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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Giving Group Homes a 21st Century Makeover

Residents of the Williams Cottage finish their lunch at the Dobbs Ferry, New York, campus of the Children’s Village. The company’s new focus reflects a growing consensus within the child welfare field that institutional settings for foster children, though sometimes necessary, should be used sparingly.Seth Wenig/The Associated Press

Back in the day, they called them orphanages, a place for kids who had nowhere else to go. Today, they’re called “group homes,” and while their use has decreased over the years, they’re still very much a part of the U.S. child welfare system: 1 in 7 foster children lives in an institutional setting.

Recognizing that children fare best when they’re living at home with a family, child welfare officials have pushed to minimize the use of group homes. And a new federal law — thebiggest reboot of the foster care system in nearly 40 years — will place even greater restrictions on their use.


San Francisco Elects First African-American Woman For Mayor

London Breed made history Wednesday as the first African-American woman to be elected mayor in San Francisco, the city where she grew up.

Ballots were still being for more than a week after election day, but her opponent, former state Sen. Mark Leno, conceded the contest.

Breed served as Board of Supervisors president for the city. She emphasized her humble beginnings during the campaign. Her grandmother raised her on a shoestring budget in public housing. In a victory speech on the steps of city hall, Breedchallenged her supporters to strive for success.

"No matter where you come from, no matter what you decide to do in life, you can do anything you want to do," she said. "Never let your circumstances determine your outcome in life."


U.S. Suicide Rates Are Rising Faster Among Women Than Men

The number of people dying by suicide in the United States has risen by about 30 percent in the past two decades. And while the majority of suicide-related deaths today are among boys and men, a study published Thursday by the National Center for Health Statistics finds that the number of girls and women taking their own lives is rising.

"Typically there's between three and three times as many suicides among males as among females," says Dr. Holly Hedegaard, a medical epidemiologist at the NCHS and the main author of the new study. In 2016, about 21 boys or men out of 100,000 took their own lives. On the other hand, just six girls or women out of 100,000 died by suicide that year.

But when Hedegaard and her colleagues compared the rise in the rates of death by suicide from 2000 to 2016, the increase was significantly larger for females — increasing by 21 percent for boys and men, as compared to 50 percent for girls and women.


Virginia School District Sparks Outrage Over Plan to Remove Clergy From List of ‘Trusted Adults’

A Virginia school district is raising eyebrows this week for their plans to remove clergy from their suggested “trusted adults” and begin using the phrase “sex assigned at birth” instead of “biological sex” in their Family Life Education curriculum.

The Fairfax school district is expected to approve the curriculum changes on Thursday.

The list of “trusted adults” are members of the community that students are advised to speak to on matters concerning sex or sexuality.

“I take that as a personal insult,” Catholic Bishop Michael Burbidge said in a statement about the changes. “What a great insult to our clergy who give their lives in service to God’s people, to God’s young people (helping) them to do what is good and right.”


Date Night Beer Dinner

A Special Event at EVO...
Wed. June 27th 2018 6:30pm
$60 per person, plus tax and tip

Four Course Dinner Menu                  

Oysters Rockefeller “TWO WAYS”         
Pairing… eVo Primal Pale Ale 

Cold Plate “TWO WAYS”             
Blue Crab, Asparagus, & Tomato Salad & Shaved Asparagus Salad                           
Pairing… eVo Delmarva Pure Pils

Surf & Turf “FOR TWO”           
Lobster Stuffed Beef Wellington & Potatoes “TWO WAYS”                        
Pairing… eVo Lot 3 IPA

Soufflés “TWO WAYS”                 
Frozen Strawberry Soufflé & Chocolate Porter Soufflé 
Pairing… eVo “Two Ways” Chardonnay Migration     & Rise Up Russian Imperial Stout

Reservations Required ~ 443.260.2337         
A portion of proceeds benefit Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore.

201 E. Vine Street Salisbury, MD 21804

Governor Larry Hogan Celebrates Opening of New Dover Bridge

Governor Highlights Promises Kept: All 69 Structurally Deficient Bridges Completed or in Construction Phase; Salisbury 11 Bypass Bridges Open for Summer Travel

ANNAPOLIS, MD  Against the backdrop of the historic Dover Bridge in Easton, Md., Governor Larry Hogan today celebrated the official opening of the new Dover Bridge along MD 331 (Dover Road/Dover Bridge Road) over the Choptank River with an official ribbon-cutting, a full year ahead of schedule. This $65.4 million project replaces the existing swing-span bridge with a higher fixed-span, two-lane bridge with shoulders.  
The governor was joined by Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Deputy Secretary Jim Ports, MDOT State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) Administrator Greg Slater, state and local officials, residents, businesses, and project team members. Motorists began using the new Dover Bridge yesterday afternoon.  
The governor arrived at the event after taking the final drive across the old Dover Bridge in a 1941 Buick owned and driven by Darlene Spence, who is affiliated with the St. Michaels Classic Motor Museum. The old bridge, which is being restored as a historic structure, will remain in the open position and serve as a fishing pier for local residents and visitors.
“I am pleased to announce the completion of this critically important project as we officially open the new Dover Bridge over the Choptank River - something that people have requested for decades,” said Governor Hogan. “Our administration is proud to not only get it built, but deliver this project a full year ahead of schedule. We are working hard to rebuild our transportation infrastructure on the Eastern Shore and all across the state.”
Constructed in 1932, the old Dover Bridge was set to open on demand for marine traffic, had 12-foot-wide lanes and no shoulders, and had been the subject of decades-long safety concerns for local residents. At times, the swing-span bridge would close to traffic due to mechanical failures that caused severe traffic delays and time lost as crews rushed to make repairs. When bridge motor malfunctions or a crash occurred on the bridge with no shoulders, drivers were rerouted up to 45 minutes out of their way along a 33-mile detour to reach the other side of the bridge. Issues at the bridge also isolated area residents and hindered emergency responders’ access to the University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton.
The new structure, which was constructed by McLean Contracting, Inc. of Glen Burnie, has two 12-foot-wide lanes and two 8-foot-wide shoulders. The 50-foot-high, fixed-span bridge allows marine vessels to use the river without stopping bridge traffic. During bridge construction, the contractor closely coordinated with local emergency responders, subcontractors, and county agencies to minimize impact to the community.
The Hogan administration’s current six-year transportation investment in the Eastern Shore totals $746 million. At today’s event, Governor Hogan highlighted the administration’s successes in delivering on promised projects from his $2 billion investment in roads and bridges announced in 2015. All 69 structurally deficient bridges identified in June 2015 have now been rehabilitated, replaced, or are in the construction phase. Just three years after his promise to fix these 69 bridges, the final projects are being advertised for construction this month.
The Hogan administration has also delivered on other promised local projects including: $28.1 million rehabilitation of 11 bridges along the Salisbury Bypass that opened to traffic by this past Memorial Day; the $158 million dualization of MD 404 between US 50 and Denton opened to traffic by Thanksgiving 2017, and the $133.9 million widening of US 113 Phase 3, which is nearly complete, and the final phase, which just began construction.
“Our administration will continue to fight for transportation infrastructure projects that help Maryland citizens go about their daily lives in a more efficient and safer manner,” said the governor.

Democrats Say Gun Control Will Be Instituted After Trump Impeachment

Gun Control After Trump Impeachment?

Democrats might be in a position to impeach President Trump, raise taxes, and impose gun control nationwide as early as January 2019. The party is in a good position to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives in November’s election.

The party needs only to flip 24 Republican-controlled seats to get a majority in the House. There will be 48 competitive House races in November.

To make matters, worse Republicans will be defending seats in 25 districts that Hillary Clinton (D-New York) carried in the 2016 Presidential election, The New York Times pointed out. Republicans might have a tough race because just 12 Democrats will be defending seats in districts that President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) won.


Green tea may reduce heart attack risk, study suggests

According to a new study released in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, a compound found in green tea might be a powerful ally in the fight against heart disease. The beverage contains a molecule that could help prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

To be scientificially precise, the molecule is called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, and may help stave off atherosclerosis, characterized by the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Atherosclerosis can dramatically increase the risk of a heart attack or other cardiac episode.

These results seem promising, but maybe don’t go stocking up on green tea just yet. Since the concentration of EGCG is relatively small in your typical cup of hot tea, you’d have to drink a ton to get enough of it to make a difference — which is not something that the study authors recommend.

“I would certainly not recommend that people drink excessive amounts of green tea,” David Middleton, co-author of the study, told The Daily Meal in an email. “Many food substances taken in excess can, of course, be harmful, and there is evidence that very large doses of green tea can cause liver and kidney damage.”

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink any green tea, either.


Daily Government Quotes

We don't want to lose any great-tasting pizza to a pothole.

JUNE 14, 2018
Russell Weiner, president of Domino's pizza, announcing the company's "Paving for Pizza" project, which will let customers nominate their town for grants to fix potholes.
Source: The Hill

I kissed my spouse on stage at my inauguration as mayor. But I don't think I would have put it in a campaign eight years ago.

JUNE 13, 2018
Openly gay former Houston Mayor Annise Parker, referring to Maryland state Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr.'s campaign ad that features him kissing his husband. It is likely the first-ever kiss of a same-sex married couple in a U.S. political ad.

I’m sure they’re out there, but I haven’t found a pediatrician yet who thinks it's a good idea to sign this bill.

JUNE 12, 2018
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper on why he vetoed a bill that would have qualified someone, including a child, for medical marijuana. Only five of the 30 states and the District of Columbia that allow medicinal marijuana list autism as a qualifying condition.

Lockdown. Lockdown. Lock the door. Shut the lights off. Say no more. Go behind the desk and hide. Wait until it’s safe inside.

JUNE 11, 2018
Lyrics on a poster in a kindergarten classroom meant to help students know what to do during lockdown drills. It apparently goes to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

You don't look like a legislator.

JUNE 8, 2018
What a statehouse security guard said to Ohio state Rep. Emilia Sykes, a 32-year-old black woman, as she walked into work with one of her older, white, male colleagues. Sykes had her bag searched -- even after her colleague corroborated Sykes' job.

The 'Real' America: 21.5% Unemployment, 10% Inflation, And Negative Economic Growth

Every time the mainstream media touts some “wonderful new economic numbers” I just want to cringe. Yes, it is true that the economic numbers have gotten slightly better since Donald Trump entered the White House, but the rosy economic picture that the mainstream media is constantly painting for all of us is completely absurd.

As you are about to see, if honest numbers were being used all of our major economic numbers would be absolutely terrible. Of course we can hope for a major economic turnaround for America under Donald Trump, but we certainly are not there yet. Economist John Williams of has been tracking what our key economic numbers would look like if honest numbers were being used for many years, and he has gained a sterling reputation for being accurate. And according to him, it looks like the U.S. economy has been in a recession and/or depression for a very long time.


Pro-Trump firebrand Corey Stewart wins Virginia Senate primary

Corey Stewart, a pro-Trump firebrand and former state campaign chairman for Trump's presidential bid, on Tuesday won the Republican Senate nomination and will take on incumbent Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine in the November general election.

Stewart said he plans to campaign in a Trump-like way that appeals to blue collar voters across the political spectrum. He's also pledged to run a "ruthless" and "vicious" campaign against Kaine.

"We're going to have a lot of fun between now and November, folks," Stewart told a raucous crowd at his victory party Tuesday evening, amid chants of "lock her up."

Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016, has a significant
fundraising advantage over Stewart.

Stewart's win was the second of the night for pro-Trump backers, after Mark Sanford, a persistent Trump critic who often sparred with the president, was unceremoniously unseated in the GOP primary in South Carolina.


'We Can’t Leave It to Audiences to Decide What Is Fake News'

Technology investor and former mentor to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Roger McNamee says consumers should not be given the ability to decide what is fake news, arguing that “leaving it to the audience to make those picks is how we got here” during an event on free speech, “misinformation”, and the need for transparency.

“Einstein had a great thing, right, when he said you can’t solve a problem using the same tools that got you into the problem in the first place,” McNamee told the audience after Breitbart News asked his panel — “The Effects of Information Bottlenecks: Propaganda, Misinformation, Loss of Privacy” — why users shouldn’t be allowed to decide what fake news is and whether the implication is users are too stupid.


Huffington Post Tweet ..................and best comment about the tweet

Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Isn't There

Courtney Hadwin - America's Got Talent

WCSO Press Release - June 14, 2018

Incident: Driving Under the Influence
Date of Incident: 6-13-18
Location: Rt 13 and Naylor Mill Rd, Salisbury
Suspect: Smith Jr, Jerome Christopher, 41 of Salisbury

Narrative: On 6-13-18 at 0820 in the morning, a Deputy patrolling the area of Naylor Mill Rd and Rt 13 saw a vehicle swerve over the center line. The Deputy conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, Jerome Smith. Jr. Smith Jr had an open bottle of beer in the cup holder. The Deputy saw that Smith appeared to be under the influence and he began his DUI investigation. The investigation revealed that Smith was under the influence of alcohol. Smith was arrested and later released. The Deputy learned that Smith Jr had an alcohol restriction on his license and he had been ordered to have an interlock device on his vehicle. The vehicle had no interlock.

Charges: Driving under the influence of alcohol, Driving while impaired, Consuming an alcoholic beverage in a vehicle, Driving vehicle with alcohol in blood in violation of an alcohol restriction, Driving a vehicle not equipped with interlock as ordered and other traffic charges.

DHS Secretary Tours Israel Border Barrier

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen toured Israel’s border fence with Egypt Tuesday in order to gather information on Israeli border technology that can be adapted for the U.S.-Mexico border.

At a security conference later that day in Jerusalem, she said, “Border security is national security. Our Israeli partners know that better than anyone, and I was fortunate today to see the incredible work they are doing to keep their territory safe.”

President Donald Trump has expressed admiration for Israel’s sensor-rigged security barrier on the Egyptian border that has all but stopped the flow of illegal immigrants from entering the country as well as preventing infiltration from terrorists. The security fence cost Israel around $380 million.

“From Ottawa to Berlin, our communities are now on the frontlines,” Nielsen said. “All countries represented here have experienced this evil in one form or another, whether your nationals have been victims or your homelands have been hit directly.”

The struggle “requires moral clarity,” Nielsen added.


Alexander: Trump Plays Chess, MSM Plays Checkers

I have noted an interesting trend in recent months. Some of my politically astute friends, who have always been economic conservatives but political moderates, have gone through something of a metamorphosis.

Recently, one of these well-connected political moderates told me, much to my surprise, “I thank God every day that Donald Trump is president.” I never anticipated hearing those words out of this individual and thought perhaps he was referring to Trump’s considerable economic and deregulatory achievements in his first year.

But my friend explained his new-found enthusiasm for Trump in this context: “He dropped a bomb on Washington. He dropped a bomb on the status quo in Congress and its special interests. He dropped a bomb on the regulatory behemoths and their bureaucratic bottlenecks. He dropped a bomb on the trade and national security institutions and alliances that have failed miserably over the last eight years.”

In short, what he and others have said about their newly reformed impression of Trump is this: In the face of the most hateful Democrat Party leaders, constituents and formidable MSM propaganda machine, this “political neophyte” has done more to move the political ball in the right direction than any Republican president in a hundred years, with the exception of President Ronald Reagan.

More here

Trump Administration Considering Building Tent Cities to Detain Border Crossers

President Trump’s administration is considering building tent cities to house and detain unaccompanied minor children after they’ve crossed the United States-Mexico border.

According to Health and Human Services (HHS) officials who spoke to McClatchy DC, HHS is reviewing a plan to expand detention space by building temporary tent cities to shelter unaccompanied minors. The federal department is expected to visit the Fort Bliss army base close to El Paso, Texas as an option for where the tent city could be constructed, the report states.

Other regions where the tent city for border crossers could be constructed include Dyess Air Force Base and Goodfellow Airforce Base, HHS officials told McClatchy DC.

For months, Breitbart News and immigration experts have noted that Trump’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) could deal with the ongoing illegal immigration surge at the border by having deployed troops build tent cities on the border.


Small Business Optimism Through the Roof

Thanks to President Donald Trump’s aggressive agenda of cutting onerous regulations coupled with the passage of the GOP tax cuts — which not a single Democrat voted for — the U.S. economy has blasted out of the eight-year doldrums that Barack Obama once labeled the “new normal.” The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) noted that, this past May, optimism among small businesses hit the second-highest level ever recorded, just shy of the record set in 1983. And who was president in 1983?

The NFIB gave credit for the optimism primarily to Republican tax reform, writing, “The new tax code is returning money to the private sector where history makes clear it will be better invested than by a government bureaucracy.” But it also pointed to Trump’s policies, noting, “Regulatory costs, as significant as taxes, are being reduced.”


Court Sets Hearing on Motion to Compel Email Testimony from Hillary Clinton

Judicial Watch announced a federal court ordered a hearing for Thursday, October 11, 2018, on a motion to compel testimony about the email practices of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The order was issued by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan.

The development comes in a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit about the controversial employment status of Huma Abedin, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Clinton. The lawsuit, which seeks records regarding the authorization for Abedin to engage in outside employment while employed by the Department of State, was reopened because of revelations about the system (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-01363)).

In 2016, Hillary Clinton was required to submit, under oath, written answers to Judicial Watch’s questions. Clinton objected to and refused to answer questions about the creation of her email system; her decision to use the system despite warnings from State Department cybersecurity officials; and the basis for her claim that the State Department had “90-95%” of her emails. Judge Sullivan is considering Judicial Watch’s motion to compel answers to these questions.

More here

Conservative Leaders to DeVos: Rescind Obama Discipline Policy

A group of leaders of conservative research centers on Tuesday called on Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to rescind a controversial Obama-era school discipline policy, saying it violates federal law.

The policy, first implemented by a "dear colleague" letter in 2014, sought to reduce preexisting racial disparities in how discipline was being handed out in America’s public schools. The DOE promised to interpret a racially disparate impact of suspensions as discrimination, even in the absence of evidence of discriminatory intent.

The racial gap in suspensions began to decline in response, as did the number of suspensions overall. An analysis of Wisconsin public schools from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty—whose president, Rick Esenberg, is a signatory of the letter to DeVos—found that the policy was not always successful and sometimes frustrated teachers, who felt that it curtailed their ability to effectively discipline their classes.


The Rampage: Supersonic missile developed to destroy high quality targets

With tensions still high between Israel and Iran, a new supersonic air-to-surface missile designed for the annihilation of high quality targets has been developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Israel Military Industry Systems (IMI).

Dubbed “The Rampage” after a popular video-game, it is an accurate supersonic, long-range air-to-ground assault missile with a warhead, rocket engine and advanced navigation suit which allows for precision targeting at a very low mission cost compared to existing solutions.

The missile can be fitted to the Israel Air Force’s F-15, F-16 and F-35 fighter jets and is meant to be fired into areas protected by air-defense systems.

More here

Agent: 'You have to be an idiot to get caught' at the U.S./Canada line

U.S. Homeland Security officials on Tuesday pledged to secure the border — the other border. The one with Canada, stretching more than 1,500 miles, most of which is wide open.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a strategy to improve efforts to safeguard the 1,538-mile-long border in order to defend against terrorist and criminal threats while maintaining the free flow of travelers and trade between the two countries.

Brandon Judd, president of the U.S. Border Patrol Council, said the U.S.-Canada border is a great deal less secure than the southwest border with Mexico simply because the federal government devotes far fewer resources to its protection.

Department officials said the National Border Strategy (NBS) will:


McCarthy: Conservatives Will Not Be Silent About Online Censorship

Last week, millions of Californians performed their civic duty by voting in primary elections.

If these Americans did their homework in the days before the elections, they might have encountered a disturbing piece of fake news: Google search results listed the ideology of the California Republican Party as “Nazism.”

This reprehensible smear was an insult to millions of California Republicans, living and dead — especially those who, like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, worked to free the world from totalitarianism during World War II and the Cold War.

But this incident was not merely an insult. It was the latest in a trend to stigmatize and silence Americans who do not believe the latest in liberal ideology.

The people most profoundly affected by this censorship campaign are conservative Republicans.

More here

Corey Stewart: GOP Establishment Could Go 'Way of the Dodo'

Fresh off his Tuesday primary victory, GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Virginia Corey Stewart appeared on Sirius XM’sBreitbart News Daily Wednesday morning where he was able to tout a presidential endorsement.

Setting the stage for his general election campaign, Stewart told Breitbart News editor in chief Alex Marlow that Democrats like Tim Kaine (D-VA) have “turned their backs” on working Americans. He also attacked the establishment Republican elements who vigorously opposed his nomination, citing their lack on enthusiasm for the president’s immigration and trade agenda.

“If the Republican establishment wants to continue to oppose the president, myself, and others who support him on those things, they’re going to go the way of the dodo. They’re going to disappear,” Stewart told Marlow.


Early Voting Starts TODAY in Maryland

Election Dates

Primary Election - June 26, 2018, 7 am until 8 pm
  • Early Voting for the Primary Election - Thursday, June 14, 2018 through Thursday, June 21, 2018 from 10 am until 8 pm.
General Election - November 6, 2018, 7 am until 8 pm
  • Early Voting for the General Election - Thursday, October 25, 2018 through Thursday, November 1, 2018 from 10 am until 8 pm.

Election Calendar

Contests on the 2018 ballots

Candidate List

2018 Primary Precincts and Polling Places

2018 Primary Election Proofing Ballots

Watch Eight-Year-Old Drummer's Amazing Led Zeppelin Cover

John Bonham's drum part in Led Zeppelin's "Good Times Bad Times" is one of classic rock's most legendary grooves. And, thanks to the skipping kick-drum part in the verse, one of the trickiest to pull off. That's just one reason we're so impressed with the above video of eight-year-old drummer Yoyoka Soma.

The young Japanese prodigy has been at it since age two, and now plays in a family band. She effortlessly nails the entire Zeppelin song (watch her foot at the 25-second mark), complete with stylish cowbell flair.

More / Video

Boardwalk Elvis Not Doing Well...

The family of Norman (Boardwalk Elvis) would like to thank all his friends and fans for their prayers and well wishes. Norman is home. At this point the family is requesting no visitors. Norman’s situation is grave and the family would appreciate the prayers to continue. They will update us if there are any changes...

Feds Triple Funding For Short-Term Inlet Dredging Work

OCEAN CITY — While it remains to be seen how the local share of a proposed $1.2 million study of a long-term solution to the Inlet shoaling problem will be patched together, continued short-term maintenance dredging got a fiscal shot in the arm this week.

The federal Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) this week announced an additional $500,000 for continued maintenance dredging at the Ocean City Inlet has been added to the Corps’ already approved $250,000. The funding, which essentially triples the money earmarked for occasional dredging of the Inlet navigation channel in Ocean City, was allocated through the Army Civil Works Program.

The ACE fiscal year 2018 budget already included $250,000 for the continued dredging of the Inlet. The special allocation approved by Congress and announced by ACE officials on Monday represents a different allocation and helps ensure the occasional maintenance dredging carried out by the corps’ shallow draft dredge vessels Murden and Currituck will continue throughout the next year.

“Long story short, as far as the Ocean City Inlet is concerned, the recently announced fiscal year 2018 work plan clarifies that the Army Corps Baltimore District will be receiving $750,000 in navigation-specific funding for the Ocean City Inlet, which is $500,000 more than was originally proposed for the Inlet in the fiscal year 2018 budget,” said Chris Gardner of the ACE Baltimore District Corporate Communication Office. “This money will be used to dredge the Inlet over the course of the next year or so, based on the conditions of the channel and the availability of shallow-draft dredges such as the Currituck and Murden.”


Mosby accused of inappropriately using school robocall system

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is being accused of inappropriately using the city school district's robocall system to promote an event.

"Hello, this is Baltimore City Public Schools. Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby would like to invite you and your family to a free pop-up jam," the robocall says.

Mosby said the allegation is not true, and she considers it an act of desperation.

Democratic challenger Thiru Vignarajah is accusing Mosby of inappropriately using the city school system's emergency robocall system to advertise a pop-up event that's designed to give youths a safe place to hang out and have fun.

"I would just say it is absurd. Pop-up events is something I've done in partnership with the school system, with (the Department of) Recreation and Parks, the mayor's office, Baltimore City school police for the past couple of years," Mosby said.

School officials allow outside agencies to promote community-based events at no cost.


Sparring Over Offshore Wind Farm Distance Continues; Mayor Says ‘Our View Is Not For Sale’ In Response To Developer’s Benefits Package

OCEAN CITY — Asserting “our view is not for sale,” resort officials recently rejected an olive branch of sorts from US Wind that could have provided free electric power and other concessions to Ocean City in exchange for relaxing its opposition to the distance of the offshore wind turbines.

Since the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) over a year ago approved two offshore wind energy projects, or offshore wind renewable energy credits (ORECs) off the coast of Ocean City, town officials have been in a prolonged battle to have the proposed wind turbines sited at least 26 nautical miles off the coast, or the distance perceived to have the turbines not visible from the shoreline. The town’s concerns have largely been over the perceived effects on the viewshed from the Ocean City shoreline and potential impacts on property values and tourism.

The town’s efforts have included at least two resolutions passed by the Mayor and Council, a spirited letter-writing campaign between the town’s elected officials and the wind farm developers and even a failed attempt to mandate the 26-mile distance for the wind turbines by the Maryland General Assembly. Throughout the fray, US Wind officials have remained firm on siting the first line of its wind turbines on the western edge of its designated Wind Energy Area, or WEA, which has been approved by the PSC after careful study by the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).


Seattle's Redistribution Scheme Reversed

In May, the Seattle City Council class warriors unanimously enacted a head tax — a $275 penalty for each full-time employee of a company earning annual revenue of at least $20 million. Yet in the face of stiff opposition, the council reversed course Tuesday, dropping the tax in a 7-2 vote.

Some 600 Seattle employers would have been hit by the tax, which was supposed to fund income redistribution to address the city’s homeless crisis. Amazon and Starbucks led the charge to oppose it because, obviously, the tax would destroy jobs. (It’s worth noting that homeless people are generally jobless.) Amazon even halted construction on a new office tower in downtown Seattle. While Amazon’s billionaire chief, Jeff Bezos, is no friend of Liberty, he got this one right — even if he is a hypocrite. The final straw was likely Monday’s announcement that a business-supported group called No Tax on Jobs had already gained enough signatures to challenge the tax on the November ballot.

More here

Thunderbirds Headline 11th Annual OC Air Show This Weekend

BERLIN – New and old favorites will meet at the 11th Annual OC Air Show this weekend.

The United States Air Force Thunderbirds will return to the air show as the headliner once again.

The six-jet demonstration team will perform precision aerial maneuvers, formation flying and solo routines over the Ocean City beach for thousands of official event attendees as well as simple beach-goers enjoying Father’s Day weekend.

The 2018 OC Air Show will feature a mix of old and new military technology, said Chris Dirato, director of public relations for the OC Air Show.


Maryland Fishing Report: June 13, 2018


Many of us who have spent a lifetime fishing remember the first fish we ever caught.

For some, that memory might include a tough and pugnacious little rascal called the bluegill sunfish.

It has a habit of attacking most any bait with total abandon and have the fighting strength of a bull – making it a perfect target for our youngest fishermen.

A simple bobber-and-worm rig cast into a local pond is just the right recipe for impatient youth. Read more.

Fyre Festival organizer Billy McFarland arrested for scamming — again

The crooked promoter of the disastrous Fyre Festivalwent back to defrauding people after he was arrested last year — and his newest victims include angry attendees of his infamously shoddy 2017 music festival, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Billy McFarland was rearrested Tuesday and charged with earning $100,000 by selling fake tickets to exclusive fashion, music and sporting events through NYC VIP Access, a company he controlled.

He was charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of money laundering and faces a maximum of 40 years in prison if convicted.

Manhattan federal prosecutors say McFarland, 26, began running the ticket scheme in late 2017 — just months after his June 2017 arrest for defrauding investors of his Fyre Media company out of $24 million.


White Flight Lie

Save The Date, This Is Going To Be BIG!

  • Saturday, July 28 at 5 PM

    9935 Stephen Decatur Hwy, Ocean City, Maryland 21842

    CHINO RANKIN (of Zion Reggae Band)
    Hosted by AnD (of Live 97.5's The OG Show)

    A celebration of local music, art & culture

Meeting Materials - 6-18-18 - Work Session

Attached is the Agenda Packet for Monday’s Work Session, which is posted on the website at the link below.


I bought a bird feeder. I hung it
on my back porch and filled it
with seed. What a beauty of
a bird feeder it was, as I filled it
lovingly with seed.
Within a week we had hundreds of birds
taking advantage of the
continuous flow of free and
easily accessible food.

But then the birds started
building nests in the boards
of the patio, above the table,
and next to the barbecue.

Then came the shit. It was
everywhere: on the patio tile,
the chairs, the table ...

Then some of the birds
turned mean. They would
dive bomb me and try to
peck me even though I had
fed them out of my own

And others birds were
boisterous and loud. They
sat on the feeder and
squawked and screamed at
all hours of the day and night
and demanded that I fill it
when it got low on food.

After a while, I couldn't even
sit on my own back porch
anymore. So I took down the
bird feeder and in three days
the birds were gone. I cleaned
up their mess and took down
the many nests they had built
all over the patio.

Soon, the back yard was like
it used to be ..... quiet, serene....
and no one demanding their
rights to a free meal.

Now let's see......
Our government gives out
free food, subsidized housing,
free medical care and free
education, and allows anyone
born here to be an automatic

Then the illegals came by the
tens of thousands. Suddenly
our taxes went up to pay for
free services; small apartments
are housing 5 families; you
have to wait 6 hours to be seen
by an emergency room doctor;
Your child's second grade class is
behind other schools because
over half the class doesn't speak

Corn Flakes now come in a
bilingual box; I have to
'press one ' to hear my bank
talk to me in English, and
people waving flags other
than ”ours” are
squawking and screaming
in the streets, demanding
more rights and free liberties.

Just my opinion, but maybe
it's time for the government
to take down the bird feeder. 

Tips to stay cool and safe during extreme heat

 If you live alone, check in with family and friends to let them know you are okay.

 If you do not have air conditioning go to a cooling center, mall, movie theater, or visit a friend of family member who has air conditioning.

 Drink plenty of water, even if you aren’t feeling thirsty. Avoid drinks with alcohol, caffeine or added sugar.

 Eat fruits with high water content such as watermelon, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, peaches, apples or pears.

 Avoid exposure to indoor temperatures of 85° or above for extended periods of time.

 Limit use of the stove or oven to keep indoor temperatures down, and avoid eating hot, spicy or heavy foods.

 Wear loose-fitting clothing in natural fabrics such as cotton. Dress in light colors that will reflect the sun and heat rather than darker colors that will attract them.

 Take a cool bath or shower to lower your core body temperature on extremely hot days.

Warning signs of heat illness include a body temperature of over 103°, dry and red skin with no sweating, rapid pulse, headache, dizziness, confusion and nausea. If you or someone you know have these warning signs, seek medical attention immediately.

Wicomico County Fair introduces Chase the Chicken 3K Fun Run/Walk

Registration open now

(Salisbury, MD) Can you outrun a “chicken?” Find out at the Wicomico County Fair’s Chase the Chicken 3K Fun Run/Walk. This inaugural event is set for Saturday, Aug. 18 during the Wicomico County Fair at WinterPlace Park.

Prior to the run start, a “chicken” will be set loose on the course. Runners who cross the finish line before the “chicken” will receive a complimentary chicken dinner from the Lion’s Club 5’ Fry Pan. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Costumes are encouraged. Awards will be given for “Best Farmer” and “Best Egg” costumes.

Check-in and on-site registration opens at 8 a.m., and the run begins at 9 a.m. The majority of the course runs through wooded trails.

The run is open to all ages. Children ages 5 and under may participate for free with the purchase of an adult registration. Early registration is $20 per runner; on-site registration is $25 per runner. All runners registered by Tuesday, July 31 will receive a race t-shirt voucher redeemable at the Fair’s t-shirt tent.

Participants are encouraged to stick around and check out the other fun attractions and events at the Wicomico County Fair.

For more information about the Wicomico County Fair, visit