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Monday, September 05, 2016

The 26 Things Clinton "Could Not Recall" During Her FBI Interview

Yesterday we asked whether the FBI just threw Clinton under the bus with the following statement which links Hillary's "inability" to "recall" her transition instructions with her 2012 concussion and blood clot (see "Smoking Gun? FBI Reveals Hillary Could Not Recall Briefings Due To Concussion, Clot"):

But it turns out Hillary "could not recall" a lot of things about her tenure as Secretary of State. In fact, during her 3.5 hour interview with the FBI, Hillary couldn't recall at least 26 questions posed by the FBI, at least some of which were fairly material events during her service which probably should have stood out. Below is a list of just a couple of the things Hillary "could not recall."

Below is the exchange with FBI investigators where Clinton apparently doesn't "recall" ever receiving any training from the State Department related to retention of federal records or handling of classified information...she doesn't even recall when she received her security clearance.



Anonymous said...

Either a lie or she's incompetent. Make your choice. Either one is disqualifying on its own merits.

Anonymous said...

Two sets of laws.

Keep cheering!