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Sunday, April 10, 2016

SHOCKING NEWS: Will Smith Dead

This is terrible news:

Former NFL defensive lineman Will Smith was shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident in New Orleans late Saturday, authorities said.

New Orleans Coroner Jeffrey C. Rouse confirmed early Sunday the male victim in the double shooting was Smith, 34, according to WVUE-TV. Police said the shooting occurred around 11:30 p.m. in the Lower Garden District at the intersection of Sophie Wright Place and Felicity Streets.

The alleged gunman, Cardell Hayes, 29, was charged with second-degree murder on Sunday.

Investigators said Smith and his wife were driving a Mercedes Benz SUV eastbound on Sophie Wright Place when he was rear-ended by an individual driving a Hummer H2. The collision caused the Mercedes to hit a Chevrolet Impala traveling along the same street, The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported.

New Orleans Police Department spokesman Juan Barnes said Smith and the driver of the Hummer got into a confrontation over the accident when the driver of the Hummer pulled out a handgun and “shot (Smith) multiple times and his wife twice in the right leg.”

This is an unspeakable tragedy. Smith spent his entire career with the Saints and was part of their 2010 Super Bowl Championship squad. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Source: AAN

Colorado Trump Delegate Removed And Replaced

Trump Supporter Burning His Republican Party Registration

How Well Do You Know About Ted Cruz's History or Policies?

By Thornton Crowe

Everyone sees on the news the bickering going back and forth between Cruz and Donald Trump now days. It's no secret that Trump believes Cruz is a liar. Lyin' Ted. But have you ever asked yourselves why this moniker has taken on a life of it's own?

Let's forget about the sex scandal articles in the National Enquirer, the DC Madam scandal and the bashing about his nefarious allegiance to a minister who wants to execute gays. There's more to this situation than most would like to admit. And it's time, if you really wanted to be an informed, responsible voter, you investigated as I did why Ted Cruz shouldn't become our President in any way.

Gunman in robbery of pizza driver, Tyran Drummond, killed in crash into tree

SALISBURY, MD. – Wicomico Sheriff Mike Lewis reports the death of convicted armed robber and ex-con Tyran Deangelo Drummond, who crashed into a tree on Johnson Road in Salisbury, Md. On April 4, 2016.

Sheriff Lewis reports that deputies responded to a call for a wreck at about 10:45 pm and found the driver dead at the scene. There were no other occupants of the vehicle. Any witness to the crash is asked to call 410-548-4891.

Toxicology reports generally take several weeks to reveal any blood alcohol content in the deceased’s system, as he had a record of driving while impaired.

On June 6, 2015, Drummond was arrested for DUI and negligent driving in a careless and imprudent manner while endangering life, property, and person, by Maryland State Trooper M. Johnson as he traveled on Civic Ave., at Rt. 50 in Salisbury. Wicomico County States Attorney Matthew Maciarello agreed to a plea deal on Feb. 22, 2016, to Probation Before Judgment with a fine of $342.50 and no time in jail.


There's Been An Attempted Rape At Bennett High School

Local Law Enforcement, (WBI) is trying to keep this quiet but the attempted rape occurred Wednesday.

An employee in the school witnessed the attempted rape on video and was able to stop it but the victim was subjected to the abuse for approximately 10 minutes.

The suspect was charged with 1st and 2nd degree rape. 

When and IF Law Enforcement decides to provide a formal press release we will update you with more details. 

Published at 5:25 PM.

Do You Believe Pit Bulls Are Dangerous Dogs?

Yes or No

Breaking News: Body Found Deceased In Vehicle In The Parking Lot Of The Fruitland Walmart

A person has been found deceased in their vehicle at the Fruitland WalMart. The windows have been covered. Police and EMS are now on the scene.

Published 11:01 AM. 

Murder USA: A fresh dead drug dealer in Salisbury have Police on the hunt for a killer

(SALISBURY, MD) – Police are searching for the person or persons responsible for an overnight shooting that left one drug dealer dead on April 4, 2016. The cops know plenty about the murder victim, they ran a long investigation on him that ended with charges of distribution of drugs on Feb. 18, 2015, in Wicomico County Circuit Court.

The victim is identified as Irvonte C. Jones, 24, of Salisbury, Md. Jones was pronounced dead after being transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center. His body was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy.

Shortly before 10:00 p.m. yesterday, troopers from the Salisbury Barrack were dispatched to the 1000-block of Pierce Avenue, Salisbury, for a reported shooting. Troopers met the owner of the single family home, who said she had just arrived at the residence and found her boyfriend, Jones, lying unresponsive in a bedroom. Jones had sustained what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds and was transported by EMS personnel to the hospital.


WBI Press Release April 7, 2016 - Bennett High School - Att. 1st Degree Rape

Incident: Attempted First Degree Rape
Date of Incident: April 6, 2016
Location: Bennett High School 300 College Ave, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Juvenile being charged as an adult.

On April 6, 2016 at approximately 1:20 PM a female student at Bennett High School was led by a male student to a back stairwell. The male began trying to kiss the female and she was fighting to prevent him from doing so. The struggle continued for approximately 10 minutes. The male suspect was trying to pull the cloths off the female as well as get his own genitals exposed. During the assault he was controlling her movement physically to include choking her, pulling her hair, pinning her down on the stairwell and the floor and against the wall. Ultimately the assault was seen to be occurring by a staff member on video in the office. That staff member ran to stop the assault. Staff then escorted the parties to the office and began processing the assault. The School Resource Officer (SRO), a Wicomico Deputy, was contacted, after the victim and suspect had been released from school. He began his investigation at this point. After viewing the video of the incident, the SRO contacted The Wicomico Bureau of Investigation (WBI) and the WBI took over the investigation. On 4/7/16 the suspect was taken into custody and charged as an adult. He was released to the Wicomico Detention Center and his disposition is not known at this time.

Charges: Attempted First Degree Rape, Attempted Second Degree Rape, 3rd Degree Sex Offense, Sexual Contact without Consent, Assault 1st Degree, Assault 2nd Degree, Unlawfully Detain, Attempted 1st Degree Sex Offense, Attempted 2nd Degree Sex Offense

A Viewer Writes: Is this picture really appropriate for a Mayor?


(SALISBURY, MD) — State, county and city police in Wicomico County are searching this morning for the person or persons responsible for an overnight shooting that left one man dead.

The victim is identified as Irvonte C. Jones, 24, of Salisbury, Md. Jones was pronounced dead after being transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center. His body was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy.

Shortly before 10:00 p.m. yesterday, troopers from the Salisbury Barrack were dispatched to the 1000-block of Pierce Avenue, Salisbury, for a reported shooting. Troopers met the owner of the single family home, who said she had just arrived at the residence and found her boyfriend, Jones, lying unresponsive in a bedroom. Jones had sustained what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds and was transported by EMS personnel to the hospital.

Maryland State Police Homicide Unit investigators responded to conduct the investigation. State Police crime scene technicians spent the night processing the scene for evidence, after a search warrant was obtained. Investigators continue to interview neighbors and family members. A member of the Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s Office responded to the scene and continues to work with investigators. Additional assistance is being provided by the Wicomico County Bureau of Investigation and the State Police Gang Enforcement Unit.

The preliminary investigation indicates Jones was alone in the home when he was shot. A suspect description has not been developed at this time. A motive has not been identified. It is unclear yet if the person or persons responsible forced their way into the home, or were let in by the victim.

State Police investigators urge anyone with information about this victim or the person(s) responsible for his death to contact Lower Eastern Shore Crime Solvers at 410-548-1776, or the Salisbury Barrack at 410-749-3101. Callers may remain anonymous.

Publishers Notes: When we learned of this incident last night the call came in saying "SFD going to Pierce Ave (off of East Lincoln Ave) for a self inflicted shooting". When they were transporting him to the hospital they said he had been shot 3 times.......since the press release is calling it a murder, (above) it wasn't self inflicted after all.

This was also put out there - 

**Police/Fire Alert**


Pierce Avenue

UPDATE 3: Victim did not survive the injuries. Police enroute to hospital for 15-20 family members related to the victim being disruptive.

UPDATE 2: Subject transported priority 1 to local hospital with three gunshot wounds with one to the head. Unknown condition at this time

UPDATE 1: All Maryland State Police units responding priority. Reported victim possibly still breathing. Units just cleared to go into scene.

Fire department dispatched for a subject with a self inflicted gun shot to the head. Fire and police being instructed to stage until Maryland State Police arrives.

I heard them say he was making a snoring noise when breathing.

Exonerated Teacher Exits Education

Having proven my innocence in a court of law, I have formally tendered my resignation to Worcester County Public Schools. I have decided that it is now time for me to move on to another career outside the field of public education.

On Friday, March 18, 2016 a Worcester County Circuit Court judge threw out 2 cases, accounting for 12 of the 24 charges against me. After about ninety minutes of deliberation, I was found not guilty of the other 2 cases and those 12 counts by a unanimous jury.

I have lost so much that is irreplaceable. I can not begin to convey the extent of those losses or the magnitude of devastation that being branded by these falsehoods has wrought. It will be a life long struggle to repair the damage and rebuild my reputation and my life.

My wife and I are extremely grateful to the parents, students, friends, family, churches, and other community members who stood by us and showed their support. Times like these reveal who your true friends are and they mean the world to us, forever having a place in our hearts.

I implore WCPS and all school districts to install cameras in all classrooms, for the protection of both teachers and students, and to prevent potential future incidents of false allegations.


William A. Cathell, Jr

Don't You Ever Wonder What Other Countries Now Think Of America?

I could really blast the heck out of this article but between the title and the images, I think all of you know where I'm headed.

Hillary Clinton should also be a topic here with her history in politics, being investigated and yet a front runner in the Presidential race.

I think you Liberals should take a good hard look at some of the images above. When the Kardashian's are more recognized than our current President, we have a problem. 

We're no longer respected, we're a JOKE! And you Liberals wonder why we support a man like Donald Trump. We do need to "Make America Great Again."

WCSO Press Releases April 8, 2016

Taylor, Brent
Incident: Homicide by Motor Vehicle
Date of Incident: 7 April 2016
Location: Wicomico County, MD
Suspect: Brent Morgan Taylor Jr., 44, Eden, MD
Narrative: On 7 April 2016 at 2:10 PM deputy arrested Brent Morgan Taylor on a Circuit Court Indictment that charged Taylor with Homicide by Motor Vehicle. The indictment followed the investigation of a motor vehicle collision that Taylor was involved in back on 16 October 2015 that claimed the life of Robert T. Schultheis. The collision was investigated by the Wicomico Sheriff’s Office Collision Reconstruction Unit and that included an investigation into the possible impairment of Taylor.
Taylor was transported to the Detention Center where he was detained without bond pending an appearance in front of a Circuit Court Judge.
Charges: Homicide by Motor Vehicle – Drugs, Homicide by Motor Vehicle – CDS, Driving Vehicle While Impaired by CDS and Driving Vehicle While Impaired by Drugs

Holbrook, Kizzy
Incident: Warrants Arrest
Date of Incident: 7 April 2016
Location: 200 block of E. Vine Street, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Kizzy M. Holbrook, 36, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 7 April 2016 a deputy arrested Kizzy Holbrook at a residence in the 200 block of E. Vine Street in Salisbury. Holbrook was wanted on two Circuit Court Bench Warrants that were issued after Holbrook violated the terms of her probation in two CDS Possession cases.
The deputy transported Holbrook to the Detention Center where she was detained on a total bond of $20,000.00 bond.
Charges: Violation of Probation

Sherwood, Jason
Incident: DUI
Date of Incident: 7 April 2016
Location: North Salisbury Boulevard, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Jason Paul Sherwood, 35, Bridgeville, DE
Narrative: On 7 April 2016 a deputy stopped a vehicle operated by Jason Sherwood after observing Sherwood driving on N. Salisbury Boulevard without any headlights on at 10:42 PM. Upon speaking to Sherwood, the deputy detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage and was told by Sherwood that he did not have a license. Based on other observed indicators, the deputy began sobriety testing which culminated in Sherwood’s arrest. 

During subsequent processing the deputy ascertained that Sherwood’s Maryland driver’s license had been both suspended and revoked. The deputy transported Sherwood to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Sherwood in the Detention Center in lieu of $7,500.00 bond.

Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving While Revoked and Driving While Suspended

How much to tip

If you ask 10 people how much to tip in a given situation, you'll get several answers and a slew of hot-headed opinions about the "right" thing to do.

To help start your next debate, here's a quick guide to customary gratuities for various services. The guide is provided by the Emily Post Institute. Those with passionate views about how much to tip the pizza-delivery guy, please see the information in the footnote provided by two other sources.

(For a look at the real reasons we tip and whether tipping has anything to do with the quality of service we receive,click here.)

Waiter/waitress: 15% of bill (excl. tax) for adequate service; 20% for very good service; no less than 10% for poor service
Headwaiter/captain: often gets a cut of table server's tip; so tip your server extra to reward captain, or tip captain separately
Sommelier, or wine steward: 15% of cost of the bottle
Bartender: 15% to 20% of the tab, with a minimum of 50 cents per soft drink, $1 per alcoholic drink
Coatroom attendant: $1 per coat
Parking valet or garage attendant: $2 to bring your car to you
Washroom attendant: 50 cents to $1


How's That New High Tech Weather Satellite Working For You WBOC?

Or is it, "The Man"?

No Matter What Anyone Says, This Is Cool And Great For Salisbury

When it comes to economic development, Salisbury University is proving they are committed to Salisbury.

This incredible facility is a massive investment and quite frankly, very cool.

With only a hand full of major players/businesses in the Salisbury area, allowing expansions like this is vital to Salisbury's future. It encourages interest in the growth of several sports, (many of which SU is very good at) and recruiting top ranked players.

So what does that mean, bigger crowds. Bigger sales. Hotel rooms. Food/Restaurant sales. Tips. 

So before people knock it, respect what SU brings to the local economy. Remember that PRMC had taxpayers pay for the demolition of the old Daily Times building. 

Subject: Black Lives Matter organizer: Black-on-black crime is a ‘myth’

An organizer for the Black Lives Matter movement suggested Thursday on CNN that the problem of black-on-black crime is a “myth,” saying the activist movement is focusing on resolving broader issues of systemic violence.

During a discussion about a Facebook video posted by former NFL great Ray Lewis that questions the focus of the Black Lives Matter movement, Aaron Goggans dismissed the notion of black-on-black crime.

“It’s important to talk about the myth of black-on-black crime. It’s just that — a myth,” Mr. Goggans, a Black Lives Matter organizer in Washington, D.C., told CNN’s Carol Costello.

When pressed on his statement, Mr. Goggans backtracked and admitted that black-on-black crime does exist, and insisted that the movement is focused on resolving that issue.

“I’m saying that inter-community crime happens in all communities across the country and it is a problem that the movement of Black Lives Matter is focusing on,” he said.

“The movement is also focusing on state-sanctioned violence, which is a different thing,” Mr. Goggans continued. “It’s not just a few white cops killing a few unarmed black men. It’s actually the state systematically creating systems that are killing black people, both black women, black children, black men, black queer, black trans and black gender-nonconforming folks, and that’s the issue that I think Ray Lewis didn’t talk about in his video.”

More here

Megyn Kelly on Potentially Leaving Fox: 'Never Say Never'

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said in an interview published this week she would not rule out leaving the network when her contract expires at the end of next year.

Kelly sat down with Variety and spent some time talking about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and the personal attacks he's directed at her.

When asked about her contract with Fox, Kelly said she has not decided what she'll do.

"Never say never. I don't know what's going to happen. I've had a great 12 years here, and I really like working for Roger Ailes. I really like my show, and I love my team. But you know, there's a lot of brain damage that comes from the job," she said.


Tractor Trailer Overturns On North 13 In Princess Anne

SBYNews Called It Again: THEFT – Delmar Elementary Parent Teacher Association

On Monday, March 21, 2016 the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation (WBI) was contacted by members of the Delmar Elementary Parent Teacher Association (DEPTA) regarding missing account funds. Members of the DEPTA alleged their treasurer Tracie N. Vonarx of Delmar, DE may have been the responsible party.

Through the course of the investigation members of WBI confirmed Tracie N. Vonarx’s sole involvement in the thefts from the DEPTA.

Using her position as treasurer of the DEPTA Tracie N. Vonarx had access to their check book and bank account. The checks for the DEPTA required the signature of two members of the DEPTA in order to be cashed. Tracie N. Vonarx forged the second signature and wrote several checks to herself for activities and expenses not associated with the DEPTA.

It was further revealed that during DEPTA fundraisers and enrollments Tracie N. Vonarx accepted cash and check donations. Although Tracie N. Vonarx is believed to have deposited all the check donations several cash donation were kept for her personal use. 

Total confirmed theft is in excess of $8,000.

Traci N. Vonarx was issued a criminal summons by the Wicomico District Court charging her with several theft and forgery related charges.

** Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact DFC Thomas Funk of the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation at 410-548-4898 **

We called this back on March 13th this year HERE.

Posted at 4:10 PM

Arrests for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) From Ocean Pines Police Department

The Ocean Pines Police Department made the following arrest(s) for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) on the following dates:

* March 18th - Davis Lee Ruark, W/M, 30 years old, of Ocean Pines

UPDATE: This is his 2nd DUI.

A Viewer Comments About WBOC's Dan Satterfield

His inaccuracies only make me (and many others) want to troll him harder. Thanks for posting. If you're going to be in a position to make forecasts, knowing a select people are going to rely on it, then it's fair game to judge where due. This isn't WBOC's first and only blunder. For Christ sakes, we have a few students in college on Delaware who can predict weather better than him, with MORE RELIABILITY. If you want to be Delmarva's news leader, then lead us! It must be a joke to those whom are active on sites that allow input and comments from the common folk that this impacts. It proves that money doesn't mean anything without a team behind it who knows what they are doing. Good day, Salisbury News.

City Of Salisbury Representatives Have Not Delivered Evidence To Wicomico County

As we had reported last week, NO DOCUMENTS of evidence proving the City had received MULTIPLE letters of complaints on chicken houses, as the City publicly represented they had.

Salisbury News has contacted multiple County representatives this week, all of which have stated they have not received any evidence.

Do people really get into politics these days to LIE? Also, is this acceptable to ALL OF YOU?

Former Crisfield Police Chief Charged with Setting Woods Fire

The former police chief of Crisfield was arrested Thursday by a Natural Resources Police investigator and charged with setting a fire last September in a grove of pine trees.

Norman Cleveland Swift III, 60, was held on $15,000 bond at the Somerset County Detention Center.

Swift is accused of starting a fire near the intersection of Phoenix Church Road and Farm Market Road on the evening of Sept. 21. Firefighters already in the area saw Swift speeding away from the scene. They tamped out the flames before they could spread.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office, Maryland State Police, and the Department of Natural Resources Forest Service assisted in the investigation.

A search warrant served on Swift’s truck in an unrelated case turned up pyrotechnic flares. An analysis of the burned area found material consistent with that used in the construction of flares. A second search warrant for Swift’s phone records placed him in the area of the fire.

Last summer and early fall, Somerset County was struck by a series of 15 fires in brush and woods. No one was injured and no structures were involved. The investigation into those fires is continuing.

Swift was charged with setting the October 1987 fire that destroyed two blocks of Crisfield’s waterfront, causing $5 million in damage. That charge was dropped in exchange for a guilty plea on a charge of nonfeasance in office while he was police chief.

Swift is scheduled to appear in court on May 2. The single charge of malicious or negligent setting of fires carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of $2,000.


A tractor trailer loaded with chickens has rolled over at Nanticoke Rd. and Wolf Creek. Nanticoke Road is being closed down.

God’s Not Dead 2’ Centers on Religious Persecution in High School, Opens Nationwide

A highly anticipated faith-based flick about the intersection of church and state in an imaginary Arkansas high school opened in movie theaters Saturday.

“God’s Not Dead 2” features Melissa Joan Hart from “Clarissa Explains It All” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” and Jesse Metcalfe, from “Desperate Housewives” in an epic court battle centered on a classroom discussion comparing Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr.

“The film takes place in the fictional town of Hope Springs, where beloved teacher Grace Wesley teaches history. Her love for teaching, her love for her students, and her love for life all come from the same place: her love for Christ,” The Christian Post reports.

“When a student asks a question about Jesus in class, Grace’s answer causes her to face an epic court case, in which she would have to stand up for her faith.”

A.V. Club describes the original 2014 blockbuster “God’s Not Dead” as a nod to the Old Testament, and “God’s Not Dead 2” as a reference to the New Testament.

Hart, a Presbyterian, said she felt compelled to accept the role of Grace despite a very short break with her family between movies.

“I had a hard time in my personal life being able to make room for this movie. I felt very persecuted within my own inner circle…I felt very called to do this movie,” Hart told the Post. “I promised my family I’d be home and I felt like I had to do this movie. My husband always says, ‘Do what you have to do’ and I felt like I had to do this movie.”

“But once I announced that to him, to his parents, to my parents, to my family, everyone kind of came at me: ‘How could you leave your family again, and how could you do this? You promised you’d be home.'”

“It was a very important story for me to tell,” she said. “[I]t has become one of the great blessings of my career to make this movie.”

More here

Defiant B&B Owners Refuse To Host Gay Wedding Despite $80G Fine

An Illinois couple who refused to host a gay civil union ceremony at their idyllic bed and breakfast five years ago was defiant Tuesday after being ordered to pay an $80,000 fine and hold a celebration for the pair.

Jim and Beth Walder, owners of the Timber Creek Bed & Breakfast in Paxton, rejected Mark and Todd Wathen's rental inquiry in 2011, telling them they "believe homosexuality is wrong” and refusing their patronage.

The state had recently passed a law allowing civil unions, and the pair filed a complaint with the state Human Rights Commission, which argued their case before an administrative law judge. That judge ruled against the Walders last September, and this month imposed the fine, which included $30,000 in damages and another $50,000 for legal fees.

“We may be out of step with an increasingly anti-Christian culture, but we are in compliance with God’s design and that is what ultimately matters,” Walder said.

The Walders were also ordered in the recent court ruling to cease discrimination of same-sex couples, a violation under the Illinois Human Rights Act. Walder said he will not comply with the order and plans to appeal the fine.

More here

Adorable Moment Daughter Learns that Daddy is Transgender

Do You Wonder Why EVERY OTHER Gas Station In Salisbury Has Much Higher Prices?

Subject: WBI Press Release April 7, 2016

Incident: Firearm Incident
Date of Incident: 4/1/16
Location: Bethel Road/ Spring Avenue, Salisbury, MD 
Suspect: Johnson, Shawn Goslee AA/M 27, Salisbury, MD 
Narrative:  On 4/1/16 the Wicomico Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team (CAT) stopped the vehicle the above named was operating. A K-9 search alerted to Controlled Dangerous Substance in the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed loaded .38 revolver in the floor board of the vehicle. Johnson was arrested and taken to the Wicomico Detention Center where he was charged.
Charges: Wear and Carry Firearm, Possess regulated firearm and Possess regulated firearm being prohibited  

NC Lt. Gov to PayPal: If Bathroom Law Protects One Child From Being Molested, It's Worth It

In response to PayPal's decision to not open an operations center in Charlotte, N.C. that would employ 400 people because of the state's new law requiring people to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their biological gender, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest said if the new law protects one child or one woman "from being molested or assaulted, then it was worth it." He added that despite the job losses, North Carolina does not put "a price tag on the value of our children."

"If our action in keeping men out of women's bathrooms and showers protected the life of just one child or one woman from being molested or assaulted, then it was worth it," said Lt. Gov. Forest in a statement following PayPal's announcement on April 5.

"North Carolina will never put a price tag on the value of our children," he said. "They are precious and priceless."

"If a corporation wanting to do business in North Carolina does not see the worth of our children in the same light, then I wish them well as they do business somewhere else."

PayPal is a pro-LGBT company.


Welcome To The 'Bury

Remember this 
when you vote for 
your next Congressman.

The world's going to need 50% more food by 2050

Imagine if Golden Corral, the super buffet restaurant, released a report stating that by 2050, their business model would no longer be sustainable.

No longer would they be able to offer an all-you-can-eat buffet with all the fixings of a Thanksgiving feast. Rather, they’d replace it with an all-you-can-drink smoothie bar with tasty protein options.

The reason: massive food shortages.

Clearly Golden Corral didn’t release such a report, but the World Bank did. The organization forecasts that by 2050, we’ll need 50% more food to feed the world’s population.

So here’s the problem. Between now and 2050, they expect the world’s population to growfrom seven billion to nine billion. Even given our demographic outlook, which shows most developed countries will have trouble just maintaining their populations, we’re still looking at about 10 billion people before the end of the century.

But the real problem is that due to worsening climate conditions, crop yields will be cut by 25% during that same time frame.




Robots taking over fast food jobs

In response to recent minimum wage hikes, McDonald’s is now experimenting with a self-serve kiosk.

Currently the kiosk, spotted at a McDonald’s in downtown Chicago, only allows customers to serve themselves coffee, but there’s no reason why a similar kiosk couldn’t be expanded with other offerings in the future.

“In essence, this is the company’s latest venture to make employees responsible for one less task as corporate HQ slowly but surely responds to minimum wage hikes sweeping all states, and in the process, outsource its minimum wage workers to simple machines which will never unionize or have any demands aside from being cleaned occasionally,” Zero Hedgereported.

Fast food workers demanded a $15 an hour minimum wage and union rights in strikes across 270 cities back in November, but their jobs may eventually be taken over by autonomous burger-making robots.


Subject: Ireton tells Easton Democrats QUOTE: Democrats should stop apologizing for being smart

EASTON — First District Congressional Candidate Jim Ireton touted Democratic achievements in his address at the annual Talbot County Democratic Forum on Sunday, April 3. Former Cambridge Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley also spoke at the annual event at the Avalon Theatre.

Ireton is running against Joe Werner, a Bel Air attorney, for the Democratic nomination for the First District. The incumbent, Andy Harris, faces a primary challenge from a number of GOP candidates.

Ireton served two terms as mayor of Salisbury, prior to announcing his candidacy for the First District race.

"If we can do this together we will not let one another down," Ireton said. "I will not let you down and you will not let me down and we will send someone to Washington who wants to make a difference."

Ireton repeatedly said how proud he was of President Obama and emphasized that Democrats need to get out on the streets and take action for the 2016 election.

"There are 63,000 people on the Eastern Shore who now have insurance that didn't have it before and we should be proud of that," Ireton said.



Salisbury, MD… Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver is pleased to announce that the 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the County and the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Deputies has been successfully concluded. The Agreement has been reviewed and approved by the County Council.

“I would like to commend all parties involved for their hard work in reaching a five- year agreement, something unprecedented in the State,” said Culver. “By putting a long term agreement in place, we have saved the taxpayers significant legal fees over time. Equally as
important, we have provided a level of security for those men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect all of us.”

The agreement provides for disability benefits for the Deputies, which was a top priority. In addition, it will provide competitive salaries (within the State), including pay increases that will occur over the first 4 years of the Agreement.

New to this Agreement is the introduction of a Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), which provides another path to retirement for eligible sworn law enforcement officers. Under this voluntary program, an eligible Deputy can “retire” (and begin accumulating retirement benefits in a DROP account) while continuing to work for Wicomico County. While in DROP, the monthly retirement payment is deposited into an account within the County’s pension system and earns compounded interest for as long the Deputy remains in the DROP program.

While thanking the County Executive and County Council, FOP President Marty Fisher said the Agreement “sends a strong message that Wicomico County has faith in the men and women that serve and protect”.

Report: Trump Supporters in Wisconsin See Votes Switched to Cruz

People voting for Donald Trump in today’s Wisconsin primary are seeing their ballots changed to show a vote for Ted Cruz.

Calls began flooding in early this morning to Madison-based ABC affiliate WKOW with reports of voting machines across the state switching votes entered for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to his establishment counterpart Ted Cruz. The station has spoken with multiple witnesses and is in the process of verifying statements from Burnett, Clark, Dane, Polk and Portage counties.

According to one witness identified as Jeremy Rogers from Burnett county, “It was the strangest thing. The machine literally would not allow me to vote Trump. I have been a Trump supporter since he launched his campaign and have absolutely no reason to vote for Cruz. I have heard the same from several others coming out of the voting booth. Seems like the establishment will stop at nothing to keep this out of the hands of Trump.”

Brian James, a volunteer and self-professed Cruz supporter who is overseeing the voting at the Burnett county location, had this to say, “These allegations have no basis in reality. If these Trump supporters cannot figure out how to use a voting machine maybe they shouldn’t be voting.”


Sneak Peak Of Salisbury Fire Departments THREE New Ambulances

Here's a sneak peak at Paramedic 2. Members of the SFD are currently going through the final inspections for 3 new ambulances for the City of Salisbury.

Subject: Transportation Secretary: Inequitable Distribution of Sidewalks Is Obstacle to American Dream

( - Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told a crowd in North Carolina Tuesday that “only 49% of low-income neighborhoods have sidewalks” while more affluent areas have near 90%. In order to have a society where “everyone has a shot at the American Dream, than it’s imperative that we acknowledge these challenges.”

Foxx made the comments to the Charlotte Rotary Club where he discussed the ways that infrastructure should connect people to opportunity.

During his speech, Foxx referenced a map of Atlanta that showed areas of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. “The grey areas represent communities of concentrated poverty. This is representative of what’s occurring nationally, which is not surprising, because only 49% of low-income neighborhoods have sidewalks. In high-income areas the number is closer to 90%.”

“So, if we want a society in which everyone has a shot at the American dream, than it is imperative that we acknowledge these challenges,” Foxx said.


Hey WBOC's Dan Satterfield, YOU'RE FIRED!