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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maryland to reportedly abandon $125M ObamaCare exchange for new system

With just days to go before open enrollment ends on March 31, Maryland officials are reportedly planning to abandon its glitch-ridden ObamaCare website and replace the health exchange with technology from Connecticut’s marketplace.

The Washington Post reported late Friday that the board of the Maryland exchange will vote on changing the system that has cost at least $125.5 million at a meeting on Tuesday, the day after the end of the first enrollment period under ObamaCare.


SFD Calls For Service 3-30-14

  • Saturday March, 29 2014 @ 20:41:51Nature: SeizureCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday March, 29 2014 @ 18:13:10Nature: Pi AccidentCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday March, 29 2014 @ 18:12:01Nature: Pi AccidentCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday March, 29 2014 @ 18:06:24Nature: Pi AccidentCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday March, 29 2014 @ 18:00:06Nature: Unconscious SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Saturday March, 29 2014 @ 16:08:49Nature: Pi AccidentAddress: N Salisbury Blvd and salisbury Byp Salisbury, MD 21801

The Week In Review

The posts below with today's date were the most popular posts last week.

BREAKING NEWS: Shots Fired In Downtown Salisbury

A silver truck in Downtown Salisbury struck a Police Cruiser. Shots have been fired, we're told multiple shots, as many as 10 shots.

More to come very soon.


Ambulance just arriving. 

This information is coming LIVE.

Paramedics are now on the scene.

I have an eye witness on the scene who actually saw the shots being fired. 

The person who is down, (shot) is sitting down. We do not know if this is the suspect or the Police Officer, or just someone who was somehow involved as a victim of the shooting. 

Sheriffs Department is arriving on the scene. This is all happening around the back side of the Vernon Powell building. They are carting someone away on the stretcher and crime scene tape is going up. 
We're told a helicopter if hovering above the scene. The roads are all blocked off at this time. 

MSP Trooper injured after stakeout gone bad. 

We're told a suspect is still at large in the Winder Street area. We do not have details of the suspect. PLEASE STAY INDOORS AT THIS TIME. 

The suspect is still at large. We're told a "fleet" of K-9 Units are on their way from surrounding areas.

We've been told Salisbury University is on lockdown but there is nothing on their Facebook or Twitter page stating such.  

Edwin Lamont Fletcher 

Suspects vehicle is now on a rollback and being taken away.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are providing as much information as we can on this matter. Unfortunately there are some jackasses making comments that are NOT accurate or confirmed so please stick with what we publish HERE on the main page and we will keep you updated with confirmed information as the evening goes on. 

Believe me, I'm getting multiple calls from sources but it is not first hand information so I cannot publish it. Please be patient as we have been on top of this story well before anyone else. Thank You.More to come... 10:23 PM

U/D confirming officers were injured. officers did not sustain injuries related to gunfire & they will be treated & released. 10:51 PM





Law enforcement officers are actively searching for a suspect involved in assaulting an officer. The suspect was last observed in the area of Camden Ave and Ohio Ave, which is near the campus of Salisbury University. Members of the campus community are urged to avoid the area of Camden Ave and Ohio Ave. This is an on-going and dynamic situation, and the suspects location could change. Be attentive to your surroundings. 11:45 PM






Update: 3/27/2014 12:37 AM
Salisbury University Police have completed a sweep of campus buildings following a campus lockdown Wednesday evening. Students in academic buildings returned to their residence halls or cars under the watch of officers. No signs were discovered of an intruder following a violent off campus incident involving area law enforcement agencies. The campus lockdown, which is now over, was taken as a precautionary measure. Residence halls will remain locked through the night with officers on patrol. Allied police agencies are continuing their search off campus and the campus is not believed to be in any imminent danger. As always, the campus community is urged to be alert and report any suspicious activity to University Police. Unless otherwise notified, the campus will resume normal operations Thursday morning. University Police would like to thank all those who assisted in the evening lockdown, including students, faculty and staff.

Chief Edwin L. Lashley
Salisbury University Police Department

See Updated Press Release Below This Post.

Originally Posted at 8:20 PM 3-26-14


We've been told they are roping off the parking lot at the Bank of Delmarva on Eastern Shore Drive. State Police, City Police, K-9 Units are on the scene and it has been confirmed, they did get robbed. 

Originally posted at 3:09

Salisbury Police ‏

Armed Robbery Bank of Delmarva 900 blk Eastern Shore Dr. Suspect wearing army green jacket, blue Yankees cap. K-9 on scene & tracking

Salisbury Police ‏@SalisburyPD

U/D Photo of armed robbery suspect Bnk of Delmarva. Call crime Solvers 410-548-1776 w/tips

U/D Armed Robbery K-9 track ended close to bank building. Suspect not believed to be in the area. 


Last Nights NAACP Candidates Forum - Which Candidate Will Lead The Charge: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY, CRIME

Last night the NAACP sponsored a Candidates Forum that was held at the Chipman Center in Salisbury.  The forum was narrated by Orville Penn and Mary Ashanti.  The House was packed with guest and candidates and the NAACP put on quite a show. 


Right out of the gate, Bobby Culver, the challenging Candidate for County Executive - took current County Executive Rick Pollitt to task on his proposed method to restoring fiscal stability to an already severely deteriorated Wicomico job market.  He differentiated himself from Pollitt by citing his vast business experience and entrepreneurial background - as a catalyst in helping to restore Wicomico to her former glory enjoyed in the 70s and 80s - when Wicomico had at least some manufacturing base.  Rick Pollitt - alluded to tight economic times and seemed to be optimistic and cited the recent Sage Group & Memo Diricker report that is soon to be released in the very near future.  Hopefully this specially assigned task force will help to offer some solutions to the current financial dilemma.

  • JOBS
There was virtual unanimity among all of the candidates that creation of jobs was their first priority.  One particular District 1 candidate - McKinley Hayward, cited that -'encouraging detached Housing should be a number 1 priority as opposed to multi-family dwellings.' -  He alluded to the need to foster individual residential Housing as this is one of the key industries needed to help Wicomico out of the doldrums.  (From this authors perspective - he seemed to turbo charge the audience with his economic enthusiasm) 

Another noteworthy observation - was current District 5 Councilman - Joe Holloway's warning that - 'something needs to be done to insure that the current business climate does not diminish that may jeopardize the poultry industry'.  (Author emphasis added - he seemed to weight-in heavily on the importance of maintaining a sound foundational ground for the existing poultry industries).  

Here was another topic whereby there was virtual unanimity on the seriousness of holding the Board of Education to a higher accountability standard.  Virtually all of the candidates seemed to indicate there was a need to invoke additional accountability safeguards as a result of the recent Board of Education audit conducted by the Maryland Legislative group.  Many suggestions were made to have an elected school board as opposed to an appointed school board. 

Many of the candidates expressed their concern for a rash of recent incidents - (shooting at the Maryland State Police Barracks & fugitive altercation incident on Main Street) - as further evidence that additional measures are needed to help insure public tranquility.  Wicomico County States Attorney Mat Maciarello - was also in attendance and there was a general concensus among many of the candidates that his Department was presently doing an outstanding job in trying to maintain public order.  

Here are the list of candidates that were in attendance at last nights event.  There are two candidates that were not in attendance, District One candidate - Marvin Ames and District Two candidate - Kirby Travers 

Wicomico County Executive Candidates
  • Richard Pollitt
  • Bob Culver
Wicomico County Council At Large Candidates
  • John Cannon
  • Matt Holloway
  • Laura Mitchell
  • Muir Boda
Wicomico County District Candidates

District One
  • Ernest Davis
  • McKinley Hayward
District Two 
  • Marc Kilmer
District Three
  • Joshua Hastings
  • Larry Dodd
  • Tom Taylor
District Four
  • John Hall
District Five
  • Ronald Pagano
  • Joe Holloway            

Florida Road Rage Caught On Tape, Crash Goes Viral

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla - A Tampa woman's iPhone video captures a man tailgating her and crashing his truck after he cuts her off.

The video dubbed "instant karma" has garnered more than 1.2 million hits and is making its way around the web.

It happened Monday afternoon on U.S. 41 just north of Gibsonton Drive.

Another Plant Closing In Salisbury?

Salisbury News has been informed another plant is closing. Standard register as of today.


The Salisbury Mall is being evacuated as we speak. We do not have the details as to why yet but we will keep you posted as soon as we hear more. 

UPDATE: We're told it's a bomb threat.

Salisbury Police ‏@SalisburyPD
Bomb threat investigation underway. Salisbury Mall being evacuated @ this time. SPD Command Post being established pking lot @ Gander Mt.

Salisbury Police ‏@SalisburyPD
U/D press is asked to stage near the SPD Mobile Command Center @ gander mt parking lot.

Salisbury Police ‏@SalisburyPD
U/D SBY Mall evacuation completed. Access roadways surrounding Mall have been closed to thru traffic. RT13 remains open.

Update: The City of Salisbury is delivering barricades to the site. 12:48 PM

Update: They are waiting for the FBI out of DC 1:02 PM

Update: 1:46 PM
Salisbury Police Department
U/D Mall remains closed as clearing process gets underway. Law enforcement personnel checking the property.

Salisbury Police Department
Exterior of mall as been checked and cleared. Police now checking interior of mall.

Originally Posted at 11:10 AM


(SALISBURY, MD) – As the search continues for the fugitive, police have obtained an additional warrant charging the suspect in connection with the assault on police in Wicomico County last night that occurred while he was fleeing an attempted arrest.

The suspect is identified as Edwin Fletcher, 31, whose last known address was in Salisbury, Md. Early today, police obtained an arrest warrant for Fletcher, charging him with multiple counts of first degree attempted murder, second degree attempted murder, first degree assault, second degree assault and related charges. This warrant is in addition to the felony drug warrant police were attempting to serve on him last night when the assaults occurred.

Further investigation has determined there were two Maryland state troopers and a Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office deputy in the car that was rammed and run over by Fletcher, who was driving a rented Dodge Ram pickup truck. All three police officers were injured. They were treated for their injuries at Peninsula Regional Medical Center and released early today. They are on leave while recovering from their injuries.


Good afternoon Joe,

I am writing about a terrible situation that I was put in last week due to an error WBOC made posting "closings" on Tuesday, March 18th.

On Tues, March 18th I had a court date for a traffic violation. As you know it snowed the day b/4 (Monday 3/17/14). I'm an early riser & my husband & I saw on the bottom of the screen for WBOC that District Court, Circuit Court and all Gov't offices were closed. It ran across the bottom for quite a while. I went upstairs and got ready for work... and off to work I went.

This past Friday (3/21/14) I went home for lunch. I got home for lunch & checked the mailbox & saw I had a letter from District Court. I opened it immediately to see when my court date had been rescheduled and to my was a notice that a bench warrant had been issued for my arrest for failure to show up for my court date!! I called District Court were I spoke with a very rude young lady (who did admit WBOC had made an error). I then called the District Attorney's office & was told "go out to Sheriff's Dept on Naylor Mill Rd and they will get it straightened out" My husband & I jumped right into the car and headed over there where they promptly ARRESTED ME!! Hands behind the back...I was booked!

As you can imagine I cried almost the entire time. My mug shot (looks like I am a drug addict because I was so scared & devastated. I was handcuffed to walls...put in a holding cell (2 hrs) and then later released on my own recognizance. It was beyond comprehension what had just happened to me. I cried until I threw up many, many times. I do realize the Police were doing their job but REALLY???

All because WBOC had made a mistake (it was from Monday & they forgot to delete it on Tues would I know that??). Apparently they were contacted by someone in the Court System that they had made an error. WBOC never announced their mistake nor did they put the correction at the bottom of the screen...they just took it off...and that was only after I had left for work I have spoken with numerous people who saw the same post that morning. I have sent WBOC an email which they have not responded to as of yet.

I was also told by a local lawyer (who advertises on that station) that it would be a waste of time & money. I would be told I should have called the court! WHAT?? How on earth is a person suppose to know that it was in error?? I was stopped in November and my license had expired. That I am guilty of. At that time I WAS NOT arrested but given a ticket, told I had to show up in court...and then I was sent on my way. YES driving on expired license.

This error on WBOC's part put me through hell. I'm a 57 yr old Mother of 3 who has never been arrested and now I have a mug shot floating all around the internet for anyone to see. I WOULD NEVER HAVE MISSED MY COURT DATE IF IT WASN'T FOR THE MISTAKE OF SOMEONE AT WBOC WHO DID NOT CHECK THEIR POSTING! It is my feeling that when this error was discovered it should have been posted at the bottom of the screen, as well as, the Newscasters should have made an announcement.

It is my hope that after sending a letter to the Court System that they will at least expunge this from my records.

Not to mention this came on the heels of my husband being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

Thank you for your time

Norm Conway Can Help Donate $55,000.00 To The Willards Lion Club But...

He'll have NOTHING to do with helping curb crime and safety of Wicomico County Residents.

Is there something wrong with this picture? Wicomico County desperately needs more Parole & Probation Officers. 

Oh, I get it. P&B doesn't serve food.


(SALISBURY, MD) – A combined police search effort is continuing in Wicomico County and throughout the Lower Shore area for a felony drug fugitive who used his pickup truck last night to assault police who were trying to arrest him.

The fugitive is identified as Edwin L. Fletcher, 31, whose last known address was in the 27000-block of Riverside Drive Extended, Salisbury, Md. He is described as an African American male, 6”2”, 160 lbs. Fletcher was already wanted on a warrant for a felony drug charge. Additional charges are pending in connection with his assault on police that occurred last night.

State, county and city police continued the search for Fletcher throughout the night. The search is being coordinated by the Maryland State Apprehension Team, a combined unit of police investigators skilled in locating fugitives. While the search is continuing in the Wicomico County area, police have notified law enforcement throughout the region to be on the lookout for Fletcher.

The Maryland state trooper and Wicomico County sheriff’s deputy injured during the attempted arrest of Fletcher last night were both treated and released from the hospital overnight. They will be on leave while recovering from their injuries.

Fletcher Is Now The 4th Person In The System With Parole & Probation Involved In Shooting

You can now add Edwin Lamont Fletcher as the FOURTH suspect involved in a shooting with Police over the past 2 months who is in the system with Parole & Probation. 

Salisbury News continues to educate the public just how overwhelmed Parole & Probation Officers are, working on 600 to 700 cases at a time, PER OFFICER. 

Delegate Norm Conway continues to IGNORE the dire need of more Officers and has refused to represent Salisbury by asking the state for more funding.

How many people have to risk their lives and or DIE before the state will recognize just how serious a problem we have in Wicomico County. Remember, one Police Officer lost his life in Florida recently by a Salisbury man in the system who simply couldn't be properly monitored for lack of Probation Officers?

We need new representation in Annapolis and you need to vote for Carl Anderton to replace Norm Conway. 

Salisbury Shooting Update

The suspect Edwin Lamont Fletcher is still at large.

Last night around 8:15 PM I received a call from a witness who was at the scene in Downtown Salisbury when all hell broke loose. They witnessed the truck ram the police vehicle and watch the flash from the guns going off after what they stated was around TEN shots being fired off. 

The truck continued to keep going and left the parking lot. That's when I got the call, LIVE from the scene. There was no backup at the time, (other than the Officers on the scene). We were not sure if the one person on the ground was a suspect or a Police Officer but later learned it was an Officer who had been placed on a stretcher and taken to PRMC. 

A short time later Police were all over the Camden area where they had found the suspects truck. I started receiving calls from homeowners saying the Police were searching their yards and garages looking for someone. 

With snow on the ground and multiple K9 units arriving, the suspect has still yet to be located. The Salisbury Police are supposed to be holding a Press Conference this morning with updates but we have yet to receive that information directly. I have contacted Chief Duncan with a request for an invitation but as I had mentioned to you earlier this week, Mayor Ireton refuses to allow Chief Duncan to contact me.
One thing I can assure each and every one of you, the entire Eastern Shore was on Salisbury News last night as NO ONE had this news up until hours later. Regardless of our differences, Mayor Jim Ireton needs to grow up and recognize that Salisbury News is by far bigger than ANY local news outlet and that can no longer be denied. Mayor Ireton needs to recognize, (EVEN FOR PUBLIC SAFETY WISE) that the Eastern Shore residents depend on us to deliver Breaking News well ahead of the rest of the Media. 

For the safety of others, Ireton needs to stop this game and become a professional at what he does. The fact that we have to rely on INSIDE information instead of direct updates is ridiculous. This is clearly Jim's way of punishing Salisbury News, yet who is he really punishing, YOU. Funny how we still get the information out well before anyone else without his help anyway.

10 shots were fired last night while Officers surrounded the vehicle, even on foot and not one hit the suspect. Thank God my witness, (or anyone else) wasn't shot by a stray bullet, is all I can say. 

UPDATE: Chief Duncan recently stated in a DT's article, We also continually work to educate our public, to reduce victimization.

Really Chief, seriously?

Ocean City To Discuss Smoke-Free Beach; Referendum To Gauge Voters’ Stance Suggested

OCEAN CITY – Whether to ban smoking on the beach as well as the Boardwalk will be formally discussed by Ocean City lawmakers next month.

According to Councilman Brent Ashley during strategic planning sessions last week, the Mayor and City Council discussed having Ocean City follow some of its competitor resorts and officially institute a smoke-free beach.

“With the council members that were there, I think the support is there to move forward with some type of plan to be proactive in this [smoke-free beach],” Ashley said at the conclusion of Monday evening’s Mayor and City Council legislative meeting. “All of our neighbors have done this. The State of New Jersey is looking at making all of their beaches and parks smoke-free.”


That's TWO Franchise Sub Shops Gone From Salisbury

Baltimore Principals Face Discipline For Student Absences

BALTIMORE - Dozens of principals in the Baltimore City Schools System face discipline after thousands of their students have racked up too many absences during this school year.

At a meeting of the school board on Tuesday night, the head of the union representing principals said he plans to file a class action grievance against the school system.

There are about 85,000 students in the Baltimore City School System, and this year about 22,000 of them are considered "chronically absent," meaning they could end the year with more than 20 days missed.

Norm Conway & Jim Mathias, Buying One Vote At A Time, On Your Dime

A House Bill is sitting in Annapolis in which Norm Conway and Jim Mathias are sponsoring called HB-758.

This Bill, (out of nowhere) will have the State of Maryland giving a grant to, (get this) the Willards Lions Club for $55,000.00 towards renovations and so forth.

Ladies & Gentlemen, you need to cast your votes for Carl Anderton and Mike McDermott. I can assure you, this kind of crap will come to an immediate end and we can finally get the Eastern Shore and the State back on track. 

No disrespect towards the Lions Club organization but come on people, we're in a depression here on the Shore, period.  

Language Details of Bill: Authorizing the creation of a State Debt in the amount of $55,000, the proceeds to be used as a grant to The International Association of Lions Clubs for the acquisition, planning, design, construction, repair, renovation, reconstruction, and capital equipping of the Willards Lions Club.

WBOC Said: It will stick to the grass but not the roads

Last night they acted all proud saying they were using a different "MODEL" this time because it's actually been more accurate than the other MODELS they have been using all year. In fact, they even admitted that the OTHER model said that we'd be getting up to seven inches and then laughed.  

Now when they said, 1 to 3 inches for the ENTIRE region, more of a dusting, how's that new MODEL working for you there guys?

WBOC's Weather Staff have proven over and over again, (hence admitting they needed to go with a different, more accurate model) they can NOT be trusted. It's a guessing game and a gamble and these guys get paid good money. 
After the plows came through.

County Executive Rick Pollitt Is Killing Salisbury Residents Financially

While the City of Salisbury continues to provide first responder fire services to county residents, the County continues year after year to refuse to pay the $1.5 million it admittedly owes the City. The reason, they can't afford it.

Several years ago Executive Rick Pollitt admitted on PAC 14 that the County does in fact owe this money and stated he would find a way to pay back the City, he has failed.

So much so, the County owes the City almost $10,000,000.00!!!

Tack on the $3.5 million in income tax shortage in the County, Pollitt and Council continue to give extensive raises it simply cannot afford. The debt by adding the $1.5 million is really $5,000,000.00, excluding the $10,000,000.00 in past unpaid debt to the City. 

We will be providing yet another big investigative story about the County very soon but I want to add that being this is an election year, Rick Pollitt refuses, (for now) to get involved in the Rain Tax. However, should Rick get reelected, don't you believe for a single second he won't be pushing to join other Counties throughout the state.

IF the County PAID BACK the City for these services mentioned above, DO YOU REALIZE City Residents would NOT have to pony up a penny for the legislation brought forth last night for the Storm Water Utility Fund, which is exactly $1.5 million dollars.

I say to Jim Ireton right here and now. Send the County to a collection agency and collect that funding and relieve the City taxpayers. If that doesn't work, STOP PAYING the City's share of expenses in the Government Office Building.

Just tell Rick, Like You, WE CAN'T AFFORD IT.  

‘No Profanity Please’ Signs Unveiled; Council Approves Placement Along Boardwalk

OCEAN CITY – “No Profanity Please” signs will be posted on each block of the Boardwalk this summer in an effort to serve as a reminder that Ocean City strives to be a family-friendly resort.

Earlier this month, after several months of deliberation, the Police Commission voted unanimously to recommend the Mayor and City Council approve the installation of “No Profanity Please” signs along the Boardwalk at street ends.

On Monday evening, the recommendation came before the council.

“You all recall earlier this year Council Secretary [Mary] Knight received a suggestion by her constituents after visiting Virginia Beach that Ocean City move forward with “No Profanity” signs on the Boardwalk. The Mayor and City Council referred that matter for further discussion to the Police Commission. The police department and Lt. Scott Harner drafted several iterations of the graphic to make the signs family-friendly for Ocean City,” City Manager David Recor said.

The Finest Dining In All Of The Salisbury Area

On Sunday, (my birthday) Jennifer decided she wanted to take me to Restaurant 213 in Fruitland. I had heard how great it was but no one could have ever impressed upon me how OUT OF THIS WORLD it would actually be.

I'll tell you that I have NEVER seen such a professional Staff in all the years I have lived here. In fact, considering I have traveled all over the world, I'd say their service was within the top 3 I have ever experienced. 

Jennifer had the Rock Fish with Crab Meat and I have the Tenderloin with Crab Meat, cooked Pittsburgh style. O M G! To Die For!

Their Cream of Crab Soup, the best I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying and obviously loaded with lump crab meat. I have always missed Bush's Chesapeake Inn just on the other side of the Bay Bridge. They had the best Crab Soup I had ever had and when they closed down it was a major loss. How exciting to find another restaurant with even better Crab Soup!

I believe Restaurant 213 has specials on Thursday and Sunday night. They offer a four course meal for $38.00 per person and let me ASSURE you, it is not only well worth the trip, it will be the finest meal you have EVER enjoyed. 

Leave the kids at home and take your better half out for a honest to goodness treat. I truly cannot wait to go back. 

Council President Jake Day Is Proving To Be A True Leader

Young, yes. Experienced, no.

So who in their right mind would have ever expected this young man to become a shining light for the City of Salisbury. Well, I certainly didn't, but I had hoped it was possible. Jake is proving to fulfill that hope with great pleasure.

If you watched last nights City Council Meeting, WOW! I, (like many others) am not to happy with the 4th of July funding that was passed last night but before I comment on that topic I really need to do some more digging because I have to be missing something there, so I'll get back to that topic after I'm better educated.

However, Jake Day proved last night beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is mature beyond his years. He is proving he is truly doing his homework and before this Council passes serious legislation he tabled the Rain Tax, or as the City likes to call it the Storm Water Utility Fee. 


Mr. Joe, 

I would like to share my today's experience with you and your readers. 

I needed to buy some lumber and Im a frequent LOWE'S Home Improvement customer and I like shopping there for my tools and materials. I live in Maryland, but not too far from Seaford, Delaware and since there is no sales tax and good prices, I went to LOWE'S Store in Seaford. 

They had everything I needed, so I bought about $122.00 worth of lumber and was pleased with my buying experience. 

But that changed when I walked outside to my vehicle. I have a Commercial Box Van Chevy Express and my back side door was swung wide open. Someone went inside my van while I was inside the store and stole my Craftsman Compressor! Mind you I was parked in Comercial Parking section near Lumber Dept. just 25 feet from the sliding door. I was in the store for 45 minutes and in that time someone went through my van because I found things out of order all over the place. I carry TWO TOOLBOXES inside and those were not stolen, maybe because they are too heavy to lift, but Compressor in the value of $250.00 was gone. 

Needless to say I called Seaford Police and they sent Police Officer who came shortly and wrote the report. 

I was also informed that earlier in the day, another gentleman, who was parked in the same spot, had hs 2 Nail Guns stolen out of his truck, while he was shopping inside the store. 

Anyways, I left my phone number with LOWE'S Customer Service. Later in the day I got a call from one of the Managers, telling me they have nothing showing on their cameras? What? How is that Possible?

Planet Fitness kicked Muslim woman out for wearing head scarf: lawsuit

Tarainia McDaniel, a Muslim convert, said her local Planet Fitness in Albuquerque refused to let her wear an informal head scarf while working out. The ‘Judgment Free’ gym claims the headscarf violated their dress code policy.

A New Mexico woman is claiming Planet Fitness isn’t always ‘judgment free.’

The national budget-friendly gym chain promises members an atmosphere free of “gymtimidation.” But Tarainia McDaniel, a Muslim woman, says a gym in Albuquerque booted her out because she was wearing a head scarf.

The woman reportedly told staff at the gym that the head scarf was an essential part of her Muslim faith. In return, she was told to go find a baseball cap.



‘I’m Shocked, I’ve Never Seen a Murder Captured on Videotape Before’: New Footage Raises Questions of Excessive Force by Albuquerque Police

The Albuquerque Police Department’s use of deadly force is under fire again, after officers fatally shot a homeless man camping in the foothills last Sunday following a long standoff with officers.

“I’m shocked,” attorney Joe Kennedy told KRQE-TV of a new tape showing officers fatally shoot James Boyd. “I’ve never seen a murder captured on videotape before.”

The full video, released by APD, shows officers repeatedly giving instructions to Boyd, who refused to comply and allegedly threatened the lives of officers in the hours before the shooting. After deploying a flash bang, K9 and non-lethal rounds, Boyd is seen in the video slightly turning away. That’s when two officers fired three bullets each, causing the homeless man to collapse to the ground.