bulldog and State Street in Provo, Utah for a half hour to whatever music the other chose.”

The older brother ultimately ended up losing three games in a row to his younger nemesis, forcing him to take to the streets and dance to various tunes.


The Fed Has Failed (And Will Continue To Fail), Part 1

The Fed's policies have been an unqualified success for financiers and an abject failure for the bottom 99.5% who have to work for a living.

After five long years of politicos and the financial media glorifying the Federal Reserve's policies as god-like in their power and efficacy, let's take a quick look at the results of these vaunted policies: ZIRP (zero interest rates), (QE) quantitative easing, both of which are ways of shoving nearly limitless, nearly-free money (a.k.a. liquidity) into the banking sector, where all this free money is supposed to filter into the global economy, working miracles of prosperity.

Let's start with a chart of the Fed's balance sheet, which reflects just how much money the Fed has created and pumped into the financial system. $4 trillion is larger than the entire GDP of Germany, and roughly 25% of U.S. GDP.


Bills On Tap For Maryland Microbreweries

It was just four years ago that Paul Rinehart started doing professionally what was once just a hobby as a teen: brewing beer.

It’s a love he says has become an art – as well as a money maker.

His Rockville brewery, Baying Hound Aleworks, is what they call a "microbrewery." It is run out of a warehouse, measures approximately 12,000 square feet in size, and brews three to four barrels a week.


Wind Restrictions In Effect For Bay Bridge; 2-Way Traffic Unlikely

SANDY POINT, Md. (WJZ)— High wind is restricting traffic on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Maryland officials say two-way travel is unlikely Wednesday afternoon.

A Wind Advisory is in effect from 6 p.m. Wednesday until 11 a.m. Thursday. Northwest wind speeds are expected to be between 20 and 30 mph with gusts up to 55 mph.


Zach Galifinakis And President Barack Obama Between Two Ferns

The video has been taken down. You can watch it HERE)

Toddler’s Adorable, Lawyer-Like Argument Championing Cupcakes for Dinner

)It’s one of the oldest tricks in a child’s book: if Mom says no, ask Grandma instead.

But mother Linda Beltran was too cunning to let that happen when her son Mateo tried to sneak cupcakes after refusing to eat dinner. Mateo had a few thoughts to share himself — and mom caught the hilarious exchange from the 3-year-old, who seems to be a lawyer in the making, on camera.

“Gramma told me he didn’t want to eat his dinner. I let [him] know that we would not be having a fun night unless he ate his dinner. He found some hidden cupcakes and was on a mission to have them,” Beltrantold UberSpotlight earlier this month. “After a back-and-forth of ‘Mommy pleassseee can I have them?’ and me telling him not until he had dinner, he decided to wait until I wasn’t paying attention to use those cute eyes of his on Gramma, which was not-so-secretly hilarious.”


Good Bye New York....Hello Alabama

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) Doesn't Want Them
Remington, one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers, will on Monday join Gov. Robert Bentley (R) to announce they are bringing over 2,000 jobs to Alabama.

Most of the jobs will be relocated from their Ilion, NY plant, and the initial investment in Alabama will be $87 million.

Chelsea Handler Slams Piers Morgan


An Eye, Brain Trick

Wind Advisory In Effect From 6pm Tonight Til 11AM Thursday

Event:    Wind Advisory





Target Area:   
Inland Worcester
Maryland Beaches

Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Child Pornography Arrest

Members of the Maryland State Police, Computer Crimes Section, Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) conducted an online investigation into individuals distributing child pornography.

On March 11, 2014, Alex R. Tringali, 24 of the 300 block Nectar Court, Westminster, Maryland was arrested and charged with four counts of distribution of child pornography and ten counts possession of child pornography. Tringali is currently being held on $55,000 bond at the Carroll County Detention Center.

A trooper assigned to the Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force began the investigation several months ago after locating a computer sharing what was believed to be child pornography on a file-sharing network. The investigator was able to trace the computer activity back to Tringali’s Westminster residence.

During the investigation, the suspect was identified as Alex R. Tringali. The investigation led to the search of Tringali’s residence. During the search, investigators located digital evidence confirming he was in possession of child pornography and had been distributing it over the internet. In addition, numerous items of digital media to include computers, cameras, CD/DVD’s were seized and turned over to computer forensic examiners for further analysis.

The Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is comprised of police agencies from around the state. Its primary mission is to protect children from computer-facilitated sexual exploitation. The Task Force works cooperatively with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to provide resources to combat these crimes. Additionally, the Task Force provides community awareness campaigns helping to prevent the spread of these crimes through education.

Tomorrow Is World Kidney Day!

Kidney disease kills more people each year than breast and prostate cancer combined! But while the majority of Americans can recite the common tests for breast and prostate cancer, not many know the risk factors and tests that could keep them off of dialysis and the transplant list.


Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure in the United States.
High Blood Pressure is the second leading cause of kidney failure.
Family History of Kidney Failure -- If your family has a history of kidney failure, you are at an increased risk for kidney disease and kidney failure yourself.
Age over 60-- Being over the age of 60 is one of the main risk factors for developing kidney disease and kidney failure.
Kidney Stones-- Studies have shown that a history of kidney stones is associated with the development of kidney disease and kidney failure.
Over-use of pain medications such as over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs has also been associated with kidney disease and kidney failure.


Anyone with the above risk factors should be tested to check their kidney function. Simple steps such as controlling blood pressure and blood sugar, maintaining a healthy weight and diet, exercising regularly, quitting smoking and avoiding excessive use of pain medicine can help reduce your risk for kidney disease and kidney failure. For tips on how to manage your diet and make over your pantry, click here!

SFD Calls For Service 3-11-14

  • Tuesday March, 11 2014 @ 23:42:59Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Tuesday March, 11 2014 @ 22:44:02Nature: Difficulty BreathingCity: Salisbury
  • Tuesday March, 11 2014 @ 22:00:38Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Tuesday March, 11 2014 @ 21:49:41Nature: ElectricalAddress: 4773 Mariner Mill Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Tuesday March, 11 2014 @ 21:18:58Nature: Citizen AssistAddress: 715 Baker St Salisbury, MD 21801

Police Release Findings In Columbia Mall Shooting

Police release findings in Columbia Mall shooting (19 photos)
Howard County Police are releasing details discovered during the investigation into the Jan. 25 shooting at the Columbia Mall, including a timeline of events, video images, photos and computer evidence. While the investigation will continue for an unknown duration due to ongoing analysis of evidence, police are offering a look inside the case in an effort to share information and bring closure to the community.

More Photos can be seen on the Howard County Police Facebook page.  CLICK HERE  Everyone should be able to view the pictures even without a Facebook account. You can also view the pictures on their website HERE.

Troopers Investigate Robbery In The Parking Lot Of A Rehoboth Supermarket

Location: Giant Food, 19312 Lighthouse Plaza Boulevard, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Date of Occurrence: Tuesday March 11, 2014 at approximately 9:20 p.m.

Victim: 66 year old female, Lewes, DE


Unknown subject (no physical or clothing description). No weapon displayed.
No surveillance video or photos available.

Rehoboth Beach, DE- The Delaware State Police are currently investigating a robbery of a 66 year old female in the parking lot of the Giant Food store.

Hogan Applauds Federal Investigation Into Maryland Health Exchange Mismanagement

Annapolis, MD - Gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan today welcomed the federal Department of Health and Human Services' investigation into Maryland's failed Health Benefit Exchange. 

According to Hogan, "I applaud the federal investigation into the O'Malley-Brown Administration's costly and failed management of our state's failed health care exchange. Marylanders deserve a thorough review of why Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, the O'Malley Administration's point-man on health insurance reform, is spending hundreds of millions of our hard-earned tax dollars on a broken website instead of increasing access to affordable health insurance," Hogan said. 

The O'Malley-Brown Administration had set a goal of registering an additional 150,000 Marylanders in private health insurance plans by the end of March. As problems with the state's online exchange mounted and registrations lagged, the Administration slashed their goal to 75,000. "Despite moving their goal post up to the fifty yard line, with twenty days to go before Marylanders are fined for not having health insurance, fewer than 39,000 have signed up through the exchange," said Hogan.

WCSD Press Release 3-12-14

Incident: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Date of Incident: 11 March 2014

Location: South Salisbury Boulevard, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Sara Ann Adkins, 49, Laurel, DE

Narrative: On 11 March 2014 at 12:51 AM a deputy stopped a vehicle operated by Sara Adkins of Laurel, DE for erratic driving and speeding on southbound Salisbury Blvd. Upon contacting Adkins the deputy detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from with the vehicle. The deputy also saw an empty Coors Light beer can in the center console. During contact with Adkins, the deputy noted that Adkins had trouble even standing up. Those factors combined with several physical indicators to include that Adkins had urinated on herself led the deputy to suspect that she was operating her vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Following sobriety testing, the deputy placed Adkins under arrest for DUI. At this point Adkins became verbally abusive towards the deputy yelling myriad profane insults in his direction.

Adkins refused to submit to a breath test.

The deputy transported Adkins to the Central Booking Unit, following an initial appearance in front of the District Court Commissioner; Adkins was released on Personal Recognizance.

 Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
Sara Ann Adkins
Sara Ann Adkins

Amid Boos, GOP Ices Tea Party At Beach Slate Vote


A gathering of 1,000 Republicans turned raucous Monday evening after party leaders used a procedural move not seen in 30 years to select those who will choose the head of the party's 2nd Congressional District.

Over shouts and boos, a slate of 32 mainstream party members supporting Sen. Frank Wagner was chosen to take the place of Virginia Beach's 552 votes at the party's district convention next month.

The procedure, called a slate, virtually guarantees Wagner will win the chairmanship and prevents supporters of Tea Party favorite Curtis Colgate from getting a vote at the convention.

Del. Chris Stolle led Monday's meeting and quickly ushered the vote for the slate, which included his brother, Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle, and Wagner.

"I'm certainly disappointed and regret that a small minority of individuals have decided to use parliamentary procedure to steal an election instead of working to unify and grow the party," Colgate said in a statement.


WCSO Press Release 3-12-14

Incident: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Date of Incident: 11 March 2014

Location: 500 Glen Ave, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Alvin Ray Powell, 66, Snow Hill, MD
Narrative: On 11 March 2014 at 6:15 a deputy was at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center participating with the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) victim impact panel. The purpose of the panel is for DUI offenders to meet with victims of drunk driving.

The deputy observed that an individual, later identified as Alvin Powell, had approached the sign in table for the panel attendees. The deputy observed that Powell not only appeared visibly intoxicated but gave off an overwhelming odor of an alcoholic beverage. The deputy began to investigate the circumstance of how Powell arrived at the Civic Center and soon learned that he had given another individual, Jason T. Lynch, 34 of Snow Hill, a ride to event as he was required to attend the panel as the result of a recent DUI conviction. The deputy located Jason Lynch and determined that he too had been consuming alcohol.

The deputy went to check on the vehicle that Powell reportedly had driven to Civic Center and located another individual inside, Ronald T. Lynch, 66 of Snow Hill, in the rear seat of the vehicle. The deputy observed that Lynch had an open container of beer with him and a cooler that would be found to be full of beer. Ronald Lynch was visibly under the influence of alcohol.

After corroborating that Powell had driven both Jason and Ronald Lynch to the Civic Center, the deputy administered sobriety testing to Powell. At the conclusion of the testing, Powell was placed under arrest. During processing, Powell provided a breath sample that measured .15.

All subjects were charged on citations and released to sober drivers.

Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (Powell)
               Consumption of Alcohol on Public Property (Jason and Ronald Lynch)
Releasing Authority: Lt. Tim Robinson        Date:  12 March 2014

The Left Versus Minorities

If anyone wanted to pick a time and place where the political left’s avowed concern for minorities was definitively exposed as a fraud, it would be now — and the place would be New York City, where far left Mayor Bill de Blasio has launched an attack on charter schools, cutting their funding, among other things.

These schools have given thousands of low income minority children their only shot at a decent education, which often means their only shot at a decent life. Last year 82 percent of the students at a charter school called Success Academy passed city-wide mathematics exams, compared to 30 percent of the students in the city as a whole.


Hillary 2016


BALTIMORE – Warning of a looming crisis in health care access for pregnant women in Maryland, some medical officials are urging lawmakers to consider a “no-fault birth injury fund” that would help alleviate mounting pressure placed on hospitals and birthing centers by multimillion-dollar malpractice lawsuits.

The measure would allow families of babies who suffer neurological injuries during birth to sidestep the lawsuit process and seek compensation directly from a statewide fund paid for by hospitals, doctors and malpractice insurers.

Advocates say the existence of such a fund would ensure that victims receive the care their injuries demand while preventing exorbitant lawsuit awards that threaten to sink obstetrics units and reduce statewide access to maternity health care.

Doc On Obamacare : Dr Barbara Bellar Sums Up Obamacare In One Sentence.


Lights, Camera, Arrested

Once again, the U.S. government is attempting to police the world when it should be policing its own law enforcement agencies. We’ve got a warship cruising the Black Sea, fighter jets patrolling the Baltic skies, and a guided-missile destroyer searching the South China Sea for the downed Malaysia Airlines flight. All the while, back home in the U.S., our constitutional rights are going to hell in a hand basket, with homeowners being threatened with eviction for attempting to live off the grid, old women jailed for feeding crows, and citizens armed with little more than a cell phone arrested for daring to record police activities.

Robin Speronis now finds herself threatened with eviction from her own Florida home for daring to live off the grid, independent of city utilities such as water and electricity. City officials insist the Cape Coral resident’s chosen way of life violates international property maintenance code and city ordinances. Mary Musselman, also a Florida resident, is being held in jail without bond for “feeding wild animals.” The 81-year-old Musselman, on probation after being charged with feeding bears near her home, was arrested after officers discovered her leaving bread out for crows. Meanwhile, Brandy Berning of Florida was forced to spend a night in jail after recording her conversation with an officer who pulled her over for a routine traffic stop.


Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club Fundraiser Dog Walk

The Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club is looking forward to their 4th annual dog walk, April 5th, benefiting the tri county police canines, fire department rescues and other dog organizations. Since our inception the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club Charitable Trust has:

- purchased 6 vests for area law enforcement canines at a cost of over $5,000.

- purchased numerous pet O2 masks for small, medium, and large pets for area fire companies at a cost of over $1,000.

- provided scholarships to local humane society staff to a dog behavior seminar at a cost of $450.

- contributed $150 to the AKC Canine Relief Fund to help with the care of dogs displayed due to a natural disaster.

- purchased educational supplies, sponsored the Responsible Dog Ownership Day, and helped with education of young children on responsible pet ownership and training of 4H youth in basic dog obedience.

In total the SMKCCT has raised and invested over $7,000 in the above activities and we hope to continue to provide additional support and resources to these groups. Please join us for our next dog walk and help us help our four legged best friend. 

Who: Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club Charitable Trust, Inc.

What: 4th Annual Dog Walk

Dog & Handler $20.00, each additional dog $5.00 - donations are tax deductible

*If you are not able to attend, check can be mailed to Bonnie Garris, 321 Cedar Dr., Salisbury, MD 21804

Where: SMKC Training Center 31663 Winterplace Parkway, Salisbury MD

When: Saturday, April 5, 2014

Registration 8:30 am to 9:30 am walk begins

Why: Benefit vests our tri county area police k9’s (bullet & stab proof dog safety vest) and oxygen masks for small animals rescued by tri county area fire departments.

Chamber Sends Invitation 12 Hours Before Actual Event

The above image is an invitation I received around 8:00 PM last night. I found out I was not alone.

First of all, we need more time in advance to make such arrangements. Secondly, it makes no sense to me, (and others agree) why the Chamber would hold such an event during the day. That is, unless they want to re title it the "Eastern Shore Unemployed Business Forum". 

Many people have jobs and cannot take off work for last minute events such as this. I would have personally enjoyed participating and even advertising it for others.

To be completely honest, I didn't even think of opening the e-mail until this morning because who would have ever thought that an e-mail like this would be set for early the next morning.

Now, that being said, was this on purpose, I'd have to think so. What we have seen lately are these type of meetings where the Chamber, the Mayor and others simply want cheer leaders present and not actual experienced business minded people who might change their path with great ideas. 

The meeting with the U of M Downtown Master Plan comes to mind as well. 

I strongly suggest the Chamber get their act together. After all, aren't you supposed to be setting an example to help the community. Or is this all about making sure only the people you want being there attend?

House Gives Preliminary Ok To Speed Camera Bill

In Annapolis, lawmakers are taking up the issue of restricting school and work zone speed cameras.

The House of Delegates today gave preliminary approval to a bill that prevents speed camera contractors from getting a commission for each ticket issues.

The bill also defines a school zone to be a half-mile area actually approaching a school.

Critics have said Baltimore City uses current law, to make nearly the entire city subject to the cameras.


Crony Capitalism And The Transcontinental Railroads

When Barack Obama used the transcontinental railroads as an example of the wonderful things that can be accomplished with grandiose government programs, he was attacked for mistakenly referring to the railroads as “inter continental.” Notably, he was attacked by approximately no one for talking up a government program that in reality should be best remembered as a pioneering feat in government corruption, corporate welfare, and immense waste.

Although not related in quite the heroic terms it once was, the trans­continental railroads retain their place as one of the great alleged suc­cess stories of nineteenth-century America. According to the popular myths, the same myths now exploited by the president, and challenged by no one, the railroads, these supposedly great monuments to the ingenuity of American industrialists, united East and West by bringing together the economies of the West coast and the East coast. This government program then set the stage for the massive economic growth and national greatness that would occur in the United States during the early twentieth century.

And yet, few claims about the necessity or success of the transcontinental railroads are true. While none would argue that transcontinentals would not become economically feasible in the private market at some point, during the 1860s, as the first transcontinentals took shape, there was no economic justification. This is why the first transcontinentals were all creatures, not of capitalism or the private markets, but of government. There simply were not enough people, capital, manufactured goods, or crops between Missouri and the West coast to support a private-sector railroad.


Rep. Andy Harris: 'This is a just a failed exchange'


Md. Bill Would Protect Those Who Call For Help In Overdose Cases

BALTIMORE, Md. -- A Maryland lawmaker is proposing a bill that he says he hopes will help more drug overdose victims receive proper medical help in time to save their lives.

"The Good Samaritan Bill really just tries to give people certainty when they call in an emergency if somebody has overdosed on drugs or alcohol, that they will not be prosecuted for small possession amounts of the drug or underage drinking," says Del. Jon Cardin, D-Baltimore County, who is running for attorney general.

"People should not be scared to call 911 for fear of prosecution," he says.

Cardin says the bill isn't intended to hamper law enforcement.

Governed By Rules, Not Men

What kind of rules should govern our lives? I'd argue that the best rules are those that we'd be satisfied with if our very worst enemy were in charge of decision-making. The foundation for such rules was laid out by my mother. Let's look at it.

My mother worked as a domestic servant. That meant that my younger sister and I often lunched at home by ourselves during our preteen years. Being bigger and stronger than my sister, I seldom divided the food evenly, especially the desserts. After a tiring day at work, Mom would be greeted by sob stories from my sister about my lunchtime injustices. Mom finally became fed up with the sibling hassles. She didn't admonish me to be more caring, fair, sensitive and considerate. She just made a rule: Whoever cuts the cake (pie, bread, meat, etc.) allows the other the first selection. With that new rule in place, you can bet that when either my sister or I divided food, it was divided equally.

You say, "That's a nice story, Williams, but what's the point?" The point is that the principle underlying Mom's rule is precisely the kind that is necessary for rules to promote fairness. In general, the rules that we should want are those that promote fairness, whether it's our best friend or it's our worst enemy who's the decision-maker. In the case of Mom's rule, it didn't make any difference whether I hated my sister's guts that day or she hated mine or whether my sister was doing the cutting or I was; there was a just division of the food.


Full Speed On Investigation Of Failed Health Exchange

In a welcome development, the federal inspector general will investigate the massive failures of the Maryland Health Exchange — something the Democratic leadership of the Maryland Legislature has equivocated over, probably hoping the whole thing will be fixed and forgotten before the June and November elections.

The screw-up has cost Maryland taxpayers millions of dollars and damaged the gubernatorial candidacy of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, the absentee landlord put in charge of the program’s rollout.

The formation of a special joint committee of House and Senate Maryland lawmakers to oversee repairs to the floundering exchange and the auditors who are supposed to measure how well the exchange is performing is little more than a delaying tactic.

The auditing itself will not begin until after the March 31 enrollment deadline. A report from the audit isn’t scheduled to be complete until halfway through 2015.

By then, we’ll have a new governor in office, and that could be Brown.

BREAKING NEWS: Explosion, Building Collapse In New York City

An explosion at a residential building construction site on Park Ave. in East Harlem has caused a fire and building collapse. Metro North commuter train service has been suspended as FDNY responds. Watch Live on Fox News and


Homeland Security Pre-Staging A Domestic Military Force

During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the U.S. Army built 28,000 MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Trucks). Now the U.S. Army has announced that it is giving 13,000 of them away, for free. Who’s receiving the trucks? Homeland Security and U.S. Law Enforcement.

Instead of mothballing these MRAPs, Homeland Security is evidently pre-staging a domestic army of militarized agencies, police and law enforcement.

While Police and agencies say that all this military equipment from DHS grants will only be used against crime, the trust in many American alphabet agencies has been broken – now that we know some of the extent at which they are using technology to monitor and probe its own citizenry. DHS and many others, they’re stockpiling.

What we have here is a paranoid government, and one which is apparently and evidently ramping up for something…


Justin Bieber Deposition


Woody Harrelson, Local Banker Buy The Inn at the Black Olive in Fells Point

The Inn at the Black Olive is in now in the hands of a major Hollywood celebrity and a local businessman.

Actor Woody Harrelson and John “Jack” Dwyer, founder of Capital Funding Group Inc., bought the property at 803 S. Caroline St. in Fells Point for $4.5 million, with plans to keep the boutique inn under the management of the Spiliadis family.

Harrelson and Dwyer, in an equal partnership, bought the three-year-old property from First Mariner Bank, which repossessed the inn at auction for $3.9 million last June after it was foreclosed on.


Labor Force Participation Hits Record Low For Americans In Their 20s

( - The labor force participation rate in 2013 for Americans in their twenties hit the lowest level recorded since 1981, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics started releasing employment data on people in the full age bracket of 20 through 29.

The labor force participation rate for people ages 20 through 24—which BLS has been tracking since 1948—hit a 42-year low in 2013.

Since 2008, the last year before President Barack Obama took office, the number of Americans in their twenties who were not in the labor force during the average month has climbed from 8,756,000 to 10,511,000—an increase of 1,755,000 or 20 percent.


Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release 3-12-14

On March 2, 2014 at approximately 1643 hours Deputies were dispatched to the area of Back Creek Rd for reported reckless driving. The caller stated a white Ford F-150 was operating in a reckless manner, doing burn outs, and possibly struck a sign.

The vehicle was later located and found to be operated by Mark James Bell 50 years of age from Bishopville Md.

Mr. Bell appeared to have been drinking alcohol and was asked to take Field Sobriety Tests. Mr. Bell did poorly on the tests. Mr. Bell was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Mr. Bell was later released pending court.

On March 7, 2014 at approximately 2111 hours, Deputies responded to the area of Hall Drive in Berlin for a suspicious vehicle parked in a driveway at a residence. The residence was posted as “No Trespassing”. The owner and driver of the vehicle was located at a party in the area. The owner was identified as Vincent Paul Vitilio 18 years of age of Berlin, Maryland. Mr. Vitilio was arrested and taken to the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office where he was charged with trespassing on posted private property, and released on a criminal citation.

On Sunday, March 9, 2014, a Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputy was dispatched to the area of Mt. Olive Church Rd Snow Hill, Md. for a suspicious vehicle parked in the roadway. Upon arrival the Deputy observed a 2004 Chevrolet Suburban parked at the stop sign at Mt. Olive Church Rd and Snow Hill Rd. The Suburban was parked with no head lights illuminated and the engine running.

The Deputy identified the operator as Calvin Henry Harmon, Jr., 32 years of age from Salisbury, MD, passed out behind the wheel.

The Deputy detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the passenger compartment of the vehicle and on Harmon’s breath. The Deputy asked Mr. Harmon to exit the vehicle to perform some sobriety tasks, to which Harmon agreed. Based on Mr. Harmon’s performance of the sobriety tasks, The Deputy placed him under arrest for DWI. A subsequent search of Mr. Harmon’s vehicle revealed a set of brass knuckles, a large amount of cash and six cell phones. Mr. Harmon was also charged with a carrying a concealed weapon. The remaining property was seized pending an investigation.

Mr. Harmon appeared before a District Court Commissioner and was released on his own recognizance pending trial.


"Using aggression to stop drug abuse kills more people than the drugs themselves! If we honored our neighbor’s choice, the people now enforcing the minimum wage and licensing laws would be available to go after the real criminals. In 1987, drug offenders made up 36% of the federal prison population. As the War on Drugs escalates, more of our law enforcement dollar will be spent on drug-related crimes and less on rapists, murderers, and thieves. Is this the best way to deal with the drug problem? ... People who drink an alcoholic beverage in the privacy of their own homes are not using first-strike force, theft, or fraud against anyone else. Nor is a person smoking a joint or snorting cocaine, under the same conditions, guilty of anything more sinister than trying to feel good. We see no contradiction in arresting the cocaine user while we enjoy our favorite cocktail. Are we once again sanctioning aggression-through-government in an attempt to control the lives of others? In the early 1900s, many people supported aggression through-government to stop the consumption of alcoholic beverages. As we all know, Prohibition was tried, but it just didn’t work. People still drank, but they had to settle for home-brews, which were not always safe. Some people even died from drinking them. Since business people could no longer sell alcohol, organized crime did. Turf battles killed innocent bystanders, and law enforcement officials found they could make more money taking bribes than jailing the bootleggers. Aggression was ineffective—and expensive, both in terms of dollars and lives. When Prohibition was repealed, people bought their alcohol from professional brewers instead of criminals. As a result, they stopped dying from bathtub gin. The turf fighting subsided, since there was no turf to fight about. The murder and assault rate that had skyrocketed during Prohibition fell steadily after its repeal."
-- Dr. Mary J. Ruwart
(1949- )


The Devil Lurking In The Retail Store Closure Details

"US retail as we have known it for hundreds of years is in sharp decline," warns Bloomberg Brief's Rich Yamarone, adding that "market participants should take note of the fallout in a sputtering US economy." The retail apocalypse, as we discussed here, is dominated by mass layoffs, weak traffic, and poor wage growth and, as Yamarone highlights, it's not hard to see why...

Via Bloomberg Brief's Richard Yamarone,

20 Stunning Facts On The US Retail Apocalypse

If the U.S. economy is getting better, then why are major retail chains closing thousands of stores? If we truly are in an "economic recovery", then why do sales figures continue to go down for large retailers all over the country? Without a doubt, the rise of Internet retailing giants such as have had a huge impact. Today, there are millions of Americans that actually prefer to shop online. Personally, when I published my novel I made it solely available on Amazon. But Internet shopping alone does not account for the great retail apocalypse that we are witnessing. In fact, some retail experts estimate that the Internet has accounted for only about 20 percent of the decline that we are seeing. Most of the rest of it can be accounted for by the slow, steady death of the middle class U.S. consumer. Median household income has declined for five years in a row, but all of our bills just keep going up. That means that the amount of disposable income that average Americans have continues to shrink, and that is really bad news for retailers.

And sadly, this is just the beginning. Retail experts are projecting that the pace of store closings will actually accelerate over the course of the next decade.

So as you read this list below, please take note that things will soon get even worse.

The following are 20 facts about the great U.S. retail apocalypse that will blow your mind...

#1 As you read this article, approximately a billion square feet of retail space is sitting vacant in the United States.


A Comment Worthy Of A Post 3-12-14 FRUITLAND


Just to set the record straight on a couple of items here, I did not vote for the cameras (in fact, I wasn't even on the Council) and I do not support and did not vote for Landlord Licensing. I fought it as hard as I could. I spoke with dozens of taxpayers about this ordinance and had/have concerns over how the implementation of this ordinance will only create a bigger government and really do nothing more than the International Property Maintenance Code that we passed less than a year ago does for us not. The only thing that Landlord licensing does is basically allow an inspector to gain access to your home and inspect every 5 years. We don't need to grow the size of the government right now. We also were proposed with the idea of taking a 4 year police grant position and making it permanent. Again, we can't afford it right now, I voted no, the motion passed to allow it 3-2. Although l think our Police Department does an excellent job, but we have enough officers and just can't afford it. The time of the work sessions are set by the entire group. Personally, I do not see anything wrong with them being during the day if that is when it works for everyone. If the particular poster who seems to be so obsessed with me that has posted half a dozen comments (for whatever reason) looks around, government work sessions are held during the day. Nothing out of the ordinary. To that poster, you need to get a life. I doubt seriously that you work with me. While you are busy worrying about agendas and on the minutes page and you can see what actually occurred at the meeting and who supported what. There is an election coming up in October, feel free sign up...

Thanks, Lee Outen

Gansler Testifies In Favor Of "Second Chance Act"

Letting ex-convicts shield their criminal records from prospective employers could be the major step toward making Maryland's prison re-entry rate plummet, Attorney General Doug Gansler said.

A pending Senate bill would allow shielding for 13 nonviolent misdemeanors, such as drug possession and trespassing. If the convicted person had no new offenses within five years after the sentence was completed, employers and colleges wouldn't be able to look at these criminal records.

Michigan's re-entry rate dropped significantly over nine years after the state took strides to help ex-convicts, putting it at 29 percent in the latest estimate. Meanwhile, Gansler said, Maryland's rate is still around 46 percent.


Colorado Barbershop Bans Smelly Potheads

A barber in Greeley, Colo., has added to the familiar phrase “No shirt, no shoes, no service” by refusing to cut the hair of anyone reeking of marijuana.

Hugo Corral, the owner of Hugo’s Barber Shop, told Denver’s CBS4 that he supports legal marijuana, but had to take the drastic step of giving his clients a sniff test when other customers — especially those with children — complained about the smell.

“A mother calls and says, ‘hey we can’t go in there anymore because we don’t want it to smell like marijuana when my child’s sitting there waiting,’” Corral told the station.