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Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey Good Idea!

Police: Muslim college student lied about attack

Uproar over an alleged attack on a Muslim student from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette after Donald Trump’s win on Election Day turned out to be all for nothing — her story was a complete fabrication.

A female student created waves of anger early Wednesday when she reported a robbery by two white men — one in a white “Trump” hat — who beat her, ripped her hijab, stole her wallet and said “nasty stuff.” It took less than 24 hours for her story to collapse when questioned by Lafayette Police.

“During the course of the investigation, the female complainant admitted that she fabricated the story about her physical attack as well as the removal of her hijab and wallet by two white males,” the department said in a news release, The Adviser, a USA Today affiliated newspaper, reported Thursday.

Kareem Attia, president of the Muslim Student Association at UL-Lafayette, told The Washington Post earlier in the week that the alleged attack was “hitting home” for Muslim students.

“No one wants this to happen, and it’s hitting home for us,” Mr. Attia said Thursday. “The idea that a person in your community could be targeted just for wearing a headscarf, which is part of our religion, it’s disgusting. It’s very un-American.”

Charlie Bier, a spokesman for the university, told The Associated Press Thursday night that he could not address possible disciplinary measures for the student due to federal privacy laws.


I Drove By A College Today.......

New York Post: Chelsea Clinton Being Groomed for Congress

Emily Smith reports in the New York Post that the “Clinton political dynasty” isn’t “dead” yet. Daughter Chelsea Clinton is reportedly “being groomed” to run for the Congressional seat currently occupied by 79-year-old career politician Rep. Nita Lowey, whose 17th Congressional District happens to include Bill and Hillary Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York.

From the New York Post:

In August, Hillary and Bill Clinton purchased a home next door to their primary residence in Chappaqua for $1.16 million, which is intended for Chelsea, her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, and their two children, Charlotte and Aidan.

While Chelsea currently lives, and is registered to vote, in Manhattan, she could easily make Chappaqua her legal residence in order to run for Lowey’s seat when it becomes vacant.


Trump Won't Win Election - Media Fails Compilation

Trump adviser urges Obama, Clinton to speak out on protests

Donald Trump’s campaign manager took to Twitter Thursday to call on President Obama or Hillary Clinton to speak out against calls for political violence, as unruly post-election protests broke out for the second night in a row in cities across the country.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, flagged an interview with a woman from a separate protest the night before in Los Angeles. The anti-Trump protester called for people to “fight back,” warning, “There will be casualties on both sides. There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world.”

Conway tweeted:

Not cool. @POTUS or Hillary should address. 'People Have to Die': Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Violence on CNN
— Kellyanne Conway (@KellyannePolls) November 10, 2016

The president-elect himself has given mixed messages about his views on the unrest.

On Thursday, he blasted “professional protesters” and accused the media of fanning the flames.


Troopers Warn Public About Leaving Cars Unattended While Idling

Delaware- With the cold weather approaching, there is an increase in the number of people who leave their cars running unattended in an effort to warm them up before driving anywhere. While this might be good for the engine and make for a toasty commute, this may be costly and is against the law in Delaware.

The most common practice is a victim leaving their car running in a parking lot while they go into a store for a quick purchase. Some car thieves look for cars idling in parking lots and in residential areas by watching the steam that emanates from a car's exhaust on a cold morning as it warms up or as they leave the car unattended. Once they see a car is left alone, all they literally have to do is walk up and drive away.

Delaware law states; (Title 21, § 4182) Unattended motor vehicle. No person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, removing the key and effectively setting the brake thereon and, when standing upon any grade, turning the front wheels to the curb or side of the highway. For a first offense, a fine of $25.00 - $75.00 can be imposed.

Nowadays, vehicles generally need only 30 seconds of warming up before they are ready to go, even in cold weather. After that, the best way to increase your engine’s temperature is by driving the car. Not only will this get hot air into your cabin faster, it saves gas and cuts emissions. If temperatures dip to 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, warm the car for a minute or two to ensure the oil thins and circulates fully, but stay with the vehicle.

Even though your engine only requires a minute, you may want extra warm-up time to thaw the rest of the car. The best method for this is to start your car, turn on the defroster and let the engine warm while you scrape the windshield and clear away the frost. Try not to idle for longer than five minutes to conserve fuel and remember; always stay with the vehicle.

'Tears' and 'fear': Harry Reid is not taking Trump's election well

Nancy Pelosi spoke with President-elect Donald Trump by phone to congratulate him on his victory. Hillary Clinton graciously conceded. President Obama called for a “peaceful transfer of power.”

Harry Reid, not so much.

The pugilistic Senate Democratic leader who is retiring this term issued a 473-word statement Friday railing against Trump’s election, saying it has “emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry” as the country is overcome by “tears” and “fear.”

"White nationalists, Vladimir Putin and ISIS are celebrating Donald Trump's victory, while innocent, law-abiding Americans are wracked with fear - especially African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, LGBT Americans and Asian Americans. Watching white nationalists celebrate while innocent Americans cry tears of fear does not feel like America,” the retiring Nevada senator said..


[And they wonder why they lost. --Editor]


Police announced the arrest of five people in the October 29 shooting death of Edwin Chicas, 22, who was killed outside a home near Manassas.

From Prince William police:

Murder Investigation *MULTIPLE ARRESTS – On November 9, detectives from the Prince William County Police Homicide Unit and Special Investigations Bureau, with assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, the Manassas City Police Department and the City of Manassas Park Police Department, attempted to arrest several suspects involved in the murder of Edwin Ivan Chicas which occurred in the 7500 block of Quail Run Ln in Manassas on October 29.

The preliminary investigation into the murder revealed that the victim was fatally shot following an altercation in the above area. Two men, identified as Marlon Edenilson ARGUETA-FLORES and Gerson Aldair SORTO-RAMIREZ, are alleged to have caused the victim’s death. The investigation further revealed that several other individuals were also involved in the murder, either as accessories after the fact or as co-conspirators. Detectives determined this murder was gang related as several of the suspects arrested were identified as members of the criminal gang Mara Salvatrucha, commonly known as MS13.

German Elder Statesman: ‘Trump May Be Better For Europe Than Clinton’

Former Bavarian Prime Minister and elder statesman of a key party in Angela Merkel’s governing coalition has spoken out on the emergence of Donald Trump as President-Elect of the United States.

Remarking that President-Elect Trump’s policies would mean “a lot” of change and “especially for Europe”, former Christian Social Union party Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber said the change would also bring opportunity.

Speaking in an interview with Focus magazine, the retired premier articulated particular hope for a thaw in relations between the West and Russia, that in comparison to the “very frosty” relationship between Obama and Putin Trump would probably deal with the Russian leader “on a personal level”.

Acknowledging that Mr. Trump would probably follow through on his comments about dialing back military support of NATO nations which failed to meet their treaty obligations — which presently is most NATO states — former Prime Minister Stoiber said European nations would have to pay more for their own security. He remarked: “Our armament spending will have to go up… and we must solve the problem of migrants from Africa ourselves. No one can help us”.

Moving on from the potential opportunities for Europe following the Trump vote, Mr. Stoiber criticised the shrill response from many in Europe.. he said: “I am amazed at the haughty criticism in Germany and Europe of the US voters.

More here

The Electoral College Still Makes Sense Because We’re Not A Democracy

The Electoral College has been on life support since a chad—specifically a “hanging” chad—tipped the White House to George W. Bush in 2000. The painful reality of how our Constitution works was never more apparent. The Gore/Lieberman ticket won the popular vote 50,994,086 to 50,461,092 but lost the electoral vote 266 to 271.

There was a lot more to it, but the punchline is that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Bush the winner because he won the electoral vote. It’s a tribute to the American national character that we weathered that cataclysm without civil war, but it left a bad taste in the electorate’s mouth.

During the 2016 Republican primary, when it looked as if Donald Trump would win the popular vote but still not reach the delegate threshold for nomination, that bad taste turned sour. Riding high on populism and “throw the bums out,” Trump complained that the election was rigged because the people wanted him, and whomever the people wanted, they should get. Fortunately for the country, Trump reached the delegate threshold, and we were spared a debacle that would have made 2000’s cataclysm look like a lemonade stand.


Police Officer Suspended After Driving with Confederate Flag

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — A northern Michigan police officer has been suspended with pay after he was seen off-duty driving a pickup truck bearing a Confederate flag around a group protesting Republican Donald Trump’s election as president.

Traverse City police Chief Jeff O’Brien announced Michael Peters’ suspension Sunday after earlier saying an internal investigation was to start Monday to see if departmental rules were broken.

O’Brien tells the Traverse City Record-Eagle that Peters “is not working as a police officer.” He expects to meet with Peters on Monday.


Rep. Huelskamp: Speaker Ryan Does Not Have 218 Votes

The chairman of the House Tea Party Caucus and one of the first men to come out against Speaker John A. Boehner told Breitbart News that he does not think Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R.-Wis.) has the votes to keep his gavel.

“I just don’t think he has the votes,” said Rep. Timothy A. Huelskamp (R.-Kansas), who lost his primary Aug. 2 and returns to private life after this session of Congress.

Huelskamp said he is concerned that the House Republican leadership is in a hurry to, first, get itself rubber-stamped inside the conference and then to proceed with an aggressive lame duck agenda.

The Kansan said that, in the lame duck session itself, he expects to see two bills come up that no one is expecting—the Internet Sales Tax and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, negotiated by President Barack Obama with our Pacific trading partners.

Before the current recess, the speaker led House Republicans to believe that he would not push for the TPP deal, but Huelskamp said if you read between the lines, Ryan actually left the door open.

For six years, Republicans have blocked Democratic attempts to pass an Internet Sales Tax that would circumvent the 1992 Supreme Court Quill Decision, which ruled that the Quill office supply company was not obligated to collect sales taxes for states other than the state in which it was located.

Huelskamp said there is an Internet Sales Tax bill all ready to go, written by the staff of the House Judiciary Committee and supported by the GOP leadership.

The tax bill is set to be sprung without warning, he said.


Statement by Secretary Johnson On Southwest Border Security

In October a total of 46,195 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on our southwest border, compared with 39,501 in September and 37,048 in August. Within these totals, we have seen corresponding increases in the numbers of unaccompanied children and individuals in families apprehended. We’ve also seen increases in the numbers of those who present themselves at ports of entry along the southwest border seeking asylum.

I have told our border security and immigration enforcement personnel that we must keep pace with this increase. As a result, there are currently about 41,000 individuals in our immigration detention facilities -- typically, the number in immigration detention fluctuates between 31,000 and 34,000 – and I have authorized Immigration and Customs Enforcement to acquire additional detention space for single adults so that those apprehended at the border can be returned to their home countries as soon as possible. We have also engaged with a number of countries to repatriate their citizens more quickly, and they have agreed to do so.

Our borders cannot be open to illegal migration. We must, therefore, enforce the immigration laws consistent with our priorities. Those priorities are public safety and border security. Specifically, we prioritize the deportation of undocumented immigrants who are convicted of serious crimes and those apprehended at the border attempting to enter the country illegally. Recently, I have reiterated to our Enforcement and Removal personnel that they must continue to pursue these enforcement activities.

Those who attempt to enter our country without authorization should know that, consistent with our laws and our values, we must and we will send you back.

Once again, I encourage migrants and their families to pursue the various safe and legal paths available for those in need of humanitarian protection in the United States. Earlier this year, the Government of Costa Rica announced its agreement to enter into a protection transfer arrangement with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration to help address the Central American migration challenge. We’ve also established an in-country referral program in countries of origin in Central America. This will enable vulnerable residents in the region to be considered for refugee protection in the United States after being screened and interviewed by DHS officers. We have also announced expansion of the categories of individuals eligible for participation in our Central American Minors program when accompanied by a qualified child. We encourage use of these programs.

For more information, see the Fact Sheet.

PUBLIC HEARING 2018-2033 Capital Improvement Program

Liberal Media Turns On Itself As NYT Promises To "Rededicate" Itself To "Honest" Reporting

In a letter from its owner and executive editor, the New York Times, a biased media outlet which together with the rest of the liberal press misreported on the presidential race - whether due to conflicts of interest or due to sheer stupidity - from day one, leading to such idiotic forecasts as an 86% probability for Hillary to win as recently as one week ago (contrast with our own prediction):

... Arthur Sulzberger, the owner and publisher of the NYT, promised that the paper would “reflect” on its coverage of this year’s election, as it "rededicates" itself to reporting on “America and the world” honestly.
To be sure, that would be a vast change from the NYT's existing coverage of events, even though despite the tacit admission of its failure to account for Trump's "stunning" victory, in the same letter Sulzberger also writes that "we believe we reported on both candidates fairly during the presidential campaign."

Monday Night Peak For Supermoon

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Weather-permitting, we’ll be in for a beautiful treat in the sky on November 14, according to NASA.

But Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram says that due to expected cloud cover for November 14, the night of November 13 may be the best time for Baltimore-area skywatchers to see it.

A supermoon, which has become a popular term in the past few years, results from the moon’s orbit being elliptical, or oval-shaped.

That said, here’s what creates the effect of a supermoon, when the moon appears much bigger and brighter than normal:


SPD Press Release - (Weekly Shoplifting Arrests) 11-14-16

Help is on the way for drug addicts

A doctor saw his opioid-addicted patient suffering the agony of withdrawal and took a chance.

He hooked a neuro-stim system device from Innovative Health Solutions to that patient’s ear and watched the pain dissipate.

As a result, there’s a new tool available to help addicted individuals pursue treatment and recovery. It’s called the Bridge.

Brian Carrico, the vice president of sales for Innovative Health Solutions, a Versailles, Ind.-based company, said that after the doctor’s discovery, the company tweaked its Electro Auricular Device, which treats chronic pain in a non-narcotic fashion by auricular stimulation.

The Bridge, which was introduced Jan. 8 at Reid Health, is being used by the Richmond (indiana) Comprehensive Treatment Center, Reid and the Union County Opiate Treatment Center. It’s one step being taken locally to help fight the addiction problem. In addition, two new treatment centers reportedly are near their openings with a third in the works.

Recovery Works, an in-patient detoxification and treatment center, is scheduled to open Dec. 28 at Indiana 1 and Interstate 70 and Recovery of Indiana, an out-patient treatment center, is scheduled to open Jan. 3 on Williamsburg Pike, Wayne County Commissioner Mary Anne Butters told a recent meeting of the Heroin Is Here group.

Sayward Salazar of Meridian Health Services said her organization is working with Richmond State Hospital to establish an in-patient treatment center, as well, but no timetable for an opening has been set.

Butters also said Recovery Works is evaluating the Bridge device for use at its center.

What is the Bridge?

Anti-Trump Protesters Adopt Safety Pin as Symbol

Protesters rejecting the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States have adopted the safety pin as a symbol of their movement. Safety pins were once associated with diapers, and were ubiquitous in the age before disposable diapers.

USA Today reports:

Safety pins have become a symbol of solidarity with refugees and other migrants since the historic Brexit vote to leave the European Union in June.

Now, people in the United States are showing that they are allies with groups — including LGBT, minorities and women — who say they feel threatened by Donald Trump’s election..


Radio Silence: Obama FAILS to Condemn Violent Trump Riots

Immediately following Donald Trump’s massive upset over Hillary Clinton at the polls Tuesday, a bunch of special snowflakes who didn’t get their way took to the streets to protest the new president-elect, proceeding to flip cars, burn stuff and cause general manic and mayhem.

Because in America, this is apparently how we solve our problems now. Didn't get what you wanted? Burn a car.

But while fires rage in the streets, cops get attacked and both public and private property gets defaced nationwide, the country has been met with noticeable radio silence from folks like President Barack Obama and former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who’ve yet to call for an end to the oft-violent protests that have left some cities in shambles.

While Obama met with president-elect Trump yesterday at the White House and touted a peaceful transition of power come January, the current occupant of the Oval Office has yet to issue any kind of statement condemning the protests, attacks and open calls for Trump’s death.

I mean, literal calls for his death.

Now, it’s not like a plea for peace from any public figure will suddenly placate all the whining crybabies who apparently possess no capacity for handling defeat like adults. Decades of coddling and participation trophies are hard to unravel overnight.

But still, a little effort might be nice, especially from the guy who constantly lectures us on being nice to illegal aliens and potential terrorists.


Anti-Trump students attack teacher in CA school walkout

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. – Anti-Trump high school protesters ignited a scuffle at College Park High School Thursday that led to several teachers getting roughed up by the unruly teens.

At least one teacher was punched and shoved as a large crowd of protestors from other area schools descended on College Park in an attempt to recruit students there to the massive walkout, KTVU reports.

A video posted online shows “Dr. Thomas” being thrashed around in a school hallway by several students, some of whom can be seen landing blows on the teacher as others screamed for them to stop.

“That teacher and the other teacher that got punched were trying to block the hall but it didn’t work out,” student Armon Aziz told the news site.

Principal Joseph Alvarez said police alerted school officials that a mob of protesting students – carrying Mexican flags and anti-Trump signs — were heading toward the school, and he sent out a notice to teachers to allow students to do what they will.

School officials also warned protestors to be peaceful, and did not lock the gates to the school to prevent them from coming in.

“When we heard from Pleasant Hill Police we had about 15 or 20 minutes before students arrived on campus, so at that time I sent an email to all the teachers saying that this is a possibility and to please not bar students from leaving but to take account of who they are,” Alvarez told KTVU. “We provide students the opportunity to express themselves but I do not condone at any time when you impede educational progress at any campus.”


Student Suspensions Increase In Baltimore Schools

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Baltimore City schools suspended 25 percent more students last year than they did the previous year.

The Baltimore Sun reports that nearly 8,500 students were suspended last year. That's up from 6,760 in the 2014-2015 school year.

City Schools CEO Sonja Santelises started in the position in July. She says the district is examining what lead to the increase under her predecessor, Gregory Thornton. She says the increase is "disconcerting."


Donald Trump needles New York Times over 'highly inaccurate' campaign coverage

Donald Trump continues to tweet up a firestorm in the wake of his presidential election victory, this time taking several shots at The New York Times for its “highly inaccurate” coverage of his campaign and supporters.

“Wow, the @nytimes is losing thousands of subscribers because of their very poor and highly inaccurate coverage of the ‘Trump phenomena,’” the president-elect said Sunday in a tweet.

The “Gray Lady” predicted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would win the election, prompting publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. to send a letter to subscribers after Election Day apologizing for failing to understand Mr. Trump’s appeal among rural Americans.


Giuliani: Anti-Trump Demonstrators Are ‘Professional Protesters,’ Not Hillary Supporters

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said the demonstrations over the election are being carried out by “professional protesters,” not “Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama supporters.”

Giuliani said, “I feel very bad about that, but if those were Donald Trump people doing that after a Hillary Clinton election, I think a lot of people would be — a lot more anger in the media at the fact that they’re protesting a legitimately-decided election..

Having said that, I think we understand their frustration. We certainly don’t want to make it worse.


May Says Trump's Victory Shows Voter Concerns Must Be Heard

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May will respond to Donald Trump’s U.S. election victory by telling supporters of economic liberalization and free trade that they have to listen to the concerns of those who think such forces have more downsides than benefits.

At the Mansion House in London on Monday evening, May will give her first major speech on foreign policy since taking office in July. It will also be her first analysis of Trump’s victory last week. According to extracts released by her office, she’ll argue that “change is in the air” and that it is the job of politicians to respond to voters who are unhappy with changes in society.

“These people -- often those on modest to low incomes living in rich countries like our own -- see their jobs being outsourced and wages undercut,” she’ll say. “They see their communities changing around them and don’t remember giving their permission.”


George Soros Front Groups Connected To Anti-Trump Riots

Tens of thousands of demonstrations and riots have been raging in major cities across the country for the past three days since Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, and as it turns out, some of these anti-Trump riots were sponsored by a George Soros front group and allied organizations.

In a 2007 email from the John Podesta release by Wikileaks, we find a discussion of financing groups for Hillary’s campaign and anti-Trump rallies such as MoveOn, a Soros-funded organization, as well as Women Vote and the Sierra Club. Following Tuesday’s election results, MoveOn called for demonstrations across the country to protest “misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.”



Self Diagnosis is important new disease please read!

Subject: TARD

Do You Know Someone Suffering From Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)? Know the Signs, Spot the Symptoms, Save a Life

Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme butthurt.

Signs and Symptoms:

People with Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again. Individual sufferers often display signs of paranoia and delusion; in acute cases psychotic episodes have been observed. Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is different from being upset about the results of the 2016 presidential election; People with TARD are unwilling or unable to accept reality, despite irrefutable evidence.

According to the DSM-V, individuals with TARD exhibit most or all of the following symptoms:

Telling others they are moving to Canada

Fixated on fantasies about the Electoral College

Protesting an election no credible source contests the outcome of

Exclamations that “Someone” should do “Something”

Sudden weight gain

Acute change in demeanor from pompous and arrogant to fearful and combative

Claim that anyone who disagrees with them is some combination of Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, Homophobic, and Actually Hitler

Causes and Mechanisms:

Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder was directly caused by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. For many, both in America and worldwide, this was a shocking and unexpected outcome; their preferred news sources having failed to inform them that the alternative candidate was a criminal parasite in such ill health she got chucked into the back of a van like a kidnap victim.

Research is ongoing, but TARD appears to correlate closely with the following environmental and behavioral factors:

Membership in the Democratic party

Identifying as a Feminist

Currently enrolled in college, and/or

Possession of a Liberal Arts college degree


Living in a densely populated metropolitan area

Massive student debt

Spotty or non-existent work history



Diagnosis of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is straightforward. Ask the patient if Donald Trump is going to be the Next President of the United States of America. Some patients will become agitated, and may attempt to deflect. It’s critical you press them on the issue, even if they start babbling about ‘muh triggers’. A sufferer of TARD will begin to ramble incoherently, often displaying three or more of the symptoms within a short period of time.

Co- morbidity:

A diagnosis of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is highly comorbid with Paraphilic Infantilism, Emotional Eating, Bush Derangement Syndrome, and adult bed wetting.


The only known effective treatment is exposure therapy. The patient must be repeatedly exposed to reality, and should wear a Make America Great Again hat as long as they are able to tolerate it. Each exposure should increase in length, after a week the patient should be encouraged to be seen in public wearing the MAGA hat. Coach the patient to refer to Donald Trump as President-Elect Trump.

Patients with TARD are very resistant to treatment, and dangerous in large groups. Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from their hive-mind support apparatus; they cannot begin the process of accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards delusion and irrationality. Separation may require the assistance of law enforcement.

If you have a friend or loved one suffering from TARD, urge them to seek treatment. Together we can beat this scourge, and Make America Great Again!

Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is a pattern of pathologically dissociate and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme butthurt.

Brian Boyd: Liberal Snowflakes resort to ‘voter shaming’ over Trump victory

The people who punched the ballot for Obama in 2008 and 2012 (a good vote) but this time punched for Trump (a bad vote) are now being asked to explain themselves

In the event of Electoral Disappointment, please proceed immediately to the nearest high moral ground, wrap yourself in a cloak of racism/sexism/homophobia/xenophobia invincibility, then pout and stamp your feet before displaying your stigmata wounds for the world to see.

You may then safely condescend to lecture women, black people and the working class as to why they were operating on a lower level of political consciousness when they cast their vote the wrong way. You can unilaterally ascribe to them the confused emotions they were feeling while voting, and using the benefit of your private school education and/or university degree you may re-educate them as you patiently ask: “Now what did we do wrong this time?”

There is no sight more ridiculous than the liberal left/social justice warrior coalition in one of their periodic fits of morality. For a constituency so offended by “shaming” in any other form, there is now the despicable sight of “voter shaming”.

Fractious black voters

Women who voted the wrong way are being accused of “false consciousness”. Why did those fractious black voters not do as they were told? And those who had the cheek to vote for a third party candidate … well, I hope you’re happy now, you’re responsible for the end of the world as we know it.

As for those frightful white working class people – what else do you expect from uneducated, low income, sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic xenophobes?


Soros Exposed as Hidden Hand Behind Trump Protests — Provoking U.S. ‘Color Revolution’

Billionaire globalist financier George Soros’ has been revealed to be a driving force behind the organizing of nationwide protests against the election of Donald Trump — exposing the protests to largely be an organized, top-down operation — and not an organic movement of concerned Americans taking to the streets as reported by the mainstream media.

Wednesday saw protests in the streets of at least 10 major U.S. cities. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., St. Paul, Minn., Seattle, and several other cities saw protests, according to USA Today.

In light of the protests and rioting that have transpired since the election of Trump, a closer analysis of the dynamic at play is warranted to gauge whether it’s an organic grassroots movement, or something much more organized, sophisticated and potentially dangerous.

Now come reports from various protest locations that reveal a substantially coordinated effort, and not the organic grassroots showing by concerned Americans, as the mainstream media is reporting. Photos from Austin, Texas reveal a line of busses the “protestors” arrived in, making their appearance seem substantially less than organic – with a direct implication of being strategically orchestrated.

With evidence mounting, the question must be asked; is George Soros working through his front organizations to foment an American revolution?

Note that the group is actively organizing protests to a democratic election that no one is contesting the legitimacy of in terms of whether the vote was rigged, etc. Essentially, they are displeased with the results and are calling for people to rise up and not accept the results. For an organization that feigns to promote democracy, their actions speak otherwise..

Much more here

Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum President: 'Drain the Swamp of Failed Leaders like Ryan'

“It is time to drain the swamp of failed leaders like [House Speaker Paul] Ryan,” says Ed Martin, the late Phyllis Schlafly’s hand-chosen successor and president of her Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund.

Republican lawmakers are set to hold leadership elections this coming Tuesday, November 15.

The conservative Eagle Forum president is urging conservative lawmakers not to elect Ryan, whose open borders trade and immigration agenda stands in direct opposition to the vision of President-elect Donald J. Trump and the “mandate” given to him by the American people who propelled him to victory.

“Now is the time to move forward on the Trump agenda, not back to the failed Ryan policies,” Martin told Breitbart News. “On Tuesday, November 8, the American voters showed conclusively that Paul Ryan is not the leader for this moment in our history. The message is clear: Ryan’s judgment was rejected!”

Martin explained that “the voters’ clear message is that Ryan is wrong for the American people and the Republican Party in at least two ways: First, his policy agenda, which included amnesty for illegals, as well as open borders, free trade deals, and a plan to cut Americans’ hard-earned benefits, was soundly rejected. Second, his political judgment in failing to support Donald Trump was ill-advised.”

“Paul Ryan should yield to a new Republican leader whose policy positions and political judgment are in line with the Trump Republican Party,” Martin added. “There are plenty of Republican members ready to lead, including stalwarts, especially in the Freedom Caucus.


A Man With Many Friends: Priebus Tapped As Chief Of Staff

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In the year of the outsider, Reince Priebus was the face of the Republican establishment.

Yet the Republican National Committee chairman would come to earn the trust and confidence of President-elect Donald Trump, who on Sunday named Priebus as his chief of staff, along with flame-throwing media executive Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist.

The position puts Priebus at the power center of the new Trump administration. The 44-year-old Wisconsin political operative will help guard access to the president-elect, guide policy and political decisions, and if past practice holds true, will often be, along with Bannon, the last person Trump consults before making major decisions.

Priebus has no governing experience in Washington.


Peter Schweizer: Clinton Foundation Probe Must Continue — You Can’t Say 'She Gets a Free Pass Because She Lost'

Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer, a Breitbart News editor and head of theGovernment Accountability Institute, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss the election and what Marlow described as the defeat of “the most powerful family, relative to their corruption” in modern American history, the Clintons.

Schweizer pointed to a few key strategies that helped Donald Trump overcome the powerful political and media forces arrayed against him.

“Number one, he articulated an outsider message about Washington, D.C., but Number two, he really did make this a referendum on the Clintons, and also frankly on Washington, D.C. I mean, the Clintons are kind of the alphas of corruption, creating a political machine, running that machine with peak efficiency, dominating our politics, excluding ordinary Americans from how they operate,” said Schweizer.


Trump Dumps Christie Over Bridge-gate: 'Stupid Thug Had to Go'

President-elect Donald Trump is finished with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as news continues to come out about his handling of the Bridge-gate scandal, according to The New York Post.

The Post reports that Trump is so "disgusted" with Christie’s management style as revealed in a recent court case that he’s "kicking" the governor out of his inner circle.

Some Trump aides regard the New Jersey governor as "a stupid thug who really needed to go," a transition-team source told The Post.

"Trump thought it was shameful that Christie didn’t take the fall for [convicted aide] Bridget Kelly," a source close to the transition team told the Post. "Trump is really angry that Christie is sending a soccer mom to jail. He believes 100 percent that Christie was behind it all."

Kelly, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, was convicted in federal court earlier this month along with former Port Authority executive Bill Baroni. They deliberately caused dangerous traffic tie-ups on the George Washington Bridge in September 2013 as political payback for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich not endorsing Christie, a jury determined.

"Trump really doesn’t like it when married women with kids get hurt in politics," the source told the Post. "Trump was pretty disgusted with Christie."


Trump Assassination Threats Mounting on Social Media

President-elect Donald Trump is being threatened following Tuesday's election with calls through social media for his assassination, and the Secret Service will likely investigate all threats they deem to be credible ones, according to security sources.

The posts are mounting, and also include calls for Vice President-elect Mike Pence's death, and the use of an #AssassinateTrump hashtag has not been banned on Twitter, drawing outcry from many Trump supporters, reports The Gateway Pundit.


REPOST: For Humorous Levity...

With Christmas coming, so are the commercials. This wonderful parody will make many laugh!

Muslim immigrant explains why she voted for Trump

A Muslim woman said Sunday that her viral article explaining why she voted for Donald Trump has angered her liberal pals as well as other Muslims.

Asra Nomani declared herself one of President-elect Donald Trump’s silent supporters in an opinion piece she wrote in the Washington Post Thursday called "I'm a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump."

“As you can tell I don’t have horns on my head, right, but nonetheless I am now being [characterized] as a traitor, to my own liberals as an idiot, names that I can’t even repeat on air,” she told "Fox & Friends."

The 51-year-old woman wrote in the Post that she voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, but she became a Trump voter over the issue of Islamic terrorism.

“As a liberal Muslim who has experienced, first-hand, Islamic extremism in this world, I have been opposed to the decision by President Obama and the Democratic Party to tap dance around the ‘Islam’ in Islamic State,” she wrote.

Nomani told "Fox & Friends" she knows Trump is not an Islamaphobic or a racist or a bigot.

“He is insensitive at times with what he says and his proposals are tough, but they reflect a reality of concern people have about an issue that’s killing people from Orlando to Paris,” she said.


Matalin, Jones Spar Over 'Whitelash' Comments

Republican strategist Mary Matalin Sunday morning demanded CNN political correspondent Van Jones retract his comments about Donald Trump's election win being a "whitelash" against President Barack Obama,leading to a fierce argument between the two political experts.

During a panel discussion on ABC's "This Week," Matalin made her demand while discussing, with another panelist, the takeaways from several Democrats concerning Hillary Clinton's loss.

Jones, jumping in, told her he stands by his comments and believes that race was a factor in the election, leading Matalin to call Jones a "racial polemicist" when instead he should be a "racial reconciler."

"You should be ashamed of yourself to say that to my face," he told her. "I have spent more time in this country…"

"[To] say it behind your back would be better?" Matalin said.

"Hold on a second," the CNN pundit told her. "I spent more time than you have trying to be a racial reconciler."

"Really?" Matalin shot back. "How do you know that? Do you know anything about me? Do you know anything about me?"

More here with video

ECI: Judge removes attorney from prison corruption case for comments posted to Facebook

An attorney assigned to represent a correctional officer charged in a scheme to smuggle drugs and other items into a state prison facility was removed from the case after posting about it on Facebook.

U. S. District Judge James K. Bredar recently ordered attorney Anton J.S. Keating be removed from the case. Keating, a Baltimore-based attorney, had been assigned to represent Jocelyn Byrd, a correctional officer at the Eastern Correctional Institution.

Keating posted a link on his personal Facebook page to a WBAL-TV story about the case, along with the words, "back in the saddle again .... .! need the action and the fee ..."

In his order, Bredar wrote that "it is highly inappropriate for a lawyer, in reference to a case and in a semi-public setting to imply, even jokingly, that he might be out of practice, or that he is in need of some stimulation in his personal or professional life that he hopes the case will provide, or that he is involved in the case primarily for the fee it will generate."


Gingrich on Draining Swamp: 'Swing For the Fences'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Sunday he has some advice for President-elect Donald Trump's early days in office: "Swing for the fences."

"I've done this twice in my career," Gingrich, one of Trump's closest advisers and potential Cabinet member, told CBS News' "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson. "I did it with [President Ronald] Reagan in '81. I did it as speaker in '95. This is a city that if you don't shove it as hard as you can when you have momentum, it will surround you. The swamp doesn't want to be drained, and the swamp will just suck you in if you let it. He needs to have a very, very aggressive first year."

Trump won a decisive Electoral College victory, said Gingrich, but even more, Republicans won control of Congress, and the nation's states will have the most Republican governors and state legislators in history, marking a shift toward Republican government on a national scale.


Conway: Trump Will End Washington 'Gravy Train'

Kellyanne Conway, President-elect Donald Trump's campaign manager, said Sunday morning that the billionaire will stick to his pledge to "drain the swamp" and that "the gravy train is about to have its wheels blown off."

Conway said Trump will stay true to his swamp-draining campaign promises, even if his transition team contains Washington Republican establishment figures.

“Look, these are people who are talented and have done this before. You can't just appoint novices, you have to have people who know what they're doing. But at the same time moving forward this is an administration that's going to run very differently than typical Washington,” Conway said on "Fox News Sunday.”


As Seen On Rt. 50 in Willards Area



With 67 days to go until his inauguration, President-Elect Donald J Trump has limited time to get it right. His selection of Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff is frankly a questionable decision. The Chief of Staff is the 2nd most powerful person in the United States Government. Priebus is less than skilled in my estimation. A better choice would have Senator Jeff Sessions or perhaps Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana. Yes, I know that Scalise reportedly has ties to David Duke. But Duke was going to run against him. Scalise has in fact spoken before a white supremacist group, though he said he didn't know what they were before speaking to them in 2003.

The Chief of Staff has to be connected in Washington because it's the Chief of Staff's job to assist in getting the President's policies passed. Sessions or Scalise would be far more effective in this way. Also, Sessions, from Alabama, and Scalise, from Louisiana both hail from states with Republican governors. This means their immediate replacements would also be Republicans. As a Whip, Scalise would be powerful working the phones. Sessions is so well connected he makes Verizon look like AT&T. Yet, Mr. Trump has an instinct that most do not. We'll see about how effective Priebus can be.

But there's more than just these positions that must be filled. There is also, will Trump keep his promises. We'll discuss this during the coming week, but keep this in mind. The view from the Soap Box is far different than the view from Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

We'll start with Obamacare being repealed or replaced. Or as he now says, amending Obamacare. Actually, amending would be the fast track. It's easier to keep a law on the books and amend it, than it is to repeal and replace it. Some of the the mainstream media has been calling a backing off of his campaign promise on this topic isn't true. Of course. Trump always said he wanted to keep provisions for pre-existing conditions and children on parents policies until age 26. The MSM also says that after his meeting with President Obama, he said he would take what Obama said about Obamacare "under consideration." Of course he will. Only a fool believes they know say, the mainstream media.

President-Elect Donald J Trump has shown that he has the temperament to be president. He has conducted himself presidentially for a few weeks now. He has much to do. I'll be writing about some of those things this week. I'd like to hear what you'd like discussed. Please comment below.

"Resolution is our inherent character, and courage hath never yet forsaken us. Wherefore, what is it that we want? Why is it that we hesitate?"

Yours in the Constitution,

Thomas Paine

A Visit To Trump's America

Two months ago, when I was in Ohio visiting my daughter, I was given an insight into the early indicators of a Trump victory. The clues were there, but I didn’t fully understand what I was seeing. At that time, I had no inkling of the depth and breadth of rural dissatisfaction that would elect a Donald Trump as President.

I’m a photographer and the coordinator of The Texas Farm and Ranch Photography Project, photographing the daily lives of farm and ranch families, their work, meals, worship, and family life. In September, I drove almost 300 miles up and down the rural roads east of Dayton and south of Columbus, Ohio, to add some farm images to my portfolio.

Mile after mile, farm after farm, town after town, ag business after ag business, I saw only Trump signs. It was obvious that if Ohio was going to block Trump, it would have to be in the cities because agricultural Ohio was overwhelmingly Trump country. This mirrored the same Trump support that I saw in the agricultural communities I have been photographing across Texas for the past year.


You Have To See This

Twitter Allows ‘Rape Melania’ to Trend After Site Explodes with Trump Assassination Threats

Social media giant Twitter allowed the violent threat “Rape Melania” against incoming First Lady Melania Trump to trend after the site exploded with assassination threats against President-elect Donald Trump.


They Said Donald Trump Wouldn't Make A Good President

Last night a friend claimed that Donald Trump wouldn’t make a good president; he is brash, he is racist, he is a loudmouth; you know the normal things people learn to recite after being programmed by television news.

The one I loved was that, “Trump is arrogant.” My friend questioned if one man could make “that much difference in the world today.”

To my friend's credit, she was respectful enough to let me respond when she asked, “Really, what has Trump done?”

I said, “In June of last year, Trump entered the race for president. In just a little over a year, Trump has single handedly defeated the Republican party.He did so thoroughly. In fact, he did so in such a resounding way that the Republican Party now suffers from an identity crisis. He literally dismantled the party.

Trump even dismantled and dismissed the brand and value of the Bush family.

Trump has Obama petrified that Trump will dismiss programs that weren’t properly installed using proper law.

Trump has single handedly debunked and disemboweled any value of news media as we knew it—news now suffering from an all-time level of distrust and disrespect.

Trump has leaders from all over the world talking about him, whether good or bad.

Trust me, powerful men who have been president before weren’t liked by the global community. I doubt Mikhail Gorbachev liked Reagan when Reagan said, "Tear down that wall.”

Trump has expressly disclosed the fraud perpetrated on the American public by Hillary Clinton. He has, quite literally, brought Hillary to her knees - if you believe that nervous tension and disorders offer physical side effects and damage.

Trump has unified the silent majority in a way that should be patently frightening to “liberals.”

As the press accuses Trump of being a house of cards, Trump has proven the press is the real house of cards.

He has whipped up the entire establishment into pure panic. Trump has exposed them for who they are and worse, what they are.

George Clooney was right when he said Trump draws live news coverage of his podium that he’s not yet approached. Thanks, George, you were perfectly correct. What we see as headline news today are actually the last bubbles from the ship that is now sunk - meaning the standard news media, as a propaganda machine, has been exposed. They have no more value.

In the same way Trump asked the African-American community this question, I asked my friend, ”At this point, what do you have to lose?” We have mass cop shootings, riots in our streets, ambushed cops, inflation, bombs blowing up in our cities, targeted police, a skyrocketing jobless rate, no economic growth, privately owned land being seized by the federal government, the worst racial tension in my lifetime, no God in schools, more abortions than ever, illegal aliens pouring into our country, sick veterans receiving no care, and a debt that doubled in seven years to $19 trillion. Are you really happy with the condition of the current system?

One man has done all of this in one year - one guy, and mostly on his own dime. And with everything I’ve written above, you believe Trump hasn't done anything?

You claim that you are afraid of Donald Trump? No wonder we’re in trouble. You can say that Trump is a lousy presidential candidate. That’s your right.

Just don’t ever say he’s not effective.

That Megan Kelly, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, Rachel Maddow, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, Raleigh’s News and Observer, the AP, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and many more, failed to implement their collectively orchestrated lie on the American people against Trump, is actually a massive testament to Trump. The press colluded pure propaganda to accomplish his demise … and they have collectively failed and miserably.

Here's just one example of how badly America is injured right now.

There are high school football players on their knees during the national anthem simply because the press used as propaganda to program those kids to do that very thing. But, these kids are mimicking NFL stars the same way the same kids chooses which brand of football shoe to purchase - they're overtly brain-washed to do that very thing.

Now, we have a generation of children who hate America.

America’s problem isn’t that little children are on their knee in collective disrespect of America. Our problem is that America is on her knee from collective disrespect by Americans.

You can disrespect America all you want. But, it’s high-time you respect the silent majority. Because they’re not simply the “silent majority” as you’ve been trained to believe when Hillary calls them “deplorables.” The fact is, they are simply the majority. And now they're no longer silent either.

Donald Trump changed all of that, single-handedly and within one year!

Scott Pelley answers an unexpected question: "Are we going to be OK?"

In the days before election day someone asked me a question I had never considered before: “Are we going to be OK?” I didn’t know who they wanted for president, but it didn’t matter. This was the “anxiety election” on both sides of the divide.

Do these words sum up, for you, the faults in these campaigns: “passionate partisanship, absurd judgment, and ambitious self-serving behavior?” If so, consider, those are the words John Adams used in 1776 to advocate for a constitution with three branches of government: Separate, equal, and hopelessly encumbered by hobbles known as checks and balances. James Madison called the separation of powers “the essential precaution in favor of liberty.”

The American government is inefficient. These days we call it gridlock. But that is what the founders were striving for. A system that would slow down, even stop, when politics became too partisan, absurd and self-serving. The constitution is a circuit breaker that prevents real damage.

If you are among those who believe this was the election no one saw coming, you’re mistaken. The founders could not have imagined the horizons of our modern world, but the range of human nature is ever the same. From the second floor windows of a building in Philadelphia, they could see a distance of 229 years.

Are you going to get what you want from the next government? No telling.

Are we going to be OK? No question.


PINHEADS: Show THIS To Your Liberal Friends When They Wear A Safety Pin To Protest Trump

C.E. Dyer reports that if you see someone wearing a safety pin on their clothing (hopefully their clothing…) you need to be very careful; you may have encountered a special snowflake, i.e. a wussified bigot. When you encounter them in the wild, it’s best to go the other way lest you be subjected to their shrill, ear-piercing cries about how unfair the system is and their hatred of anyone that actually thinks for themselves.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the safety pin movement began during Brexit so that anti-Brexit liberals could identify others that agree with them, because they wouldn’t want their flimsy arguments to be subject to scrutiny…

Why just “marginalized groups?” Why wouldn’t you help anyone that needed your help? That sounds awfully discriminatory to me…because it is.


As Seen In Powellville

Most Blessed Sacrament School Evacuated

Showell and Ocean Pines Fire/EMS on the scene at Most Blessed Sacrament School on Rt. 589. for a gas leak in the school. Everyone has been evacuated at this time.

Liberals Shatter The Dream

What The Hell Is Suddenly Going On With Foreclosures?

Foreclosures suddenly spike most since the last Housing Bust

The total number of homes with foreclosure filings jumped 27% in October from September, when they’d been at the lowest level since 2006. It was the biggest jump in monthly foreclosure filings since August 2007.

Compared to October last year, homes with foreclosure filings still decreased, but this nationwide decrease is covering up what is now happening in 28 states and Washington D.C., according to the Foreclosure Report by ATTOM Data Solutions. There, the inventory of homes with foreclosure filings is beginning to rise even on a year-over year basis. And in some states it soared year-over-year:

Colorado +64%
Georgia +22%
Pennsylvania +20%
Arizona +17%
Virginia +15%
Massachusetts +11%
New York +10%

What Would you Like Yours To Say?

Father of officer gunned down in Dallas sniper attack sues Black Lives Matter

The father of one of the five police officers killed July 7 in a sniper attack in Dallas charges in a federal lawsuit that Black Lives Matter incited a ”war on police” that led to his son’s death.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the Enrique Zamarripa’s lawsuit was filed Monday in the Northern District of Texas and seeks $550 million in damages on behalf of his son, Dallas Police Officer Patrict Zamarripa.

“While Defendant Black Lives Matter claims to combat anti-black racism, the movement has in fact incited and committed further violence, severe bodily injury and death against police officers of all races and ethnicities, Jews, and Caucasians,” the lawsuit says, according to the paper, adding that “defendant Black Lives Matter is in fact a violent and revolutionary criminal gang,” the lawsuit says, according to the paper.

Patrick Zamarripa, 32, and the other officers--Brent Thompson, Michael Krol, Mike Smith and Lorne Ahrens--were killed as they guarded a march protesting recent shootings of blacks by police officers.


And They're Off

Donald Trump outsmarts media as he sets sights on Obama's divisive, racialist policies

NEW YORK CITY | President-elect Donald J. Trump — the name really has a sweet ring to it! — has earned a mandate unlike any predecessor in more than 30 years.

He overcame all the odds, beat back both political parties, jumped around all the powerful special interest industries that own Washington and scored an unprecedented victory for the people.

And he did it all while circumventing the massive media machine that worked in lockstep unison to block him at every turn. Every mainstream newspaper and television outlet — after months of gorging themselves at the profit trough of his monster ratings — shirked all pretense of covering the election fairly.

Mr. Trump — excuse me, President-elect Trump — was smeared as a racist, xenophobic misogynist with tiny hands and a small bank account.



Rev. Graham: God Intervened Nov. 8

Commenting on Tuesday's presidential election, Reverend Franklin Graham said the media and political pundits do not understand what happened because they do not understand the "God-factor," the power of prayer, and added that "God intervened" on Nov. 8 "to stop the godless, atheistic, progressive agenda from taking control of our country."

In a Nov. 10 post on Facebook, Rev. Graham wrote, "Did God show up? In watching the news after the election, the secular media keep asking 'How did this happen?' 'What went wrong?' 'How did we miss this?' Some are in shock. Political pundits are stunned. Many thought the Trump/Pence ticket didn’t have a chance. None of them understand the God-factor."

"While the media scratches their heads and tries to understand how this happened, I believe that God’s hand intervened Tuesday night to stop the godless, atheistic progressive agenda from taking control of our country," said Rev. Graham, the son of world-renowned pastor Billy Graham.

"President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence are going to need a lot of help and they will continue to need a lot of prayer," he said.