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Monday, April 04, 2016

White House says ‘technical issue’ caused omission of ‘Islamist terrorism’ from video

It appeared this week that the White House censored a video of the French president to omit him saying the words “Islamist terrorism” during a speech at a bilateral meeting, but officials claim a technical glitch caused the ill-timed dropped audio.

The Media Research Center, a media watchdog, reported Friday that the White House had removed a video of French President Francois Hollande speaking at a press event on terrorism with President Obama.

When the video reappeared on the White House website and YouTube, the audio of Mr. Hollande’s translator goes silent just as he says the words “Islamist terrorism,” then begins again at the end of his sentence.

Mr. Hollande, speaking in French, was also muted as he uttered the phrase.

A White House official told the New York Post that the audio gap was the result of a technical error.

“Nothing was edited out,” the official told the Post. “A technical issue with the audio during the recording of President Hollande’s remarks led to a brief drop in the audio recording of the English interpretation.


Concerns About Paul Ryan Persist

In recent weeks, there has been increasing discussion about the possibility that House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) could emerge out of a brokered convention as the Republican nominee if the donor class is successful in denying Donald Trump the requisite 1,237 delegates.

Just as Paul Ryan’s ascension to House Speaker represented a total repudiation of the GOP electorate by GOP lawmakers, Ryan’s selection as the Party’s nominee would similarly represent the donor class’s silencing of voters and voters’ views on immigration, trade, and foreign policy that have transformed the country and its role in the world.

Regardless, many in the “#NeverTrump” movement have indicated that they would support Ryan against the wishes of the Republican electorate that has voted for Trump.

As conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, who has endorsed Donald Trump, warned in January, “After months of waiting for Trump to self-destruct, the Washington-based Republican Establishment has finally found a way to take back control of the party from the outsiders and grassroots. The plan revolves around the newly-empowered House Speaker, Paul Ryan.” Schlafly writes that through a brokered convention, “‘dark horse’ Paul Ryan could become our nominee. Such an outcome could destroy the Republican Party and guarantee a Democrat victory by causing disheartened grassroots voters to stay home.”

Following their endorsement of Speaker Ryan, National Review became the heart and soul of the “#NeverTrump” movement, meaning that the organization has effectively abandoned even the pretense of being concerned about migration. As Breitbart has previously reported, not only will Paul Ryan continue to push for massive increases to the already record-breaking pace of migration, but his commitment to large-scale migration means it’s unlikely legislation will pass the House that would reduce immigration growth by curbing visas, which more than 9 in 10 GOP voters want.


Subject: Hillary Clinton: ‘Unborn Person’ Has No Constitutional Rights

Hillary Clinton said Sunday that an “unborn person” has no constitutional rights, although she added that there is room under the law for “reasonable restrictions” on abortion.

Asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd “when or if” an unborn child enjoyed protections under the Constitution, the former secretary of state said, “Well, under our laws currently, that is not something that exists.”

“The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” said Ms. Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“Now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t do everything we possibly can in the vast majority of instances to help a mother who is carrying a child and wants to make sure that child will be healthy, to have appropriate medical support,” she said.


Big Pharma Is Pushing Drugs You Don't Need For Disorders You Don't Have

One evening in the late summer of 2015, Lisa Schwartz was watching television at her Vermont home when an ad for a sleeping pill called Belsomra appeared on the screen. Schwartz, a longtime professor at Dartmouth Medical College, usually muted commercials, but she watched this one closely: a 90-second spot featuring a young woman and two slightly cute, slightly creepy fuzzy animals in the shape of the words “sleep” and “wake.”

Schwartz had a reason to be curious about this particular ad. Two years earlier, she had been a member of the advisory panel that reviewed Belsomra for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration—and the process had not gone well for the manufacturer, Merck. The company saw its new drug as a major innovation, emphasizing that the medication acted on an entirely different mechanism within the brain than the previous generation of insomnia medicines like Ambien and Lunesta. During the drug’s development, Merck had suggested that it could treat insomnia more effectively and produce fewer side effects than existing medications. In 2012, one Merck scientist described the science underlying Belsomra as a “sea change.”

But when Schwartz and her colleagues scrutinized data from the company’s own large-scale clinical trials, what they found was a lot less impressive. People taking Belsomra fell asleep, on average, only six minutes sooner than people taking a placebo and stayed asleep for a mere 16 minutes longer. Some test subjects experienced worrying side effects, like next-day drowsiness and temporary paralysis upon waking. For a number of people, these effects were so severe that the researchers halted their driving tests, fearing someone would get into an accident. Because of these safety concerns, the FDA ended up approving the drug at a lower starting dosage than the company had requested—a dosage so low that a Merck scientist admitted it was “ineffective.”


America’s million-doctor shortage is right around the corner

The doctor is disappearing in America.

And by most projections, it’s only going to get worse — the U.S. could lose as many as 1 million doctors by 2025, according to a Association of American Medical Colleges report.

Primary-care physicians will account for as much as one-third of that shortage, meaning the doctor you likely interact with most often is also becoming much more difficult to see.

Tasked with checkups and referring more complicated health problems to specialists, these doctors have the most consistent contact with a patient. But 65 million people live in what’s “essentially a primary-care desert,” said Phil Miller of the physician search firm Merritt Hawkins.

Without those doctors, our medical system is “putting out forest fires — just treating the patients when they get really sick,” said Dr. Richard Olds, the chief executive officer of the Caribbean medical school St. George’s University, who is attempting to use his institution’s resources to help alleviate the shortage.

Dr. Ramanathan Raju, CEO of public hospital system NYC Health + Hospitals, goes even further, saying the U.S. lacks a basic primary-care system. “I think we really killed primary care in this country,” said Raju. “It needs to be addressed yesterday.”


New Study Finds Democrats Fully to Blame for Subprime Mortgage Crisis

In his early activist days, Barack Obama the community organizer sued banks to ease lending practices.

State Sen. Barack Obama and Fr. Michael Pfleger led a protest against the payday loan industry demanding the State of Illinois to regulate loan businesses in January 2000. During his time as a community organizer Barack Obama led several protests against banks to make loans to high risk individuals. (NBC 5 Week of January 3, 2000)

Here’s something that won’t get any play in the liberal media…
A new study by the respected National Bureau of Economic Research found that Democrats are to blame for the subprime mortgage crisis.
Investor’s Business Daily reported:


Obama’s Clean Power Plan and EPA’s Emissions Rules Negatively Impact Indian Territory

Much debate and controversy surrounds the historic treatment of Native American communities by the U.S. Government. There exists many federal programs specifically aimed at helping tribal communities. Certainly government policies and programs should not hurt them. However, the Administration’s new carbon emission reduction regulation does just that.

Although the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed a temporary reprieve to the states by granting a stay of Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed controversial carbon emissions rule, there is no doubt that as written, the president’s so-called Clean Power Plan impacts low and middle income communities the most, and especially singles out certain Indian nations.

The EPA has gone as far as to issue a supplemental proposal to address carbon emissions from the four electric generating stations located on Indian lands. These plants produce low cost electricity for sale into the grid, as well as, provide well-paying jobs for tribal communities. In the case of the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) in Arizona, the plant was established specifically to pump water from the Colorado River, under an existing water rights settlement, to areas on and off the reservation. Additionally, the NGS utilizes coal mined on the reservation.

Unfortunately, the Navajo Nation, like too many other tribal communities, is plagued by significant economic challenges. The lack of jobs, high unemployment, and limited opportunities hurt the young and old alike. The EPA’s actions will directly impact one of the tribe’s most significant employers, and will have an economic ripple affect across the reservation.

Arizona State Sen. Carlyle Begay, a Navajo recently said, “The Navajo Nation’s unemployment rate is over 50 percent. Currently, revenue from coal represents 60 percent of the Navajo Nation’s general funds and operating budget.

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Subject: 'Political Tug of War' Over Courts Going On in States Across Nation

A "political tug of war" is taking place around the country, with conservative lawmakers hoping to reshape state courts to be more accountable to a right-leaning public, the New York Times reports.

In one of the highest-profile battles, a GOP-controlled Senate in Kansas passed a bill last month to authorize impeachment of justices if their decisions "usurp" the power of other branches, the Times reports.

"If you’re going to make political rulings, then you should be politically accountable," explained the bill sponsor, state Sen. Dennis Pyle.

And in November, conservatives hope to remake the seven-member Supreme Court in Kansas by unseating four justices regarded as too moderate or liberal, the Times reports.

But the conflict is erupting in many of the 38 states where justices are either directly elected or face periodic retention elections.


North Carolina's Bathroom Wars

The North Carolina legislature is under immense scrutiny for overruling a Charlotte city ordinance that, come April 1, would have forced businesses to give transgender people special admission privileges in selecting dressing and restroom facilities. Talk about an April Fools' joke.

Predictably, the Leftmedia’s bias is showing. According to CBS News, “The law Republican Gov. Pat McCrory signed last week requires people to use multi-stall bathrooms that match their birth certificates at state agencies, schools and universities, even if that means forcing transgender people with heavy beards to use women’s rooms and putting people with feminine appearances in men’s rooms.” Quite frankly, this isn’t about placating the demands of “transgender people with heavy beards” or “people with feminine appearances.” It’s about protecting the wellbeing of otherwise healthy children. Besides, the law doesn’t say a man who undergoes surgery to remove his manhood can’t change his birth certificate.

That America is even having this debate is absurd, but even more fatuous is the angst it’s giving so-called LGBT pacifiers.

We begin with North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper, who announced he intends not to honor the law and, in fact, to refuse to defend it against any challenge. According to Cooper, “Not only is this new law a national embarrassment, it will set North Carolina’s economy back if we don’t repeal it.”

That prompted Gov. McCrory to fire back, “When you are the state’s lawyer, you are a lawyer first and a politician second.."

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Subject: A Video Message From Dr. Ben Carson

The MyFaithVotes team Is committed to inspiring and motivating Jesus followers to vote. Together, we are millions strong. Together, we want to be known for the impact of our collective faith on our nation. Because our faith matters.

Less than two weeks ago, the MyFaithVotes leadership team met with our Honorary National Chairman, Dr. Ben Carson, in Florida for a strategic planning session. At the end of the day, Dr. Carson took a couple of minutes to record an exclusive message for all of you..

The “60-Day Campaign” leading up to the election will be a full-throttle, massive grassroots effort sweeping the country.

Watch the video here

Subject: Audiences Are Once Again Flocking to Faith-Based Films

“When it comes to box office returns, God is good and only getting better.”

That’s the conclusion of Bloomberg Businessweek reporter David Walters, who recently posted an article about the new popularity of Christian films.

Walters reports that "faith-based" films are experiencing a resurgence after a fallow period of several decades. Movies like “The 10 Commandments” and “Ben-Hur” were hugely popular in the 1950s – “The 10 Commandments” is, adjusted for inflation, the sixth-highest grossing domestic movie of all time - but interest in the genre cooled off until Mel Gibson’s 2004 “The Passion of the Christ,” which grossed over $600 million on a $30 million budget.

Walters observes that in 2016 a new crop of Christian films such as “Miracles from Heaven” and “Risen” are doing well at the box office...

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WH: Iran is Complying With Nuclear Deal; Ballistic Missiles Are a ‘Separate’ Issue

( – The White House reiterated Thursday that Iran is complying with the terms of the nuclear deal, stressing that its ballistic missile launches are a “separate” issue.

But in saying that, U.S. deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes also argued that the nuclear deal was important since an ability to “marry” nuclear and missile technology would present “the most dangerous situation” for the U.S. and its allies.

“Thus far we have seen Iran meet its major commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” Rhodes told a press briefing focused on the administration’s nuclear security summit. The JCPOA is the nuclear agreement concluded with Tehran last summer.

Asked whether he referred to “major commitments” intentionally, so leaving “a little wiggle room” to allow for concerns relating to the missile launches, Rhodes disagreed.

“No, Iran has complied with the JCPOA,” he said, outlining key steps it has taken to limit its nuclear activities in line with the accord.

“We do believe that they are complying with the JCPOA,” Rhodes repeated. “The ballistic missile launches – um, you know, this is a nuclear deal. And we’ve always been very clear that the JCPOA is about rolling back and constraining Iran’s nuclear program.”

“We were also clear that they were going to continue to be engaged in behavior that we found counterproductive – ballistic missiles, support for terrorism, destabilizing activities in the region. That’s not the nuclear deal. It’s a separate set of issues on which we have the ability to respond.”

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Russia Doubling Nuclear Warheads

New multiple-warhead missiles to break arms treaty limit

Russia is doubling the number of its strategic nuclear warheads on new missiles by deploying multiple reentry vehicles that have put Moscow over the limit set by the New START arms treaty, according to Pentagon officials.

A recent intelligence assessment of the Russian strategic warhead buildup shows that the increase is the result of the addition of multiple, independently targetable reentry vehicles, or MIRVs, on recently deployed road-mobile SS-27 and submarine-launched SS-N-32 missiles, said officials familiar with reports of the buildup.

“The Russians are doubling their warhead output,” said one official. “They will be exceeding the New START [arms treaty] levels because of MIRVing these new systems.”

The 2010 treaty requires the United States and Russia to reduce deployed warheads to 1,550 warheads by February 2018.


MUST SEE VIDEO: Highlights the PC Nightmare at this Top University

This week, Fox News host Megyn Kelly was joined by a Harvard University student who outlined just how bad it is at America's top university. Harvard, once the tallest of America's ivory towers, where America's best and brightest gathered together to debate the most controversial ideas, both old and new, has adapted the intellectual diversity of Mao's Cultural Revolution, where opposing viewpoints are silenced in the name of student mental health- often by the students themselves.

Source: American Action News

How This School is Honoring a Conservative Legend

Antonin Scalia was a lion of liberty, a deeply religious man, and a champion of the Constitution and its original intent. Scalia fundamentally transformed the court, forever changing the way cases are interpreted and offering blistering dissent in cases where the liberal majority betrayed that standard. His recent passing left a void on the court that may never truly be filled. Now, one law school is conferring upon him the honor he truly deserves:

George Mason University has announced it will rename its law school after the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. This stands in stark contrast to Georgetown Law Center, which sadly was embroiled in controversy over whether to even mourn the passing of this conservative legal icon. As an alumna of George Mason Law, I am proud that my school will bear the name of and carry on the legacy of a great man and exemplary judge.

Scalia will be remembered among the handful of justices who made a lasting impact on the law, such as the Great Chief Justice John Marshall, whose leadership of the Supreme Court in its early years truly made it a co-equal branch of government with Congress and the president, and Justice Joseph Story, whose Commentaries on the Constitution inform the way we think about constitutional principles to this day.

This is a great honor for the late Justice's family, and those who would follow the example he set on the court, but it's only the beginning. It now falls on congressional Republicans to honor his legacy by ensuring that someone who shares his commitment to the constitution is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Source: AAN

CRIME: Assault 1st Degree, Reckless Endangerment

LOCATION: Pocomoke, Worcester County, Maryland

CRIME: Assault 1st Degree, Reckless Endangerment

ACCUSED: Larry Francis Ward

CHARGES: Assault 1st Degree, Reckless Endangerment

NARRATIVE: On Monday, April 4, 2016, two land surveyors went to Larry Ward’s front door for the purpose of asking his permission to use a road on his property. The surveyors wished to gain a more direct access to a piece of wooded property adjacent to Wards.

After the surveyors knocked on Wards door, he came out of the residence holding a revolver. Ward pointed the revolver at the head of one of the surveyors and yelled for them to get off of his property.

The two surveyors got into their vehicle and began to drive off of Wards property. As they were leaving, Ward fired two shots into the air.

The surveyors subsequently made contact with Deputies from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office who responded to Wards residence. Ward was uncooperative with the deputies and was placed under arrest.

Detectives from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office were contacted and a search warrant was executed on Wards property. A revolver with two fired casings was recovered from the area by Wards front door.

Ward was charged with Assault 1st Degree and Reckless Endangerment. He was taken before a District Court Commissioner who released him on a $50,000 unsecured bond.

This Campaign is Coming Apart at the Seams

Hillary Clinton did everything she could to ensure a clear path to the nomination. The DNC did everything they could to help her, scheduling debates at odd hours when no one would be watching and looking the other way as superdelegates disregarded the will of voters in pro Bernie Sanders states and sided with the establishment favorite. Still, it hasn't been enough to make up for Hillary Clinton's obvious lack of a moral compass and a human personality, and it appears the candidate is starting to panic. As the Washington Examiner notes:

Hillary Clinton snapped at a Greenpeace protester. She linked Bernie Sanders and tea party Republicans. And she bristled with anger when nearly two dozen Sanders supporters marched out of an event near her home outside New York City, shouting "if she wins, we lose."

"They don't want to listen to anyone else," she shot back. "We actually have to do something. Not just complain about what is happening."

After a year of campaigning, months of debates and 35 primary elections, Sanders is finally getting under Clinton's skin in the Democratic presidential race.

Clinton has spent weeks largely ignoring Sanders and trying to focus on Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Now, after several primary losses and with a tough fight in New York on the horizon, Clinton is showing flashes of frustration with the Vermont senator — irritation that could undermine her efforts to unite the party around her candidacy.

According to Democrats close to Hillary and former President Bill Clinton, both are frustrated by Sanders' ability to cast himself as above politics-as-usual even while firing off what they consider to be misleading attacks. The Clintons are even more annoyed that Sanders' approach seems to be rallying — and keeping — young voters by his side.

Many in the GOP contend that Trump is the only candidate who can beat Hillary, but that may not be necessary. Hillary may beat herself.

Source: AAN

This Conservative Will Support Trump as the Nominee

It appears one of the former candidates for president who signed the pledge to support the nominee is taking it seriously. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul:

Sen. Rand Paul on Friday said he would support Donald Trump if he becomes the Republican presidential nominee, but he's not going to endorse any of the three remaining candidates in the race while the primary season is still going on.

"I think we never get the candidate we exactly want, unless you're the candidate," the Kentucky Republican told The Cincinnati Enquirer on Friday during a press conference held during a visit back home.
Trump and rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich have backed out of earlier pledges to support the eventual GOP presidential nominee, but Paul, who ended his own campaign for the White House in early February, said Friday any Republican will be a better choice than Hillary Clinton.

"Think about it from this perspective," Paul said. "I'm from Kentucky, and Hillary Clinton recently said she would put coal miners out of business, and she would put coal companies out of business."

Paul echoes the concern of many Americans here. Trump might not be the ideal candidate for many Americans, but neither is Hillary Clinton. Those outside of Washington whose lives will be materially altered by a liberal economic agenda don't have the luxury of being petty.

Source: AAN

Crane Crashes In High Winds In Ocean City Over Weekend

Feeling the Bern? You'll Want to Read This First

Bernie Sanders has made an unexpectedly strong challenge to Hillary Clinton by promising to create a European style “socialist” state in the United States. Sanders raised at least $40 million in the month of March even though he largely doesn’t have a chance.

Sanders vision of a larger government with expanded social programs certainly has an undeniable appeal to millions of Americans. However, before they “feel the Bern”, they should know that there are some trade offs.

Daniel Mitchell of the Cato Institute writing at the blog of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) says that Americans enjoy a much higher standard of living than Europeans. In fact, the wealthiest European country, Germany, enjoys a lower standard of living than 38 American states.

Here’s what Mitchell says is holding Europe back:

I’m simply making the modest — yet important — argument that Europeans would be more prosperous if the fiscal burden of government wasn’t so onerous. And I’m debunking the argument that we should copy nations such as Denmark by allowing a larger government in the United States (though I do want to copy Danish policies in other areas, which generally are more pro-economic liberty than what we have in America).

Mitchell also makes a comparison between Europe resource poor city-states such as Hong Kong and Singapore, both of which are wealthier than the United States.

Long-run growth matters. Hong Kong and Singapore, for instance, used to be poor jurisdictions. But free markets and small government have produced decades of strong growth, and now these places are among the richest places on the planet. Richer not only than Europe, but even more prosperous than the United States.

It’s not all bad for Europe. Mitchell actually praises some Scandinavian economic policies as more pro free market than the United States. However, he also notes that Scandinavians living in the U.S. do much better economically than their compatriots back home.

Before you “feel the Bern”, realize that it could make you more poorer in the long run.

Source: AAN

How Obama is Endangering America

Last week, the nation's largest border patrol agent union endorsed Donald Trump, a nearly unprecedented move for the agency. This week, we may be learning why. It turns out Barack Obama is actively undermining them:

Officials last week spoke up about the Obama administration’s so-called “catch and release” policies blamed for hindering Border Patrol operations and encouraging illegal crossers from coming into the United States.

A recent letter from the National Border Patrol Council states a high-ranking member of the Obama administration confirmed to Border Patrol agents they have no intention of removing illegal border crossers that are being released with an order to appear in court.

Brandon Judd, president of the American Federation of Government Employees National Border Patrol Council, states in the letter published on March 21 he and two other Border Patrol agents met with Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to discuss concerns about the administration’s policy of releasing illegal crossers into the United States.

During the meeting, which took place on August 26, 2015, Mayorkas confirmed to the agents that the administration has no intention of removing immigrants coming across the border illegally as part of the ongoing surge, according to the letter.

“Why would we NTA [issue a Notice to Appear to] those we have no intention of deporting?” said Mayorkas, according to the letter. “We should not place someone in deportation proceedings, when the courts already have a 3-6 year backlog.”

Obama's foreign policy has been disastrous, but that's a matter of perspective and PC politics. The president is empowered to negotiate treaties, good and bad. That's the consequence of elections. But by arbitrarily choosing to disregard the laws he disagrees with, he transforms a country governed by laws to a country governed by the whims of men. Worse, he's doing it to further the interest of foreigners who have shown little regard for our laws, at the expense of Americans whose safety is now compromised.

Source: AAN


On April 4, 2016, Shaquan Wallace, age 20, of Salisbury, pleaded guilty to Murder 1st Degree before a Wicomico County Court. An investigation conducted by the Maryland State Police Homicide Division and the Salisbury Police Department revealed that on May 17, 2015, Wallace, along with a codefendant, committed a home invasion in the area of Bryn Mawr Drive. During the course of that home invasion, Wallace shot and killed James Skinner, a resident of the home. Wallace made statements to a witness, which were recorded by law enforcement, admitting his involvement as the shooter.

Wallace was sentenced by a Circuit Court Judge to life in prison, suspend all but an active period of incarceration of 50 years. Wallace is currently serving a sentence for a violation of probation, and his sentence in the 1st Degree Murder will be consecutive. Wallace received no credit for time served.

Wicomico County State’s Attorney, Matthew A. Maciarello, commended the Maryland State Police Homicide Division, Det/Sgt. Chasity Blades and Det/Sgt. Kyle Clark, as well as the Salisbury City Police Department, Det. Ryan Brittingham and Det. J. Miller, for their work in the investigation and prosecution of this case. Mr. Maciarello also thanked Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Kristen Schultz and Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Karen Dean who prosecuted the case.

Breaking News From A Viewer: Tower/Antenna Falls In Fruitland

Here is pictures of tower/antenna fell in Fruitland at Camden Ave. Police and fire on scene now. The antenna fell onto the power line.

Hillary Clinton's Extreme Views on This Issue

Hillary Clinton wants to pretend that she doesn't have radical abortion views that are way outside of the American mainstream. For the most part, the media has given her a free pass. Today that changed. On Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd asked her point blank. Do the unborn have constitutional rights? Watch as Clinton simultaneously refers to children in the womb as "children" and then denies their right to exist until the moment they're born.

Source: AAN

What's Got the Clinton Camp Spooked?

Hillary Clinton's top aide is terrified of what's in Hillary's email:

Huma Abedin, perhaps Hillary Clinton's closest aide and a former State Department official, says it’s "terrifying" to her to think what may be in the State Department emails that haven't been released yet.

"It’s something I can’t really think about, but I can’t even imagine what’s in those emails," Abedin said in an interview with the podcast "Call Your Girlfriend." "I would probably be mortified. I have no idea. I haven’t read any of them." The story was first reported by The Hill.
Tens of thousands of Clinton’s emails have been released so far, including many messages to and from her aides. The releases came after it was discovered Clinton had used a private email address and server during her tenure as secretary of State.

What enraged many is that FOIA requests by newspapers and other organizations were being routinely dismissed because department officials themselves didn't realize they they weren't seeing all of her emails. The FBI is currently investigating.

This is unsurprising. Abedin's last encounter with an internet scandal centered around her husband sending naked pictures to strange women, and rumors abound about both her national security credentials and her relationship with Clinton.

Source: AAN

This State Could Make All the Difference For Trump

The first meaningful 2016 New York presidential poll was released yesterday, providing us insight as to what may happen in the state’s April 19th Democratic and Republican primaries. 

Quinnipiac University conducted a survey of likely New York primary voters (3/22-29; 1,667 NY registered voters; 693 likely Democratic primary voters; 457 likely Republican primary voters) and rather unsurprisingly finds Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump leading their respective party primaries. 

For Ms. Clinton, who was twice elected as one of New York’s US Senators (2000; 2006), the Q-Poll forecasts her holding a 54-42% lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I/D-VT). If anything, this advantage is smaller than one might have guessed, but the margin is substantial enough to put the state out of reach for Sanders. 

The segmentation cells that brings the Vermont Senator even within 12 points of Ms. Clinton are those who identify themselves as being “very liberal” (Sanders leads within this group, 57-43%), and men (Sanders up 49-46%). 

New York has 291 Democratic delegates, 44 of whom are Super Delegates. With a first place finish, and her continued dominance in the Super Delegate category, Ms. Clinton will likely capture close to 175 delegates, which will likely put her within 450 or so votes of clinching the nomination with 19 states and territories remaining to vote. If these projections prove accurate for New York, and Wisconsin on April 5th, the former Secretary of State, US Senator, and First Lady will need approximately 27% of the remaining delegates votes to become the Democratic presidential nominee and advance to the general election. 

On the Republican side, the Q-Poll posts Mr. Trump to a substantial 56-20-19% lead over Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Gov. John Kasich (R-OH). But, the New York Republican delegate apportionment formula is very complicated. 

TheChalkening: American Campuses Covered With Pro-Trump Chalk

College campuses across the United States were hit by a wave of pro-Donald Trump chalk over the weekend, in a political stunt that was quickly deemed “The Chalkening.”

The campaign, which was planned online by various Trump supporters, is inspired by events at Emory University, where statements supporting Trump’s presidential campaign were scrawled in chalk around campus. The chalk messages deeply upset some students, who claimed the (non-violent) messages made them feel unsafe, and led to demands that Emory administrators denounce Trump supporters. Similar incidents later occurred at the University of Michigan and the University of California, Santa Barbara, where chalk in favor of Trump, building a border wall, and halting Muslim immigration resulted in calls for a police investigation, administrative crackdown and more.

If the goal of critics was to halt pro-Trump chalkings, they have failed spectacularly. Starting April 1, Trump supporters began scrawling chalk drawings in support of Trump and his message all over the country, primarily on college campuses.

Photos of chalkings or similar decorations were quickly shared on social media:


[Related: Michigan students call police over ‘Trump 2016’ sidewalk chalk ‘hate speech’]

Hospitals Are Hackers’ Biggest New Target

The cyber-attack on MedStar Health — one of the biggest health-care systems in the Washington region — is a foreboding sign that an industry racing to digitize patient records and services faces a new kind of security threat that it is ill-prepared to handle, security experts and hospital officials say.

For years, hospitals and the health care industry have been focused on keeping patient data from falling into the wrong hands. But the recent attacks at MedStar and other hospitals across the country highlight an even more frightening downside of security breaches: As hospitals have become dependent on electronic systems to coordinate care, communicate critical health data and avoid medication errors, patients’ well-being may also be at stake when hackers strike.

Hospitals are used to chasing the latest medical innovations, but they are rapidly learning that caring for sick people also means protecting their medical records and technology systems against hackers. An industry that has traditionally spent a small fraction of its budget on cyberdefense is finding it must also teach doctors and nurses not to click on suspicious links and shore up its technical systems against hackers armed with an ever-evolving set of tools.


Ted Cruz May Be in DC Madam's Black Book

Growing Islamist Threat Feeds as Much on Multiculturalism as on Obama’s Neutrality

Every sign points to an aggressive escalation of ISIS-inspired violence against European cities and American citizens, not to mention the American homeland, yet President Barack Obama sees “no existential threat” from radical Islam.

He apparently has bigger worries, such as how to close Gitmo and shut down the FBI investigation of his chosen successor.

This week, the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Pete Hoekstra, and the director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Steve Emerson, published a dire warning. However we may define “existential threat,” our nation is in great danger from the combination of the global reach of the jihadists’ murderous capabilities and the lack of any plan or strategy to defend against those escalating threats.

Another security expert warns that ISIS is seeking nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, and nothing is “off the table” for them.

A bill in Congress to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization has fewer than 100 sponsors and is deemed too controversial by Republican leaders.

More here

Based on Current Situation, Ted Cruz Will Be Knocked Out of Race By April 26th

Based on current delegate counts and poll numbers Ted Cruz will be mathematically unable to reach the delegate count required for him to win the Republican Presidential nomination.

By the end April it will be clear that Ted Cruz has no chance of reaching the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination.

Actually in only 3 weeks, on April 26th, it will be clear that Ted Cruz cannot win.

Democrat Senate Candidate Again Under Fire for Misleading Voters

Ted Strickland, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio, is again under scrutiny for allegedly misleading voters on his policy positions.

The competing campaign of incumbent Sen. Rob Portman (R.) accused Strickland, former governor of Ohio, of spreading a false narrative about his stance on trade with China. Throughout his campaign, Strickland has been criticized by individuals in both parties for flip-flopping and misleading voters on issues.

A web advertisement released by the Strickland campaign Thursday criticizes Portman for voting for the continuation of normal trade relations between the United States and China as a congressman in July 1999. The video specifically hits Portman for voting to give “Most Favored Nation” status to China and accuses him of “selling out” Ohio.

The advertisement does not mention that Strickland, who served in Congress in the 1990s and 2000s, voted against revoking “Most Favored Nation” status for China in July 1993 and August 1994.

The Portman campaign characterized the new video as “dishonest” and “misleading.”

“Ted Strickland’s dishonest and misleading Web video can’t hide the fact that in Congress he voted twice against revoking China’s Most Favored Nation status,” Portman campaign spokeswoman Michawn Rich said in a statement. “Rob Portman is the only candidate in this race who has stood up to China—even opposing his own party to stop China’s currency manipulation and protecting Ohio jobs when China cheats.”


Subject: NYPD's Bratton: Obama's Plan to Slash NYC Counter-terror Funding 'Mind-Boggling'

New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton criticized President Barack Obama over his proposed 50 percent cut in federal counter-terror funding, calling it "mind-boggling."

New York City remains committed to the counter-terrorism effort, Bratton said Sunday on "The Cats Roundtable" on AM 970 in New York. h1 The force has added 2,000 total officers, allowing for the creation of a 550-member counter-terrorism unit with 800 more trained and equipped in crowd control.

That, Bratton told host John Catsimatidis, enabled him to quickly deploy hundreds of officers into the subway system after the recent Brussels attacks.

But Bratton's current concern is the White House's intention of cutting counter-terrorism money by almost $200 million.

"It makes no sense," he said. "It's mind-boggling that we have to fight with our own government to get money to protect our cities, particularly when cities around the world are being attacked."

Still he said he is optimistic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and others will succeed in efforts to restore the funding.


Police Investigate Man For ‘Revenge Fart’ After Woman Rejected Sexual Advances

A man has been reported to police for emitting what has been described as a “revenge fart” after a woman refused to have sex with him.

The frustrated lothario resorted to employing his putrid “revenge fart” in a woman’s private apartment on Sunday, reports Swedish regional newspaper Hallandsposten.

The pair had discussed having sex, but after the woman exercised her right to say no her potential lover let rip with a cloud of noxious gas.

The victim of the gassy blast has not been named but told police she was so disgusted by the rancid odour — which she said “smelled very bad in my flat” — that it actually “disturbed her peace of mind”..


How Votes For Trump Could Become Delegates for Someone Else

The rules for how Republican delegates are selected — which differ in every state — could end up turning votes for one candidate into delegates who will support another candidate at the convention.

When voters cast ballots in the presidential primaries, they are really voting for delegates.

Those delegates, in turn, are the actual people who will vote on the party’s nominee at the summer convention.

But delegates might not personally
support the candidate that voters picked.

In a few states, candidates pick their delegates outright, but in most cases they have less control. Many delegates are elected by party members at local and state conventions. The candidates often conduct parallel campaigns to get their supporters named as delegates.

Here are examples of the variety of methods for selecting delegates used in different states. In fact, many states use two or more methods.


Cruz: Abolish Dept of Education, Block-Grant Money to States, End Common Core, Allow School Choice

( – In response to a question about how to help U.S. companies find “talented and qualified” employees for growing companies, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said one place to start is education reform, by getting the federal government out of it, abolishing the Department of Education, block-granting money to the states, ending Common Core, and allowing more school choice.

“Now, in terms of getting new and able workers, we need to do several things,” said Sen. Cruz during CNN’s town hall program in Wisconsin on Tuesday evening. “Number one, we need to reform education. You know, the step to having well-trained workers is having a strong education program.”

“And if you look at education right now, number one, I think the federal government needs to get the heck out of it,” he said.

“It's one of the reasons I promised on the very first day in office that I'm going to direct the Department of Education that Common Core ends that day,” said the senator.

Cruz continued, “And I think what we ought to be doing is abolishing the federal Department of Education and block-granting that money to send it back to Wisconsin. I think the people of Wisconsin know much better what to do with that money.”

“And part of that money, I think, should be directed at school choice programs, and allowing people who are trapped in failing schools to have the option of going to private schools, going to parochial schools, injecting competition in failing schools to empower parents and empower students,” he said.

“I think school choice is the civil rights issue of the 21st Century,” Cruz added.


Governor Larry Hogan Signs Three Bills Into Law

Governor Enacts New Child Benefits Measure in Honor of
Harford County Deputy Sheriffs Dailey and Logsdon, and Administration-Backed Laws to Strengthen Environmental Protections

Governor Larry Hogan was today joined by Senate President Mike Miller and Speaker of the House Michael Busch for a bill signing ceremony at the State House in Annapolis. The Harford County Deputy Sheriffs Dailey and Logsdon Benefits Memorial Act was signed, which increases the maximum age that children of law enforcement officers who die in the line of duty are eligible to receive state pension death benefits.

"Marylanders were incredibly saddened by the tragic loss of two of our heroes - Harford County Sheriff's Deputies Pat Dailey and Mark Logsdon," said Governor Hogan. "Our state owes families like theirs a tremendous debt, and providing these extended benefits is one small way that we can honor their sacrifice."

Additionally SB 324, the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act, was signed, which requires Maryland to reduce statewide gas emissions by 40 percent from 2006 levels by 2030. This bipartisan legislation, which was supported by the Maryland Departments of the Environment, Agriculture, and Natural Resources, is based on a recommendation of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change and enhances the 2009 Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Act. This law is expected to help create and maintain tens of thousands of jobs and represents a balanced, science-based approach to reduce carbon pollution.

HB 462 was also signed, fulfilling Governor Hogan’s commitment to restore funding for Program Open Space. This legislation returns $60 million over the next two fiscal years to this nationally renowned preservation program. In addition to helping fund parks and conversation projects throughout the state, the bill also strengthens the program by increasing the annual Program Open Space funding for Baltimore City to $6 million, and creates a repayment plan to restore funds that had been transferred into the general fund by previous administrations.

"These important pieces of legislation will have a profound impact on preserving our environment, while creating jobs and protecting our business community," said Governor Hogan. "I want to thank both the Senate and House for supporting our initiatives."

A copy of the bills signed today is attached.


Senators Want More Money for Campus Sex Police

Several Democratic senators are requesting additional funds for the Education Department to continue policing the sex lives of college students.

Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, Tim Kaine, Claire McCaskill and Mark Warner have written a letter calling for increased funding for the Department's Office for Civil Rights, which has been investigating schools for alleged violations of the anti-sex discrimination law known as Title IX. The senators are requesting a budget of $137.7 million for OCR. Last year, the office's budget was $100 million, which means the senators are asking for a nearly 30 percent increase in funding for this one department.

Here's how we got to this point, put as simply as possible: In 2011, OCR sent out a "Dear Colleague" letter that vastly expanded the definition of Title IX and what schools needed to do in order to comply with the statute. Because of the broadening of the statute, schools have been accused of violating students' rights under Title IX and have come under investigation by OCR. Now OCR is requesting more money to investigate these schools because it has become overwhelmed.

The "Dear Colleague" letter sent by OCR in 2011 did not go through the required notice-and-comment period that past letters had gone through. This prompted Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., to demand that OCR justify its overreach. OCR failed to do so to Lankford's liking.

Why does this matter? Because it means OCR expanded its own responsibilities — it wasn't Congress or anyone else who gave it these responsibilities.

Put another way: OCR expanded its own responsibilities and now wants more money to carry out those responsibilities.


Uh-Oh! Cruzbots And Trump-Haters, You Are Not Going To Like This! Our Favorite Polling Source Has Surveyed Nearly 50,000 Likely Wisconsin Voters And Discovered….

If you are a committed Trump-hating Cruzbot, you may want to leave the room for a minute. This is just going to make you cry like a baby.

The lamestream media has been doing all it can to pull the plug on Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations. Relying on recent Wisconsin polling from Trump-hating Fox Business and Marquette University in Wisconsin, showing Canadian Cruz with a 10-point advantage in the Badger State, the clamor from the usual media suspects has been deafening: “Trump In Trouble!” “Trump Nosediving!” “Wisconsin Hates Trump!” “Trump Is Finished!”

The Real Clear Politics poll they are relying on shows Cruz leading Trump in four different March 2016 polls, the total survey sample of which is less than 2,400.

Now, here’s what the REAL people of Wisconsin are saying. Among nearly 50,000 likely voters, surveyed by ISW (, likely Wisconsin voters were asked, “If the Presidential election were held today, which Republican party candidate would you vote for?” The Donald currently leads The Canadian by 13 points, 34% to 21%. Link…. Up-to-the-minute Wisconsin poll


Obama Legacy: Black Unemployment Still Twice as High as White Unemployment

While the economy added jobs and the national unemployment rate was relatively unchanged, the African American unemployment rate remained more than twice as high as the white unemployment rate and nearly double the national unemployment rate, according to Labor Department data released Friday.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the month of March the unemployment rate among African Americans was 9.0 percent, an increase of 0.2 percentage points over the month of February but a decrease of one percentage point compared to a year ago.

Among whites the unemployment rate was 4.3 percent during the month of March, the same as the prior two months and 0.4 percentage points lower than March 2015.

Asians experienced the lowest unemployment rate of any racial group analyzed by the BLS, with an employment rate of 4.0 percent — 0.2 percentage points higher than the month of February, and 0.8 percentage points higher than a year ago.

The unemployment rate for Hispanics was 5.6 percent.


Chicago Teachers Highest Paid Among Nation’s 50 Largest School Districts

CHICAGO – The Chicago Teachers Union, or CTU, on Feb. 1 rejected Chicago Public Schools’, or CPS’, contract offer, which would have provided salary increases for teachers but required that they contribute fully to their pensions.

Given CTU’s rejection of the contract – and the vitriol that CTU officials directed at CPS after the district’s Feb. 2 announcementof layoff plans and other cost-saving measures – the taxpayers who pay the teachers’ salaries and benefits should consider the teachers’ current pay. Chicagoans can ill afford another CTU contract that includes big pay raises – according to U.S. Census Bureau data, the median earnings of the Chicago taxpayers paying teachers’ salaries was $31,096 between 2009 and 2013. The median salary for a CPS teacher, on the other hand, is $78,910.

Chicago public school teachers are also well-compensated compared to their peers in other districts. A comparison among the 50 largest U.S. school districts reveals that Chicago teachers now rank among the top three highest-paid groups of teachers in each of the three categories of teacher pay measured by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

After five years on the job, CPS teachers with bachelor’s degrees earn $61,831, the highest salary among teachers in this category in all of the 50 largest school districts in the country. Philadelphia comes in second place at $60,202, and Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland finishes third at $54,202. New York City pays teachers in this category $53,329, and in Milwaukee, these teachers make $46,085; in the Baltimore City Public School System, these teachers make $47,950 (the eighth-highest.)

More here

Dog Stolen From A Veteran: UPDATE


Just wanted to alert you to the fact that some heartless idiot took an 8 month old male pit bull from a local disabled female veteran's yard off Pembroke Drive yesterday. She is needless to say heart broken that her baby Smoke was taken out of her yard. She served her country and contracted a terminal blood disease. In addition to fighting the disease, she has had to battle breast cancer, not once but twice, and has developed heart disease but keeps getting up everyday and working on completing her master's degree while working for the state as an unemployment insurance adjudication specialist. She has pictures of Smoke on her Facebook page under Toni Sturgis. I know you've posted lost and found dogs on the past and hope you can help Smoke return to his family.

WH Censors French President Saying ‘ISLAMIST Terrorism’

The White House website has censored a video of French Pres. Francois Hollande saying that “Islamist terrorism” is at the “roots of terrorism.”

The White House briefly pulled video of a press event on terrorism with Pres. Obama, and when it reappeared on the website and YouTube, the audio of Hollande’s translator goes silent, beginning with the words “Islamist terrorism,” then begins again at the end of his sentence.

Even the audio of Hollande saying the words “Islamist terrorism” in French have, apparently, been edited from the video.

According to the official White House transcript of Hollande’s remarks, Hollande refers to “Islamist terrorism.” The audio of the bold text in brackets is missing from the video – the only point in the video were the audio is absent:

“We are also making sure that between Europe and the United States there can be a very high level coordination.

“But we're also well aware that the roots of terrorism, [Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and in Iraq. We therefore have to act both in Syria and in Iraq, and this is what we're doing within the framework of the coalition.] And we note that Daesh is losing ground thanks to the strikes we've been able to launch with the coalition.”

More here (with video)

'Miss America': GOP Bigwig Alex Castellanos Claims House Speaker 'What Delegates Really Want

Highlights of an essay sent by long-time GOP consultant Alex Castellanos to his mailing list:

When Tides Recede at Conventions

Most convention goers, especially unbound delegates, are proud members of the GOP establishment. They want to avoid conflict that might destroy their party — and their votes will never be as valuable. If Donald Trump is only a handful or two short of the delegates he needs, it is in both in his interest and also the GOP’s to announce a done deal before the party starts in Ohio. If he’s close, Republican regulars will mount a serious effort to avoid a battle on the convention floor.

However, if Mr. Trump is one hundred or more votes away from the nomination, it is unlikely he can find the delegates to get the ball in the end zone on the first ballot. He will turn the ball over on downs though nearly at the goal line. (OK, no more sports metaphors.) On the second ballot, he drops 200 or 300 votes or more and starts bleeding. Ultimately, he bleeds to death on the convention floor — which you think would be good news for the candidate in second place, Senator, unless, of course, you’ve met Senator Ted Cruz.


Obamaphone Expands to Obama-Internet

Remember the Obamaphone?

“Everybody in Cleveland have got Obamaphone, keep Obama as president, you know?” said Michelle Dowery, an Obama supporter at a 2012 Mitt Romney event, which went viral at the time. “He gave us a phone, he’s going to do more. … You sign up, you on food stamps, you on Social Security, you got no income, you got disability.”

Mr. Obama has indeed done more.

The Federal Communications Commission agreed Thursday to expand the Obamaphone, dubbed the LifeLine Program, to include high-speed Internet access. By doing so, the cost of the program will increase by 50 percent, without any efforts to reduce spending elsewhere, or clamp down on the program’s waste, fraud and abuse.

“Failing a major change in direction, the FCC is preparing to massively expand the size and scope of the Lifeline Program without the necessary inclusion of a hard budget or financial constraints,” conservative FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly wrote in his blog on the commission’s website.

“Such irresponsible action will balloon a program plagued by waste, fraud, and abuse and result in higher phone bills for every American — including those already struggling in the current economy. In sum, it’s a recipe for disaster, and I can’t and won’t be part of it,” he said.

The Lifeline program currently, is rife with waste, fraud and abuse.

More here

Subject: False complaints against men: a weapon of the far left?

For many years, there has been a tendency to ridicule any attempt to claim that the radical left wing is connected with the gender movement and false allegations filed by women against men.

It seems, however, that two developments in the last two weeks lend credence to this very suspicion.

Journalist and TV-radio presenter Jacky Levy devoted his latest column in Israel Hayom to last week's Justice Ministry decision to change Prosecution Instruction 2.5, which had, for the last 12 years, effectively given a free pass to women who file false charges against men. The new version of the instruction makes it possible to file charges against women who file false charges, either in the course of divorce battles or in other situations.

Levy wrote that a new study by Dr. Yoav Mazeh, which was sponsored by the Kohelet Forum, found that between 30 and 70 percent of allegations of violence and sexual abuse of children filed during divorce procedures turned out to be false.

The Kohelet Forum is "a body with a right-wing agenda," added Levy. "They are the only ones who sought to find out the truth about false allegations. I'm not even asking what could possibly be the connection between the left/right debate and the matter of false allegations. But I have my own guesses, and they are connected to the entire matter of the myth of victimhood."


Mikhail Lesin’s Strange Death in U.S. Follows a Fall From Russia’s Elite

WASHINGTON — As happens sometimes with wealthy Russians, Mikhail Y. Lesin found his business and political fortunes in Vladimir Putin’s Russia crumbling. Once an influential player in Mr. Putin’s rise to power, he was abruptly dismissed from his position in the Kremlin’s powerful media apparatus. Perhaps sensing that things could get worse, he seemed to be preparing for a new life in America.

The trappings of a comfortable exile were already in place. He had created a corporation in Los Angeles to buy expensive homes. His son and daughter had lived there. Mr. Lesin, 57, traveled regularly to the United States with a new girlfriend, who gave birth in September.

“He finished his business in Russia, if you will, and was looking for another life,” said Sergei V. Aleksashenko, a former deputy of Russia’s central bank who moved to the United States after taking part in protests against Mr. Putin.

Instead, the new life abruptly came to an end.


Bike Week Lineup At Oasis

Friday (4/29):

11 AM - 3 PM:
The Real Deal Band (Former & Current members of Great Train Robbery) Southern Rock

4 PM - 8 PM:
Lime Green - Classic Rock N Roll

8 PM - Midnight:
BAR BINGO w/ DJ Last Call - $500 in PRIZES!

Music Trivia game mixed with BINGO! Hottest Bar Game across the Country!

Saturday (4/30):

11 AM - 3 PM
Clean Getaway - Country and Classic Rock

4 PM - 8 PM
POVERTY RIDGE! - - Not Your Mama's Classic Rock

Poverty Ridge has been featured in Fast Lane Biker Magazine
they have played Huge Bike events such as: Thunder Roads Bike Week in Hagerstown, MD, Free Riders Bash in Mt. Airy and the Gettysburg Bike Week in Gettysburg, Pa. Check them out on Facebook at: Poverty Ridge the Band.
(have attached the poverty ridge logo, along with logos from most of the other bands

8 PM - MIDNIGHT - Black Tide Rising - Classic Rock with an Edge

Sunday (5/1)

11 AM - 3 PM - Debbie Caldwell Band - Classic Rock & Country

Oasis Bar 'N' Grill
7539 Old Ocean City Road
Whaleyville, MD 21872

Clinton, Sanders begin to organize in Maryland

The Democratic candidates for president have started to ramp up their campaign operations in Maryland, scheduling a series of events for a late primary in a state that in other election years has been an afterthought.

The campaign of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has scheduled an event in Howard County on Sunday featuring Sen. Ben Cardin — the second such gathering in as many weeks.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign opened an office in Baltimore on Wednesday. And a campaign surrogate, the actor Kendrick Sampson, was set to speak at several meet-and-greet events in the city.

The candidates will compete in four states before Maryland's April 26 primary, including Wisconsin on Tuesday, where recent polling indicates Sanders has opened a small lead, and New York on April 19 — a state where Clinton, Sanders and Republican front-runnerDonald Trump can all claim a degree of home-state advantage.


Here is old age at its best

Larry and Bob, two friends, met in the park every day to feed the pigeons, watch the squirrels and discuss world problems.

One day Larry didn't show up. Bob didn't think much about it and figured maybe he had a cold or something.. But after Larry hadn't shown up for a week or so, Bob really got worried. However, since the only time they ever got together was at the park, Bob didn't know where Larry lived, so he was unable to find out what had happened to him.

A month had passed, and Bob figured he had seen the last of Larry, but one day, Bob approached the park and -- lo and behold -- there sat Larry! Bob was very excited and happy to see him and told him so. Then he said, ‘For crying out loud Larry, what in the world happened to you?

Larry replied, 'I have been in jail.'

'Jail!' cried Bob. What in the world for?'

'Well,' Larry said, 'you know Jane, that cute little blonde waitress at the coffee shop where I sometimes go?'

'Yeah,' said Bob, 'I remember her. What about her?

'Well, one day she filed rape charges against me; and, at 89 years old, I was so proud that when I got into court, I pleaded 'guilty'.

'The damn judge gave me 30 days for perjury’.

Hancock Fabrics retailer closing all stores

WASHINGTON — Hancock Fabrics is closing all 185 of its remaining stores after filing for bankruptcy earlier this year.

The chain attempted to save thousands of jobs by selling its remaining 185 stores, but was bought by Great American Group, a liquidator, in late March.

Hancock Fabrics has been struggling financially for several years. It has only posted profit once in the past nine years and has been hit with high operating costs, according to Business Wire. The company previously filed for bankruptcy in 2007, and closed 104 stores but re-emerged a year later.


Peeping Tom Cars

DUI Log for Press For Week 3/28/2016 Thru 4/3/2016

Name Hometown Date Time Age Location of Arrest Accident Yes or No?

Cierra M. Ceja Parsonsburg, MD 03/30/16 12:54 AM 21 Philidelphia Ave at Talbot St N

Tenille P. Williams Pittsville, MD 04/02/16 10:30 PM  40 346 at Oasis Bar and Grill Y

River's Edge A Proven Success In Salisbury

How can you deny this 
incredible piece of artwork!

Who Can Blame Them!

Salisbury Kid Figures Out How To Make More Than $15.00 An Hour

They'll Probably Get A Better Education Too

Welcome To PA

As Seen In "SBY"