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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Muslim NYC Cabbie Attacks Jewish Passenger

A Muslim cab driver was questioned by New York City police after he allegedly attacked a Jewish passenger.

The complainant, businessman Moshe Indig, told Arutz Sheva Sunday: "I took a cab from Manhattan to Brooklyn yesterday at 8 PM. I asked the driver to make a phone call. He refused but then relented and put the call on the speaker. When he saw that I was speaking Hebrew, he said: 'I hate the people and the language you are speaking. If I had known that you were a Jew, I would not have given you the call."

"When he dropped me off in Brooklyn I started walking and suddenly he got out of the vehicle and ran toward me and started punching me in the head.

I was immediately concerned that he might have a knife or some other weapon, so I hit him forcefully. He grabbed my kippah and my cellphone and ran away."


This Is How We Enjoy A Liberal Newspaper

Some use it for crabs, some use it for bird cages, some use it to line the puppy crate but here we use it to start our weekend bonfires and what a wonderful job a hand full makes to get the weekend started. 

BREAKING NEWS: French Air Force conducts airstrikes on ISIS-held Syrian city of Raqaa

French jets struck the heart of ISIS-controlled territory in Syria on Sunday in the first direct retaliation for Friday’s deadly terror attacks that killed 129 in Paris, the Associated Press reports, citing a statement from the French Defense Ministry.


Easton MSP Press Release 11-15-15 (Fatal MVC)

Confirmed: Paris Terrorists Entered Europe as Refugees

The holder of a Syrian passport found near the body of one of the gunmen who died in Friday night's attacks in Paris was registered as a refugee in several European countries last month, authorities said.

The man, identified by Serbian authorities only by his initials A.A., came into Europe through the Greek island of Leros, where he was processed on Oct. 3, Greek officials said on Saturday. He was among 70 refugees who arrived on a small vessel from Turkey.

Serbian authorities said on Sunday the same man had been registered at a border crossing from Macedonia into Serbia a few days later.

The information is significant because if one or more of the Paris gunmen turned out to have come into Europe among refugees and migrants fleeing war-torn countries, this could change the political debate about accepting refugees.

"One of the suspected terrorists, A.A., who is of interest to the French security agencies, was registered on the Presevo border crossing on October 7 this year, where he formally sought asylum," the Serbian interior ministry said in a statement.

"Checks have confirmed that his details match those of the person who on October 3 was identified in Greece. There was no Interpol warrant issued against this person."

A spokeswoman for the Croatian interior ministry said the man was registered in the country's Opatovac refugee camp on Oct. 8 and from there he crossed into Hungary and then Austria.

"There was no (police) record about him at the time of registration and there was no reason for us to stop him in any way," she said.


Get Real People

Hello France

President Obama Dismisses Ben Carson as Someone Who ‘Doesn’t Know Much About ‘ ISIS

President Obama dismissed Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s suggestion that he could eliminate ISIS “fairly easily” if he were commander in chief.

“What I think is that he doesn't know much about it,” the president told ABC News’ Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos in an interview at the White House Thursday. “I think it's fair to say that over the last several years I've had access to all the best military minds in the country and all the best foreign policy minds in the country. And I'm not running for office. And so my only interest is in success.”

In Tuesday night’s Republican debate, Carson suggested he could defeat ISIS “fairly easily” by bombing oilfields in Iraq.

“I think in order to make them look like losers, we have to destroy their caliphate. And you look for the easiest place to do that? It would be in Iraq,” Carson said. “Outside of Anbar in Iraq, there’s a big energy field. Take that from them. Take all of that land from them. We could do that, I believe, fairly easily, I’ve learned from talking to several generals, and then you move on from there.”

Asked about Carson’s comment, the president noted he receives advise from top military officials who have expertise in the region, and “if they don’t think it’s easy, then it’s probably not easy.”

“What we've been able to do is to shape a strategy that first and foremost contained-- the momentum that ISIL had gained,” he added, using the government's acronym for ISIS.


Because Walls Work

The OLD Spirit Of America

Salisbury City Council Organization Meeting Agenda 11-16-15


While the Fire Department just pulled up, there is smoke coming from all over the building. Such a loss. 

The Fire Department is about to close down Rt. 13 as there is a hydrant on the other side of the highway. They are trying to make that decision now.

They're going to draft water from the Tony Tank Bridge area and close a portion of Rt. 13 South. 

Rt. 13 South Bound is now completely shut down.

They have cut open 3 vent holes in the roof.

Units are starting to return to their Stations. John Robinson is on the scene at 4:00 PM. 

What Would You Do?

Since When Does This Country Pick And Choose What Color Of Veteran We Donate To

National Association for Black Veterans

It's sad enough we live in a country where groups like Wounded Warriors have to raise funds for ALL wounded Soldiers because this crap hole of a country refuses to take care of those who lost limbs to PROTECT us. Yet now we have a new group who sits outside of WalMart today looking for hand outs for BLACK Veterans, because they are so different???

And we wonder why this country is so divided. But let me ask you, when you ever made a donation did you think, I'm not donating because a portion of my money might go to Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese or whatever. 

Quite frankly the image above flat out makes me sick. WalMart allowing such a thing makes me sick. There is no color to a VETERAN! These are Brothers and Sisters, period. 

What's next, booths that say please support only white veterans? I've had just about enough of this crap, how about you?

A Comment Worthy Of A Post: 11-10-15

Cori Puckett, Salisbury Resident said...

Can someone please tell me how Jim being gay has anything to do with the job he does. I too am part of the LGBT community and fully support the man. he has done very well since he was elected mayor and brought many positive things to the city. How about all of you judgemental types that want to point a finger look in a damn mirror as accept the fact that all you want to do is see someone fail simply because of their politics or their sexual preference. Seriously if you want to rag on a man and create lies please have facts and proof. I know Jim personally and there is nothing that would make me think any unkind thoughts of the man or not consider him a true friend. In the words of the original poster and probably the most hateful and bigoted thing ive seen today "It would be an interesting, albeit disgusting, but highly unsuccessful campaign. We can’t wait for it to start." Id like to see him start,succeed and win.

November 10, 2015 at 10:09 AM

Shots Fired In Salisbury 11-12-15

The Salisbury Fire Department has been dispatched for the report of a shooting on Main Street in Salisbury.  

Shots Fired at the VFW. 

Police are establishing a crime scene at this time. 

The victim was taken to PRMC by a personal vehicle.

A Viewer Writes: World Gym

I have been a member of this current location for about 5 months now. When I first joined I was charge a ridiculous amont of fees but felt paying 10 a month would make it worth it. Now after 5 months my services have gone to shit I am unable to purchase drinks they have shut down the juice bar and are running on barely any staff. I overheard several of the front desk staff speaking about not getting paid in weeks recently and looked into it because I was worrying about my gym that I have invested into and this is what I found.

The reason I am bring this up and sending to you because I read your blog daily and feel it is not right for someone knowing they are going out of business to keep taking people's money and misleading them when any day they could be closing there doors.

ACLU Introduces New Video App For Smartphones In Maryland

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland on Friday unveiled Friday a free smartphone app that will allow residents to automatically record and submit cellphone videos of interactions with law enforcement to their organization when they feel their rights have been violated.

The ACLU unveiled the app at noon during a news conference at Coppin State University.

The app, called Mobile Justice MD, will be available in English and Spanish. Similar apps have been released across the country, according to the ACLU.


Campers kill, grill snake but get an unexpected side _ fines

CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — Four young men got more than a meal when they killed and grilled a timber rattlesnake in western Maryland — they were hit with fines of $200 each in court.

Online court records show the men from Glen Burnie pleaded guilty Tuesday in district court in Cumberland to possessing or destroying the rattlesnake. It’s a state-protected species.

Each was fined $500, with $300 suspended. All received probation before judgment, meaning their convictions can be expunged after probationary periods ranging from 14 to 28 months.


Neil Cavuto embarrasses student who wants free college and has no idea how to pay for it

BREAKING NEWS: Automatic gunfire heard outside Paris concert hall where hostages are being held

French television broadcasting the sound of shots being fired inside a Paris concert hall where at least 100 people are being held hostage by terrorists.


Caption This Photo 11-13-15

BREAKING NEWS: Death toll climbs to 35 in Paris attacks

At least 35 people are reported killed, and as many as 100 are reported being held hostage in a series of attacks in Paris. Complete coverage on Fox News and


Breaking News From A Viewer

News tip… There's a six point buck running around downtown Salisbury near the library. It just ran into the car in front of me and went east towards route 13.

City's Top Cop Demands Changes In Maryland Gun Laws

Baltimore's top cop is fuming about some of the state's gun laws.

Commissioner Kevin Davis is asking "when is Maryland going to wake up?"

He spoke out Thursday on Maryland's News Now on WBAL Newsradio 1090.

Davis says he considers some of the state's gun laws too lax, far less stringent than federal statutes.

"The carrying, transportation or wearing of an illegal firearm in our state is still a misdemeanor," he said.


Bravo announces ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ coming in 2016

WASHINGTON — Reality TV is returning to the nation’s capital — or at least one of its very wealthy suburbs.

Bravo announced Wednesday that its new series in the popular “Real Housewives” franchise will be “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” The show, featuring the drama of women and their families in the Montgomery County neighborhood, will debut in January.

The show will follow Ashley Darby, Christine Jackson Jordan, Karen Huger, Katie Rost, Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon as they navigate the social circles of Potomac, Maryland.


SPD Needs Help To ID This Suspect

Maryland lawmakers call for better education, more support for new immigrants

Maryland educators and legislators say that more services and new approaches to teaching are needed for immigrant students struggling to get an education as they adjust to life in the United States.

"I think it is abundantly clear that as hard as folks in the city are trying, we have long way to go to make sure that we are giving immigrant students a great education," said Sen. Bill Ferguson, a Baltimore Democrat.

The General Assembly may need a task force to examine ways to help these newcomers, said Del. Brooke Lierman, a Democrat. She represents the Southeast Baltimore neighborhood that includes Patterson High, a school with hundreds of the newcomers.

"It may be that we need to convene some task force or working group to dive into these issues," she said. "We want to make sure they can graduate from high school and have the chance to go to college and can get good jobs. We want them to be able to live the American dream like our ancestors have."


Today's Veterans Day Survey Question

Who would you like to honor today?

And We Wonder Why We're Called "How's That Shithouse Of An Eastern Shore"

Today at the Wicomico Civic Center above.

Muslim community wins day off of school on major holiday next year

Montgomery County schools won’t have classes on one of the Islamic faith’s major holidays next year, a major victory for the local Muslim community after years of lobbying for the same treatment as Christians and Jews.

Montgomery County’s Board of Education voted 6 to 2 in support of a measure that would schedule a professional work day for teachers and administrators on Sept. 12, 2016, when the holy day of Eid al-Adha could fall next year. The holiday, based on moonsightings, could fall on Sept. 11, a Sunday, or on Sept. 12.

The decision means classes would not be held for the more than 156,000 students in the suburban Washington school system, Maryland’s largest.


People Are Calling For This McDonalds Worker To Be Fired After Shocking Viral Video

One McDonalds worker is facing worldwide public outcry after a video of his disgusting behaviour found its way onto the internet.

In the video, he at first seemed to be attempting a good deed – by feeding a local homeless man. However, when the man finally made it to the drive-thru window to take the food he had been offered, the worker threw a drink in his face instead. Charming.


Michigan Town Elects What May Be Nation's First Muslim-Majority City Council

Hamtramck residents have elected a Muslim majority to the city's six-member city council, symbolizing the demographic changes that have transformed the city once known for being a Polish Catholic enclave.

In Tuesday's election -- with six candidates running for three seats -- the top three vote-getters were Muslim, while the bottom three were non-Muslim. Two of the Muslim candidates, Anam Miah and Abu Musa, are incumbent city councilmen, while newcomer Saad Almasmari, the top vote-getter, also was elected. The seat of another Muslim incumbent councilman, Mohammed Hassan, was not up for re-election, and incumbent City Councilman Robert Zwolak came in fifth place.

Some believe the city is the first in the U.S. with a Muslim majority on its city council. Four of the six council members will be Muslim: three of them of Bangladeshi descent and one Yemeni.

"Hamtramck has made history," said Hamtramck community leader Bill Meyer. "The election was far from close, with the three Muslim winners each gaining over 1,000 votes, while the other three candidates garnered less than 700 votes each."

Councilman Musa, who came in second place, told the Free Press that he will work to represent everyone in the city regardless of background.

"I'm a very good Muslim," said Musa, an immigrant from Bangladesh. "I try my best to pray five times (a day), but when I get elected, every single ethnic votes for me, not (only) the Muslim vote for me, but Christians, every single ethnic group, African-Americans, Polish. I'm a good friend of the Polish."

"I represent every single citizen in Hamtramck," he said. "I'm serving all city of Hamtramck."

Formerly known for its Polish population, Hamtramck is now about 24% Arab (mostly Yemeni); 19% African American; 15% Bangladeshi; 12% Polish; and 6% Yugoslavian (many Bosnian), according to U.S. Census figures.

The percentage of residents who are Muslim is unclear since the U.S. Census does not ask about religion. Estimates of the Muslim population range from one-third to more than one-half of city residents.

Almost all of the Yemeni Americans in Hamtramck are Muslim, while the growing Bangaldeshi-American community in Hamtramck has Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. The city has a Bangladeshi Hindu temple and Bangladeshi mosques.

On Friday, Gov. Rick Snyder attended the opening of Bangla Town, an area that will celebrate Bangladeshi-American culture in Hamtramck and bordering Detroit neighborhoods. About 41% of the city are immigrants, the highest percentage among cities in metro Detroit. Pope John Paul II, who was Polish, visited Hamtramck in 1987; a statue of him commemorating his visit is in a city park.

Three of the Muslims on Hamtramck's City Council are of Bangladeshi descent, while Almasmari is of Yemeni descent. The council's only other Arab-American Muslim in its history was Abdul Algazali, who died in February.

The issue of Islam has sometimes come up in recent years as the Muslim population grows. After contentious debate, the city allowed in 2004 the Muslim call to prayer to be broadcast publicly five times a day from mosques through loudspeakers.

The call to prayer has drawn complaints from residents who say it's loud and intrusive, waking them up early and bothering them. City Council candidate Susan Dunn, who came in fourth place, raised the issue during the campaign, prompting a response from Almasmari during a city council meeting last month.

"We all want to live peacefully and respectfully," he said to the council during the October meeting, according to a video he posted to his Facebook account. "Our special thing is ... the diversity in this town."

Almasmari said the call to prayer "is not as loud as (Dunn) thinks." Moreover, if "we are considering the call to prayer as noise," then so would "the loud music all night long while we are sleeping."

"We as Muslims respect our neighbors and we don't like to bother anybody," he said. "As the Prophet Mohammed said: he who believes in Allah and the last day, let him not harm his neighbors."

Meyer, who is not Muslim, said that Muslims in Hamtramck "have helped bring stability, security and sobriety while lessening the amount of drugs and crime in the city."


A Letter To The Editor: The Ben Carson Story--Lies?

Joe - I have as many others have been hearing the lies supposedly told by Dr. Ben Carson in his book "The Ben Carson Story" which was also made into a movie a few years ago. I admired and respected that this man became a world celebrated surgeon @ John Hopkins Hospital and seemed to be an educated, religious, and much respected black man, and a good role model for so many. What happened? Are all the people that our youth looked up to in our past, and the youth of today, been elevated to levels and then pitfalls before our very eyes. Is it just that the news media are covering and digging out more today, or that we covered up short comings of leaders and people in the news in the past? Are we holding everyone more accountable? That the things we say and do can come back to haunt us and follow us, if we are more successful? Don't all the candidates lie to some degree, that we have heard more about Presidents and past presidents lives more in the last decade. What do you and your audience think?

Publishers Notes: It is unfortunate the leaders of our country and even news media have become so accustom to so many lies. However, on the other hand, are we electing a President or a Pope? It's a fine line. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" comes to mind. I'm sure many of our readers can come back with lies from just about every President and quite frankly it's a shame. 

What concerns me most, (personally) are the very people who stand in front of a Judge and flat out lie. It's a shame that a Judge has to read into everything stated and determine who is lying and who is not. Nevertheless, people do it every single day. "Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth"? I grew up in a generation where you simply told the truth and IF you've done something wrong then you need to be held accountable for your actions.

The question now remains, is Ben Carson trustworthy at this point? Then again, is Hillary Clinton trustworthy as well? 

In my day they would BOTH be eliminated and quite frankly are for me personally. I will be bold enough right here and now by saying I will be voting for Donald Trump. 

19 indictments, drugs, guns seized after 60-day investigation in south Baltimore

BALTIMORE —A significant number of weapons and drugs were seized and 19 indictment warrants were issued after a 60-day investigation into violence and drug dealing in the Brooklyn Homes community in south Baltimore, city police said.

Baltimore city detectives and Drug Enforcement Administration investigators identified several suspects of violent crimes in south Baltimore.

On Nov. 3, 20 search and seizure warrants were conducted at the following locations:


A Viewer Writes: Salisbury’s “Gay Deceiver” – Jimbeau Ireton – Goes to Washington?

The misguided and/or disoriented souls who elected just this clown to the City Council – despite his having gone AWOL the first time and then, as mayor, turning Salisbury, once the "crossroads," into the "cesspool" of the Eastern Shore – are probably too blind to realize that their boy has once again duped them. No sooner was the vote count announced than he was touting himself as our next U.S. Congressman.

So, what say you now, suckers (and that’s what he has played you for).

The rest of us say “go for it,” Jimbeau, because we need some humor to make life during another year plus under Obama semi-bearable.

Outside of Salisbury, Ireton would encounter the same hostile voter response as Democrats of the same stripe – Anthony Brown and Rick Pollitt among others. His worship of O’Malley and Obama would not be overlooked. Nor his exploits at Rehoboth Beach and in da ‘bury. It’s unlikely that he would survive the party’s primary, unless the only other candidate were Ron Pagano.

But if he reached the general election, Ireton would surely get at least two votes from local Democrats who don't reside in Salisbury: Pagano and Michael Pretl. And he could count on endorsements by Democrats of his ilk, including those named above as well as Barney Frank and his same sex spouse.

It would be an interesting, albeit disgusting, but highly unsuccessful campaign. We can’t wait for it to start.

A Viewer Writes: Veterans Day

Tomorrow we celebrate all veterans, but today is OUR birthday the 240'th birthday of the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, the greatest fighting unit this country has ever seen. Many have attempted, but fewer succeed. 

I am proud to have served in such an elite company of men.     Sound prejudiced towards the corps? Most marines are so, to all jarheads out there, Semper Fi and God Bless America. Special rememberence goes to the boots who, like I, graduated from Paris Island in the late 60's. Been there, done that.

WBOC Decides To Rehash Their Town Hall Meetings

Out of nowhere, WBOC all of a sudden has decided to hold their Town Hall Meetings. Funny how we did an article last week HERE talking about how big a flop their meetings had been because nothing changed.

I'll tell you what. Rather then WBOC asking you what you'd like to see changed and or story ideas, how about we do so right here on Salisbury News. WBOC will only broadcast the ideas THEY want you to see or hear, so let's let them know flat out what you think about their station.

Once everyone states what they'd like to see changed, let's see if WBOC will actually make such changes or will they continue to prove they're just blowing smoke you know where.  


Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus ... SO I PRANKED THEM ... and they HATE IT!!!! #shareUse #MERRYCHRISTMASSTARBUCKSFollow --> Joshua Feuerstein
Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Chick-fil-A Employees Wear “Back The Blue” Shirts To Show Support For The Police

The anti-cop sentiment has been rapidly growing in this country thanks to the dishonest media, uninformed celebrities, and misleading statistics. One of the most troubling side effects of this trend has been the treatment of many uniformed officers at restaurants and other businesses.

At places like Dunkin Donuts, Arby’s, and Olive Garden, we have seen cops be treated terribly simply for being cops.

Thankfully, there are also businesses across America that support the people who put their lives on the line to protect society every day.

Chick-Fil-A is definitely one of them.


Sorry, Media, You Won’t Destroy Ben Carson

Let’s begin with two propositions: There is a difference between an admirable man and a perfect man, and there is a difference between “vetting” and viciousness. The collective goal of the liberal media is now clear — to take one of America’s most admired and brilliant men and somehow transform him into a dishonest, stupid extremist. The vetting of Ben Carson has become vicious, and to what end? An admirable man has been exposed as imperfect. 

The first round of attacks, focusing on Carson’s alleged extremism, failed utterly. Under fire — for claiming that it would be better if victims rushed mass shooters rather than hiding, for asserting that Hitler would have been less likely to accomplish his aims if the German people had been armed, and for comparing the debate over abortion to the debate over slavery — Carson refused to back down. A conservative public, wearily familiar with politicians kowtowing to media-generated outrage, took notice.

Rather than deal directly with Carson’s statements, the media twisted his words, scurrilously asserting that he was “blaming the victims” of school shootings and claiming that German Jews alone could have stopped the Holocaust (when he’d plainly referred to the “German people,” not just German Jews). As for the abortion–slavery comparison, even Vox noted that conservatives have been making that argument for decades. The comparison is controversial, certainly, but hardly “extreme.”


Illegal Immigrants Release ‘Bill of Rights’

An immigrant-rights group proposed a “Bill of Rights” for illegal immigrants Thursday, demanding that Americans recognize there are millions already in the country who deserve health care, in-state tuition rates for college and a guarantee of citizenship in the long term.

The list of demands runs 10 items long — the same as the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights — and also calls for an end to arrests and deportations for “all law-abiding undocumented Americans.”

The document was circulated by United We Stay, which is a group of illegal immigrants, first generation Americans and human rights activists pushing for changes to immigration law.

“We know we have human rights, even though our very presence is deemed illegal and our existence alien. Now we have our own Bill of Rights and we want it to be the framework for every immigration decision going forward from the local to the national level,” the group said in a statement announcing their demands.


Statement From SFD About Fire At Robinson's

Salisbury and Fruitland units responded to the reported building fire at 1510 hours this afternoon on S. Salisbury Blvd.. Units arrived to find a working fire in a large 1 story commercial structure. A Second Alarm was struck and Mutual Aid was received from Allen, Hebron and Delmar Fire Departments. Crews made an excellent stop on the fire and no injuries were reported.

Shooting In Salisbury 11-15-15

Shooting In Salisbury on Patterson Ave.  Gun shot wound to the neck. Possibly domestic related.  No suspect at this time.  K-9 is en route.

Possible suspect is in a Grey Charger tag number mbr2993. Occupied by a (#1) male and (#1) female.

Payback: Most Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Victims to Get $1M

Almost seven years after the collapse of the largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history, many victims who lost big in Bernard Madoff’s crooked plot will be getting a handsome paycheck, officials said today.

Stephen Harbeck, President and CEO of the Securities Investors Protection Corporation, told ABC News that anyone who invested up to $1,161,000 will “be made completely whole” in the latest round of distribution payments, per a new motion filed in a New York bankruptcy court today. Harbeck said that will affect a majority of the people who had valid claims to being a Madoff victim.

For those who invested more, Harbeck said they could get back at least 61 cents on the dollar for their investments if their claim has been approved.

“Coming out of a Ponzi scheme with 61 percent of what you started out with is a major victory,” Harbeck said.