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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last Night I Was An American Idol Survivor

Well, sort of, anyway. How many people can say they hung out with an American Idol and a Survivor in one night, not many.

However, last night I had the pleasure of meeting two very fine people, Kellie Pickler, (American Idol) and Chase Rice, (Survivor).

Let me assure you, all of the performers who were scheduled to go on last night truly felt for Doug Marshall and wanted to go on so bad it wasn't funny. However, they absolutely agreed, it was scary out there last night.

I can tell you this. The sun started coming out at our property in Delmar, (west end of Delmar) at around 5:30. I even took a pic of it and sent it to Doug. He sent a message back saying, lol. He thought I was joking. Ladies & Gentlemen, when they finally called things off I headed directly to the Site and let me assure you, once I got into the heart of Delmar on Rt. 54 I could see why they did.

Look at the following pictures in order. The first is the picture I sent Doug letting him know things were clearing up. The second was about an hour later heading through Delmar and the third is what I saw as soon as I arrived. That side of Delmar had clouds and rain that never stoped last night. Even up to 1:30 AM the rain was steadily coming down in buckets.

So here's what you didn't see last night, (below). The first image shows just how flooded things were. The stage wiring for all of the sound and light systems were completely under water. The second image is one of the tour buses having to be towed through the mud, (backwards) just to get them out and on the road for their next show.

Now, one thing most of you aren't aware of are the 60 volunteers Doug had there and a major life saver, United Rental. If United Rental hadn't been escorted to the scene with their heavy equipment let me assure you, NO ONE was going to get out last night.

Many were even trying to use Golf Carts to get from one end of the property to the other and let me tell you, that was a sight to see and experience. The mud was flying everywhere and many had to get out of the carts and push. Don't think for a second those pushing didn't end up with 30 pounds of mud on them right away.

All in all though, by 1:30 AM we had watched these volunteers assist everyone there and got them on their way. This included the stage people who broke down their equipment and that was a sight to see. Doug had to tow the tractor trailer over the the mobile stage and then back it into position. Once secure he then had to tow the tractor and trailer off the property. Mind you, ALL of the buses and equipment were at the far end of the field and to be honest with you I thought, there's no way they are going to tow all of this stuff out of there. It was unbelievable but they got it done.

At the end of the night we headed off to Applebee's to get something to eat. When we arrived we saw one of the tour buses there and Kellie was inside getting something to eat as well. She was sitting with a man from Kent County and she introduced him to us.

It turns out this man had met Kellie in Baghdad in 2007. He's in the Army, (a pilot) and he had traveled all this way to see this concert. While in Baghdad Kellie was doing a show for the Soldiers and asked if there was any Soldier in the audience who could sing. He said about 40 of his friends pointed to him and she encouraged him on stage. The two did a song together and the rest is history. It was really cool to see the two reunite back here in the United States.

I'll share a little inside information. Doug is working on trying to reschedule Kellie back to Delmar in the next couple of months. Believe it or not, last night the line to get to the concert was backed up from the Bypass all the way to the property on Rt. 54 in Delmar. If the concert could have gone on it would have been one of the biggest turn outs the Eastern Shore has had the pleasure to experience.

I've asked some of the people there last night to send me more pictures with better quality to share with you in the near future. Once I get them I'll show you just how bad it had rained and the conditions these volunteers had to work with. As someone who was there for more than 6 hours, it was unreal. I can tell you there are plans in the works right now to create better storm water management but as we all saw yesterday, storms like that are pretty rare and hard to manage.

More to come...

Here's another image of the storm damage at last night's concert grounds.

2012 Democrat National Convention Schedule

2012 Democrat National Convention Schedule -- Charlotte , N.C. 
4:00 PM – Opening Flag Burning Ceremony – sponsored by CNN 
4:05 PM –Singing of "God D**n America " led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright 
4:10 PM – Pledge of Allegiance to Obama 

4:15 PM – Ceremonial 'I hate America' led by Michelle Obama 
4:30 PM – Tips on “How to keep your man trustworthy & true to 
you while you travel the world” – Hillary Clinton 
4:45 PM –Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson seminar “How to have a successful 
career without having a job.” 
5:00 PM – “Great Vacations I’ve Taken on the Taxpayer’s Dime Travel 
Log” - Michelle Obama 5:30 PM – Eliot Spitzer Speaks on "Family Values" 
via Satellite 5:45 PM – Tribute to All 57 States – Nancy Pelosi 
6:00 PM – Sen. Harry Reid - 90-minute speech expressing the Democrat’s 
appreciation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and George Soros for 
sparing no expense, for all that they have accomplished to unify the 
country, improve employment and to boost the economy. 
8:30 PM – Airing of Grievances by the Clintons 
9:00 PM – “Bias in Media – How we can make it work for you” 
Tutorial – sponsored by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, the Washington Post 
and the New York Times 

9:15 PM – Tribute Film to Brave Freedom Fighters incarcerated at 
GITMO – Michael Moore 

9:45 PM – Personal Finance Seminar - Charlie Rangle 
10:00 PM – Denunciation of Bitter Gun Owners and Bible 

10:30 PM – Ceremonial Waving of White Flag for IRAQ, & Afghanistan 
11:00 PM – Obama Energy Plan Symposium / Tire Gauge Demonstration / 
You too can get rich with Green Investment bankruptcies 

11:15 PM – Free Gov. Blagovich rally 

11:30 PM – Obama Accepts Oscar, Tony and Latin Grammy Awards 

11:45 PM – Feeding of the Delegates with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish – Obama 
12:00 AM – Official Nomination of Obama by Bill Maher and 
Chris “He sends a thrill up my leg” Matthews 
12:01 AM – Obama Accepts Nomination as Lord and Savior 
12:05 AM – Celestial Choirs Sing 
3:00 AM – Biden Delivers 
Acceptance Speech

Election observers True the Vote Accused Of Intimidating Minority Voters

As Jamila Gatlin waited in line at a northside Milwaukee elementary school gym to cast her ballot June 5 in the proposed recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, she noticed three people in the back of the room. They were watching, taking notes.

Officially called “election observers,” they were white. Gatlin, and almost everyone in line, was black.

“That’s pretty harassing right there, if you ask me,” Gatlin said in the hall outside the gym. “Why do we have to be watched while we vote?”



Famous drill instructor Lee Ermey — best known for his appearance in the movie “Full Metal Jacket” — says he was fired from his gig as a GEICO insurance personality because he criticized President Obama.
Last December, Ermey — also known as “Gunney” — made headlines by blasting the economy and linking Obama to socialism:

Airlines: You Can't Wear That

Airlines give many reasons for refusing to let you board, but none stir as much debate as this: How you're dressed.

A woman flying from Las Vegas on Southwest this spring says she was confronted by an airline employee for showing too much cleavage. In another recent case, an American Airlines pilot lectured a passenger because her T-shirt bore a four-letter expletive. She was allowed to keep flying after draping a shawl over the shirt.


Advocates of Gay Marriage See Chance in Maryland

When Marylanders go to the polls in November, the state could become the first to affirm same-sex marriage   in a popular vote.

In March, lawmakers in Maryland approved a measure to allow such unions, but it came with a built-in escape hatch: it would not take effect until 2013.
The waiting period was intended as a compromise with opponents of the measure and as an insurance policy for supporters. Lawmakers feared validating marriages for a period, only to have them overturned by a popular vote later, as happened with Proposition 8   in California.

9 Reasons Why Life Isn't Fair

From the school yard to the workplace, there's no charge more damning than "You're being unfair!" Born out of democracy and raised in open markets, fairness has become our de facto modern creed. The very symbol of American ethics--Lady Justice--wears a blindfold as she weighs the law on her impartial scale.
In this election season, politicians will be falling over themselves to assert their "fairness cred." And each side of the partisan debate will be using the word differently -conservatives will mean "meritocratic rewards" when they speak of fairness, and liberals will mean "equality."
But of course life isn't fair, no matter what your political lean, and we might be expecting too much from reality. In our zealous pursuit of fairness, we have banished our urges to like one person more than another, one thing over another, hiding them away as dirty secrets of our humanity.

Casey Anthony's Probation Ends

Casey Anthony's year of probation on a check fraud conviction is over.

Florida Department of Corrections officials confirmed Friday that the 26-year-old Anthony is no longer under supervision. She has been living at an undisclosed location but had to remain in Florida while on probation. She also had to make regular visits to a probation officer.


Nacho Mama's Owner Killed in Deadly OC Bike Crash

Ocean City Police are investigating a deadly crash that left the owner of Canton’s well known restaurant Nacho Mama’s dead Friday night.
According to police, around 8:38 p.m. officers were called to the northbound lanes of 132 nd Street and Coastal Highway for a report of a crash involving a bicycle and an Ocean City Municipal bus.

Here's A Short Video Towing The Bus Through The Mud Last Night

Ronald McDonald Arrested On Bench Warrant

We would expect this type of behavior from the Hamburglar – but not you Ronald!
A man by the name of Ronald McDonald was behind bars in D.C. on Friday after he was arrested on a bench warrant.


This evening on Fox News’ "Hannity," Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, director of "The Hope & the Change," David Bossie of Citizens United, producers of the film, and adviser Pat Caddell appeared to discuss the massive disillusionment of Democrats and independents with President Barack Obama – and their film, which details that disillusionment in devastating detail.

The show opened with a promo of former Obama voter after former Obama voter decrying Obama’s horrible record and their own disappointment with the Obama administration. “I fear for my children,” says one. “I’m exhausted, and I’m tired,” says another.

Veterans Struggle To Translate Military Skills Into Civilian Jobs

 U.S. veterans face high unemployment numbers, especially those from 18 to 25 years old.

But there's another major challenge hindering them in their job search: the cultural gap.

After serving for nearly five years, Eric Williams of Silver Spring retired from the Navy last month. He has searched for a civilian job, but he says finding one has been tough.


Florida Republican Allen West is not known as one to mince words.  Speaking with Neil Cavuto Saturday, the congressman slammed President Obama’s economic policies, eventually concluding that Americans are being served a “crap sandwich” with a smile.
Beginning with a dissection of American tax policy and how proposed tax increases are counterproductive, West explained:  “When you look at what you will get if you just increase the taxes on those top two brackets, it’s only about $85 billion per year.  And with the spending frenzy that you well know [we] have in Washington, D.C.– that only funds the government for about ten days.”


Yesterday, I interviewed my co-worker Brandon Darby as he was traveling toward the Republican National Convention in Florida. The interview focused on strategies used by anarchist protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention and how those strategies will be used once again next week by the Occupy movement.

In addition to trying to shut down bridges to prevent delegates from reaching the convention center next week, Brandon has learned that a subgroup of Occupy is looking to shut down EMS communications throughout the city.

NYPD Confirms: All Bystanders In Empire State Attack Hit By Police Bullets

All nine people wounded   during a dramatic confrontation between police and a gunman outside the Empire State Building were struck by bullets fired by the two officers, police said Saturday, citing ballistics evidence.

The veteran patrolmen who opened fire on the suit-wearing gunman, Jeffrey Johnson, had only an instant to react when he whirled and pointed a .45-caliber pistol as they approached him from behind on a busy sidewalk.


A Request From A Reader

Mr. Joe,

Your site has been a portal for reuniting lost pets with their owners with excellent results and they are some of my favorite posts. I was wondering if you could remind your vewiers that you also have a link on your site for people looking for a pet to adopt. I think the last post on it was in 2010 and am thinking that many have forgotton about it. I have been looking for a puppy who won't grow to be a big dog for over a year now. For personal reasons, I won't go to the Humane Society and went so far as to hit rock bottom and go to the Daily Times looking for pets. However, after 40 minutes of waiting for the page to load and getting the message that the site is not responding, I gave up on on that idea, lesson learned, I should have known that if the paper itself was crap that their website would be the same thing. I am sure that people end up with an unexpected litter of puppies once in a while and may want to find a good home and not take them to the shelter.

Thank you for all that you have done for many of us. I for one, will NEVER forget what you did for my family and I want to tell everyone, When you say something, you MEAN it!
Signing this with my real name because I am not ashamed to say that when I needed a helping hand, you extended yours.

Cindy Whetzel

Thanks For The Support

"I read your blog every day and you guys do a great job. Good luck with the mayor race----in your case no luck needed (You got it hands down) Keep up the great work ,I'll be reading daily".

Each day I run into people, get phone calls, text messages and e-mail from people showing their support like the one above.

I want to thank ALL of you. We've given up a lot to make this happen but don't think for a second I don't realize what ALL of you have given up by trusting the last two Mayor's and believing they were going to turn things around.

Forgive me for shifting gears for a second but I want to share this story with you. About 7 years ago my Wife gave me this new device called a GPS thingamabopper for my car. Being that it was a gift I gently said, what the heck is this. She told me it would help me get to know Salisbury a lot better. In reality Folks, she was sick and tired of me calling her and saying, where the heck is this road and that road.

I reluctantly plugged the thing into my car and let me tell you, I was absolutely shocked at how this amazing device worked. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it was one of the greatest surprises and presents I had ever received in my lifetime.

So why did I share this with you. Well, once I'm elected I can truly tell you that YOU are going to have that exact same feeling about me being your next Mayor. While some of you are thinking, this guy is just a Blogger, you are very mistaken. When you see the end results of what WE can do TOGETHER, when you see the entire City Council finally getting along your going to come around a year or two later and say, that was the greatest vote I ever made, (locally, anyway).

I'm no politician. I'm only a good speaker because I do not lie, yet I'm nowhere near as charismatic as Ireton and others. However, guess what I do really well that former administrations can't do, RUN A BUSINESS. MANAGE PEOPLE.

Should I be honored to become your next Mayor you have my word I'll work harder than any candidate you've ever met. I'll listen, I'll make hard decisions and I will keep the future of Salisbury's financial stability in mind each and every time I bring an item to the Council.

April may seem like a long way away to most of you but believe me when I tell you, the days are screaming past me every day and I hope I have enough time to meet as many of you as humanly possible between now and election time.

Thank You so much for all of your support. You won't ever regret it.

More Construction Complaints Around Salisbury, Is The Mayor That Clueless Or Out Of Touch?


Heard through the grapevine that the major construction companies are fed up with the city of Salisbury. These people lay concrete curbing, etc and if don't suite the city they make them tear it up and do it again at the contractors cost.

Joe, wouldn't you figure if the company was following the blue print it would be carved in stone. Same goes for the new CVS drug store on corner of 13 and college ave., same for the south division constructing area.

Sounds like the city people are throwing their weight around. the construction companies are vowing not to bid on city contracts...nit good for our city.

Publishers Notes: Ever since I announced I was considering running for Mayor I have received several complaints about Public Works. In fact, some companies are saying if I don't get elected they are going to pack their things and get the hell out of Salisbury. One company stopped construction of a major addition to their building and also said if I'm not elected they're going to take it down and just leave.

Why do you think I'm taking this race so seriously. This weekend I was a Guest Speaker at two events and people are so fed up it isn't funny. Salisbury desperately needs a new leader who understands how businesses work. A leader who respects their interests and will have an OPEN DOOR POLICY to everyone who needs to be heard.

I'm going to win and I'm going to make some massive changes. Ireton knows his days are numbered. Ireton knows I'm a much smarter businessman with nothing but EXPERIENCE. Ireton isn't going to run because we're going to embarrass him too much with the final numbers. Ireton doesn't want the PUBLIC TO GRADE HIM and that's why he'll run away with his tail between his legs.

COOL- Egg Yoke Separation


Trends in U.S. Military Spending

Military budgets are only one gauge of military power. A given financial commitment may be adequate or inadequate depending on the number and capability of a nation’s adversaries, how well it spends its investment, and what it seeks to accomplish, among other factors. Nevertheless, trends in military spending do reveal something about a country’s capacity for coercion. The following charts present historical trends in U.S. military spending and analyze the forces that may drive it lower.

These charts draw on data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). Both data sets include spending on overseas contingency operations as well as defense. This distinguishes them from data used in the U.S. budget, which separate defense spending from spending on overseas operations.


Daily Times Headline

Lost Elvis Presley Song

Talking About Rich, Fat-Cat, Arrogant, And Elitist Radicals Pretending To Be Liberals

"And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there." --Francis Scott Key, "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Well, is it still there? Is it? Or has it been lowered over Fort McHenry? Has Baltimore and other American cities surrendered to blight, to an irreversible downward spiral? Is American going to go cheering into decline, praising itself for its environmental purity, high-mileage autos, pristine multicultural manners?

A few years ago I was on a book tour in Baltimore. They put me at a nice downtown hotel and I had some time before the evening event. So I decided to eat something at the coffee shop in the lobby. But it was a bit cool so I went upstairs to put on a jacket. When the elevator opened on the lobby the door was blocked by a gurney. Medics were wheeling out a dead body. Police guarded the entrance of the coffee shop, not letting anyone go in. Someone had been shot dead.

I went on to the bookstore and begged a sandwich there. Well, that’s not fair to Baltimore, of course. But it’s a true story. It is a wonderful city and fond to me for two reasons.

First, growing up in the artificial, tax-payer funded paradise—well, no, but that’s another story—of Washington DC, for me Baltimore was the real America. A harbor, a real baseball team (postpone discussion of Washington Senators); industry and real workers, people who actually did something productive for a living. Not to mention Fort McHenry; and later the aquarium; the science museum; and the USS Torsk, a World War Two submarine that played a very important part in my life (that story for another time); the USS Constitution and the USS Constellation.


Raped, Pregnant And Ordeal Not Over

Editor's note: Shauna R. Prewitt is a lawyer in Chicago. She is the author of "Giving Birth to a 'Rapist's Child': A Discussion and Analysis of the Limited Legal Protections Afforded to Women Who Become Mothers Through Rape," written for the Georgetown Law Journal.

Chicago, Illinois (CNN) -- When I was in law school, my criminal law professor introduced us to the crime of rape by reading us a quote from Lord Chief Justice Sir Matthew Hale, a 17th-century English jurist: "In a rape case it is the victim, not the defendant, who is on trial."

It was not merely a history lesson. I had lived it.

While a student in my final year of college, at age 21, I was raped. I have dissected that moment -- the horrifying moment that I became a "victim" -- from every possible angle. I have poked and prodded, examined and re-examined. Regrettably, I have even suspected myself in a desperate, ultimately futile attempt to understand how I became a victim.


Sheriff Candidate Would Use Deadly Force To Stop Abortions

A candidate for sheriff in New Hampshire said Wednesday that he would be willing to use deadly force to prevent a woman from terminating her pregnancy.

“I would respond specifically by saying that if someone is under threat, a full-grown human being, if they’re under threat, what should the sheriff do? Everything in their power to prevent them from being harmed,” Frank Szabo, the Republican candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff, told WMUR.

When asked about using deadly force to prevent an abortion, he replied, “I would hope that it wouldn’t come to that, as with any situation where someone is in danger, but again, specifically talking about elective abortions and late-term abortions, that is an act that needs to be stopped.”


Russia To Eliminate All Its Chemical Weapons By 2015

Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Department for Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons Vladimir Mandych on Tuesday pledged that Russia will destroy all its chemical weapons by the end of 2015. As of today, it has already destroyed more than 26,000 tonnes of chemical warfare agents or over 65 percent of all chemical weapons that Russia inherited from the USSR.

“Russia currently does not need chemical weapons, and it is necessary to get rid of them,” Director of the Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade Igor Korotchenko told Novye Izvestiya, adding that the Russian army’s arsenal has no such class of weapons and has never been included in it. According to Korotchenko, the elimination of chemical weapons poses no threat and is carried out by rather safe methods.


Gawker Dumps Confidential Bain Files

Today, we are publishing more than 950 pages of internal audits, financial statements, and private investor letters for 21 cryptically named entities in which Romney had invested—at minimum—more than $10 million as of 2011 (that number is based on the low end of ranges he has disclosed—the true number is almost certainly significantly higher). Almost all of them are affiliated with Bain Capital, the secretive private equity firm Romney co-founded in 1984 and ran until his departure in 1999 (or 2002, depending on whom you ask). Many of them are offshore funds based in the Cayman Islands. Together, they reveal the mind-numbing, maze-like, and deeply opaque complexity with which Romney has handled his wealth, the exotic tax-avoidance schemes available only to the preposterously wealthy that benefit him, the unlikely (for a right-wing religious Mormon) places that his money has ended up, and the deeply hypocritical distance between his own criticisms of Obama's fiscal approach and his money managers' embrace of those same policies. They also show that some of the investments that Romney has always described as part of his retirement package at Bain weren't made until years after he left the company.


50 Shades Of Gray For Men

Florida Town Buys 9-Ton Emergency TK-4 Tactical Vehicle to "Provide Residents Extra Protection During Hurricanes"

Palm Beach Gardens Buys 9-Ton Emergency TK-4 Tactical Vehicle to "Provide Residents Extra Protection During Hurricanes" [4]
What a way to pitch this new purchase by PB Gardens for a new "rescue/emergency/communications vehicle" while a hurricane is bearing down on Florida...

From the Palm Beach Post... [5]

Weighing 9 tons and capable of withstanding 100-mph winds, a rescue/emergency/communications vehicle bought by the city for $175,000 is expected to provide residents with extra protection during hurricanes and other dangerous situations.
“It’s a great city and regional tool. We used it on several emergency calls here and in other cities in north county,” said Mayor David Levy.
The 20-foot-long All-Hazard Special Response Vehicle, also known as the TK-4, was used by Gardens police on a trial basis for about three weeks in July. Several other South Florida communities considering buying a TK-4 also used the vehicle, said Chris Light, president of Armored Solutions Inc., the Pittsfield, Mass.-based company that manufactures the vehicles.
The TK-4 is now back in Pittsfield where company employees are adding a winch to lift trees and other heavy debris and a night camera. The vehicle should be delivered to Gardens just after Labor Day, Light said.


Law Enforcement Is Not Your Friend

Across the West, instances of abuse of authority by domestic police forces are becoming more prevalent. Two weeks ago, two police officers in my hometown accosted my brother as he walked back to his car after purchasing a six pack of beer. The officers, who thought my brother was up to no good because he parked a few blocks from a bar, questioned him for a full half hour. All the while, they found it necessary to remind him repeatedly that “he was in trouble” and that the situation was “serious.” After my brother asked numerous times what he had done and if he was under arrest, the two officers finally let him go. Though he was never charged with a crime, it was implied that he wasn’t free to leave. During the back-and-forth, one officer claimed that he and his fellow officers kept the town safe through such tactics like assuming everyone is a criminal. The sad part is, the officer likely believed his own story.

Situations of police arrogance and abuse like this are now commonplace in many Western countries and especially the United States. After a decade of civil liberties systematically being slaughtered and the rights of foreigners being stripped away in the name of “fighting terrorism,” even the most egregious acts of crushing natural rights hardly draw any outcry from the greater public. Just last week on August 16, 2012, former Marine Brandon Raub was forcibly taken [7] from his home in Chesterfield Country, Virginia and is currently being held [8] against his will in a psychiatric hospital. His alleged crime he has yet to be charged for? Questioning the federal government’s true motive in all its dealings on his private Facebook page. Despite having no criminal record and no history of mental health illness, Raub was effectively kidnapped from his home in a coordinated effort by FBI officials, Secret Service agents, and local police. The pickup hardly differs from the Gestapo tactics used in communist Russia to suppress political dissent. The arresting officials claim that Raub was not under arrest despite the fact that he was in shackled handcuffs and was not free to return home. FBI spokeswoman Dee Rybiski assured [9] the Associated Press that many of Raub’s writing were “threatening” and that they had received “complaints” over the violent rhetoric. But according to The New American [8], nowhere in Raub’s writing was violent revolution ever suggested. Thankfully, a judge recently ordered [10] the release of Raub as there was no legal basis to hold him involuntarily.


Anonymous Calls For “Rebellion” and Violence At RNC Convention – Stash Of Weapons Found

Jimmy Carter Should Speak About Israel At DNC

The Zionist Organization of America, one of the oldest and largest Pro-Israel organizations in the US is urging the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to cancel Jimmy Carter’s scheduled address to the gathering. The ZOA has pointed to President Carter’s decades-long hostility towards, and defaming of, Israel and advocacy of negotiations with Hamas, a terrorist organization that calls in its Charter for the destruction of Israel and the global murder of Jews, as evidence of the inappropriateness of the invitation. As Mort Klein, the valiant leader of ZOA said: “The invitation to President Carter to address the Democratic National Convention is an insult to American Jews, Christian Zionists and all Americans who care – as polls show them to do in large numbers – for Israel.

While others don’t want him to speak about Israel, maybe he should speak, so we all realize where the Obama administration stands vis a vis Israel


Md. Teachers Finding Hungry Kids In Their Classes

Public school teachers in Maryland say they are seeing students who regularly come to school hungry and some teachers purchase food weekly for these students. A new report finds that 63% of Maryland teachers surveyed say children are not getting enough to eat at home and this is having a negative effect on students’ academic performance.

Continue Reading...

Online Ballot Marking For Absentee Voters Approved, But Potential For Fraud Questioned

Thousands of absentee voters from Maryland will be the first to mark their ballots online this fall, as the attorney general gave the green light to the State Board of Elections Thursday. But at least one advocacy organization said the new online ballot marking program, along with the state’s just started online registration process, is open to voter fraud.

Continue Reading...

Obama Gives Senators A Break

President Barack Obama is giving senators and some top federal officials a break. He signed a bill that cuts the number of positions that need Senate confirmation. That means 170 civilian workers won't have to go through the nerve-wracking and time-consuming process. Lawmakers easily approved the measure. Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) said it would cut back on "executive branch Swiss cheese," referring to the open positions at agencies while nominees wait for Senate confirmation.

Cutting Hours For Thousands At USPS

Regulators have approved the Postal Service's plan to cut hours at thousands of post offices nationwide. The Postal Regulator Commission said it was OK, even though it might be harder on customers. Under the plan, some post office retail windows would be open to the public for just two hours a day. The plan would impact 13,000 post offices nationwide. The Postal Service said it needed to pare down labor costs to match the reduced demand for services.

There's More Work To Be Done

Look how overgrown the weeds are onto the sidewalk.

When you look at the above pictures you can see the overgrown weeds spreading well over the sidewalk. I got one side, (near the road) but there's a LOT more work to be done and after what I did yesterday I'd say some professional equipment needs to come in to remove the other side of the sidewalk. There's no question in my mind that it would look so much more inviting coming into Salisbury if this were properly maintained.

That being said, here's what I'd like to ask all of our viewers. I'd like you to take a picture of areas like Rt. 50 and Rt. 13 of similar conditions. The reason I ask is because I want to start a group of volunteers to go out once a week and start cleaning up these areas. We can do it!

Let's take some pride in Salisbury and at least make a visible difference for those people living, working and traveling through Salisbury. I'd enjoy starting a list of people willing to get involved. If you're interested please send me an e-mail at or call me at 410-430-5349. I'll keep that list confidential. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hawaii Is Officially The 1st State To Ban Plastic Bags

Recently, Hawaii has BANNED plastic bags. The law specifically bans non-biodegradable plastic bags at checkout counters as well as paper bags that are not at least 40 percent recycled.

Grocery stores and other vendors have three years to comply with the ban that officially starts on July 15, 2015. To keep our planet beautiful, it seems Biodegradable plastic bags and non woven totes are the wave of the future!!!


WCSO Press Release 8-26-12

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 21 August 2012
Location: 700 block of Richmond Avenue, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Lynette Moss, 47, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 21 August 2012
at 3:33 AM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office located and arrested Lynette moss in connection with an assault she allegedly perpetrated in the 700 block of Richmond Avenue in Salisbury. Moss stands accused of approaching a residence and demanding the return of some beer she had left there. When the female resident returned to the door with the requested item, Moss allegedly pushed her way into the residence while slashing the female subject in the chest with a sharp item. Prior to leaving the residence, Moss reportedly broke the victim’s cell phone, her mirror and deflated her bicycle tires.

Upon arrest the deputy transported Moss to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of a District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Moss in the Detention Center in lieu of $10,000.00 bond.

Charges: Assault 2nd Degree
Reckless Endangerment
Malicious Destruction of Property

Back To School Reminder

The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Remind you that Schools Are Opening on Delmarva- Drive Safely
The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office offers the following tips:

Schools open August 27 in Wicomico County.

Drivers, need to plan ahead to allow for the extra school bus traffic that will be on the road.

Leave a few minutes early for work so that you are not frustrated by delays.

Do not tailgate school buses. Remember they are carrying precious cargo. Do not pass a school bus with its red lights flashing. Not only do you risk a fine of up to $500 you risk hitting a child.

Slow down in school zones and watch for children crossing the street. Obey the Crossing Guard when he or she signals for you to stop. Maryland Law states that you must stop for a pedestrian who has entered a crosswalk. Students should get up in plenty of time to get to the bus stop safely.

They should wear bright clothes or jackets so you can be seen by the bus driver and other drivers on the road.

You need to stay a safe distance from the road while waiting for the bus and not play around near cars.

Young children should have an adult wait at the bus stop with them.

Remember to wait until the school bus has come to a complete stop before you get on or off.

Students who walk and ride bikes to school should be sure to use crosswalks.