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Friday, March 27, 2009

Traffic Advisory: Multiple Vehicle Crash Involving Injuries

New Castle - At the present time Delaware State Police are on-scene of a physical injury crash involving multiple vehicles. The crash occurred in the northbound lanes of USRT 13 at Cox Neck Road, north of the Summit Bridge. The roadway is presently closed for emergency personnel and for the investigation of this crash.

Motorists are urged to seek alternate routes of travel.

Additional information pertaining to this crash will be released as soon as it becomes available.

Traffic Impact on I-95 to Continue

Location of Incident: I-95 northbound from the Maryland to I-295 eastbound into New Jersey

Date and Time of Occurrence: Friday, March 27, 2009

Resume: Authorities advise the traffic impact on I-95 northbound to I-295 eastbound is to continue for the next 24 – 48 hours. With this, traffic trying to get to New Jersey is expected to be diverted over to Route 13 northbound, from I-95 northbound at Route 1, and then to I-295 eastbound within the hours to come.

Motorists are strongly encouraged to seek alternative routes prior to the detour such as:
I-95 northbound to one of the bridges in Pennsylvania to New Jersey
Route 9 northbound to the Delaware Memorial Bridge
Route 13 northbound to I-295 eastbound and then over the Delaware Memorial Bridge

DelDOT will be handling road closures and detours.

Delaware State Police Corporal Angelia Garnsey will be taking calls for the Delaware State Police for this weekend. She can be reached at 302-270-2683.

By Far, The Best Videos We Have EVER Delivered. 6 Year Old, Connie Talbot

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3
Get out the tissues!

Lifeguard In The Pool


Every Saturday Morning At 9:00 AM Sharp.

Let's Get Real About Crime In Salisbury

I'm sure you're wondering just what the heck I have provided above, right? OK, here's the deal. If you go to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search Website, agree to their terms. Then type in the Police Officers last name, then first name, if necessary, it will provide you with everything you want to know about the work each Officer has done in the past. You see, even though their name isn't involved in criminal activity themselves, their name will be on the Case Search as the Officer involved in let's just say a traffic ticket or a crime.

That being said, I typed in traffic, then criminal, then all and you know what, my hat is tipped to Chief Webster for suspending some of these Officers because guess what, they haven't done JACK in the past three months.

Now why do you think this is? I wondered that myself so I started asking around and the best answer I got was, Police Officers tend to slack off two or three months before they leave for another job. If they leave and they have a bunch of cases they would be called into Court for, this would be very difficult and would create a problem.

So in Chief Webster's credit, (if this is why he suspended these two Officers) he's clearly upset that his Officers aren't performing. Now, that being said, if you continue to look into each Officer on the Salisbury Police Department, (or any other Agency that you'd like) simply use the link above and see if their name pops up. In the results above you can see where it says, "Sorry but your search did not match any records." The 4th pictures shows one Officer's history and the fact that he is active.

Now, looking at it this way and searching into each and every Officer would not only keep them on their toes, it will also help them to REPORT criminal activity. That being said, just how many Officers on the SPD have blanks when you pull them up? If that's the case, how can we really know what the crime stats are if there are no arrests being made, like the 3 months above with two Officers. Am I making sense to you?

What does it say to YOU when you see an Officer or two that haven't written a traffic ticket or arrested someone in the past three months? When crime is almost 4 times higher than the national average and the Mayor comes out and says crime is down 15% do you know what that means to me? It means you just went from a Grade F- to an F. Here's the main issue you'll hopefully see on WBOC tonight. The Mayor claims that the documents from the FBI state that you can not use those numbers per capita. Technically, she's right. HOWEVER, what they mean by that statement is that the FBI does not recommend that anyone use those figures to RATE A POLICE DEPARTMENT. That's why it is stated like it is.

Anyhow, the problem with Salisbury's crime rate being almost 4 times the national average is the fact that your insurance rates are through the roof. Where the City benefits from those numbers is, they can file for many additional GRANTS to bring in additional funding, especially for the Police Department.

Out of 749 Cities across America the same size as the City of Salisbury, Salisbury is ranked the 9th most dangerous in America. So yes Folks, we are in the top 10. I don't care what this Mayor tells you, these are the facts and they are facts we will prove on Monday.

One final note. When and if you go to the Maryland Judiciary Website and punch in an Officers name, know that many have administrative jobs, therefore you're not going to see a bunch of hits on your search like you would an Officer on the street. Try it Mayor, you may just learn something from this Post.

Rebecca Responds To Comments About SU Mayoral Forum

Thanks everyone for your compliments. I am not even a journalism major or english major! I'm actually an art student.

My reply to you Doug W. is that the students really don't have a say in the Mayoral election. The posters for the evening basically were for students to come out and listen to their views and communicate since whoever is voted in will affect us (even many of us can't vote.) The fact of the matter is that the city line runs RIGHT through campus leaving out ALL of the dorm buildings. In addition to this, there is NO information easily available to students about how to register to vote in Salisbury and/or whether or not they are allowed. If they live here long enough, if they are in or out of the city, why they can't vote when the STUDENTS ARE PAYING CITY TAXES through their landlords, etc. True probably only a few students stay here after graduation, but also MANY students are locals anyway. Like me. I graduated from Wicomico High School and Wi Middle before that and North Salisbury School before that. The reason I can vote is because I moved out of my dad's house by the mall (out of city limits) and bought a house that is in the city.

And I will vote.
And most students won't.
P.S. local voter registration was closed for a bit and opened up for last minute registration for ONLY 2 DAYS and it was during SU SPRING BREAK. Coincedence? hmm...

The students really don't have as much of a say as you think we do. I am one of the lucky few.

Rebecca Ellis (formerly Bullard)

Breaking News: Elizabeth Harrington WBOC To Deliver Crime Story Tonight

I strongly suggest everyone tune into FOX 21 at 5:00 PM or WBOC Channel 16 at 6:00 PM TONIGHT! If YOU want to know the TRUTH about numbers, Elizabeth Harrington will deliver the truth. Mind you, I'm sure she's going to have to tell both sides but I think the individual she'll be interviewing will clearly convince everyone watching that they know exactly what they're talking about.

It's time to put this issue to rest. Salisbury News has chosen to wait until Monday to deliver more facts on this issue, so if you miss tonight's broadcast we will deliver those facts after the weekend. I wonder if the Mayor will pull yet another Press Conference today after she reads this Post? One thing is for sure, there are TWO individuals who will be ringing Elizabeth's phone off the hook in about 20 seconds.

Quote of the Day

Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.

-Thomas Jefferson

Are you listening Daily Times?

Wicomico County Sheriff's Office Press Releases

Incident: Possession of CDS
Date of Incident: 24 March 2009
Location: U.S. 13 S/B at Mt. Hermon Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Elton A. White, 18, Pasadena, MD

Narrative: On 24 March 2009
at 9:38 hrs, a deputy stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on U.S. 13. Upon approaching the vehicle, operated by Elton White, the deputy detected the odor of marijuana emanating from within the vehicle. Based on that odor, the deputy searched the vehicle and located a bag of marijuana concealed in a book bag on the rear seat.

White was arrested and transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, White was released on Personal Recognizance by the Commissioner.

Charges: Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Incident: Possession of CDS
Date of Incident: 26 March 2009
Location: 300 block of Pine Bluff Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Korey M. Earles, 21, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 26 March 2009
at 9:00 PM, a deputy from the WCSO approached a residence conducting a follow-up investigation to an earlier incident when the deputy observed the resident inside the residence in possession of what the deputy recognized as a bong type smoking device. When the resident opened the door, the deputy detected the odor of marijuana emanating from within the residence. While speaking with the resident, identified as Korey Earles, the deputy discovered him to have marijuana in his possession.

Earles was placed under arrest and transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, Earles was released on Personal Recognizance by the Commissioner.

Charges: Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Incident: Possession of CDS with the Intent to Distribute
Date of Incident: 26 March 2009
Location: Theodore Street, Fruitland, MD
Suspect: Clifton R. Salaam, 24, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 26 March 2009
at 9:19 PM, a deputy on patrol observed Clifton R. Salaam walking on Theodore Street in Fruitland, acting in a manner that disrupted the orderly flow of vehicle traffic. The deputy observed that vehicles had to slow to avoid a disorderly Salaam. When the deputy attempted to approach Salaam, he ran towards North Dulaney Avenue. The deputy followed Salaam to a residence in the 200 block of North Dulaney Avenue and subsequently discovered that Salaam had attempted to discard a bag which contained a substantial amount of marijuana.

The deputy placed Salaam under arrest and placed him in a Sheriff’s Office vehicle, but Salaam began acting disorderly and combative in the vehicle. Salaam was then placed into a Fruitland Police vehicle equipped with a prisoner transport cage. During this, Salaam head butted a Fruitland officer. After being placed in the Fruitland vehicle, Salaam managed to kick the rear window out causing substantial damage to the Fruitland Police vehicle.

Salaam was eventually transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, Salaam was detained by the Commissioner in the Detention Center in lieu of $250,000.00 bond.

Possession of CDS with the Intent to Distribute
Resisting Arrest
Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer
Malicious Destruction of Property
Disorderly Conduct

Woman Rescued Last Night From Oncoming Train In Newark, DE.

GO HERE to see the video!

By John Rawlins

NEWARK, Del. - March 26, 2009 - (WPVI) -- Some quick-thinking University of Delaware students are being hailed as heroes after helping a woman get out of her car just moments before it was demolished by a freight train.
It happened late Wednesday night in Newark, Delaware.

VIDEO: Surveillance video of the car being hit by a train
June Griffith was behind the wheel of her white car, and made a turn off of Main Street. She thought she was heading down a road, but in reality she was driving on railroad tracks.


(Westminster, MD) – Maryland State Police homicide investigators have obtained additional information about the skeletal remains found in Carroll County earlier this week after an initial examination was conducted at the Office of the State Medical Examiner.

Although a positive identity has not been made, forensic experts believe the skeletal remains are those of a white female who, at the time of her death, is believed to have been in her mid to late twenties. The examination indicates she was about 5 feet tall and had a petite to extremely petite build. No estimates of her weight are known at this time.

The cause and manner of death have not been identified at this time. Additional forensic tests and examinations are continuing.

One of the experts consulting with doctors at the medical examiner’s office was Dr. William C. Rodriguez, of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Dr. Rodriguez told State Police investigators evidence indicates the woman had been dead at least three to ten years.

Maryland State Police homicide investigators sent a law enforcement teletype to police departments throughout the East Coast and Mid-West with this additional information. Investigators are asking police departments throughout this area to review missing person files in an effort to assist in the identification of the remains. Troopers are not limiting their possibilities in searching for an identity of this individual and will be reviewing cases from within the past four decades or more. The information regarding the remains has also been entered into the National Crime Information Center’s Unidentified Person File, providing access to the information to law enforcement across the country.

State Police investigators continue to process the area where the skeletal remains were found on March 24, 2009. State Highway Administration personnel are assisting with an excavation of the area, which is covered with trees, undergrowth, construction debris and fill dirt.

State Police are urging anyone with information about this case, or about the construction and development history of the land along the 900-block of Baltimore Boulevard, to contact them immediately. The State Police Homicide Unit investigators working this case can be reached directly at 410-386-3029.

Transparency In Fund Raising

Salisbury-- Candidate for Mayor, Jim Ireton, issues the following statement this afternoon.

"Even though the election is being held on April 7th, the final filing deadline for campaign contributions is on March 31st. That leaves an eight day window where funds can be raised, but do not have to be disclosed. I believe that's a disservice to Salisbury voters who need to know how campaigns are funded all the way up until election day. It is because of this gap, that I am formally pledging to not accept any donations after the March 31st filing deadline. My commitment to transparency in government doesn't start when I am elected as Mayor. It starts with this campaign."

Troopers Shut Down Dover Ecstasy Drug Ring – Several Arrested

Dover - Yesterday, members of the Delaware State Police Troop 3 Drug Task Force and Governor’s Task Force conducted a drug operation in the 100 block of Saxton Road, Kent Acres, Dover. This operation was the result of a three-month undercover drug investigation into the sale of Ecstasy (MDMA). A search warrant was obtained for the residence on Saxton Road, along with an arrest warrant for Ashley N. Ortiz, 17 who resides at the home, for delivery of Ecstasy.

Prior to the execution of the search warrant, vehicle stops were conducted related to the investigation. Two persons, Charles L. Gray, 48 of Wyoming and Jermaine A. Colbert, 27 of Harrington were observed by undercover surveillance officers exchanging narcotics and money at the Saxton road home. Troopers conducted a traffic stop on Gray and found him to be in possession of .1 grams of crack cocaine.

Troopers attempted a traffic stop on Colbert after he left the residence on Saxton Drive. Colbert is a tier II registered sex offender who had numerous active warrants from the Delaware State Police for failure to reregister, along with active warrants from various courts for violation of probation. Colbert refused the commands to stop, fled in the vehicle, and led troopers on a brief vehicle pursuit. The pursuit ended when Colbert lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a telephone pole on Woodleytown Rd, Magnolia. Colbert then fled on foot disposing of 14 baggies containing crack cocaine. He was apprehended after a brief foot chase and struggle. The recovered crack cocaine weighed a total of 3.2 grams. A search of the vehicle also yielded 66 empty plastic baggies, which are commonly used to store crack cocaine, and a digital scale.

Roshaya T. White, 18 of Dover, and Anthony D. Rollins, 15 of Dover, were contacted after they left the residence on Saxton Rd. Rollins had active warrants from Troop 3 for robbery first degree and numerous active warrants from Kent Family Court. Rollins was taken into custody without incident. Detectives later located 3.2 grams of crack cocaine on White.

The main target of the investigation Ashley Ortiz was later observed entering the vehicle of James R. Dodd, 24 of Dover in a parking lot off Webbs Lane. Ortiz and Dodd were found in possession of 39 Ecstasy pills. They were arrested without incident.

As a result of Dodd’s arrest, a follow-up search warrant was executed by DSP and the Dover Police Department. The search warrant was executed at Dodd’s residence on Fair Winds Place, Dover. The following evidence was seized during this investigation: 235 Ecstasy pills, 6.6 grams of crack cocaine, .1 grams marijuana, 1998 Toyota Camry and
$2065 United States Currency. Detectives have also identified Olivia M. Lee, 20 of Dover as resident of the home with Dodd and currently have obtained arrest warrants for her.

As a result of the investigation, the following individuals were arrested for the following offenses:
Ashley N. Ortiz was arrested for 2 counts of Trafficking in Ecstasy, 3 counts of Delivery of Ecstasy, Possession With Intent to Deliver Ecstasy, 2 counts of Maintaining a Vehicle for Keeping Controlled Substances, Maintaining a Dwelling for Controlled Substances, 3 counts of Conspiracy 2nd Degree, and four counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She was remanded to the Stevenson House in Milford in lieu of a $98,500 secured bail.

James R. Dodd was arrested for 2 counts of Trafficking Ecstasy, Delivery of Ecstasy, 2 counts of Possession With Intent to Deliver Ecstasy, 2 counts of Maintaining a Vehicle for Controlled Substances, Maintaining a Dwelling for Controlled Substances, 3 counts of Conspiracy 2nd degree, Possession of Marijuana, and 3 counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was remanded to the James T Vaughn Correctional Center in lieu of a $207,750 secured bail.

Jermaine A. Colbert was arrested for two counts of Failure to Re-register as a Sex Offender, Possession with Intent to Deliver Crack Cocaine, Maintaining a Vehicle for Controlled Substances, Tampering with Physical Evidence, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Failure to Stop at Command of Police Officer, and numerous traffic offenses related to the vehicle pursuit. Colbert also had active warrants from Kent Superior Court for violation of probation, Kent Family Court, and Justice of the Peace Court #7. He was remanded to the James T Vaughn Correctional Center in lieu of a $56,000 secured bail.

Anthony D. Rollins was arrested for two counts of Robbery 1st Degree, Possession of Firearm during the Commission of a Felony, Possession of Firearm by a Person Prohibited, Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon, 2 counts of Conspiracy 2nd degree, 3 counts of Theft, Tampering with Evidence, Possession of Crack Cocaine, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Rollins was also arrested by Dover Police Department for two counts of Delivery of Crack Cocaine. Rollins also had multiple active warrants from Kent County Family Court. He was remanded to the Stevenson House in Milford in lieu of a $94,000 secured bail.

Roshaya T. White was arrested for Tampering with Evidence, Conspiracy 2nd degree, Possession of Crack Cocaine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She was released after posting a $3,000 secured bail.

Charles L. Gray was arrested for Maintaining a Vehicle for Controlled Substances, Tampering with Evidence, and Possession of Crack Cocaine. He was released on a $3350.00 unsecured bail.

Arrest warrants are currently on file with the Dover Police Department for Olivia M. Lee, for Trafficking Ecstasy, Possession with the Intent to Deliver Ecstasy, Maintaining a Dwelling, Conspiracy 2nd, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of Marijuana.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Ms. Lee is urged to contact Dover Police Department at 302.739.7111 or Crime Stoppers at 1.800. Tip.3333.

The Dispatch Newspaper Comes Through With Another Great Article

I was very pleased to see my good friend Chris Laramore, (Chief of the Ocean City Fire Department) being brought to the forefront in the news once again. The following story is one in which proves that some people do what they do for the good of the community and ask for nothing in return.

Nevertheless, Chris is recognized for the unconditional man that he is and my hat is tipped to Bryan Russo for a superb article. I'll provide the beginning of the article and then a link to read the rest as they truly deserve the hits for this one. Thanks for all that you do Mr. Laramore! By the way Chris, Salisbury desperately needs a new Fire Chief, any interest?

Fire Chief Talks $1 Salary, Major Changes, Personnel Moves

By Bryan Russo, Staff Writer Originally published March 27, 2009

OCEAN CITY – Chris Larmore has had quite a year as the chief of the newly merged Ocean City Fire Department, and he’s got much more to show for it than just the $1 he made in salary.

Larmore, the appointed figurehead of the merged volunteer and career fire department, has gone through a year of scrutiny, controversy and seemingly, has had his every move under constant watch by some since taking the reins and trying to move the fire department out of the turmoil and into the future.

In an interview with The Dispatch on Wednesday, Larmore says despite all that has happened in the past year, the task is very simple.

“The fire service has always been based on trust and honesty and if you tell the truth and aren’t shy about reaching out for help, a lot of the good people come to the front and that’s what I’ve been seeing a lot of in the last six to eight months,” said Larmore. “Ask good people to do a job, and what you get in return is really good work. That’s the basis of it all.”

Larmore could be deemed one of the biggest bargains in Ocean City history as he opted to be paid $1 for his service as chief of the fire department, even though his position would easily pay over $100,000 and has worked tirelessly since that appointment (60-80 hour weeks on average) to make the “ship” run in a more efficient manner.

GO HERE to read the rest of the article.

***Parental Advisory***

After School Student Approached and Harassed in Shopping Center Parking Lot

Location of Incident: Four Seasons Shopping Center, Route 896 and Four Seasons Parkway, Newark, Delaware, New Castle County

Date and Time of Occurrence: Thursday, March 26th, 2009, at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Suspect(s): Black male, 30 – 35 years old, with thin sideburns and short hair. The suspect vehicle is only described as black in color.

Resume: Yesterday afternoon, a 10th grade student from Hodgson Vocational Technical High School participated in an after school sporting program. She finished practice and boarded the bus to go home.

The bus dropped her off in the area of the Four Seasons Shopping Center in Newark. The student got out and proceeded to walk through the shopping center to get to her house.

A black car drove up behind the female student. The operator of the car, a male subject, rolled down his window and began to ‘blow kisses’ at the girl. He then started to, what the girl described as, ‘cat call’ her.

The student became nervous and started walking quickly. The operator of the car then propositioned the girl to get into the car with him. She started running and continued to run until she got home where she told her parents what had happened.

Anyone with information pertaining to this case is asked to call the Hodgson Vo-Tech School Resource Officer at 302-832-0274 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.

Cpl/1 Jeff Whitmarsh says, “Parents are encouraged to speak to their children about this incident. Although this particular case occurred in Newark, this is a good time for parents of all schools and districts to speak to their kids about this very important issue.”

How The Whole Blonde Thing Got Started

More From The Court Plaza Tenants

Sperry Van Ness opens up a whole new can of worms.

The tenants at the Court Plaza are billed for water and sewer but yet we have no individual water meters. We are charged by the square foot, which means the hair salons are paying less for their water than the retail stores. More to come from the Tenants of the Court Plaza as the investigation continues.

~the Tenants of the Court Plaza~

21 Classified Items Tomorrow

Don't forget to click on the Classified Ad Logo on the right hand side of Salisbury News tomorrow morning. We already have 21 items set to go. If you'd like to add to the list, do so before the end of the day today.

Citizens Speak Against Noise Ordinance Penalties

On August 27, 2007 at a regular city council meeting Ordinance No. 2036 amending the penalty provision of Section 8.20.130 of the Salisbury Municipal Code was discussed, voted on and passed.

As noted in the minutes on page 4, seven citizens spoke against the penalties to be imposed for noise violations. In the audio file embedded in this post and in the audio file section on the right side of this blog, you will hear their thoughts expressed to the council before council voted to pass this ordinance. Their comments would be taken into consideration by true representatives of the people, as we have all come to know, that is not the way it works in Salisbury. The decisions are made long before the meetings. It is quite obvious by the grunts and groans of those members of the council majority when the only two representatives with functioning brain cells take the time to do the research and ask questions. Twice, Debbie Campbell made a motion to return this to a work session for further discussion and work. Twice it was voted down by the council majority with what has become the predictable 3-2 vote.

Listen to SJ Disharoon, Bob Caldwell, Tim Spies, President of the Camden Neighborhood Association, Ellen Neufeldt, VP Student Affairs at SU, Jim Trader, and Bob Taylor voice their strong opposition to the penalties imposed. Tim Meagher avoids pointing out what was obvious to everyone else in the city and eludes to the noise made by trash trucks. I suppose if I were a member of Barrie's round table I'd choose my words carefully as well. We all know how vindictive that woman can be. Just ask Stewart Leer.

Click here to listen to the audio file Citizens Oppose Penalties

Then there is Gary Comegys lying to SU students. Not only did he lie to them, he lied to them in their own house, at the SU Forum. He stated the noise ordinance was meant for trash trucks not students. Please listen to this audio and tell me where he one time mentions trash trucks or any other type of trucks. Noise Ordinance - Comegys

My Apologies

To those of you who sent me messages via e-mail yesterday between 4:30 PM to midnight, I cannot explain why but I cannot open any of them. I can see them but I cannot open them. If you'd be so kind as to resend those messages to this address I'd greatly appreciate it. Please resend them to and I will get back to you asap. Thank You, Joe

SU Mayoral Forum From A Student's Perspective

Here is my take-away notes from the Mayoral Forum last night.

I was greeted on my way in by Ireton's gang asking me to sign up on the mailing list and receive a free t-shirt. I let them know I was already on the mailing list. One gentleman went right over and got me a T-shirt and another gentleman handed me Jim's brochure AND a handout titled "Do you know about Tenant Rights?". The man looked me right in the eye and said that these were MY RIGHTS as a tenant. Great job Jim Ireton!

The event opened with an introduction by an SU student and then the candidates took the stage, Comegys first and Jim following. Jim shook the hand of the student as he walked by and then Comegys turned around and walked a few steps back to the podium to shake the student's hand also. I thought that this was HILARIOUS and a perfect way of foreshadowing the rest of the evening.

On to the Questions. KEEP IN MIND that these are not quotes but my paraphrasing of what they said. In parentheses are my additional thoughts or commentary.

Q. How do you plan to reach out to SU students?
Comegys: SU is an asset to the community and the community should be warm and welcoming.
Ireton: There are shortcomings between the relationship of the University and the community. We need to find ways for graduating students to stay in Salisbury. (He mentioned the Student Safety Committee and Tenant Rights). The city can do better.

Q. What are your feelings about the idea of having a SU student representative
on the city council?

Ireton: I am not quite sure how I feel about this. There are many ways that students can be involved in city politics. (but it seemed like he was mostly against this and that students should be on city councils when and where they settle down and buy a home.) (I respect and understand this answer. However I am a student, permanent resident, AND a homeowner...)
Comegys: I agree with Mr. Ireton and I'm not sure how I feel about doing this. I am an open door for communication. I am good at listening to your ideas. (because he has none of his own.)

Q. What are your plans for the jurisdiction of police: University, City, County,
& State?

Comegys: Crime cannot be solved this way. I want to reduce crime. Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings, walk together, lock their doors and cars, and look out for each other. (because he's not planning on fixing the crime problems.)
Ireton: I plan to engage the Judiciary system and work with them so they are not throwing out cases because of jurisdiction. When you or I call 9-1-1, we don't care who shows up. We don't care if it's a city policeman or a county sheriff. Just get someone there. The line of city limits is all over and it's a problem to try to figure out who's jurisdiction it is.

Q. How do you plan to create new jobs in Salisbury?
I want to draw businesses to the city that will keep business students
here. I want to get the students active in the community.
Comegys: There needs to be improvement in the job category. With the way Obama is leading the country there should be new energy opportunities.

Q. How do you plan on dealing with the issue of Rentals when the students want more and the community members want less?
Housing has always been an issue for the University. There are many opportunities for students and city citizens to be neighbors. (How does this
answer the question? Really...?)
Ireton: This question may be flawed because it's not necessarily true that students want more rentals and city citizens want less. There are a finite
number of houses and there are different estimates on the percentage of which are rental units (I believe he mentioned a possible stat of 55% and another possible stat of 70% rental houses.) (Then he sort-of went slightly off topic to mention part of his platform to help students:) You need to keep in mind that your landlord is the ONLY person who can raise your rent. It's not my job to get involved with your relationship with you and your landlord, but it is my job to protect you. (then he made heated remarks basically saying that landlords don't have any repercussions for not taking care of the rental houses and that they are raising rent and it's not the city's fault and that someone is smiling all the way to the bank and "its not you [student] and it's not me [himself, as mayor]." The main point he was making was that students are getting ripped off by their landlords.)

Q. Students are worried about crime and want to know what you plan to do for crime prevention.
I worry about the University. I want to open up substations where SU students can work to answer the phones while the police are out in the field on
bicycles. (It is to my understanding that the substation would be open for anyone to work including university students, retirees, and other city citizens) The job of the mayor is to keep you save. We need to be pro-active and not reactive. (He also mentioned the crime rates for the city and how badly it is out of control - Jim is a man with a plan)
Comegys: Substations are an archaic idea. Police cars are rolling substations with all sorts of computers and technology. ($$$) We need to protect not only residential areas, but industrial and commercial as well. It takes everyone to solve crime and we need to take a regional approach. (so what's the plan? buy more police cars fully outfitted with the work$ and charge the taxpayers?)

Q. There is currently no objective criteria for the noise ordinance. Do you think jail time is a fair consequence for a noise violation?
The penalties in place are consistent with MD law. We don't have the tools available or haven't invested in them (decibel meters) to put an objective
criteria on the ordinance. There are many sources of noise such as trash pickup at 4 am and construction vehicles. It probably needs to be worked on and must be
consistent with the law.
Ireton: (Ok, so this question really seemed to pluck a nerve with Jim and he got pretty emotional and kept interrupting himself. I am not 100% sure the point that he was trying to make. He started by saying that there are speed limits and maximum BAC levels that are objective criteria...and then he kind of broke off. My impression of what he was saying was that he is for the noise ordinance and that people who are getting 2 and 3 violations really need to be quiet.)(my 2 cents: I think that there NEEDS to be an objective requirement (it can be a strict one, but it should be measurable) and I am okay with maximum db level
and harsh punishments for 2nd, 3rd, 4th...etc offenses. I am not a "big party" person. I like small parties. I hate being stereotyped as a loud, drunk, partying college student. Students need to be responsible when they party and punished when they break the law over and over again.)

Q. What will you do to improve Recycling?
I am vice chair of the Recycling Committee. When asking why multi-family dwellings (i.e. apartment complexes) are not recycling, the answer was 'because they don't have to.'
Comegys: Apartment complexes have the choice whether or not to use the city's trash/recycling pickup or that of another business (i.e. BFI or Waste
Management). A policy can be implemented but we need to find an efficient and cost effective way of improving recycling or it's just for looks and not really impacting the environment in a helpful way.

Q. How do you plan to clean up the Wicomico River?
"When the Waste Water Treatment Plant gets running..." As the news
indicates we are having issues. When it works....blah blah blah. We need to look at storm water drainage. We have an aged infrastructure and it is not just as easy as putting filters on the pipes. This is an expensive proposition. Until there is a sufficient revenue source, we can't afford to fix the river. (CHA CHING. I just heard city taxes go up...)
Ireton: I want to make the Wicomico River swimable and fishable in 10 years. Testing indicates we have elevated levels of nitrogen and phosphorus and an excess number of algae blooms. We need to conduct indigenous species studies. I
will map out all of the outfall pipes into the river and trace them back to their sources and filter them also. I want to start up environmental studies on the river for class credit and MSA approved for younger students. All students, k-12 and college can be part of this. We can ALL be part of this. You can read more about the Wicomico River Project on my website. (I think this was the best answer of the whole night and it really shows that Jim Ireton has a PLAN for this city.)

Q. What do you feel are SU student's responsibilities for the greater Salisbury?
The requirements for acceptance in to Salisbury University are high. I don't think that I could have gotten in with these requirements. You guys are smarter than me and with that increased intellectuality comes more responsibilities. I want to challenge students to think critically. Think critically about this campaign and how the city should grow and move forward.
Comegys: SU students are bright. I think students need to be good citizens and be involved with the community. If you want to be embraced by the community you need to embrace the community as well. You're already doing a lot with Relay for Live and the upcoming Big Event. We can all be better neighbors. The bottom line it you should enjoy your experience as a student and contribute to the economy. (I read between the lines here. "enjoy your experience here" translates to:
"have more parties" and "contribute to the economy" translates to: "and we will bust you and you will pay tons of fines to contribute to our economy".)

Then there were closing remarks beginning with Jim Ireton where he stressed again how much the landlords are ripping the students off. I don't remember what Comegys said after that....

After the candidates, the SU Democrat club went up on stage to meet Mr. Ireton and get their photo taken with him. After a few shots, Mr. Comegys joined in for the next shot. Then I talked to the SU Dem club for a few minutes and they said that they think Mr. Ireton is the right man for the job, but he came off as slightly abrasive and defensive. One of them had been fooled by Mr. Comegys and his lies and was quick to say that Gary Comegys was manipulating his entire speech to appeal to the students and that the reason that Jim was seemingly defensive was because he was being brutally HONEST and that he really had emotions and opinions about the questions being asked. Comegys just wants the city to tell him what to do and had no new and creative ideas to bring to the table. I noticed then that Gary had seemingly left and Jim Ireton was still being asked questions and shaking hands.

Rebecca Bullard

More FBI Crime Data

Click on image to enlarge.

Lost Dog Flyer

Mayor Tilghman steps in her own Poo and wants Ireton to apologize

If you missed the press conference Jim Ireton gave Tuesday (you know, the one Barrie Tilghman claims Jim misrepresented facts about crime and disparaged city employees) it was posted in it's entirety on youtube. Check it out, it's worth it. Part 1 Part 2

Here are the specifics of the speech which, according to Queen Barrie, just ain't true:

"We stand here today in a city that was second in 2007 only to Baltimore City among municipalities in violent crime incidents. A city second only to Baltimore City among municipalities in forcible rape incidents. When looking at acts of violent crime per resident, Salisbury is actually ahead of Baltimore City. As of 3 weeks ago, we are still seeing more Part One crimes year-to-date than we have seen in the last two years in the same time period."

"What does that mean to us? Part One crimes, year-to-date for January and February: 2007, 495 and in 2008, 489 and now in 2009, 522."

That’s what he said. EVERY WORD IS TRUE.
Every. Single. Word.
And the per capita statistics he cited were true, too. No apologies needed.

Don't believe me? Check out the Salisbury Police Department's own webpage. And look at Part One Crime for Jan-Feb '09 compared to Jan-Feb '08 and Jan-Feb '07. And here's the data comparing cities in Maryland in 2007.

What gives Barrie, what gives? Can you really be that stupid not to even check your own police chief's website to see if Jim was even telling the truth? I guess you aren't as savvy on the interweb as those "vicious bloggers." What a joke. Did you think he was pulling numbers from thin air? Just because you might do that, it doesn't mean everyone does. Mare, it's time you are put out to pasture.

Note: Special thanks to Duck Around who I plagiarized half this from.

More Salisbury Crime Stats

Check out The HomeSurfer crime rating for Salisbury, Maryland is 0.0 out of a possible 5 total points. Higher ratings indicate that your area is safer. The HomeSurfer crime rating is calculated depending on how the crime rate in your city compares with crime in the state and the nation. Violent crime is weighed more heavily than property crime, and the national ranking is more important than the state ranking.

Salisbury, Maryland has a violent crime rate of 1869 incidents per 100,000 people. This compares with a rate of 1502 in Maryland and a rate of 596 nationally. Lower numbers are better, indicating that fewer crimes happen per person in the population.

Salisbury, Maryland is in the 100% percentile rank in the state for Violent Crime. It is in the 99% percentile rank nationally. Lower numbers are better. In this case, 100% of cities in Maryland have crime rates equal to or lower than Salisbury, or said another way, 0% of cities in Maryland have crime rates higher than Salisbury.

Maryland cities ranked from worst to best for crime.

18 Salisbury, MD
17 Baltimore, MD
16 Annapolis, MD
15 Frederick, MD
14 Cumberland, MD
13 Laurel, MD
12 Bel Air, MD
11 Cambridge, MD
10 Easton, MD
9 Greenbelt, MD
8 Elkton, MD
7 Havre de Grace, MD
6 Aberdeen, MD
5 Hagerstown, MD
4 Hyattsville, MD
3 Takoma Park, MD
2 Westminster, MD
1 Ocean Pines, MD

Tilghman Wants to Change the Subject

Her chosen one was walloped in the primary. Her $80+ million white elephant has been exposed in PooGate. It appears that the only tools left in Salisbury Mayor Barrie Tilghman's shabby little bag of tricks are her lapdogs over at the Daily Times and her willingness to bully any member of the public who opposes the Queen of Barrieland.

In an attempt to divert attention away from PooGate, Tilghman decided to go on the attack this afternoon. Her target - mayoral candidate Jim Ireton. Claiming that Ireton had done the city wrong by committing the grave crime of stating facts - namely that Salisbury has a higher per capita crime rate than just about anywhere in Maryland -Tilghman demanded an immediate apology. I'm looking forward to seeing how accurately the Daily Times prints Tilghman's dictation in Friday's edition.

Besides attacking Ireton, Tilghman (and her Chief of Police) also showed the lack of character for which she is renowned by having members of the public barred from her dog and pony show in a public building. Claiming that only persons she deemed worthy could be admitted to her little "event", Tilghman managed to smear the credibility of both WBOC-TV and WMDT-TV. To the best of my knowledge, the Daily Times did not even bother sending a representative (unless they sneaked in a back door). Perhaps Tilghman has already emailed them tomorrow's story.

I have two problems with Tilghman's tacky charade:
  • Barring ANY member of the public from ANY event funded with tax dollars or held in a public building (unless expressly permitted by the Maryland open meetings law) is an insult to every honest citizen and an attack on one of our most basic liberties.
  • It is possible, even probable, that the representatvies of both TV stations did not know that Tilghman had barred members of the public. However, unless WBOC and WMDT wish to acquire the same reputation as the Daily Times, they would be wise to refuse to cover any Tilghman event where the public is barred. Elizabeth Harrington was reporting for WBOC today. I know that she is as honest as they come. I don't know who reported for WMDT. Unfortunately, the mere appearance of participating in what was obviously a political smear job at taxpayers' expense can cause irreparable harm to the reputations of both the reporters their employers.
Looking on the bright side, Salisbury will soon be rid of the despotic Tilghman. On the darker side, continued cooperation from the Tilghman Times could wind up delivering the citizens of this once fair city to one of her puppets.

G. A. Harrison publishes Delmarva Dealings and the Campaign Edge. In addition, he is a regular contributor to Salisbury News and Red Maryland.

Saturday Tea Party Meeting

We are having another organizational meeting this Saturday, 10am, downtown Salisbury on W. Main St. We are now shooting for over 500 people for our Tax Day Tea party.

Need I Say More Salisbury?

Free Summer Camp for Military Kids‏

For more information on this program, please visit

From: "Luecking, Betsy" <>
Date: March 25, 2009 12:24:52 PM EDT

Subject: Free Summer Camp for Military Kids

The attached flyer is to promote a FREE summer camp for any child age 9
- 13 who has a parent in the military who is deployed long term either
overseas or domestically. Registration for this event
is online and is covered in the flyer. Camp Fairlee Manor - Chestertown
MD- August 19 - 20th, 2009. Please spread the word. See attached flyer

Betsy Luecking
Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services
401 Hungerford Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
(240) 777-1256 Voice/TTY

A Thing Of Beauty

Click on image to enlarge.

Parkside High School Post Prom Party

Parents of Parkside High School Class of 2009
Post Prom Committee
1015 Beaglin Park Drive
Salisbury, MD 21804

To Whom It May Concern:

The Parkside High School Class of 2009 will be holding their Senior Prom and Post-Prom celebrations May 1, 2009. We, the parents and guardians of the senior students, are arranging an after prom activity.

The Post Prom Party has proven to be a worthwhile endeavor as it gives the students a drug and alcohol - free outlet in which to celebrate their prom weekend. We are soliciting your business for donations of gift certificates, products and services that will be used as door prizes to entice our students to stay at this safe event.

Thank you for your consideration and support in our effort to provide a safe and fun post prom activity. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please contact Ashley Capute or Ben Vickers at 410-677-5143 to further discuss the request with you.


Tracey Twilley
Parent of Parkside High School Class of 2009
Post Prom Committee

Scholarship Seminar Sunday

Scholarship Seminar Sunday, March 29, to Give Students Valuable Information and to Benefit the Maryland Food Bank

The Rotary Club of Salisbury, in partnership with the Delmarva Education Foundation, will offer a 1-day workshop entitled “How to Pay for College in Tough Times.” Juniors and seniors from Wicomico, Worcester, Dorchester, and Somerset Counties are eligible to participate.

The workshop will be facilitated by James Gillespie, Executive Director of the Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council. Gillespie was the recipient of 15 scholarships/grants and currently serves as a national scholarship judge for the Roothbert Fund, Inc. based out of New York City.

Workshop will be held on Sunday, March 29th from 12:30pm-3:30pm at the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore located at 1324 Belmont Avenue Salisbury, MD. Limited to the first 50 students. Students only please.

Registration fee is at least 10 canned goods per student. All proceeds to benefit the Maryland Food Bank.

To RSVP, please contact James Gillespie by THIS FRIDAY, 5 p.m., at the Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council, 410-543-2787.

M.O.O.D. Lighthouse for Coastal Hospice