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Monday, May 06, 2019

These are America’s biggest style regrets

From boldly boasting shoulder pads to embracing wildly dyed hair or frizzed-out perms — two out of three Americans have a previous fashion choice or hairstyle that haunts them, according to new research.

Floyd 99’s Barbershop, in conjunction with OnePoll, conducted a study to examine the hair, beauty, and grooming routines of 2,000 Americans. It found that 66 percent of Americans have a cringeworthy look or fashion regret from their past that they can’t bear to think about.

And through their research they found the common denominator of regretful styling, beauty and grooming habits people have had about themselves in the past.

Poor fashion choices aside, the ghosts of hairstyles past was the biggest factor.

Beyond the perm and hair color gone wrong, a mullet, bangs and big curls were hairstyles that most Americans would like to leave in the rearview mirror.


A Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is the adoption of certain elements from another culture without the consent of people who belong to that culture. It's a controversial topic, one that activists and celebrities like Adrienne Keene and Jesse Williams have helped bring into the national spotlight. However, much of the public remains confused about what the term actually means.

People from hundreds of different ethnicities make up the U.S. population, so it’s not surprising that cultural groups rub off on each other at times. Americans who grow up in diverse communities may pick up the dialect, customs, and religious traditions of the cultural groups that surround them.

Cultural appropriation is an entirely different matter. It has little to do with one’s exposure to and familiarity with different cultures. Instead, cultural appropriation typically involves members of a dominant group exploiting the culture of less privileged groups. Quite often, this is done along racial and ethnic lines with little understanding of the latter’s history, experience, and traditions.

In order to understand cultural appropriation, we must first look at the two words that make up the term. Culture is defined as the beliefs, ideas, traditions, speech, and material objects associated with a particular group of people. Appropriation is the illegal, unfair, or unjust taking of something that doesn't belong to you.

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Helicopter parenting gone wild! Family paid $6.5M to get daughter into Stanford

The college admissions scandal reveals unpleasant cultural forces and status anxiety that fuel such risky gambles

A Chinese pharmaceutical billionaire allegedly paid $6.5 million to snag his daughter a place at Stanford University.

Even judging by the recent college-admissions scandal, this figure is shocking.

A Chinese pharmaceutical billionaire allegedly paid $6.5 million to snag his daughter a place at Stanford University. The family reportedly used the same contact, William “Rick” Singer, a college-admissions consultant, who helped families get their kids into colleges in the recent $25 million college-admissions scandal. A spokeswoman for Stanford told The Los Angeles Times this week that Singer allegedly received the $6.5 million, not Stanford University. The family was not cited in the recent federal court case involving multiple families.


Congressman Andy Harris Applauds Department of Homeland Security for Finalization of H-2B Visa Increase

WASHINGTON, DC: Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the imminent finalization of the rule providing for the release of 30,000 additional H-2B visas for the summer season of Fiscal Year 2019. Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) has spearheaded the effort to secure these extra visas both in the House of Representatives and in the Maryland delegation, and made the following statement supporting the DHS’ decision to increase the allotted amount of H-2B visas:

“I applaud the Department of Homeland Security for finalizing the rule providing for the release of 30,000 supplemental H-2B visas in time for the upcoming summer season. The low unemployment rate and oversubscription to the H-2B visa program are chronic problems for the economy of Maryland’s First District and the country. While I commend the Trump administration for providing these extras visas, it is Congress who ultimately bears the responsibility to pass a permanent solution to the H-2B visa shortage. I look forward to continuing to working with my colleagues here in the House toward such a permanent solution.”

Details on eligibility and filing requirements are available in the final rule and at Note that the rule is expected to be published and effective on May 8, 2019. USCIS will begin accepting petitions after the rule is published.

Virginia Murder Suspect Captured in Delaware

Bear- The Delaware State Police have arrested Maurice H. Addison, 36, of Richmond, Virginia, as an Out-of-State Fugitive based on warrants out of Richmond for Murder and Firearms charges.

On May 3, 2019 at approximately 12:00 p.m., Task Force Officers from the First State Fugitive Task Force were advised by their counterparts in Baltimore that Addison was at a residence in the Rose Hill subdivision near Bear. Addison was observed by the Task Force Officers entering a silver 2007 Infiniti G35 and drive from the residence.

A car stop was conducted on US Route 40 at Glasgow Park. Addison was subsequently taken into custody without incident and transported back to Troop 2, where an Out-of-State Fugitive warrant was obtained.

Addison was arraigned before the Justice of the Peace Court and is being held without bail at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution, pending extradition back to Virginia.

2019 Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey


Winter DredgeThe winter dredge survey is the only bay-wide fishery independent effort to estimate the number of blue crabs living in the Chesapeake Bay. The winter dredge survey produces information that is essential for the management of the species, such as an estimate of the number of crabs over-wintering in the bay and the number of young crabs entering the population each year. Also calculated is the estimated number of females that could spawn within the year, which is an important indicator of future spawning potential. Estimating the total number of crabs living in the bay allows us to calculate the percentage of the crab population that is removed by harvest each year. A pilot version of the winter dredge survey was first conducted in 1988 with the cooperation of the University of Maryland Chesapeake Biological Lab. In 1989 the Virginia Institute of Marine Science joined the survey, and the two states continue to sample each winter from December through March.


Distribution of Winter Dredge Sites 1999-2000Since 1994, the survey has been conducted according to a stratified random design (Rothschild and Sharov, 1996). The bay is divided into three regions or strata: Lower Bay (the mouth of the Chesapeake to Windmill Point, VA), Middle Bay (Windmill Point, VA to Cove Point, MD) and the Upper Bay/Tributaries (Cove Point to Pooles Island and all of the Bay's tributaries). Each year, a total of 1500 sites in waters deeper than 5 feet are randomly selected. The number of sites assigned in each region is proportional to its area.


A six-foot-wide Virginia crab dredge fitted with a half inch nylon mesh liner is towed along the bottom for one minute at a speed of three knots. Latitude and longitude, measured with a Differential Global Positioning System (GPS), is recorded at the beginning and end of each tow to determine distance covered. This distance is multiplied by the dredge's width to calculate the area covered. Beginning and ending depth, water temperature, and salinity are recorded at each site.

Funds Awarded for Prekindergarten Expansion

$26.6 Million in Grants Advance PreK Education

BALTIMORE (May 6, 2019)- The Maryland State Department of Education’s Division of Early Childhood has awarded 50 grants aimed at serving four-year-olds in high-quality prekindergarten classrooms in Maryland.

In total, 19 school systems have been funded for one or more additional PreK classrooms. In addition, 31 community-based, Head Start and other programs in 12 jurisdictions have been funded. Approximately $26.6 million in grant awards will provide four-year-old children from low-income families access to full-day prekindergarten during school year 2019-2020.

“Early learning programs provide a strong educational foundation for our state’s youngest learners," said Governor Hogan. "These grants are a much-needed investment in Maryland’s future generation and will allow for increased access to these programs for youth across the state.”

These funds allow school systems and early childhood programs to increase the length of the school-day from a half-day to a full-day, fund highly qualified and certified Early Childhood teachers in each classroom, and serve more vulnerable children who otherwise would not have access to the early education they need for success in school. Maryland’s statewide plan expands high-quality prekindergarten, provides intensive technical assistance, and ensures comprehensive services are accessible in many high-need communities.

Delmarva's World War II POW Camps

Jersey Boys, The Sound of Music Canceled

Jersey Boys, The Sound of Music Canceled

Performances of The Sound of Music and Jersey Boys at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center have officially been canceled. The Sound of Music had been scheduled for May 13, and Jersey Boys was postponed on March 28 and had not yet been rescheduled.

Neither show will be rescheduled.

The cancellations are the result of an April 30 letter received from NETworks, the management company of both shows, which listed demands of Wicomico County in a short timeframe and included concerns about the safety of the venue.

In a statement of response, Wicomico County representatives rejected the notion of a safety issue at the building and cited NETworks’ demands as not necessary or appropriate.

“Since 2009, the County has partnered with Broadway in Salisbury and successfully and safely produced 47 shows at the Civic Center,” explained Steve Miller, Director of Recreation, Parks & Tourism. “The notion that the building is unsafe is simply not true.” 

Adam Epstein, CEO of innovation arts and entertainment, the producers of Broadway in Salisbury, said “We have complete confidence in the safety of the WY&CC to host Broadway shows and other programming, and we will continue to bring shows to the venue as we have for over a decade.”

Three days after the Jersey Boys cancellation on March 28, the venue successfully hosted a concert for over 3,000 people. In April, the Civic Center hosted Kelsea Ballerini’s Miss Me More Tour and PJ Masks Live! “Save the Day” without incident, as well as many other events for thousands of guests.

In its response to NETworks, the County expressed disappointment with the apparent lack of concern for customers of both shows. According to the County, NETworks unnecessarily delayed the Jersey Boys cancellation “without any concern for the welfare of customers waiting to enter the building.” The County went on to state that “NETworks has further inconvenienced these customers by refusing to respond to offers for a reschedule date despite many efforts on behalf of the County, including a listing of available dates provided the night of the cancellation.”

“Our priority is the customers,” explained Miller. “We do not want ticket holders to have the same disappointing experience they did the evening of the Jersey Boys show and that is what The Sound of Music was shaping up to be. We believe that both shows could have proceeded as scheduled.”

Refund Process
Jersey Boys and Sound of Music ticket holders will be refunded the full purchase price of their tickets, including fees. Jersey Boys refunds will start immediately. Sound of Music refunds will begin no later than May 28.

For customers who purchased through the WY&CC:

All online purchases will be refunded automatically.
·        Customers who purchased online or in person with a credit card within the last four months will receive a refund to their credit card.
·        Customers who purchased online with a credit card prior to February 1 will be issued a check.

Ticket holders who fall into one of the below categories will need to call the box office at 410-548-4911 and provide their order number and mailing address.
·        Customers who purchased with credit card in person at the box office prior to February 1.
·        Customers who purchased with cash.

Please do not contact the box office unless you fall into one of these categories. 

WY&CC box office hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Broadway in Salisbury subscribers will receive a refund via check or credit card automatically. These customers do not need to contact the Broadway in Salisbury offices.

Customers who purchased through a third party will need to contact that seller directly.

Refund information is also available online at

Bartender, 27, who 'served a drunk man' is arrested after he went on Plano shooting rampage killing eight including his ex-wife at a party

A bartender accused of serving a drunk man has been arrested after he went on a shooting rampage killing eight, including his ex-wife at a football watch party.

Lindsey Glass, 27, is charged with allegedly violating a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code titled 'Sale to Certain Persons' following Spencer Hight's murderous spree in 2017.

She was arrested at the end of last month after Hight, 32, finished drinking at the Texas bar she worked at before driving to a Plano home and killing the eight people at a Dallas Cowboys-watching party.

The code states: 'A person commits an offense if the person with criminal negligence sells an alcoholic beverage to an habitual drunkard or an intoxicated or insane person.'


Driver passes DUI check, gets fined for having dog in lap

A driver in New South Wales, Australia, who passed a random breathalyzer test, was issued a ticket for driving with a dog on his lap last month.

“Driving with an animal on your lap is extremely dangerous and can interfere with the driver's ability to control the vehicle,” the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command wrote on Facebook.

The fine for the offense was the equivalent of $312 and 3 points on his license, and he wasn’t the only one that was clueless on the violation. reports that several commenters said that they had no idea the act was against the law.

The rules on unrestrained pets vary state to state in the U.S, with several including Hawaii and Arizona specifically banning pets from the driver’s lap or vicinity, according to Puppy Traffic School, while some treat a lap dog (or cat, or bird, etc.) as a distraction and others are more ambiguous about the act.


The FTC is investigating DNA firms like 23andMe and Ancestry over privacy

Popular DNA testing companies like 23andMe and are being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission over their policies for handling personal info and genetic data, and how they share that info with third parties.

The probe was revealed in the agency’s response to a Freedom of Information Act request by Fast Company seeking records pertaining to 23andMe and The FTC denied the FOIA request, saying in its letter that any records “would be exempt from disclosure . . . because disclosure of that material could reasonably be expected to interfere with the conduct of the Commission’s law enforcement activities.” The agency cited an exemption—5 U.S.C. 552(b)(7)(A)—which has often been interpreted by journalists as the disclosure of an investigation.

A spokesperson for the agency declined comment, saying that “FTC investigations are non-public, and so typically we do not comment on an investigation or even whether we are investigating.”

Privacy issues in the use of such DNA testing kits came to the forefront with the arrest of the notorious Golden State Killer, when it was revealed that police had used data from GEDMatch, a genealogy research site where users upload genealogical and genetic information, to help identify the suspect. When contacted by Fast Company, spokespersons for 23andMe and said they’re rarely approached by law enforcement for genetic data.

Yet as the DNA testing market has exploded—worth approximately $99 million in 2017 and expected to increase to $310 million by 2022—concerns have also grown about the use of genetic data. Many consumers don’t realize that their personal info may be shared with third-party companies and there have been complaints raised that the companies’ terms of service are not always clear about their policies in such matters.

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NOI 5/5/19 Somerset Apartment Fire Somers Cove

new patch


Date:    May 5, 2019
Time:   2:05 a.m.
Location / Address:   330 Somers Cove, Crisfield, Somerset Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:   One story wood frame multi-unit apartment building
Owner / Occupants:  Crisfield Housing Authority (Owner)  Lawrence Bishop (Occupant)
Injuries or Deaths:  None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $30,000                      Contents: $10,000
Smoke Alarm Status: Present and activated
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:   Fire Alarm present and activated / Sprinkler – n/a
Arrests(s):  None
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Crisfield Fire Department
# of Alarms: 1    # Of Firefighters:  15
Time to Control:  10 minutes
Discovered By:  Occupant
Area of Origin:  Roof Assembly
Preliminary Cause:   Accidental, lightning strike
Additional Information:  As a result of the fire, the occupant was displaced and is being assisted by Red Cross.

CBO spells danger for House-sponsored 'Medicare for all

More than 100 House Democrats have endorsed a "Medicare for all" plan which would eradicate private health insurance, and every single senator running for president, with the sole exception of Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, has backed single-payer. So the Congressional Budget Office put it to the test, and needless to say, it's not pretty.

Every American who sits even a centimeter and a half to the left of Paul Krugman understands that the cost component of "Medicare for all" renders it immediately untenable. In the arguably most comprehensive valuation of the bill as proposed by 2020 hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., the Mercatus Center conservatively estimated that the bill would cost $32.6 trillion in its first decade. That would roughly double our federal spending, and so far, not one Democrat has announced a tax or a combination of taxes that would remotely fund it.


Terror in Alabama: Walking you through an accused terrorist's compound

MACON COUNTY, Ala. (WPMI) —A WPMI report uncovered a terrorist compound right here in Alabama. A federal search warrant WPMI obtained says this compound was similar to the terror cell's desert compound in New Mexico that was raided last summer. Siraj Wahhaj and four others are now facing federal terrorism, kidnapping and firearms charges.

The property in question is located 6 miles from downtown Tuskegee. Drone footage we shot shows what the federal search warrant described as a "makeshift military-style obstacle course" consisting of "five-gallon buckets with chain link fencing over the top." The search warrant says it "resembled an obstacle course similar to what the military uses to low crawl."

Agents from the FBI Mobile field office also conducted aerial surveillance and says in its search warrant that the structure on this sight was "designed" the same way as the one in New Mexico. Both were "surrounded with hundreds of vehicle tires, assorted trash, and both structures have wooden pallets with clear plastic tarps draped over them."


FamilyTreeDNA Admits to Sharing Genetic Data With FBI

The president of FamilyTreeDNA, one of the country’s largest at-home genetic testing companies, has apologized to its users for failing to disclose that it was sharing DNA data with federal investigators working to solve violent crimes.

In the booming business of consumer DNA testing and genealogy, FamilyTreeDNA had marketed itself as a leader of consumer privacy and a fierce protector of user data, refusing, unlike some of its competitors, to sell information to third parties.

But unbeknown to its users, the Houston-based firm quietly and voluntarily agreed in 2018 to open its database of more than two million records to the F.B.I. and examine DNA samples in its laboratory to identify suspects and victims of unsolved crimes.

FamilyTreeDNA confirmed the deal on Thursday, in a report by Buzzfeed News, setting off a backlash among its loyal users who felt betrayed and igniting another debate over privacy and ethical issues with investigators using genealogical sites to solve crimes.

In an email to its users, the company’s president, Bennett Greenspan, defended the agreement with the F.B.I. but apologized for not revealing it sooner.

“I am genuinely sorry for not having handled our communications with you as we should have,” Mr. Greenspan wrote, according to a copy of the email obtained by The New York Times. “We’ve received an incredible amount of support from those of you who believe this is an opportunity for honest, law-abiding citizens to help catch bad guys and bring closure to devastated families.”

The news underscored the lack of universal regulations governing direct-to-consumer genetic testing in the United States and how companies can use their data without consumers’ knowledge.


Trump cranks up pressure on China ahead of Wednesday's trade talks as he announces new 25 per cent tariffs on $325 BILLION in goods that will kick in Friday

President Donald Trump turned up the pressure on China on Sunday, threatening to hike tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods.

Trump's comments, delivered on Twitter, came as a Chinese delegation was scheduled to resume talks in Washington on Wednesday aimed at resolving a trade war that has shaken financial markets and cast gloom over the world economy.

Trump turned up the heat by saying he would raise import taxes on $200 billion in Chinese products to 25% from 10% on Friday.


Why a DNA data breach is much worse than a credit card leak

[About a year ago], DNA testing service MyHeritage revealed that hackers had breached 92 million of its accounts. Though the hackers only accessed encrypted emails and passwords — so they never reached the actual genetic data — there’s no question that this type of hack will happen more frequently as consumer genetic testing becomes more and more popular. So why would hackers want DNA information specifically? And what are the implications of a big DNA breach?

One simple reason is that hackers might want to sell DNA data back for ransom, says Giovanni Vigna, a professor of computer science at UC Santa Barbara and co-founder of cybersecurity company Lastline. Hackers could threaten to revoke access or post the sensitive information online if not given money; one Indiana hospital paid $55,000 to hackers for this very reason. But there are reasons genetic data specifically could be lucrative. “This data could be sold on the down-low or monetized to insurance companies,” Vigna adds. “You can imagine the consequences: One day, I might apply for a long-term loan and get rejected because deep in the corporate system, there is data that I am very likely to get Alzheimer’s and die before I would repay the loan.”

MyHeritage doesn’t offer health or medical tests, but many companies, like 23andMe and Helix, do. And there are plenty of players interested in DNA: researchers want genetic data for scientific studies, insurance companies want genetic data to help them calculate the cost of health and life insurance, and police want genetic data to help them track down criminals, like in the recent Golden State Killer case. Already, we lack robust protections when it comes to genetic privacy, and so a genetic data breach could be a nightmare. “If there is data that exists, there is a way for it to be exploited,” says Natalie Ram, a professor of law focusing on bioethics issues at the University of Baltimore.

Genetic testing sites are treasure troves of sensitive information...

100 % RAW Powerlifting Federation says NO MA'AM

You Are Now More Likely To Know A Prostitute Than A Primetime CNN Viewer

Donna Summer sings, "No one seems to know her name, and even less about the place from where she came," in her 1976 song Lady of the Night. Flash forward 40 years and it seems those lyrics are more applicable to the nightly CNN audience than they are to a prostitute. As reported by Newsbusters, the latest cable news ratings indicate that CNN primetime has just 760,000 viewers, officially making members of the oldest profession more prominent in America than fans of the cable news network.

Newsbusters Rich Noyes reports there are an estimated 1 million prostitutes currently in the United States, meaning there are 240,000 more people out there whose profession is known as the politically correct "sex worker" than are folks tuning into CNN each evening for their news.


Biden claims he 'doesn't have time' to give details on his healthcare plan

Joe Biden won't give details on how he plans to offer a public healthcare option for Americans.

Throughout his tour of Iowa and South Carolina, Biden has repeatedly stressed how healthcare is now a "human right" and that he will help finish the job of Obamacare by creating the ability for Americans to buy into Medicare instead of relying on private health insurance.

In South Carolina, Biden spoke again about a Medicare buy-in program, but declined to point to a specific bill. He said in Iowa City last week: “I don’t have time; I don’t want to keep you standing any longer.”

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Biden's son under scrutiny for helping China spy on Muslims

The son of Democrat presidential front-runner Joe Biden is under scrutiny for allegedly investing in a surveillance app used to spy on Muslims in China.

Hunter Biden, son of the 2020 hopeful, backed an investment firm that designed the spying apparatus, according to a new report released a day after the Trump administration criticized China for mass detention of Muslims.

The new information surfaced Saturday as the former vice president has come under scrutiny over his son's business ties to the Ukraine.

Hunter Biden served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, during the time when the Obama administration was looking to take actions against Russia for invading Eastern Ukraine.

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Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib Attack Israel, Defend Palestinian Terror Attacks

Far-left Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) attacked Israel on Sunday and defended the Palestinian terrorist attacks that targeted Israel over the weekend.

The Jerusalem Post reported that approximately 700 rockets were fired at Israel from Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip and that the Iron Dome intercepted approximately 173 of the rockets.

"Terror groups Hamas and Islamic jihad in Gaza have fired over 700 rockets at Israel since Friday, killing four Israelis and wounding dozens," The Jerusalem Post reported, adding: "Defiant Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials said on Sunday that they don’t rule out the possibility that the current round of fighting in the Gaza Strip could lead to an all-out war with Israel."

"The latest round of violence began two days ago when an Islamic Jihad sniper fired at Israeli troops, wounding two soldiers," Reuters reported.

Omar and Tlaib, who are both well-documented anti-Semites, rushed to attack Israel and defended the terrorism that was being carried out against Israel.

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Voter Fraud Charges Endanger Texas Mayor, Topple Another in NJ

In a tale of two city mayors arrested last week on vote fraud charges, one resigned while the other says a jury will decide.

Edinburg, Texas, Mayor Richard Molina doesn’t plan to go anywhere. Molina won the mayor’s race in November 2017 by 1,240 votes. But on April 25, Texas Rangers arrested the mayor and his wife, Dalia, alleging the couple ran a vote fraud scheme to put him in office.

After about a week of silence, the mayor said Thursday the charges won’t affect his job, and asked Edinburg residents to respect his constitutional rights to due process.

“We respectfully deny any criminal wrongdoing and look forward to defending ourselves in the proper venue. That is a courtroom,” Molina said in the video statement. “These charges will not affect my ability to perform the people’s work as your mayor. I only ask that you respect our constitutional right to a fair trial and due process.”

Prosecutors allege the Edinburg mayor and his wife had numerous voters change their address to places they didn’t live, including an apartment complex the mayor owns, so they could vote for him in the Nov. 7, 2017, race. Those who moved included paid campaign workers.


Remember when Obama made fun of Trump's 'magic wand' to fix the economy?

Three years ago, then-president Barack Hussein Obama (D) mocked the plans of his sure-not-to-be-successor, Donald J. Trump (R), for the country, comparing them to his oh, so successful eight-year "scandal free," high unemployment, high food stamp use, successful administration.
"He just says, 'I'm gonna negotiate a better deal.' Well how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that?" Obama said during the town hall portion of the event. "What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn't have an answer."
Well, that was then. And this is now.

To Obama's shock and dismay, Trump is president. For the past two and a half years, Trump has been waving his magic wand, banishing burdensome regulations; lowering taxes; appointing savvy people to top government posts; and yes, negotiating.


The Hollywood Blacklist ... Then and Now ...

It's A Boy! Meghan Markle, Prince Harry welcome first child

As Petition Nears 300K To Impeach Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Evidence Exposes Her Lies About Residency To Run For Office

Taqiyya, it's prominent in Islam, and here's Michigan's own Rep. Rashida Tlaib engaging in it to influence law in America. The petition to impeach Talaib is nearing 300,000, and as it does, evidence has been obtained that proud, Islamist, Palestinian, anti-American representative Rashida Tlaib lied about her residency to run for office by registering to vote at a false address.

Now, it's one thing when a reporter says that Tlaib lied about her address, as many people will claim bias, which every single reporter or commentator has when they write or report. It's another thing when her father says that she lied, and this is the basis for the petition to impeach her as she does not represent the district that she allegedly won, and I say that loosely given the massive amount of voter fraud.

First, from Patrick Howley at Big League Politics on the evidence that we now know about concerning Tlaib's lies to become a US representative.


Why Your Gasoline Won't Take You As Far As It Used To

Over the weekend, I saw a passing reference on Twitter to the declining energy content of gasoline. Intuitively I know this to be correct for reasons I discuss below. But the poster linked to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) that I hadn’t previously seen.

The EIA doesn’t directly tabulate the energy content of gasoline. But they do provide two pieces of data that let us calculate it ourselves from two relevant tables in the April 2019 Monthly Energy Review.

Table 3.5 provides Petroleum Products Supplied by Type in thousands of barrels per day, while Table 3.6 provides Heat Content of Petroleum Products Supplied by Type in trillion Btus per year.

From the annual numbers, doing the appropriate conversions (which includes accounting for leap years) provides the energy content of gasoline, in BTUs per gallon, since 1949. What we find is that the EIA reported a constant energy content of gasoline from 1949 to 1992 of 125,071 Btu/gallon. I have always typically used 125,000 Btu/gal as the standard value for gasoline.


Vanity Fair: Hunter Biden’s $1.5 Billion Bank of China Deal ‘Looming on the Horizon’ as Campaign Scandal

A $1.5 billion sweetheart deal Hunter Biden’s private equity firm secured from the state-owned Bank of China is “looming on the horizon” as a potential line of attack against his father’s 2020 presidential campaign, according to Vanity Fair’s Tina Nguyen.

This comes days after a New York Times article renewed interest in the revelations exposed in Peter Schweizer’s 2018 bestseller Secret Empires concerning the sweetheart deals Hunter Biden’s private equity firm secured while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president.

But the Times’ article “may be just the first volley in what is likely to become a broader war over Joe Biden’s conduct and record,” Vanity Fair’s Nguyen writes:


Amnesty Activists Demand Criminals Get Path to Citizenship

The DREAM Act has reportedly temporarily stalled in the House because amnesty activists are insisting that Democrats grant a pathway to citizenship to illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.

According to a Thursday evening Politico report, the pro-amnesty legislation that House leaders have prioritized as one of the most important of this Congress is now reportedly “on hold, with Democrats scrambling to draft language that can secure enough votes in committee and on the floor” without exposing moderate Democrats to some uncomfortable votes before their 2020 reelection races.

The bill, authored by Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA), would give so-called Dreamers who have not committed a felony or three misdemeanors a pathway to citizenship (“conditional permanent resident status”).

Some moderate House Democrats, according to the report, “worry the language in the bill is too broad and want to consider changes so that committing only certain misdemeanors would allow people to remain on the path to citizenship.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has vowed to pass the Dream Act as soon as possible.



Which American president changed the White House Christmas cards from being about Christmas or faith to cards featuring the family dogs and similar non-Christmas related subjects?

Which president decorated the White House Christmas tree with ornaments that included figures such as Mao Zedong and a drag queen?

Which president excluded pro-life groups from attending a White House-sponsored health care summit?

Which president nominated three pro-abortion ambassadors to the Vatican?

Which president speaking at Georgetown University ordered a monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name covered while he was delivering his speech?


Ticket prices are slashed for Bill and Hillary Clinton's speaking tour with seats in LA being sold for just $2

Prices for Bill and Hillary Clinton's 13-city tour have taken a plunge as the pair near the end of a string of dates for their speaking engagements.

The event billed as 'An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton' continued at the LA Forum in Inglewood, California Saturday night and tickets were listed for as little as $2.

Seats in the Lower Bowl 131 section were available on Vivid Seats while the same website was offering admission for the best section - center in front of the stage - for $92.



The White House is considering a proposal to make it easier to deport low-income immigrants who are dependent on public benefits.

The Department of Justice has written a draft regulation that, if implemented, would greatly expand the number of immigrants in the U.S. who could be subject to deportation for using public benefits, Reuters reported Friday. The new proposal is part of the Trump administration’s larger effort to limit immigration from low-income foreign nationals.

Such benefits include the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly referred to as “food stamps;” Supplemental Security Income (SSI) doled out to the elderly and disabled people; Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); Section 8 housing vouchers and various Medicaid benefits.


2 dead after helicopter crashes in Chesapeake Bay

Maryland Natural Resources Police are investigating a fatal helicopter crash that occurred around noon Saturday near Kent Island in the Chesapeake Bay.

The crash was reported at 12:18 p.m. and multiple jurisdictions responded. Natural Resources Police with assistance from the Maryland State Police, Anne Arundel County, Annapolis Fire Department, United Communities Volunteer Fire Department, Talbot County Volunteer Fire Department and United States Coast Guard searched the area south of Bloody Point near Kent Point Marina. The wreckage was found at about 6 p.m. in about 55 feet of water.

The bodies of two victims were recovered. The pilot, Charles Knight, 38 of Mt. Airy, and passenger Matt Clarke, 36 of Pasadena, died in the crash. The state Medical Examiner's office will conduct autopsies.

Natural Resources Police investigators are working with the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration investigators to recover the wreckage.

Sadiq Khan SNUBBED by the Queen - London Mayor NOT INVITED to Trump state banquet

SADIQ KHAN has been shunned by the Queen, who has not invited the London Mayor to US President Donald Trump’s state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Labour’s Mr Khan was left off the guest list by the Monarch, despite announcing he would be happy to meet the American. Mr Khan’s spokesman, Jonathan Weisgard, told Newsweek: “The mayor has not been invited to the state banquet.” Invitations were sent to Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who both declined to attend.

Mr Khan and Mr Trump have clashed on numerous occasions in the run-up to the President’s second state visit, the first being last year.

Mr Khan, who has been condemned by Mr Trump for London’s knife crime epidemic, agreed to allow a blimp of the Republican to fly over the Capital in protest to his last visit. 


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