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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Great American Smokeout

The Great American Smokeout is coming up November 17. If you'd like to learn more about how to quit smoking, click the link below:

Voting shenanigans in almost all swing states

'Fraud in few key counties could affect presidential race'

With early voting proceeding at a pace the Associated Press calls “far quicker than 2012” – and with more than 12 million voters having already cast ballots – reports of potential voter fraud also appear to be on the rise.

But it may not be the amount of voter fraud that matters. It could be how well-targeted any real fraud is that makes all the difference in who will become the next president.

And, as it happens, voting problems have been reported in almost all of the key swing states.

In fact, most of the problems reported are in swing states.

Sharyl Attkisson, perhaps the nation’s top investigative journalist, told WND, “Some experts tell us it would be possible to commit fraud in relatively few key counties to affect the outcome of the presidential race.”


Octomom & Her Octuplets Appear on "The Doctors" Ahead of Eighth Birthday

Nearly 8 years ago, Nadya Suleman became notorious for having octuplets ... and following up their birth with a string of sex tapes, nude photo shoots and bad decisions.

Now, she's trying to prove she's a changed woman.

Suleman, who now goes by the name Natalie to herself from the "Octomom" moniker entirely, appears on Tuesday's episode of "The Doctors" -- where she reveals why she left it all behind.

"My history was haunting us. I left Octomom. I went back to my life as a counselor, I went back to make sure my kids had a happy, healthy life," she explains to the show's hosts. "I knew it was directly hurting my family. I had to protect them, I'm very very protective."


Clinton Struggles To Contain WikiLeaks Damage As Voters Grow Weary Of The Constant Scandals

As we draw closer to election day, polling data, rigged or not, certainly seems to indicate that the presidential race is tightening. In fact, just last weekend ABC released a poll that drew huge media attention on the Sunday talk show circuit as it showed Hillary opening up a 12-point national lead. Now, just a few days later, that exact same poll shows only a 5-point lead. That data seemingly proves one of two things, either the polls are indeed "rigged" to show a desired outcome or the daily drip of WikiLeaks emails is finally starting to take a toll on the Clinton campaign.

But the ABC poll isn't the only one tightening with most of the recent polls from the Real Clear Politics average showing only a modest lead for Hillary.


Mom warns parents after seatbelt slices 6-year-old daughter's stomach open

If you think your child has outgrown a booster seat, think again.

That’s the message a concerned mom is spreading after a seatbelt sliced into her 6-year-old daughter’s stomach during a car accident in September.

Samantha Swartwout was riding in the back seat of her dad’s car when the vehicle veered off the road and crashed into a tree 200 feet away. The impact of the collision was so intense that the seatbelt the child was wearing opened up her abdomen.

It was a phone call no mom ever wants to get, Samantha’s mom, Shelly Martin, told CBS News.

Her daughter was severely injured. The young girl had a concussion, a deep cut in her belly, and needed stitches on her forehead.


ISPs must get permission to share Internet users' private browsing history: FCC

Broadband providers such as Comcast and AT&T will have to get customers’ permission before they can share personal data with other companies, the FCC ruled Thursday, marking a major expansion of privacy protections and perhaps shifting the balance of power in the online marketplace.

Those browsing on mobile devices could refuse to have their locations shared, while all users could instruct their internet service providers not to trade their web browsing history or information about what apps they are using under the rules, which the Federal Communications Commission adopted on a 3-2 vote.

“It’s the consumer’s information. How it is used should be the consumer’s choice, not the choice of some corporate algorithm,” said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who led the push for the changes.

The rules will need to be published, and the industry will have a year to comply. In addition to internet use, the ISPs would have to allow customers to opt in to share their geographic locations, their financial or health information, and the contents of their communications.

Additionally, customers must be allowed to opt out of having information about their plans, such as the types of services they buy, shared.


New FCC Regulations Protect Online Privacy

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — When it comes to your personal information online, keeping it private is extremely important. That’s the reason many people are excited about recent a landmark ruling by the Federal Communications Commission, that will limit how internet providers use or even sell online data.

The way billions of people around the world stay connected is part of most of our everyday lives. The internet, with all its resources, is a useful tool, but in the wrong hands, it can be inconvenient and dangerous for users.

The Federal Communication Commission or FCC, ruling in favor of new online privacy laws last week.


A Viewer Writes: Streets closed off by police this evening

@ Carroll st., & Eastern Shore Drive to Vine Street? Lots of police, helicopter trying to land(?) people in the streets??

Bill Clinton 'grope' accuser: "Hillary Clinton IS the war on women!"

A woman who claims Bill Clinton groped her in the White House is lashing out at his wife Hillary for conducting a 'war' on the women who have accused the former president of sexually assaulting them.

'She enabled his behavior,' Kathleen Willey said Sunday night during a radio interview on WABC in New York, and then 'attacked all the women who just made the mistake of walking in front of him, crossing his path.'

Willey claims Mrs. Clinton, the former U.S. secretary of state, has orchestrated a series of investigations designed to discredit the many women who have claimed her husband sexually assaulted them.

'The point is what this woman is capable of doing to other women while she's running a campaign, basically, on women's issues,' she said. 'It just doesn't make any sense.'

'She singlehandedly orchestrated every one of the investigations of all these women.'


Governor's Office of Community Initiatives Celebrates American Indian Heritage Month at Salisbury University

Governor's Office of Community Initiatives Celebrates
American Indian Heritage Month at Salisbury University
ANNAPOLIS, MD The Governor's Office of Community Initiatives and the Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs today hosted a 2016 American Indian Heritage Month kick-off event at Salisbury University. Festivities included traditional food, guest speakers, cultural presentations, and dancing.
"Today, we reflect on the history of American Indians in our state, celebrate the present, and share hopes and goals for the future," said Steven McAdams, executive director of the Governor's Office of Community Initiatives.
Members of the Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs all played a role during the celebration, from presenting tribal flags in the Grand Entry to specially acknowledging those veterans in attendance. Natosha Norwood Carmine, the first female chief of the Nanticoke Indian Tribe, delivered the keynote address and spoke of the positive changes that have occurred within the state and her own tribe.
New this year was special recognition of six native persons. Jovina Chavis, Lumbee Indian Tribe; Crystal "Cryz" Nkechehosi Proctor, Cedarville Band of Piscataway Indians; and Barry Wilson, Choptico Band, Piscataway-Conoy Tribe, were all honored as Native Adults of the Year. Loren Bowman, Piscataway Conoy Tribe; Lourdes Minor, Choptico Band, Piscataway-Conoy Tribe; and Trevor Rodriguez, Lumbee Indian Tribe, were all Native Youth of the Year.
"This year is especially important as it marks the 40th anniversary of the Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs," said Keith Colston, administrative director of the commission. "We're excited for new opportunities for Maryland's American Indians and continued partnerships."

Trump, lawmakers praise FBI's decision to reopen Clinton case

Donald Trump on Friday praised the FBI’s decision to reopen the criminal case into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state, saying his Democratic rival’s “corruption is on a scale we have never seen before” and that “we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office.”

Despite slamming the FBI for weeks, Trump told a cheering crowd in New Hampshire, “I think they’re going to right the ship, folks.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was quick to point out the timing of Friday’s announcement.

“The FBI’s decision to reopen their criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's secret email server just eleven days before the election shows how serious this discovery must be,” he said in a written statement. “This stunning development raises serious questions about what records may not have been turned over and why and whether they show intent to violate the law.”

Top Republican lawmakers were also quick to weigh in on the news.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Clinton had “nobody but herself to blame.”



Each year, more and more families visit Ocean City, MD during the Thanksgiving holiday for a little late beach fun, local attractions, and the most important meal of the year – Thanksgiving dinner! We have assembled a quick guide here of local restaurants that will be offering a Thanksgiving menu so you can leave the cooking and cleaning to the experts this year. Please note that as more local restaurants post their Thanksgiving specials, this list will be updated, so visit often! This is the ShoreBread Team wishing you a very safe and happy holiday season!


Chairman Chaffetz Opener - Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security: WOW!


FORSYTH COUNTY, NC – On October 21, Jose Luis Garcia was arrested by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and charged with failure to appear in court. It was his 11th arrest in North Carolina since April 21, 2015.

His lengthy arrest record follows:

March 14, 2016…ASSAULT ON FEMALE
September 2, 2016…SPEEDING

*It should be noted that all of the aforementioned arrests took place in Forsyth County. It is not yet known if this illegal alien has been arrested in other counties or states.


2 Structure Fires In Wicomico County

Stations 1,2, 16 from Salisbury and Station 3 from Fruitland have responded to a structure fire at 623 Pine Bluff Road.

Stations from Parsonsburg, Pittsville and Powellville are responding to a structure fire at 6708 Forest Grove Road.
UPDATE: Fire contained to the stove.  Units returning to their station.

Wikileaks Email: Hillary Campaign Struggles to Reach "F**king Dumb" Young People

"That's the crap that young people pay attention to"

A new email released by Wikileaks as part of the Podesta dump features Hillary ally Wendy Bronfein advising Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta on how to reach “f**king dumb” young people.

Marketing executive Bronfein tells Podesta that Clinton “may not be the best face” to attract younger voters and that she needs to utilize “trending figures” as par of an “infusion to pull younger voters” because “that’s the crap that young people pay attention to”.

Bronfein goes on to state, “It’s f**king dumb but being “cool” counts for more than it maybe should.”


Md. leaders urge voters to know their rights

LANDOVER, Md. — In an election year where the integrity of the election has been called into question, there’s an effort to make sure that voters know their rights if they are challenged at the polling place.

“We’re here today, because your right to vote is a fundamental principal of our democracy,” said Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., Monday outside the Prince George’s County Sports and Learning Complex — an early voting site.

Cardin was joined by Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks, as well as representatives from the local chapter of the NAACP, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and other civil rights groups.

Cardin said voting is a right that should be protected.

“We say that because in prior elections, we have seen problems in Maryland,” Cardin said.


Wicomico County Sells Bonds To Finance Several Major Projects

Feminist Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton: ‘The Woman Is a Disaster’

Hillary Clinton’s “gender card” politics is rubbing feminist Camille Paglia the wrong way.

In an interview with The Spectator, Paglia tells journalist Emily Hill that Clinton’s claim that her election to the presidency would break the final pane of the glass ceiling is balderdash:

It’s an outrage how she’s played the gender card. She is a woman without accomplishment. “I sponsored or co-sponsored 400 bills.” Oh really? These were bills to rename bridges and so forth. And the things she has accomplished have been like the destabilization of North Africa, causing refugees to flood into Italy… The woman is a disaster!

Having already voted once for Jill Stein of the Green Party, the 69-year-old professor of humanities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia asserts she’s already voted for a woman for president, so it’s no big deal. Paglia’s view of feminism is light years away from the likes of Clinton and Madeleine Albright, who told young women there would be a “special place in hell” for them if they chose Bernie Sanders over Clinton.


Natural Resources Police Handle Illegal Hunting and Poaching Cases

Acting on tips from the public, officers conducted a plainclothes operation Saturday night at the U.S. Route 50 Bridge in Ocean City and issued 14 citations to four Virginia men for possession of undersized striped bass, exceeding the daily catch limit of striped bass and possession of undersized red drum.

The following men were charged: Humberto Oscar Alfaro Ventura, 43, of Woodbridge Va.; Cesar Isair Callejas Melendez, 19, of Manassas Va.; Cruz Emilio Umena Chinchalla, 43, of Manassas Va.; and Antonio Leonel Ramirez Riyan, 31, of Herndon Va.

Court dates are scheduled for January in Worcester County District Court, with fines totaling more than $2,200. Officers seized 27 striped bass and two red drum. All fish were donated to local shelters.

More Cases

#DraftOurDaughters: Pro-War Hillary Faces Backlash Over Female Draft

Hillary combines equality with war against Russia

Hillary Clinton’s support for a female draft is sparking outrage as she continues to fuel war tensions with Russia.

Clinton initially backed requiring women to register for the draft back in June, but the backlash really exploded as Clinton started taunting Russia after the last presidential debate.

The Twitter hashtag #DraftOurDaughters is trending, with memes mocking Hillary’s “total war” policies which could easily ignite World War 3.


Detectives Make Arrest in Georgetown Homicide

Juan Carlos Tovar Cruz

Georgetown – The Delaware State Police Homicide Unit has arrested Juan Carlos Tovar Cruz, 22 of Georgetown, in connection with the death of a 30-year-old Georgetown man.

At approximately 2:54 a.m. Sunday, October 30, 2016, troopers responded to the 14,000 block of Wilson Hill Road for a report of an assault. Troopers made contact with a 40-year-old female at a neighboring house who stated she had just been brutally assaulted by her tenant. The investigation revealed, Juan Carlos Tovar Cruz, who had just recently been allowed to rent a room at that residence, began assaulting the female victim around 7:00 p.m. Saturday October 29, 2016. At one point, he tied her to her bed and then grabbed a kitchen knife and began cutting her about the legs, throat, and hands. Once the assault was over, he untied her and left the bedroom which gave her time to flee and run to a neighbor's house where they called 9-1-1. She was then transported by Emergency Medical Services to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital where she was treated and eventually released with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

In the course of this investigation, troopers responded to the victim's residence where they located an unidentified male subject in the driveway. Sussex County Paramedics responded to the scene and pronounced the victim dead deceased. The Delaware Division of Forensic Science was contacted and removed the male victim, who was later identified as Ricardo Perez-Ramirez, 30 of Georgetown. An autopsy was conducted on Monday October 31, 2016, which ruled the death a homicide by blunt force trauma to the head.

Fishing Industry Right To Question Designation

With recent history confirming their worries are valid, members of the Ocean City fishing community have every reason to be alarmed about this week’s announcement of a plan to make an offshore fishing canyon a sanctuary.

The National Aquarium is currently seeking online support to nominate the Baltimore Canyon, a 28-mile long and five-mile wide submarine canyon three hours off Ocean City’s coast, as the country’s first Urban National Marine Sanctuary. A lot has to happen before this designation is received, including gauging public sentiment through the online petition drive, NOAA agreeing the canyon is worthy of designation, an environmental impact assessment and then a series of public hearings. This will likely take years to occur if it ever does.

However, the mere proposal of slapping a designation on the open water canyon sent fears through the fishing industry this week. The aquarium tried to get in front of those concerns by meeting with leading fishing industry representatives and elected officials before this week’s public announcement.


Arrest Made Following Bank Robbery in Delaware

Matthew R. Brennan

Bear- Delaware State Police Robbery Unit detectives have arrested a New Castle man and charged him in connection with the robbery of a Bear area bank which occurred yesterday afternoon.

The investigation began yesterday, Monday, October 31, 2016, at approximately 12:26 p.m., after a male suspect entered the M&T Bank located at 10 Fox Hunt Drive, Bear. The suspect approached a female teller and presented her with a demand note for money which implied that he was armed. The teller complied with the suspect's demands and turned over an undisclosed amount of money to him. He then exited the bank and was observed fleeing the parking lot in a white Honda sedan. There were no injuries and no weapon was displayed.

A short time later, a trooper who had responded to the area, observed a vehicle matching the description of the suspect's car traveling on eastbound US Rt. 40 (Pulaski Highway) in the area of Buckley Boulevard, Bear. A stop of the vehicle was performed and troopers were able to take the suspect, later identified as Matthew R. Brennan, 25, into custody without incident. A subsequent search of the Brennan's vehicle revealed evidence linking him to the bank robbery.

Matthew Brennan was transported to Troop 2, Glasgow, where he was subsequently charged with Robbery First Degree. He was arraigned at JP Court 2 and committed to the Howard Young Correctional Institution in default of $30,000.00 secured bond.

Michelle's Story: "I'm a Hispanic Woman and I Worked for Donald Trump"

WCSO Participating In 'No-Shave November' Fundraiser

We are proud to announce, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office for the first time will be participating in a fundraiser called, No-Shave November.

For the month of November, our Sheriff Deputies will be retiring their razor and be allowed to grow facial hair for this great cause!

No-Shave November is devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

The American Cancer Society estimates that one (1) in seven (7) men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the next most common form of cancer in men. Additionally, African American men are more likely to get prostate cancer and nearly have a two-fold mortality rate compared to that of Caucasian men with the same illness, the American Cancer Society states.

No-Shave November is a month-long journey and commitment during which participants forgo shaving in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. Hopefully, seeing WCSO Deputies with facial hair will strike up conversation and bring more awareness to the cause.

Per Sheriff Lewis, Deputies wishing to participate will be exempt from the normal WCSO facial hair guidelines and be allowed to have neatly trimmed, mustaches, goatees and/or beards. They will be returning to our normal grooming policies on December 1st, 2016.

Bill Clinton: Foundation Could Take Foreign Cash if Hillary Wins

Bill Clinton and rocker Jon Bon Jovi cover Billboardmagazine’s November issue for a special feature exploring the former president’s work with the Clinton Global Initiative, in which he explains how the Clinton Foundation could continue to accept cash from foreign donors if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

The Clinton Global Initiative celebrated its final event in New York City in September with the help of rock stars Bon Jovi, Sting and U2 frontman Bono. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have previously stated they would leave their eponymous foundation if the latter is elected president on November 8.

In an interview with Billboard conducted at the CGI’s final event, Bill Clinton said he would “miss this a lot,” but offered up a vision for what the organization could look like if his wife does indeed become president, and in particular, how it could potentially get around the issue of accepting foreign donations.


Clinton State Dept Spent 5.4 Million Taxpayer Dollars On 'Crystal Stemware', $630k On Facebook 'Likes'

The Republican National Committee revealed Thursday in a 21-page memo that Hillary Clinton’s State Department spent millions of dollars on lavish goods and initiatives on the taxpayers’ dime.

The State Department spent $5.4 million on a “no-bid contract for crystal stemware” and $630,000 to “increase Facebook likes on four State Department pages.”

The memo also highlighted that the State Department spent more than $600 million on failed projects in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Washington Examiner reported.


Gennifer Flowers Slams 'Enabler' Hillary: She ‘Allowed Him to Do What He Did to Women’

NEW YORK – In a rare exclusive interview, Gennifer Flowers, who says she had a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton, slammed Hillary Clinton as an “enabler” who has “allowed” her husband to “go on and do what he did in a variety of forms to women.”

Flowers took issue with Clinton making women’s issues into a central part of her presidential campaign.

“That’s the biggest joke I’ve heard in a long time,” she said. “She in no way stands for women or supports women. Now she will verbally say she does but actions speak louder than words.”

Flowers made the remark during an hour-long interview recorded for this reporter’s talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM. Some sections of the interview played last week while others will air this coming Sunday.


Dramatic 2006 Recording Captures Hillary Clinton Proposing To Rig The Palestine Election

Hillary Clinton does not believe that US elections can be rigged, however it appears that when it comes to the rigging of foreign elections, she has a different opinion.

This emerged today courtesy of a leaked September 2006 recording between Hillary, who was then running fore reelection as a US Senator and Eli Chomsky was an editor and staff writer for the Jewish Press. As the Observer, which released the recording writes, the tape is 45 minutes and contains much that is no longer relevant, such as analysis of the re-election battle that Sen. Joe Lieberman was then facing in Connecticut.

But a seemingly throwaway remark about elections in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority has taken on new relevance amid persistent accusations in the presidential campaign by Clinton’s Republican opponent Donald Trump that the current election is “rigged.”

In the recording Clinton, who is speaking to the Jewish Press about the January 25, 2006, election for the second Palestinian Legislative Council (the legislature of the Palestinian National Authority), weighed in about the result, which was a resounding victory for Hamas (74 seats) over the U.S.-preferred Fatah (45 seats).

“I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake,” said Sen. Clinton. “And if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.”


SPD Press Release - (Accreditation On-Site Review) 11-1-16

Harford Sheriff’s Office to Screen Immigration Status

HARFORD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)—Immigration has been a hot topic in the contentious race for the White House, but now policies in Maryland are coming under fire.

The most recent is in Harford County where deputies will start screening the immigration status for everyone who is arrested.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler has signed a federal partnership called “287-(g)” to screen the immigration status of people being arrested.

Deputies will be specially trained and target violent offenders who are not U.S citizens.


The arrogant greed that drives Clinton Inc.

‘Doug is very transactional.”

This was an apt description of Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s longtime right-hand man and the figure at the center of the latest WikiLeaks revelation.

The quote comes from an unnamed former White House colleague of Band’s in an illuminating 2013 New Republic profile by Alec MacGillis.

Band, who touts himself as the founder of “Clinton Inc.,” started out as a White House intern. He turned down higher-status jobs to focus on being the “body man” for President Clinton.

In politics, a body man is the guy (or gal) whose only job is to make sure the principal is happy, comfortable and treated with the maximum amount of respect.


Attorney General Lynch 'Pleads Fifth' on Secret Iran 'Ransom' Payments

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is declining to comply with an investigation by leading members of Congress about the Obama administration’s secret efforts to send Iran $1.7 billion in cash earlier this year, prompting accusations that Lynch has “pleaded the Fifth” Amendment to avoid incriminating herself over these payments, according to lawmakers and communications exclusively obtained by theWashington Free Beacon.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) and Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) initially presented Lynch in October with a series of questions about how the cash payment to Iran was approved and delivered.

In an Oct. 24 response, Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik responded on Lynch’s behalf, refusing to answer the questions and informing the lawmakers that they are barred from publicly disclosing any details about the cash payment, which was bound up in a ransom deal aimed at freeing several American hostages from Iran.


Donald Trump Repeatedly Warned Anthony Weiner Was a National Security Risk

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized rival Hillary Clinton for her “bad judgment” and warned about the consequences of her top aide’s husband’s online philandering.

On Friday the FBI chose to continue its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized, unsecured email server stored in a bathroom closet and used to conduct official state business. Furthermore, the New York Times reported that the FBI had seized devices from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s estranged husband, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, while they investigated his sexting of an underage girl. One official said the new emails related to Clinton’s case numbered “in the tens of thousands.”

Weiner’s penchant for sexting underage girls and sending them sexually explicit photos of himself now endangers Clinton’s presidential run.

Trump hammered Weiner for years before his presidential run, calling him “degenerate” and “sick.”


New FBI look at Hillary scandal ‘is a big deal’

'You can see the brouhaha this is causing,' says former prosecutor

The federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server and her transmitting of classified information was revived Friday, as FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to congressional leaders and relevant committee chairmen that new evidence has emerged in the case.

“In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation,” wrote Comey.

“I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation,” he added.

Comey also made it clear the FBI has not thoroughly examined all the new evidence, since it just came to his attention on Thursday.


Big 3 TV networks attack Comey over Hillary by huge margin

Media ignore explosive developments in email scandal, launch massive blitz on FBI director

Since FBI Director James Comey dropped the bombshell Friday that the agency is continuing its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, America’s Big Three TV networks – ABC, CBS and NBC – have downplayed Hillary’s role in the scandal and launched a full-blown assault on Comey.

With only eight days left until Election Day, the networks have covered Comey in a negative light three times as frequently as they report negative news concerning Clinton, according to a Media Research Center study published Oct. 31.

“Beginning with the evening (October 28) of the announcement through Monday morning (October 31), MRC analysts reviewed reviewed all statements (by reporters, analysts, and partisans) that took a position on Comey and Clinton and found arguments against Comey (88) swamped those against Clinton (31) by a ratio of almost 3 to 1,” NewsBusters reported. “There were a handful of statements that praised either Comey (10) or Clinton (4).”


Podesta's Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails

Now that the FBI has obtained the needed warrant to start poring over the 650,000 or so emails uncovered in Anthony Weiner's notebook, among which thousands of emails sent from Huma Abedin using Hillary Clinton's personal server, moments ago the US Justice Department announced it is also joining the probe, and as AP reported moments ago, vowed to dedicate all needed resources to quickly review the over half a million emails in the Clinton case.

BREAKING: Justice Dept. says it'll dedicate all needed resources to quickly review emails in Clinton case.

— The Associated Press (@AP) October 31, 2016

In the letter to Congress, the DOJ writes that it “will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” assistant attorney General Peter J. Kadzik writes in letters to House and Senate lawmakers.

#BREAKING Senior DOJ official sends letter to lawmakers responding to request for more information about email review.#8days

— Just the Facts (@JTF_News) October 31, 2016

So far so good, even if one wonders just how active the DOJ will be in a case that has shown an unprecedented schism between the politically influenced Department of Justice and the FBI.

And yet, something felt odd about this.

Kadzik... Kadzik... where have we heard that name?

Oh yes. Recall our post from last week, "Clinton Campaign Chair Had Dinner With Top DOJ Official One Day After Hillary's Benghazi Hearing" in which we reported that John Podesta had dinner with one of the highest ranked DOJ officials the very day after Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony?

It was Peter Kadzik.

More here

School Segregation

Newest Salisbury Councilman Named

SALISBURY — After a month-long vetting process, he Salisbury City Council this week tapped its newest member, R. Hardy Rudasil, to fill a vacancy in District 5 created in September when Council Vice President Laura Mitchell resigned.

Citing personal and family issues, Salisbury City Council Vice President Laura Mitchell last month announced her resignation effective at the end of September. Mitchell, who was first elected to the Salisbury City Council in 2011 and re-elected to a second term last year, announced her decision in mid-September, setting in motion a process spelled out in the city’s charter to replace her.

Mitchell said at her resignation announcement her husband last spring had taken a position with a research firm in Montgomery County last spring and the couple had been back and forth between the jurisdictions since. The loss of an infant grandchild last summer expedited the decision to make the family whole again and precipitated the resignation announcement.


Russians Are Just Amazing!

Watchdog Alleges Virginia Prepping to Accomodate Mass Voter Fraud

Virginia has printed 1 million provisional ballots, an unprecedented number that could allow a large number of previously disqualified felons to cast ballots for president in the potentially crucial swing state.

So says Reagan George, the president of the Virginia Voters Alliance.

George, a conservative election watchdog, charged on Monday that the Virginia Department of Elections is overpreparing for worst-case scenarios and increasing the likelihood of illegal votes being cast. In reply to Republican complaints earlier this month, Virginia Department of Elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortés acknowledged officials are preparing for all contingencies, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

But George said the provisional ballot printing doesn’t make sense even for contingencies. And it doesn’t compare to demand in 2012.

“The claim that it is for contingency planning is bogus,” George said in an email. “In 2012, Stafford County used less [sic] than 500 provisional ballots — in 2016 they received 30,000. In 2012, Loudoun County used 700 provisional ballots. In 2016, they received 84,000. In 2012, Fairfax used 2,500 provisional ballots; in 2016, they received over 265,000. This is ridiculous.”

But spokeswoman Dena Potter of the Virginia Department of Elections said the state is trying to accommodate a court order.

"As part of its emergency preparedness efforts and in response to the [December] 2015 consent decree related to mitigating long lines at the polls, the Department issued guidance to local registrars on August 29, 2016, that included having enough provisional ballot envelopes to equal at least 20 percent of the number of active voters as of September 1," Potter said in an email.


Full Interview: Mike Pence On NBC's "Meet The Press"

Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

Trump Takes Lead In ABC/WaPo Poll That Gave Hillary 13 Point Advantage Just One Week Earlier

The first fully post-FBI shocker ABC/WaPo poll is out and it is a shocker: in a poll that saw Hillary lead by a dominating 13 points as recently as one week ago, moments ago ABC/WaPo/Langer Research announced that Trump has not only taken the lead from Hillary, but this is the first time he has done so since May.

As a reminder, this is the same poll that as we reported over the weekend, effectively confirmed to "poll tampering" which saw Hillary's lead collapse from 12 points to just 2 several days ago.

While vote preferences have held essentially steady, Hillary is now a slim point behind Donald Trump, a first since May, in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll. Forty-six percent of likely voters support Trump in the latest results, with 45 percent for Clinton. Taking it to the decimal for illustrative purposes, a mere .7 of a percentage point divides them. Third-party candidate Gary Johnson has 3 percent, a new low; Jill Stein, 2 percent. The reason: according to ABC, "strong enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton has ebbed since the renewal of the FBI’s email investigation."


Hillary already planning her giant victory celebration

This could blow up in her face!

Hillary Clinton may have lit the fuse for her victory celebration a little too soon — by planning an Election Night explosion of fireworks over the Hudson River, The Post has learned.

Law-enforcement officials and the FDNY have been told to prepare for a barge-launched pyrotechnic display off of Manhattan’s Javits Center, where Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine will join their supporters for the Nov. 8 vote count, sources said.
The aerial detonations would last for two minutes, with the triumphal celebration permitted to start as early as 9:30 p.m. — a mere half-hour after the polls close in New York, sources said.

But the Democratic presidential nominee’s blueprint for lighting up the sky was sketched out before last week’s revelation that the FBI had revived its probe of her private server scandal.


LEAK: Every Obama Official ‘Uses Their Gmail Account’

A former top Department of State official who worked under Hillary Clinton told her presidential campaign chair every White House staffer and top cabinet official uses a personal email account.

“Btw you know as well as I every god damn cabinet officer and WH staff uses [their] gmail account!” Tom Nides, the former deputy secretary of state for management and resources, wrote to John Podesta in a March 2015 email.

Nides, who served in the State Department from 2011 to 2013 while Clinton was secretary of state, wrote to Podesta using his Gmail account, and suggested that he used one while working in the Obama administration.

Podesta’s Gmail account, which he used to communicate with White House staffers, got hacked, revealing Nides’ candid email to the Clinton campaign chairman.


Prison Dog-Training Program Expanding At Maryland Prison

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — Roxbury Correctional Institution near Hagerstown is expanding a program that began five years ago, giving inmates the responsibility of training shelter dogs.

The Happy Hounds program allows inmates to train rescued shelter dogs for adoption. It’s expanding from six dogs to ten.

“The program is for either shelter or rescue dogs where they’ve been involved in abusive situations,” said Roxbury Warden, Richard Miller.


‘Man Of Integrity And Character’ — White House HEAPS PRAISE On FBI Director

During Monday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest declined to comment on FBI Director James Comey’s decision to make public the latest developments in the ongoing Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Still, that didn’t stop Earnest from heaping praise on Comey as an individual.


Hillary Clinton wants Michelle Obama in her Cabinet

Hillary Clinton told "Extra" on Monday night she would consider appointing first lady Michelle Obama to a Cabinet position if she wins the presidential election next week.

In an interview with Tracey Edmonds, the Democratic nominee said Obama would be a fitting member of her administration.

"She's made it pretty clear she wants to focus on important issues like girls' education around the world — she and I actually talked about it when we were together in Winston-Salem — and I want to be the best partner I can be for whenever she wants to do be involved in government again. I think she wants to take a break from it, but if she ever wants to do anything like that, I would be the number-one person," Clinton said.

The former secretary of state was joined by singer Jennifer Lopez in the interview. The Latin-pop singer has endorsed Clinton for president and took the stage in Miami for a Get Out the Vote concert before the duo's interview with Extra.


The Clintons cheered GOP indictment 4 days from 1992 presidential election

Hillary Clinton said over the weekend that the FBI reopening her email server investigation 11 days before the presidential election was “unprecedented” and “deeply troubling.”

Yet the Clintons had no qualms in 1992 — when Bill Clinton was running for the Oval Office — when a GOP official was indicted four days from the general election, in what many saw as an effort to sway the presidential contest.

A special prosecutor raised new charges against Caspar W. Weinberger, who served as Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan, about the Iran-Contra probe. The charges appeared to contradict statements made by George H.W. Bush — who was running for re-election at the time — prompting Mr. Clinton to claim he was running against a “culture of corruption.”

“Newly disclosed notes on a White House meeting in January 1986 contradict President Bush’s assertion that he was unaware at the time that arms sold to Iran were part of an arms-for-hostages deal,” The New York Times reportedOct. 31, 1992.


The Disaster Of Inflation... For The Bottom 95%

Central banks seeking to boost inflation are waging financial war on the bottom 95% of households.

Central banks are obsessed with boosting inflation, but the "why inflation is good" arguments make no sense for households being ravaged by inflation. The basic argument is that inflation makes it easier for debtors to service their debts.

But this is only true if income rises along with costs. If income stays flat while costs rise, households lose ground--debt remains a burden as the purchasing power of income plummets.

Central banks and the mainstream media make two fatal errors when discussing inflation.

1. They assume an inflation rate that lumps all costs/prices into one number is meaningful. But the "headline" consumer price index (CPI) is meaningless for two reasons:

A. The "headline" CPI is easily manipulated by underweighting sectors with double-digit cost increases such as higher education, rent and healthcare, and by gaming hedonics and other adjustments.

B. Households and enterprises that are exposed to sectors with double-digit cost increases experience inflation at rates that are far higher than those households and enterprises that have little to no exposure to soaring rents, healthcare premiums and college tuition.


MSNBC Interview Bails on Black Trump Supporters When They Criticize Media

Jacob Rascon was reporting for MSNBC this week from Charlotte, North Carolina and saw an opportunity to interview three black Donald Trump supporters to find out why they’re voting that way. But because their response didn’t fit the narrative his, and other networks perpetuate, the interview was cut short in the nick of time.

A father, mother (Gloria), and daughter (Trina) were approached by Rascon and asked their thoughts on Trump’s inner-city policies that have been panned by critics.

“Well, I think that Trump is reaching out to all citizens including African-Americans,” Trina said. “That’s what a president should do for us. He should reach out and try to help people and address problems that are going on in our country.”

Rascon’s baiting queries continued: “Some of the criticisms have been about ‘what do you have to lose.’ What do you think about that criticism?”


Sharon Day: Rescind your Clinton Endorsement

It was 25 years ago that Martin Scorsese delighted audiences with his movie rendition of the Jim Thompson novel, “The Grifters.”

The story is an ingenious tale of deception and betrayal. By definition a grifter is someone who has made money dishonestly, in a swindle or a confidence game.

After weeks of revealing information behind the Clinton Foundation and their self-motivated fundraising tactics, there is no other word to describe the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. She’s engaged in behavior that is disqualifying to be a candidate for the highest office, and yet dozens of American legislators, leaders and even media outlets have endorsed her candidacy.

She’s swindled countries out of donations, she’s swindled corporate America with her lofty promises and she’s swindled the American people – over and over and over again.


Statement from Governor Larry Hogan on Bus Crash in Southwest Baltimore

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement on the bus crash that took place this morning in Southwest Baltimore:

"The First Lady and I are deeply saddened to hear of the horrific crash this morning in Southwest Baltimore involving a school bus and an MTA commuter bus. Our deepest condolences go out to the victims and their families in the wake of this tragedy. We will continue to pray for those who were injured, as well as the first responders who worked swiftly and continue to care for the injured.

"Our administration gives our full support to the Baltimore City Police Department as they investigate, and we are prepared to offer any state assistance necessary."

Liberal Voter

Fatalities reported after MTA, school bus collide in SW Baltimore

BREAKING: At least 6 dead after an MTA bus and a school bus are involved in a major crash on Frederick Avenue at Monastery Avenue in southwest Baltimore, city police confirm.


Early Voting Turnout Passes 2012 Totals

It is the fifth day of the early voting period across Maryland, and it appears then number of people who have voted early has exceeded the number who have voted early four years ago.

The Maryland State Board of Elections reports that nearly 55,000 people have as of 3 p.m. Monday.

That brings the total early voting turnout to 454,917 since Thursday. That beats the 430,573 that voted in what was a five-day early voting period in 2012, which was the first presidential election where early voting was legal in Maryland.


Retired CIA Officer Explains Why "Hillary's Emails Matter"

The 2016 presidential election, already one of the wildest in American history, has been rocked by the announcement that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State.

Apparently while investigating disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner’s transmission of sexually explicit images to a fifteen-year-old girl, the FBI discovered more emails relevant to Hillary Clinton’s own infamous case.

At the time, Weiner was married to Huma Abedin, Clinton’s personal aide, perhaps best known for her alleged family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The emails appear to have been found on a computer used by both Abedin and Weiner.

Where all this goes from here remains unclear. That said, in the interest of helping a scandal-weary electorate put these new developments in context, shall we review a few things?

I have worked in national security my entire life. Most of that has been in the intelligence community surrounded by classified information. For twenty years, I worked undercover in the Central Intelligence Agency, recruiting sources, producing intelligence and running operations. I have a pretty concrete understanding of how classified information is handled and how government communications systems work.

Nobody uses a private email server for official business. Period. Full stop.

The entire notion is, to borrow a phrase from a Clinton campaign official, “insane.” That anyone would presume to be allowed to do so is mind-boggling. That government officials allowed Hillary Clinton to do so is nauseating.

Classified and unclassified information do not mix. They don’t travel in the same streams through the same pipes. They move in clearly well defined channels so that never the twain shall meet. Mixing them together is unheard of and a major criminal offense.


Poll: Donald Trump +4 in Florida; Jumps 19 Points Among Cubans

A new poll shows that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has improved his standings in Florida, now leading his opponent Hillary Clinton by four points.

Trump is polling with 46 percent of the vote, while Clinton is trailing with 42 percent, according to the latest New York Times Upshot/Siena poll of the state.

Trump has improved his standings among Cuban-Americans by 19 points in just one month. A September poll showed Trump only earning 33 percent of Florida Cubans, with Clinton leading with 41 percent.


Report: FBI Agents to Examine 650,000 Emails on Anthony Weiner's Computer

WSJ reports that FBI agents will examine over half a million emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in their reopened investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information while Secretary of State.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Federal agents are preparing to scour roughly 650,000 emails contained on the laptop of former Rep. Anthony Weiner to see how many relate to a prior probe of Hillary Clinton’s email use, as metadata on the device suggests there may be thousands sent to or from the private server that the Democratic nominee used while she was secretary of state, according to people familiar with the matter.

The review will take weeks at a minimum to determine whether those messages are work-related emails between Huma Abedin, a close Clinton aide and the estranged wife of Mr. Weiner, and State Department officials; how many are duplicates of emails already reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and whether they include either classified information or important new evidence in the Clinton email probe, which FBI officials call “Midyear.”


Gangs of Teen Girls Attacking, Robbing Shoppers in Chicago's Famed Loop

Chicago police have warned residents about several groups of up to eight girls which are assaulting and robbing female shoppers who are walking city’s famed Loop shopping district.

Chicago police reported that three African American girls, two 15-year-olds and one 13-year-old, have been arrested after being seen on surveillance video beating a female walking alone in the city’s Loop. The victim, one of several, was also robbed of her belongings,according to DNAInfo Chicago.

Officials said the gangs of teen girls would sneak up behind a lone shopper, grab at her purse and/or bags, and push the women down and punch and kick her before running off with the goods.

The roving gangs of between five and eight girls would essentially swarm around the victim and attack on all fronts. The pedestrians were often struck in the head immediately, police said.

“One 15-year-old was charged with three felony counts of robbery; one 15-year-old was charged with one felony count of robbery; and the 13-year-old was charged with one misdemeanor count of battery,” Chicago’s ABC affiliate reported.


The Newest Liberal Message

WikiLeaks: Clinton Staff Had Code Word for Wiping Out All Emails

It takes a Weiner to bring down a Clinton

Hillary for ‘Dummies’ (a word to the wise)

Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson lists top 10 facts that disqualify Clinton for president

By now, we all know that FBI Director James Comey has announced his agency has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, just 11 days before the election.

Although this development certainly appears to be a major setback for Hillary, knowing that she and other high-ranking Democrats are pressuring Comey to “dispel any misleading impressions,” and also knowing that Comey has already failed to properly investigate Hillary, it’s certainly possible that the FBI director could cave, and soon release a statement essentially exonerating Hillary. And there’s no doubt the Democrats will unleash hell in a last-ditch effort to derail Trump.

Therefore, it would be wise for voters to resist allowing their minds to be whiplashed by the news cycle and consider what they already know about Hillary Rodham Clinton:

1) Consider why there is an email scandal to begin with. Hillary chose to run her official government communications through a private server in her basement. Why would she do this, other than to escape scrutiny? Seeing the damning WikiLeaks releases confirms any suspicions.


Do You Agree?

Trey Gowdy on FBI Finding 650,000 Clinton Emails

Clinton Chief Wanted ‘Decoy’ Leak After Email Scandal Broke

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager wanted to leak an announcement — presumably officially announcing her presidential candidacy — as a “decoy” after the New York Times first reported her email scandal in March 2015.

“I think we should get a credible leak out that we’re announcing on the 20th. As a decoy,” campaign manager Robby Mook told Clinton adviser John Podesta in a March 12, 2015, email 10 days after the New York Times story broke. The email was made public Monday by Wikileaks.

Podesta didn’t respond to the email thread and Clinton’s campaign didn’t officially announce her candidacy until April 12, 2015.

Clinton’s use of private email addresses and a homebrew server located in her New York mansion to conduct official Department of State business and communicate classified information continues to plague her candidacy, with less than one week before the presidential election.


SPD Most Wanted 11-1-16

If you have information on the subjects below: 
Call Crime Solvers at 410-548-1776 or
the Salisbury Police at 410-548- 3165



CLiNToN FouNDaTioN 419


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Vote Trump 2016

If you were to strip naked and run around in a circle at the speed of 299,792,458 meters/second (the speed of light) it would theoretically be possible for you to screw yourself.

However, since you are not physically capable of achieving that speed at your age, you can easily accomplish the same result by:
Voting Democrat in the Nov. 8, 2016 election.

How True Is This

Yee Haw

DOJ's Loretta Lynch Tried To Squash Comey's Letter To Congress

Last night a leaked memo was revealed, indicating FBI director James Comey's stated reasons for reopening the Clinton email probe upon discovering what now appear to be tens of thousands of Huma Abedin emails located on Anthony Weiner's notebook. Comey revealed two core reasons for the action: a sense of obligation to lawmakers and a concern that word of the new email discovery would leak to the media and raise questions of a coverup. What he did not reveal, and as has emerged overnight from a report by the New Yorker's Jane Mayer, is that Comey also acted in contravention to DOJ practices, and more importantly, acted contrary to the "preference" of DOJ head Loretta Lynch, whose infamous meeting with Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac at the end of June will likely be reassessed in light of these latest revelations.

According to the New Yorker, "Comey’s decision to make public new evidence that may raise additional legal questions about Clinton was contrary to the views of the Attorney General, according to a well-informed Administration official. Lynch expressed her preference that Comey follow the department’s longstanding practice of not commenting on ongoing investigations, and not taking any action that could influence the outcome of an election, but he said that he felt compelled to do otherwise."

Traditionally, the Justice Department has advised prosecutors and law enforcement to avoid any appearance of meddling in the outcome of elections, even if it means holding off on pressing cases. One former senior official recalled that Janet Reno, the Attorney General under Bill Clinton, “completely shut down” the prosecution of a politically sensitive criminal target prior to an election. “She was adamant—anything that could influence the election had to go dark,” the former official said.