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Friday, August 19, 2011

SBYNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Enraged Grandmother Speaks Out About Double DUI Women From The Eastern Shore

Let's get the facts on this double DUI that occurred in the early morning of 8/18/11. My 4 year old granddaughter was the child involved. Here is the link for Maryland Case Search. Agree to the terms and search to your heart content. Abullin aka Joann Marie Fields. A quick search will bear the fruits of her existance. Among the charges you will find an assault on a "stet". She tried to stab my son with a butcher knife in front of my 4 year old granddaughter. Assault, dismissed, closed because my son would not testify. theft under $100, Salisbury University/Cool Beans, stole the money from a kid's wallet on video. You can see Ms. Abdullin makes her parents proud.

To the night in question, Abdullin was caught driving 76 mph, with my granddaughter in the back seat, in a booster seat, not a Maryland Law required car seat in Worcester County by Trooper Fort. Trooper Fort feeling kind of sick of paperwork, decided in his own kingly way, that he would not adhere to Maryland Annotated Code,Md. FAMILY LAW Code Ann. § 5-704 and he would not notify DSS/CPS as required under Maryland law. here you go the Maryland Annotated Code online for free. Look it up... Trooper Fort was required by Maryland law to call DSS/CPS to report this abuse/endangerment/drunk mother going 76 mph with a 4 year old child. Now let's really think. Maryland law, passed by the state to protect the minor child. Maryland State Police motto, to serve and protect. Here is a 4 year old child, bearly able to communicate, awake at 1:30 in the morning with a drunk mother and the MSP don't protect her.

My son, the baby's father gets a call from one of Ms. Abdullin's "friends". Joey, as we fondly call her, before her muslim transformation, was under arrest for DUI, go get the baby. My son, drives to Berlin from Salisbury at 2:00 a.m. to get his child. (recorded in the notes of the MSP as verified by Wicomico County DSS today via telephone) The MSP said, the baby goes with her drunk mother and sober driver aka her green card marriage husband of 4 months. My son drives home and Ms. Abdullin drives away with her Pakistan husband who takes her to her car where she gets in a drives to somewhere for an hour or so before proceeding to her home in Salisbury, MD. Here we approximately 4:00 a.m. I get up for work. My son calls me downstairs to tell me what happened with my granddaughter. My son, beside himself with fear, gets a cell phone call from the famous Ms. Abdullin. She is as he describes to me "drunker than he has ever heard her". My son and Ms. Abdullin were partners since 2005 and the baby is 4. Do the math, they were together for a long time. My son, calls the MSP and tells them that Ms. Abdullin is driving drunk on Route 90 getting onto Route 50 west bound.

He gives a description of the car and the MSP arrest her again for DUI. My son is on the phone, can I get my daughter. No, no, Ms. Abdullin has called someone to come get her. Be advised that there is not a custody order in place. For all purpose after a 6 year relationship, they just broke up. Look at the case law for Joann Marie Fields and you will see no civil matter regarding the baby. Ms. Abdullin in her wisdom assaults the arresting officer and goes off to jail and my granddaughter went off with only God knows.....Again the MSP ignore the laws of Maryland and fail to call DSS/CPS who are on duty 24/7. Where is the justice? Where is the protection and upholding of the law? MSP has no regard for the law. I called the supervisor of Berlin barracks. He told me that DSS/CPS have different rules. He got bossy and loud and rude, like a storm trooper. Told me to call back when I knew who the arresting officer was.

Who is accountable for this? Who violated the rights of my 4 year old granddaughter? Two Maryland State Police from the eastern shore of Maryland....the wild wild shore where the state police by their own admission have different laws than the rest of the citizens.

Ex-Barista With Dwarfism Gets $75,000 From Starbucks in Discrimination Settlement

Starbucks has agreed to pay a former employee $75,000 to settle a discrimination complaint alleging she was fired from an El Paso shop for her dwarfism.

The barista, Elsa Sallard, had asked during her orientation for a stool or small stepladder to accommodate her small stature, a request that was disregarded, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged in a lawsuit on her behalf.

She was terminated over concerns she posed a "danger" to customers and employees, the lawsuit said.

Attorney Suing Airline for Not Accepting Cash

Once upon a time, cash was king. But more and more technology has tied purchasing power to credit and debit cards for their ease of use. Smartphones are even beginning to play a part in the credit-card payment business with ventures like Square, started by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, which allows anyone with a smartphone and the mini card-reader to accept plastic.

While some find these prospects exciting, New Jersey lawyer Michael Rosen thinks that credit and debit cards shouldn’t be the only form of acceptable payment. And to show his displeasure, he’s suing Continental Airlines for refusing to accept his cash aboard a 10-hour flight from Hawaii to New York.

12 Things You Should Stop Buying Now

The pitch: Fight back against the aches, chills and other misery-inducing symptoms of the flu with herbs or vitamin supplements.

The truth: We’ll let the CDC handle this one. From the agency’s website: “There is no scientific evidence that any herbal, homeopathic or other folk remedies have any benefit against influenza.”

The exception: Chicken soup, especially if it’s homemade. No, it won’t cure anything, but if it makes you feel a little less crummy, slurp away.


$150 Billion And Counting -- Where Is the Mainstream Media Coverage Of Fannie And Freddie?

What is $150 billion really worth? It’s enough to buy each and every NFL franchise about five times. Or it could pay the median household income more than 3 million times over in the United States. It could even pay for 500 days of the war in Afghanistan at $300 million a day.

But it doesn’t buy much media coverage when that $150 billion is misspent by our own government and paid for by the increasingly over-stretched taxpayers.

That’s been the sordid tale of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for years. And thanks to the left-loving gang on the network news, it doesn’t get any attention.

Much like the rest of the United States, Fannie and Freddie are in crisis – suffering a recent downgrade by Standard & Poor’s. 

Who can blame S&P? The combination of these two inept operations has cost Americans more than $150 billion and the meter is still running faster than a running back on steroids.


Florida Teacher Suspended For Anti-Gay Marriage Posts On Personal Facebook Page

A former “Teacher of the Year” in Mount Dora, Fla. has been suspended and could lose his job after he voiced his objection to gay marriage on his personal Facebook page.

Jerry Buell, a veteran American history teacher at Mount Dora High School, was removed from his teaching duties this week as school officials in Lake County investigate allegations that what he posted was biased towards homosexuals. 


Burger King Set To Dethrone Its Creepy King

Struggling chain will instead focus on selling food to moms, report says

As part of a plan to reinvent itself over the next year, fast-food chain Burger King is about to dethrone its creepy King character.

The struggling burger chain is planning to ditch the odd character who has starred in its recent television campaign — plus other wacky marketing targeted at teens — and will instead focus on selling its food to moms, according to a report in USA Today.


The producer price index and consumer price index both came out this week. We all know the BLS manipulates the shit out of the CPI to make it appear much lower than it really is. But, they can’t do that with the PPI. This is what companies pay for the raw materials that go into everything you use, buy or eat.
Here are the facts:
  • Producer prices have increased by 7.2% in the last year.
  • Producer prices have increased by an annual rate of 8.2% in 2011.
  • Food prices have increased by 7.7% in the last year.
  • Energy prices have increased by 17.9% in the last year.
Here is the link if you’d like to verify these figures for yourself:

The shills on CNBC need to explain how corporate profits are going to go up if the companies are eating these cost increases rather than passing them along to consumers. If they are passing them along to consumers than we have 7% inflation and interest rates need to be raised. Which is it Kudlow and Cramer?

The consumer price index, even with the BLS bullshit adjustments, is showing inflation. Here are the government reported figures:
  • The CPI has risen by 3.6% in the last year.
  • The CPI is rising at an annual rate of 4% in the last three months.
  • The CPI is rising at an annual rate of 5.3% so far in 2011.
  • The annual price increases for food are as follows:
    • Meat up 7.4%
    • Dairy up 7.9%
    • Fruits and vegitables up 6%
    • Fats and oils up 10.4%
  • The annual price increases for other things you might use are:
    • Fuel oil up 29%
    • Gasoline up 33.6%
    • Transportation up 12%
    • Water, sewer and trash up 5.1%
But you’ll be happy to know that living in your house only went up 1.5% and since that makes up 43% of the CPI calculation, then inflation is under control. Do you buy and sell your house on a daily basis? It is meaningless in the day to day calculation of inflation. If you remove the housing calculation from the CPI than your real costs rose by 5.2% in the last year, versus the 3.6% reported by the BLS. Here is a link to verify my calculations.


Salmonella Concerns Prompt Pet Treat Recall

Merrick Pet Care Inc. of Amarillo, Texas, is recalling 248 cases of its Doggie Wishbone pet treats because the treats have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella.

Babysitter Puts Stroller With Child In It In Back Of Truck

Maker Of Tainted Wipes Sues Vendor Who Won't Pay

Firm backs out of contract with Triad Group after reports of bacterial contamination

A Wisconsin firm shuttered after massive recalls of alcohol wipes blamed for illnesses and deaths is suing a vendor who canceled orders and refused payment after reports of bacterial contamination became public.

The Triad Group of Hartland, Wis., claims that a St. Louis firm breached its contract when officials from Vi-Jon Inc. canceled nearly $500,000 in orders for Germ-X, the company's popular line of antibacterial wipes and other products. In addition, Vi-Jon refused to pay Triad nearly $145,000 for products already delivered, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Wisconsin.


Researchers Say Dog Waste Bacteria Hovers In Cleveland, Detroit Air

Colorado University researchers say something is in the air in Detroit and Cleveland, and it's nothing either city can be proud of. Their findings say bacteria found in the air in those cities most closely resembles that which is found in dog poop.

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Retailers, Restaurants Raise Prices To Offset Costs

Retailers and restaurants are raising consumer prices to help compensate for higher labor costs, which increased the most in almost three years during the second quarter.

Fifty-three percent of these companies with annual sales of $10 million to $500 million have lifted prices during the last 12 months, up from 32 percent a year ago, according to a quarterly survey by Barlow Research Associates. This comes as U.S. inflation excluding food and energy costs accelerated at an annual pace of 1.8 percent in July, the biggest such gain in more than a year, according to Labor Department data released yesterday.

Unit labor costs for nonfarm businesses rose 1.3 percent in the quarter ended June 30 compared with a year ago, as hourly compensation rose while productivity fell, Bureau of Labor Statistics data show.

“This is an early sign that even with high unemployment, labor costs are starting to pick up, giving companies an incentive to raise prices,” said Peter Newland, an economist at Barclays Capital Inc. in New York. Labor costs are the biggest component of business expenses, he said.


Found Dog In Delmar

We found a lost dog in Delmar , Maryland attached are photos and my number. I am not sure how it works my number is 443-359-1777. We would like to find his owner super nice dog.

Thank you,

Maryland Style Crab Cakes, Tomato And Cucumber Salad, And Cheddar Garlic Biscuits

August is coming to a close and what better a way to celebrate the tastes of late summer than with a crab feast? Prepare this crab cake dinner with tomato cucumber salad and cheddar garlic biscuits for a delicious seafood-themed evening with friends!


Low-Bidder Announced For Paving Project In Sussex County

Dover -- The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announces that George & Lynch, Inc. is the low bidder for a repaving contract to be done in Sussex County. For this project, the Dover-based firm submitted a bid of $7,168,787.19, the lowest of three bids received.

This project will place hotmix asphalt on travel lanes and shoulders on the following roadways:

Route 9 from Route 18/Cannon Road split to Route 113
Gravel Hill Road from Route 9 to Route 16/Beach Highway
Delmar Road from Maryland state line to Delmar Rd.
Delmar Road from Waller Road to Columbia Road Extended

Construction will begin on August 22, 2011 and will be completed in approximately 170 calendar days.

Decade In Jail Ordered For Condo Theft

SNOW HILL -- Berlin businessman Bill Scott was found guilty this week on three counts of theft scheme after bilking several resort area condo associations out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and was sentenced to a combined 55 years in jail, all but 10 of which were then suspended.

In April, a Worcester County grand jury indicted Scott, president of Scott and Associates, an accounting and property management firm, on six counts of theft and theft scheme for clearing out the accounts of a handful of condominium associations over a two-year period that ended with his confession earlier this year. His victims included, among others, Sunset Village, Assateague House and San Remo condo associations, from which Scott absconded with over $800,000 from various operating and reserve accounts.


Investigation Leads To The Arrest Of Two

Location: Unit block of Capano Drive (Cavalier Apartments), Newark, DE
Date of Occurrence:   Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 6:00 a.m.
-12 year old male juvenile
Defendants and Charges:   
Irene M. Hollis, 31, Newark, DE
-Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Narcotic Schedule II Controlled Substance (2 counts)
-Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Narcotic Schedule I Controlled Substance
-Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Narcotic Schedule III Controlled Substance
-Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Non-Narcotic Schedule I Controlled Substance
-Maintaining a Dwelling for Keeping Drugs
-Tampering with Physical Evidence
-Conspiracy 2nd Degree
-Endangering the Welfare of a Child
-Possession of Marijuana
Arraigned at the New Castle County Court of Common Pleas. Released after posting $38,000.00 cash bail.
Angel D. Garcia, 26, Newark, DE
-Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Narcotic Schedule II Controlled Substance (2 counts)
-Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Narcotic Schedule I Controlled Substance
-Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Narcotic Schedule III Controlled Substance
-Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Non-Narcotic Schedule I Controlled Substance
-Maintaining a Dwelling for Keeping Drugs
-Tampering with Physical Evidence
-Conspiracy 2nd Degree
-Endangering the Welfare of a Child
-Possession of Marijuana
-Resisting Arrest
Arraigned at the New Castle County Court of Common Pleas. Committed to the Howard Young Correctional Facility for lack of $36,750.00 cash bail.
Newark- The Delaware State Police have arrested a Newark pair following a month long investigation into illegal drug sales.
On Thursday, August 18, 2011 at approximately 6:00 a.m., detectives from the Delaware State Police New Castle County Drug Unit with the assistance of the Delaware State Police Special Operation Response Team (SORT) executed a search warrant at an apartment located in the unit block of Capano Drive in Newark. The search warrant was the culmination of a month long investigation by the drug unit into illegal drug sales which were being conducted by Irene M. Hollis, 31, and Angel Garcia, 26, who both reside in the apartment.
As the SORT members entered the residence, they observed Angel Garcia standing in the hallway of the apartment blocking the entrance to the bedroom. He was then ordered to the ground, however, he refused to comply, and had to be forced to the ground and detained. The team members were then able to enter the bedroom. As they did so, they saw the door to the bathroom located inside of the of the room close. SORT members then entered the bathroom where they observed Irene Hollis attempting to flush packets of suspected heroin down the toilet. Hollis was then taken into custody.  A 12 year old male child was also present in the residence.
During the subsequent search of the apartment, drug detectives located approximately 1.1 grams of heroin packaged for sale, 2.8 grams of marijuana, 9 tablets of ecstasy, 83 Xanax (1 mg) tablets, 21 Adderall (30 mg) tablets, and 6 Oxycodone (30 mg) tablets, four vials of suspected steroids, and numerous hypodermic syringes. They also located over $1500.00 in suspect drug sale proceeds.
Irene Hollis and Angel Garcia were both arrested and charged with the above list of crimes. They were arraigned at the New Castle County Court of Common Pleas. Hollis was released after posting $38,000.00 cash bail. Garcia was committed to the Howard Young Correctional Facility after failing to post $36,750.00 cash bail.


I guess Obama, Pelosi, Kerry, Krugman, and Reid will blame the Tea Party extremists for the 2nd stock market crash in the last two weeks. Americans want sound bites. They want simple concepts because thinking makes their heads hurt. If you are an ignorant American, than you should stop reading now and go back to watching The View. The unravelling of the worldwide financial ponzi scheme has many tentacles and many interconnected pieces, but it all goes back to DEBT and the inability to service that debt with the cash flows being generated by governments, consumers and businesses. Here are the facts:
  • Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 and unleashed a never ending torrent of fiat paper into the world.
  • Politicians throughout the world, since the late 1960s, have made promises of social welfare benefits to voters in order to get elected. They didn’t worry about demographics or using complicated  mathematical concepts like multiplication and addition to figure out that the promises could never be fulfilled.
  • The Federal Reserve enabled politicians to create as much debt as they wanted by methodically devaluing the USD by 90% since 1971.

Corn Hole Contest


If you have any information please contact the Ocean City Police Department

Ocean City Police Department

PFC Michael A. Levy, ID#8157

Public Affairs Section

6501 Coastal Highway
Ocean City, Maryland 21842 :

Office: 410-723-6665

Foreign Students Walk Off Hershey’s Factory Job In Protest

Hundreds of foreign students on a State Department cultural exchange visa program walked off their factory jobs in protest on Wednesday.

The J-1 visa program brings foreign students to the country to work for two months and learn English, and was designed in part to fill seasonal tourism jobs at resorts and seaside towns. The 400 students employed at a Pennsylvania factory that makes Hershey's candies told The New York Times that even though they make $8.35 an hour, their rent and program fees are deducted from their paychecks, leaving them with less money than they spent to get the visas and travel to the country in the first place.

Some of the students were assigned night shifts, and said they were pressured to work faster and faster on the factory lines.

Hershey's said they didn't hire the students when the Times asked:

A spokesman for Hershey's, Kirk Saville, said the chocolate company did not directly operate the Palmyra packing plant, which is managed by a company called Exel. A spokeswoman for Exel said it had found the student workers through another staffing company.

Anderson Cooper Can't Stop Laughing While Discussing Gerard Depardieu (Video)

(CBS) Anderson Cooper couldn't stop giggling while discussing French actor Gerard Depardieu's alleged public urination on an Air France plane.

The CNN host began to laugh uncontrollably while making a series of puns about the incident for his "The RidicuList" segment on "AC360" Wednesday night. (Watch the video below.)

Go Here To Watch

Bank Aims To Foreclose On Burt Reynolds' Fla. Home

(CBS/AP) The downturn in the United States housing market has affected many people. Burt Reynolds is one of those affected.

A bank is seeking to foreclose on Reynolds' Florida home so it can collect about $1.2 million for a mortgage.


Va. Executes Man Who Raped, Killed Elderly Widow


JARRATT, Va. - A Virginia man who raped and suffocated an 88-year-old widow has become the state's first inmate executed using a revised, three-drug cocktail.

Jerry Terrell Jackson, 30, was pronounced dead at 9:14 p.m. Thursday at Greensville Correctional Center. Jackson was sentenced to death for the 2001 rape and murder of seamstress Ruth Phillips in her Williamsburg apartment.


First Grader Develops iPhone App

With all this talk of a tech bubble and the recent success of the Facebook movie, creating your own startup is the hot new trend and fresh on the bandwagon is a 7-year-old who may very well be the world’s youngest iPhone app developer.

And this isn’t some gimmick. 7-year-old Connor Zamary is a legitimate entrepreneur, his father, Craig Zamary enthused to CNET in an e-mail interview. “He pitched investors, made his own PowerPoint, filled out the paperwork for his LLC all by himself, has done conference calls with the West Coast developers," Zamary said.


Bank Of America To Cut Thousands of Jobs In Restructure

Bank of America Corp. is cutting 3,500 jobs in the current quarter and working on a broader restructuring that could eliminate thousands of additional positions, The Wall Street Journal reported in its Friday edition, citing people familiar with the situation.

The 3,500 positions are spread across the nation's largest bank by assets, including investment banking and trading, and the cuts are expected to be completed by the end of September. Some employees already have been notified.

Verizon Customers Complain About Slow Service Brought On By Strike

As 45,000 Verizon workers strike, the company faces battles on multiple fronts. Not only must Verizon contend with picketing workers, but strained staff resources and the accompanying backlash from customers who contend service has gotten slower.

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UPDATED-National Weather Service Alert

The National Weather Service has indicated a Strong Thunderstorm over Fruitland,Maryland and is moving Northeast at 5 MPH.

At 4:00 pm Another Strong Thunderstorm was indicated near Salisbury and Fruitland moving East at 10 MPH.


ANNAPOLIS, MD (August 19, 2011) – Governor Martin O’Malley today released the following statement on the July jobs report. Maryland added 8,100 jobs in July, and Maryland’s private sector added 10,400 jobs. So far this year, Maryland has added nearly 14,000 jobs.

“Our number one priority is to create and save jobs. This month’s report from the Department of Labor shows that Maryland is leading a strong jobs recovery with the sixth best private sector performance in the nation this month - creating 10,400 new jobs for our hardworking families. With this month’s gain, Maryland has been able to add 13,900 new jobs so far this year.

“However, in order for businesses to create more jobs, government must do its job. In Maryland and 33 other states, the public sector lost jobs this month—jobs we cannot afford to lose in this fragile recovery. While our unemployment rate at 7.2 percent remains one of the lowest in the nation, it is unacceptably high. I urge Congress to come together for the sake of our jobs recovery, and to find a balanced, fiscally responsible approach that maintains the modern investments needed to create jobs in this modern economy.”

Seven Former Players Sue NFL Over Concussions

One of the dark sides of pro football is the toll the game takes on players, leaving some with permanent brain injuries brought on by concussions. Seven former NFL players are suing the league over its handling of concussion-related injuries, alleging teams trained players to hit in ways that led to head injuries, failed to properly treat concussions and tried to hide links between the game and brain injuries.

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Large Tree down on Zion Church Rd blocking the entire road.

Large tree down on Naylor Mill Rd and the roadway is flooded at this time.

Planet Of The Taxpayers

The remake of The Planet of the Apes – the apes look real this time – purports to give the backstory of how it is that the world came to be governed by primates while the handful of humans are caged and abused.

The story line is so conventional that you could make it up just sitting there. A private-sector biochemical corporation rushes to test a drug that is supposed to reverse Alzheimer's. It is tested on apes and the drug makes them strangely intelligent. But the same drug unleashes a killer virus among humans. The rest is science-fiction history.

The anticapitalism is so familiar that it is not even as disturbing as it should be. The CEO struts around in super-fancy suits, always in a rush from place to place, and his main job is to look cool and bark at everyone. Several times he snaps that drug development is all about profits. He tells a research scientist (paraphrasing): "Don't talk to me about risk. Develop the drug. Then you get famous and I make money. That's the way it works."

Ah yes, corporate management, as told by the movies.

Then there is the privately owned ape prison where the animals are enslaved in cages before being taken to the laboratory to be pumped full of experimental drugs. They are shocked with electric prods, hit with clubs, fed gruel, and humiliated constantly by the jerk in charge.


DSP News Release: Robbery Detectives Seek Public’s Assistance

Locations and Dates of Occurrences Linked to Suspect:
-Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 10:45 a.m.
M & T Bank, 4 South market Street, Fawn Grove, PA
-Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 2:30 p.m.
Citizen’s Bank, 2923 Willow Street, West Lampeter, PA
-Friday, August 12, 2011 at 12:40 p.m.
M & T Bank, 4899 Limestone Road, Wilmington, DE
Suspect: White male, 55-60 years of age, 6’0” tall, gray hair with goatee and armed with a handgun.
Newark- Delaware State Police robbery detectives are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect who is believed to have robbed the M & T Bank in Wilmington as well as two Pennsylvania banks in the past two months.
Detectives say that in each robbery, the below pictured male suspect entered the bank and brandished a handgun. He then confronted a bank teller and demanded cash. After receiving an undisclosed amount of money, the suspect then fled on foot in an unknown direction. There were no injuries in any of the robberies.
Detectives from the Delaware State Police, Pennsylvania State Police, and the West Lampeter Township, PA Police Department are asking anyone who may know the identification of the pictured suspect to contact:
Trooper Gotwals (Pennsylvania State Police): 717-428-1011
Detective Jere Schuler (West Lampeter Police Department): 717-464-3731
Detective David Myers (Delaware State Police): 302-834-2630 ext. 254.
Citizens may also provide a tip by texting keyword “DSP” plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES). Tipsters may also provide information through lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333. Callers can also submit information via the internet at
Released Friday, August 19, 2011 at 2:10 p.m.

Salisbury Animal Control Sleeping At The Wheel Again

To: "jim ireton" <>
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 2:16:08 PM
Subject: 307 WASHINGTON ST


Milton Residents Oppose Rental Receipts Tax

MILTON — With the town facing a $320,000 budget shortfall, Milton residents were invited to comment about the proposed fiscal year 2012 budget at an Aug. 16 public hearing.

Residents packed the library conference room and comment they did, criticizing the proposed gross rental receipts tax, a possible pay raise for town employees and overstaffing. Many townspeople also took the opportunity to show town council where cuts should be made within the budget.


Is the Fed Treasonous?

The neoconservative talking heads recently took a short time out from praising, deifying, and anointing Texas Governor Rick Perry as the next president of the United States to chastise him for criticizing the Fed. In particular, he was taken to the neocon woodshed for saying that the printing of trillions of dollars of paper currency was harmful to the economy and, since we are in a depression, such an act was "almost treasonous."
Governor Perry could not have been referring to the actual definition of treason that is contained in Article 3, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, which reads as follows:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. (emphasis added).
The only Americans who were ever guilty of treason under this definition would have been Abraham Lincoln, his cabinet, the "Civil War" Congress, the Union Army command, and all army volunteers from the Northern states during the War to Prevent Southern Independence. Waging war against the Southern states was the very definition of treason under the U.S. Constitution.


Orange Goo On Alaska Shore Was Fungal Spores

Latest analysis did not include toxicity tests; 'We are going have more concern from the public,' city administrator says

An orange-colored goo that streaked the shore of a remote Alaska village turned out to be fungal spores, not millions of microscopic eggs as indicated by preliminary analysis , scientists say.

Further tests with more advanced equipment showed the substance is consistent with spores from fungi that create "rust," a plant disease that accounts for the color, officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday.

The gunk appeared Aug. 3 at the edge of Kivalina, an Inupiat Eskimo community at the tip of a barrier reef on Alaska's northwest coast.

The substance quickly dissipated from the village lagoon and the Wulik River.

Publishers Notes: To those other Bloggers and local MSM who pounded their chest calling them eggs, who's the Idiot now!

U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services In Hot Water Again

Internal hacking at a processing center in Texas has landed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in hot water again, Next Gov reports. The Homeland Security Department investigation found staff had hacked management-level emails to gain unauthorized access starting in 2007. The DHS IG's office reported that staff even gained access to grant-residency and citizenship rights. Federal agents found hackware in several computer drives on the center's network.


Strong Thunderstorms will be near Mardela Spring at 2:25pm and near Hebron at 3:00pm. Hail,Heavy Winds.

Please take caution if you live in the area.

Blacks vs. Whites

Black scientists might be less likely than their white counterpartsto win research dollars from the National Institutes of Health. NIH has diversity programs in place but suspected they weren't working well. It commissioned the study, published in the journal Science. It found that women have made gains over the past few decades, but minorities, especially blacks and Hispanics, still make up a small proportion of the nation's doctors, medical school faculty and biomedical researchers. But it isn't clear why there's a gap, because race and ethnicity information is stripped from all applications before they're evaluated. However, NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins said the situation is unacceptable.

The Securities And Exchange Commission Destroys Records?

The Securities and Exchange Commission is under scrutiny for allegedly destroying records in on-going cases. A whistleblower in the agency's enforcement division reached out to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) alleging that documents related to thousands of preliminary investigations had been destroyed. The National Archives said that they reached out to the SEC a year ago after they heard similar allegations of unauthorized disposal of documents. An upcoming Rolling Stone magazine article about the whistleblower has prompted Grassley to reach out to SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro for more information. The National Archives said it worked with the agency and was "satisfied" that the destruction had stopped.

USPS In The News Again

The U.S. Postal Service is preparing to square off with the two biggest postal unions as they begin contract negotiations today. The agency is considering laying off 120,000 workers over the next three years and taking control of its health care and retirement plans as it struggles to remain solvent. Both would require Congress to change the law and overstep current collective bargaining agreements. The National Association of Letter Carriers and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union together represent nearly half of the Postal Service's 560,000 career employees. They have said that they are open to negotiations on all issues. Meanwhile, USPS is looking to negotiate a contract that allows for rapid downsizing and may include wage freezes similar to a deal struck with the American Postal Workers Union in May. The union's current contract expires on Nov. 20.

Judge Throws Out Suit Against Montgomery College Immigrant Tuition

A Montgomery County Circuit Court judge has thrown out a lawsuit against Montgomery College that tried to stop its policy of granting in-state tuition to county residents who do not have legal immigration status.

Continue Reading...

Developed Lands In Md. Increases

BALTIMORE (AP) -- A Maryland analysis has found that developed lands in the state increased 8.4 percent between 2002 and 2010.

The latest version of the state's Land Use/Land Cover map was released on Thursday. The analysis found that the rate of development since 2002 was twice the rate of population, which increased 4.8 percent.

Health Department Failed To Control Birth Certificates, Auditors Find, Citing Possible Fraud

The state health department has continued to fail to control issuance of birth certificates, leading to potential fraud, auditors found -- a ongoing problem they had identified a dozen years ago.

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Man On Trial Accused Of Stabbing Wife 103 Times

Closing Arguments In Damon White Trial Set For Friday

A Howard County man is on trial this week, accused of stabbing his former wife more than 100 times and setting their apartment on fire.
11 News I-Team reporter Barry Simms said Thursday that prosecutors and the defense team for Damon White have rested their cases and that closing arguments are set for Friday morning.

Are Military Pensions Too 'Generous'?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, accompanied by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaks during an event at the National Defense University in Washington, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

WASHINGTON (AP) - It sounds like a pretty good deal: Retire at age 38 after 20 years of work and get a monthly pension of half your salary for the rest of your life. All you have to do is join the military.

As the nation tightens its budget belt, the century-old military retirement system has come under attack as unaffordable, unfair to some who serve and overly generous compared with civilian benefits.

That very notion, laid out in a Pentagon-ordered study, sent a wave of fear and anger through the ranks of current and retired military members when it was reported in the news media this month.

If pensions are to be cut, Congress should go first, one person said on the Internet.


Baltimore Sees Increase In Bat Infestations

Bats usually don't cause too much of a problem in Baltimore, but this year, many have had their homes infested by the winged creatures.

Animal Control said it's captured 188 bats from homes so far this year, and 12 of them tested positive for rabies.

BREAKING NEWS: 'West Memphis Three' Freed

Judge accepts plea deal in 1993 killings of Arkansas Cub Scouts, freeing 3 men imprisoned last 18 years.

Beck Will Start As QB For 'Skins

ASHBURN, Va. - The Redskins play the Colts Friday night, with John Benck starting as quarterback in the Redskins' second preseason game.
Beck's start reaffirms that Beck and Rex Grossman remain on equal football in the battle for the starting job, despite the groin injury that kept Beck out of the first game.
Beck slightly strained his groin while stepping up to avoid a defender during a practice on Aug. 7. The injury limited his ability to roll out and bootleg, so he was kept out of 11-on-11 team drills last week and sat out the 16-7 victory over Pittsburgh. Grossman got the start and made quite a statement - completing 19 of 26 passes for 207 yards and one touchdown in one half.
Now Beck gets his turn Friday night against the Indianapolis Colts.


The New Abnormal: Permanently Engineered Market Volatility

If the gut-wrenching market volatility of the past few weeks has made you sick to your stomach , I have some bad news for you: violent volatility is the new normal - or more precisely, the new ab-normal.

After massive market moves last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 419.63 points yesterday (Thursday). And, while t hat may be bad news for average investors, it's something Wall Street wants.

If you're not a day-trader, high-frequency trader, hedge-fund manager, or institutional desk trader, reading this is going to make you mad as hell. But it's something you have to know, understand, and accept if you're going to be a successful investor going forward.

The reality is that in their crusade to manufacture extraordinary personal wealth, Wall Street insiders have engineered volatility into the capital markets.

This change is permanent.

Indeed, the same dangerous volatility that destabilizes markets creates innumerable trading opportunities for Wall Street's proprietary traders. These traders feed off each other and off their banking-industry clients.

The game is simple: Wall Street creates market volatility, some of which leads to panic. Panicked investors, in desperate searches for safety, turn to "experts" for protection. And Wall Street rakes in the profits - not just from their market-crushing trades, but from the investment fees they charge individual investors, companies and nations.

It's similar to how the mafia might trash your business and then offer to "sell" you their protection services.

By increasing volatility in stock, bond, commodity and real estate markets, The Street has created a self-perpetuating moneymaking machine.


Unlocking Deep Throat's Territory With New Rosslyn Marker

ROSSLYN, Va. -- Even if you weren't aware the innocuous parking garage in Arlington was the site of one of the country's most notorious whistleblower confessions, you somehow still feel the need to whisper.
The dark corner in the cavernous underground lot houses space 32D, the significance of which was previously only marked by a newspaper clipping taped to a nearby column.
But Arlington residents now will know their morning walk to the Metro passes by the location where the late FBI second in command, Mark "Deep Throat" Felt, passed state secrets to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward for a string of stories that would eventually take down a president -- what would come to be known as the Watergate scandal.
A new sign outside the unremarkable parking garage on North Nash Street near Wilson Boulevard identifies a location most Americans have heard about, but very few could pinpoint.
"I never realized anything happened over here in Rosslyn," said passerby Laura Goodspeed of Arlington. "Now walking by, people will know what happened in our neighborhood."


How Safe Is Tobacco That Melts In Your Mouth?

Big name tobacco brands are ramping up their presence in the dissolvable tobacco game, and consumers in test markets, as well as regulators, are trying to figure out what make of the new products.

In early 2011, in Colorado and North Carolina, R.J. Reynolds began test-marketing Camel-branded wares — tobacco compressed into toothpicks, mints and strips that dissolve in your mouth. Unlike cigarettes, they produce no smoke, and unlike smokeless tobacco, you don't have to spit when you use them. Aimed at adult smokers who want a nicotine kick in cigarette-free zones, Camel ads tout the products with the tag line, "What you want, when you want, where you want."

Our Handy Guide To The Best Coverage On Gov. Rick Perry And His Record

Rick Perry has made plenty [1] of headlines [2] since he announced his presidential bid. But with the deluge of day-to-day coverage, it’s hard to get a sense of his actual record. We’ve selected some of the best reading on Perry to help you get oriented.

The basics:

If you want to go beyond the bio on Perry's [3] campaign page [3], Texas Monthly reporter Paul Burka’s guide for Yankee journalists [4] is a good place to start. It’s a list of eight insights gleaned from covering Perry since the 1980s, including the ways that Perry has reinvented the role of governor in Texas, and how his rural upbringing has shaped his politics.

Perry is considered one of the most conservative 2012 GOP contenders [5]. An interesting story in the National Review details how Perry is more conservative than his predecessor [6], former President George W. Bush. (The piece also dishes on Perry’s tense relationship with Bush.) Perry is also known for being among the first politicians to embrace the Tea Party movement [7]. Perry believes that homosexuality is wrong and has written about how secular humanism is bad for society [8]. He has expressed skepticism about many Federal government programs and has called Social Security “a Ponzi scheme [9].”

At a rally in 2009, Perry told reporters that Texas might secede if it got [10] too fed up [10] with Washington. Perry’s campaign said this week that Perry does not advocate secession.

The Texas Observer also details Perry’s ties to the New Apostolic Reformation movement [11], a strain of Christian belief in which politics and faith are intertwined.

Perry is also skeptical of evolution. While campaigning in New Hampshire this week, Perry told a 9-year-old boy that evolution is a "theory that’s out there" that’s "got some gaps in it [12].” He also said that Texas public schools teach both evolution and creationism. TPM reports that teaching creationism in public schools was ruled unconstitutional in 1987 [13].  (Updated 8/18)

A 2006 profile in the Dallas Morning News gives us a look at Perry’s early life and how he got into politics [6]. To gain insight into Perry as a campaigner, Texas Monthly interviewed several people who’ve run against him and lost [14]. The Texas Tribune profiles the people in Perry’s inner circle [15].

Overview of his record as governor: