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Friday, May 31, 2013


Noted 9/11 truther Jesse Ventura is continuing his defamation lawsuit against deceased U.S. sniper Chris Kyle by going after Taya Kyle, the slain soldier’s widow.

“Lawyers for Ventura have asked a federal court to continue his lawsuit against Chris Kyle…by substituting Kyle’s wife, Taya, as the defendant,” the Minnesota Star Tribune reports.

Kyle was killed in February when he was shot to death by a former U.S. Marine suffering from PTSD.

Ventura, most famously known for being the guy who dies 45 minutes into “The Predator,” claimed last year that the decorated former SEAL’s book, “American Sniper,” wrongly accused him of starting a California bar fight.


CBS Anchorman’s Clueless Apology

CBS news anchor Scott Pelley offered an apology — for the wrong reason

“Our house is on fire,” said the CBS News managing editor and evening anchor. Pelley, in a recent speech at Quinnipiac University, said: “Today, right now, as we occupy this house (of American journalism) that was built for us, our house is on fire. These have been a bad few months for journalism. We’re getting the big stories wrong, over and over again.”


State Police Corporal Faces False Information Charge

A corporal with the Delaware State Police was charged May 29 with filing false information in connection with a drug investigation he conducted in February.

In March, state police began criminally investigating Cpl. Shannon King, 38, in connection with a traffic stop in which he seized cocaine and marijuana, said Sgt. Paul Shavack of the Delaware State Police.

Shavack said an internal review determined King field tested the suspected cocaine but did not field test the suspected marijuana yet he swore on the arrest warrant that he had tested both drugs.


Pat Robertson Says Someone Twisted His Words

Televangelist – and one-time Republican presidential candidate – Pat Robertson accused an unnamed online publication of deliberately twisting his words to embarrass him.

Robertson promised a "full-scale exposé" on the organization, because, he said, "it's a nasty group." Although he didn't name the online entity, he said their sole purpose is, "to embarrass those who are conservative on television." That means Pat Robertson is referring to either Media Matters, or Right Wing Watch – a project from People For the American Way. PFAW research director, Josh Glasstetter said, "Right Wing Watch faithfully reports Robertson's comments and provides appropriate context. There's no need to 'twist and distort' his words to make them sound crazy or offensive. They are inherently both."

Law Requires Owners To Report Lost, Stolen Guns

DOVER — Delaware gun owners will be legally obligated to report lost or stolen firearms under legislation that passed the General Assembly May 14.

In a narrow vote of 22-19, representatives approved Senate Bill 16; senators approved the bill 11-10, May 2. Gov. Jack Markell has pledged to sign SB 16 into law in the near future.

The measure requires gun owners to report the loss or theft of a firearm to police within seven days of discovering the weapon is missing. Violators will be subject to a fine of up to $100 for a first offense and up to $250 for a second offense. A third offense will be considered a felony.


Check Out This Possible Recall

What do you get for enacting legislation that the vast majority of voters in your state support? Recall. Well, at least in Colorado you do. Several Democratic state lawmakers are facing recall petitions because of their votes for stronger gun control. State Senate President John Morse and the three other Democratic lawmakers were not the main sponsors of gun control legislation, but all come from districts where Republicans believe they can gather plenty of support for their recall. The National Rifle Association has also gotten involved, by sending a political mailer saying it is working with local recall groups. In an interview with New England Cable News, State Senator Morse seemed to expect the recall vote to happen. He said gun-rights advocates are using his district to make a national statement about what happens who lawmakers to support gun control. "That's what's going on here," he said, "They want to take out the Senate President." These lawmakers are the people who enacted gun laws that voters wanted. Now it's time to get out there, and ensure they aren't recalled for doing the people's business.

Maryland Boy Who Made Pop-Tart Gun Given Lifetime NRA Membership

An Anne Arundel County boy suspended from school for biting a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun will at least know how to operate it responsibly after he was given a lifetime membership to the National Rifle Association by the Maryland House of Delegates' top Republican.

Eight-year-old Josh Welch was given the lifetime NRA membership, worth $550, during an Anne Arundel County Republican fundraiser.

"This dangerous confetti-flavored Pop-Tart, obviously only Democrats in Maryland think that's dangerous, but this young man ... has made national news around the country," said House Minority Leader Nic Kipke, R-Anne Arundel County, at the fundraiser while brandishing a Pop-Tart he had shaped into a handgun. "The Democrats that run our school system have given this young man a lot of grief."


Old Indian River Inlet Bridge Vanishing As Summer Visitors Arrive

The steel spans have been removed, crews to begin dismantling cement piers
Dover -- Throughout Memorial Day Weekend, demolition crews continued to dismantle the old Inlet River Inlet Bridge, planning to have the entire structure removed, including four cement piers by this July 4th holiday. Mindful of the return of summer boaters, however, state agencies are making certain the work does not close the inlet to marine traffic. 

Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) contractors moved the final span from the old bridge earlier this week, so that it no longer is hanging over the water. Crews will fully remove the rest of the steel structure later this week.

In addition to removing the final span, crews will also begin removing the four cement piers that stand in the inlet. The piers will be dismantled piece by piece and loaded into a barge tied alongside as a work platform.

While this work will require partial closure of the inlet to boating traffic, there are no plans to close the entire inlet at any time. In addition, this work will not require overhead clearance or water depth restrictions for boats. No disruptions to motor vehicle traffic are expected.


“Essentially, all of these central banks are creating vast sums of money and thrusting themselves into the world economy as gigantic buyers of stuff, be they mortgages or treasury bonds. In theory, the banks will eventually “sterilize” or reverse the process by selling off all this stuff they’ve bought and draining the economy of its “excess liquidity,” but no one knows when that will be, and for the time being, QE is pure financial steroids.

It’s stimulus on a much bigger scale than Obama’s recovery program, it’s open-ended, and it’s not voted upon. In fact, apart from the fact that the Fed chairman is nominated by the president, the actions of the central bank are not merely undemocratic but intensely secret, with minutes of its Federal Open Markets Committee (which debates decisions like the raising of interest rates or QE) only released three weeks after decisions are made. The Fed therefore never has to engage the public in real time about its decisions. Instead, it hands down edicts, and Wall Street watches for clues into its mysterious behind-closed-doors deliberations…”

Matt Taibbi

1 Game. 1 Goal. Support Our Troops

The Shootout for Soldiers is back and poised to raise even more money for the Wounded Warriors Project this time around.

Tyler Steinhardt, who is the event’s founder, organized this 24-hour world record lacrosse game last year which raised over $120,000 for our country’s wounded veterans.

This year’s 2013 Shootout for Soldiers will start at 9 a.m. on June 13th and will continue through 9 a.m. June 14th.

RJ Kaminski caught up with Steinhardt this Memorial Day to find out what this year’s event has in store.


David Petraeus Is Headed To Wall Street

Investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Company has hired the former CIA director and commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Petraeus will run the new KKR Global Institute. The firm says the institute will help it focus on public policy, regulatory and technology issues that could affect its investments. Petraeus also will study new investments, especially in new locations.

4 Houston Firefighters Die Responding To Massive Blaze

Four Houston firefighters died Friday while responding to a massive 5-alarm fire at the Southwest Inn on U.S. 59, a city official told

Bethany Beach Woman Dies From Injuries Sustained In May 23rd Crash Near Georgetown

Location: Hardscrabble Road and Asbury Road, approximately 5 miles west of Georgetown, DE

Date and Time of Occurrence: Thursday May 23, 2013 at approximately 3:28 p.m.

Operators and Vehicles:
Operator 1: John E. Venters, 46, Georgetown, DE
Vehicle 1: 1999 GMC Sierra pickup truck
Passenger 1: 14 year old female, Laurel, DE

Operator 2: Neva L. West, 81, Bethany Beach, DE
Vehicle 2: 2008 Ford Escape

Georgetown, DE - The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is investigating a May 23rd crash that claimed the life of a Bethany Beach woman.

The incident occurred on Thursday May 23, 2013 at approximately 3:28 p.m. as John E. Venters was operating a 1999 GMC Sierra pickup truck southbound on Asbury Road approaching the intersection of Hardscrabble road. At the same time, Neva L. West was operating a 2008 Ford Escape eastbound on Hardscrabble Road approaching the same intersection. For unknown reasons, Venters failed to stop at the posted stop sign and continued through the intersection and into the direct path of the Ford Escape. As a result, the pickup truck struck the left side of the Escape in the middle of the intersection. After impact, the truck continued in a southerly direction before coming to a stop south of the intersection on Asbury Road. The Ford Escape continued east and came to a stop on the edge of Hardscrabble Road.

John Venters and a 14 year old female passenger, who were properly restrained, were not injured in the crash. Neva West, who was properly restrained, was removed from the scene by EMS and transported to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital where she remained until she succumbed to her injuries and died this morning.

The Collision Reconstruction Unit continues to investigate this incident.

Salisbury Officials Divided Over Mounting Legal Expenses

SALISBURY -- Concern over the amount of money Salisbury might be spending on legal fees prompted two City Council members last week to draw a line in the sand, stating they will refuse to add any more money to the city’s legal budget.

After last week’s meeting, when Councilwomen Laura Mitchell and Shanie Shields stated their opposition to moving any funds into the attorney fees account, the issue returned in ordinance form this week.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Councilman Tim Spies made a motion to introduce a budget amendment to “appropriate funds for attorney fees” but it died due to the lack of a second, largely due to Councilwoman Terry Cohen being absent and Council President Jake Day being unable to make a second. Day had questioned whether he could make a second as president and he was advised he could not. That was the end of the discussion at this week’s meeting.


Veterans Affairs And Housing And Urban Development Making Sure Every Veteran Has A Home

The two agencies responsible for making sure every veteran has a home are releasing more money for local housing authorities. The departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development are trying to end homelessness among veterans by 2015. They say the $60 million in new grants will help 9,000 veterans find permanent homes. That's most of the money appropriated this year for the program. In January 2012, more than 62,000 vets were without homes.

All Aboard: Experiencing Ft McHenry Like Never Before

On the same waters in Baltimore Harbor from where Francis Scott Key saw the "bombs bursting in air" and the "rockets red glare" and from where he wrote the words to the Star-Spangled Banner, visitors to Ft McHenry for the first time will now be able to experience a boat tour like never before.

"Francis Scott Key was on the water, the story of the National Anthem is a water-born story," National Park Service Ranger and Fort McHenry Chief of Interpretation Vince Vaise told WBAL's Scott Wykoff aboard the boat tour on Baltimore Harbor looking out over the Fort.

The new "Fort McHenry Boat Tour: A Star-Spangled Experience," a 35 to 45 minute narrated tour, will set sail from the Ft McHenry Pier every weekend now through September 15 with seven tours departing on the hour starting at 10:00am. 

National Day Of Civic Hacking

While you enjoy a hot, sunny weekend, thousands of computer experts will be inside, hacking on their computers. But in a good way. June 1 is the National Day of Civic Hacking. Events are taking place in 95 locations. Participants will develop apps that use government data sets. The event has the backing of the White House plus several corporate partners. The Census Bureauis the latest agency to join in. Census wants hackers to use statistical data from its American Community Survey to develop apps that help with economic development or disaster planning.

Proposed Salisbury Budget Defended

SALISBURY – At a public hearing regarding the mayor’s proposed budget, which includes an increase in the tax rate, a taxpayer’s concerns over having to pay for duplicated services between the city and Wicomico County were heard.

“The budget this year is dominated by the fact that our assessable base has dropped considerably this year,” City Administrator John Pick said. “It has been dropping slowly for the last few years but this year we took a big hit.”

Pick furthered, Salisbury’s assessable base has dropped 22.1 percent since the recession began and is currently around 2007 to 2008 levels.


54-Percent Increase In The Number Of Indian Cases

Federal prosecutors are taking on more cases in Indian country following a 2010 law. The Justice Department will release a report today showing a 54-percent increase in the number of cases filed in federal court since 2009. The government has to coordinate with tribes when both the suspect and victim are American Indians. But federal cases carry stiffer penalties. The report outlines the nearly 6,000 referrals to federal prosecutors over the past two calendar years. About two-thirds led to convictions. Justice officials are also reaching out more to tribal communities and offering more training to law enforcement. 

The Impossible Integration Of Muslims In Western Societies




Dying 4-Year-Old Girl Finds Life-Savers In Land Of The Enemy

The young girl was dying when she arrived in the land of her country’s enemy.

A heart condition had left the 4-year-old Syrian struggling to walk or even talk.

But in Israel – a country still in a state of cease-fire with Syria after the Yom Kippur War four decades ago -- she found her saviors.

Admitted earlier this month to the Wolfson Medical Center, south of Tel Aviv, she underwent life-saving surgery.


It's Not About Obama...

In 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution gained general victory against the empire’s sovereign, Czar Nicholas Romanov II, a monarchal ruler widely considered despotic and inhumane in his treatment of the Russian citizenry. After the dethroned Romanov family was summarily executed by former members of the military, the Bolshevik rampage continued against the remnants of the “White Russians”, culminating in a bloody civil war. In the minds of the common populace, the communist propaganda was legitimate. The people had been terribly oppressed, and the world war in Europe was draining any hope of prosperity they had left. The Russians were ready for an abrupt and even violent change in their political leadership.

However, unbeknownst to them, a great upheaval was about to be supplied for them. Their anger and rage, their revolutionary spirit, was about to be exploited to produce vast gains for international interests and create a massive experiment in collectivist tyranny that would span decades and claim millions of innocent lives.

That’s right, in case you’ve never read a real history book with concrete facts, the Russian revolution was an almost entirely fabricated event. International financial interests, known today as “globalists” with no patriotic ties to any particular nation, supplied the funding, the philosophy, and even the leadership of the Bolshevik uprising against Nicholas II:


37th Annual Delmar Day In The Park Festival

Sat. June 1st, 10am till 6pm. State Street Park, Delmar, DE

Food, crafts, games, attractions, giveaways, raffles, 50/50, demonstrations, live entertainment and more! A fun-filled day for the entire family!

We've added more this year and we hope you'll come on out and have some fun!

Festival sponsored by The Greater Delmar Chamber of Commerce

Customer Appreciation Day and Adoption Event

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Country Night Is Back At Brew River

Tonight Country Night is Back 10pm!! Don't miss Friday Dock Party w/ On The Edge 6pm

Memorial Day 2013

The famous poem by the Canadian John McCrae commemorates the dead from the terrible trench warfare battles of World War One, but it is worth remembering today, as Americans (including a WRM nephew) are putting their lives on the line in another country where poppies bloom.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place, and in the sky,
The larks, still bravely singing, fly,
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead; short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe!
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high!
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

What makes this poem so memorable, I think, is that it doesn’t just see the soldiers as victims. Their lives are more than a tragic waste; we have not done our duty by them if we simply bewail their deaths and move on.



Demand Answers

Krauthammer Says The Obama/Clinton 10:00 PM Phone Call May Be 'The Biggest Scandal Of All'

On the O'Reilly Factor, tonight, Charles Krauthammer brought up the 10:00 pm phone call between Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, whose activities on the night of the 9/11 attack in Benghazi have yet to be scrutinized. What did he do for those eight hours? Krauthammer posited that the answer to this question could be the biggest scandal of all.

Via Gateway Pundit:
I think there is a bigger story here that will in time come out. The biggest scandal of all, the biggest question is what was the president doing in those eight hours. He had a routine meeting at five o’clock. He never after during the eight hours when our guys have their lives in danger, he never called the Secretary of Defense, he never calls the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he never called the CIA Director, Who does he call? But five hours in he calls the Secretary of State. And after the phone call she releases a statement essentially about the video and how we denounce any intolerance. It looks as if the only phone call is to construct a cover story at a time when the last two Americans who died were still alive and fighting for their lives. There’s the scandal and that has to be uncovered.”


Girl Scout Troop Could Go To Collections After Accidentally Ordering 500 Cases Of Cookies

UPDATE: Gosh, but we love happy news around here — after the story of the Girl Scout Troop in danger of going to collections over a cookie debt made its rounds, a donor has since swooped in to save them. And ostensibly, has ended up with a delicious reward for doing so.

KENS 5 News updated its earlier story saying that an anonymous donor had purchased the remaining 49 boxes of cookies less 24 hours after the news first hit. This means the troop is no longer on the line for $2,147.70. Whew.

SPD Press Release 5-31-13

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Airports Say More Travelers Are Faking Need For Wheelchairs Just To Get Through Lines Faster

The law requires that airlines provide free wheelchair assistance to anyone who requests it; no documentation or evidence of injury required. And a growing number of unscrupulous travelers are taking advantage of this system, faking injuries and disabilities to get preferential treatment at security checkpoints and at the gate.
“We’ve handled maybe 100 wheelchairs a year. Now there are some times where we can handle 100 wheelchairs in a day,” the Westchester County Airport Manager tells CBS Miami about the recent uptick in wheelchair use.

Police Shoot & Kill Grandfather While Responding To Burglary Call

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A grandfather checking on his neighbor is shot and killed by Fort Worth police. The shots rang out early Tuesday morning near Woodhaven Country Club, in east Fort Worth.

Those close to the family say the victim lived nearby and heard his neighbor’s burglar alarm. Neighbor Jerry Wayne Waller then apparently went outside to see what was going on.

The 72-year-old man didn’t even make it to the house across the street before he was shot. He died on his own property.


Costco Sample-Server Fatally Shot After Pulling Knife In Store

A Virginia woman hired to hand out pizza samples at Costco was fatally shot yesterday by a sheriff’s deputy after she began acting strangely and brandishing a knife in the store.
According to the Washington Post, the 38-year-old woman — an employee of Club Distribution Services, a third-party company contracted by Costco to hand out food samples — began acting erratically toward the end of her Wednesday afternoon shift. The store manager tells the Post the woman was overly concerned about the number of servings per pizza box and that she was saying “crazy things.”

Thank God Its Friday 5-31-13

What will you be doing this weekend?

High School Teacher Faces Disciplinary Action For Informing Students Of Their Rights

Rather than being reprimanded, Illinois high school teacher John Dryden, should be held up as an example of what it truly means to be a teacher. When confronted with a situation where he knew his students might be giving up their Fifth Amendment rights, the social studies teacher did what he believed was the right and moral thing to do. For that action, he may be disciplined. From Reason:

A high school social studies teacher in Batavia, Illinois, faces disciplinary action for informing students of their Fifth Amendment rights in connection with a survey asking about illegal drug use. The survey, ostensibly aimed at assessing the needs of students at Batavia High School, was distributed on April 18. After picking up the survey forms from his mailbox about 10 minutes before his first class of the day, John Dryden noticed that they had students’ names on them and that they asked about drinking and drug use, among other subjects. Dryden, who had just finished teaching a unit on the Bill of Rights, worried that students might feel obliged to incriminate themselves—an especially ticklish situation given the police officer stationed at the school. Since there was no time to confer with administrators, he says, he decided to tell his students that they did not have to complete the forms if doing so involved admitting illegal behavior. Tomorrow the school board will consider whether and how to punish Dryden for taking advantage of this teachable moment.


WCSO Press Release 5-31-13

Chants Of “End The Fed”…Heard At Anti-Monsanto Rallies

While most of my readers know about the widespread anti-Monsanto/GMO rallies that took place all over the world this past weekend, the rest of the public has no idea due to a mainstream media blackout. That’s ok because that industry is dying quickly anyway. Although I haven’t spent much time watching footage from the rallies, I did watch one from my current home state of Colorado, and I was surprised and extremely encouraged by what I saw.



You gots to ask yourself one question. Will the U.S. continue to add $3 billion per day to the National debt for as far as the eye can see? If the answer is yes, than buying gold when the price is lower is a no brainer. Do you think the chart below represents correlation or causation? If you produce more of something out of thin air, will its value decline versus something that is rare, in short supply, and has been considered valuable for centuries? These are questions they don’t want you to ask or answer.

“All of the government’s monetary, economic and political power, as well as its extensive propaganda machinery, will be enlisted in a constant battle to drive down the price of gold—but in the absence of any fundamental change in the nation’s monetary, fiscal, and economic direction, simply regard any major retreat in the price of gold as an unexpected buying opportunity.” – Irwin A. Schiff

A Battle Inside The Food And Drug Administration Has Gone Public

The Wall Street Journal reports, a senior regulator is arguing with his bosses over the safety of popular blood pressure medicines. Thomas Marciniak urges FDA to issue warnings that the drugs increase the likelihood of cancer. Ellis Unger, chief of the drug evaluation unit, disagrees. Both cite 2010 studies involving 68,000 patients. But they come to different conclusions. The Journal quoted an exchange of caustic emails between the two. Marciniak accuses Unger of ignoring the possibility of a 30 percent increase in the incidence of cancer.

Yard Sales 5-31-13

Huge Multi-Family Yard Sale, Saturday 6-1-13, 6am – until

7031 Old Westover Marion Rd.
Westover Maryland 21871

For Sale:
Baby items, clothes and toys
Household items
Decorative Americana
Pots and pans
Furniture and much much more


Would you kindly post our community yard sale for tomorrow, Sat 6/1 from 7am-12noon.

Doe Run Community Doe Run Drive off Jackson Road.

Veteran Upset Over Store Selling American Flag Doormats

LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– One local veteran wants a local hardware chain to stop selling doormats with the American flag on them. He believes the mats are disrespectful to the flag that he and many others have fought to defend.

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday evening, the doormats have been removed from the sales floor at the Lake St. Louis location of Lowe’s.

As of around 7 p.m., they were still available at other locations, such as Wentzville and St. Peters.

For one local veteran, doormats with the image of Old Glory on them literally violate the old saying, “Don’t tread on me.”

John F. Kelly and his family are no strangers to the United States military.

“I’m a Vietnam vet. My father was a former aviator in World War II. So it runs deep. My son is in the Coast Guard presently,” said John.


Bike MS: Chesapeake Challenge 2013

Date: June 1 & 2, 2013

Location: Talbot County Community Center
10028 Ocean Gateway
Easton, MD 21601

Event: Bike MS: Chesapeake Challenge is the National MS Society, Maryland Chapter’s premier Bike MS event. Chesapeake Challenge is held at the Talbot County Community Center on June 1 - 2, 2013. Chesapeake Challenge offers a perfect experience for cyclists of all levels and abilities with a variety of route options winding through the flat and rural eastern shore.

Chesapeake Challenge is fully supported with rest stops stocked with snacks, ice-cold drinks and cheering volunteers. All along the routes you’ll find Support and Gear vehicles, professional medical volunteers and bike mechanics to keep you going to the finish line.

All participants agree to raise at least $300; most raise significantly more. The money you raise will fund research into the cause, cure and treatment of MS as well as funding education, advocacy, and local programs that enhance the quality of life for people affected by MS.


Riverside Market This Saturday 6/1

Riverside Welcomes Musician Michael O'Loughlin Saturday, June 1st

Michael O'Loughlin will offer a free performance at Riverside Arts & Crafts Market this Saturday, June 1 from 10-1. O'Loughlin plays rhythm guitar and is well known locally as the tenor and lead vocalist with The Folk Heroes. He sings Irish songs of rebellion, love and drink, as well as American tunes, drawing from songwriters such as Woody Guthrie, Tom Paxton, Phil Oches and even Bruce Springsteen.

Riverside vendors offer original handcrafted wood items, jewelry, decorated & tie-dyed clothing, hand designed cloth items, baked goods, value added food items, paintings, prints, photography, stained glass & more. Sharps Creek Farm will have baby rabbits and chicks for the children to see and feed, and will also have pastured eggs and fresh spring greens for sale. Free art activities for children. Breakfast & lunch available at Holly Hill Bakery/YUM Cafe across from Riverside. Downtown food vendor Hot Dog Junction will also be onsite.

The Market is open to the public 9-2 with no admission fee. Bring a chair and stay a while! Downtown Salisbury, corner of Rt. 50, W. Main and Lake St. near Chesapeake East and Brew River.

Vendors must apply in advance Check Riverside's Facebook page for updates. Riverside is a project of the all-volunteer Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District Committee.


Family dynamics in this country have changed over the years. With divorce rates at more than 50% and more children being born out of wedlock than ever before, marriage has become a thing of the past.

Women are rapidly approaching being “breadwinners” in many homes. Further neutering men, in both the workplace and divorce court, are women finally taking their rightful place in society?


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Should Congress Take A Haircut? Senator Says Barbershop, Other Perks Ripe For Savings

A million bucks to operate the Senate barbershop. Another million to pay staffers at the Capitol Hill gift shops. Up to a thousand dollars per month, per person, to pay for vehicle leases for House members.

These are among the litany of expenses tied to the day-to-day operation of Capitol Hill -- expenses that one senator says should be put under the microscope, now that other agencies are cutting back due to sequester.

"As the federal government manages sequestration, Congress should finally do what it has avoided doing for so long - identify fiscal priorities - and there is no better place to start than within Congress's own halls," Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., wrote in a letter this week to House Speaker John Boehner. "Congress must lead by example."

Read more


It is impossible to understand the Obama administration's uniquely hostile treatment of Fox News without understanding the self-image of the Obama team. On the one hand, the targeting of Fox News for isolation and surveillance suggests an administration so lacking in competence that it cannot tolerate criticism or scrutiny. On the other, the attacks suggest hubris, a confidence that few would ever object to its conduct.

That contradiction has a religious quality to it. Indeed, President Barack Obama has led an administration that has, at times, been more of a religious movement than a governing body. Obama has made miraculous promises of political and planetary transformation; he has encouraged a cult-like following, even among formerly skeptical journalists; and he has constructed a demonology of his opponents, real and imagined.


Berlin Farmers Market To Relocate To Fire Company Property

BERLIN -- Months after a tough fight to stay in its traditional location on Main Street, the Berlin Farmers’ Market will be moving next month to the nearby Berlin Fire Company (BFC).

The original plan from the town to re-locate the market had been fiercely opposed, but this new idea, which came from the market vendors, is being endorsed by all sides.

“I think it’s a great location for them … we’re very supportive and we think that it’s an excellent move,” said Mayor Gee Williams.

Though the farmers had been extremely reluctant to leave their usual location on Main Street across from Stevenson United Methodist Church, where they have setup for the last 19 years, Williams noted that the new site in the BFC’s extensive parking lot will only be a stone’s throw from where they were and the move will open more public parking to Berlin’s bustling downtown.


Fannie Mae Staffer Accused Of Taking Kickbacks Says He’s Not The Only One

Since 2009, bailed-out mortgage-backer Fannie Mae has sold nearly three quarters of a million repossessed properties. And considering that there are plenty of investors and speculators looking to snap up bottom-dollar homes with the hopes of eventually reselling at a profit, someone with inside information could be tempted to put a premium on that data, even if doing so is against the law.
Earlier this year, an employee at a Fannie Mae office in Irvina, CA, was arrested in a sting operation and accused of attempting to sell the company’s foreclosure listings to a real estate broker from Tucson, AZ, for $11,200 in cash.

Ramadans Plead Not Guilty, Held In NY Without Bond

OCEAN CITY -- Two local business owners, indicted by a New York grand jury earlier this month for allegedly being the “ringleader” and “enterprise treasurer” for a vast cigarette smuggling and money laundering scheme with possible links to terrorism, have plead not guilty and are being held in the New York’s Department of Corrections without bond.

In mid-May, federal officials concluded an investigation into a vast multi-million dollar cigarette smuggling operation with raids on two locations in and around the resort area including the West Ocean City homes of local residents Basel Ramadan, 42, who is being called the “ringleader” and “boss” of the enterprise, and Samir Ramadan, 40, who is Basel Ramadan’s brother and has been called the “enterprise treasurer.” Federal officials also raided the Ramadan’s offices over the Subway restaurant they owned at Sunset Drive near 26th Street in Ocean City on the same day.

At the Ramadans’ West Ocean City homes in the Oyster Harbor community, $1.4 million in large black bags was recovered, along with 20,000 cartons of untaxed cigarettes. Also seized were numerous vehicles and other property belonging to the Ramadans.


British Survey


Yesterday, Liberty News reported that Ohio’s Secretary of State, John Husted, has confirmed that during the 2012 reelection of President Barack Hussein Obama, one in every four voters in that pivotal state was a fraud.

Today, we will take a closer look at how and why the Holder Department of Justice is still stopping Ohio’s Conservative Chief Election Officer from doing his job and eliminating voter fraud in the Buckeye State. 

The Ohio Secretary of State’s website confirms that the state’s theoretical elections buck should stop with him: “The Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s office also compiles and maintains election statistics, political party records and other election-related records.


The Face Of Change

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Hershberger Victory For Private Food Rights Sends Message That People Can, And Will, Fight Overbearing Regulators

Make no mistake, Vernon Hershberger won a huge victory in today’s early morning hours in Baraboo, WI. “It’s a beautiful day,” Hershberger told me this morning, after a few hours of sleep following the 1 a.m. jury decision that acquitted him of three of four criminal misdemeanor charges. Yes, it was a beautiful day, for farming and for food rights.
The State threw everything it had at this humble father of ten children, and when it was over, its guys in the dark suits scampered out of the courtroom in the darkness of the night after a jury of twelve ordinary Americans handed them their heads on a platter. After less than four hours of consideration, those Americans told the hot-shot lawyers that their thousands of pages of legal documents and computer forensic experts and five days of arguing had failed miserably to convince a single one of them that Hershberger should be required to have any of three retail and dairy licenses insisted upon by the State.
Hershberger has already heard through the grapevine that the jurors didn’t give a moment’s thought to going with the state’s charges. “They tried their best to set me free,” he said.
The jurors convicted Hershberger only of something he publicly admitted to before and during the trial – that he had cut the regulators’ tape placed on his coolers and food shelves June 2, 2010 so as to keep his food from rotting and to feed his 200 food club members – in other words, violated a holding order.


Free Range Nazis: Chicken Criminals & A New Nazi America

This week combines two of the most controversial radio shows we have ever done. Both 30 minute radio shows are one that are ones that will leave you with your jaw hanging on the floor. Our first guest, Joe Wolverton II, J.D. of the New American magazine draws profound connections to political policies being discussed on Capitol Hill today and the political structures that lead to the Nazi regime. Wolverton even points out how unbelievably close even the wording used in Nazi Germany echoes the wording used by today’s political figures such as Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi.

Wolverton addresses the Second Amendment issues that have been reverberating across the United States for some time now. He makes it a point to show us how we are setting ourselves up to follow the very footsteps of historically one of the most hated and feared political parties to ever come into power.

For the second half of the show, Bill and Brian are joined by a real criminal. But wait...what is his crime? Keeping chickens. That’s right. He is facing criminal charges for keeping chickens in the town of Garden City, Michigan. What started off as an ordinance violation was magically transferred into a criminal case.

During the interview we asked a question we should never have had to ask. We asked the criminal, Randy Zeilinger, “Now someone from the court system came to your place and they saw chickens?” Randy replied, “No.” So this criminal case is started because of an angry neighbor and is being heard by a disgruntled prosecutor who wants to “make an example” of Randy.

Listen to the connection of today’s political playground to the start of the Nazi regime and the story of the criminal chicken farmer today.

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The City Council has scheduled an additional Budget Session for Friday, May 31, 2013 (tomorrow) in Conference Room 306 of the Government Office Building (125 N. Division Street).

The Budget Session will be held from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon, 
and is open to public attendance.

Berlin Budget Passes Without Fire Company Funding; BFC Attorney Requests More Talks

BERLIN -- Despite an 11th hour request, the Berlin Fire Company (BFC) will not be included in the Fiscal Year 2014 budget for the town of Berlin, but the Mayor and Council did agree to continue a dialog and left open the option of revisiting the budget.

Unanimously passed Tuesday, the FY14 budget for Berlin will total $13,514,462, a 2-percent decrease from last year’s budget. However prior to the budget being voted on Tuesday night, BFC representatives asked that the council meet with company leadership with the goal of being included in the budget for FY14

BFC attorney Joe Moore acknowledged that the relationship between the town and the company has been frayed over the last year, but advised Mayor Gee Williams and the council that everyone should move on to reach a mutually beneficial situation.



Vote fraud is no big deal, right? It hardly ever happens. It’s so rare that it’s not even worth discussing. Anyone who claims to take the integrity of our ballots seriously is cynically exploiting phantom fears for the purpose of suppressing the Democrat-loving minority vote.

To keep that silly narrative alive, it’s important not to read the Sunday edition of the Columbus Dispatch, in which readers were informed that “more than one out of every five registered Ohio voters is probably ineligible to vote.”

Furthermore, “in two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting age population: Northwestern Ohio’s Wood County shows 109 registered voters for every 100 eligible, while in Lawrence County along the Ohio River it’s a mere 104 registered per 100 eligible.”


Groups Protest Potential Takeover Of The Baltimore Sun

Protesters rallied Wednesday outside of local media outlets nationwide, including at The Baltimore Sun, as an outcry over what they're calling a local media heist.

The Sun is one of 12 newspapers or TV stations under the ownership of The Tribune Company, but they could be taken over by Bill and Charles Koch, brothers who head a controversial major national conglomerate that the protesters say has a clear ideological bias.

The group called on the paper's publisher and president to come out against the sale of the media group to the billionaire oil barons. Representatives with Common Cause Maryland said their main concern is media consolidation and its effects on democracy.

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People traveled to America’s wide open spaces to create economic opportunity for themselves, escape religious persecution, and live a life they couldn’t possibly have imagined living in their homelands, a life of freedom and opportunity. From sea to shining sea they tamed what once was harsh, unforgiving wilderness, blazed trails across dangerous land, planted stakes in the ground that symbolized that most precious of commodities, land they could call their own.

There they built cabins, then towns, then cities, then skyscrapers. There they created the most liberty-based government known to man, a government that encouraged, nay required rugged individuals, acting in their own self-interest, to work hard in order to prosper, so that their communities would prosper in kind.

As with all good things, it was not to last forever.

Human government has a history of running in cycles. Like the rise of the Roman Republic and the birth of America hundreds of years later, new forms of self-government are often born from man’s yearning for freedom. After that initial birth, a golden age follows, with dramatic increases in inventions and prosperity. The golden age may last a couple hundred years, but it inevitably ends. People begin to grow complacent and, generation by generation, more and more decadent, lazy, content. Instead of traditional self-reliance, they want someone to take care of them. Instead of freedom, they want security.


Maryland Officials Approve Moving Housing Agency To New Carrollton

ANNAPOLIS -- The Maryland Board of Public Works signed off on a $58 million plan Wednesday to move a state agency to a leased building in Prince George's County, despite protests that Maryland was wasting money leaving a state-owned building.

The board, made up of Gov. Martin O'Malley, Comptroller Peter Franchot and Treasurer Nancy Kopp, unanimously approved the move of the Department of Housing and Community Development from a state-owned building in Anne Arundel County to a new location near the New Carrollton Metro station.

The move would bring the 380 employees of the Housing Department -- most of whom live in Anne Arundel or Baltimore City or County -- to Prince George's County.



It is now clear that the IRS knowingly targeted conservative groups, turning the tax agency into a political weapon. Multiple investigations into the government wrongdoing are expected to begin by the time lawmakers return to session next week.

While most people, both on the left and right, are understandably outraged by the abuse of power, others are not. In fact, some people — hopefully the small minority — are actually thankful.

Conservative pundit Caleb Bonham traveled to Colorado University in Boulder and asked several people to sign a “thank you” card to thank the IRS for unfairly targeting conservative groups. The giant poster board read: “Thank You IRS! Tea Party Deserves It!”

One guy said the whole thing was just a “fake scandal” and it makes sense that the IRS would specifically target conservative tax-exempt organizations.

“I think it’s pretty rad,” another guy says in the video.


Fox News, Other Media Outlets Refuse Off-Record Meeting With Holder

Fox News joined several other major media outlets Thursday in refusing to send a representative to a meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder on the department's surveillance of reporters if Holder continues to insist that the session be off the record.

Michael Clemente, Fox News' executive vice president, decided that Fox News will not attend the off-record talks. Fox News had been invited to a Friday session at the Department of Justice headquarters in Washington.

With the decision, the two news outlets known to have been targeted by the Justice Department for surveillance -- the other being the Associated Press -- are now declining to participate in the first phase of Holder's internal review over the controversy. Several other outlets are also refusing to attend.

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Conservative Groups Sue IRS, Demand Approval

More than two dozen conservative groups sued the IRS, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Wednesday accusing them of slow-walking approval of the groups’ tax-exempt status and, in some cases, for disclosing private information.

The lawsuit comes even as Congress announced it will hold a hearing next week to take testimony from some of the groups targeted by the Internal Revenue Service, giving them a platform to detail the kinds of questions they were asked.

Wednesday’s lawsuit, filed by the American Center for Law and Justice in a federal court in Washington, demands that the IRS be forced to recognize the groups and asks the court to rule that IRS officials violated the groups’ constitutional rights.

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Establishment media avoid identifying culprits
The nightly rioting in Stockholm that establishment media ascribes merely to “youths,” is being carried out by Muslim immigrants.

Muslim immigrants in Sweden now total slightly more than 6 percent of the population, providing additional support for the maxim that a Muslim population of 5 percent is a tipping point for political turmoil. In other countries, Muslim immigrants at that point have begun to seek concessions, including, typically, the right to govern themselves by Shariah, or Islamic law.


German Brewers Fight Fracking To Maintain Purity Of Beer

Fracking — the process of obtaining natural gas and other resources through the use of hydraulic fracturing — is a controversial and divisive issue, with proponents claiming it is a clean and safe way to tap needed fuel sources while opponents say fracking wreaks havoc on the environment and ecosystem. In Germany, some of the biggest names in beer have joined together to ask the German government to stop fracking there until it can be proven that it won’t taint the groundwater — and by extension, German beer.

Student Loan Bubble? Just Discharge It

By now everyone knows that the biggest portion of US household debt, besides mortgage debt, is a towering $1+ trillion in student loans, more than total outstanding credit cards or car loans, which is problematic for three main reasons: it is increasing at an unprecedented pace due to lax Federal lending standards, delinquent loans are soaring and are now well over $100 billion and rising at a pace of tens of billions each quarter, and it can not be discharged. At least that is conventional wisdom. But while points 1 and 2 are indisputable (and deteriorating), it is point 3 that is the more troubling for an entire generation of young men and women who are afraid to splurge on levered purchases such as houses due to an already insurmountable debt overhang, and a job market that is hardly hospitable to young entrants. Luckily, there may now be solution stamped in US case law.

Meet Mike Hedlund.



With the implementation of Obamacare, doctors will soon be required to use roughly 122,000 new medical diagnostic codes to inform the federal government of injuries sustained by Americans, so says Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

The new codes, Sen. Paul explained, include classifications for “injuries sustained from a turtle,” “walking into a lamppost” and “injuries sustained from burning water skis.”

“Your government just wants to take care of you,” he added, criticizing the new law’s 9,000-plus pages of new regulations. “They don’t think you’re smart enough to make these decisions.”


Brokeback Boardwalk: Obama & Christie Rekindle Bromance

Love was in the air as NJ Governor Chris Christie won his new object of obsession, President Obama, a teddy bear while the lovebirds strolled along the boardwalk in NJ. With his administration mired in scandal, Obama is trying to play his greatest hits – revisiting all the places where he got a bump in the polls. But the media seems to be missing one of the biggest stories from the day, and only Glenn had it.

And while many news outlets picked up on Chris Christie stepping in to win a stuffed teddy bear for President Obama, only Glenn and his special, investigative reporters picked up on what happened next.

“TheBlaze is reporting this morning that afterwards, the two made a sand castle of the White House on the beach and then frolicked in the crashing waves, playfully and gently splashing wanter on one another for about an hour. Then after Chris Christie played a game of shirtless beach volleyball, just in jeans, while the President cheered him on, the two departed for a dinner meeting,” Glenn reported.


Yard Sales Listings

If your interested in listing a Yard Sale for this weekend you need to do so by midnight tonight. Send details to 


Multiple pundits and journalists — including CBS’ Bob Schieffer — have speculated that President Barack Obama’s response to the multiple scandals currently plaguing his administration has been eerily similar to former President Richard Nixon’s management of Watergate. With that in mind,Revealing Politics sought out to see if the claims were legitimate.



Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Dozens Of Outstanding Wicomico Students Competing On National Level

Even as the 2012-13 school year winds down, several dozen Wicomico students have geared up to compete on a national level.

Last week, seven Wicomico Destination ImagiNation teams from six Wicomico schools competed at the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tenn. When the winners were announced Saturday, the DI-namic Peeps team from James M. Bennett High School finished 3rd in the nation for the second straight year. The other JMB team, the Juvenile DI-linquents, finished 9th. (A full list of team results from Global Finals is at the end of this release.)

This week, seventh-grader Khaled Mohamed of Bennett Middle is representing the Lower Shore at the 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee near Washington, D.C. To advance to the national level, Mohamed won the Eastern Shore Regional Spelling Bee sponsored by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in March. He and 280 other spellers from around the country took a written vocabulary test Tuesday, and preliminary competition begins at 8 a.m. today. Semifinals and finals are on Thursday, live on ESPN2.
This coming weekend, the academic team from James M. Bennett High will travel to Washington to compete in the National Academic Championships. The team qualified for the national contest after winning the Stephen Decatur Invitational Tournament (for the sixth year in a row) and making it to the final round in the TV quiz show "It's Academic." The team lost a close game in the final seconds to finish 2nd in the state.

Government To The People: "Do As We Say, Not As We Do"

Last month at our event in Santiago, Ron Paul told me that he used to keep a sign on his desk during his time in Congress that read: “Don’t steal. The government hates competition.”

These days, perhaps a more appropriate saying would be– “Don’t violate people’s civil liberties. The government hates competition.”

And I wish I could say I’m kidding. But in the Land of the Free, they actually want to make this a law.

Yes, that’s right. On the hallowed floor of the United States Senate, recently, bill S1057 was introduced.

It’s aim? “To prohibit the use of unmanned aircraft systems by private individuals to conduct surveillance of other private persons.”

And, just to be clear, by “unmanned aircraft systems,” they mean drones. The same ones that they use to assassinate people by remote control. And, of course, conduct surveillance on private citizens in the Land of the Free.

So what the esteemed Senators are telling us is that it’s bad (and hence should be unlawful) to invade people’s privacy. Unless the government is doing it, in which case it’s just fine.


Two US Embassy Officials Shot

Two officials from the U.S. embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, were shot at a strip club early Tuesday. Both men were shot in the abdomen after an altercation. Their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. The incident echoes a scandal last year when Secret Service agents in Cartagena, Colombia, got into an altercation with prostitutes they had hired. It prompted Secret Service to redo its manual for overseas visits. The State Department manual for overseas travel is considered by many to be the model to emulate. It is not known yet whether this trip to a strip club in Caracas was authorized.

O'Malley Picks Smith For Transportation Secretary

Governor Martin O'Malley has named former Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith Secretary of the Department of Transportation.

O'Malley made the announcement Wednesday at the site of a widening project on the Beltway between Route 40 and Frederick Road.

Smith, a lawyer with the Towson firm of Smith, Gildea & Schmidt, served as Baltimore County executive from 2002 to 2010.

He was also a Baltimore County Circuit judge for 16 years.


Poor Patient Care At Atlanta VA Medical Center

Problems at a big Veterans Affairs hospital in Atlanta are causing a system-wide examination. Two inspector general reports last month found instances of mismanagement and poor patient care at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. Four patients died, one by an apparent suicide. The interim director has been replaced by Leslie Wiggins, a former deputy assistant VA secretary. Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, said legislation is needed to reform VA operations nationwide. One IG report found internal care problems. The second report found the hospital failed to track patients referred to outside mental health providers.

Reforming And Simplifying The Tax Code

Momentum is building on Capitol Hill to reform and simplify the tax code. The support comes in the wake of revelations that the IRS held up conservative political groups applying for tax-exempt status. Rep. David Camp (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said simplification would narrow IRS employees' discretion. He's been working with Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Finance Committee. They hope to produce the first tax code reform since 1986. The IRS Taxpayer Advocate has been arguing for years that complexity is the biggest challenge facing both the IRS and the taxpaying public.

Worcester County Law Enforcement Officers Participate in Statewide Torch Run Relay to Support the Special Olympics Maryland Summer Games

Law enforcement officers representing all of Worcester County will be on the run on Monday, June 3rd at 8:00am taking part in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run Relay for Special Olympics Maryland. Their mission: to escort and protect the Special Olympics ‘Flame of Hope’ as it makes its way toward the opening of the 43nd Anniversary Summer Games at Towson University, June 7-9.

This year marks the 28th Anniversary of the Maryland Torch Run, a movement that began in 1986 with a handful of officers raising $5,000, and has grown into a true year-round effort that involves thousands of officers and sponsors raising over $3 million in 2012. Since its inception, the Torch Run has taken very seriously its role as “Guardians of the Flame”, and the Relay is an important and celebrated part of every Special Olympics competition.

The schedule for Ocean City/Worcester County’s portion of the Torch Run is as follows (all times are approximate and subject to change):

Monday, June 3, 2013
  • 8 – 8:30am: Pre-Event Ceremonies, 27th Street and the Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD
  • 8:30am: Torch Run Relay Begins. Run will proceed from 27th Street to N. Division Street.
  • 9:15 – 9:30am: Run Concludes at N. Division Street with Photo Opportunity and Refreshment.
*We will load bus to proceed to Historic Downtown Berlin, for the second leg of the Relay 
  • 10:00 – 10:15am: Meet at Worcester Preparatory School for Pre-Run Pep Rally
  • 10:15am: Begin Second Leg through Historic Downtown Berlin
  • 10:45-11:00am: Conclude Second Leg at Berlin Fire Department (approx. 1 mile run)
*More Refreshments and Photo Opportunities to follow run 

This local portion of the Torch Run Relay is part of a much larger effort. Statewide, the Maryland Torch Run Relay consists of four different legs – Eastern, Western, Central and Southern – and throughout the entire week, thousands of Torch Run volunteers will cover hundreds of miles, eventually converging on Towson where the individual flames will be united in the Final Leg Ceremony and then officers from around the state will travel the final 2.5 miles to the Opening Ceremony at Towson University. It is there that the Flame is handed off to the Special Olympics athletes who have the honor of taking the final lap with the torch and then lighting the cauldron and officially declaring the 2013 SOMD Summer Games open.

Our local Torch Run Leg is always very well attended and is by far the most beautiful leg of the states Torch Run relay, incorporating the refreshing Ocean City boardwalk and the beauty and charm of historic downtown Berlin, Maryland.

Contact the Ocean City Police Department for more information and to learn how you can participate in this year’s event.