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Sunday, July 08, 2018

All You Can Eat Crabs $25.00 Today Only ***UPDATE***

Cancel that! The crab truck broke down outside Hoopers Island and they will not have crabs today but will have them tomorrow. Sorry Folks.

Buddy's on Wicomico Street in OC will open their doors at 4 pm today. All you can eat crabs, fries and corn for $25.00. Spread the word.

Looking For Something To Do Today?

Meet us at Trader Lee's at noon today for a ride around the Shore and a BBQ Cookout when we return. We're located on the corner of Rt. 50 & Rt. 611 in West Ocean City. 

BREAKING NEWS: Thailand cave rescue: first two boys brought out, local official tells Reuters – live

The BBC has posted a video of an ambulance leaving the cave site.



Hi Joe,

FYI: We just received word from our newspaper delivery person that "The Baltimore Sun has acquired The Daily Times effective on Monday, July 23rd." and his last day of delivering the newspaper to us will be on Sunday, July 22.

We enjoy your website and thank you for providing us with real news.

Ocean City Maryland, A Family Friendly Resort Town

Ocean City Maryland Summer 2018

This week I shared my personal opinion and experience with the lack of traffic this summer in Ocean City. It amazed me just how many ANONYMOUS comments came flying in, (rejected) defending Ocean City, claiming what I had stated just wasn't true. They were rejected because what I said was in fact true. 

Over the past two decades, (especially 4th of July) the traffic back up for locals was simply unbearable. Locals learned, (sometimes the hard way) to make sure we did all our shopping by July 3rd or we'd have to deal with horrible traffic conditions. 

For example, I live about one mile outside Ocean City, (the island). That means if I had to go to WalMart of Home Depot I could easily get there but coming home, well, that was a whole different story. Many can tell you right here in comments, traffic could back up all the way to Stephen Decatur High School, let alone WalMart. Now I'm talking a parking lot kind of traffic. That short trip back to my home would take at least 45 minutes just to go about 2 miles, (or so). 

We have friends who work at Seacrets who informed me last week that they were let go early on Saturday night because Seacrets only had around a thousand customers, something extremely rare. We're watching local businesses close way early on a daily basis because there's just no business. My guess is that you will see a LOT of businesses close their doors for next season because they just can't survive. One local bar is now selling domestic beer for $1.00 ! Talk about desperate. There's no possible way they can survive. Last night we drove by that bar and there was truly ONE car in their entire parking lot and you and I both know that was more then likely an employee vehicle. 

Getting back to my point, (sorry, I had an a.d.d. moment, oh look, a chicken) Salisbury News arrived a long time ago. We can no longer be ignored. While many tried to deny our massive success, we continued to plug away every single day and local government learned we're just not going away. Ocean City can try to claim, (anonymously) what we are putting out there just isn't true, they're the liars. The traffic we have always experienced in past years is real. My home overlooks the Rt. 50 Herring Creek Bridge/overpass. We could sit on the front porch and see cars literally parked on that bridge, not just briefly, I'm talking all day and night. That is NOT the case at all this year. In fact, I've not witnessed it ONCE this year. 

All that being said, even though the economy is doing a complete 180, Ocean City is NOT the Family Resort it used to be. Friends no longer walk the Boardwalk for exercise in the early mornings because of the drug addicts, the bums, the homeless constantly harassing them. When hotel rates skyrocket to upwards of $450.00 a night, taxes through the roof, just what did they expect. A Typical $20.00 per person meal is not $40.00+. Parking is $3.00 an hour no matter where you go. Uber can cost you upwards of $150.00 round trip just to go to dinner and back.

Sorry Ocean City, we LOVED to visit in the 1970's and 1980's but you've destroyed that island. Hence why you are seeing such massive growth in West Ocean City. Locals know, the best restaurants are in West OC. Many of the talented Chefs are relocating and even partnering with new businesses in West OC. 

The image above was taken around 1:20 PM yesterday. Because the island pays out so much in salaries to run and protect it, they've depleted their rainy day money in the tens of millions of dollars and they've created an unbelievable amount of new taxes and fees that will ultimately turn into the next Atlantic City. Ocean City truly needs some new and innovative government leaders before it's too late. 

Lying about how busy you are may have worked in years past but when you have SBYNews with traffic in the tens of millions, we can't be bought and clearly we're not going away. I am not out to harm Ocean City. Many of us lived and were even raised on the island. Almost every single one of us got the hell out of there and came to West Ocean City because we saw the writing on the wall. If you don't open your eyes and ears, (lie) you will remain on a fast track to bankruptcy. MANY businesses, (who can't vote) depend on these political leaders. There isn't one business in 2018 who can say they're booming or having a great year. 

The parking lot, (above) says it all. Stop cropping pictures and making it look like things are busier then they are. The blame lies on the politicians, forcing businesses to raise their rates to keep up with the local taxes and fees. It wouldn't be so bad if the parking lots were actually full 18 hours a day, BUT THEY'RE NOT.  

WBOC Refuses To Tell Its Viewers What The Developer Paid For Riverfront Property In Downtown Salisbury

While there are numerous details WBOC flat out refused to express, Mayor Day and Council President Jack Heath sold two waterfront lots in Downtown Salisbury for a total of $20,000.00. Even though the developer offered $125,000.00, some how, some way Day and Heath lowered their offer, yet the public was unaware that they too could've made offers and the Good Ol' Boys got away with yet another land grab.

So let's look at some of the details I had expressed over a week ago HERE. I personally think one of the key details ignored by WBOC was the contract for the "Beer Garden". The developer signed off stating they would be up and running by August 31st 2018. IMPOSSIBLE! There is no way you can deliver plans and get them approved by then. Let alone construction and ultimately permits from the Health Department, not going to happen. Anyone who has had to deal with the Liquor Board knows there's no way the plans, (accepted) can be advertised soon enough to get a license by then as well. 

Then again, this is the Eastern Shore and we'll have to keep a very close eye on the outcome of this matter. Your local media is not fair and balanced. They simply want to ease you into what they perceive and fluff news, as if this is a really great thing. Did WBOC research the possibility that the City at some point may have used "Project Open Space" back in the day on these lots? If in fact the City did so, they CANNOT sell these lots. That's what they would've agreed to when they purchased and redeveloped these lots. 

Clearly you cannot trust what you are being fed by WBOC. Obviously they found out about this story from Salisbury News, yet they did very little to expose the true details. Especially what the developer offered to purchase the property for and ultimately what Day and Heath agreed to reduce that offer and give away taxpayer owned property. 

More to come...

MSP Investigating Death of Salisbury Truck Driver

(HYATTSTOWN, Md.) – Maryland State Police are investigating the death of a tractor-trailer driver that occurred this morning in Montgomery County.

At approximately 11:30 a.m. this morning, a trooper with the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division at the Hyattstown weigh station placed the victim’s tractor-trailer out of service for brake violations. The vehicle was placed in the out-of-service lot at the facility.

Based on a preliminary investigation, the driver was attempting to make the necessary brake adjustments but had failed to engage the parking brake on the vehicle. As the driver was under the truck, it rolled back and over the driver. The driver was declared deceased at the scene.

The victim has been identified as James Lee Hobbs, 58, of Salisbury, Md. No one else was injured as a result of this incident.

The incident remains under investigation.

Don't Let This Picture Fool You

While this image was posted on Facebook, don't let the image OR WBOC fool you. Ocean City was DEAD yesterday. Take it from someone who has lived in Ocean City, (on and off) for the past 20+ years, there was absolutely no traffic whatsoever heading in to Ocean City. 

In years past there'd be a line backing all the way up to WalMart in Berlin. Heck, there wasn't even a back up to Rt. 611. Talking to friends who went into OC, they were excited there were no lines, including Thrashers. The Boardwalk was also clear and I went to Dumser's Ice Cream on Rt. 50 around 8:00 PM and it was as clear as it normally is, (outside a holiday). No backup whatsoever. 

WBOC made it sound like Ocean City was packed, that's a flat out LIE. More Fake News from your local MSM. While others cover the news, SBYNews UNCOVERS it, with the truth. 

By the way, do the rest of you feel like you're now living on the Mexican border any more? I've always recognized the Eastern Shore accent but this Hispanic accent being shoved down our throats is getting ridiculous. Oh, I must be a racist now, right Libs?

I Guess They Didn't Go To Sam's Club For Gas

I wonder how much gas they'll spend retrieving these bikes? $1.00 for the bike, at least $1.00 to go get the bike back, boy that Jake Day is just a genius. The guy was just too smart to keep his job at Perdue. Now he's saving Salisbury. What a blessing.


WICOMICO COUNTY Deputy State Fire Marshals have concluded the investigation into an early morning vehicle fire with the arrest of 31 year old Colby R. Flowers.

At approximately 5:30 am, the Salisbury Fire Department responded to the 600 Block of Douglas Road for a fire involving a personal watercraft (Yamaha jet ski) on a trailer in the roadway. The fire was extinguished by fire department personnel and placed under control within 5 minutes. The fire was reported to 911 by a passerby. Damages were estimated to be approximately $1,500.00.

During the Origin and Cause investigation it was determined that Flowers intentionally burnt the items by using an ignitable liquid and illegal fireworks. The jet ski and trailer were identified as not being the personal property of Flowers.

Flowers has been charged with 2nd Degree Arson and Malicious Burning 1st Degree. He was seen by a Wicomico County District Court Commissioner and released on his own recognizance.


Today's Forecast for Salisbury, MD (21801)
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If Granted By Court, Injunction Would Permit Topless Women In OC Until Final Ruling Made

OCEAN CITY — While the civil suit challenging Ocean City’s topless ordinance moves through the court system, the plaintiffs in the case late last week filed a motion seeking a preliminary injunction allowing women to immediately go bare-chested in the same public areas where men can.

A little over a year ago, the Ocean City Mayor and Council passed an emergency ordinance prohibiting women from going topless in certain public areas including the beach and Boardwalk where men are allowed to go shirtless. The ordinance was passed in response to a request from Chelsea Eline to the Town of Ocean City, the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Maryland Attorney General’s Office for clarification of the existing state laws prohibiting female toplessness in certain public areas.

Last week, with the suit filed in U.S. District Court plodding through the court system and the calendar flipping to July, the attorney for the named plaintiffs filed a motion seeking a preliminary injunction which, if granted, would enjoin the town from enforcing the topless ordinance.

Noted civil rights attorney Devon Jacob, who represents Eline and the other named plaintiffs, filed the motion for a preliminary injunction on Friday. Jacob said he asked the town to consider not enforcing the topless ordinance voluntarily until a decision is reached in the federal case but the request was denied.


Comptroller Arrests Three Men in Eastern Shore Cigarette Stop

Field Enforcement Division agents seize 1,650 packs and vehicle

Comptroller Peter Franchot today announced that agents from his Field Enforcement Division (FED) arrested three Philadelphia men who have been charged in Maryland as a result of a surveillance operation on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

"My FED agents are dedicated to identifying criminals who try to cheat the system and use Maryland as a transportation conduit for their illegal activities," Comptroller Franchot said. "Their vigilance protects Maryland businesses and levels the playing field for all."

Agents said Quay Samuel Chaney, 54, was seen buying multiple quantities of cigarettes from various locations June 28 and concealing the cigarettes in the rear seat area of a 2008 Volvo. Chaney was a passenger in a car driven by Ronald Tucker, 59, and occupied by another passenger, Edward B. Johns, 65. The three then drove from Virginia into Maryland, where the car was stopped by police at Sheep House Road in Pocomoke, Worcester County.

Agents searched the vehicle and found 1,650 packs of contraband cigarettes, valued at $10,642.50 and representing a tax loss to the State of $3,300. The cigarettes and car were seized and all three were arrested.

Each man was taken before a Worcester County District Court Commissioner in Snow Hill and charged with a felony count of transporting contraband cigarettes and a misdemeanor count of possession of contraband cigarettes.

Mr. Chaney is being held on a $16,500 bond at the Worcester County Detention Center. His preliminary hearing is set for July 24. Mr. Tucker and Mr. Johns were each released on personal recognizance. Both have hearings set for July 17.

Caption This photo 7-5-18

UPenn Professor: Women Could Go to Jail for Miscarriages if ‘Roe’ Overturned

Dorothy Roberts, a University of Pennsylvania professor of law and sociology, said Wednesday that a conservative Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade and ultimately criminalize miscarriages.

Arguing that President Donald Trump’s pick to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy would usher in a conservative majority, Roberts said that outcome could lead to prosecutors going after women who suffer miscarriages. In an MSNBC clip noted by the Daily Caller, Roberts said "misogynistic laws" would be able to stand because of the anti-abortion rulings a conservative Court could potentially make.

"It’s a very thin line between putting a woman in prison for a stillbirth or a miscarriage that she’s blamed for—for something she did during her pregnancy—and criminalizing abortions," Roberts claimed. "So we’re already at that point, and I agree with Jennifer that women and others have to protest against this continued criminalization of women, harms to our health, and what I think is misogynistic laws against women."

MSNBC host Ali Velshi asked Roberts about a tweet she wrote saying women would be under fire from all these different directions if the Supreme Court overturned Roe. Roberts expressed concern about the "onslaught on women’s access to abortion" that could occur were a conservative justice to take Kennedy’s place.

More here

A Viewer Writes: "public safety" officer

Today I saw something a little concerning (with instances of fake police officers) - at 8am in front of Staples in N. Salisbury was a white sport edition Ford F250 with back window tinted with monochrome American flag, black rims, with covert white led chaser lights in back window, back taillights and in front grill of truck. On back were cheesy vinyl letters that said "public safety" in Comic Sans front. Then on the front quarter panel awkwardly places were the same letters this time in lime green (the ones on back were a dark color, maybe blue). There were regular Maryland plates on it, not local/county/state government.

Well this truck had it's lights on and was stopped in the right lane of traffic behind a red truck. It almost caused a couple accidents with people trying to get around them in rush hour traffic. After getting through the traffic backup, and getting up to Lowe's, the red truck pulls away, and the "public safety" truck pulls into traffic and turns off it's lights. The red truck didn't seemed broken down, it didn't seem to be working on anything, it was just stopped.

So I tried slowing down enough to get a picture of the rear plate (as I didn't see a front plate) and the truck seemed to know what I was doing and pulled into the right turn ramp onto the bypass at the last minute, as I tried to get behind him, he quickly sped up and switched into the regular 13 business lanes and headed south as I continued to the 50 West exit.

The whole thing just seemed out of place, why was their no city/county logo anywhere on vehicle or anything to identify what municipality this "public safety" truck belongs to? I don't know of any town locally that has a "public safety officer" or department. Perhaps Ocean City? But this truck continued south through Salisbury.

Restaurant manager fired after refusing to serve customer wearing MAGA hat

The manager of a popular restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, was fired after he told a customer to remove his “Make America Great Again” cap or he would refuse to serve him.

Darin Hodge, the former manager of the Teahouse in Stanley Park, told Global News he stood by his decision to ask the man to take off the cap saying the hat represented “racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, (and) homophobia.”

“As a person with a strong moral backbone, I had to take a stand against this guest’s choice of headwear while in my former place of work. Absolutely no regrets,” he said in a written statement to Global News.

The hats were made popular during Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.


Breaking News: A rescue effort in Thailand is underway to save 12 trapped boys and their soccer coach, officials said. Divers have been sent into the cave.

Divers began an effort to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach Sunday morning from the cave where they are trapped as officials race against the threat of rains flooding the site and making such an effort impossible.

The commander of the rescue operation said they hoped the first rescue would take place at 9 p.m. Sunday.