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Sunday, April 06, 2014


Red nose Pitbull named "Chief"
7 years old
Stocky build

Last seen on Thursday, April 2, 2014 around 5:30 pm on the corner of Ridge Road/Riverside Drive in Salisbury, MD. --- with a few people, being loaded into a mini van.

Sweet and loving dog -- dearly missed by his family.

SPD Press Release 4-6-14

Maryland House Passes Bill To Decriminalize Small Amounts Of Marijuana

The House of Delegates on Saturday evening voted to pass a measure that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The House voted 78-55 to pass an amended version of Senate legislation that would decriminalize possession of less than 10 grams of pot by making it a civil offense, punishable by a fine.

The Senate is expected to agree with the House's measure and send it to Gov. Martin O'Malley. But the bill's chances could be hurt if it hits a snag in the Senate, as Monday is the final day of the General Assembly's 90-day session and lawmakers will not meet Sunday.


SFD Calls For Service 4-5-14

  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 22:08:10Nature: Medical AssistAddress: 304 Chestnut Way Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 22:00:27Nature: Subject FallenCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 17:48:57Nature: OverdoseCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 15:51:45Nature: Assist Fire DepartmentCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 15:50:47Nature: Service CallAddress: 1100 Beaglin Park Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 14:19:25Nature: Back PainCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 14:03:24Nature: InjuryCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 11:32:16Nature: Diabetic DifficultyCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 08:01:37Nature: Emergency UnknownCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 07:58:06Nature: Chest PainCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 04:25:03Nature: Assault EmsCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 04:01:56Nature: Maternity PatientCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday April, 5 2014 @ 01:16:15Nature: Subject FallenCity: Salisbury

Please Help I Don't Know Who Else To Turn To.

Hi Joe Albero,
You don't know me my name is CoraLee Dykes I live on Eden Allen Road in Eden Maryland I feel I needed to tell you my story since no one else will listen. I have called BOTH local T.V. stations and they don't even care enough to return my calls. A friend of mine gave me your name and said that you might be able to help me so here is my story.

On Sunday March 16, 2014 I got up for work like it was any other work day for me at 5:00am drank a cup of coffee, took my dog out for his walk around 5:45am, went out to my truck got my travel coffee mug. As I was fixing my coffee for my trip to work I liked out my kitchen window and saw a small fire under the front wheel of my F-250 I thought I was seeing things so I looked closer to the window and it was larger! I screamed for my husband that my truck was on fire and ran out of the house grabbing a gallon of bottled water! My Husband ran out and started helping me try to put out this fire that was spreading fast I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911 at 6:33 (according to my cell phone records) I was screaming and telling no begging the 911 operator to send the Allen Fire Company the 911 dispatcher insisted that he had to send Princess Anne Fire Company! I yelled at the dispatcher that Allen was right around the corner like 1 mile away! The dispatcher told me it was Somerset County and it was Princess Anne Fire Company's Territory and hung up! I ran back to help my husband try to put out the fire the Fire extinguisher he was using ran out just as he was getting the fire under control and it burst back into flames he then ran and grabbed the garden hose something in the truck exploded and shot flames into the air catching the tree on fire above the truck! I grabbed my cell phone and called 911 back at 6:40(according to cell phone records) I was screaming at the dispatcher to please send Allen Fire Company and he said we were Somerset County I screamed at him that not only was my truck on fire but now so was the tree that sits right next to our mobile home screaming and yes cursing him he finally listened and switched me to Wicomico 911! I screamed to the Wicomico dispatcher to send Allen Fire Company and he said you are Somerset county I bluntly screamed if he Fu**ing hooked me to Somerset I would kick his ass that my truck was burning and so was the tree that lead to our mobile home to send Allen NOW at that point I heard the Allen fire alarm go off! I set the phone down and continued to help my husband approximately 4 minutes Allen and Princess Anne pulled up at same time I screamed that I wanted Allen not Princess Anne that they took too long but Princess Anne got out of truck and started helping my husband put out fire!

Maryland's only openly gay Senator, Rich Madaleno, (below) Finally Gets His/Her Way To Whatever Bathroom He/She Wants

Now get this Ladies & Gentlemen, (THIS IS A FACT) its not as if Madaleno has to dress as a WOMAN to get into the Ladies Room. 

Honest to God, all he has to do, (even if dressed as a man) is FEEL like a woman that day and he/they can walk right in. 

I spoke directly with Delegate Mike McDermott last Friday and this is exactly what he impressed upon everyone. That's how ridiculous this Bill is.  

What is with out legislators any more these days. They can tap their feet in a bathroom and start something. I mean, seriously, what am I missing here??? Is there really that much of a demand for these mental giants that they have this need to impose on the privacy of the opposite sex. America is losing it, no doubt about it. Maryland, well, it's becoming the biggest joke of all "57 states". 

Maryland Moves Into No. 2 Spot For Highest Foreclosure Rate In Nation - Only Exceeded By Florida

According to - (click onto link), Katie Doyle, Maryland moved up a notch from 3rd place to 2nd place in the foreclosure market.  1 in every 557 housing units received a foreclosure filing.  The national average is 1 in 1170 housing units.  Maryland is only exceed by Florida whereby it is experiencing 1 in every 372 housing units. Here in Wicomico the foreclosure rate statistic is also reflective of the State trend - as a result of the significant loss of jobs.  Right now - SBYnews has documented in excess of 100 local business closures that have resulted in the loss of more than 8,000 documented jobs

Area Plant Closings - (Free Enterprise) - Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset, and Dorchester Counties

Business Listing Number of Unemployed

1. Sealy Upholster Company Unknown - best estimate 150+ employees 150

2. Field Container Corporation Unknown - best estimate 150+ employees 150

3. Dresser Industries/Haliburton 500 - 600 displaced workers. Facility moved to Austin, Texas

    At production peak they employed over 1000 employees 600

4. Shawnee Homes Unknown - best estimate 150+ employees 150
5. Salisbury Engineering Unknown - moved entire operation to State of Delaware - just across State line
6. Heinemann Electric Unknown - previously located in Northwood Industrial Park, Naylor Mill Rd
7. Moore Business Forms 148 displaced workers. Factory announced closure on 07-27-94 148
    Located in Snow Hill Maryland
8. Campbell Soup - Salisbury, Maryland 604 displaced workers. 604
9. Campbell Soup - Swanson Division 245 displaced workers - located in Pocomoke, MD 245
10. Campbell Soup - Mrs. Paul's Kitchen 200 displaced workers - located in Crisfield, MD 200
11. Montgomery Ward - Salisbury, MD 110 displaced workers - located Centre of Salisbury Mall 110
12. Gant Shirt Factory - Salisbury, MD 250 displaced workers - was 2nd largest shirt factory in the world 250
13. Jodi Shirt Company - Fruitland, MD 100 displaced workers - located in Fruitland, MD 100
14. Delmar Sportswear - Delmar, MD 90 displaced workers - located in Delmar, MD - owned by Pusey family 90
15. Ford Laboratory - Salisbury, MD 70 displaced workers - Salisbury, MD 70
16. Grumman Corporation - Salisbury, MD 401 displaced workers - employed 523 at peak production 401
17. Peninsula Press - Salisbury, MD 45 displaced workers 45
18. Preston Trucking Co. - Preston, MD unknown no. employees - filed for bankruptcy protection unknown
19. Chesapeake Bay Plywood - Pocomoke, MD 500 employees - plywwod plant shutdown, disassembled, moved to China 500
20. Ruddy Duck - Cambridge, MD 100 employees - factory shutdown unknown
21. Airpax Industries - Cambridge, MD 500 - (best estimate) at peak it employed 1500 - moved to Matamoris, Mexico 500
22. Service Merchandise - Salisbury, MD 50 employees - now Dove Point Facility - governmental entity 50
23. Purity Bacon - Salisbury, MD unknown - located South Divison Street - property purchased by college unknown
24. ES Adkins & Co. - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - Rt. 13, North Salisbury Blvd. - bldgs. unknown
25. Masten Home Center - Fruitland, MD unknown no. employees - Rt. 13, South Salisbury Blvd unknown
26. IMS - ( - Salisbury, MD 40 - 50 employees - WBOC reporting - Old Campbell Soup bldg. & Lake Street 50
27. Powellville Garment Factory - Powellville, MD 100 - (best estimate) - closure announced 02/2001 100
28. Food Depot - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - last store to exodus Old Mall unknown
29. Ames - Fruitland, MD unknown no. employees - announced closure 11-14-2001 unknown
30. Ames - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - announced closure 11-14-2001-(Rt 50 & Tilghman Road) unknown
31. Central Tractor - Fruitland, MD unknown no. employees - announced closure 01-14-02 unknown
32. Nanticoke Homes - Greenwood, DE unknown no. employees - announced closure 07-15-02 unknown
33. Crown, Cork & Seal - Fruitland, MD unknown no. employees - announced closure 01-14-02 unknown
34. Stoney Point Decoy Factory - Crisfield, MD 35-40 employees at peak, DT reporter - Cording 45
35. Tyson Foods - Berlin, MD 600 employees - announced closure 04-19-03 600
36. Black & Decker - Easton, MD 1400 employees - announced closure 04-29-03 - announced plant move to Brazil & Mexico 
37. Pine Country Corp. - Pocomoke, MD 35 employees - DT reported 10-26-03 - operations ceased 09/03 35
38. Chesapeake Hardwood Mill - Princess Anne,MD 40 employees - Peggy Neck Road - closed 2002 40
39. Salisbury Steel Products Inc. 35 employees - closed 08-03 - Boundary Street, Salisbury, MD 35
40. True Value Hardware - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - announced closure 03-04 0 Isabella Street, Salisbury, MD unknown
41. Office Max - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - announced closure 02-04 - Rt. 13 North unknown
42. Helovet Pharma - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - announced closure 03-05 - Northwood Industrial Park unknown
43. Giant Food - Salisbury, MD 75 employees - announced closure 03-05 - Rt. 13 North 75
44. Super Deep Discount - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - announced closure 10-26-06 - Old Montgomery Wards site unknown
45. JV Wells, Inc. - Sharptown, MD Over 100 employees - many ancillary businesses-(indep. loggers - was MD's largest timber Co. 100
46. Nanticoke Seafood - Nanticoke, MD Was owned by Booth Fisheries, Rich Sea Pak, and most recently by Cape May Canners unknown
47. Islandic Seafood - Cambridge, MD 300 employees layed off 03-07, additional 122 laid off by end of 2007 422
48. Brunswick - Bayliner/Maxum - Salisbury, MD 180 employees - closed 2008 - moved operations to N.C. spurred by tax  incentives - 180
49. Americhem Inc. - Salisbury, MD 30 employees - announced closure 10-23-07 - Northwood Industrial Park 30
50 Powerwave Technology - Salisbury, MD 100 employees, at peak employeed 300 - facilities sold to Tri County Council - (local gov. 2009) 100
51. Oddi Atlantic - Salisbury, MD 70 employees - closed 09-26-08 - (reported by DT rep. Gwenn Garland) - Owned by Iceland Co 70
52. Invista Plant - Seaford, DE 400 employees - subs. of Kansas based Koch Industries - (former DuPont Nylon plant) 10/08 400
53. Boscov's - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employee displacements/announced bankruptcy filing 08-04-08 - Salisbury spared unknown
54. Circuit City - Salisbury, MD 30 employees - anouncedclosure 01-12-09 - Rt. 13, N. Salisbury 30
55. Bob Smith Automotive - Easton, MD unknown no. employees - closure 03-09 - GM Dealer with another site in Federalsburg, MD 
56. Schaefer & Strohminger - Cambridge, MD unknown no. employees - closure slated for 04-30-09 - GM, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep 
57. Boater's World - Salisbury, MD 15 employees Salisbury store - 75 employees/Denton, MD - closure announced 04/09 15
58. Saturn of Salisbury - Salisbury, MD 15 employees - announced closure 05-01-09 - North Salisbury, Rt 13 15
59. Waterman's Restaurant - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed doors on 04-29-09 - building vacant on Snow Hill unknown
60. Second National Savings & Loan 500 employees - headquarted at Phillip Morris Dr. & Rt. 50 - Salisbury 500
61. Burke Equipment - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - moved operations to Delmar, DE unknown
62. Jacks Religious Gift Shop - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 01-2010 - Snow Hill Road, Salisbury, MD unknown
63. Superfresh - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 08-11 - College Avenue, Salisbury, MD unknown
64. Atlantic Bookstore - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 03-11 - N. Salisbury, Rt 13 unknown
65. The Gospel Shop - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 12-11 - S. Salisbury Blvd, Rt 13 - (Old Montg. Ward site) unknown
66. Shiela's Craft & Party World - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 12-11 - S. Salisbury Blvd, Rt 13 unknown
67. Benedict the Florist - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 11-11 - S. Salisbury Blvd., Rt 13 unknown
68. 84 Lumber - Fruitland, MD unknown no. employees - closed 11-11 - S. Salisbury Blvd., Rt 13 unknown
69. 84 Lumber - Pocomoke, MD unknown no. employees - closed 11-10 - Rt. 13 South, Pocomoke, MD unknown
70. Southern States - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 2008 - Rt. 13, S Salisbury Blvd. unknown
71. Southern States - Pocomoke, MD unknown no. employees - closed 2008 - Rt. 13, Pocomoke, MD unknown
72. Allied Building Products - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 06-11 - Moss Hill Lane, Salisbury, MD unknown
73. The Bike Shope - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 12-11 - N. Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD unknown
74. The Sunroom Store - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 11-11 - moved to Berlin, MD unknown
75. Tex Mex Restaurant - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 2007 - Centre of Salisbury Mall unknown
76. Shoreland Freezers - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - site purchased by college & bldg. bulldozed - 2008 unknown
77. Acme - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - Twilley Center - closed 2007 unknown
78. Pani Pit Pizza - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - N. Salisbury - closed 11-2011 unknown
79. Mombo Italiano - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 12-2011 unknown
80. Checkers - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 09-20111 * unknown
81. Rugged Warehouse - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed 10-2011 - located next to Target, N. Salisbury unknown
82. Salisbury Office Supply - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - closed and building taken over by county election - Bateman St. 
83. Barn None - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - Snow Hill Road, Salisbury - closed 11-2011 unknown
84. Wonder Bread - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - East Main St., Salisbury, MD - closed 11-2012 unknown
85. OC Kabob - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - Rt.13 & E. Main St., Salisbury, MD unknown
86. Horse Shoeing Shop - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - E. Main St., Salisbury, MD unknown
87. Sam Goody - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - 2300 N. Salisbury Blvd., Salisbury, MD unknown
88. The Arcade - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - Twilley Center, Salisbury, MD unknown
89. The Sports Zone - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - Near Target, Rt. 13 N, Salisbury, MD unknown
90. American Paving Corp., Eden, MD 82 employees - unknown Blacktop Plant employees, closed 01-12 82
91. Zia's Italian Rest. - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - Across from Centre, closed - 2012 unknown
92. The Donut Connection - Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - 1207 Mt. Hermon Rd, Salisbury, MD - closed - 2012 unknown
93. Quiznos - Salisbury, MD 9 employees - The Commons, N. Point Dr., Salisbury, MD - closed - 2013 9
94. Chesapeake Engineered Wood - Salisbury, MD 9 employees - 5109 Nutters Cross Road, Salisbury, MD - closed - 2014 9
95. Shinn's Paint & Wallpaper - Salisbury, MD 5 employees - 345 Snow Hill Rd., Salisbury, MD - closed 02-28-14 5
96. Sear's Repair Center - Salisbury, MD 6 employees - 119 Naylor Mill Rd., Salisbury, MD - closed 02-16-14 6
97. Mr. Paul's Legacy - 1801 N. Salisbury Blvd. unknown no. employees - closed about 01-15-14 unknown
98. Famous Dave's - Rt. 13 N., Centre Salisbury 45 employees - Centre Salisbury Mall - closed 03-31-14 45
99. Standard Register, Marvel Rd., Salisbury, MD 76 employees - at peak 145 employees - to close 07-31-14 76
100. JC Penny's, Centre Salisbury Mall unknown no. employees - announced closing of Salisbury store 04-01-14 unknown
101. Quiznos - N. Salisbury Blvd., Salisbury, MD unknown no. employees - Rt. 13 Boulevard store closed 03-2014.
Total 8837 - Documented Workers (Conservative Estimate - as many displaced no. of workers are unknown).

*Reopened under new management

Comments I Feel Worthy Of A Post

Anonymous said...

It amazes me to read through these comments. Everyone puts the blame on someone else.
It is the natural course of business for things to come and go, to grow, shrink or even die. Every business has a life cycle and is subject to both internal (controllable) and external circumstances. That said:

PLEASE stop waiting for someone else to fix everything.
Look in the mirror and ask yourself how you can be part of the solution.

JoeAlbero said...

10:22, Spoken like a trued and dedicated LIBERAL.

Incredible how when confronted with facts, excuses like yours come flying out.

Here's what I would say about our "local economy". I'll even stay away from national.

YOU continue to elect people with absolutely NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE. The ONLY way out is to continue tax increases, instead of finding ways to be proactive.

Look at Jake Day, Jim Ireton and Rick Pollitt right now. All of a sudden they are reducing fees and even giving away subsidies AFTER they are finally realizing, hey, we're in a depression. DUH!

This should have been done YEARS ago. I proposed traveling all over the state to encourage businesses and industry to relocate to the Eastern Shore. Guess what, these idiots are still sitting back waiting for businesses to fall into their laps.

I could go on and on but you've heard my speech a million times. Stop electing nice guys. Break the party lines and make the proper changes necessary to now SURVIVE, because that's all we have left at this point.

You can't open a few downtown restaurants and believe we are on the road to success.

It's time to prove you either care about Wicomico County by electing new leadership or it's time to pack your bags and move. It really is that simple. Remember, if you chose to pack up and leave, it's still a victory because in the end you'll be leaving all the crap behind for those Idiots who believed Rick Pollitt and Jim Ireton could actually fix their County.

Know that I have already been laughing ever since I sold my Salisbury property. They can have what's left.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a 10:22 comment. Not sure who you are attacking.
I, however wrote 10:33 and am the polar opposite of a liberal.

My sense is that You seem to have sour grapes about not being elected and are therefore committed to slandering all of the elected officials. I will leave it at that.

JoeAlbero said...

10:33, Oh, I was speaking to you but my apology for typing in the wrong time.



I said from day one, "It's YOUR election to lose" and I meant it. Bitter, come on now, seriously? I continue to do what I enjoy doing.

I think what YOU are missing is the fact that the MAJORITY of citizens within the City of Salisbury are BITTER because they know the electronic ballots were tampered with and the person who should be their Mayor is not.

For me personally, oh, life is so tough on me, NOT. I can't show my face in public, NOT.

I not only moved away from my Family for a YEAR, I would have had to remain living away from then for at least an additional 2.5 years. Yeah, I'm bitter, NOT.

Jim continues to prove my entire platform as being exactly on the right track because he refuses to follow my lead and just look around. For Sale, For Lease, businesses closing left and right. You can blame it on all sorts of things but you THINK for once in your life, it wasn't about a CAMPAIGN, FOOL. I have been telling you this crap was coming for YEARS and an ELECTION has NOTHING to do with MY predicting what was coming vs. how Pollitt and Ireton have screwed YOU into the ground.

It was Salisbury News who said more than a YEAR ago the County would be $3.5 MILLION SHORT in income tax revenue.

BY ALL MEANS, you come back here and tell each and every one of us how Salisbury News or Joe Albero has been WRONG.

You want to IMPLY I am bitter about the election, no, you are very mistaken. I am very pleased about the outcome because it continues to PROVE that everything we have been saying is 100% accurate. I was simply the one person with enough stones to stand up and run for Mayor. I needed a platform to EXPOSE and the BS and what could be done to make things right.

Now Mr. LIBERAL, do tell ALL of us what Jim Ireton and Rick Pollitt have done right. We'll be waiting.

Communist Flags

More Student Housing Coming To Salisbury

When you are a Mayor of a City and someone runs against you citing we need businesses, industry, jobs, well, a guy like me thinks, I certainly didn't mean construction jobs for student housing units that will take a toll on our WWTP. 

I meant, we need permanent JOBS. Good paying JOBS. Ireton, (on the other hand) thinks progress is anything he can get his hands on and in this case there will be two new student housing units on South Division Street. One complex will have 50 units with a pool and club house and the other will have 12 units, (4 bedrooms a piece). One unit is in the County but is asking to be annexed into the City.

Say goodbye to the landlord industry in Salisbury as well as these new student housing units come in, Ireton will crush the 2nd largest business in Salisbury and guess what, these landlords pay TAXES. 

This is what you get when you put an elementary school teacher in as your Mayor. No future thoughts, no future planning. Its all about in the moment and making it LOOK like things are happening. 

Carroll County Residents Ask Judge To Fine Officials For Prayers At Government Meetings

A group of Carroll County residents has asked a federal judge to find county commissioners in contempt and to fine them $30,000 for allowing explicit prayers to be said at government meetings.

The residents and the American Humanist Association filed the request with a U.S. District Court in Maryland on Tuesday, a week after a judge from that court ordered the five-member commission to halt sectarian prayers while a case over the issue proceeds.

A group of residents has challenged the commissioners since they were all elected in 2010 and shortly afterward established a policy of saying prayers before their twice-weekly meetings. The residents filed a lawsuit last year, and last week Judge William Quarles Jr. called for the halt, saying that prayers at government meetings that use specific deity names are exploitative.


Wheatley To Part Ways With Punkin Chunkin

BRIDGEVILLE — If officials from the World Champion Punkin Chunkin Association want to continue to call Sussex County home, they're going to have to find a new location.

Dale Wheatley, owner of Wheatley Farms outside of Bridgeville, has informed chunk officials that he will no longer allow the contest to be held on his land, where it has been held at no charge since 2007.

“It's not that I don't want to. It's that I can't afford it,” he said Tuesday, April 1.

The association is already being sued for $5.5 million by a volunteer injured during the 2011 event when an ATV overturned on him. Wheatley Farms is a defendant in the lawsuit.

Today's Survey Question 4-2-14

Do you believe College Athletes, (Football players) should be paid to play?

Muslim Brotherhood Launches Own U.S. Political Party

Islamofascism: With an eye toward the 2016 election, the radical Muslim Brotherhood has built the framework for a political party in America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc.

'Muslim voters have the potential to be swing voters in 2016," said Nihad Awad in launching the benign-sounding U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, whose membership reads like a Who's Who of Brotherhood front groups.

"We are aiming to bring more participation from the Muslim community."

USCMO also aims to elect Islamists in Washington, with the ultimate objective of "institutionalizing policies" favorable to Islamists — that is, Shariah law.


Budget Negotiators Reach Deal On Film Tax Credits

Lawmakers have agreed to pony up extra money next year to keep "House of Cards" filming in Maryland.

During budget negotiations Thursday, they also rejected the possibility of seizing film companies' property if they leave the state after accepting tax credits.

Warren Descheneaux, the legislature's top budget analyst, says a House committee will likely vote to raise the annual cap on film tax credits from $7.5 million to $11 million.

The Request Is Already In To Reconsider Yet Another County Council Vote

In what has proven to be an extremely dysfunctional County Council, a written request was sent to the County Council yesterday to reconsider their vote on the Election Board facility.

Now, considering the vote was 6 to 1 NO, let's sit back and see what the Council elects to do. Stevie Prettyman has become the master of bringing such rejected votes back to the table. This time she might want to reconsider. She brought back the Bennett Middle School rejected vote and recently the rejected pay raise vote. 

My guess is, IF she pulls another fast one on yet another vote, Citizens might just run her out of the Eastern Shore well before she plans on heading off into the sunset in sunny Florida. 

Do You Know Why The Election Board Needs More Room?

The state of Maryland has chosen to break away from electronic ballots and will go back to paper ballots after this upcoming election.

One has to wonder if we'll see the same games in the upcoming election as we did in the last City election?

In my own personal opinion, how could a man who has been in office for eight years, (Rick Pollitt) be re-elected if EVERYTHING he has done has proven he is absolutely CLUELESS when it comes to jobs and industry.

Rick Pollitt has proven his only answers are to TAX ad FEE their way out of this depression. How's it working for you Folks?

Joe Ollinger almost beat Rick Pollitt in the last election and with all due respect he barely campaigned and truly did not work very hard to try to beat Rick. 

Here's what I see in our future, should you elect Bob Culver. First of all, Bob is a proven and successful businessman. Bob completely understands that in order to succeed in this County we must create good paying jobs and attract manufacturers and industry to the many empty buildings in the County. 

I couldn't believe Rick Pollitt stating in the NAACP Forum the other night that things are looking UP and that SWED will be delivering positive information in the very near future, B.S.! We just had ANOTHER big company that ultimately will lose a total of 140+ jobs in the County.

It makes me sick to my stomach that a man like Rick Pollitt couldn't stand there the other night and actually GIVE you that alleged positive information. Why, because he's full of crap. 

I canot wait until the paper ballots come back and we can finally stop the games with the electronic ballots. Mind you, in 2008 the state voted to bring back paper ballots but Governor O'Malley refused to put money into the budget until THIS YEAR to do so. We need a larger election board facility because they need to store the ballots for a longer period of time because of so much voter fraud in the state and they want to be able to go back several years to investigate such fraud. What a great state Maryland is. 

I want you to think about your quality of life here Ladies & Gentlemen. I truly do not believe you will argue with me when I say we want to raise our children here. We'd like to keep our children close as they grow older and build their own Families. Do we really want to be forced to get on a plane once or twice a year to go isit our kids or force them to get their entire Family on a plane to come "home"? 

I believe, (as does Bob Culver) we need new blood. It's time we elect someone who has business experience. Someone who knows the language to convince companies to relocate here and start rebuilding the Eastern Shore.

Rick has had EIGHT YEARS to prove himself and all he has done is CRY about the Tax Cap because he doesn't want to WORK to make things better, he doesn't know how to do it. He'd rather TAX you instead. It's time you vote for Bob Culver and start rebuilding. 

The Daily Times, (Debbie Gates) Has An Interesting Article Up About Gays

Leasure recalled that Salisbury Mayor James Ireton attended a forum on campus that greeted advocates of marriage equality. At the time, he thought the mayor attended along with a security officer out of respect and fearing trouble.

Leasure later learned that Ireton is gay and open about it. Now, the professor sees the mayor’s presence as a sign of support, not of mere duty from a public official.

Wicomico County Council Votes Against Moving the Election Headquarters to the Adkins Facility - Cites Safety Concerns

The Wicomico County Council rejected moving the election headquarters from its current location on Bateman Street to the Adkins facility.  In a vote 6-1 - the Council cited safety concerns, and, public perception as the main reasons for rejecting the Adkins Building location and Lease arrangement.

The lone dissenter was Councilman Matt Holloway - although Councilman John Hall gave a lengthy colloquy trying to justify the Lease - then realized that it was a moot point as he was outnumbered.  He then went on record as voting No to the proposal.


PALM BEACH, Fla. – Radio giant Rush Limbaugh claims the White House and national news media are “cooking the books” when it comes to reports that more than 7 million Americans were on track to sign up for Obamacare by Monday’s deadline.

“To you and me, these numbers are obviously not believable. They’re obviously cooked! There’s no question,” Limbaugh said on his top-rated program Tuesday. “You can’t tell me that this is real. These people have been known to doctor the numbers. Is there any doubt they were going to do this?”

The Associated Press reported: “Two government officials confirmed the milestone, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter ahead of an official announcement. Seven million was the original target set by the Congressional Budget Office for enrollment in taxpayer-subsidized private health insurance through new online markets created under Obama’s signature legislation.”

Read more

UVa Student Sues State, ABC Agents For $40 Million

A University of Virginia student charged last year with assaulting Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control agents attempting to stop her for underage possession beer that turned out to be sparkling water has filed a $40 million lawsuit against the state and seven agents.

Among other things, Elizabeth K. Daly’s 47-page suit, filed Tuesday in Richmond Circuit Court, alleges malicious prosecution, failure to train ABC agents appropriately, and six counts of assault and battery.

Michael Kelly, director of communications for Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, said, “It’s incredibly unfortunate that the situation that night in Charlottesville occurred at all. As this case proceeds, the Attorney General’s Office will defend the commonwealth’s interests and work to ensure a just and reasonable outcome.”


Report: Judge Said Du Pont Heir Wouldn't "Fare Well" In Prison

A judge who sentenced a wealthy du Pont heir to probation in the rape of his three-year-old daughter said in court documents that he would "not fare well" in prison, reports Delaware's News Journal.

The rape case against Robert H. Richards IV became public this month after his ex-wife reportedly filed a lawsuit seeking damages for the abuse of his daughter.

According to a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, Richards raped his daughter, now 11, in 2005 when she was 3, telling her "to keep what he had done to her a secret." The girl told her grandmother in October 2007, and Richards pleaded guilty in June 2008 to one count of fourth-degree rape to avoid jail time, court records show.

The lawsuit also alleged that Richards abused his toddler son, reports the News Journal.


Ron Pagano: It’s Time to Tell Wicomico County About “That Stuff”

We understand that Mr. Pagano has issued a thickly buttered biography about his background ("an Attorney, Investment Advisor, Court Commissioner and Business Owner/Jobs Creator"), his family (children, current spouse) and his "advocacy skills." It touts his general "goals" but there's nothing specific – like if he supports or opposes the County's "tax cap" that Rick Pollitt opposes.

It's also devoid of specific information about his background, much of which occurred elsewhere and before he moved to this area a few years ago. We don't know diddley about his real record, but we have some questions based on public records.

As we recently reported here, a federal tax lien was filed last year in Wicomico County against “Ronald A. Pagano" for "1041" taxes of more than One Million Dollars. And there are a number of cases in the District Court in Wicomico County and elsewhere against a defendant with that name. Both the tax lien and a list of those cases can be found with that post:

In that post we pointed out that an article about Mr. Pagano in the Daily Times did not mention the tax lien or cases and that we would announce that the person named as "Ronald A. Pagano" was someone else or an imposter, provided that he sent appropriate proof. We have not heard from him, but that's not very surprising. Mr. Pagano could have addressed the matter at the forum for candidates held by the NAACP last week or in his bio piece – but he failed to do so.

Mr. Pagano: it's time to come clean with Wicomico County voters. If you are not the person named in the tax lien, just give us a call to discuss the proof that we will publish if it’s approprite.

BREAKING: Obama Announces Resignation from Presidency

WASHINGTON, D.C.– U.S. President Barack Obama shocked the nation—and the world—by announcing his resignation today, effective immediately. “I am through with this second term,” he declared.

In an emergency session of Congress, Vice President Joseph Biden was sworn in as the Forty-Fifth President of the United States.

President Obama explained what motivated his abrupt departure as he addressed a stunned, silent joint session of Congress. “I want to be perfectly clear, there are four main reasons why I’m doing this. First, as many of you know, I became an Indonesian citizen when I was five years old and my stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, adopted me. By doing so, I automatically lost my American citizenship. Over there in Indonesia, I was a devout little Muslim boy from ages five to ten, and my legal name was Barry Soetoro. In fact, my legal name is still Barry Soetoro, and I am still, well… I’m still technically a citizen of Indonesia. You see, I never got around to applying for naturalization back in the states once I turned eighteen. So you could say I’m an illegal alien—that notion would not be incorrect. And an illegal alien cannot be president. It doesn’t matter whether I was born in Honolulu or Oshkosh, I cannot in good faith serve as your president. It’s unconstitutional. It’s been gnawing at my conscience”


Former Salisbury Firefighter Bruce Fowler Sentenced to 40 Years

However, he'll serve 15 years with 3 years probation and lifetime registration as a Tier 3 Sex Offender.

Another SCUMBAG who hopefully won't ever see the light of day outside prison walls. 

A Letter To The Editor: Wicomico County Roads

Just wondering if any other residents in Wicomico County have seen the same behavior by the county roads department.

Due to the horrible weather this winter, the county road we have to travel is breaking up with many large holes. These are not just on the shoulder but actually in the middle of the driving area. It makes for a dangerous situation with smaller vehicles and can’t help but cause damage to all vehicles. You can’t see the holes until you on practically on top of them.

Last week, we were pleased to see the county roads here with a pickup, dump truck, and the hot tar cart. Along with the equipment there were several county employees here to “patch” the road. Later in the day when we left home and drove past the area that was in terrible shape, lo and behold, with the exception of one small hole repaired there had not been any work done on either other spot.

Is this kind of behavior by design to “show” the taxpayers the county needs to raise taxes? What was the cost of patching one little hole on the shoulder with all the equipment and man-power that was being used? Certainly more than it should have been!

Are other residents seeing this kind of behavior from the roads department or was this an isolated incident? By the way, someone has placed a sign on the road that says Rough Road. I’m interested in hearing from other taxpayer residents if they have experienced this kind of situation.

Wicomico County Counci Meeting Tonight - 6 PM - Moving the Election Office Headquarters Near RED LIGHT DISTRICT on tonight's Agenda

There is a County Council meeting tonight at 6:00 PM at the Government Office Building.  On the Agenda is a Proposal to Lease the former ES Adkins facility and to move the election office from its current location on Bateman Street to the Adkins facility.  It is a long term lease and involves a substantial amount of money.  The County ought to consider other options - by trying to own the facility as opposed to renting it.  Also, their prime goal should be to try and consolidate these various department headquarters under one roof - as opposed to maintaining multiple facilities. 

You can find out more about this by visiting the County's website at:


(SALISBURY, MD) – As the search continues for a Wicomico County fugitive wanted in connection with the attempted murder of three police officers, a reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest.

Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of Edwin L. Fletcher, 32, of Salisbury, Md. Anyone with information about Fletcher and his current location is urged to contact Crime Solvers at 410-548-1776. Callers may remain anonymous.

Fletcher is wanted on an arrest warrant charging him with the attempted murder of three police officers who were attempting to arrest him on March 26, 2014 in Salisbury. Police were trying to arrest him on a warrant for drug distribution when the assault occurred.

The search for Fletcher continues within the Lower Eastern Shore. Police throughout Maryland and Delaware have been notified and are on the alert for him. The warrants and wanted information for Fletcher has also been entered into the National Crime Information Center database that notifies police nationwide of his fugitive status.

Today's Survey Question 3-31-14

Do you believe transgender people should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they so choose?

Wicomico County Council - District 2 Candidate - Marc Kilmer

Local resident - Marc Kilmer is running for the District 2 County Council seat here in Wicomico.  A few years ago, we took notice of him showing up to many of the County Council functions.  Those sessions included:  Budget sessions, Charter Review Committee sessions, etc.  We also took notice that during many of his testimonies he exhibited a unique ability to analyze, in depth, what was and was not working, and, by offering constructive solutions.  As fellow taxpayers and reporters, we were impressed by his cognitive reasoning skills in weighing-in on various matters. 

In our opinion -

'He possesses an uncanny ability to manipulate the political machinery to operate in ways that could prove beneficial for Wicomico's taxpayers' - (emphasis added by reporting staff)

There is little doubt - that this individual will have a dramatic positive effect on many of the important decisions should he become elected to political office.  

He is a father, and married (heterosexual), and attends a Christian Church.  He has two kids that he always mentions in most of his presentations.  He appears to be family oriented that is well rooted in a traditional American family structure.   His accent seems to be somewhat of a mid western origin - although we are unsure.  His previous work involved helping a US Senator - and that certainly helps to 'preen him' for this political position.  

  • Transparency  - during budget hearings, we took notice that he has always been an advocate for online disclosure of budget expenditures.  For many years now - we know first hand how important this information is to have. Especially if an average citizen is going to engage in public discussion on pertinent budget hearings.  He was one of the very first persons to propose such a plan - an online public disclosure database.  Especially in our modern day age of a technology revolution - this format should be one prescribed by most all municipalities.  Particularly credit card disbursements, and county personnel expenditures - and as further evidenced by our most recent Board of Education Audit conducted by the Maryland Legislature group.  

  • Analytic Skills - We are also impressed with his rationale.  He will be hard pressed to allow himself to be manipulated.  And it might be even harder to 'try and pull any wool over his eyes' in the administration of his council duties.  This is an attribute that we have found to be lacking by many in the current field of candidates.

Conclusion - we give him a 'thumbs-up' and wish him the best.  You can find out more about him by visiting his website at: 

Article by SBYNEWS Editorial Staff


    The Albuquerque mayor said late Sunday that a more than 10-hour protest over recent police shootings has turned from peaceful into "mayhem," as officers in riot gear clashed with protesters who blocked traffic, tried to get on freeways and shouted anti-police slogans.

    Richard Berry said one officer was injured, rocks were thrown and at one point protesters trapped police in a vehicle and tried to break the windows, the Albuquerque Journal reported ( ). An Associated Press reporter saw gas canisters being thrown and Albuquerque police and Bernalillo County sheriff's deputies charging at the crowds late Sunday.

    Berry didn't know of any arrests, and multiple messages left for the police department weren't immediately returned. Video by KRQE-TV shows people being led away in zip-tie restraints, but it's unclear if those people were arrested of if any protesters were injured.


    The rent is too damn high

    According to a new report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a person would have to make about $19 dollars an hour to afford the cost of an average two-bedroom apartment. And, while in some states a person would have to earn even more, there's almost nowhere in our nation that someone could afford a two-bedroom apartment on minimum wage. Every year, the cost of housing continues to rise, but wages have stayed stagnant for decades. Sheila Crowley, president of the NLIHC, explained that "Increasing the stock of affordable housing is a critical part of addressing the extreme shortage of affordable housing in America." But, we also need to push wages up towards today's housing prices. People who work full time should be able to afford a modest apartment, and we have to tackle this problem from both ends.