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Sunday, June 07, 2020

Missing Dogs

We haven't had any updates on our Costa and Creed.. If someone has them, please I'm begging you.. Bring them home to us. No questions asked CASH reward. My babies ask every ten minutes where they are and can we go find them. After 4 days of sun up to sun down searching, I have a feeling someone may have picked them up. Or they are just really good at hide and seek... I've always hated hide and seek.  Just please.. Please bring them home to us.
Any sightings please call us 443-521-5951
443-515-1594. Or you can just bring them home if you have them! 307 Linden Lane Vienna MD
Last seen* Directly crossed from old route 50 headed into the wooded area on westbound 50 where there is a gate for state highway administration on June 4th at 7am

Costa has a red collar one. Creed doesn't have one on.

Ask Yourselves, Is This Real?


OCPD Looking For Public Assistance

We are seeking the public’s assistance in locating two suspects in a stabbing that occurred on Sunday. The assault occurred at approximately 04:34 a.m. on June 7 between 6th and 7th Street on the Boardwalk during a fight involving multiple people.

The preliminary investigation revealed two suspects were involved in the stabbing. Please see the photos below.

Anyone who witnessed the assault or who can provide any information as to the identity of the suspects, is asked to contact Ocean City Police Detective Carl Perry at or 410-723-6604. Anonymous tips can also be left at or by calling 410-520-5136

UPDATE: Wicomico County Salisbury To Shut Down Government At 4:30 Today

UPDATE: The county has changed their closing time to 4:00 instead.

That's right, the GOB will close their doors at 4:30 today because of a large BLM protest at 5 PM. 

Lock your doors folks, this could get interesting. Will Chief Barbara Duncan be on her knees? We all know Jake Day will be on his knees because, well, that's what he's good at. 

I have my popcorn and drink all set to go just waiting for all the calls and pictures to come in. 

UPDATE: I have to admit, comments are simply out of control on this post. While YOU and I have "Freedom of Speech" I have been rejecting hundreds of horrible comments and enough is enough. Comments are now turned off.

Idiots Protesting In Front Of A College, (SU) & Can't Spell!!!


BLM March In Ocean City Maryland

Boy This Mayor Jake Day Is A Real Piece Of Crap

I guess since he blocked me years ago from Facebook he figured he could slip one by in the hopes I won't see it but little does this guy realize he has lots of people who cannot stand his agenda.

There is no question there are racist people here on the Shore and I would gladly, unconditionally welcome a visit from Jake Day where I can show him my spam folder so he can see literally hundreds of thousands of rejected comments. If you think what you are seeing is bad, you should see that spam folder. However, I am not one of them, racist. 

Jake Day and Jim Ireton, like little girls, do not call me out by name nor do they call out Salisbury News because they know for a fact they can be sued for defamation. That's cool though, everyone knows I am the only blogger/blog worth any kind of recognition and any Judge knows that. Nevertheless, it truly is sad that so many people have so much hate. I wonder where it really started?

I'll go back to the Barry Tilghman days with Debbie Campbell. The HATE spewed on that council with Mike Dunn was where it all started. That guy would publicly insult Debbie and verbally attack her simply because she disagreed and or produced evidence that blocked their agenda. That is when SBYNews was created and they have always called me every kind of name under the sun, just like they did Debbie. Why, because I had my 1st Amendment Right to Freedom Of Speech and that killed them. So much so Mayor Tilghman actually filed a lawsuit against me in which the Judge smacked her case down on ALL charges. 

So don't you people, (especially Jake Day) go around calling me a racist. My Website is now worth a LOT of money and defaming me could cost you millions of dollars. You can hide, (like I said) by saying blogger or blog but I can assure you it will cost you dearly. 

Call me Jake, I don't bite. I will honestly show you my spam folder and you can see how much I actually deflect and trust me, the very people who ARE in fact racist give me all kinds of crap for not allowing their comments to go though. 

I'll never forget the time the NAACP called me in as former Mayor Jim Ireton told them I was a racist. Jim sent Mary Ashonte several articles I had posted of which appeared to be very racist. Mary brought in 4 or 5 outside NAACP Presidents throughout the state in the HOPE of slamming me down as a racist. While I brought two witnesses to this meeting we sat down at computers and reviewed each of these articles and Mary would say, did you publish this, YES. After reviewing ALL the articles we adjourned to a conference room where Mary tried to intimidate me by saying, HOW DARE YOU PUBLISH SUCH RACIST ARTICLES! I started laughing ad she said, SO YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY! I immediately replied, it's hilarious! I looked at the other NAACP representatives and said, did you guys actually READ the articles? They replied, (with a smile) yes. I looked at Mary and asked her the same question, she was clearly confused and said, "I scanned them". I replied, every one of these articles were written by A BLACK MAN! Ben Carson, and such. Mary replied, "WELL BLACK PEOPLE CAN BE RACIST TOO!" I immediately got up and left. And that's the TRUTH. I guess someone will call me a racist now because I left the room in disgust.

Finally, STOP trying to DEFLECT your problems at HOME Jake and turning a non issue into a racist rant. Shame on you Jake Day!

Ocean City Preparing For An Organized Protest At Noon Today

I would highly recommend the masses stay very clear of the Inlet/Downtown between the hours of 12 PM to 3 PM TODAY. 


WARNING: Anyone participating in this practice, we are following each name/person and a formal lawsuit will go out against each and every individual for breaking the law. Yes, there are laws against this including defamation. 

That being said, while the BLM movement is supposed to be peaceful, clearly this group/organization is about destruction of a person and or business or both. Funny how your local media is not covering such hatred/lies. Unless it is one sided, I can tell you tat not one of them have ever attempted to contact me for the other side". 

I am not like elected officials or even the pitiful law enforcement, I will not go to a knee and I will expend whatever it takes financially to bring these people to justice. You better seek legal council before you make a serious mistake and that goes for, Claire BohlenAlice Moore, Alice McGarity, Jessica Aguinaga and so forth. 

SU Protesters Update

Alise Carey 

Just dropping by to let y’all know something then I’m blocking cause I don’t want to see the bullshit y’all have to spew but, hello it is I THE GIRL holding the misspelled sign Let’s address this shall we? WE ARE AWARE OF THE MISSPELLING!!! WE OBVIOUSLY DO NOT CARE. The message outweighs the typo first of all and second of all it was a little kids mistake and you want to call us IDIOTS. The people making fun of the misspelling are the true IDIOTs bc they can’t see the true meaning and message through a DARN TYPO, one little mix up of some letters has you that confused?! Yikes. Anywhosie I’m going to continue to use my voice to stand up FOR black America and AGAINST these bigoted assholes. THANKS HAVE A GOOD REST OF YOUR DAY

Sheriff Mike Lewis: "We The People" Are Here!!!

You’re On Your Own: Raleigh Police Chief Says She Will Not Put Officers in Harm’s Way to Protect Property

Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown held a press conference on Sunday morning after the mass violence and looting by leftist protesters overnight. Deck-Brown called the mass destruction “disgusting and unacceptable.”

Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown then lectured on white supremacy in front of the looting buildings and said she would not put officers in harms way to protect property.

“We can’t look at a white supremacist by looking at them. With a thousand people attending this event it’s hard to know who is in that crowd,” Raleigh police chief says.



A Viewer Writes: Salisbury LGBT Maryland

These banners are all over Downtown Salisbury nearly every pole. This is nothing more than a local government promoting a special interest group and its liberal politics. Where is the outrage!

Chicago Mayor Begs Walmart, Other Looted Retailers Not To Abandon City

While Chicago officials give slaps on the wrist to arrested protesters, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is begging Walmart and other major retailers who were hit by looting and vandalism to reopen their doors despite riots over the killing of George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer who now faces charges for second-degree murder.

Lightfoot held a conference call with Walmart and the other retailers when she pleaded with them not to abandon Chicago, according to WBBM.

"I think in the case of Walmart, what they were focused on was assessing the damage. They are doing an effort to donate fresh produce, to the extent of what's left so it doesn't perish, and other perishables, and they are talking their time, as I would expect," she said.

There were earlier reports that Walmart expected to rebuild all stores trashed by looters and vandals, but company officials later said they would open some stores and would not say which ones.

The Mayor said most of the others said they are committed to Chicago. She said she hopes Walmart follows suit. -WBBM

"My hope is that they will come back," said Lightfoot. "But I got a resounding, 'Mayor, this is our city, this is our home,' from a lot of other retailers and I would hope that Walmart would follow suit."


‘Give Up The Home You Own’: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Makes LIST of Demands for ‘White People’

Chanelle Helm, the co-founder and organizer of the Black Lives Matter group in Louisville, wrote an article in Leo Weekly listing ten demands that she feels privileged ‘white people’ owe her, and “black and brown people.”

Among them, white people should re-budget their incomes to donate to black housing funds, and of course, fight white supremacy by reporting “racists” to the police and getting them fired.

Charlene starts off her article saying, “Some things I’m thinking about that should change (in that Southern, black grandmama voice),” and proceeds with the following list:

1. White people, if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.

2. White people, if you’re inheriting property you intend to sell upon acceptance, give it to a black or brown family. You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way.


Fat Boy Crabs

*Public service announcement*
Fatboy's Crabs is addressing issues that have been brought to our attention at this a result our Kitchen is closed today to excute a full deep clean from a professional cleaning company and an exterminator. Our facility is inspected monthly and these issues have not been brought to our attention until now. Our mission is to provide a sanitary environment for our customers and employees. We apologize for the any inconvenience at this time. We have had the health department come and give a thorough inspection and have had no major violations at this time. (See documents below). Thanks to all our loyal customers who did not participate in the slandering of Fatboy's Crabs!

They're Calling ME Racist

Today I published an article announcing a protest in Downtown Salisbury. I have received numerous phone calls with threats of all sorts. Because I publish an article I am called a racist. Good Lord, does the African American community actually and truly know who and what a racist is? 

I was told, you moderate the comments, you can control this. So I am to reject ANYTHING anyone says that offends that community and since I am not, (in which I am rejecting many racist out of line comments)  I'm racist.

No, I happen to be the only one out there with the ability to reach a far larger audience then the locally CONTROLLED media and I'll simply say this. An elderly white couple was in a Veterans Cemetery in southern Delaware a couple weeks ago when a young black man with a rifle shot them both dead. No protests, no riots, NOTHING. Now I in no way condoning what those officers did to that man and I firmly believe they murdered him. They should pay the price but while MY NAME is on this article and while I do not hide behind anonymous, what I am seeing around this country is flat out disgusting! I do not sit here as a tough guy, I simply tell it the way I see it. There ARE crimes from the African American community against white people as well. Act accordingly, grieve accordingly and find a peaceful way to mourn. 

I'll add, look at the type of comments that are coming out against me.

"Let me tell you racist muthafuckas little secret about’s more guns and ammo on the streets than all yalls hunting equipment combined😂😂We wouldn’t even think about bullying y’all like that. Y’all safe trust me. The last thing on our minds is killing white ppl. Another secret, y’all racists ain’t gone believe this one...most of the white ppl are just as fed up and riding wit us. Lls. We all know how bad y’all wanna shoot somebody and it be completely justified lol y’all safe trust me."

"Nigga we’ll trash ya shit"

That's the kind of stuff being said on Facebook. The bottom line, one can only hope this is a peaceful protest. Do I truly think Chief Duncan will get on her knees like so many other coward police chiefs, absolutely. Do I think Jake Day will/would do the same, absolutely. How that makes me a racist I'll never know. That's what I was accused of during one of the many phone calls I got today. I guess whenever people feel the need they can simply scream racist and you are labeled for life. Grow up people. 

It’s a Cult: Thousands of Whites Grovel in Front of Blacks Begging For Forgiveness (VIDEO)

It’s a cult.

“I Can’t Breathe” George Floyd protesters have been marching in Montgomery County for the last several days.

A large group of white liberals in Maryland took their activism to the next level on Tuesday and turned a protest into a reeducation camp.

Thousands of white people were groveling in front of blacks begging for forgiveness at the Connie Morella Library in Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday.


OC police officer faces heat after punching visitor

(June 5, 2020) Ocean City police officers are being accused of using excessive force, after a video shows an officer punching and choking a man who at first questioned and then criticized the arrest of his friend Sunday evening.

“I was with a couple of my friends and we were standing on the Boardwalk [near 15th Street], and one of my friends is 21 and he had a bottle [of liquor],” 20-year-old North East resident Taylor Cimorosi said. “A cop was riding by and he saw and he [the officer] was just like, ‘Hey do you mind if you could pour that out?’ And he [the friend] said, ‘Yeah, I don’t care,’ and he started to pour it out.”


Virginia governor to announce removal of Robert E. Lee statue

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is expected to announce the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from Richmond's famous Monument Avenue. An administration official told CBS News that Northam is expected to make the announcement at a Thursday morning press conference.

Northam said that the statue will be put into storage as officials try to figure out a new home for the monument, The Associated Press reports.

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus said Wednesday in a statement that removing the monument is "a step in the right direction in the continued fight to address institutional racism, systemic disparities, and remaining vestiges of Jim Crow in our Commonwealth."


A Viewer Writes: No More Masks

I went to Wal Mart and Home Depot today without a mask. HD I passed both doormen and about 6 other employees, WM, 3 doormen and 4 other employees. No one said a word about it.

It’s OVER. I carried 2 copies of the attached paper, one for whoever stopped me and one for any police encounter.

BET founder Robert Johnson calls for $14tr of reparations for slavery

Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), is asking for federal reparations to be made for slavery as national protests and outrage continues following the death of George Floyd.

Johnson, 74, told CNBC on Monday that the U.S. government should make $14 trillion available for reparations for the black community.

He said that the money would help to reduce the 'systemic racial inequality' that stems from the country's history of slavery.


Come On America, Enough Is Enough!

3 of these 4 honorable men were killed by “protesters” this past week and 1 is still in the hospital. Just thought everyone should know since not many are speaking up for their lives.

D.C. renames street where Trump held bible 'Black Lives Matter Plaza'

"I am so proud to be a Washingtonian and an employee of the District of Columbia Government. Today, Mayor Bowser re-names the street in front of the White House "Black Lives Matter Plaza NW," Ms. Mena said in a post.

"Today was a bold reminder that Black Lives Matter and on DC Streets, directly in front of the White House, we can and will protest loudly and peacefully," she added.


Local Socialism

A friend of mine explained his experience to me last night about how unbelievable it was to finally get out and enjoy a cocktail at an Ocean City Bar. He waited in line to get in. Once inside the establishment he had to get in line for a wrist band. He then had to wait in line to get a drink. He said at that time he shouted out, to all you young kids, how do you like this socialism now! 

While this was his favorite place to go he explained to me, "it just wasn't the same any more" and told the staff he wasn't coming back until things got back to normal. The beach bar wasn't even playing music, he said. 

I then heard that some of the local restaurants aren't even serving hamburgers any more. I explained that the price of ground beef has gone up 250% and even at that you just can't find it anywhere. 

As for the guidelines directed by Governor Hogan, Ocean City got a bye this weekend as there were people directly at the bars sitting on stools, that will change this week. You will not be able to go up to the bar for a drink. You will have to be seated at a table and you will have to be served. The traditional bar/restaurant experience will dramatically change and as my friend mentioned above had already experienced and disliked, wait till things hit the fan this week. 

And don't go pointing fingers at our local officials. I can assure you, they do NOT like what is coming down from the Governors Office. Trust me on this, I know. Now hopefully we go into Stage II this week, especially with the COVID-19 numbers dropping so low. HOWEVER, just remember that ALL bar/restaurants will be limited to 50% of their normal capacity, no standing and the cost of beef, pork and chicken will be very expensive, if you can even get it. Even the cost of crabs are through the roof. Also remember, the J1's are few and far between, if they even come at all. Bartenders will NOT make the tips they are used to as there is no interaction between bartenders and customers. It's a mess.

Business owners will have to sit back and think, is it even worth opening. Extra servers will have to be hired. The cost of goods are up 250% and we're only allowed 50% of our normal seating. 

Forced Socialism?

The Left wants the USA to abandon Capitalism and make us a Socialist country so they can have the power to run corporate America gaining all the profits for themselves. The rest of us know that socialism, communism and fascism has NEVER worked ANYWHERE in this world for more than the 3-4 years it takes to rape a country of every profitable innovation and resource it has before sliding down the hill to eventual revolution after revolution.

But the Lefties have never looked past today in whatever they think they want. They just want power at any cost. Even when shown that Communism was the biggest factor in helping a dangerous virus or bacteria out of a bio-weapons lab in China and allowed it to spread around the world, all the Leftists could see was another opportunity to take control of every facet of our lives to get us more used to Socialism. Governors took “suggested guidelines” of two weeks to “flatten the curve” and made them into “state of emergency MANDATES”, extending them out to WELL OVER TWO MONTHS, driving capitalist businesses to their very brink if not completely under. Save the corporate America stores, though! Did you see that? Wal Mart stayed open, All the big chains did. small business has labelled “Non Essential” and kicked to the curb killing 40 million incomes from feeding families. Forcing them to suck on a dried up government teat that proved totally unable to feed her children.

Oh, but that wasn’t enough. No, not while Trump is still in office. The Left knows Trump has an ability to bring America back just like he was doing before. With the curve flattened and the threat of businesses opening back up and allowing Capitalism to regain its footing here in America, the Lefties needed to destroy what was left of capitalism. Bring in the clowns! Pay Antifa, BLM, and whatever named socialist organizations out there to riot and burn it all down. Stock the downtown's with pallets of bricks, batons , flash bangs and teargas. Trigger it with a bad cop performing a cold blooded murder in plain sight for everyone to see and record so it will go across the country giving an excuse to all these bad actors who suddenly forgot the murdered man’s name as they rushed in not even waiting for nightfall to smash into the closed down, unguarded businesses, dragging out their merchandise just to make burn piles in the streets to generate more mayhem.

And they’re not done yet, folks. Governors and Mayors will use these actions, and they already have, to march storm troopers down the streets forcing curfews on even non-rioting citizens, even shooting homeowners off their own front porches with paint canisters fired from their M4 rifles who were doing nothing but trying to defend themselves from the rioters. Heck yeah, Let the rioters smash and burn while the Guard does traffic control and marches on the neighborhoods in town!

All of them put together think they can be bigger than Trump in hopes they can get their puppet Joe Who Am I shoved into office with a mail in voting campaign of record proportions.

The Tree of Liberty needs to be fed, my fellow Americans.

Maryland Governor Hogan Refuses To Let Bars & Restaurants To Open Indoors

Still no indoor dining in MD. Unbelievable. This is now one of the only states in this country that is still not allowing this. Dictator Hogan is beyond disgusting.

Publishers Notes: I have been asked by the original author to remove his official statement, so I simply re wrote it without his name attached. The point is the point and I firmly agree with his statement.

Only Color and Sexual Preference Matter In Salisbury Maryland

Where Are Their Masks, Chief Barbara Duncan & Mayor Jake Day Have No Masks On!!!

Is it "racist" of me to call the Mayor and Chief of Police out for violating NO SOCIAL DISTANCING and not wearing a mask in a crowd of more than 10 people? You see Folks, it is evidence like this that pisses off the Boy Mayor when I produce hard evidence. That Idiot Mayor is the one publishing his own crap because he's an Idiot. While a City Employee just died of the Coronavirus and the City refused to pay for his funeral these Idiots are out there just asking for trouble and setting a very poor example. I know, I know, I'm a "racist", right?


Another Protest To Take Place Today/Tonight In Ocean City

I just spoke to a friend who was informed they're planning another protest some time today in Ocean City and that people are being bused in. Let usknow in comments if you've been updated about this event.

Ben Rayne Lies Again

Ben Rayne is at Caribbean Joe's Bar & Grille.
59 mins · Ocean City, MD ·

I'm not there, I would never eat there.

This is from the comment section of the owner's website.

Joe Albero makes racist comments and hides behind the name "anonymous".

Now listen up Folks, I think everyone knows that I am one of very few people that always uses my name whenever I post anything and that's the truth. This LIBERAL SCUMBAG Ben Rayne loves to stir the pot. The only LIAR here is Ben. He continues to defame me with lies and false claims. He must be best friends with that Robinson guy who also has a man crush on me. I can only imagine what that beautiful bride of yours looks like now Ben. Bring her in and try out the pork.

It Is With Great Displeasure I Announce I Will Not Be Reopening Caribbean Joe's Until Governor Hogan Lifts His Corrupt Order To Remain Restricted

We all saw and heard Hogans speech yesterday in which he allowed all businesses to reopen with the exception of bars and restaurants. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, there is NO MONEY to be made under Hogan's unconstitutional orders and I'll be damned if I'm going to buy everyone's food and drinks, pay for a full time Lifeguard and pay someone to test the pool water every two hours, (let alone all the chemicals) so everyone else can have a good time at my expense. 

Look, I'm being totally honest here, there is no way to make any money and I do not throw good money after bad money. I want you to also know tat there are several other bar/restaurant owners who are making the exact same decision. Don't think for a second that I haven't been to other bars and restaurants recently in which none of them were following the letter of the CDC law and NO, I will not say who. I applaud them for doing what they're doing and I truly wish them the very best this summer. However, after Governor Hogan and Attorney General Frosh came after Caribbean Joe's this past Mother's Day and threatened to throw me in JAIL if I in fact opened that day, I cannot and will not take the risk of some Anti Albero Clown "standing" and I get a $5,000.00 fine. I am a target with Hogan and Frosh's office and I absolutely plan on seeking the proper attorney to fight this mess.

All that being said, Hogan is purposely destroying our economy and forcing people to sit in parking lots, treating us like PIGS baking in the sun at 95 degrees for a "dining experience" my a$$. When these orders are lifted I will reopen my business. Until then, I will not be forced to lose money, period. 

Another Maryland Political Hack

Vigilante residents wield their rifles as they block their street in Florida to guard against looters

A group of residents including children held rifles and other weapons as they blocked their road to 'guard it from looters'.

Footage of the group, who were standing next to their cars to block the street, was posted on website LiveLeak and appears to have been filmed in Belleview, Florida.

The residents were allegedly guarding their street to stop looters after stores in many parts of the country were raided during nationwide unrest caused by the death of black man George Floyd.


My Friend Bob Steele Physically Attacked & Injured By BLM Protesters

I should be in South Bethany Beach, DE right now nursing a chilled adult beverage, listening to music on the radio and hearing the sound of the surf pounding on the beach…That was the plan for the evening, but I’m not…Instead, I’m nursing two busted lips a swollen jaw and cuts to the inside of my mouth that probably should be stitched up at the local ER! My hippie van driver’s door latch is damaged, to what extend I don’t know right now but I can’t get in and out of the door! For those of you that want to see how it all happened apparently, there are pictures and videos of the incident on the Frederick Scanner Fb page. AND I’m extremely angry! More on that later…At roughly 8:30 this evening this aging hippy ran afoul of a 3-400 person protest that blocked Route 70 at the intersection of Route 40 in Frederick MD. Understand I was doing 65-70 MPH as I encountered this sea of people blocking the Eastbound side of the interstate. As I tried to maneuver around them a young white girl with a BLM sign told me I was not allowed to continue down the interstate and had to get off at the Route 40 Interchange. I took exception to her standing in front of my van on a 6 lane Federal Interstate (defense highway for those that know what that is), and told her in no uncertain terms to get out of my way. She got right in front of the van to block me as I inched forward. As I told her to get out of the way yet again a crowd of 15 to 20 young men of color ran up to the van and told me I had to get off the interstate. I told them I would be happy to move if they could get the girl out from in front of the van. At that point, several of the young men tried to open my locked driver’s door that I had luckily locked at the beginning of the trip. They darned near ripped the door handle off the van. I can only assume they were going to open the door and discuss with me topics such as the 200 years of slavery they had personally experienced, maybe the fact that my 1987 van violated their concept of what I should be driving, possibly they wanted to discuss the fact that Washington Bullet Wes Unseld had passed away yesterday, or possibly they just wanted to kick some old white dude’s ass. Not really being interested in any of those topics and not really wanting to get into a political discussion with a crowd of angry young men of color I decide it would be wise to move on off to the off-ramp. At that point, the crowd parted briefly and I was sucker-punched by one of the nice young men without provocation, without cause, and I guess because he just wanted to coldcock an old white dude. I quickly had blood running down my face, my mustache turned a fashionable shade of crimson and I immediately felt a shooting pain across my jaw where the young gentleman decided his fist should be placed with great force. Reeling from the blow, I stepped on the gas, the crowd was throwing stuff at the van and kicking the sides. As I drove away, the group dispersed as quickly as it had assembled, and as I rolled up the off-ramp flipping them off in a last act of defiance all the while dialing 911. At the top of the ramp were a number of Frederick County Sheriffs' deputies blocking access to the Westbound side of the interstate. I talked to one officer who took down my information and apologized for the treatment I had received at the hands of the “peaceful protestors” (my words not his). I told him no need to apologize I said, "you have to deal with this for the rest of the night, I don’t". After refusing medical treatment (I had no idea the cuts in the inside of my lip were so large or so deep). I looked down to Route 70 and noticed the throng had moved to the Westbound side of the Interstate and that side was now at a complete standstill.
Those of you that don't know me, I am a radio air personality, I have been in the business of entertaining and information for 46 years. in addition, I have been involved in many protests, marches, and sit-ins, and covered many more for a wide variety of news organizations from local to national, hell, I grew up in the 60s and 70s (BTW my news credentials were on the dashboard of the “Hippie Van” in full view of the crowd of nice young men of color). Understand, we are not talking about a newbie to protest movements here...My creds of being on both sides of the protests in DC, Largo, MD, Gainesville, FL, College Park, MD, and others are without question. Further, I have analyzed the video of the cop with his knee on the neck of the handcuffed George Floyd in Minneapolis from all angles. Finally, I absolutely believe in our constitutional right to protest things we personally object to. There are a lot of people that have died for that right and privilege

Here are some thoughts in retrospect:

Black Lives Matter Thug Forces White Woman to Get on Her Knees and Apologize For Her “White Privilege” (VIDEO)

Make no mistake, every single Communist wants every white person in America to do this.

Policemen across the country are kneeling before far-left protesters and rioters.

So Black Lives Matter members are emboldened and now telling civilians to submit and kiss the ring.

They now believe they have the authority to tell white Americans to kneel and apologize….for the color of their skin.


Donald Trump Calls for ‘Equal Justice Under the Law’ for All Americans After George Floyd Death

President Donald Trump on Friday called for equal treatment by law enforcement for every American, in response to the death of George Floyd.

“Equal justice under the law must mean that every American receives equal treatment in every encounter with law enforcement, regardless of race, color, gender, or creed,” Trump said. “They have to receive fair treatment from law enforcement.”

The president spoke about the death of Floyd as he addressed the unexpectedly good economic and job numbers.

“We saw what happened last week,” he continued. “We cannot let that happen. Hopefully, George is looking down right now and saying, there is a great thing that’s happening for our country. It is a great day for him. It is a great day for everybody. This is a great, great day in terms of equality.”

Several corporate media reporters and Democrats were furious the president referred to Floyd looking down from heaven while suggesting it was a “great day” for him