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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Friday With 100-Degree Weather Ahead

The temperature is not likely to soar to 108 degrees like it did last Friday, but forecasters are predicting another hot-and-humid Friday ahead with highs reaching 100 degrees in Baltimore. The airport forecast calls for a high of 99 degrees.

For the moment, we're enjoying northerly breezes and low dew points. And while temperatures are expected to pop back into the low 90s today, that's only a few degrees above the 87-degree norm for this time of year at BWI. And the low humidity will keep it relatively comfortable in Central Maryland.
Overnight lows will drop to the upper 60s or low 70s tonight. Wednesday will bring more of the same, with slightly lower afternoon highs.


Gene Simmons Finally Pops The Question

GO HERE to view.

Cross on NJ Lawn Becomes First Amendment Flashpoint

LIVINGSTON, NJ - It started as a simple gesture.
But it could have implications far beyond the quiet Livingston street where Patrick Racaniello affixed a wooden cross on a tree in his front yard.
Township officials say Racaniello’s display, which he intended as a celebration of Lent, violated an ordinance that generally prohibits postings on a structure, including a tree, "calculated to attract the attention of the public."
Advised of the ordinance, Racaniello removed the cross. The Sterling Drive resident, though, then built a second, much larger cross that he planted on his property — just within the township’s 10-foot right-of-way. Racaniello, again facing fines, took down that cross, too.

Gannett Strutting Into Group Coupons With DealChicken

It sure is getting crowded in here. Here being the group coupon marketplace.

The newest entry in a niche already crammed with the likes of Groupon and Living Social comes from Gannett Co. The newspaper publisher announced Tuesday it is expanding nationally a daily online deals business dubbed "DealChicken."

DealChicken, which it calls a "new and unique daily deals business," will be available in more than 50 markets across the U.S. by the end of the year, Gannett said.

As if acknowledging it was joining a flock in the field, Gannett made sure to include this quote in its statement announcing the expansion:

"The daily deals space is getting crowded. But the industry is fast evolving and there are many opportunities out there, especially in local markets where these deals are developing into a new category of local advertising," says Peter Krasilovsky, vice president at BIA/Kelsey, a market research firm. "Gannett has a strong brand and knowledge of its local markets. It is well positioned to compete in this space."


“Salisbury Safe Streets Week” August 1-5, 2011 – Salisbury, Maryland

Mayor James Ireton, Jr. invites the public to participate in events celebrating “Salisbury Safe Streets Week” and “National Night Out: America’s Night Out Against Crime.”

Monday, August 1, 2011
• Safe Streets Week Prayer Service – 6:30 PM, Rev. Annette Wilson - Cathedral of Love, 419 E. Church Street, Salisbury
Religious leaders from many denominations will lead attendees in prayer for the city and its residents. Public is invited.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
• National Night Out – City Park (opposite Ben’s Red Swings) – 6:00 PM, Activities include Salisbury Fire Department truck tours; Neighborhood Services Department will have Cody the Code Compliance Clown, face painting, and cotton candy; Center for Conflict Resolution; Wicomico County Health Department; Salisbury Jaycee’s; Red Cross will have Emergency Response Vehicle and a CPR doll; Salisbury Zoo will have animals on display, information on summer camps; Youth M.O.V.E. will have T-shirts, activities, and games; Kool Smiles will have dental health information and giveaways; Salisbury Police Department will have bikes to raffle off, hot dogs, drinks and much more! Check out the Facebook event:!/event.php?eid=236022213087178 and let us know you’re coming!

Thursday, August 4, 2011
• NAACP Back to School Rally – 2:00 PM at Salisbury Middle School – Mayor Ireton, Salisbury Police Department’s Chief Barbara Duncan and Colonel Ivan Barkley to hand out school supplies to students for the upcoming school year.

Friday, August 5, 2011
• Law Enforcement Appreciation Night – City Park Pavilion by Bandstand – 5:00 - 7:00 PM
The City of Salisbury invites you to come show your appreciation and meet people from many different law enforcement organizations. There will be food provided by Famous Dave’s Bar B Que and playgrounds nearby for the kids. Stop by the pavilion on the west side of the city park by the bandstand and say thank you to your local officers.

Salvation Army Outfits Kids With Back-To-School Supplies

WASHINGTON -- When the holidays are over, many people forget about the Salvation Army, but its volunteers keep working throughout the year. On Tuesday, they helped some local kids get ready for the upcoming school year.
Armed with $80 gift cards, more than a dozen D.C. police officers lent a hand to 80 needy children as they shopped for paper, Crayons, backpacks and other school supplies at the Target on 14th Street in Northwest D.C.



The Pesky Neighbor and the Debt Ceiling

by Ron Paul

Imagine you had a pesky neighbor who somehow took out a mortgage on his house in your name and by some legal trickery you were obligated to pay for it. Imagine watching this neighbor throw drunken parties, buy expensive cars, add more rooms to the house, and hire dozens of people to wait on him hand and foot. Imagine that he also managed to take out several credit cards in your name. One by one, he would max them out and then use your good name and credit to obtain another credit card, then another and then another. Each time, this neighbor would claim that he needed the new credit card to pay interest on the other maxed out credit cards. If he defaulted on those cards, your credit score would be hurt and when you wanted to buy something for yourself, it would be more difficult to get a loan and the interest you paid would be higher. Imagine that you mulled this over, and time after time, said nothing as he filled out more credit applications so he would not have to default on the other debt taken out in your name. Meanwhile, another shiny new Mercedes appears in his driveway. At what point do you think you might get tired of this game? And, even though you are left with no really good options, do you think you might eventually tell him to go ahead and default, just stop spending your money!

This analogy demonstrates the position we are in with our government and the debt ceiling. The government has run up a huge debt in the name of the American people, who are sick and tired of being on the hook for it. There are no really good options left. Defaulting on a portion of the debt may not be without costs, but it is better than handing the government yet another credit card.

The government is using the usual scare tactics to strong-arm the people into going along with more spending. Remember the rhetoric surrounding the big bailout of October 2008? We were told, not that this would be calamitous for the banks, but for the people, who would continue to experience massive job losses and foreclosures. We were told that the economy would sink into a deep recession if this money was not handed out to too-big-to-fail corporate cronies. So, after much hand-wringing, leaders from both parties, against unprecedented public outcry, agreed to shower money on the banks and increase the debt. The banks learned nothing, except that Washington will come to their rescue, no matter what. The people, however, continued to lose their jobs and houses anyway, and here we are, still in a deep recession.

When you read the above example, your first reaction might have been to dismiss the neighbor’s debt as illegitimate and in no way your responsibility or your problem. You would be right. No fair-minded legal system would hold you responsible for such a debt, and would instead cart your thieving neighbor off to jail. Yet Congress can impose liabilities on you, your children, and grandchildren without your consent, and even without your knowledge. This is another example of government holding itself above the law. Much like the TSA claims the right to molest us, yet arrested a woman who turned the tables last week, stealing somehow becomes legitimate when the government does it.

We supposedly live in a nation of laws. For once, government needs to heed the law regarding the debt ceiling.

Mapping America's Underfunded State Pension And Healthcare Liability Debacle

The map below, which shows the gravity of America's pervasive pension and healthcare liability underfunding problem, should certainly raise a few eyebrows. Sourced from the IMF's Article IV presentation which in turn sources the data from the Pew Center, the map shows that even despite the near doubling in the S&P since the March 2009 lows, there are still at least 9 states that have a minimum 35% underfunding in their pension and liability obligations. As a result, we expect that just like in the case of Illinois recently, many more states will be forced to issue debt to fund various entitlement plans on a "paycheck to paycheck basis." It also means that ever more states will begin scrambling after high beta, low quality, and very high risk stocks (in many cases selling CDS), in order to refill their coffers. We can only hope that the biggest dip buyer of NFLX stock today is not the Louisiana Retirement Fund system (for example), but we have a feeling we would be quite wrong.


Health Advocates Push For Tax On Unhealthy Foods

(CBS News) 

Some public health advocates are pushing cities and states to tax fattening, non-nutritious foods, like sugary soda, french fries, and donuts.

Opponents say Americans should have the right to eat what they want without being unfairly taxed for their choices, and that poor people would end up paying too much.

For the nation that created cheap, fast food, we're paying quite a hefty toll, CBS News Correspondent Michelle Miller reported on "The Early Show."

When it comes to what we eat, many Americans are making bad choices.



When:  ~7:00a.m. Monday, July 25th
Where:  Off Emerson Avenue in Salisbury, Maryland
Description:  Small dog appears to be a cross between a Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier
Contact:  Shari at 443-859-7242 for more information

Plane Crash Kills 78 In Morocco

(CNN) -- A plane crash in southern Morocco killed 78 people Tuesday, the state news agency reported.

The Moroccan C-130 military plane crashed in the southern part of the country, state-run Agence Maghreb Arabe Presse reported.


Marijuana Derivative May Offer Hope In Cocaine Addiction

A new study in mice has found that activating a receptor affected by marijuana can dramatically reduce cocaine consumption. The research suggests that new anti-addiction drugs might be developed using synthetic versions of cannabidiol (CBD), the marijuana component that activates the receptor—or even by using the purified natural compound itself.

Researchers formerly believed that the receptor, known as CB2, was not found in the brain and that therefore CBD had no psychoactive effects. But a growing body of research suggests otherwise. After THC, CBD is the second most prevalent active compound in marijuana.


NASCAR Pastor Thanks God For "Smokin' Hot Wife"

Yankee games have "God bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch but only NASCAR has pre-race prayers.

And on Saturday in Nashville, Pastor Joe Nelms came through with a car-racing invocation that won't soon be forgotten. His prayer before the Nationwide Federated Auto Parts 300 managed to fuse unusual automotive praise with a memorable spousal shout-out.

Nelms began the prayer straightforward enough, thanking God for all his blessings. But then his list of gratitude grew increasingly creative.

First he thanked the Man Upstairs for "all the Dodges and Toyotas and the Fords." He then gave thanks for "GM performance technology," "Sunoco racing fuel" and "Goodyear tires that bring performance and power to the track."

(Nelms was not wearing a Goodyear baseball cap but we can only assume he landed a post-prayer endorsement from the tire company).

Then Nelms got personal: "Lord, I want to thank you for my smokin' hot wife tonight, Lisa, and my two children, Eli and Emma, or as we like to call the 'The Little E's."


This Is Considered Punishment?

Last Wednesday, nearly lost in the furor over Rupert-gate and the debt ceiling crisis, came the surprising news that the Federal Reserve has issued a cease-and-desist order against a Too-Big-to-Fail bank. The bank was Wells Fargo, which was also fined $85 million and ordered to compensate customers it had unfairly — indeed, illegally — taken advantage of during the subprime bubble.

What made the news surprising, of course, was that the Federal Reserve has rarely, if ever, taken action against a bank for making predatory loans. Alan Greenspan, the former Fed chairman, didn’t believe in regulation and turned a blind eye to subprime abuses. His successor, Ben Bernanke, is not the ideologue that Greenspan is, but, as an institution, the Fed prefers to coddle banks rather than punish them. That the Fed would crack down on Wells Fargo would seem to suggest a long-overdue awakening.


What To Do With Compact Fluorescent Lamps

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A viewer wrote in asking about what to do with CFL bulbs that have burned out.

The state of Maryland says CFL bulbs should be recycled.  You can drop them off at various household hazardous waste sites.

Stores like Home Depot and Ikea also accept the CFL bulbs for recycling.


Found 7-24-2011 at Rt 50 & 60 Foot Rd. Pittsville, Md
Call 410-608-8711

Talking To Strangers? Rewriting The Rules Of Childhood

Long before Leiby Kletzky was gruesomely murdered in Brooklyn after the lost 8-year-old asked a man he didn't know for help earlier this month, I made sure my three kids knew my cell phone number my heart. Even the 4-year-old can rattle off the digits, but Leiby's death changed everything I thought I knew about stranger danger.

We teach our children not to talk to strangers, but — as in Leiby's case —sometimes they have to. After all, if they're lost, how are my kids ever going to be found unless they first approach a stranger to lend them a cell phone so they can call me?
Perhaps, I realized — even as I wincingly told my kids that a boy my oldest child's age had been killed by a stranger — that “don't talk to strangers” truism needs to be revised.
I didn't tell my kids about Leiby's fate to scare them. I used it as an excuse to talk to them about strangers and how to interact with them. Because it's inevitable that they'll have to. My children don't have their own phones, so if they were ever lost, they'd have to ask a stranger for help.
Look for someone in uniform is a tough concept for a 4-year-old to grasp; to her, a uniform could be a princess outfit. In fact, when recently discussing a fire escape plan for our family, I explained to her that although generally she shouldn't leap into the arms of muscular men she doesn't know, if one comes stomping through her house in the event of a fire, she shouldn't run and hide. It was all very confusing.


Speeding Ticket

A man was pulled over for speeding down the highway; the officer came to the driver’s window and said, "Sir, may I see your driver’s license and registration?" The man said, "Well officer I don't have a license, it was taken away for a DUI." The officer, in surprise, said," What, do you have a registration for the vehicle?" So the man replied, "No sir, the car is not mine I stole it, but I am pretty sure I say a registration card in the glove box when I put the gun in it." The officer stepped back, "There is a gun in the glove box?!?" The man sighed and said, "Yes sir, I used to kill the woman who owns the car before I stuffed her in the trunk." The officer steps toward the back of the car and says," Sir do not move, I am calling for backup." The officer calls for backup and about ten minutes another highway patrolman arrives. He walks up to the window slowly and asks the man for his driver’s license and registration. The man said," Yes officer here it right here." It all checked out so the officer said," Is there a gun in the glove box sir?" The man laughs and says," No officer why would there be a gun in the glove box." He opened the glove box and showed him that there was no gun. The second officer asked him to open the trunk because he had reason to believe that there was a body in it. The man agrees and opens the trunk, no dead body. The second officer says, "Sir I do not understand, the officer that pulled you over said that you did not have a license, the car was stolen, there was a gun in the glove box, and a dead body in the trunk." The man looks the officer in the eyes and says, "Yeah and I'll bet he said I was speeding too."


“Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last some crisis shows what we have become.”

Brooke Foss Westcott

How A Wall Street Lobbyist Is "Reforming The Reform"

Banks are none too happy about how the passage of Dodd-Frank has been crimping their style. So they hired a Wall Street lobbyist, former Congressman Steve Bartlett, to lead the well-funded rearguard action by the " Financial Services Roundtable" to neuter the laws. And darned if those cocktail parties aren't working.

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Muslim men are allowed to have as many as 4 wives. Many Muslims have immigrated into the U.S. And brought their 2-3-or 4 wives with them, but the U.S. does not allow multi-marriages, so the man lists one wife as his, and signs the other 2 or 3 up as extended family on welfare and other free Government programs!

Michigan has the highest population of Muslims in the Unites States. When President Obama took office the United States paid several millions of dollars to have a large number of Palestinians, (All Muslim), immigrated here from Palestine . Why? I have no idea, do you! We don't pay for other persons to immigrate here, and I'm sure that some of those Muslims moved into Michigan with the large current number of Muslims already established there.

So now in Michigan when you call the Public Assistance office you are told to "Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish, or Press 3 for Arabic"!

Every time you add a new language to an American program it requires an additional number of persons fluent in that language to process those persons who refuse to learn English in order to live here at an additional cost to the taxpayer! Why are we even allowing persons to immigrate here who cannot provide for themselves, and putting them in our welfare system?

Press 3 for Arabic ..
This is quite alarming!!! This seems to have happened clandestinely, for as far as I know, no public announcement, or opportunity to vote on this was offered to the American people. They're just adopting an official stance, and very likely using tax-payer money for it, in various capacities, without public knowledge or approval.

The following link takes you into the State of Michigan Public Assistance page, (as in Food Stamps etc). You won't have to scroll far before you see the assistance-letters options for...(get this).....English, Spanish, and ARABIC !!!

When did the ARABIC option sneak into our culture? Will we soon have to listen to our governmental offices, stores, and other venues offer us the option of "pressing 3 for ARABIC?"

Check it out for yourself.,1607,7-124-5453_5527---,00.html

Confessions Of A Cultural Reactionary

As there are ages of cultural renaissance and enlightenment, so are there, on the critical evidence of history, ages of cultural sterility and degeneration.

Today’s mass youth Rock/Rap culture, with its consecration of the trivial, the sexually perverse, and the infantile, is characterized by the debasement and corruption of language.

In his book, The Second Sin, Thomas Szasz observes:
To concepts like suicide, homicide, and genocide, we should add 'semanticide' – the murder of language. The deliberate (or quasi-deliberate) misuse of language through hidden metaphor and professional mystification breaks the basic contract between people, namely the tacit agreement on the proper use of words. Thus it is that the 'great' philosophers and politicians whose aim was to control man, from Rousseau to Stalin and Hitler, have preached and practiced semanticide; whereas those who have tried to set man free to be his own master, from Emerson to Kraus and Orwell, have preached and practiced respect for language.

Debt By A Thousand Little Cuts….

In Medieval times, supposedly, there was a punishment called “death by a thousand cuts,” designed to make the process as long and as painful as possible. In modern times, the state does what amounts to the same thing to our finances – and thus, to our financial security – via a tower of taxes and fees on everything we do and everything we (supposedly) own.

Consider for instance the annual “registration” fees we (most of us) are forced to pay every single year in return for the privilege of having yet another scrap of government-issued paper in our glovebox (and maybe another ugly little sticker to put on the license plate that we also had to pay for, separately). Here in Virginia as in many other states, the Graspers recently upped the ante to almost $50 a year per vehicle, in perpetuity. By itself – and assuming you’ve only got one car – sending the Graspers another $50 may not seem like a very big deal. But, consider:


Want A Job? Try Texas Or North Dakota

While some parts of the country continue to struggle, Texas has added over 500,000 jobs during the last five years, making it the overall leader in job growth, according to an analysis of statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. North Dakota, which added about 41,000 jobs over the same period, takes the crown for percentage growth: non-farm employment is up nearly 12% there.

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Ron Paul pitches long-term thinking in Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS – If U.S. Rep. Ron Paul was a financial investment, Drew Ivers’ challenge would be to convince investors past performance is no indication of future success.

Paul finished fifth in the 2008 Iowa precinct caucuses, but Ivers thinks the Texan is the Republican Party’s best bet for defeating President Barack Obama in 2012.

“So we have to get people to think long-term – past the straw poll,” Ivers said during a Paul campaign stop in Cedar Rapids July 25. “Three months from now, his message will be stronger. In six months, it will be even stronger and I think in October 2012 it will resonate strongly.”

Among the reasons for that optimism is the Paul campaign’s gloomy – realistic, he argues — outlook on economic recovery and the growing disenchantment with America’s military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere.


Not Just Hair Dye: An Older Guy's Guide To Getting A Job

It's not just a matter of putting on a few doses of "Touch of Gray." John shares his strategies for getting a job as an older guy in the youth-obsessed technology field. While the last story we wrote about this focused on the power of personal connections to open doors, John makes sure that his resume is very nice and Google-friendly.

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Low-tech Internet Scams Harvest Billions Of Dollars

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- For decades, Internet scams have been as numerous as they've been easy to spot -- but fraudsters' tools and tricks are now becoming more sophisticated.

Those poorly written spam e-mails often seem more annoying than threatening, but they can wreak financial havoc on their victims. Precise statistics are hard to pin down, but experts believe global Internet fraud scams people out of hundreds of millions to billions of dollars each year.
Internet fraudsters have traditionallypreyed on the vulnerable, including older victims who aren't as well-versed in computer technology. But scammers' skills at deception have improved so greatly over the years that even seasoned Internet users often have to do a double-take before they realize they've been duped.
For instance, a widely used, relatively new scheme that's difficult to detect features pop-up notifications that look just like antivirus software alerts. They usually say something to the effect of, "Your computer has been infected with 49 viruses, click OK to quarantine them."

Surprise! Some Things Are Actually Getting Cheaper

Everyone hates rising prices, so to hear that a few things on the market today are actually getting cheaper... well that is a welcome balm to our sorely overtaxed wallets. Here are a few items you'll spend less on today than you did in times past.

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Fed Issued $US16 Trillion During 2008 Crisis!

"As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world," Sanders said in a statement. "This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you're-on-your-own individualism for everyone else." – Washington Post

Dominant Social Theme: Simply a glitch. The US$16 trillion was issued in good faith by the stewards of the democracy. They were saving the "system." What, you didn't get any of it? Maybe next time ...

Free-Market Analysis: With nary a ripple in the mainstream press, the US Government Accountability Office has released an "audit" of the Federal Reserve loan program in 2008 that, according to the Washington Post (see above excerpt) highlights possible conflicts of interest in the issuance of some US$16 trillion. We would bet it's more than that.

The GAO found two things wrong with the "bailout." First of all there were conflicts of interest; second, in making the determination that an emergency bailout was called for, the Fed's leaders imputed powers that probably were not really there. They acted like an entirely private enterprise even though they clearly are not.

The GAO made recommendations that the Fed's top men are vowing to take seriously. But this is a joke. An institution that has in the past several years printed some US$20 trillion or more (including QE 1 and 2) – and no one really knows how much higher it is – is not going to voluntarily limit itself or its actions based on bureaucratic recommendations.

In fact, without the agitation of people like libertarian-conservative Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), there would have been no audit to begin with. It wasn't something the Fed sought. Even so, the US mainstream press is not exactly providing aggressive coverage. It's not of great import, apparently. That's certainly the dominant social theme.


New Posts Will Fall Below....

Scandals in the Classroom

by Phyllis Schlafly

A national scandal hit the news when Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal released a 413-page report describing how hundreds of Atlanta public school teachers and principals had been cheating during the past 10 years on standardized tests in order to falsely report that their schools were doing a good job and the kids were improving.

A total of 178 teachers and principals (38 were principals), 82 of whom have already confessed, had fraudulently raised test scores so their schools would meet test targets set by the district and thereby qualify for federal funds.

The truth came out after a 10-month inquiry by 60 investigators conducting 2,100 interviews. The investigation showed that principals and teachers in 56 schools had been cheating since 2001 by various methods, such as erasing wrong answers on tests and inserting correct answers.

The high scores of Atlanta schoolchildren had enabled Superintendent Beverly L. Hall to collect $600,000 in performance bonuses over 10 years to supplement her $400,000 annual salary. Two national organizations honored her with the title of "superintendent of the year."


Rep. Andy Harris, M.D., Statement On Debt Ceiling Increase

"By an overwhelming amount, Maryland families and businesses have contacted me to demand that the federal government get its fiscal house in order, stop spending more than it takes in, and balance the budget,” said Rep. Andy Harris. “ I disagree with the President - we need a balanced budget amendment, and I won't vote to raise the debt ceiling unless a balanced budget amendment is part of the deal.  To create jobs in America again, we must stop the spending spree in Washington."

More Americans Unhappy With Obama on Economy, Jobs

More than a third of Americans now believe that President Obama’s policies are hurting the economy, and confidence in his ability to create jobs is sharply eroding among his base, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

But Americans’ discontent does not stop there. The survey also found that Americans harbor negative feelings toward congressional Republicans. Roughly as many people blame Republican policies for the poor economy as they do Obama. But 65 percent disapprove of the GOP’s handling of jobs, compared to 52 percent for the president.

The dissatisfaction is fueled by the fact that many Americans continue to see little relief from the pain of a recession that technically ended two years ago. Ninety percent of those surveyed said the economy is not doing well, and four out of five report that jobs are difficult to find. In interviews, several people said that they feel abandoned by both parties, particularly as debates over the debt ceiling gridlock Washington.


Values Groups File Lawsuit to Overturn NY Gay Marriage Law

The day after New York became the sixth U.S. state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, two traditional-values groups filed a lawsuit to overturn the law, saying that politicians used a “corrupt legislative process” to enact it.

New York State Open Meetings laws were violated, said New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and Torah Jews for Decency in their lawsuit. There were also irregularities in the Senate voting procedures, and “unprecedented Senate lockouts” in which lobbyists and the public were denied access to lawmakers.

“New York law requires that the government be open and transparent to keep political officials responsible,” said Mathew D. Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, which is representing the groups.

“The back-room tactics were rampant in the passages of this law,” he said. “The law should be set aside and the process should begin again to allow the people a voice in the process.”


To Get a Mandate, GOP Must Win Another Election

by Michael Barone

Those who consider themselves constitutional conservatives should take care to consider not only the powers that the Constitution confers on the different branches of government and reserves to the states and the people, but also the schedule that the Constitution sets up for sharp changes and reversals of public policy.

The entire House of Representatives is elected every two years. The voters in 2010, with unusual clarity, elected a House determined to reverse the Obama Democrats' vast increase in the size and scope of government.

But determination is not enough. Barack Obama, elected in 2008, remains in office, armed with a veto. The friendly mainstream media permit him to use euphemisms to insist on tax increases that were roundly rejected by the voters in 2010.


Obama Administration Intimidating Witnesses

The Obama administration sought to intimidate witnesses into not testifying to Congress on Tuesday about whether ATF knowingly allowed weapons, including assault rifles, to be “walked” into Mexico, the chairman of a House committee investigating the program said in an interview Monday.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell E. Issa, California Republican, said at least two scheduled witnesses expected to be asked about a controversial weapons investigation known as “Fast and Furious”received warning letters from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to limit their testimony.

Mr. Issa's committee is set to hear testimony from six current or former ATF employees, including agents and attaches assigned to the bureau’s offices in Mexico, about the operation — in which, federal agents say, they were told to stand down and watch as guns flowed from U.S. dealers in Arizona to violent criminals and drug cartels in Mexico.

The six-term lawmaker aired his concerns about the program in a wide-ranging interview with reporters and editors at The Washington Times on Monday.

Among other questions, the agents are likely to be asked about a large volume of guns showing up in Mexico that were traced back to the Fast and Furious program; whether ATF officials in that country expressed concerns about the weapons to agency officials in the U.S., only to be brushed aside; and whether ATF officials in Arizona denied ATF personnel in Mexico access to information about the operation.

Nearly 50 weapons linked to the Fast and Furious program have been recovered to date in Mexico. Committee investigators said Mexican authorities also were denied information about the operation.


Jefferson County Retains Klee Tuchin For Upcoming Chapter 9 Legal Advice

As anyone who follows the restructuring process (and religiously reads debtwire) will tell you, the first sign of smoke is when a creditor retain legal bankruptcy counsel, promptly followed by financial, which in turn, or at least 95% of the time, leads to a dropping off of bankruptcy docs at the local bankruptcy court, or Southern New York. And where there's smoke, there's Alabama fire. According to blog [8], the Jefferson County Commission has just retained the services (at $975/hour) of Ken Klee, of LA-based Klee Tuchin, [9]best known for advising Orange County on its Chapter 9 filing back in 1994. And with this the probability that Jefferson County will conclude that the time to file its own Chapter 9 in two days, is virtually a certainty (and sorry, no bankruptcy lawyer will advise his clients not to file for bankruptcy. Hourly retainer, remember?). And with the US debt situation still unlikely to be resolved within 48 hours, the last thing the market needs is to worry not only what known on effects this mega-municipal bankruptcy case will end up generating, but who else will file after. That said, we are confident the market will surge even more as it digests these news. Why? Two words: Bernanke Put.
The commission voted unanimously to hire Klee and his law partner, Lee Bogdanoff, who will be paid $875 an hour, to assist the county with bankruptcy and other legal matters.

The firm will be paid $50,000 to start.

Klee served as a consultant on bankruptcy legislation to the U.S. Department of Justice. He is viewed by many as one of the nation's top experts on Chapter 9 and was involved in the Orange County, Calif, bankruptcy filing in 1994.

Just Regular Folks

These are the people standing between you and 300 percent toll hikes:

Four corporate executives - two of them big campaign donors to the governor.

Two former federal transportation officials, one now a Washington lobbyist.

A civil engineer.

And a prominent pastor.

The eight are the members of the Maryland Transportation Authority, which, according to its website, is "a group of citizens appointed by the governor."

These citizens include a bank CEO, a former Black & Decker vice president and two former assistant U.S. secretaries of transportation.

You know, just regular folks.


Free Dove Samples: Deodorant, Body Wash, Shampoo, And Lotion

Dove is offering up 4 free separate samples. I think they go by age to see if you qualify. Click each separate link below to request it. They’re translated from Spanish:
  1. Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant
  2. Dove Energy Glow Body Wash
  3. Dove Advanced Care Shampoo
  4. Dove Calming Night Body Wash and Body Lotion

Two Arrested for Caroline County Murder

DENTON, MD – Maryland State Police homicide investigators have charged two Caroline County women with the murder of a man whose body was found in the Choptank River near Denton Sunday morning.

The victim is identified as Louis R. Nichols, 71, of the 300-block of South Fourth Street, Denton, Md. Nichols lived at that address with Charlene Weddle, the daughter of his deceased spouse, and Weddle’s friend, Mary Chider. Nichols’ wife died about one month ago.

The first suspect is identified as Charlene R. Weddle, 45, of the 300-block of South Fourth Street, Denton, Md. She is charged with first and second degree murder and first degree assault. Following her initial appearance before a court commissioner, Weddle was incarcerated in the Caroline County Detention Center without bond.

The second suspect is identified as Mary S. Chider, 34, of same address. She is charged with first and second degree murder and first and second degree assault. She will be taken before a court commissioner for an initial appearance later this morning.

At about 11:00 a.m. on July 24, 2011, a man fishing in the Choptank River just north of business Rt. 404, saw a body in the water near the west bank of the river, not far from the old Rt. 404 bridge. Deputies from the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office responded, along with Natural Resources Police and criminal investigators from the State Police Easton Barrack.

State Police Homicide Unit investigators were called and continued the investigation. They were provided invaluable assistance from investigators with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office, the State Police Easton Barrack, and members of the Caroline County State’s Attorney’s Office.

An autopsy of the victim conducted at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore determined the victim was murdered. Forensic pathologists found the victim had cutting wounds to his head and hands, none of which had injured vital organs, but some of which were wounds he likely sustained while trying to defend himself.

According to the medical examiner, the victim had also sustained blunt force trauma to the head and had been asphyxiated. Autopsy evidence indicated the victim was already dead when his body was placed in the river.

State Police homicide investigators obtained search warrants and processed the victim’s home and vehicle for evidence. Inside his home, investigators found blood and other evidence that indicates the victim was murdered there. Inside his vehicle, a conversion type van, they found blood evidence consistent with a body that was bleeding being transported in the vehicle.

During interviews with friends and witnesses, investigators learned Weddle was heard threatening to kill the victim Saturday night. A witness also saw Weddle driving the victim’s van at about 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning, near the river where the victim was found.

A motive for the murder remains unclear at this time. The investigation is continuing.

SOLD- Commercial Building Downtown Salisbury Md

118 N. Division St  Downtown Salisbury, MD


The Golden Age of Clinton?

by Mona Charen

As the fight continues over whether to raise taxes to ratify the additional $3.6 trillion President Obama and the Democrats have spent in just 27 months, you hear the same refrain from Democrats: We must raise taxes to the levels of the Clinton administration. This is always followed by flights of exaggeration portraying the Clinton era economic record as "The Greatest Peacetime Expansion in American History," or in world history, or in galactic history.

They seem to think it was the tax hikes that produced the prosperity.

The economy did expand during Bill Clinton's presidency — though not quite as much as it had during the Reagan years. Ronald Reagan's presidency required a steep recession to undo the mistakes of his predecessors. Despite that, his overall record was astounding. Real GDP increased 32 percent under Reagan (it was 31 percent under Clinton). Disposable income grew 22.7 percent under Reagan versus 20.4 percent under Clinton. Obviously, both look luxurious from this remove.


Glenn Beck: Site Of Norway Massacre 'Sounds Like The Hitler Youth'

The conservative commentator has compared the Norwegian summer camp, where many of the 76 victims tragically died, to the Hitler Youth organization of Nazi Germany.
Beck said on his radio show that the Labour Party youth camp on the island of Utoya, where 68 people were believed killed by the suspect Anders Behring Breivik, had "disturbing" similarities to the Nazi's youth movement. "There was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler Youth, or, whatever," Beck said Monday on his syndicated program heard across 400-plus stations. "I mean, who does a camp for kids that's all about politics. Disturbing."


Cambridge Wal-Mart Expansion to be Completed by Late August

CAMBRIDGE, MD - Construction and renovations to convert the Cambridge Walmart at Dorchester Square into a Super Walmart, with expanded grocery sales and 24-hour service, is rapidly progressing toward completion this fall.

A new entrance on the left side of the building recently was completed and is accessible to customers. The parking lot in front of the new entrance was also expanded to accommodate customers. Construction moved to the right side of the building in front of the old entrance where more expansions are expected.

When the $11 million construction project is completed, sometime in late August, customers can expect the Walmart Supercenter to include a large supermarket featuring fresh meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.

KBE Building Corporation of Columbia announced the start of construction last November, an announcement that followed more than a year of rumors of expansion of the Cambridge Walmart.

Walmart initially had a preliminary site plan for the expansion of the Cambridge store approved by Cambridge's planning department in June 2009. Since then, a building permit for the project has been approved. The preliminary site plan was for expansion on all four sides of the building.

The project will expand the 102,000-square-foot Walmart to 148,000 square feet, almost a 50 percent increase in total square footage. Construction workers set up a chain-link fence around a portion of the Walmart parking lot in front of the old entrance where the building is being expanded, which cut the lot nearly in half.

from the Star-Democrat

"No Child" Environmental Ed Bill Returns

Legislation seeking to reconnect kids nationwide with nature and educate them more about the environment has resurfaced in Washington - this time with at least a trace of bipartisanship.

Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) announced they are introducing the "No Child Left Inside Act," which would provide federal assistance to states to develop and carry out environmental literacy plans. Cosponsors include Maryland's two Democratic senators, Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin.

Companion legislation is being reintroduced in the House, where the bill's champion, Rep. John Sarbanes, D-MD, had tried in vain to get it passed in the last Congress.

The announcement comes shortly after Maryland's state Board of Education decided to make environmental literacy a high school graduation requirement.


Letter to the Editor – Failure to Raise Debt Ceiling Impacts More Than You Think

For those who advise that we should fail to raise the debt ceiling and allow government spending to take a 40% cut overnight (the Federal government currently borrows 40% of the money it is spending), I would ask them to consider the following. Maryland bonds (about $718 million worth) were about to be sold tomorrow, July 25. As stated in the offering, the money from these bonds was to be used for:

- A variety of public purposes, including the acquisition and construction of State facilities; capital grants to local governments for public schools, community colleges, and jails and correctional facilities; and matching fund loans and grants to local governments, nonprofit institutions, and other entities for hospitals, cultural projects and other projects.

- Purchase federal securities for deposit into an escrow deposit fund and applied to the advance refunding of certain outstanding general obligation bonds of the State. The purpose of the refunding is the realization of savings in debt service costs

Catch that last one? The State of Maryland was essentially going to buy Federal bonds, pay back existing bonds early, and thus save the citizens a fair bit of money. I like the fact that the officials of our state are trying to save us money on debt service.

The bad news? The bond issuers have placed the sale on hold for 3 days, due to the uncertainty of the outcome of the brouhaha in Washington. They are hoping to be able to charge the State of Maryland considerably more than the planned 3.25% to borrow the bond holder's money.

This is good news if you're a bond issuer (a bank) or a bond holder (an investor) but terrible news if you are a bond seeker (the people of Maryland). We are about to pay a great deal more of our tax money to lenders/creditors and less to accomplishing those things we think a State should be doing (building roads, schools, hospitals, etc). This also means that people who make the raw materials that go into those projects, the people who work on those projects, the people who manage those projects...all of them are going to find they have much less to do than they thought.

And this isn't happening on this so-called "deadline" of August 2nd. These impacts have the potential to be felt by the people of Maryland (and beyond) much sooner and for much longer...we could be stuck with these increased interest rates until the bonds mature...15 or 20 years.

So, I encourage your readers to call their Congressman / Senators and urge them to vote to raise the debt ceiling. There certainly should be a rousing and compelling debate about the appropriate level of federal spending/borrowing. But that debate should be able to resolve itself in a way and a time that doesn't pose a threat to our economy.

For a bit of proof that I'm not making this up, please see the following link:


Michael Scott

Government Unemployment Watch: USPS To Close Up To 3,700 Post Offices

The problem with bloated central planning is that when austerity hits, the bloat goes away, and millions of government employees suddenly find themselves trying to enter the private sector, realizing they have absolutely no real competitive and marketable skills (more or less like investment bankers and hedge fund managers). And while America has yet to even remotely sniff austerity, the unemployment rate is already set to spike, after the USPS just announced it was preparing to close 3,653 out of its 32,000 total post office sites. Per UPI: "The U.S. Postal Service is expected to announce a plan to close 3,653 post offices, mostly in small communities, in a cost-cutting measure, officials said. A USPS spokeswoman said the post offices were chosen because they get the "least amount of foot traffic and retail sales," The Wall Street Journal reported Monday." Trust the bureaucrats to try spinning this bad news as good: "They also were selected because there may be local businesses that could provide some postal services to the community, spokeswoman Sue Brennan said." Well by that logic there are private businesses that cover every aspect of the government's "job" much better, and much more efficiently, up to and including that of the Fed (sorry, that already is private). Does that mean we should outsource every aspect of the bloated centrally planned economy that America has become? Of course the answer is yes, but that just does not jive with the current iteration of kleptofascist socialism.


Shore Delegation Keeps Up Fight Against Toll Hikes

DENTON, MD - Members of the General Assembly delegation for Maryland's Eastern Shore may not have a vote on increasing toll rates for the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial (Bay) Bridge crossing the Chesapeake Bay, but they are continuing to fight against the state's proposal.

Maryland Transportation Authority officials are proposing to raise the standard Bay Bridge toll from $2.50 to $5 in October, then to $8 in July 2013. State officials also have submitted a proposal to increase the tolls for commercial vehicles crossing the Bay.

Public hearings were held around the state by MDTA officials on their proposed toll hikes and the public record remains open until 5 p.m. Aug. 1 for concerned citizens to submit written testimony.

"I don't know anybody that's in favor of increasing tolls," state Sen. Richard Colburn, R-37-Mid-Shore, said Friday.

Colburn said he wrote a letter May 19 to Gov. Martin O'Malley opposing the toll increases. Colburn called the Bay Bridge a vital link for commuters and commercial traffic and said higher bridge tolls could lead to increased prices for goods on the Shore.


Teacher Avoids Jail Time In Child Porn Case

Judge: Charge Already Cost Man His Career

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. -- A former Anne Arundel County gym teacher will not serve any jail time, despite pleading guilty to child pornography charges.

Gregory Christy, 39, pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing child pornography.

A judge sentenced Christy to an 18-month suspended sentence and placed him on five years of probation. He must also forfeit his teaching license and register as a sex offender for 15 years.


Grandstanding Laura Mitchell

Last night’s Salisbury City Council meeting was long; but it did have its amusing moments. Not the least of these was councilwoman Laura Mitchell’s grandstanding on the issue of funding for PAC-14.

A Little History

Several years ago the city decided to provide some certainty to PAC-14’s funding by adopting a formula. PAC-14 would receive 20% of the franchise fee received by the city. After a few years it was discovered that the city had overpaid PAC-14, to the tune of $100,000. Rather than admit a mistake and move forward, the Barrie Comegys council, in their less than infinite wisdom, decided to bump the percentage from 20% up to 30%.

During this year’s budget deliberations a move was made to bring the percentage back to 20%. At the time, Mitchell objected (rightfully so) because the city was bound by ordinance to pay 30%. A compromise was struck which gave PAC-14 funding at 30% for two quarters and at 20% for the last two; giving the council time to change the funding formula ordinance.

Back to Laura’s World

Mitchell started off her little three act play by arguing that we should, “forget everything that happened in the past”. Well, I would too if I were Mitchell. For starters, I would want people to forget that I had just gone back on my word to support this funding compromise. But hey, this is Laura’s World!

Mitchell then made one of her few valid arguments on this subject – the city would be stripping PAC-14 of a third of their city funding after they had already made their budget for the year. Oh wait! The “numbers lady” messed up on her ciphering a bit.

Under the proposed bill PAC-14 would lose 16.7% of its funding from city. It’s just over 16 grand. I’ll admit that it’s a healthy chunk for an outfit the size of PAC-14.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, what started off as an error in arithmetic just became a hole that Mitchell wanted to dig deeper and deeper.

What’s a Franchise Fee For?

Mitchell then proceeded to lecture us that the franchise fee was supposed to go to two places – roads and the PEG channel(s) – which is PAC-14 in our case. They dirt was flying!

The FCC, the federal body that governs cable companies, says that a city or county MAY use part of its franchise fee to fund one or more PEG channels. Notice the word “MAY”; not MUST. Franchise fees are supposed to be used to compensate a municipality for “right of way”. This may include roads, but in the city of Salisbury usually means telephone or power polls.

Roads & PAC, PAC & Roads, Oh My!

BUT … Mitchell was on a roll. Believing that she saw a political opportunity, she now proclaimed that she would only support legislation which guaranteed that the franchise fee would be used for PAC-14 or road maintenance ONLY.

It sounds so GREAT! There are just a few problems. First, money is fungible. You would think that someone of Mitchell’s self-professed financial acumen would understand this. Second, road maintenance comes out of the general fund. Therefore, BY DEFINITION, all of the funds from the franchise fee are being used for PAC or for roads maintenance.

BUT … Mitchell was STILL on a roll.

It’s For the Children

Attempting to pull every trick out the hat she could think of, she now went for the tried and true liberal punt – the touchy, feely rhetorical question (ranks right up there with, “It’s for the children”). “Isn’t PAC-14 worth $99,000?” In a vacuum, of course it is. As someone who has lobbied the county council to provide more funding for PAC-14 I most definitely think that it’s worth a whole lot more. However, the rest of us don’t live in a vacuum … only in Laura’s World.

Since the Salisbury taxpayer doesn’t live in Laura’s vacuum, they should ask another question: Why should I (as a city taxpayer) fund PAC-14 at a substantially higher level than the county taxpayers who don’t live in Salisbury.?

Granted, some of those county taxpayers don’t live where Comcast is available. However, most do.

Under the modified funding scheme promoted by a majority of the council, Salisbury will still fund PAC-14 at a rate 25% higher than the entire county ($82,500 vs. $66,096). In Laura’s World the Salisbury taxpayer would be funding PAC at a 50% higher rate than those of us who live just outside the city ($99,000 vs. 66,096).

Like all liberals, Mitchell loves to ask questions and make pronouncements. I wonder if she would answer a few questions instead:

Since her opposition to changing the funding formula will require a budget amendment, perhaps she can tell us who should be fired? Which employees should now have to endure furlough days again? What service(s) should be cut? Should the city give back the ambulance that it just agreed to purchase?

You see, in Laura’s World, political grandstanding may not have consequences. In the real world it most definitely does.

New Court Filing Reveals How The 2004 Ohio Presidential Election Was Hacked

A new filing in the King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell case includes a copy of the Ohio Secretary of State election production system configuration that was in use in Ohio's 2004 presidential election when there was a sudden and unexpected shift in votes for George W. Bush.

The filing also includes the revealing deposition of the late Michael Connell. Connell served as the IT guru for the Bush family and Karl Rove. Connell ran the private IT firm GovTech that created the controversial system that transferred Ohio's vote count late on election night 2004 to a partisan Republican server site in Chattanooga, Tennessee owned by SmarTech. That is when the vote shift happened, not predicted by the exit polls, that led to Bush's unexpected victory. Connell died a month and a half after giving this deposition in a suspicious small plane crash.

Dog Found In Eden: UPDATE


Cambridge Boy Struck By Lightning in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS - A local developer's son remains in an Indiana children's hospital after a lightning strike Saturday at a family reunion.

Ryan Summers, 11, of Cambridge, is in critical condition at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. Lightning struck him in the chest at about 5:45 p.m. while in Miller Cemetery near Middletown, according to news reports out of Indianapolis. He is the son of Brett and Jamie Summers.

His cousin, David Whitlock, 11, of Indianapolis, also was struck by lightning. Both children were first taken to St. John's Hospital in Anderson, then to Riley, which is ranked among the country's best children's hospitals, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Ryan plays lacrosse with Dorchester Lacrosse in Cambridge, sails, and is an honor roll student at the Country School.


Federal Spending Cuts Would Boost Maryland Jobless Rate

A new study shows Maryland's unemployment rate would nearly double -- erasing more than a decade's worth of job expansion -- if federal spending is cut by 22 percent as recommended by President Obama's deficit commission.

Maryland would suffer a loss of 150,000 out of roughly 3 million jobs under the commission's recommendations to cut procurements, grants, salaries and wages, according to an economic model built by the Baltimore consulting firm Sage Policy Group. The state's unemployment rate would rise to nearly 12 percent from 7 percent.


Jacobs Offers Toll Plan

Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-34) hopes the Maryland Transportation Authority will embrace her idea to offer Cecil and Harford county residents what she is calling "an E-ZPass version of the AVI decal."

"I'm hearing that the board really wants to get rid of the decal program, so I asked them to consider issuing an E-ZPass to Cecil and Harford residents for use on the Hatem Bridge only.

Jacobs said it would be a lower-tier Hatem "only" unlimited E-ZPass for those who don't use other toll facilities. Residents would be charged $10 for the plan starting Oct. 1 and $15 effective July 1, 2013, which is the second phase for increases being proposed by the MdTA.

She wants residents to be exempt from the one-time only transponder fee and the monthly service fee.


Do Working Moms Put Their Kids At Risk? What New Study Says

The kids are alright. The children of mothers who work outside the home are no more likely to experience social or emotional problems during their early years than kids of stay-at-home moms, according to a new study by English researchers.

"No detrimental effects of maternal employment in the early years were seen," concluded the authors of the study of 12,000 children, which was published in theJournal of Epidemiology & Community Health.
Study author Dr. Anne McMunn, a researcher at University College London, said in a written statement, "Some studies have suggested that whether or not mothers work in the first year of a child's life can be particularly important for later outcomes. In this study we did not see any evidence for a longer-term detrimental influence on child behavior of mothers working during the child's first year of life."
The ideal scenario for boys and girls, the researchers concluded, is when both parents live at home and both are working.

Mixed Verdict for Privatization

The elected officials of Sandy Springs, Ga., convened for their first-ever government meeting a minute after midnight in the rented office space that would become their city hall.

They had no tax revenue. No employees. Not even desks and chairs to call their own.

What they had on Dec. 1, 2005, was a handshake deal with an international management company to rent a ready-made city government. The following minutes -- and months -- showed that was enough.

"At that meeting, we had a fully operational city," said Oliver Porter, the white-haired Georgian who suggested the bold outsourcing plan and led the charge to carry it out in Sandy Springs.

More than five years after Sandy Springs incorporated, officials are still operating with a skeleton staff and a mammoth contract, gaining notoriety as the city that successfully outsourced almost everything. And Porter now says Frederick County should think about following suit.

In the report that Frederick County officials hired Porter to write, the consultant relied on his experience launching Sandy Springs and four other Georgia cities to predict commissioners could save hundreds of millions in tax dollars by letting private industry handle services now provided by more than 520 government employees.


Breivik's Father: I Wish My Son Killed Himself

The father of Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian who confessed to last Friday's twin terror attacks, said he was ashamed and disgusted by his son's acts and wished he had committed suicide.
Jens David Breivik, a former diplomat who lives in retirement in the south of France, said he first learned of his son's attacks from media websites.
"I couldn't believe my eyes. It was totally paralyzing and I couldn't really understand it," he said.
Breivik's parents divorced in 1980, and his father lived in London while he and his mother lived in Oslo.
In an interview with the Swedish tabloid Expressen, Breivik said he and his son have had virtually no contact with one another since 1995 (when Anders was 16), except for a "bland" phone call about 10 years ago.
"I don't feel like his father," said Breivik from his secluded home in southern France. "How could he just stand there and kill so many innocent people and just seem to think that what he did was OK? He should have taken his own life, too. That's what he should have done.

Debt Ceiling Chicken

by Thomas Sowell

The big news, as far as the media are concerned, is the political game of debt-ceiling chicken that is being played by Democrats and Republicans in Washington. But, however much the media are focused on what is happening inside the Beltway, there is a whole country outside the Beltway — and the time is long overdue to start thinking about what is best for the rest of the country, not just for right now but for the long haul.

However the current debt-ceiling crisis turns out, the current economic turmoil in financial markets around the world should cause some serious thoughts about the long run, and about the whole idea of a national debt-ceiling.

Some people may have been shocked when the credit-rating firm Moody's recently suggested that the debt-ceiling law be repealed, in order to avoid fiscal crises which can throw world financial markets into turmoil that can injure countries around the world.

Anyone who wants to show that Moody's is wrong should be prepared to show the actual benefits of the debt-ceiling, not its goals or hopes. That will not be easy, if possible at all.


5 Foods That Can Make You More Attractive

They say that youth is often wasted on the young -- that we can't appreciate great skin and a fast metabolism until we get older and both start going in a direction we wish they hadn't. I have devoted my career to helping people live longer through good nutrition by focusing on inner health.
But in the wide world of nutritional benefits, it doesn't hurt to add some foods to enhance our beauty as well, right? In addition to the expensive skin creams, treatments and potions, food can make a huge difference on your complexion, hair and even nails! In this article, I'll share 5 foods that you should include in your "eating pretty" diet!

Local Company Provides Home Modifications To Help Seniors Remain In Home As They Age

Home Modifications Can Help Seniors Remain in their Homes as They Age
Instead of Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

            DENTON, Maryland – As close to 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day, the ability to continue to live in one’s home as people reach their retirement years can be challenging.  However, according to Keith Osterman, president of HandyPro in Denton, Maryland, with some specific modifications to a home, senior citizens can continue to “age in place.”

            “Senior citizens often face a dilemma because they want to remain in their home but it can be more difficult as they age and become ill or develop a disability, “ Osterman said. “But we are seeing a lot more senior citizens hiring us to do some simple home modifications after they return from the hospital or develop disabilities so they can continue to live in their home rather than go to an assisted living facility.”

According to the US Census Bureau, there are currently 75 million Americans who are associated with the category of” aging in place”, and that number is estimated to exceed 106 million Americans by 2015.

            As a result of this huge need, HandyPro’s Osterman said he has been installing a lot of accessibility products in senior citizens homes, including automatic door openers, ceiling lifts, safety bars, bathroom transfer systems, personal lifts, stair lifts and specialized tubs and showers.  In addition, he has seen an increase in seniors who need mobility modifications such as widening a doorway, cabinet adjustments, ramps and strong grab bars. 

            Osterman said one customer in Preston, Maryland was in and out of the hospital a few months ago only to find that she was diagnosed with ALS and had become wheelchair bound.  She was now up against a question that so many are faced with today:   Should I live in assisted living community or nursing home or can I modify my house so I can live safely at home?

Her question was soon answered within two days of returning from the hospital, when HandyPro installed a wheelchair ramp, allowing her to enter and exit her home safely.

“Seniors have worked all their lives to have a comfortable place to call home in their Golden Years, and we are happy to be able to help them stay in their homes as they age by doing some minor home modifications,” Osterman said. 

For further information, contact HandyPro at (410) 690-1398 or visit the HandyPro website at  

Ohio Bishops Steer Parishes Away From Komen Over Abortion, Stem Cell Concerns

The conference made clear that "individual Catholics" can continue to contribute to Komen affiliates but said local Catholic institutions should steer clear. 
Ohio's Catholic bishops are steering local parishes and schools away from one of the nation's leading breast cancer research groups, warning members that fundraising for the organization could indirectly support abortion and human embryonic stem cell research.


The Catholic Conference of Ohio last week posted a statement online outlining its concerns with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, particularly regarding ties to Planned Parenthood. The move followed a Toledo bishop's decision to suspend donations to the group.

"The Ohio bishops agreed to direct Catholic parishes and schools away from fundraising for Komen for the Cure and toward activities and organizations that are fully consistent with Catholic moral teaching," the conference stated.


Maryland Poised to Become Cultural Ground Zero in 2012

Maryland is poised to become ground zero for cultural issues next year, with a voter referendum set to determine tuition rates for illegal immigrants and another potentially on the way to decide whether same-sex couples can marry in the state.

With the announcement that Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley will sponsor a same-sex marriage bill next year, opponents are already gearing up for a voter challenge to what nearly became law this year.

"I believe it has a good chance of passing," acknowledged Del. Pat McDonough, R-Baltimore County, a vocal opponent of same-sex matrimony. "If if does pass, it'll definitely end up in a voter referendum. Conservatives and religious people against gay marriage are going to show up to vote en masse."

Such a push would mirror a successful campaign by opponents of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, who gathered more than 100,000 signatures against the controversial legislation -- more than double the total needed to land the issue on the ballot in 2012.

However, some say it would be unwise to view the tuition debate as a precursor to efforts to block gay marriage, assuming it is approved by the General Assembly next year.


Amazing STS-135 Photo Taken By The Space Station Crew

That flaming streak is Atlantis reentering the atmosphere in this one-in-a-million shot taken by a heads-up Astronaut on the ISS

One thing you can say for sure, it was a very timely, well-taken shot...there will literally never be another chance to take this photo.

Breaking News-Democrat David Wu Stepping Down

Reports Democratic Rep. David Wu Is Resigning in Wake of Sex Scandal.

Source Fox News

Frankie Loves Barry

Kratovil Endorses Obama’s “Leadership”

Democrat Frank Kratovil hasn't decided whether to run for his old seat in Congress next year, but he nevertheless made an interesting play Friday by showing up to President Barack Obama's town hall at the University of Maryland. The move appeared to pay off.

Obama, speaking to 1,000 students on the College Park campus -- not to mention a national television audience -- shouted out to the former Eastern Shore congressman three times during the event, which was focused on the economy and the debt ceiling negotiations.

"Former congressman Frank Kratovil is here," Obama said, as he thanked several currently elected Maryland officials in the audience for attending, such as Gov. Martin O'Malley and Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin. "You wouldn't know it looking at him, but Frank is an outstanding basketball player. The Terps might be able to use him, even at this age...He's got all kinds of moves."

Kratovil, a lawyer, was one of dozens of Democrats who were swept into the House of Representatives in the 2008 election that sent Obama to the White House. He was swept right back out in 2010 by Rep. Andy Harris, a Republican anesthesiologist. Despite a fair amount of speculation, Kratovil hasn't said whether he'll run again.

"A lot of his talk is very much where I am philosophically," Kratovil said of Obama's address. "We are very good at getting people elected, but we're not very good at electing people who can lead."

from John Fritze @ the Baltimore Sun