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Sunday, September 06, 2020

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Office Has Fired an Employee For Supporting Kyle Rittenhouse

UPDATE: The lawyer representing Kyle Rittenhouse has called for Governor Larry Hogan to step down.

Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan has fired an employee for supporting Kyle Rittenhouse on social media.

Rittenhouse, of course, is the teenager who shot rioters that were attacking him in Kenosha, where heworked as a lifeguard.

On Saturday, Governor Hogan’s office announced the termination of Arthur “Mac” Love IV. Since 2015, he was the deputy director of the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives, which oversees the state’s ethnic and cultural commissions, community service programs and religious outreach.



Hi, I am sharing the below in information due to Employee Favoritism taken place within the Wicomico County-Roads Dept.:
(1) There is one particular employee, Bill Kenney (his spouse works for County as well), who was given favoritism by Bob Culver (long before his passing) as He had Mr. Kenney placed in the
OPERATOR IV position Without Holding the Required CDL License. He was, also, (bought for him via Bob Culver) given His Own Tractor that No Other Employee is permitted to use. He is the Only Employee (Other than Kevin & Lee) who is permitted to take “His” Work Vehicle Home Every Day. Mr. Kenney made a Call to Bob Culver (a while before his passing) when His Name came up for a Required Random Drug Test & Bob gave Him Permission to Refuse the Drug Test. With His Tractor needing repair currently, instead of using a different tractor recommended by his supervisor,
Mr. Kenney is being permitted to “Work” in the Shop instead of working as the other employees are or with other employees.

Hopefully these things can be Changed with the Wicomico County Government. Because this Employee making about $18/Hour while Other Employees work hard every day making Only @ $13/Hour is So Wrong!

Thank You for Letting Me Share,

A Very Concerned Friend of Wicomico County

Council Reopens Wicomico Executive Application Process

SALISBURY – The Wicomico County Council has reopened the application process in its search for the next county executive, days after Dr. Rene Desmarais declined his appointment to the position.

In a special meeting last Friday, the legislative body reached a consensus to once again seek applicants for the next Wicomico County executive, a position held by Bob Culver until his death on July 26. Candidates now have until Sept. 14 to submit their names for the post.

“I don’t think anyone up here wants to drag this process on,” Councilwoman Nicole Acle said.

In a special legislative session on Aug. 20, the council conducted public interviews with three candidates – Desmarais, state Delegate Carl Anderton and former County Finance Director Michele Ennis – before convening in a closed session to deliberate the appointment.


Governor Northam Announces Launch of New African American History Course

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam announced that students in 16 Virginia school divisions will be able to increase their understanding of African American history by participating in a new high school-level elective course this academic year.

“Black history is American history, but for too long, the story we have told was insufficient and inadequate,” said Governor Northam. “The introduction of this groundbreaking course is a first step toward our shared goal of ensuring all Virginia students have a fuller, more accurate understanding of our history, and can draw important connections from those past events to our present day.”

Thousands sign petition to replace Confederate statue with Chadwick Boseman memorial in his hometown

Thousands are signing onto a petition pushing for a Confederate statue in Anderson, South Carolina, to be replaced by a memorial for actor Chadwick Boseman, who was born there.
The petition, which was posted online over the weekend, has racked up more than 6,300 signatures in the past two days.
“Mr. Boseman is without question an American treasure and his accolades go on and on. It is only fitting that his work is honored in the same place that birthed him,” the petition states, adding: “As fellow citizens go about their day they should have a face that sees all people as equal. That sees all citizens regardless of outward appearance as a member of the Anderson community.”

A Viewer Writes: Wicomico Teacher Assault Charges

I’m surprised there is nothing on the news about Wicomico County Teacher and newly appointed Dean Kevin Zaczkiewicz with felony assault charges! He was arrested and out on $10,000 bond. He does not need to be teaching our children or around them if he is physically abusive, always had drinking and driving years ago. Felony first degree assault, second degree assault and reckless endangerment. It’s all on case search as well to view as public record.

Video: Chelsea Clinton, The Poster Child For Privilege, Says That She Wants To See ‘White Children of Privilege’ ‘Erode that Privilege’ Over Time

Chelsea Clinton, the former First Daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton says that she is working hard to teach her kids to ‘erode’ their ‘white privilege.’ This is particularly ironic coming from Chelsea who lives in the longest apartment in New York City according to

Hillary’s daughter paid $10,000,000 for the pad at the age of thirty three. I think it is fair to assume Chelsea owes much of her success and fortune, to the privilege of being a Clinton. Thus it is … ‘interesting’ to hear her discussing privilege seeing as she seems to have no qualms benefiting from her own.

In an interview with Democrat Congresswoman, Ayanna Pressley, Chelsea discussed just how oppressed women, blacks, native Americans and others are in the United States and how their voting rights were still not secure:

Governor Hogan Requests Presidential Disaster Declaration Following Damages Caused by Tropical Storm Isaias

State Agencies, Three Counties Would be Eligible for Reimbursements

Reisterstown, MD -- Governor Larry Hogan today requested the White House issue a Major Disaster Declaration to assist communities impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias in August. The request, made through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s Public Assistance disaster relief program, would provide financial assistance to Calvert, Dorchester and St. Mary’s counties and state agencies for repairs to public infrastructure, and reimburse for measures taken to prepare for and respond to last month’s storm.

“Tropical Storm Isaias caused significant damage in much of Maryland, especially in Southern Maryland and on the Eastern Shore,” said Gov. Hogan. “Federal funding will help state and local agencies recover from the impacts of the storm. These funds are especially important because the COVID-19 pandemic has had drastic impacts to local and state budgets.”

Because of the dire economic conditions in Maryland as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Gov. Hogan is asking the President to reimburse state and local agencies for 100 percent of eligible response and recovery efforts, rather than the typical local cost share which agencies simply cannot afford. The money will be used to reimburse costs of debris removal, the repair or replacement of uninsured public infrastructure and emergency protective measures, such as operating Emergency Operations Centers and first response. The state also is requesting hazard mitigation funding which will allow communities to make investments to lessen the impacts of future disasters.

“Isaias spawned 10 tornadoes in Maryland and also caused extensive flood and wind damage,” said Maryland Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Russ Strickland. “Many of the responding agencies have already been stretched thin because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so federal assistance is especially important.”

If the President grants a Major Disaster Declaration, state agencies, local governments, and certain non-profit organizations will be eligible to submit the cost of operations and projects to FEMA for reimbursement. State and local officials have been coordinating with FEMA since August to develop a complete picture of the extent of damage. While assessments continue, officials believe damages exceed the federal threshold for Maryland and the counties included in the request.