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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Jerry Lewis, Comedy Legend, Dies At 91

Jerry Lewis, the brash slapstick comic who teamed with Dean Martin in the 1950s and later starred in “The Nutty Professor” and “The Bellboy” before launching the Muscular Dystrophy telethon, has died in Las Vegas. He was 91.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John Katsilometes reported that he died at his home at 9:15 a.m. and his agent confirmed the news.

Over the past 10 years of his life, the cranky icon’s reputation soured as he was forced to apologize for making a gay slur on camera during the 2007 telethon, continued to make racist and misogynistic jokes into his ’90s, and didn’t hesitate to share his right-wing political views.


Three Arrested in Farmington Meth Lab Operation

Lathan Verry
Hunter C. Stockman
Brian W. Holben
Farmington – The Delaware State Police have arrested three men after information was received into the manufacturing of Methamphetamine (Meth) at a residence west of Farmington.

On Sunday, August 20, 2017 at approximately 3:30 a.m., troopers responded to the 2000 block of Hickman Road, Farmington for a report of subjects manufacturing Methamphetamine in a trailer behind a residence. Upon arrival troopers observed equipment and component mixtures of the manufacturing stages of Meth and detected a strong odor of ammonia. When the Troopers contacted three suspects in the trailer they observed an active "one-pot" on the floor. At that time, the subjects were detained and the Kent County Drug Unit was contacted. Members of the Delaware State Police Kent County Drug Unit (KDU) and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) arrived at the scene and confirmed that a "one-pot" meth manufacturing lab was present on the property. After a consent to search was obtained, components used to manufacture meth along with key ingredients in making the drug were safely collected and seized.

Brian W. Holben, 21 of Farmington, Hunter C. Stockman, 22 of Bridgeville and Lathan Verry, 21 of Greenwood were arrested without incident and transported to Troop 3, Camden where they were formally charged with Operating a Clandestine Laboratory and Conspiracy 2nd Degree. The suspects were arraigned before Justice of the Peace Court 7 and committed to James T. Vaugh Correctional Center in default of $6,000.00 secured bond.

Hickman Road was closed for approximately three hours until the scene was deemed safe. No evacuations were ordered as it was determined that there was no immediate hazard to nearby residents.

Formally recognize AntiFa as a terrorist organization

Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims”. This definition is the same definition used to declare ISIS and other groups, as terrorist organizations. AntiFa has earned this title due to its violent actions in multiple cities and their influence in the killings of multiple police officers throughout the United States. It is time for the pentagon to be consistent in its actions – and just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group, they must declare AntiFa a terror group – on the grounds of principle, integrity, morality, and safety.


Possible Issues with Dove Pointe, Again?

North Mill Facility for Dove Pointe
By Thornton Crowe

After my article on Jyrah Brown's case last week - a special needs child who died in the care of Dove Pointe, a source started sending information and videos to Salisbury News about a young woman named, Genequa Winder, recently arrested earlier this month or the alleged murder on Bethel Street. Once again, this could leave the organization in legal crosshairs for numerous violations.

Screenshot of one of Winder's Video
The source sent several video links to Winder's Facebook page where she had a 'thing' for doing the Facebook Live prior to her incarceration on her pending charges. In the videos, it is revealed that she worked for an area home for autistic adults.

In the videos, Winder violates various HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) regulations in all the videos sent by the source. One shows her actually showing the patient roster on the computer while another features a conversation between a client on a telephone (speakerphone) with a relative.

Salisbury City Council Member April R Jackson Arrested For Assault

While we've known about this we needed confirmation and finally got it overnight from Maryland Case Search. 

More Liberal violence. 

Question Of The Day 8-14-17

Governor Hogan, We The People Of The Eastern Shore Do In Fact Have A Voice

Love us or hate us, Salisbury News enjoys over 2,000,000 hits per month on average and have achieved more than 54,000,000 hits. Unlike the rest of the local media and hobby blogs, we are unsurpassed any more and guess what, the mass majority of the Eastern Shore voted for Larry Hogan and while we may not control a state election, while the rest of every other media source endorsed Brown for Governor, I'd say we delivered incredible political influence in your becoming Governor of Maryland.

That being said, hear me now and hear me very clear. I was not pleased when you removed the confederate tags in Maryland. I was not pleased one bit when you ran away from endorsing Donald Trump for President. Now you have once again jumped of the wrong tracks with the monument in Annapolis, therefore we, (Salisbury News) can no longer support you as our Governor.

You Sir, need to concentrate on JOBS, Economic Development, Drugs and Crime and STOP opening your big mouth on matters the mass majority who voted for you hold no concern over. 

As of this day we will no longer publish your press releases and/or appointments. From this day forward, we will simply publish our views of your conduct from this point forward. We, (like many on President Trumps panels) will distance ourselves from your platform as we do not believe you have our best interests at heart any longer. 

Should you win your next term as Governor it will be based on the Liberal Party and their agenda to destroy our state and national history. You said in your earlier message we published today that you came from a business background, not a political background. Well, you sure fooled all of us! 

VOTE: Do you think ALL Confederate monuments need to be removed? 8-15-17

JUST IN: Hogan Seconds Call To Remove Taney Monument 8-15-17

Gov. Larry Hogan is joining House Speaker Michael E. Busch in calling for the removal of a monumentto former Chief Justice Roger B. Taney.

"As I said at my inauguration, Maryland has always been a state of middle temperament, which is a guiding principle of our administration," Hogan said in a statement. "While we cannot hide from our history – nor should we – the time has come to make clear the difference between properly acknowledging our past and glorifying the darkest chapters of our history. With that in mind, I believe removing the Justice Roger B. Taney statue from the State House grounds is the right thing to do, and we will ask the State House Trust to take that action immediately."

Taney, a Maryland native, wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery and denied citizenship to black people.


Organizer Of Charlottesville Rally Jason Kessler Speaks On The Aftermath

A Historian's Response to the Councilman in Baltimore Regarding Confederate Monuments Removal!

If this is the case then when are they removing the Harriet Tubman (SU) and Alex Haley (Annapolis) monuments?

If you're going to scrub history, you need to scrub it all without discrimination. Remove them all -- all monuments and statuary.

This is no different than Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini's rule during WWII when all their history was scrubbed and the regime put up their own monuments.

It will come a day when Americans who wish to study American History will have to go to Japan or Europe in order to learn. 

By the way, just so you clearly understand, when you remove the history that also means Slavery never happened

Can't have it both way, kids. If you're going to live by the sword so shall you perish by it!

A Viewer Writes: Royal Farms

Just picked up some chicken, Royal Farms, Snow Hill Rd.

They think this dry over done old half eaten looking piece of chicken in acceptable to sell to someone for $2.39 a piece.

Disgusting, just disgusting. I don't know why you all rave about this.

BREAKING: Shooting In Salisbury....UPDATED to Homicide Investigation 8-14-17

Joe Salisbury EMS just got dispatched with a shooting at 809 Gettysburg Ave.

A fire truck, paramedic unit and Assistant Chief 1 is responding.

Assistant Chief O'Barski just requested a second fire engine and a second medic unit.

Two fire trucks, 2 paramedic ambulances and an assistant chief. How many more people do you need for 1 person who got shot??

Assistant Chief 1 just told Central to advise PRMC of 1 Priority 1, nonbreathing patient being transported to PRMC with multiple gunshot wounds.

A Viewer Writes: Shooting Last Night On Gettysburg In Salisbury

Sorry, these are the only pics I have after the shooting. Heard five gun shots total. Thanks Jake, I guess I'll start to take my chain link fence down tomorrow. That'll make me and my kids safe.

Elderly Salisbury Couple Ignored By Boy Mayor Jake Day After Severe Flooding

I want to express a few things to everyone about to read the following letter below. This is the THIRD time this couple has been flooded out. What's important is, they never asked the City in the past for any kind of financial reimbursement, even though the City is responsible for infrastructure maintenance. All they had been asking is that the City keep this area groomed so another dam doesn't back up again. The Mayor has not only ignored the following letter/request, they have done nothing to maintain it and just as they had feared of yet another round of their home being flooded by several inches, it happened again. The image above was taken yesterday after the water had receded. You should also know that this couple has been displaced again and is searching for a place to live while their home is rebuilt once again. Ignoring this Family multiple times, especially since the Mayor has been warned in advance should now be at the expense of the City

106 Middle Neck Lane
Salisbury, MD 21804
March 28, 2017

Mayor Jake Day
125 North Division Street
Salisbury, MD 21801

Mayor Jake Day:

Dear Mr. Day,

I want to applaud you for the good work you are doing in beautifying the City of Salisbury. As a retired health department employee, I remember many enjoyable walks through downtown. I remember days of walking to court and telling a co-worker that I hoped the old historic buildings would be kept and restored. And that's happening! I remember standing in awe at the gorgeous tulips outside our building on Main Street and up and down the plaza. I still enjoy the plants, the events, the shops and, of course my favorite, the library with accessible parking between the library and the plaza. I could say so much more about the beautification and the progress in the city.

I move on, however, to a more pressing matter to my husband and me. Our focus has been on infrastructure, drain pipes operating properly, repairs and maintenance done in a timely and orderly
manner. It has been six months now that we have lived in a motel. It has been six months since the flood of September 30, 2016, the flood that put us out of our home. I know you remember it well since we have been informed of your being in other ares of the city that horrendous day I can't tell you how many people have told my husband and me that they knew why we were flooded (8 inches of water throughout the house). Out of the blue they would talk about Northwood Drive, the undersized drain pipes, the debris left in the pipes and in the surrounding area, the trees and bushes obstructing the drains. The Northwood Drive, Alexander Ave. and Rt. 13 areas appear to be in dire need of repair. There also appears to be much neglect in that area with the lack of maintenance.

I appeal to your good will, Mr. Day, in compensating us in some way for the expenses that have come out of our savings, our life insurance policy, our retirement. We seek peace and wholeness in our lives and plead with you for your assistance in this matter. Frequently, we had people from the surrounding area come over to fish in the back of our house. We didn't mind. We enjoyed sharing our little park. Now, we are exasperated trying to decide what to do if the city makes no changes. I know of a man in Somerset County who was displaced. I can't say I know the details but his sister has told me that the city got him a new house and paid for his lodging until the house was rebuilt. We are not asking for that but we certainly do plead with you for an agreeable solution. I thank you sincerely for your consideration.

Respectfully yours,
Mary and Mike Cox

C.C. Senator Addie Eckardt 
Representative Andy Harris


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your listening to me this afternoon. Thank you so much. My husband was happy when I relayed our conversation to him when he got home from shopping. He said he would love talking with you himself. Regarding the pictures, he does indeed have LOADS of pictures. They're on his
camera, though, and I am not adept at putting them on the computer. If you are able, Mike suggested his meeting you somewhere and he would give the needed pictures to you. He also said that my letter was too soft. I think if I were to write it today I would be much stronger. One thing I would add would be the fines
the city puts out when yards are not maintained. Well, shouldn't they be expected to do the same thing when it comes to proper maintenance? Again, I thank you for listening and for being on our side. Mike is sending a letter to Carl Anderton. I forgot about that.

Originally posted at 2:07 PM

Victim And Suspect Identified In Apparent Attempted Murder-Suicide In Wicomico County 8-13-17

(WILLARDS, MD) — Maryland State Police have identified the victim and suspect in an apparent attempted murder and suicide last night in Wicomico County

The victim is identified as Blair C. Ranneberger, 65, of Willards, Md. He remains a patient at Peninsula Regional Medical Center, where he is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds

The suspect is identified as Evan J. Gottlieb, 25, of Berlin, Md. Gottlieb was found deceased in the victim’s stolen vehicle from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. An autopsy will be conducted at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore.

At about 7:14 p.m. yesterday, Maryland State Police at the Salisbury Barrack responded to a call for a shooting at a residence in the 36000-block of Sheppards Crossing Rd., Willards, Md. Responding troopers found Ranneberger suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. He was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

As troopers were responding to the Ranneberger home, another call was received about a vehicle submerged in water a short distance away in the 34000-block of Tingle Road. Police responded to that scene and a tow truck was used to pull the vehicle from the water.

The body of a man, later identified as Gottlieb, was found inside the vehicle. Gottlieb had sustained an apparent gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. A handgun was found with him in the vehicle. The vehicle was identified as the pickup truck stolen from the Ranneberger’s home.

At this time, the investigation indicates Ranneberger and his wife were inside their home when they saw Gottlieb pull into their driveway in a Volkswagen Jetta, later found to be registered to the suspect. Gottlieb knocked on the front door of the home and both Ranneberger and his wife responded. Gottlieb, armed with a handgun, reportedly demanded the keys to Ranneberger’s Ford F150 pickup parked outside and said the police were after him. Gottlieb was told the keys were in the truck. He then reportedly shot Ranneberger multiple times and pointed the gun at the victim’s wife before fleeing the scene in the victim’s pickup.

Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division crime scene technicians responded and processed the multiple scenes throughout the night. Investigators obtained search warrants and conducted numerous interviews.

Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division investigators determined the victims and suspect did not know each other. There is no motive known at this time for the suspect’s actions. There is no information from any regional police departments indicating they were searching for Gottlieb or in ‘pursuit’ of him for any reason.

The Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s Office was notified and an official from that office responded to the scene. Assistance has also been provided by the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit and the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation is continuing.

Breaking News: Baltimore quietly took down Confederate statues overnight 8-16-17

Statues dedicated to Confederate heroes were swiftly removed across Baltimore in the small hours of Wednesday morning, just days after violence broke out over the removal of a similar monument in neighboring Virginia.
Beginning soon after midnight on Wednesday, a crew, which included a large crane and a contingent of police officers, began making rounds of the city’s parks and public squares, tearing the monuments from their pedestals and carting them out of town.
Read More »
Statues dedicated to Confederate heroes were swiftly removed across Baltimore in the small hours of Wednesday morning, just days after violence broke out over the removal of a similar monument in neighboring Virginia.Beginning soon after midnight on Wednesday, a crew, which included a large crane and a contingent of police officers, began making rounds of the city’s parks and public squares, tearing the monuments from their pedestals and carting them out of town.Read More »

BREAKING: Crews are moving in to remove the Roger Taney statue from the State House grounds in Annapolis 8-18-17

Missouri Senator: ‘I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!’

A Missouri state senator said in a now-deleted Facebook post that she hopes President Donald Trump is assassinated.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal acknowledged on Thursday that she wrote a post which read: “I hope Trump is assassinated!”

She made the comment in an exchange with a left-wing activist who claimed that his cousin is a Secret Service agent.


People displaying Black Power hands........but it isn't about race?

Protesters pull down Confederate statue in Durham, NC

Busch Wants Removal Of Taney Statue 8-15-17

Maryland's speaker of the House is calling for the removal of a Confederate statue of the Supreme Court justice who wrote a decision upholding slavery that sits on the lawn of the Maryland State House.

House Speaker Michael E. Busch said Monday the monument to former Chief Justice Roger B. Taney "doesn't belong" at the State House in Annapolis.

Taney, a Maryland native, wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery and denied citizenship to black people.

Busch, a Democrat, made his remarks after hundreds of protesters gathered in Charlottesville over the weekend to decry a gathering of white supremacists to rally against plans to remove a Confederate statue. A woman was killed when a car plowed into a crowd.

A spokesman for Governor Larry Hogan told WBAL NewsRadio 1090 that he is willing to discuss the issue.


JUST IN: State House Trust Votes To Remove Taney Statue In Annapolis 8-16-17

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A key panel voted to remove a statue of Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney from the grounds of the State House in Annapolis Wednesday.

The Baltimore Sun says the vote was done by e-mail and that three of the four-member State House Trust voted in favor of removing the statue of Taney, who was the author of the infamous Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery said black Americans could not become citizens.

Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, House of Delegates Speaker Michael E. Busch and Charles L. Edson, who represents the Maryland Historical Trust, voted in favor of removing the statue.

It’s not clear how the fourth member, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, voted. Miller said he does not support removing the statue, but he also would not try to block its removal.


The NFL doesn't have the guts to bench unpatriotic players

A National Football League player refused to stand for the national anthem Saturday during a preseason game -- and in doing so he disrespected the military and the nation.

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch was spotted by an Associated Press photographer sitting atop an orange cooler before the start of the preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Mr. Lynch is apparently a disciple of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick – a notorious anti-American rabble-rouser.


A Viewer Writes: Pemberton Park

We walk several times a week. Run into the same people also walking. Came upon this and was told by a gentleman, that it has been that way for a long time. He has complained to several entities, and nothing has been done. Are they waiting for someone to be killed trying to get around it, when it falls on them? What's the problem? Doesn't the park service own a chain saw? Woodland Trail, Pemberton Park.

Confederate statue furor hits US Capitol, as Pelosi and others seek removal

Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic lawmakers are ramping up calls to remove Confederate statues on display in the halls of Congress, bringing the raging debate over Civil War symbols across the South to Capitol Hill.

Nearly 10 Confederate-era figures are memorialized in the U.S. Capitol, each sponsored by a state. Mississippi displays Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, in Statuary Hall, for example. Virginia displays Gen. Robert E. Lee in the Capitol’s crypt.

“There is no room for celebrating the violent bigotry of the men of the Confederacy in the hallowed halls of the United States Capitol or in places of honor across the country,” House Minority Leader Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday. 


Abrams calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams called for the removal of the giant carving that depicts three Confederate war leaders on the face of state-owned Stone Mountain, saying it “remains a blight on our state and should be removed.”

“We must never celebrate those who defended slavery and tried to destroy the union,” Abrams said in a series of tweets posted early Tuesday, a response to the deadly violence sparked by white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, Va.


Four Confederate monuments are removed in Baltimore 8-17-17

Confederate monuments were torn down in Baltimore overnight just days after white nationalists led a deadly protest over the planned removal of a statue in Virginia.

Work crews used heavy machinery to haul the divisive monuments away on flatbed trucks in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The monument to Robert E. Lee, commander of the pro-slavery Confederate army in the American Civil War, and Confederate general Stonewall Jackson was dismantled from the city's Wyman Park Dell, while a statue dedicated to the Confederate Women of Maryland was removed around 3am from Bishop Square Park.

The monument in Mount Vernon honoring Roger Taney, who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery, was also removed. Another statue for Confederate soldiers and sailors, which was vandalized with red paint at the weekend, was also gone by Wednesday morning.


Caption This Photo 8-18-17

Al Sharpton Furious His Tax Dollars Are Paying for Jefferson Monument — Twitter’s Response Is Savage

With the debate around the removal of Confederate statues heating up, people are starting to look twice at other monuments, as well.

MSNBC host and controversial speaker Reverend Al Sharpton not only advocated for Confederate statues to be removed, but to halt federal funding of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. — citing the fact that America's third president owned a few slaves himself.

Similarly, the President Donald Trump also asked tongue-in-cheek at a press conference, “Are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson?”

However, Sharpton remains firm on the position that this is personal to him. In an interview with PBS's Charlie Rose, the reverend explained:

This is personal to us. My great grandfather was a slave in South Carolina, owned by the family that ended up Strom Thurmond was one of them. The newspaper discovered it.

People need to understand that people were enslaved.

Therefore, he argued that public funds should not be spent on public monuments, like the Jefferson Memorial, that have that kind of background and open display of bigotry — which he calls an “insult to his family.”

Rather than having them publicly displayed, he suggested that they belong in a private museum or park.


Boy Mayor Too Good To Listen As Another Salisbury Police Officer Quits

Another employee/officer has flown the coop from the Salisbury Police Department. This officer was waiting to speak with Mayor Day and it never happened. He even requested to speak to the Chief and even on his last day he told the Major that he was going to be in the Quarter Master's office and she could come down there to him. Guess what? She never showed up. They're dropping like flies, can you blame them?

Marshawn Lynch sits during the national anthem in Raiders preseason opener

GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Raiders weren’t going to take any chances, so coach Jack Del Rio only used two offensive starters in Saturday night’s preseason-opening 20-10 loss to the Cardinals. Not only did quarterback Derek Carr, receivers Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree and running back Marshawn Lynch sit this one out, but Lynch sat on the bench during the national anthem.

Del Rio was surprised that Lynch sat during the anthem and talked to him afterward. (Lynch was long gone by the time the locker room doors opened).

“He said, ‘This is something I have done for 11 years. It’s not a form of anything other than me being myself,’” Del Rio said. “I told him I very strongly believe in standing for the national anthem. But I respect him as a man and he can do his thing.

“So, it’s a non-issue for me.”


Chicago Bishop Demands Mayor Emanuel Remove Statue of George Washington

A Chicago Bishop is calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to remove the name of President George Washington from a southside park.

In a letter addressed to the Mayor and posted to Facebook, Bishop James E. Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center, calls for the removal Washington's name as well as that of President Andrew Jackson. Dukes argues that their "active participation in the slave trade" makes them unfit for the honor of being held as heroes.

We as Chicagoans must now take the microscope and place it on the statues, monuments and parks that we give honor to," Bishop Dukes wrote in a letter to Emanuel. "We cannot allow slavery and racism to be awarded in our communities by honoring individuals that indeed partook in the very institution that has kidnapped, murdered, raped, and terrorized our forefather and mothers."

"Therefore, I call on the immediate removal of President George Washington and President Andrew Jackson names from the parks located on the southeast side of Chicago," Dukes added. "They should not have the distinct honor of being held as heroes when they actively participated in the slave trade. I fully expect that the Chicago Park District and Mayor Rahm Emanuel share in my sentiments and views; that Chicago will not be a place that embraces racism, slavery and its treacherous tentacles. But rather, Chicago will be a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow for all its’ residents."

One on One with Bob Culver & Greg Bassett

For the real inside scoop of what's going on from the County Executive directly, this video will explain a lot of what his office is doing for Wicomico County residents!

Auntie Maxine: The White House is now 'the White Supremacists' House'

Rep. Maxine Waters excoriated President Trump on social media Sunday for his response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va., saying the White House is now the "White Supremacists' House."

"Trump has made it clear - w/ Bannon & Gorka in the WH, & the Klan in the streets, it is now the White Supremacists' House. #Charlottesviille," Waters wrote on Twitter, referring to White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and deputy assistant to the president Sebastian Gorka.

The California Democrat added, "Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists & terrorists who showed up in Charlottesville. Is he sending a signal? Everyone must be careful."



JOE - This morning between 1:30-2:30 am multiple shots were fired around 718 Jackson Street in Salisbury one vehicle in front of 718 Jackson Street was hit, no one injured no arrests at this time.

The Far Left’s Call To Violence

If Americans of all races – all of whom are struggling to make ends meet right now – can be conditioned to blame each other for their problems, then they will be far less likely to recognize the real enemy.

Here’s an excerpt from our column, entitled “America’s Collision Course …

Protesters and counter-protesters (in Charlottesville) ignored each others’ constitutional liberties and instead chose to do bodily harm to each other – while inciting others to do similar bodily harm.

In doing so, they ignored the real enemy in this struggle … increasingly pervasive, inherently unfair and notoriously inefficient governments and the self-serving crony capitalists propping up their institutions.

This is the “system” currently running our country – and its mission is to suffocate liberty, stifle opportunity and suppress prosperity while pitting one desperate class of citizens against the other as the nooses around their necks grow tighter.

What we are bearing witness to is not white versus black – nor is it right versus left – it is serf versus serf.

It doesn’t matter what your color is … nor does it matter who you think is to blame.