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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winning Powerball Ticket Sold in California for Nearly $1.6B Jackpot

The winning Powerball numbers were drawn Wednesday night: 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the Powerball of 10.

We have a winner in California! A jackpot-winning ticket was sold in Chino Hills. We’re still awaiting results from other states.

Maryland! We have THREE $1 million winners for tonight's Powerball drawing. Check your numbers on! It could be you! 

UPDATE: The California Lottery Association said Wednesday that a winning Powerball ticket had been sold in Chino Hills, California. The group also confirmed that two winning tickets were sold in Florida and Tennessee.

College student's story of near death night of binge drinking goes viral

Today is my 21st birthday, a day I have been looking forward to for quite some time now. Due to an event that happened about six months ago I will not be taking birthday shots and getting wasted tonight. Instead I plan on having dinner and maybe a glass of wine with my closest friends and family. I am writing this because I didn’t realize the importance of drinking responsibly until I was waking up from a coma, and I don’t want anyone to go through what my family and I went through. I ask that you share this with your friends, family or anyone who may benefit from reading this. If I can help just one person by sharing my experience, then I will be absolutely ecstatic.

July 27, 2015: The first thing I remember is my mom holding my hand, telling me I was going to be okay. I felt like I was dreaming. Everything seemed foggy. I drifted in and out of consciousness for the next few hours. I was coming out of a 24 hour coma.

On the morning of July 25, 2015, I thought I was going to have a fun day with friends at the Night in the Country music festival in Yerington, Nevada. I woke up, had breakfast and started what would end up being the worst 48 hours of my life. The first part of the day was a lot of fun. We met new people, played human foosball and had a really good time. After dinner we went to the Joe Nichols and Jake Owen concert. At the concert I had two beers. Many of the people I was with had been drinking throughout the day and were already feeling good. I hadn’t started drinking until a little after dinner and I felt a little behind. My problems started after the concert. I was beginning to feel a little bit of a buzz and drifted off from the people I went to the concert with. I ended up at a campsite where I found some of my other friends. I am a competitive person by nature and this group was mostly guys who (for some reason) I promised I could outdrink. Around 11:30pm, one of my guy friends and I were seeing who could take the longest chug from a bottle of “Black Velvet Whiskey.”


Santorum: Gay Marriage is Anti-Nature, Like Changing ‘Chemical Equation for Water’ From H20 to H30

Relying on the natural law, former Senator Rick Santorum argued that the undeniable sexual complementarity between men and women excludes the notion of homosexual “marriage,” and that to seek to redefine marriage, at the state level or nationally, is as unnatural as redefining the chemical formula for water from H20 to H30 – it doesn’t work.

“Look, I’m very proud of the conservative record I’ve put together,” Sen. Santorum saidduring a Jan. 7 interview on the Simon Conway Show. “There’s no one who’s fought more on moral and cultural issues.”


Armed Robbery In Salisbury

Armed robbery in the area of Emory Court/Parkside Apartments.  Police are looking for (2)  #1 males dressed in dark clothing.  One of the males had a shotgun.  MSP have requested K-9s to help search for the suspects.

Salisbury Fire Department’s “Blazing a Trail for Literacy” Program Enters Second Year

Salisbury – The Salisbury Fire Department, Wicomico County Board of Education, and Wicomico Day School have partnered to encourage students to read for twenty minutes a day with the “Blazing a Trail for Literacy” program.

The program, which is in its second year, focuses on 2nd grade students who attend Glen Avenue, Pemberton, Pinehurst, Prince Street, West Salisbury, and Wicomico Day School, and runs from the first of the New Year through March 25th. Students are challenged to read for twenty minutes every day.

Throughout the program, the SFD will check in on the students and read three age-appropriate books to each class. One book was read during the program kickoff, a second book will be read at the half way point, and the third book will be read during the recognition portion of the program. Teachers and staff at each school will monitor students’ progress throughout.

First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded to the students who log the most reading time at each school. Prizes include a turn as Honorary Fire Chief for the Day, backpacks with school supplies courtesy of Peninsula Orthopedics, and Barnes and Noble gift cards, courtesy of Salisbury Career Firefighters Local 4246. Each school will pick three winners by the March 25, 2016 end date.

To find out more about the “Blazing a Trail for Literacy” program, please contact the Salisbury Fire

Department at 410-548-3120.

FLASHBACK—Obama’s First Speech to Congress: We Can’t Pass on to Our Children a Debt They Can’t Pay

In his first speech to a joint session of Congress, delivered on Feb. 24, 2009--a little more than a month after his inauguration--President Barack Obama warned that we have a “responsibility” not to pass on to our children a federal debt they cannot pay.

“There is, of course, another responsibility we have to our children,” Obama said in that speech. “And that's the responsibility to ensure that we do not pass on to them a debt they cannot pay. That is critical.”

At this point, a chuckling Obama paused to accept a standing ovation from the chamber. Then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was sitting behind the podium, was one of the first to stand and applaud.



Seat Of Unrest

All eyes are on 15-year-old Gavin Grimm at a school board meeting in Gloucester, Va., the small town where he has lived his entire short life. Gavin is here because the main item of business before the board on the afternoon of Dec. 9, 2014, has to do with him. The board is voting on whether he should be allowed to use the boys bathroom at Gloucester High School.

Designated a girl at birth, Gavin, now 16, is transgender. He came out to his family after a long struggle in 2014, and has been taking hormones as part of the transition process. He has legally changed his name, dresses as a boy, and lives as a boy in every way.

When he started 10th grade in September 2014, the administration granted his request to use the boys room. But now, in response to complaints from members of the community, the school board was compelled to vote on a policy that would prohibit him from using the boys room and require him to use a gender-neutral bathroom or the girls room.

As the floor opens for public debate on the question, Gavin, wearing a crisp checked dress shirt and a royal-blue tie, rises and approaches the microphone at a podium in the aisle. He faces the board without fidgeting, his posture erect and his hands folded, speaking with composure and precision.



Citizens will have to ask permission to record police

The Arizona Senate is poised to pass a bill that will outlaw citizens from taking videos of police, even on their own private property.

“It is unlawful for a person to knowingly make a video recording of law enforcement activity,” SB 1054 reads, “if the person making the video recording does not have the permission of a law enforcement officer and is within twenty feet of where the law enforcement activity is occurring.”

The bill also states that an individual may not record police on their private property or in their homes unless they are twenty feet away from police or “from an adjacent room.” If a police officer determines the individual is “interfering in the law enforcement activity or that it is not safe to be in the area,” the officer may order “the person to step recording or to leave the area.”

Police routinely oppose citizens recording their activity and the proposed legislation will provide them with a legal loophole to shut down all video recording as interference in law enforcement activity.


SOTU: Cardin Says Congress Should Unite to Work with President Obama throughout the Year Ahead

“The country does not stop because of a presidential election and neither should we. We are open for business.”

WASHINGTON – In response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address,U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) issued the following statement. Senator Cardin’s guest for the speech was Robert Caret, Chancellor of the University System of Maryland (USM).

“President Obama set out an aggressive agenda tonight, showing the country and the world that he will not allow himself to be labeled as a ‘lame-duck’ president. We must use every moment of the next 12 months, working together – Congress, the president, Democrats and Republicans – to continue to ensure that our homeland is safe, to continue to improve our economy, reduce the violence in our communities, make college more affordable for American families, protect our air and water, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and so much more. The country does not stop because of a presidential election and neither should we. We are open for business. Congress approved a two-year budget, putting us back on a path toward bipartisanship. We need to unite to put the public interest first – from local transportation issues to national security.

“President Obama was right to be optimistic about the state of the American economy. When he took office, our country was deep in recession and bleeding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. We’ve now reached a record 70 straight months of private sector job growth and wages have begun to increase over the last year. The deficit has shrunk by nearly $1 trillion, and Medicare’s solvency has been extended by 13 years. Energy usage is down, energy production is up and oil imports are down, adding to America’s energy security.

SPD: Can You Identify These Shoplifters?

Stockman: Only 11,000 Jobs Last Month, Not 292,000

Here’s a newsflash that CNBC didn’t mention. According to the BLS, the US economy generated a minuscule 11,000 jobs in the month of December.

Yet notwithstanding the fact that almost nobody works outside any more, the BLS fiction writers added 281,000 to their headline number to cover the “seasonal adjustment.” This is done on the apparent truism that December is generally colder than November and that workers get holiday vacations.

Of course, this December was much warmer, not colder, than average. And that’s not the only deviation from normal seasonal trends.

The Christmas selling season this year, for example, was absolutely not comparable to the ghosts of Christmas past. Bricks and mortar retail is in turmoil and in secular decline due to Amazon and its e-commerce ilk, and this trend is accelerating by the year.


Worcester County Superintendent's Of Schools Response to Recent Bomb Threats


HealthConnectNow Event Scheduled

Snow Hill, MD– The Lower Shore Health Insurance Assistance Program will be hosting HealthConnectNow on Saturday, January 16, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Somerset Civic Center at 11828 Crisfield Lane Princess Anne, MD.

The free health insurance sign up event is open to the public and will feature certified program staff that will be on site to answer questions and guide individuals through the Maryland Health Connection application process. Maryland Health Connection is the state-based health insurance marketplace for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Consumers can call 855-445-5540 for more information.

Maryland Health Connection Open Enrollment is November 1, 2015-January 31, 2016.

About the Lower Shore Health Insurance Assistance Program: The Lower Shore Health Insurance Assistance Program is administered through the Worcester County Health Department and funded by a grant through the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. The program helps to educate, determine eligibility and enroll uninsured and underinsured residents of Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties into private health plans or Medicaid. For more information on our program and a continuously updated list of events, please visit us at

US Court: Wearing Unearned Military Medals Is Free Speech

A federal appeals court has tossed out a veteran's conviction for wearing military medals he didn't earn.

A specially convened 11-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that wearing unearned military honors is free speech protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Elven Joe Swisher of Idaho was convicted of violating the Stolen Valor Act. Investigators looked into his military claims after he testified at the 2005 trial of a man charged with soliciting the murder of a federal judge. Swisher wore a Purple Heart on the witness stand.


Change underway in disciplinary process for Baltimore police officers

BALTIMORE —A big change is underway in the disciplinary process for Baltimore police officers.

Some of the secrecy surrounding police discipline will soon be gone as part of an overhaul of the process announced Tuesday on the heels of an 11 News I-Team report that aired Sunday night. The I-Team's report revealed how few cases in which people complain about officers actually move forward.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis promised a much more robust effort to hold police officers accountable.

"Much has been said, reported and written lately about shortcomings with discipline and accountability. I hear and profoundly understand those concerns," Davis said.

As it stands now, the process that investigates and disciplines Baltimore police officers is secret. Investigators work out of an off-site building. Administrative disciplinary hearings, in the fraction of cases that get that far, are held out of public view at headquarters.

That will soon change.


Worcester County Sheriff's Office Press Release: Bomb Threat At Stephen Decatur High School

This morning, the Worcester County Sheriff's Office responded to a reported bomb threat at the Stephen Decatur High School. Protocol procedures were immediately put into place and multiple agencies responded to the school. The Sheriff's Office K-9 unit responded with two explosive detector dogs and immediately conducted scans of the school and surrounding areas. Students were escorted from the school while the scans were conducted. The school was searched with negative results. Members from the Criminal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security Office were quickly on scene and are investigating.

At this time, an ongoing investigation is continuing with the assistance from our Federal and State partners. Members of this office have been in constant contact with surrounding jurisdictions and Federal Authorities to compare these calls that schools in our area have been receiving. We understand the frustration that parents and staff are facing and we are aggressively pursuing any leads that we discover during these investigations. We further understand the concerns about the safety of each child and the reunification process that takes place after such an event. Our partners at the Board of Education are in constant contact with us and are assisting us in evaluating our plans for each school. We are monitoring several intelligence outlets and continue to evaluate the needs of our school systems. We would like to thank those parents who responded to the school. We understand the emotion during these events and we ask for some patience when situations like these occurr. Every effort is being made to locate, identify and apprehend the individual(s) involved.

We would like to thank the Berlin Police Department for their quick response along with the Maryland State Police, Natural Resources Police, Worcester Fire Marshals Office, and the Worcester County Emergency Services Division. Also to the members of the Berlin Fire Department for their readiness in the event of an incident. We would also like to remind you to report anything suspicious that you may observe at any of our schools or businesses. Please report any suspicious activity to your local police department or to the Sheriff's Office at 410-632-1112. We will do our best to keep you posted when information is received.

Calling All Deputies... Calling All Deputies...

TWO K-9 Units were dispatched to Stephen Decatur High School in Worcester County today. 

It should be noted that the Wicomico County Fire Marshall's Office has a bomb sniffing K-9. Hmmmm, I wonder why the Sheriffs Department didn't call that unit in to inspect two Schools recently. 

House Approves Bill to Cap Expenses for Ex-presidents

The House has voted to limit federal expenses for former presidents who receive lucrative speaking fees or other income totaling more than $400,000 a year.

Former presidents receive a pension of more than $200,000 a year. They also get annual expenses that can add up to more than $1 million for office space, travel and other costs.

Under the bill, approved by voice vote Monday, the government would begin reducing payouts after their income reaches $400,000. And ex-presidents who earn more than $600,000 a year would not receive any federal funds for office expenses or travel.


Jimmy John's Coming to Sea Gull Square

SALISBURY, MD, JANUARY 2016- Matthew Trader of Rinnier Development Company and Will Moore of SVN brokered a new long term lease that will bring Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches to Sea Gull Square in South Salisbury, MD. The nationally known restaurant, after searching for the best location in the South Salisbury market, chose Sea Gull Square for their new location. Jimmy John's will be taking over the space formerly occupied by Roly Poly and expects to open later in the Spring.

Ocean City Incumbents Announce Re-Election Bid As ‘An Image Of Solidarity’

OCEAN CITY — While Ocean City’s next municipal election is still roughly 10 months away, four incumbents each filed for re-election on Tuesday in a show of solidarity and continued forward progress.

Councilmembers Doug Cymek, Dennis Dare, Tony DeLuca and Mary Knight each officially filed for re-election to the Ocean City Council on Tuesday afternoon as a sign of what each characterized as a symbol of solidarity and a desire to continue the progress accomplished during the last 14 months or so. Council President Lloyd Martin, and Councilmen Matt James, Wayne Hartman and Tony DeLuca were each elected in November 2014. By virtue of his fourth-place finish, DeLuca was elected to fill the spot vacated by former Councilman Joe Mitrecic, who is now a Worcester County Commissioner representing Ocean City.

In Ocean City municipal elections, the seven council seats are staggered in alternating election cycles to prevent a potential complete turnover in a single election year. In addition, the mayor’s seat comes up in each election, but Mayor Rick Meehan has not been challenged in recent years.

In November, the seats currently occupied by Cymek, Dare, DeLuca and Knight are each up for re-election and the incumbents wasted no time early in 2016 to make their intentions known. Each officially filed on Tuesday afternoon in a symbolic show of solidarity.


Nearly 1/2 College Grads are Underemployed

College graduates who can’t find jobs commensurate with their degree aren’t literally likely to be baristas, according to new research presented Monday. But the data also illustrate the difficulty, particularly for those who graduated in the aftermath of the Great Recession, in finding a good-paying job.

The New York Fed, in a blog post authored by researchers Jaison Abel and Richard Deitz, examined the plight of those who graduated between 2009 and 2013. The study found that some 45% of college grads worked in a “non-college job,” which is defined as a position in which fewer than 50% of the workers in that job need a bachelor’s degree.

The low-skilled jobs — including baristas, bartenders, and cashiers — accounted for 19.3% of underemployed recent college graduates, paying $23,584 on average.

The largest plurality, at 25.2%, of the underemployed were in office and administrative positions paying an average of $37,207. The highest-paying cohort of the underemployed were in information processing and business support, where 11.4% were earning an average of $59,059.

That’s still below the average pay for a job requiring a college degree, which is about $78,500, the report says. (That number is for all graduates, not just young graduates.)


This video was Intense! Winter Driving Awareness

Obama: Donald Trump Presidency Would Be 'Saturday Night Live' Skit

President Barack Obama says Donald Trump is waging a White House campaign based on "simplistic solutions and scapegoating."

In an interview Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show, Obama says Trump "is putting out a message that has had adherents through history."

He said Trump is appealing to people's fears and uncertainty about the future. Asked how seriously Trump should be taken, Obama says, "Talk to me if he wins."


JUST IN: Al Jazeera America to shut down in April

Breaking News: Al Jazeera America, which went on the air in 2013 - and is partly funded by the ruling family of Qatar - announces it is shutting down at the end of April.


Eastern Shore boat thefts result in losses of up to $400K

GRASONVILLE, Md. - As much as $400,000 worth of damage and theft occurred during a break-in late last month at Chesapeake Whalertowne in Grasonville, the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office said.

The suspects stole the power propulsion control modules from 25 to 30 Mercury outboard engines, along with other equipment including navigation units, stereos and GPS systems.

A single control module is valued at nearly $6,000. The Sheriff’s Office said the suspects could have had experience working on this type of engine, and might have been around the vessels for a while.

The boats were being stored for the winter, and do not belong to the business.


Congressman John Carney Responds To My Bomb Threat Question

Joe Albero John, I am the Owner of Salisbury News, there's been quite the stir over the past three days referencing bomb threats in public schools. Fox News is questioning if possible terrorists are trying to see the response times from first responders. Wicomico County, MD. refused to evacuate the children in two schools that received bomb threats and the Sheriffs Office does not have a bomb sniffing K-9. Do you know what the PROTOCOL is in your district referencing removing students during such threats. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Congressman John Carney Joe, I haven't had a chance to look into this issue because it's mostly handled at the state level, but I'm glad you brought it up and I'll further investigate what the protocols are. I do know, in the state of Delaware we established protocols after 9/11 about the appropriate ways to keep kids safe at schools. Also, the Delaware state police has conducted trainings with school personnel for various threat scenarios. Each district had to come up with a comprehensive safety plan. Bottom line is, when parents send their kids off to school they need to know they're safe from harm.

Monica Lewinsky Featured by Trump in Online Shot at Hillary

Donald Trump is featuring a photo of Monica Lewinsky in an online campaign blast at Hillary Clinton, perhaps to show he's willing back up his threat to go nuclear on Bill Clinton's sex scandals if needed.

A 15-second video montage posted on Trump's Instagram account shows a succession of pictures, reported AFP, among them one of former President Bill Clinton standing beside Lewinsky, the White House intern with whom he had an extramarital affair in the late 1990s.

The next shot showed a New York tabloid featuring Bill Clinton's face and the headline "Liar, Liar," after the then-president admitted he had carried out an "inappropriate" relationship.

In an interview aired Sunday, Trump confirmed his threat to dredge up Bill Clinton's past if Hillary Clinton continues to attack him as a sexist.

"I don't want to say it's a threat, but it's a threat!" Trump told NBC's Chuck Todd.


Ocean City Fire Now Under Control

This just in. The fire, (above) at 1:30 PM is now under control.

It turns out a roofing company was working on the roof. They had a commercial Ford truck under the building with a generator and two propane tanks on it. They were on the roof using torches to heat the tar when they suddenly lost power. When they came down to see why the generator quit they noticed it was on fire. The explosion was more then likely the propane tanks going off. They did try to put the fire out but were unsuccessful. 

What's For Dinner: Creamy Lemon Butter Chicken

Editor's Note: You will also need 1 cup of chicken broth for this recipe

Can You Say, Decades Within Salisbury Maryland?

Ford Testing Lease-Sharing Program That Would Let Friends, Family Split A Car

Though it might be nice to have a car for some occasions, there are plenty of people for whom owning or leasing a vehicle just isn’t worth it. Ford thinks it can appeal to those who might want their own wheels but don’t want to bear the burden of paying for it alone, with a new lease-sharing program it’s preparing to test.

Starting next month in Austin, the Ford Credit Link pilot will offer leases on vehicles to groups of between three and six people, the company announced today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, reports Biz Beats blog at the The Dallas Morning News.

“Lease groups can reserve drive time, check vehicle status, keep up with maintenance, communicate with each other, view their account, and make payments through a vehicle plug-in device and app,” Ford says.

Leases are only for 24 months and will be available at three Austin dealerships.


Sniper at Work

វីដេអូកម្រ បង្ហាញពីក្រុម SNIPER លួចបាញ់ក្រុម ISIS.

Posted by Sophea Sin on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

LIVE From Annapolis

Governor Hogan just spoke during the opening session in Annapolis. Let the games begin.

Wanted man sent police a selfie because his mug shot was 'terrible'

One wanted man wasn't too happy with how his mug shots turned out — so he offered the police department a more flattering selfie, The Washington Postreports. After Donald "Chip" Pugh, 45, was arrested in Lima, Ohio, for a DUI and failed to show up to court, the Lima PD posted his mug shots on their Facebook page, prompting Pugh's photographic correction. "Here's a better photo, that one is terrible," Pugh texted.


Maryland Congress members react to State of the Union

BALTIMORE —Maryland's members of Congress react to President Barack Obama's final State of the Union address.

Rep. Andy Harris, R-District 1

“Seven years ago, during his first address to a joint session of Congress, President Obama made several empty promises to hardworking Americans across this country. He promised that incomes would increase – but they have decreased. He promised that the price of health care would go down – but health care costs have skyrocketed, while quality and access to care have declined. He promised that the federal debt would decrease – but the debt has increased by 80%, placing an unconscionable financial burden on future generations to come. President Obama promised Americans security, but Americans are worried.

“Nothing in the President’s rhetoric tonight is going to make Americans feel secure or convince Americans that he kept his promises. Not today and not in the future. Republicans in the House, led by Speaker Ryan, will continue to focus on securing our nation, promoting job growth, fixing our broken and expensive health care system, and improving the economy.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-District 7

“Tonight President Obama laid out his vision for our country, not just for his final year in the White House, but for generations yet unborn. I have been very proud of his first seven years in office, and although I will miss having him as my President, I look forward to the progress we can accomplish together over the next year.


Number Of Americans Who Identify As Democrats Hits Lowest Level In 27 Years

There are far fewer people who identify as either Republicans or Democrats these days, according to a Gallup poll released Monday. Instead, political independents maintain their lead as the dominant voting group for the fifth consecutive year. Gallup reports that only 26 percent of Americans identify as Republicans and 29 percent identify as Democrats, with an entire 42 percent calling themselves independents.

Due to the rise of independents, Americans who call themselves Democrats have hit their lowest levels in 27 years. However, among political independents, 16 percent say they lean toward the Democratic party, giving Democrats a total of about 45 percent of the American population. While about 16 percent of independents lean toward the Republican Party as well, the combined total of the U.S. population is lower, at 42 percent. Jeva Lange

Worcester County Public Schools: Bomb Threat At Stephen Decatur High School

Please be aware that this morning, Stephen Decatur High School received a telephone call to the main office indicating that there was a bomb in the building. In accordance with our protocol, law enforcement was immediately notified, and all students and staff have been safely evacuated from the building.

We are working in partnership with the Worcester County's Sherriff's Office to evaluate the safety and security of the building while ensuring all our students and staff are safe.

UPDATE 11:25 a.m.: Law enforcement has fully inspected the building and has given the all-clear for students and staff to return to the school. Students are currently returning to Stephen Decatur High School, where classes and lunch will commence. Those students who attend classes at Worcester Technical High School will be transported approximately 20 minutes behind the usually scheduled bus run.

News in Numbers 1-13-16


The number of states that let public unions charge fees to government employees who aren't union members. The constitutionality of such fees are being debated in a U.S. Supreme Court case.


The number of earthquakes in Oklahoma last week. In recent years, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas have all had significantly more earthquakes that experts say are caused by oil and gas drilling activity.

22 million tons

Amount of salt that's scattered on U.S. roads each year, which equates to about 137 pounds for every American.


The number of state and local public health departments (out of 2,615) that have national accreditation. In nearly every state, it's not mandatory.


The number of provisions enacted in 2015 to regulate abortion procedures and providers in more than a dozen states. Several are being challenged, most notably the Texas law that has shuttered dozens of clinics and will go before the U.S. Supreme Court.


The soon-to-be new minimum wage for employees at New York state universities -- the same amount set last year for some other public and fast-food workers. The state's minimum wage is only $9.

Fire At Ocean City Condo This Morning

Breaking: At least one explosion, suspected to be a generator, started a fire causing major damage to the Pelican Beach condo on 139th Street this morning.

Posted by Ocean City Today Newspaper on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Rapist Captured in California

U.S. Border Patrol captured a Mexican man, previously deported after a rape conviction, re-entering the U.S. in California.

U.S. Border Patrol from the Calexico Station in southern California apprehended the man, Octavio Mendoza, 42, according to a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) obtained by Breitbart Texas. He was arrested approximately 32 miles east of the Calexico West Port of Entry while attempting to illegally re-enter the country.

After checking Mendoza’s records, it was discovered he had previously been deported in 2005 following a forcible rape conviction where he was sentenced to six years in prison.

He is now being processed for Re-Entry After Removal as a convicted sex offender.

The Calexico Station is part of the El Centro Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol. During the last fiscal year, the El Centro Sector alone arrested eight convicted sex offenders who attempted to illegally re-enter the United States.

In November 2015, Breitbart Texas managing director Brandon Darby reported on three previously deported sexual predators captured crossing the border from Mexico into Texas.

More here

The Women Of Israel

A Board of Education Comment Worthy Of A Post

Anonymous said...

Who could get a bomb into schools? Teachers, students, janitors, any disgruntled employee, delivery people, visitors and that's just during school hours. Then there are those that can and will get in long after everyone has left the building to plant a device. Bomb building isn't rocket science, well maybe it is, on a much smaller scale. Stop being an ostrich, get your head out of the sand and stop believing the hype that this is a safe country. It has not been safe for years.

Publishers Notes: After School programs, basketball, volleyball, etc.. I'm glad someone finally came along and mentioned this because there are many who have their head in the sand. More then likely though, these are people from the County trying to CYA. Implying we have nothing to ever worry about is just plain stupid, especially coming from Law Enforcement. In one breath Sheriff Lewis c\goes on Fox News and says citizens are targeting police officers. Well, a bomb threat is targeting who? 

One thing the media is not denying, (nor the FBI) is that these are very serious threats that can land you in Jail for 10 years or a $10,000.00 fine. Well, I hope they catch the person in Wicomico County because they could use that $10,000.00 to buy a new Bomb Sniffing K-9, since they aren't willing to pony up any cash from speed cameras. 

Md. law enforcement pushes against veto overrides on 2 bills

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland law enforcement leaders are urging lawmakers not to override two of Gov. Larry Hogan’s vetoes relating to marijuana and the seizure of assets in criminal cases.

Groups representing states attorneys, police chiefs and sheriffs spoke against the measures Tuesday, a day before the legislative session begins.

They support the Republican governor’s veto of a bill decriminalizing the possession of marijuana paraphernalia. The measure also would decriminalize smoking pot in public. Maryland decriminalized possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana in 2014.



Ocean City Fire Department has been dispatched for a building fire,140th Street and the beach. Heavy smoke showing. Sussex has been alerted.

Muslim Learns the Hard Way Why You Don't Mess With Ben Carson... Crowd Goes WILD

When retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson made remarks last year saying that he would not support a Muslim who accepted all the aspects of Islamic law as president, the media went crazy and branded him as a bigot. And yet, his poll numbers and fundraising skyrocketed.

At a campaign event, another Muslim decided to challenge Carson yet again over that claim. And again, in just a few words, Carson made the crowd go wild and shut down the protester cold.

The video, which was posted to Polizette recently, began with a man who identified himself as Hesham El-Maligy, the chairman of the Staten Island Libertarian Party — “the party of the Constitution,” as he called it.


A Viewer Writes: Stephen Decatur High School Bomb Threat

I just received a call from Stephen Decatur. A bomb threat was called into the main office and all students and staff have been relocated to Stephen Decatur Middle School.

Md. teachers testify: Some students can’t cope with standardized tests

WASHINGTON — It’s not the content; it’s the process. That’s what some teachers say is leading kids to dissolve into tears of frustration during the battery of standardized testing they’re facing in Maryland public schools.

The teachers testified in Annapolis on Monday.

Children enrolled in special education classes are especially frustrated by the demands of the testing. Betsy Perry, a special-education teacher in Montgomery County, told a legislative commission that she’s seen students put their heads on their desks in defeat, or burst into tears, frustrated by sluggish computer responses as kids struggle to answer all the questions in the allotted time.

Perry also questioned the value of testing for some of her students, who have profound disabilities and whose education plans are focused more on life skills than meeting on-grade level goals.


This Land Is Whose Land? A History Of Federal Land Ownership

Sanders campaign endorsed by

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tuesday received the endorsement of, a grassroots organization that has been at the forefront of liberal causes.

MoveOn says the Vermont senator was supported by 78.6 percent of its membership in an online vote of more than 340,000 members. Hillary Clinton received 14.6 percent and Martin O'Malley received 0.9 percent with the remaining members urging no endorsement.

"MoveOn members are feeling the Bern," said Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action. "We will mobilize aggressively to add our collective people power to the growing movement behind the Sanders campaign, starting with a focus on voter turnout in Iowa and New Hampshire

The endorsement was widely expected. MoveOn encouraged Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president but when she declined last year many of its supporters got behind Sanders' campaign.



The Obama thought Police are at it again. The US Government has started arresting people that are criticizing Obama or the current government administration. They are holding people, veterans in particular for their outspoken thoughts.

From The Rutherford Institute:

In the four years since the start of Operation Vigilant Eagle, the government has steadily ramped up its campaign to “silence” dissidents, especially those with military backgrounds. Coupled with the DHS’ dual reports on Rightwing and Leftwing “Extremism,” which broadly define extremists as individuals and groups “that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely,” these tactics have boded ill for anyone seen as opposing the government.

One particularly troubling mental health label being applied to veterans and others who challenge the status quo is “oppositional defiance disorder” (ODD). As journalist Anthony Martin explains, an ODD diagnosis

“denotes that the person exhibits ‘symptoms’ such as the questioning of authority, the refusal to follow directions, stubbornness, the unwillingness to go along with the crowd, and the practice of disobeying or ignoring orders. Persons may also receive such a label if they are considered free thinkers, nonconformists, or individuals who are suspicious of large, centralized government… At one time the accepted protocol among mental health professionals was to reserve the diagnosis of oppositional defiance disorder for children or adolescents who exhibited uncontrollable defiance toward their parents and teachers.”

The case of 26-year-old decorated Marine Brandon Raub—who was targeted because of his Facebook posts, interrogated by government agents about his views on government corruption, arrested with no warning, labeled mentally ill for subscribing to so-called “conspiratorial” views about the government, detained against his will in a psych ward for standing by his views, and isolated from his family, friends and attorneys—is a prime example of the government’s war on veterans.


The Donald Shames The Doubters: ‘My Life Has Been About Winning’

Donald Trump is in to win it. So much so that during an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, he had a special message for all those who doubted him during this presidential campaign: he’s a winner.

Just weeks away from the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries, Trump is in prime position to seal the nomination—and may just pull off what everyone in the permanent political class in Washington, D.C., and on the island of Manhattan thought was impossible.

“My life has been about winning. I like to win. I like to close the deal,” Trump said when asked Monday afternoon what he thinks of all the people this whole election cycle who thought he wasn’t a serious presidential candidate.

“I’ve had that kind of a life—I’ve built a great company. And don’t forget when I filed the papers, everybody said ‘wow, that’s much more than we thought’ when I filed my federal papers on financials because it’s over $10 billion, substantially over $10 billion in net worth. I started with a very small amount of money and grew it into something that’s massive, one of the big fortunes, and I want to use that same brainpower—that same ability—to make our nation great again. We’ll be able to do it. The people are so amazing. The thing I have been most impressed with during my trips all over is just how smart the public is. They’re incredible. They really, really get it. So, I’m honored by your question actually because you’re right a lot of people said ‘oh, he’s never going to run and if he runs he’ll just have fun for a little while.’ This is not fun. I want to do something and our theme is Make America Great Again and that’s what we’re going to do.”


In Final State Of The Union, Obama Warns Against Political Cynicism

WASHINGTON (AP) — Eyeing the end of his presidency, Barack Obama urged Americans Tuesday night to rekindle their belief in the promise of change that first carried him to the White House, declaring that the country must not allow election-year fear and division to take hold.

"The future we want," he insisted, "is within our reach." But opportunity and security for American families "will only happen if we work together ... if we fix our politics," he added.

The nation's goals must include "a rising standard of living and a sustainable, peaceful planet for our kids," he said in his final State of the Union address.

At the heart of Obama's address to lawmakers and a prime-time television audience was an implicit call to keep Democrats in the White House for a third straight term. Sharply, and at times sarcastically, he struck back at rivals who have challenged his economic and national security stewardship, calling it all "political hot air."


Written by a Police Officer for our own safety

1. Tip from Tae Kwon Do :
The elbow is the strongest point
on your body.
If you are close enough to use it, do! 

2.. Learned this from a tourist guide.
If a robber asks for your wallet and/or purse,
Toss it away from you....
Chances are that he is more interested
in your wallet and/or purse than you,
and he will go for the wallet/purse.

3. If you are ever thrown into the trunk of a car,
kick out the back tail lights and stick your arm out the hole
and start waving like crazy..
The driver won't see you, but everybody else will.
This has saved lives.

4. Women have a tendency to get into their cars
after shopping, eating, working, etc., and just sit
(doing their checkbook, or making a list, etc.
The predator will be watching you, and this
is the perfect opportunity for him to get in
on the passenger side, put a gun to your head,
and tell you where to go.

If someone is in the car
with a gun to your head
Instead gun the engine and
speed into anything, wrecking the car.
Your Air Bag will save you.
If the person is in the back seat
they will get the worst of it.
As soon as the car crashes
bail out and run.
It is better than having them find your body
in a remote location.

Today's Wildlife Photo 1-13-16

Cardinal Wuerl on Christian Slaughter in Middle East: 'This Is Genocide'

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, D.C., weighed in on the escalating slaughter of Christians by terrorists and fundamentalist radicals such as the Islamic State in the Middle East on Newsmax TV on Monday.

"This is genocide. This is the deliberate, organized effort to eliminate Christians from the land where they have been a part of the very fabric of the country since Jesus's time. So I am often perplexed and certainly question why there's so much reluctance, why there's so much silence," Wuerl told Newsmax Chief Political Correspondent John Gizzi.

"In the last meeting I had with [President Barack Obama], we did talk about the care of people fleeing from this persecution and how internationally some response can be prepared. People are simply being driven out of their homeland. We talked about that.


Caption This Photo 1-13-16

Lawmakers Return To Session Today

The 90-day session of the Maryland General Assembly begins today at noon.

Today will largely be ceremonial, with Governor Larry Hogan expected to address each chamber.

Senate President Mike Miller is expected to be re-elected President of the Senate, a post he has held since 1987.

House Speaker Michael Busch is expected to be re-elected Speaker of the House, a post he has held since 2003.

Lawmakers will introduce more than 2,500 pieces of legislation over the next 90 days, Only about one third of the bills introduced will be sent to the governor's desk for his signature.


How to deal with Jehovah's Witnesses

Yeah, Liberal Leadership Makes Sense, NOT!

Now, if we can only figure out a way to care for our injured SOLDIERS when they return home from getting their limbs blown off. Liberals would rather care for an illegal immigrant instead because THEIR VOTE MATTERS. 

Congressman Andy Harris on the State of Union

WASHINGTON, DC: Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) released the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union tonight:

“Seven years ago, during his first address to a joint session of Congress, President Obama made several empty promises to hardworking Americans across this country. He promised that incomes would increase – but they have decreased. He promised that the price of health care would go down – but health care costs have skyrocketed, while quality and access to care have declined. He promised that the federal debt would decrease – but the debt has increased by 80%, placing an unconscionable financial burden on future generations to come. President Obama promised Americans security, but Americans are worried.

“Nothing in the President’s rhetoric tonight is going to make Americans feel secure or convince Americans that he kept his promises. Not today and not in the future. Republicans in the House, led by Speaker Ryan, will continue to focus on securing our nation, promoting job growth, fixing our broken and expensive health care system, and improving the economy.”

"Nothing Is Moving," Baltic Dry Crashes As Insiders Warn "Commerce Has Come To A Halt"

The continued collapse of The Baltic Dry Index remains ignored by most - besides we still have Netflix, right? But, as Dollar Vigilante's Jeff Berwick details, it appears the worldwide 'real' economy has ground to a halt!!

Last week, I received news from a contact who is friends with one of the biggest billionaire shipping families in the world. He told me they had no ships at sea right now, because operating them meant running at a loss.

This weekend, reports are circulating saying much the same thing: The North Atlantic has little or no cargo ships traveling in its waters. Instead, they are anchored. Unmoving. Empty.

You can see one such report here. According to it,

Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America. All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving.

This has never happened before. It is a horrific economic sign; proof that commerce is literally stopped.

We checked and it appears to show no ships in transit anywhere in the world. We aren’t experts on shipping, however, so if you have a better site or source to track this apparent phenomenon, please let us know.

Iran says all 10 detained US Navy sailors have been released

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The latest developments following the release of 10 U.S. Navy sailors detained by Iran after entering its territorial waters (All times local).

2 p.m.

Iranian state television is reporting that all 10 U.S. sailors detained by Iran after entering its territorial waters have been released.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said the sailors were released Wednesday after it was determined that their entry was not intentional.


Navy Seal DESTROYS Hillary-- 'You Are An Ignorant LIAR'

A U.S. Navy Seal veteran named Dom Raso has made it his personal mission to call Hillary Clinton out for the lie she told to an audience “in order to make herself appear as courageous as American soldiers.” The lie he is referring to is what Clinton said about dodging enemy fire in Bosnia.

“I remember landing under sniper fire,” Clinton once said. “There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicle to get to our base. It was a moment of great pride for me.”

Video footage proves Clinton was greeted warmly with handshakes that day, as Raso points out. She later attempted to blame her lie on human error calling her “mistake” a “misstatement.”

“In my 12-year military career, I never heard an excuse like that from my leadership,” Raso told reporters. “It’s impossible to even imagine that happening.”


Dr. Seuss gets Trumped!!

OMG, I was rolling when I watched this last night...

Posted by Andrew McKay on Thursday, December 17, 2015

Makes Perfectly Good Sense

If You Win, Will You Go Back To Work?

Whatever Works For You

Capitol Dome nears the end of massive restoration

The Architect of the Capitol has begun the final painting phase of the Dome Restoration Project.

Starting at the top, painting the base of the Statue of Freedom will be completed, then small enclosures will be installed on the scaffold to prevent overspray and drift of paint as work continues down the Dome. Typically, there will be two painting sections of the Dome enclosed at a time so painters can move from one section to another.

The current exterior dome restoration will repair the crack in the dome and the scaffolding is scheduled to start coming down at the end of 2015.