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Sunday, March 01, 2020

WicomicoGate: Three Salisbury Police Officers Served By Wicomico County States Attorney

As promised, here are some of the documents proving officers have in fact been charged by Wicomico County States Attorney Jamie Dykes. 

I can't be positive she didn't file them as sealed cases so at this point I will refrain from exposing their identity. 

Nevertheless, clearly by the paperwork above the alleged corruption began in 2011 but I've been told by reliable sources some of it, (with others) started in 2007. As for the officers above, this happened under Police Chief Barbara Duncan's watch and lie under cover till now. 

Hopefully now that this is exposed Wicomico County States Attorney Jamie Dykes will start revealing the balance of charges, who else is involved and what evidence disappeared. 

Wicomico County States Attorney Jamie Dykes very conveniently filed documents at the County Court House just before they closed their doors last Friday so it would remain unseen and unknown. Considering I do not, (for the moment) have the names of the additional people involved I, (nor the rest of the press who is keeping this quiet) cannot go into Case Search and expose the fact that there is a major investigation of corruption within the Police Department and yes, even the States Attorneys Office.

I personally believe and you should look very closely at how Jamie Dykes has underhandedly refrained from letting ALL taxpayers of Salisbury and Wicomico County know what is going on. Perhaps now she will come out of the closet and be forthcoming with the TRUTH. 

Originally posted at 5:26 PM.

A Very Nervous Salisbury Police Chief Duncan Contradicts Herself Numerous Times On SPD Investigation

Salisbury Mayor & Council To Force Businesses To Remove Gender Identifications On All Businesses With Single User Bathrooms

We just can't believe this is what your tax dollars are paying for. The City Council has created a new ordinance that demands the removal of gender identification within the next 6 months or be fined $100.00 for every violation. 

Single user bathroom means any bathroom with only one stall. Here's a thought, LOCK THE FREAKIN DOOR!

WCSAO: Discussion Concerning A Possible Suspect In Salisbury University Graffitti/Hate Crime Investigation

State Police Investigating Hate Graffiti In Wicomico Co. (2-27-2020)

(SALISBURY, MD) – Maryland State Police are investigating the origin of racist comments found last night etched in a restroom of a commercial establishment in Wicomico County.

Shortly before 9:30 p.m. yesterday, Maryland State Police from the Salisbury Barracks responded to a bar/restaurant in the 1400-block of South Salisbury Blvd., after the business owner called to report racist comments found in the women’s restroom. Troopers responded and initiated an investigation.

The preliminary investigation indicates multiple racial epithets were scratched into bathroom stall doors/walls. The epithets were placed so they would immediately be seen upon entering the restroom.

The Maryland State Police investigation is continuing. Anyone with information about the person or persons responsible for this is urged to contact Maryland State Police at the Salisbury Barracks at 410-749-3101. Callers may remain anonymous.

BREAKING NEWS: The Salisbury Maryland Zoo Is Fired From The AZA And Loses Their Accreditation

If any of you were wondering why the Salisbury Zoo Director suddenly left the Zoo, now you know. After MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars were spent to construct new buildings and upgrade the Zoo, the Director and Zookeepers failed to maintain AZA requirements and were terminated from the program. This Is HUGE people. t proves that when you elect a group of kids as your Mayor and his staff, they fail to understand what it takes to manage department heads and instead let them roam free on their own without checks and balances. 

It's not just the Zoo, it's the Police Department too. You have to wonder, will the SPD keep their accreditation as well? I mean, the evidence room has been compromised since 1997!

I'm going to provide some links here so you can see that not only has the Zoo been terminated, they've already been removed from the AZA Website and your elected officials and local media once again covered it up.  How many cover ups can there be in a two week period?

How To Understand Zoo Accreditation

A Viewer Writes....(2-27-2020)

Numerous teens from North Dorchester Middle School and other schools were arrested for fighting while on a school bus trip to Ocean City

'Stink like dead skunks'| Odor from hemp farm dividing Maryland neighbors

Maryland legislators are considering banning hemp farms within two miles of residences, but agriculture supporters cry foul.
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A surprising side effect of the CBD oil craze has left farmers who grow the oil-producing plant in Baltimore County, MD feuding with their neighbors.

"Hemp fields stink like dead skunks!" claimed one neighbor of a farm that grew hemp outside Baltimore during the summer and fall of 2019.

"Many of my neighbors complained of allergic reactions, eye irritation, headaches and nausea," the woman said to WJZ in Baltimore. "We need to change Maryland law to stop this nightmare."

As a result, Maryland's legislature is now debating a proposed ban on growing industrial hemp -- used in the production of CBD oil -- within two miles of homes.


The Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day Is An Idiot!

The mass majority of the animals at the Salisbury Zoo are in what is called the SSP program. Meaning, the Zoo does NOT own these animals. They are owned by the AZA. The AZA can and will ultimately remove these animals because Salisbury has had below par employees for more then a decade and Directors are a total joke. No one wants that job because the Zoo is so screwed up and the City won't pony up the funding to maintain the Zoo. 

For those of you who are unaware, many years ago I delivered to the former Mayor Barrie Tilghman FIVE THOUSAND necropsy reports, (same as an autopsy, except for animals) of animals that had died at that Zoo. My Wife was ultimately retaliated against after serving as the Vet Tech for 18 years. The Mayor had a chain of commend in which my Wife was not allowed to bring this information to the Mayor, so I did. Five Thousand Animals Ladies & Gentlemen! The Zookeepers were the Directors bar drinking buddies and he refused to hire people with degrees in Zoo keeping.

Anyhow, getting back to Jake Day, his message above is just stupid. Now it's a mater of AFFORD!If in fact there's any truth to them losing their accreditation a year ago, why wasn't the public made aware of such major information? Insert foot in mouth Jake. 

To be so childish to state the accreditation is of "no value" shows just how immature he is. So know this people. The majority of animals, (especially after the AZA reads his message and this post) will be removed from the Salisbury Zoo and all you'll have left is Canada Geese and Chipmunks. Way to go Mayor Jake Day, you're an Idiot! 

He will spend MILIONS on bike lanes no one is using but he won't support or provide funding to keep up the biggest "gem" Salisbury has.

BREAKING NEWS: Be Here Tonight As I Will Break What Might Be The Biggest Story SBYNews Has Ever Delivered (2-25-2020)

That's Right States Attorney Jamie Dykes, I'm calling your bluff. You have till 5 PM to provide a thorough press release on your own or I will break what could be the biggest story I've done in 15 years. Even if it's in pieces, I want to details.

Keep watching SBYNews throughout the evening as I will publish an article tonight. 

Nine-year-old boy asks Pete Buttigieg to help him tell the world he is gay too during emotional moment at campaign rally

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg gave some personal and emotional advice to a nine-year old boy who asked for advice on how to be brave and tell the world he is gay.

The boy, Zachary Ro, was one of many people in the audience at the Colorado town hall in Denver on Saturday, who submitted written questions for Buttigieg ahead of his appearance.

The pieces of paper were then put in a fishbowl, where Ro's was drawn and handed to Buttigieg to read out loud on stage.


SPD Special Media Conference

Maryland Senate Bill 566

Superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin has issued THE CHALLENGE

LETS DO IT!!.....Wicomico County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin has issued THE CHALLENGE to fellow superintendents in Dorchester, Somerset and Worcester Counties as to which school system can raise the most money for Imagination Library!

Imagination Library provides books to our county's youngest resident to provide a pathway to success in our schools.

So on FRIDAY MARCH 6th, ALL Wicomico County Public Schools will be holding a CASUAL DAY, and we are asking employees for a voluntary donation of $2, and students for a Voluntary donation of $1 to help us raise more money than our counterparts in Dorchester, Somerset and Worcester Counties for Imagination Library!

It's our chance to DRESS DOWN in order to have our students READ UP.

Watch Dr. Hanlin's amazing challenge video!

LET'S DO IT .... FRIDAY MARCH 6th ... CASUAL DAY .. both WCPS employees and students can help us with this worthwhile Challenge!

Is The Wicomico States Attorney Afraid To Tell The Truth?

After a long delay States Attorney Jamie Dykes continues to delay the press release exposing the corruption within the Salisbury Police Department. 

It would appear Jamie Dykes is well controlled by the Good Ol' Boys and will follow their lead, as if this is going to go away? It's bad enough we had to watch the BS charges on Liz Day. Now it's Police Chief Barbara Duncan getting preferential treatment. 

It looks like its time to find and elect a new States Attorney. What do you think?

Wicomico County States Attorney Jamie Dykes Purposely Denies Publishing SU Racist Name

The cover ups lately by the States Attorney and obvious corruption not seen since the 1950's is a smack in the face to Wicomico taxpayers. Mayor Jake Day puts out a scathing video telling people to "GET OUT" and even clearly stated what was done in this case was a CRIME. Well I guess it's not a crime if black people do it.

ALL of your local media are just as bad as the rest of these elected officials. They can clearly see I've done my homework, they know crimes have been committed and yet they refuse to publish anything other then press releases delivered by liars. 

One commenter stated that we should all ban from purchasing anything from their advertisers to teach these local media stations we've had enough of their Fake News. I personally have to wonder just how they're going to spin the SPD theft story, this should be good. That is, IF they ever cover the story at all.

Jamie Dykes, the public wants to know the name of the individual who did this and the public has the right to such information. We also want to see charges for not only the racist remarks but also the fact that the entire University was shut down for an entire day costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. By now you are feeling the pressure from our exposure by the public. By now you're seeing the volume of unsatisfied comments and by now you're understanding you won't be elected again. Clear the air, tell the truth and STOP filing criminal documents at 6 PM on Fridays to cover up very serious criminal activity to protect the Mayor and Police Chief. 

Could This Be The Case The Salisbury Police Department Is Investigating With The 3 "Suspended" Officers?

I did some digging and found that on Dec. 8, 2011 three individuals were arrested in Salisbury for felony crimes, all related to the same case. The case includes drugs, guns, robbery and other crimes. 

I cant find a press release from that date in order to find the arresting/investigating Officers but I'm pretty sure this is the case in which these officers were suspended over. If I were to guess I would say they gave one another, (defendants) options to snitch on each other in order to walk and the Wicomico four did away with the evidence at hand for complete exoneration of charges. 

I'm not sure what benefits they received, unless it was just for a solid case for reputation or respect, a pat on the back if you will for the public eye, elections or promotion benefits? 

Helping a snitch isn't an uncommon practice, I've seen a ton of it in Salisbury. However, to what extent are they allowed and did they step slightly over the line or was it a pole vaulting leap?

Mind you, I'm not saying this is the exact case everyone is looking in to and I will continue searching but if the public only knew of the DEALS the SPD makes you'd be blown away. Morale is extremely low in that department and as Officers make felony arrests, the Chief lowers them down to a lesser charge to keep their FBI stats looking like crime is not as serious as it actually is. Officers feel like, why even arrest people any more if they can't get the proper results. Why be a Cop!

I even heard a story about a King Pin who had been arrested for major drug crimes and ultimately released after they snitched on other local/smaller dealers. Then I heard most of the people they snitched on were already in jail, the King Pin actually and ultimately walked. As long as it makes the department look like they're doing a great job, they're allegedly letting the major distributors go. 

Now this is the kind of information you will never see from the rest of your local media because they're only interested in press releases. You can clearly see from yesterdays video press conference the medias lack of experience in the questions they asked the Police Chief. Had I been invited it would've been hard core questions with demands for answers. Chief Barbara Duncan knows this, hence why I was not invited. She wants the children at the local stations there with no experience so she can control them. 

In the mean time I will continue with my research and see what I come up with. 

Word On The Street Is There's Something Serious Going Down In Crisfield

Would anyone else in the know like to elaborate?

Great Question About The Fate Of The Salisbury Zoo

Aaron Pennell Adkins I'm curious as to the fate of the animals that are in the conservation plan with the AZA- do they take them back or move them to an accredited zoo? Obviously I know nothing about zoos, just wondering.

My Reply: It's a great question. The AZA and SSP coordinators decide where they go and how they are managed. They're not going to come in and just take all the animals away right away but as soon as they can reassign animals like the spectacle bears, jaguar's ocelots, cotton top tamerins, sloths and many others. they will remove them. There's a very good chance the AZA will in fact start removing animals soon. Remember, there is NO Director at the Zoo so I'm sure the AZA is very concerned. It's easier to MAINTAIN your accreditation then it is to apply for it once you lose it.

Annapolis Democrats offer a Record Shattering Tax Increase Plan

This past week, Maryland House Democrats proposed the largest tax increase in the state’s history, a $2.6 billion sales tax increase on services. As Governor Hogan observed, it would cost $1,700 per Maryland household annually.

The Democratic-sponsored bill, HB 1628, had been introduced by House Majority Leader Eric G. Luedtke (D-Montgomery).

The plan would extend the state’s sales tax to a broad range of consumer and business services. Maryland employers paying the services sales taxes would be placed at a competitive disadvantage against firms in nearby states that don’t tax services. None of the states bordering Maryland currently tax services.

A state services sales tax penalizes small and fledgling businesses. Smaller businesses typically must rely on outside services (payroll, legal, accounting, etc.) which would be subject to the tax. Larger companies, however, that can perform identical functions in-house would not have any sales tax costs added to their expenses.


OK Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day, Inquiring Minds Want To Know...

Where did you donate all that extra money you swore to donate to a local charity from the Mayors pay increase?

Let me guess, a Rehab Center???

Well I'll Be Damned, One News Station Finally Published News We Broke Two Weeks Ago

3 SPD Officers, 1 Wico. State’s Attorney’s Office Prosecutor placed on leave

Yet they spun it stating how this had nothing to do with the theft from the evidence room. 

See what I mean Folks. It had everything to do with the evidence that disappeared from that evidence room. 

Your local media repeats only what is stated in press releases they receive and perhaps believes it to be facts. I mean, why investigate when elected officials simply tell you what they want you to hear. 

Nevertheless, SBYNews did it again and forced the local media to at least expose Police Officers and a States Attorney were suspended. Again, not true. They've been fired and my sources tell me the States Attorney doesn't even work for Wicomico County any more so how could they be suspended!

Mark Hamill hopes 2020 Democratic nominee will pick Michelle Obama as running mate

Actor Mark Hamill implored whoever wins the 2020 Democratic nomination for president to consider making Michelle Obama his or her vice presidential pick.

"I hope whoever becomes the Democratic presidential nominee will consider @MichelleObama as their running mate," Hamill tweeted Wednesday. "#DreamTeam2020."

Obama has brushed aside suggestions she might run for president.

"There’s zero chance,” she told the National late last year.


Why Isn't The Wicomico Child Advocacy Center Accredited?

I believe this is a really good question. You have the Salisbury Police and Fire Department and even the Salisbury Zoo who recently lost their accreditation with checks and balances. Worcester and other counties are accredited in Maryland, shouldn't Wicomico have checks and balances as well?

Wicomico States Attorney Jamie Dykes Has A History Of Questionable/Unethical Practice?

It's no wonder Liz Day, Police Chief Duncan and even the African American male at SU are getting preferential treatment. If she likes the Mayor there seems to be a lot of favoritism but if you are her opponent she encourages any and all local attorneys to feed her the scoop or you could easily/conveniently face retaliation. 

Biden says 150 million people killed by guns since 2007

Former Vice President Joe Biden erroneously claimed more than 100 million people in the United States have been killed by guns in the last decade and a half.

Biden, 77, made the assertion during Tuesday's presidential debate in South Carolina while touting his record on gun control and taking a dig at Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

"Imagine if I said we give immunity to drug companies, we give immunity to tobacco companies. That has caused carnage on our streets. One hundred and fifty million people have been killed since 2007 when Bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability. More than all the wars," he said.


So Many People Watching The Video It Freezes And Ultimately Stops Playing!

I Told You Kuhn's Jewelers Was NOT Coming Back To The Salisbury Maryland Downtown Plaza

While Salisbury Mayor Jake Day's cronies kept calling me a liar stating Kuhn's was coming back after the downtown construction was complete, the Kuhn's building is being sold and Kuhn's IS BAILING

Woman, 36, Busted For Calling 911 To Complain Parents Shut Off Her Cellphone Service

A 36-year-old Ohio woman who called 911 to complain that her parents had shut off her cellphone service is facing a felony charge, records show.

Seloni Khetarpal was arrested Thursday for disrupting public services after twice dialing the police emergency line and asking for cops to be dispatched to her family’s spacious Canton residence, which abuts the 18th hole at the Glenmoor Country Club.

According to a criminal complaint, Khetarpal called 911 demanding that cops come to her home since her parents had disconnected her cell service. An operator advised Khetarpal, seen at right, to “only call for police assistance for legitimate purposes.”


A Great Question Was Asked Of Me Tonight About Salisbury Police Department Surplus

Quite often you will see multiple items from the Wicomico County Sheriffs Office listed on Items such as cars, bikes and all sorts of things that they confiscated.

Never once have we seen ANYTHING listed from the Salisbury Police Department. So, where does it all go?

I'm not suggesting anything outside of where. It just seems odd that they don't use traditional outlets and from this point forward I believe the public should be made aware of exactly what items are in fact surplus publicly and not hidden on some City Website. These are taxpayer items. Heck, who knows, the public just might find some of the items they've had stolen from their homes.

A Viewer Writes......Liberal Propaganda

Check out this liberal propaganda sent to me by a socialist who's attempting to convince me that socialism isn't like communism and that we already have it.

Just amazing the lengths these buffoons will go to in order to promote their failed agenda.

I've enlightened him that under no circumstances will I be supporting the likes of such concepts no matter how he chooses to label them. It's unAmerican!!

And also, the having of social programs DOESN'T constitute having a socialized form of government!!!

I am completely burned out on dealing with these imbeciles and advised him, my days of fostering intellectual conversations about politics and political differences are OVER!!!!! The radical left is beyond reason and I'm beyond patience in tolerating it.

Those feelings were re affirmed recently when I attempted to discuss legislation with politicians in Annapolis. It was a complete waste of my time because they clearly have ulterior motives without any regard for the citizens.

Judge Approves Nation’s First Supervised Safe Injection Site in Philadelphia

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the nation’s first supervised safe injection site can open in South Philadelphia, and operators of the site say it will be ready to open as soon as next week.

Organizers with Safehouse, a nonprofit organization formed to open the injection site, is expected to announce more details about its plan on Wednesday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The opening of the site will end a two-year battle between the nonprofit and the government.

Safehouse had argued that the site would provide a safe space for people who are addicted to drugs to use them under medical supervision, have enough resources to revive them should they overdose, and provide resources for treatment.


Ilhan Omar claims Pence 'enabled the worst HIV outbreak in Indiana's history'

One of the more vocal anti-Trump lawmakers in D.C. is criticizing the president's decision to tap Vice President Mike Pence to head the government's team responding to the coronavirus.

Rep. Ilhan Omar slammed President Trump's decision to select Pence to lead the effort, citing his failure to respond quickly enough to an HIV outbreak that infected 126 people in rural Scott County, Indiana, in 2015.

"Let this sink in: Mike Pence, who enabled the worst HIV outbreak in Indiana’s history, is leading the coronavirus response," tweeted Omar on Thursday. "A real public health professional must step up to handle this. This is not a drill — lives are at stake."


Mother says Greta Thunberg was 'disappearing into some kind of darkness' before climate activism

Greta Thunberg's mother is opening up about her daughter's struggles before the climate activist gained global recognition.

Malena Ernman, the mother of Thunberg, described her daughter as severely depressed before taking on her role as an icon for climate activism in an edited extract from her forthcoming book published Sunday by the Guardian.

Beginning in 2014, Thunberg — who is diagnosed with Asperger’s, high-functioning autism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder — struggled to eat, play, laugh, or talk with others as she entered the fifth grade. Her mother also claimed the then-11-year-old cried without ceasing.


Shocking moment cop shoots unarmed driver eight times and kills him after he suddenly got out of his car despite being told to stay in the vehicle

Body cam footage has been released showing the moment a police officer shot an unarmed driver eight times and killed him.

Driver Eric Sopp was gunned down after refusing to stay in his vehicle and continued to get out despite being repeatedly told to remain inside.

The cop, identified as Officer Page, could be heard yelling 'don't get out of the car' before opening fire on the 48-year-old in the harrowing police footage.

Criminal charges will not be filed against the officer in Maryland who fatally shot Sopp, who had been accused of threatening to hurt himself and others.


Schoolboy, six, died of an infection 'after his father sexually assaulted him with a stick as punishment for eating a piece of cake' on Missouri camping trip

A father is accused of killing his six-year-old son by sexually assaulting him with a stick on a camping trip as a punishment for eating a piece of cake without permission.

Mauricio Alejandro Torres is alleged to have attacked his son Maurice 'Isaiah' Torres, leaving the youngster with a bacterial infection. He died of septic shock the next day.

The 50-year-old was said to be camping with the boy in Missouri on March 28, 2015 and assaulted him for eating a piece of cake without permission, according to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.


"This land is your land this land is my land....." long as you pay the "govment"

Hi Joe,
Just curious on how others interpret this?

JUST ANNOUNCED: Entertainment For Delmarva Bike Week

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor issues excoriating dissent and says Republican-appointed justices are BIASED towards Trump after Green Card discrimination ruling

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor blasted the Trump administration as well as her conservative colleagues on the bench after they okayed banning green cards for those who make use of food stamps, Medicaid, or housing vouchers.

In a 5-to-4 ruling on Friday, the Court's conservative majority allowed the administration's 'wealth test' for would-be immigrants to go into effect while appeals wind their way through the legal system.

The ruling was similar to the one handed down by the high court last month, which was appealed by the administration after a federal judge in New York issued a nationwide injunction.

Friday's ruling by the Supreme Court lifted a limited injunction that applied only to Illinois.