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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Salisbury City Council: Notice of Special Meeting & Agenda

Salisbury City Council Work Session Agenda & Packet 3-19-17

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Press Release 3-19-17 (Auto Thefts)

Democrats & their Taunts

Inconvenient Facts the Left Wants You to Ignore

February was a great month for people looking for work. Real jobs, not part-time jobs with no benefits. 

Still working on getting America back to work!

"The best welfare program is a good paying job!" -- Ronald Reagan

Socialism's Big Truth

Wiretaps Anyone?

When the Left tries to beseech and defile President Trump's claims about being wiretapped, remember these New York Times articles. The Liberals going on about this look more ridiculous than a pink rhino wearing a tutu. 

DSP Investigating an Officer Involved Shooting – Ocean View

Ocean View - The Delaware State Police are currently investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred late Saturday night near Ocean View.

Preliminary investigation reveals the incident occurred around 10:13 p.m. Saturday March 18, 2017 when an officer, employed with the Ocean View Police Department, became involved in a vehicle pursuit while assisting Worcester County Sheriff's Office(Maryland). The officer and Deputies were pursuing an Infinity SUV as it drove down Burbage Road and crossed over Windmill Drive onto Pine Grove Lane, which is a dead end road. The operator of the SUV then came to a stop at the end of the road and accelerated backwards at a high speed directly into the front of the fully marked Ocean View Police Officer's patrol vehicle, pushing it off the roadway. The Infiniti continued backing at a high rate of speed almost striking a fully marked Deputy Sheriff's vehicle and smashed into a mailbox where it momentarily stopped. The SUV then drove forward and entered into an empty residential lot where it turned around and began driving toward a Sheriff Deputy that was standing outside of his vehicle in the driveway of the lot. The Ocean View officer was able to exit his patrol vehicle and run up to where the Deputy was standing as the SUV accelerated toward the two law enforcement officers who were yelling commands to stop. Both the officer and the Deputy fired multiple rounds at the Infinity before the operator came to a stop in a private driveway in the 36000 block of Pine Grove Lane.

The officer and Deputies removed the suspect, who is described as a 31-year-old Hurlock, Maryland man, from the SUV and rendered first aid until the arrival of EMS. The suspect was then transported to an area hospital where he is currently admitted in serious condition. His name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

The officer was also transported to an area hospital by EMS where he was treated and released with non-life-threatening injuries he sustained in the collision.

The Deputy Sheriff was uninjured in the incident.

The investigation into this incident is being conducted by the Delaware State Police Homicide Unit and is in its early stages. More information will be released as it becomes available.

For information regarding the events that occurred in Maryland leading up to the shooting and the status of the Deputy, please contact Lieutenant Ed Schreier at 443-783-0394 or

For the status of the Ocean View Police Officer, please contact Chief Kenneth McLaughlin at 302-462-5991 or

Missing Juvenile In Salisbury

Why Is Darrin Scott, (Salisbury Deputy Fire Chief) Standing So Close To Fire Without Protection?

This fire happened today and Darrin Scott who holds the title of Deputy Fire Chief is standing in front of the building fire in no fire gear what so ever. 

Deputy Chief Darrin Scott is the 2nd highest ranking fire officer in the department and he is standing very close to the fire in absolutely no fire gear or no protective clothing. 

What he is doing is a direct violation of the SFD SOP's and many people have been written up, lost wages and terminated for doing what he is doing. 

He is supposed to set the standard for every man and woman on the fire ground. Typical violation where the rules don't apply to everyone. Just the ones they want to get rid of.

Delegate Carl Anderton Broke Republican Ranks - Sides with Democrats on Fracking Ban

FYI - the vote tally was just posted for HB-1325 - the Bill to ban fracking for the entire State of Maryland.,h-0406&stab=02&ys=2017RS

What Julian Assange Says About Our Journalists

By Thornton Crowe

He looks like a grown-up Doogie but behind this controversial figure lies a telling tale that exposes not only the government figures in his explosive leaks but also the shambles America media has become over the last three decades.

In many discussions since the Vault 7 release, one common thread found among all of them is this: Julian Assange makes America's Press seem to be an impotent joke, so bad that we are forced to depend on someone else to do their work and report the truth.

Think about it, people wait for these leaks to come forth through his Wikileaks because we all know the lamestream media fails to do serious investigative reporting anymore. We hang on every trove with anticipation because we know the information is reliable given their impeccable 100% accuracy rate to date. The only fault found is the people in our government are being exposed en mass and they don't like this exposure one bit. Hence the reason why they get in front of the cameras and make proclamations about how Assange should go to prison.

The real deal is the press no longer is here for America; just a newsletter for the Democratic National Committee, which contains fake news, lies and smear campaigns - nothing of any substance whatsoever. We can't even depend on them to deliver reasonably accurate weather reporting as we saw many times with our WBOC buddy Dan.

In an article early this week, it was exposed that even our local media is negligent in reporting area crime, opting to prop up the City Hall "version" of the statistics rather than the real deal. This leaves our community vulnerable and unnecessary violence to continue against an unsuspecting citizenry. This is a dereliction of duty beyond reproach.

Getting back to Julian... 

Now we wait for some dude in London's Ecuadorian embassy to deliver our news and tell us where the problems are -- when those problems are located less than 100 miles away. Yes, only a mere 90 miles away there lies a world that contains the incubus of most Americans' woes right now. And isn't it a travesty that we must depend on foreigners who are thousands of miles away to get accurate reporting on what's happening in our own backyard?

It reflects very badly on what American's media outlets have become over the last thirty years. It used to be, back in the day, reporters cared about getting good stories. They held dear things like journalistic integrity. Walter Cronkite was the most credible and trusted man in America when he anchored CBS Nightly News and we all believed everything he said. It was without question.

Now days, all we get is press releases retooled into some idiot meme which makes no sense given the reality we see right before our eyes. More opinions than news. More cheerleading than holding DC accountable - which is what we were always led to believe they were supposed to fulfill in our society.

Today, Deep Throat wouldn't even bother with today's Washington Post or New York Times...

The leakers are now going to Assange's organization because they can't trust anyone in our media to actually report what they've been told about our government or protect their identity. How many leakers have been exposed by the very person they entrusted with the truth? This is a horrible situation with a Catch-22 feel because if they don't leak, America moves forward blind and if they do leak, they might get Sethed or Fostered.

Another telling feature of Assange is the people who want him dead or prosecuted as it reveals who has much to lose by his leaking faucets. People like McCain, Graham, Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Obama and Chaffetz all have things to hide from the people. They are desperate to silence him or at least, his organization. Best to look to these people and wonder just what it is they're afraid he'll reveal.

For many, Assange is a hero, whom should be revered but the majority miss the point that it also illustrates we have no heroes in our own media. Therefore, our government on all levels has no checks and balances to keep them honest.

All we have is waiting for the next tell-all release.

I guess, for now, we'll have to stay turned for more Vault 7 coming out in the next few weeks. Revealed through several outlets and sources, the findings are shocking and will potentially rewrite our history as we've known it forever.

How say you?

A Comment Worthy Of A Post

Anonymous said...

Stations 16, 2, 1, and 6(Parsonsburg) just alerted for a reported "structure fire" on Merritt Mill Road. Turns out to be a garage fire and those paid firemen are freaking out screaming into the radio. Deputy Chief 1, Darrin Scott, arrives on the scene then starts screaming for the police. Then he says for "road traffic." LMFAO. WTH is road traffic.

Assistant Chief 1 requesting an additional tanker for water and then Engine Tanker 1-1 responds from Station 16. Then Wicomico Central(Justin Byrd) tells command that Engine Tanker 1-1 just "answered up" and asks him if he still wants to alert for another tanker(talks him out of it.) Command says "Nah" so they didn't alert. Then 2 minutes later command calls for another tanker so they dispatch Fruitland for a tanker. Maybe I am wrong, but wouldn't a tanker from Pittsville be quicker with a straight shot down Rt. 50? Fruitland, Station 3 has to drive slow through all that congestion in Salisbury and multiple stop lights.

That entire fire is one Cluster F***!! And they think that the paid firemen in Salisbury can offer better service than any volunteer fire company around?? I don't think so!! The Parsonsburg and Powellville personnel sound more calm than the paid farmin.

Then Jay Jester screams on the radio in his "Ocean City cool fire talk" "Engine 16 Officer to Engine 16 Chauffeur" Yeah, that's cool talk their Jay Jester. Then he asks for an additional 50 ft of hose. LMAO. He is a volunteer chief in Ocean City and he can't guess how much hose line he needs. What an idiot.

It's been nearly a half hour and they still haven't put that small garage fire out and they have at least 5 fire stations dispatched on that call. Pathetic, just pathetic. And they want to scare the public into thinking they are better suited to serve the public than any volunteer with the same amount of training. They are an embarrassment to the fire service.

The Only Way To Fix Healthcare Is To Rid Of Health Insurance Companies & More

I don't care what side of the isle you are on politically, the ONLY way to fix the monster Obama created is to go to a single payer system run by the American Government, very much like Medicare.

We will only pay so much for whatever the illness is, period. If Doctors and Hospitals don't like it, TOUGH! Their six figure income is completely out of control and we CAN fix it. 

Doctors became Doctors, (at least the really great ones) because it is their calling. They did it for all the right reasons. Our Government needs to offer FREE College for anyone QUALIFIED to become a Doctor.

You want to see cancer cured, guess what, this system will make it happen. You can pay six figure salaries to SCIENTISTS who CURE major health problems. No different from privatizing space travel/research. 

There would still be specialists like plastic surgeons and so forth but a monster has been created and there's only one way to fix the damn thing, so let's stop kidding ourselves. One illness, one fee paid to all Doctors. 

IF you happen to be fortunate enough to be rich, well, you can go to a Doctor who refuses to participate with this system and take some of your millions and put it in their pockets. "Even Steven" Every American pays ONE set fee for Government Health Insurance.

Insurance Companies & Pharmaceutical Companies are out of control, FIX IT! Game Over!

Paying $25,000.00 for one shot needs to end! Losing everything you've worked so hard for your entire life needs to end. "We The people" built this country and we need to stop the super rich from taking everything we've earned away from us. 

Agree or Disagree?

"You've Been Blogged"

Speaking of POS's... this man was caught throwing a truckload of trash in front of my parents farm in Bishopville this morning... can you help me identify this truck?????? Tag is registered to a woman, please help me find this man!

Concerns raised over Trump proposal to cut Chesapeake Bay funding

WASHINGTON — Environmental advocates are raising concerns over President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, saying the spending plan would slash funding for a program that has helped to improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay.

Under Trump’s proposal, released this week by the Office of Management and Budget, federal funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program would be eliminated.

The program is led by the Environmental Protection Agency and is focused on reducing pollution in the bay.


Rapper threatens to 'pimp out' Melania Trump if president doesn't shut up

Rapper Bow Wow threatened to "pimp out" first lady Melania Trump if President Trump doesn't stop "talking shit" about Snoop Dogg.

Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, told Trump to shut his "punk ass up" in a tweet Wednesday.

"Shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle Snoop Dogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us," he tweeted at Trump


Important Question

As of 9:23am this morning
Why are gas stations RAISING gas prices when there's an oil glut and the price is well below $50.00 per barrel?

Local gas station owners appear to be ripping off consumers because the last time oil was this low, we were under $2.00 per gallon. Shouldn't this be a serious issue here considering the facts involved?

Last night, Cheers on Route 13 South (Sunco) by SU, went from $2.21 at 6:30pm to $2.23 at 8:04pm.

Where did they see fit to raise the gas pricing with the above scenario?

UPDATE for 11:36AM comment:

Oil has been down for months. MONTHS!

You Decide

Here's how I see it. One of my properties was recently struck by a vehicle and the person immediately took off. To me, that's a "Hit & Run". Someone side swipes a vehicle and continues to drive away, that's a "Hit & Run. 

HOWEVER, only in Salisbury Maryland can you hit a human being, kill them and take off and they call it a "Hit & Run". 

NO! It's called MURDER or (involuntary?) MANSLAUGHTER.

What's your thoughts?

Do hoop earrings belong to women of color?

Hoop earrings are at the center of a heated debate at a Southern California college.

Pitzer College received a lot of attention last week after a group of Latino students painted "White Girl, Take OFF Your Hoops." on an art wall dedicated to free speech on the side of a dormitory.

Alegria Martinez, a campus Resident Advisor (RA) and active member of the "Latinx Student Union", claimed responsibility for the painting along with several other students in an email thread sent to the entire student body, according to the Claremont Independent, the student paper for Claremont colleges.

In the email, Martinez said she and other women of color were "tired and annoyed" with "white women appropriating styles that belong to the black and brown folks who created the culture".


‘America is a white nation’: More racist fliers spotted at University of Maryland

White supremacist fliers were found Monday at the University of Maryland campus in College Park for the third time in three months, following similar incidents recently at universities across the country.

Two fliers were discovered outside the university’s chemistry department.

“It is your civic duty to report any and all illegal aliens,” one flier said. “They are criminals. America is a white nation.”

The other read: “Carry the torch of your people.” Fliers also were found at three other locations, according to the Diamondback student newspaper.


Former 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Ignored as Players Sign for Free Agency

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick became the talk of the league this year with his anti-American protests. Kaepernick recently declared his free agency, then announced he would end his refusal to stand for the national anthem. But, even as the league’s free agents are snapped up at a quickening pace, it appears that Kaepernick is being ignored, thus far going unsigned.

Kaepernick, once considered a burgeoning player with a bright future, helped lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2012 only a year after he went pro. But, the 2011 second-round draft pick never sustained the drive to excellence since 2013, when he helped lead the 49ers to an NFC Championship.

According to rumors, San Francisco wanted to trade him off by 2015, but as the 2016 season began Kaepernick made national news with his increasingly anti-American, anti-police, and pro-black lives matter antics on and off the field.

Even as Kaepernick became the most disliked player in the NFL, the 49ers organization went out of its way to announce support of the player and frequently said they stood behind his protests. The team even awarded Kaepernick a prestigious award for his “inspirational and courageous play.”


Maryland lawmakers corrupted by drug money ignore marijuana harms

More than 16 news articles from 8/16/16 through 10/23/16 reveal a virtual feeding frenzy among Maryland state legislators, marijuana bureaucrats and would-be pot contractors. They all cited serious squabbling over access to profits from the federally-illegal addictive dangerous child brain poison, marijuana being falsely promoted as “medicine” under drug-trafficker-friendly Maryland State laws.

Currently, Maryland state legislators are considering additional proposals that would further entrench their previous misguided pro-pot public-health endangering laws.

Examples of such corrupt pro-drug legislative activities are illustrated in the Washington Post’s 9/23/16 article titled: “Delegate’s medical pot roles reviewed.

But two recent official federal government reports categorically confirm from numerous scientific studies that smoked marijuana is not medicine but instead is a dangerous Schedule 1 drug that endangers the health and safety of users, especially youths. And is a major gateway drug leading to addiction to other deadly drugs.


This Clueless NY Senator Wants To Ban Things She Doesn’t Understand

“When I need expertise and calm, rational advice on firearms and accessories I look to New Yorkers for solutions,” said no one ever.

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), representatives from law enforcement, and gun violence prevention advocates today vowed to block an effort currently underway in Congress to make it easier for criminals to obtain gun silencers. Gillibrand said she would fight against legislation introduced earlier this year in the Senate (S.59) and House of Representatives (H.R. 367) to eliminate gun silencers from the requirements of the National Firearms Act, making it easier for criminals to obtain these deadly weapons, making it harder and more dangerous for law enforcement to catch criminals.
None of the fear-mongering above is true.

The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 does not “easier for criminals to obtain gun silencers.” If Senator Gillibrand (or let’s be honest, her staff) had done any research at all before opposing HPA, she and they would know that if criminals actually wanted silencers, they could make them very easily from common items for less than $30.


Do you want more Section 8 Housing in Maryland?

Good Lord WBOC, Enough Already, Seriously

How long can a news station milk a story, well, more then a month now with WBOC.

Look, you bunch of jackasses, it's a Detention Center with professionally trained GUARDS. Oh, get this. There's PRISONERS inside.

It seems now any time someone bitch slaps a guard inside, WBOC blasts out daily updates. He quit, she quit, he retired, she retired. 

How about the stories on LOCAL CRIME? You know, women getting raped, sick men beating up on local women right here in our very own local Hospital that's getting covered up. That's right WBOC, call the Salisbury Police Department and ask them about the FOUR people that were recently assaulted in PRMC that are being covered up, including a nurse. 

How many other people around here are sick and tired of the Delaware Detention Center stories each and every day?

Police: 2 Rockville HS students charged with raping girl, 14, in school restroom stall (UPDATED)

ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) — Two Rockville High School students have been arrested and charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in a restroom at the school Thursday morning, police said.

The girl stated she was walking in a hallway near the gymnasium at about 9 a.m. when she was approached by two male students, later identified as Jose O. Montano, 17, and Henry E. Sanchez Milian, 18, both freshmen.

Montano allegedly asked the girl to walk with him and Milian. Montano then asked for a hug, slapped the girl's butt and requested that she have sex with him.


Editor's Note: More details have emerged since we posted this article yesterday.

Documentary shows new video of events before fatal Ferguson shooting

FERGUSON, Mo. —A convenience store is disputing a new documentary's claim that previously unreleased surveillance video suggests Michael Brown didn't rob the store shortly before he was fatally shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

One of the filmmakers, Jason Pollock, told The New York Times he believes the footage shows Brown trading a small amount of marijuana for a bag of cigarillos around 1 a.m. on Aug. 9, 2014. The video doesn't clearly show what was exchanged, but shows Brown leaving behind the bag of cigarillos.

Pollock reasons Brown intended to come back later for the cigarillos. Pollock argues the new footage challenges what authorities have said about Brown pushing a worker and taking cigarillos during another visit to the store about 10 hours later, shortly before he was killed.


McCain: Trump Must Prove Wiretapping or Retract Claims

President Donald Trump must provide the American people, not just the Senate Intelligence Committee, with proof of his claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, and if he doesn't have the proof, he needs to retract his statements, Sen. John McCain said Sunday.

"If his predecessor violated the law, President Obama violated the law, we've got a serious issue here, to say the least," McCain told CNN's "State of the Union" program, while pointing out that he himself has no reason to believe the allegations are true.

"I also believe that the president of the United States could clear this up in a minute," said the Arizona Republican. "All he has to do is pick up the phone, call the director of the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence and say, 'okay, what happened?'

When asked if he has any concern about Trump's "barrage of conspiracy theories" of Obama and others, McCain said Trump has a "unique style" and as he's the elected president, he's not going to tell him how to conduct his presidency.

More here

Congress’ analyst: Millions to lose coverage under GOP bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fourteen million Americans would lose coverage next year under House Republican legislation remaking the nation’s health care system, and that number would balloon to 24 million by 2026, Congress’ budget analysts projected Monday. Their report deals a stiff blow to a GOP drive already under fire from both parties and large segments of the medical industry.

The Congressional Budget Office report undercuts a central argument President Donald Trump and Republicans have cited for swiftly rolling back the 2010 health care overhaul: that the insurance markets created under that statute are “a disaster” and about to implode. The congressional experts said the market for individual policies “would probably be stable in most areas under either current law or the (GOP) legislation.”

The report also flies in the face of Trump’s talk of “insurance for everybody,” which he stated in January. He has since embraced a less expansive goal — to “increase access” — advanced by House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans.

Health secretary Tom Price told reporters at the White House the report was “simply wrong” and he disagreed “strenuously,” saying it omitted the impact of additional GOP legislation and regulatory changes the Trump administration plans.


FBI: New Evidence From Anthony Weiner Will See Clinton ‘Locked Up For Life’

Anthony Weiner is ready to “sing like a bird” and provide damning information about Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation in return for the FBI dropping child pornography charges against him, according to sources at the agency.

A Federal Court hearing on March 7 was postponed after FBI agents requested more time to work with Weiner on tying the Clintons and associates to a criminal network involving money laundering, sex crimes with children, child exploitation, pay-to-play through the Clinton Foundation, obstruction of justice, and other felony crimes.

Weiner is currently facing a mandatory 15 year jail term for production of child pornography after encouraging an underage girl to make an explicit sex tape, however prosecutors are willing to drop the charges if he provides information leading to the prosecution of “bigger fish” Bill and Hillary Clinton, key aides and associates.


Sick leave bill would hit OC hard

Legislation that would require employers to provide sick leave to their workers received a favorable report from the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, following its passage in the House of Delegates last Friday.

Under current law, Maryland does not require businesses to provide employees with sick leave of any kind.

Delegate Mary Beth Carozza voted against the bill last Friday because of her concerns about the impact on seasonal employers.

As proposed, the bill would require employers with more than 14 employees to provide paid sick and safe leave, which would be earned at a rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked.


America FIRST Budget

A budget that puts Americans first and supports everything Conservatives have promised for decades and never followed through. It's about time!

Any questions?

O'Malley Makes HUGE 2020 Step

Former presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is one of the first Democrats to begin the process of running for president in 2020, according to a Wednesday report from Politico.

The former governor of Maryland commissioned a poll in Iowa, the site of the first caucus in presidential elections, revealing a huge show of interest.

O’Malley fared well in the poll, earning 18 percent of voters. The poll included nine other potential candidates: Sens. Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, former Housing Sec. Julian Castro, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, state Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, as well as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

Thirty-two percent of respondents indicated they weren’t sure who they planned to support, indicating there is a lot of wiggle room within the next three years.


Trump Budget Plan Draws Some Criticism From Md. Lawmakers

WASHINGTON (AP) —Maryland Democrats on Thursday voiced their displeasure with the Trump administration’s budget proposals, citing federal cuts to Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts, the Appalachian Regional Commission and the National Institutes of Health.

“The Trump budget is great if you can get on a plane every weekend and fly to Mar-a-Lago, but it stinks for everybody else,” Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., said at a Capitol Hill press conference. “If you look at the cost to the taxpayer to fly to Mar-a-Lago each weekend, it’s about $3 million, estimated.”

To put that number into perspective, Van Hollen said that the federal budget for Meals on Wheels, a program that helps feed 2.4 million seniors in the United States, is also $3 million, but the proposed “budget wipes out” the money for this program.


Chaz Bono’s housekeeping staff taken by ICE

Chaz Bono is going to have to either clean his own house or find new help. Bono’s housekeeper and the housekeeper’s helper were picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and carted away.

The former daughter of Cher and the late Sonny Bono recently sent angry tweets to California’s Gov. Jerry Brown, demanding that he does something about the situation which affected not only his housekeeper but his housekeeper’s family, as well.

The public display of his ability to hire housekeepers made some Twitter users angry, which they expressed through tweets reminding Bono that most Americans can’t afford housekeepers.

Tweeters also wondered if Bono’s employees were illegal aliens and if he was reporting their earnings to the IRS.


With proposal to penalize men for masturbating, legislator aims to shake up health debate

When it comes to issues related to health, state Rep. Jessica Farrar says that men should have to undergo the same “unnecessary” and “invasive” procedures that she says Texas women are subjected to under recently passed state laws.

That’s why the the Houston Democrat on Friday filed House Bill 4260, which would fine men $100 for masturbating and create a required booklet for men with medical information related to the benefits and concerns of a man seeking a vasectomy, a Viagra prescription or a colonoscopy. The bill would also let doctors invoke their "personal, moralistic, or religious beliefs" in refusing to perform an elective vasectomy or prescribe Viagra, among other proposed requirements in the bill.

While Farrar knows her "proposed satirical regulations" will not become law, she hoped the bill's filing would at least foster a deeper discussion about what should be a priority during session years.


Trump Cut to Meals on Wheels - THE TRUTH!

Meals on Wheels accounts for 3.3% of their budget with Federal government money. Yes, 3.3%. Its a very small amount. However, the liberals and hysterical media is hyping it up to be much more massive than it is. Maybe its time local communities started to support their own people and quit looking for government to fix everything. Just saying...

Below is the 2015 operating budget for Meals on Wheels. Get your calculators out and do the math yourselves...that is, if you dare.


I Saw This On Facebook & Couldn't Resist

Men size 6 timberlands
Salisbury, MD (21804)


They are brand new

Joe Albero Call the Wicomico County Sheriff's Department. They'll be lining up for a size 6.

Virginia Woman Charged With Welfare Fraud For Collecting Benefits While Husband Earned Millions

An Arlington woman was arrested this week and charged with four counts of welfare fraud for collecting over $100,000 in benefits – all while her husband was a high-earning attorney in D.C., police say.

Police say a six-month investigation into Helen Agbapuruonwu, 41, found that the mother of four had collected benefits like food stamps and Medicaid assistance for the past six years.

While Helen was collecting benefits, her husband, Fidelis Agbapuruonwu, was earning $1.5 million per year as a lawyer, according to court documents obtained by News4.

In 2001, Fidelis received the prestigious Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship which helped pay his way through law school.

Fidelis’ LinkedIn page claims he works for the D.C. firm of Mayer Brown, but today the firm said he no longer works there. Court officials believe Fidelis, a Nigerian immigrant, has “fled the country and is somewhere in Africa.”


Salisbury Misfits

Oops Looks like another Storm Coming...named Rachel

TC: After Rachel Maddow's big flop, she now claims it's her viewers that blew what she had out of proportion. Well, that's not exactly true as she fanned the flames with her misleading taunts about obtaining President Trump's 2005 Tax Return - which turned out to be a mere 2-pages out of literally thousands.

What were the results? Trump is rich and he paid 25% taxes when his naysayers all paid well under. If anything, Maddow proved her own biased 'reporting,' letting everyone know she's just an opinion person with no real substance or hard-hitting information.

Eggs lobbed at the entire opposition were epic and filled with rancid yolk. The stench is still smelling pretty bad three days later.  Her viewership on Tuesday was 4M but dropped the next night to 88K; the numbers haven't changed for the better either. Her show continues to tank.

This morning, Maddow got a little surprise:

Widow of slain correctional officer refuses to meet with governor

DOVER — The widow of a prison guard killed during an inmate uprising at Delaware’s maximum security prison is refusing to meet with Gov. John Carney.

In a statement released by her attorney Wednesday, Saundra Floyd instead urged Carney to respond to demands of her family for the autopsy report on Steven Floyd and details on how he died.

“Today the governor’s office called me and asked if he could stop by this Friday to see how my family is doing. But actions speak louder than words, so my answer to that is no,” the statement read. “Just reply privately or publicly to my demand for the release of the autopsy of my husband. How did he die? Did he suffer greatly, or did he pass quickly? Was he tortured? Was he stabbed 100 times, as we have heard? Did he die in a great pool of blood, as is rumored?”


Navy's Elite SEAL Team Six Training for North Korean Decapitation Strike

Four elite U.S. military units — including the highly secret SEAL Team Six — are slated to practice taking out North Korea's leadership during a military exercise with South Korea.

The Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises, which take place every year, began March 1. This year, SEAL Team Six and three special operations units from the Army — the Rangers, Delta Force, and Green Berets — will be on hand to rehearse a decapitation strike, according to the Yonhap News Agency.

"A bigger number of and more diverse U.S. special operation forces will take part in this year's Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises to practice missions to infiltrate into the North, remove the North's war command and demolition of its key military facilities," a South Korean military official told the news agency.


Another "Recession Dead Ahead" Indicator Just Hit

During the FOMC press conference this week, Janet Yellen was pushed by Bloomberg's Kathleen Hays to explain why she hiked rates amid what was evidently not a surging economy.

While Q1 looks to be the weakest economic growth period for a rate hike since 1980...

During the FOMC press conference this week, Janet Yellen was pushed by Bloomberg's Kathleen Hays to explain why she hiked rates amid what was evidently not a surging economy.

While Q1 looks to be the weakest economic growth period for a rate hike since 1980...