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Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Entire 9:00 AM Hour Will Be Loaded With Important Election Information

Tomorrow morning, starting at 9:00 AM we'll have local election information every seven minutes. 

Wicomico County: If You Want Higher Taxes, Vote Democrat!

Do you recall the spouse of a former Democrat member of the Salisbury City Council who said that he wanted to pay more in taxes? Well, if that's your preference, there’s a coterie of Democrat candidates who, if elected, can make that wish come true. Rick Pollitt, Laura Mitchell, Josh Hastings and Kirby Travers – along with that rock-ribbed RINO, John Hall, and a Democrat, Earnest Davis, who are unopposed in this year's election.

Taking it from the top, Pollitt has been silent of late regarding the County's "tax cap", which he despises, but if he and the others named above are elected we will soon see him once again pandering to eliminate or emasculate the very reason why the County has maintained at least a modicum of fiscal restraint during his tenure. Then, there's the "rain tax" that the state officials that Pollitt supports, including his leader, Anthony Brown, favor. Like them, Pollitt never saw a tax he didn't like, so don't fall for the latest anti-tax rhetoric spouted by Pollitt and company. And that crowd also loves to spend other peoples’ money.

Laura Mitchell is currently and actively pushing to implement the rain tax as a member of Salisbury's City Council. Both she and Hastings can be counted on the vote both to start that tax and to kill the tax gap, and Travers would surely do the same. Given that Hall and Davis will be on the next County Council, if Mitchell, Hastings and Travers or just two of them are elected, get out your checkbook, folks, and for your savings and retirement accounts, too.

But, if you want to protect your property and other assets, vote for the Republican candidates: Bob Culver, John Cannon, Matt Holloway and, if you live in their respective districts, Joe Holloway, Larry Dodd, Mark Kilmer.

What the Daily Times' Did Not Say about that Pollitt-Brown Presser

First, let's applaud the Daily Times for at least reporting some of the story. Wicomico County's public information officer forwarded a media advisory for the Brown campaign announcing a press conference sponsored by him, Rick Pollitt and Salisbury’s mayor for the stated purpose of criticizing Larry Hogan. Of course, more than two weeks had passed before the Daily Times mentioned the ethics violation by the PIO, who is a member of Mr. Pollitt's staff. But, so far as it has done more than WBOC and WMDT combined (zero plus zero equals zero).

Apparently, the Daily Times’ decision to "go public" about the ethics violation was triggered by the complaint that has been filed with the County's Ethics Commission. But the bare-bones coverage of the situation does not contain factual details that put Rick Pollitt in the spotlight along with the PIO.

Mr. Pollitt is the local chairman for Brown's campaign, and the PIO's e-mail states that she was "requested" to distribute Brown's obviously negative campaign piece designed to smear Larry Hogan. Ms. Lee-Brooke's e-mail does not disclose who made that request, but she is a member of Pollitt's staff, and he is ultimately responsible for her conduct – matters that have not been disclosed in the Daily Times' article.

And there's another interesting aspect – on the Daily Times website the article first appeared with a photo of Rick Pollitt, but that was later removed and a photo of Ms. Lee-Brooks was inserted in its place.

That kind of “coverage” appears to be a cover-up of Pollitt’s hand in what actually happened.

SFD Calls For Service 11-1-14

  • Saturday November, 1 2014 @ 22:34Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 1 2014 @ 22:33 Nature: Pro Qa FireAddress: 112 E North Pointe Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday November, 1 2014 @ 20:28Nature: Emergency UnknownCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday November, 1 2014 @ 19:06 Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 329 Tilghman Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday November, 1 2014 @ 17:17Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Be Here Monday Morning At 9:00 AM For Yet Another Major News Story

To the people who did early voting and voted for Rick Pollitt, you are going to wish you hadn't.

To those of you who held off for November 4th, you are going to be glad you did.

I'm very confident once you see what we deliver you will NOT be voting for Rick and I'm sure he knows what's coming.

So tell ALL of your friends and associates to stop by Monday morning and throughout the day because it's going to be one hell of a day. 

County Executive Rick Pollitt's Smoking Gun. Monday Morning!

Online Countdown Clock


Dear Editor,

While reviewing the donor list on Rick Pollitt’s campaign financial reports, I found a couple of donations that seemed very odd. The Berlin Nursing Home and Rehab Center has donated $1000. My first question was “why would a Worcester County facility donate to the Wicomico County campaign for County Executive” and then I immediately wondered “who owns the nursing home”? Continuing on in examining the donor list, I discovered another strange donation of $1000 from a Sovereign Enterprises, LLC in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Researching them, they are described as a healthcare industry medical supplier. Why would a corporation from Pennsylvania that deals with medical supplies contribute to a county executive race in little Wicomico County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore?

It didn’t take long to put the picture together about Berlin Nursing Home. It is owned by Mid Atlantic Health Care, LLC, whose principal owner is Dr. Scott Rifkin, the same man who has wanted to buy the county owned Wicomico Nursing Home. RICK POLLITT HAS ACCEPTED AT LEAST ONE SIZEABLE DONATION FROM SOMEONE THAT CLEARLY WANTS SOMETHING FROM THE COUNTY AND SOMEONE HE IS OR MAY BE IN NEOGIATIONS WITH. This has CONFLICT OF INTEREST written all over it. The jury is still out on who the Sovereign Enterprises donation is really from. Is
Dr. Rifkin associated with that donation too? A man of “unimpeachable integrity”, as Pollitt has described himself, should NEVER have accepted donations that don’t pass the “smell” test. This is QUESTIONABLE ETHICS and PERHAPS WORSE from County Executive Rick Pollitt.
Wicomico Nursing Home has a very rich history that I would like to share with you.

In 1960, Mrs. Agatha Polk presented the idea of building a Skilled Nursing Facility to her professional sorority, Beta Tau Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa. Mrs. Polk had an ill father who could benefit from the services provided in such a facility. The facilities in the area did not admit people of African American descent. Her vision was for a facility that would admit all people, regardless of race, color or creed.

Mrs. Polk approached John W. T. Webb, who was glad to help. Together they drafted a list of names of prominent people in the community to form a Board of Trustees. Over $500 was raised to begin the building fund at a “kickoff” dinner given by the sorority, In May 1961, the Nursing Home Project was incorporated. Finally on May11, 1965, the Board of Trustees awarded the construction contract to George Bert Cropper, Inc. He had submitted the low bid of $363,949 for a 50 bed nursing home. The dedication was held on June 20, 1966.

When the non-profit Board of Trustees ran into financial difficulty in 1972, the Wicomico County Council stepped up to take over the operation to avoid its closing. The non-profit corporation dissolved in September 1972.

Wicomico County has owned and operated the Wicomico Nursing Home since 1972.

Wicomico Nursing Home is known for its exceptional care and is the facility of choice by many. IT DOES NOT COST THE COUNTY A PENNY TO OPERATE. Why “fix” what isn’t broken? What possible gain is it to the County to sell it? Why would the Executive and his staff engage in negotiations to sell it at this time? Why would Pollitt accept $1000 (and possibly more) in donations to his re-election campaign from the man the County could be negotiating with?

Is this the kind of questionable ethics and poor judgement we want in Wicomico County? I sincerely hope not. 


Salisbury News has confirmed that the Chief Judge at the Wicomico Civic Center was pressured into voting on machine #1 and instantly learned that it did in fact change her vote. The machine has now been pulled.

Salisbury News also learned there were serious issues in Worcester County where another machine was also pulled.

Local politicians have contacted Beau Oglesby and Matt Maciarello and have asked for an investigation as to WHO calibrated these machines. 

I had started another Post in which I stated we should ask for a vote of no confidence in this election and force the state to go back to paper ballots.

We are NOT hearing ANYONE saying they voted for a Democrat and it switched to Republican. However, now that I have said it I'm sure we'll ALL hear them complaining and making up more LIES.

So WHY is this happening? I feel the Democrats NEED to make the early votes look like it is in their favor because they KNOW they are going to lose. They need ALL of those undecided to think, well, everyone else voted Democrat, I guess I better vote that way too. 

That being said, THINK, what will it say IF, (even after we know the machines have been rigged) the Republicans come out ahead anyway. 

I just got off the phone with one voter who was heading in this evening to vote and he said he is NOT going to vote because he wants his vote to COUNT. He said he was talking to someone else today about the machine problems and the other gentleman said, well, you gotta take the good with the bad. REALLY, SERIOUSLY! Is that what we've come down to in this Country?

STOP the votes NOW and do NOT let them run away with yet another election. 


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: We have just confirmed that machine #1 was NOT the machine our original source had problems with. That being said, there are at least TWO machines at the Civic Center.

More Government Tyranny- A Handicap 76 year Old Widow Has Lost her Home due to A Billing Error Made By The City Of Salisbury

In 2011 the City of Salisbury told a home owner who is a 76 year old handicapped widow and a lifelong Democrat that she owed $100 because her grass was higher than the ordinance allows and the city had to take it upon themselves to cut it. The problem is that never happened. The homeowner pays a local landscaping service to maintain her lawn and according to him the grass has never been high enough to be in violation of the ordinance in the past decade since he has been looking after this particular property.

The elderly lady immediately notified both the city of Salisbury and Neighborhood Services showing them copies of paid bills from her landscaper as proof she wasn’t in violation of the ordinance. They never responded, therefore, she believed the matter to be resolved. She is living off of her social security and her home, which was paid for, represented a large portion of her entire net worth. The fiasco which was to follow caused both her and her daughter considerable stress, heartache and even led to medical problems.

In 2012 she received the bill again and immediately sent certified letters to the City of Salisbury notifying them of the error and her letters went ignored. Later in 2012, she received a summons to go to court due to the unpaid grass cutting fee which was now up to over $200 due to late fees and interest. When she went to court, she looked on the docket, located her name and went in the proper courtroom with documents in hand where she intended to win her case, only the hearing never happened. She was surprised to find the designated courtroom empty. She took a seat in a row and a man in a suit with a briefcase who appeared to be a lawyer told her she didn’t need to have a hearing. She could just go out in the lobby and speak to Susan Phillips, the Director of Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance. According to the homeowner, Ms. Phillips was nice, looked over her documents and told her when she got back to her office she would look into her complaint. Phillips said if the grass really was in violation, there would be photographs of it and she would send copies of the pictures to the homeowner. If not, she promised to correct the billing error. Phillips never sent the photographs and the homeowner once again thought the billing error had been corrected.


My Version of the Story:

My Mom's home is located at 203 New York Avenue. She is retired and a window. Because she gets lonely, she travels often. I live nearby in Ocean City. My name is on the deed and I look after her house especially when she is away.

Back in October 2011, Mom received a bill from the City of Salisbury for $100. They said her grass was too high and in violation of code and that the City had to cut it.(They said the date they cut it was October 7, 2011) I knew this had to be a mistake because ever since we have owned the house, we have hired an expensive professional landscaper who keeps our entire yard in beautiful condition. My Mom keeps her house beautiful. Her yard is not only one of the nicest yards on her street, it is one of the prettiest yards and homes in the entire neighborhood. She is very proud of it. My Mom and I immediately notified the City that the bill must be a mistake and sent them paid invoices from our private landscaper who we hired showing that he cut the grass on the following dates:
October 5, 2014
October 12, 2014
October 24, 2014
Our landscaper is Carmen from Cutting Crew Lawn Care. He works with the City of Salisbury and many employees from the City of Salisbury know and like him.

They never responded to our letter or sent another bill that year. So, we assumed they had corrected their mistake.


This election cycle we have heard of numerous instances where Republican candidates and staff enter the polls only to find their votes switched to the Democrat opponent. Now there's proof of a massive conspiracy so large that the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

Cook County Board of Elections Deputy Communications Director Jim Scalzitti, told the Illinois Watchdog that, “It was acalibration error of the touch-screen on the machine.”
Now, is reporting similar evidence of electronic voter fraud in the State of Maryland, where Diebold voting machines are switching Republican votes to Democrat votes:
“When I first selected my candidate on the electronic machine, it would not put the ‘x’ on the candidate I chose — a Republican — but it would put the ‘x’ on the Democrat candidate above it,” Donna Hamilton said.
“This happened multiple times with multiple selections. Every time my choice flipped from Republican to Democrat. Sometimes it required four or five tries to get the ‘x’ to stay on my real selection,” the Frederick, Md., resident said last week.
Queen Anne County Sheriff Gary Hofmann said he encountered the problem, too, personally.

“This is happening here as well. It occurred on two candidates on my machine. I am glad I checked. Many voters have reported this here as well,” Hofmann, a Republican, wrote in an email Sunday evening.

PUBLISHERS NOTES: Salisbury News has confirmed, EACH machine that has THREE complaints MUST be immediately PULLED. It does NOT have to repeat the problem. Now we have to wonder, especially after yesterday's post about someone complaining and they continued to allow people to vote on the machine. Then the Chief Judge tested a machine and it changed their vote from Republican to Democrat.

The big questions are, did enough people complain and if so, were the machines PULLED? Three strikes on one machine and you are out.  

Follow The Sarbanes Money

Amount Contributor Address Contributor Type

4/25/14 PAPPAS, ALENI $4,000.00 261 S. 4TH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19106-3819 Individual

4/2/14 PAPPAS, CLEMENT $4,000.00 755 S. 6TH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19147-3037 Individual

3/24/14 PAPPAS, DEAN $2,400.00


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CARE LLC $500.00 P.O. BOX 61, PRINCESS ANNE, MD 21853-0061 Business/Group/Organization

4/11/14 LONG, JOHN $500.00 P.O. BOX 259, SALISBURY, MD 21803-0259 Individual

Oh No Jim Ireton & Rick Pollitt, You Had NOTHING To Do With Driving Down Property Values

City Enforcing Codes to Ensure Absentee Owners Don’t Drive Down Property Values

Case In Point: 203 New York Ave., Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton has authorized the release of the following timeline:

· 9/20/2011 – Initial case opened for tall grass violation *

· 10/5/2011 – Violation was re-inspected and found to be in non-compliance. City secured contractor to cut grass.

· 10/7/2011 – Contractor cut grass at 203 New York Avenue

· 10/14/2011 – Property owner was billed a total of $225.00 for grass cutting ($125.00 for contractor fee and $100.00 for administrative fee).

· 6/4/2012 – Property owner was mailed an invoice for the outstanding unpaid balance due for the above grass cutting.

· 10/9/2012 – Property owner was again mailed an invoice for the outstanding unpaid balance due for the above grass cutting.

· 4/23/2013 - Property owner was again mailed an invoice for the outstanding unpaid balance due for the above grass cutting.

· 3/14/2014 – Property owner was mailed a letter informing her of the pending tax sale due to the outstanding balance on the subject property. The letter was returned by the Postal Service stating that the structure was vacant with no forwarding address given.

· 5/6/2014 - Property owner was again mailed an invoice for the outstanding unpaid balance due for the above grass cutting.

· 8/5/2014 – Notice of tax sale was mailed to the property owner, stating the property was sold on June 11, 2014, with the explanation of how to redeem the property.

*Property owner had the opportunity to appeal this violation to the Housing Board of Adjustments and Appeals but did not do so within the 21 day deadline.

"Local blogs are again trying to tear down Salisbury neighborhoods. This property has been vacant for over six years, with no water service turned on. Any insinuation that an elderly woman is living there is categorically false. No, it’s a lie. As recently as 12:15 PM today, a truck from out of town was at the property cleaning it up in anticipation of this release. I believe in liberty and freedom. That freedom is for our hardworking property owners that live adjacent to this property. They need freedom from absentee landlords who care nothing for these properties and believe it is perfectly ok to affect surrounding property values negatively. This issue is about property rights – the rights of working people and retirees that have no recourse against slumlords," said Mayor Ireton.

Publishers Notes: Mr. Ireton, "Freedom" is ALL of ours, not just select people YOU so choose. Since when did you become a DICKTATOR

It amazes me how you and the former Mayor feel the need to attempt to defame Salisbury News, (Blog) simply for publishing a Letter to the Editor, which, by the way is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. 

Now YOU have a team of lawyers working for the City and should YOU feel the need to ever challenge me in Court to fight our Freedom of Speech, well, you go right ahead. 

You are using TAXPAYER MONEY to spread your one sided BS only because you own the LIBERAL media in Town who would NEVER go against the Liberal Party Leaders because they wouldn't want to bite off the hand who feeds them.

I'll add, I can remember a day, no, a person, (YOU) who used to be one of us. You used to join forces to fight such underhanded people like you've become. You came out of the closet once, you should try doing it again. 

BREAKING NEWS: Ethics Complaint Filed Against Misuse of Executives & County Council Office Including Pollitt, Brooks and Creamer

Dated October 31, 2014
From the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee
To Mr. Edgar A. Baker, Jr., Wicomico County Attorney

The Wicomico County Republican Central Committee is deeply concerned that recent actions by elected and appointed Wicomico County officials were in direct violation of §37, the Wicomico County Ethics Law - and likely also the Maryland Ethics law.

The Brown/Ulman gubernatorial campaign recently scheduled a “press conference” in Salisbury claiming “to discuss” Hogan’s alleged plan to make a $450 million cut to school construction on the Eastern Shore. That alleged cut is clearly part of the political dialog which typically occurs during campaigns for office, and as such is clearly more a scare tactic than a reliable statement of fact. At best it is a partisan political disagreement.

However, as the attached email indicates, Tamara Lee-Brooks, the Wicomico Public Information Officer, honored a request (from an unnamed source) to forward the announcement of Brown’s partisan press conference, and Matt Creamer, the Wicomico County Council Administrator, further forwarded this request (as a media advisory). Members of the media consequently reported this so-called press conference, apparently actually attended by Brown. Regardless of the number of individuals to whom this request was forwarded, the County time and other County resources consumed are what are what we believe were unethical.

As we understand the law, these were obviously partisan political actions taken in support of the Brown/Ulman campaign. Consequently, using County Offices, County email, and County employee time to forward Brown’s partisan announcement were are all violations of ethics laws. Because County Executive Rick Pollitt is not only ultimately responsible for supervising Tamara Lee-Brooks but because he also serves as Brown’s local campaign manager, an investigation will likely identify others who used County resources to promote the Brown/Ulman campaign.

Accordingly, with this letter I am, in accordance with instructions I received from your office by telephone, herewith submitting to you a formal ethics complaint on behalf of the WCRCC for you to deliver to the Wicomico County Ethics Commission for their action. Moreover, I’m requesting that the Commission first thoroughly investigate, then determine and publically identify and announce both what ethical violations have taken place (and by whom) and what corrective measures will be taken to prevent similar violations in the future.

On the other hand, if overt partisan political activity using County time and resources is not a violation of law, then please so inform me, in writing, that this is the case, citing the appropriate legal authorities.

Signed by Dave Parker, WCRCCChairman

Pentagon Says No To Wind Turbines In Somerset County Based On National Security

Josh Hastings Still Wants You To Believe He's A Republican

Councilwoman Laura Mitchell On Public Assistance Is Now Running Campaign Commercials On Television

I don't know about you but I've got a serious problem with this scenario. You have to wonder just how many businesses that would die just to afford a commercial to market their business, yet someone on public assistance can get on TV and tell you to "One Shot" her in this election.

What does "One Shot" mean. It means she is attempting to manipulate the election by encouraging you to NOT vote for ANY other candidates, hoping this will help her garnish more votes. 

Want a Rain Tax in Wicomico County? – Vote Democrat for Exec. and Council

It’s no secret that Rick Pollitt favors putting a stormwater utility fee (“Rain Tax”) on homes and other property in Wicomico County. If he is reelected, with one sure Democrat and a RINO on the next County Council, just two more members are needed to start the boll rolling.

Josh Hastings and Kirby Travers can be counted on, and Laura Mitchell is leading the charge on the Salisbury City Council to pass the necessary Rain Tax legislation, which will be on the agenda for the November 10 meeting of that body, after the election. Sorry, Salisbury, but you elected her.

Don’t let Mitchell, Hastings or Travers be elected to the County Council. Vote for the Republican candidates for County Council – Mark Kilner, Larry Dodd, John Cannon – and Bob Culver for County Executive.

A Comment Worthy Of A Post

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Want a Rain Tax in Wicomico County? – Vote Democra...":

Here is a thought

County Executive
Bob Culver

County Council
Laura Mitchell
Ernie Davis
Josh Hastings
John Hall

*Laura Mitchell is elected President
*Josh Hastings is elected Vice President
*Dysfunctional Council
*Jim Ireton and Jake Day begin to control the County Council
*Wicomico County Council is the laughing stock of the State
*Wicomico County Council is the laughing stock of the Nation.

County Executive
Rick Pollitt

County Council
Laura Mitchell
Earnie Davis
Josh Hastings
John Hall

Any Comments?
* Laura Mitchell is elected President
* Josh Hastings is elected Vice President
* Rain Tax passed
* Revenue Cap lifted
* The worst Tier Map approved
* Increased taxes
* Sheriff's Office budget cut
* Crime increases
* States Attorney budget cut
* Crime increases
* Sheriff's Office cuts deputies
* Crime increases
* School Resource Officers cut
* Wicomico Middle School gangs increase
* Gang Bangers bring illegal guns to school.
* Your child is a victim of gang violence
* Bennett Middle School gangs increase
* Gang Bangers bring illegal guns to school
* Your child is a victim gang violence
* Your child is a victim of a shooting

Laura Mitchell has always the problem with the Salisbury City Council, not Debbie Campbell. Laura Mitchell and Josh Hastings are joined at the hip. Josh Hastings was Laura Mitchell's campaign treasurer for the City Council. Josh Hastings worked hard to get Jim Ireton Re-elected Mayor of Salisbury. Josh Hastings worked hard on Jake Day's campaign to get him elected.

Bob Culver is a good conservative Republican. Laura Mitchell is a very liberal Democrat. Ernie Davis is a Democrat. Josh Hastings is a Left Wing liberal Tree Hugging Democrat of the worst kind. John Hall is the RINO and he is married to a Liberal Democrat and she is the boss. She will do whatever Jim Ireton tells her to do. John Hall will do whatever Ms. Carolyn tells him to do.

They are the liberal majority that will own Wicomico County and all it's citizens. The Revenue Cap will be lifted and taxes will be sky high. The rest of the businesses will be ran out of down. Buildings will be dilapidated everywhere. Foreclosures will increase. Homeless people will be everywhere.

The City of Salisbury is in second place for the worst crime rate in the state. Salisbury is in Wicomico County. Crime will increase everywhere. The few sheriff's deputies left will be stretched thin working their butts off. It will take minutes to hours before a deputy is available to answer your emergency. Buildings and homes will be vacant and dilapidated. Windows smashed out and Heroin addicts will be dying daily. Heron syringes will be everywhere. Drive by shootings will occur in every neighborhood. The murder rate will skyrocket.

Wicomico County and Salisbury will be just like Detroit in less that 5 years. By the next election it will be to late.

Matt Holloway has already been caught last weekend at an expensive fund raiser for the Democrat Rick Pollitt. This proves that Matt Holloway is another RINO. Marc Kilmer is a Shoe in. The best option is to make sure John Cannon and Larry Dodd is elected. Work for their campaigns, contribute to their campaigns, but most of all get out and vote. Get your family and friends to vote for John Cannon and Larry Dodd.

GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTT's and VOTE John Cannon and Larry Dodd.

Wicomico County States Attorney Speaks Out About "Voting Machine Issues"

Voting has been called the most precious of our rights; therefore, it is extremely important that there is integrity and public confidence in the voting process. After receiving communications from concerned citizens about voting machine issues at the Civic Center, I have spent this morning conversing with the Election Director of our County Board of Elections, the State’s Attorney from Frederick County (another jurisdiction with reported voting machine issues), and the State Prosecutor’s Office. I have also made calls to the State Board of Elections and I hope to speak with the Deputy Administrator later this afternoon.

Based upon my conversations, here are my recommendations for concerned citizens:

1. If you are a citizen who has had issues with the voting machines at the Civic Center, especially where the machine does not record your selection properly, please call James I. Cabezas, Chief Investigator with the State Prosecutors Office, at (410) 321-4067. I have spoken with Mr. Cabezas this morning and he is ready to document your complaints. I do ask that you call Mr. Cabezas only if you have first hand information about a voting machine issue in our County.

2. All citizens who are voting during this election must carefully review the summary screen before casting your ballot. If there is an issue with your selections, you should notify the election judge immediately. You should also call the State Prosecutor’s Investigator named above to report your issue if you believe your selection was changed by the machine or that it did not accurately record your vote.

3. I am respectfully requesting that the Local Board of Elections voluntarily secure the voting machine that they have taken off-line at the Civic Center. It is my hope that the State Board of Elections will have this machine technically evaluated by an independent evaluator. It is my further hope that the Board will make the results of that evaluation public at their earliest possible convenience.

4. I am also respectfully requesting that large signs be made and placed in prominent locations in the voting areas informing voters of the potential mechanical issues with the voting machines. Additionally, all poll workers should be instructed to warn voters of the potential for voting machine error. Each voter should be reminded, in advance of voting, to check the summary screen before they submit their ballots.

I personally trust our voting system and our Local and State Board of Elections. Based upon the facts that I have, it seems that only a small number of machines in the State—out of roughly 850 voting units—have had reported issues. It is, of course, good to trust -- but when it comes to such a precious right—it is best to verify. It is my hope that the Board of Elections will take reasonable steps to ensure that every vote counts and to prove to the voters of this State that there is integrity in the voting process.

Matthew A. Maciarello
State’s Attorney

Publishers Notes: Below are the links requested by a viewer.

Trust but verify

Did Antares rocket explode because it was using 40-year-old Russian engines?

NASA launches investigation after $200m of equipment was destroyed

The Antares rocket that blew up on the launchpad on its way to the International Space Station last night was using a 40-year-old Russian engine of a similar design to those used during the Soviets' disastrous attempts to beat America to the moon in the 1960s, it has emerged.

Dulles-based Orbital Sciences, which has a $1.9 billion contract to make eight supply missions to the international space station, purchased a number of the engines which had been mothballed by Russia in the 1970s, the Washington Post reports.

Earlier incarnations of the engines had been designed to power Russia's enormous N1 rockets into orbit - however all four launches of the N1, which took place between 1969 and 1972, failed, leading the Soviet space programme to abandon attempts to put a cosmonaut on the moon.

Orbital Sciences, which used a refurbished Russian engine in the doomed Antares rocket, insists that the technology is sound and that there are no better modern alternatives.


Early Voting Totals Look Good For Local Republicans!

With most (6 of 8) days done, the voters in each party are about even in Wicomico County, and in Worcester significantly more Republicans than Democrats have voted. Given the location of the only polling place in Wicomico – at the Civic Center in Salisbury – the share of Democrat early voters could be greater than will occur on November 4.

Mathias and Conway could be toast, Pollitt, too, as well as Democrats running for the Wicomico County Council. Lets hope!

ANTARES EXPLODES!!! Panic at the press site! Orbital's rocket blows up

Language warning!!


A major complaint was just made at the republican headquarters this afternoon. A voter stated they highly recommend ALL voters carefully check their ballots as the voter experienced for the first time in their life the machine changing their vote to the other party and it would NOT let them change the mistake!!! 

I spoke to another voter today who requested they see a print out copy of who they voted for and they refused to do so. 

Clearly the machines cannot be trusted and clearly there's a major problem. My concern is that the elderly will simply become frustrated and or just not even notice, (with all due respect) and the LIBERALS will win these elections by cheating. 

Funny how we never hear a DEMOCRAT say their vote went to the Republican!

UPDATE: We were just told that even when this voter complained and proved there was a problem, they still allowed other people to use the same machine without any investigation.

Pollitt Loses Firefighter Votes Because He's Just Plain Stupid

Last week a group of elected officials and candidates attended a Firefighters gathering in Sharptown. Each person was given the opportunity to get up and speak briefly, Rick Pollitt was one of them.

Now, anyone who knows anything about etiquette, when you attend a venue involving VOLUNTEERS and NON PROFIT and you buy a 50/50 raffle ticket, if you win, you give the money back to the organization as a donation.

Well, considering Rick only knows how to TAX Wicomico County residents, guess what, he won the 50/50. And what did he do next, he stuck the money in his pocket and told the crowd he was going to use it to pay for bumper stickers.

It was a slap in the face and that's exactly how they took it. It certainly wasn't a good move. 

Will Liberals Ever Stop Lying?

Josh Hastings attended a fundraiser for Rick Pollitt recently to support his democrat comrade. 

What gets me is the FACT that these people will LIE right to our faces, something we have always taught our children NOT to do. This is the new game plan in order to get elected. So when they LIE during a campaign, what will they do behind our backs once in office and WHEN will the voters finally send a message to these Liberals that we simply will not stand for any more liars?

The next time someone asks you what you think of Josh Hastings simply tell them, he's a liar and I can't stand liars. Never have, never will. 

Josh Hastings Overheard, You Get Rid Of Joe Albero And I'll Join The Republican Party

Last week Chuck Cook was on Facebook telling people I was the head of the local Wicomico Republican Club. 

I had done a post referencing him saying that and I added, when I ran for Mayor, the local Republican Club refused to afford me the opportunity to speak, yet they invited DEMOCRAT Debbie Campbell the opportunity.

So it would be far fetched to ever believe anything Chuck Cook was saying to be true.

In a very recent gathering, Josh Hastings was overheard telling Wicomico County Republican President Jackie Welfonder, get rid of Joe Albero and I'll join the republican party. 

OK JOSH, get rid of me, HOW? 

Hogan campaign reacts to voter machine “calibration issue”

Calls for voters to “pay very close attention” when casting their ballot

ANNAPOLIS, MD – October 27 –
Following reports of voting machines flipping votes from Republican candidates to Democrats, the Hogan for Governor campaign is requesting that each and every voter take special care when casting a ballot and to immediately report possible voter fraud.

The Hogan campaign has received reports of “vote flipping” from the following nine counties: Anne Arundel, Dorchester, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, and St. Mary’s.

Election officials in Anne Arundel and Frederick Counties have called it a "calibration issue" and say that the machines have been removed or replaced.

“Please make sure you pay very close attention when making your selections and review your final ballot carefully before submitting it,” said Hogan spokeswoman Erin Montgomery. “If you are having technical difficulties with your voting machine or think you are the victim of voter fraud, alert an election judge on the premises right away and call our voter fraud hotline at 443-837-9223.”

“Due to the widespread nature of the complaints, the Hogan campaign has contacted the Maryland State Board of Elections to get to the bottom of this issue,” Montgomery added.

Read more about the voting machines here:

How To View The Antares Launch Tonight Oct. 27

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va.—NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility and Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport are set to support the launch of Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket at 6:45 p.m. EDT, October 27.

The Antares rocket will carry Orbital’s Cygnus cargo spacecraft, loaded with some 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments, to the International Space Station.

The launch may be visible, weather permitting, to residents throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States. For a visibility map of launch, see:

Public viewing of the launch will be available at the NASA Visitor Center at Wallops and at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge/Assateague Island National Seashore. Visitors are reminded that alcohol and pets are not allowed on the Visitor Center grounds.



to have the state's first black Governor.

How's that Presidential vote working for you?

A vote for Brown is another 4 years of O'Malley.

A Letter To The Editor: Jimmy Sarbanes

I am writing concerning the Wicomico County judges race in the upcoming election (early voting has already commenced). As a democrat, my first inclination was to support Jimmy Sarbanes. I have great respect for much of what Senator Paul Sarbanes accomplished. 

However, knowing that what happens in the court system has everything to do with making Wicomico safer, I went to observe Judge Sarbanes in action. I was horrified by the way that he behaved. He essentially apologized to the charged offenders for the inconvenience of coming to court and was way too lenient and casual when it came to guilty verdicts. I am not about ruining the life of someone who has committed a crime as a juvenile, but the punishment for being found guilty does need to be such that it will discourage the behavior in the future. 

I left the courtroom feeling that all the good work of law enforcement and the State's attorney's office is undone by Judge Sarbanes way too often. I am making an informed decision to support Caldwell for the judgeship. I urge other voters to become well informed before casting your vote for judge based on direct knowledge of the implications of Judge Sarbanes' decisions on our broader efforts to make Wicomico a safer place to live. 


A voter who is serious about my responsibility

SBYnews Editorial Staff's Endorsements - Part 1

Election day is just around the corner and our SBYnews staff would like to take this opportunity to view our selections of endorsements for political offices.

We endorse Bob Culver for Wicomico County Executive - we feel as though his leadership abilities will enable him to entice prominent employers to Wicomico County.  We believe job generation is  Wicomico's  NO. 1 priority and that his ideology will fit nicely into providing an overhaul 'economic fix'.

Mike McDermott - for Maryland State Senate.  Our editorial staff feels he is a 'true reflection' of the eastern shore's traditional values.  He is also one of the hardest working Delegates on record - having expended a great deal of his time in helping to keep the eastern shore residents informed.  His trade mark - weekly Legislative News updates.  His legislative updates shows his tenacity in trying to keep our public fully informed.

Carl Anderton - Maryland House of Delegates - 38B.  We feel that Mr. Anderton will provide a breath of 'fresh air' to our constituency.  Moreover, we believe that Norm Conway has overstayed his welcome and that he has aligned with special interest in that he puts their interest above the public's best interest.  His track record is fraught in voting for higher taxes, fees, new taxes and runs in direct contradiction to the mandates of our people.

Mary Beth Carozza - Maryland House of Delegates - 38C  If this lady works as hard in Annapolis as she has exhibited throughout her campaigning - then this will be a fine addition to our current slate of State House endorsements.  She has literally taken the battle to 'virtually every one's front door'.  We believe she exudes ambition, character, and all of the pertinent attributes to help move the eastern shore forward in a positive direction.  We feel her emphasis on job creation to be the eastern shore's No. 1 priority.  Her prior political experience also helps to 'preen' her for this political position.

Charles Otto - Maryland House of Delegates - 38A - Somerset & Wicomico Counties.  Although Mr. Otto's District only encompasses a portion of Wicomico County - we feel as though his core conservative values also help to carry forward our eastern shore traditions.  From balanced budget initiatives to limitations on taxation and particularly limited government.  Our staff feels as though his ideals puts Mr. Otto at the epicenter of our core traditions.  Moreover, it is noteworthy to mention that our staff truly believes that the Democratic leadership headed by Governor O'Malley saw to it to try and 'put the shaft' to, both, Delegates Charles Otto and Delegate Mike McDermott by gerrymandering their Districts to force a runoff between the two.  We believe Governor O'Malley's move was an unscrupulous way of 'rigging the system'.  Hopefully, this attempt will backfire on the Democratic party. Only time will tell - and hopefully justice will prevail.

Melvin Caldwell - Circuit Court Judge
Having followed this individual for a number of years, we feel that he has amply demonstrated his leadership abilities.   Also noteworthy of Mr. Caldwell - also known as MJ - he was instrumental in the implementation of the County Executive form of governance.  Our editorial staff believes that MJ Caldwell will 'exude the reflections of the Eastern Shore Tradition grounded on Self-reliance and Self-determination.'  We give him our highest endorsement in letting the people decide who should be the sitting judge.  Especially after the shenanigans that O'Malley pulled in the gerrymandering of Otto's and McDermott's Districts.

Addie Eckhardt - Maryland's District 37 Senate Seat
Previously - Eckardt has represented District 37B in the House of Delegates since 1995, the same year Colburn joined the State Senate.  She is keenly aware of the inner workings in Annapolis - and our staff feels as though she would compliment our selection in that her No. 1 priority is trying to garner new job generation.  Moreover, her background as a nurse makes her sensitive to the needs of the community - particularly mental and addictions assistance.  We give her our 'thumbs-up' endorsement.

Johnnie Mautz - Maryland House of Delegates 37B
Once again - our editorial staff feels as though his conservative ideals will help to enable him to 'bare good fruit' in Annapolis.  Mautz a St. Michaels native - we like his idea about a limited government role and restraint on taxation.  Mautz also runs a family restaurant business in St. Michaels and has also created jobs and added value to the community. He is seeking to fill the seat vacated by Jeannie Haddaway - when she elected to run for Maryland's Lieutenant Govornor. 

Article Published by SBYnews Editorial Staff 

GMOs may be to Blame for Spike in Kids Suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Study finds 65% increase in IBD hospital discharges from 2000 to 2009

One of the largest studies to date conducted by researchers from the University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UH) Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital has found a dramatic increase in inflammatory bowel conditions (IBD) in children in the U.S. in the last decade, likely due to eating GMOs.

While the incidence of IBD has caused many hospitalizations, the reasons behind the disease are unclear, except for one culprit – the consumption of genetically modified ingredients. This, mostly from school lunches, eating processed GMO foods at home, and at restaurants. The complete study can be found online in the Journal of Investigative Medicine.

There has been a 65% increase in IBD hospital discharges from 2000 to 2009. The number increased from 11,928 discharges in 2000 to 19,568 discharges in 2009.

IBD refers to the inflammatory conditions associated with irritation of the colon and small intestine. As you may recall, Danish farmers noticed the same problem in their pigs who were fed GMO feed – they were affected so badly that their guts were bleeding in many cases, and they also suffered increased fertility issues. Many piglets were even born deformed.