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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Eating in The Fifties

Trump Claims ‘A Rigged System’ Was Behind Clinton’s Exoneration

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that the revelation that former FBI Director James Comey drafted “exoneration” statements before interviewing Hillary Clinton means the that Clinton was saved by a “rigged system.”

Republican senators Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley said in a letter to the FBI Thursday that Comey’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state was ran on a “conclusion first, fact-gathering second” basis. “The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy,” the senators wrote.

Trump reacted to this and tweeted, “Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over…and so much more. A rigged system!”


Motorists Reminded Of School Bus Safety Laws As Students Head Back To Class

PIKESVILLE, Md.) – With some students already heading back to school, and the majority returning after Labor Day, Maryland State Police are stressing bus safety for motorists. State troopers across Maryland will be joining their local law enforcement partners in special school bus enforcement patrols during the start of this school year.

Extra patrols will be deployed on school bus routes and troopers will be specifically targeting motorists driving unsafely around school buses or ignoring the red flashing lights when a bus is stopped. Those could breaking the law by police can cost a driver a $570 fine and a three-point penalty on their driver’s license.

According to the National Research Council. more than 800 students are killed going to and from school each year. This includes 131 fatalities to pedestrians, 46 to bicyclists, five who ride school buses and 15 pedestrians at school bus stops.

The National Safety Council has compiled the following tips for sharing the road safely with school buses:
  • When driving behind a school bus, make sure to allow a greater following distance than if you were driving behind another car. This will give you more time to stop once the yellow lights begin to flash.
  • Never pass a bus from behind or from either direction if you’re on an undivided road if it is stopped to load or unload children. It is illegal in all 50 states to pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload children.
  • If yellow or red lights are flashing and the stop sign is extended, you must stop.
  • Make sure you’ve stopped far back enough to allow children to safely enter and exit the bus. The area 10 feet surrounding a school bus is the most dangerous for children.
  • Pay attention; children can be unpredictable and tend to ignore hazards.
Here’s to a safe and fun 2017-2018 school season!

Report: FBI Labeled Antifa Domestic Terrorism Long Before Ryan, Rubio, Romney Declared 'No Sides'

Politico reports that the Obama Administration “formally classified” Antifa’s activities as “domestic terrorist violence” as early as April 2016.

From Politico:

Federal authorities have been warning state and local officials since early 2016 that leftist extremists known as “antifa” had become increasingly confrontational and dangerous, so much so that the Department of Homeland Security formally classified their activities as “domestic terrorist violence,” according to interviews and confidential law enforcement documents obtained by POLITICO.

Since well before the Aug. 12 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned deadly, DHS has been issuing warnings about the growing likelihood of lethal violence between the left-wing anarchists and right-wing white supremacist and nationalist groups.


Kenny Rogers Includes Ocean City On Final World Tour

OCEAN CITY — Grammy Award-winning superstar and Country Music Hall of Fame member Kenny Rogers will be coming to Ocean City on Friday, Nov. 3, as he celebrates his Final World Tour: The Gambler’s Last Deal.

The enduring country and pop icon has endeared music lovers around the globe with his amazing songs, heartfelt performances, distinctive voice, gift for storytelling and universal appeal. The first country artist to consistently sell out arenas, Rogers has played to millions of fans around the world, performing songs from his long list of hits which comprise 24 number ones.

Incredibly, Rogers has charted a record within each of the last seven decades. He has sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, making him one of the top 10 best-selling male solo artists of all time, according to the RIAA. Rogers has won many awards for his music and charity work, including three Grammy Awards, 19 American Music Awards, 11 People’s Choice Awards, eight Academy of Country Music Awards (CMA) and six Country Music Association Awards, including the CMA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. Rogers was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013.


Comey's alleged Clinton 'exoneration statement' calls Senate testimony into question

Fresh allegations that former FBI director James Comey began drafting an “exoneration statement” for Hillary Clinton well before interviewing her and other key witnesses have called into question his Senate testimony about why he decided to go public with his findings in the email case last summer.

In a June hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey was asked whether his decision to announce the results of the investigation was influenced by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s infamous meeting days earlier on an Arizona tarmac with former President Bill Clinton.

“Yes, in an ultimately conclusive way, that was the thing that capped it for me – that I had to do something separately to protect the credibility of the investigation,” Comey told Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C.


Major bust at open air drug market

Worcester County law enforcement officials are hopeful last week’s bust of eight people operating an “open air drug market” in Selbyville, Delaware will hinder heroin trafficking across the border, in Maryland.

“I sincerely hope it does make an impact. It’s in our vested interest to make the public aware [of] where our drug problem is stemming from,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Ed Schreier said. “But, we’re not going to arrest our way out of a heroin problem. There’s a lot more work to be done.”

A three-month-long investigation of the Polly Branch Road drug activity led to the arrest of eight people and the seizure of $51,529 in suspected drug proceeds and 5,596 bags of heroin. Detectives also seized 11.29 grams of marijuana, 3.62 grams of cocaine, 10 suboxone strips and a loaded 9mm handgun.

Polly Branch Road in Selbyville is drug market known by many agencies in Delaware and Maryland, including the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team (WCCET), which involves police from several county jurisdictions deputized to operate anywhere in Worcester.


McCain Returns To D.C. With A Bang; Blasts "Inexperienced, Poorly Informed, Impulsive" Trump

Coming off an extended break in his home state of Arizona where he's been undergoing cancer treatments, John McCain returned to Washington D.C. with a bang after penning an op-ed in the Washington Post taking direct aim at President Trump.

Among other things, McCain called Trump an "inexperienced, poorly informed and implusive" person who must be kept in check by Congress.

That has never been truer than today, when Congress must govern with a president who has no experience of public office, is often poorly informed and can be impulsive in his speech and conduct.

We must respect his authority and constitutional responsibilities. We must, where we can, cooperate with him. But we are not his subordinates. We don’t answer to him. We answer to the American people. We must be diligent in discharging our responsibility to serve as a check on his power. And we should value our identity as members of Congress more than our partisan affiliation.


Inlet buoys could be moved to reduce boat damage risk

Since June’s Maryland Municipal League conference, government officials and private interests have gathered on three occasions to work on the shoaling problem in the Ocean City Inlet, which has been increasingly difficult to navigate in recent years.

The first answer, delivered about two years ago by the Army Corps of Engineers, was a comprehensive study of the inlet area to determine, and possibly suggest action to prevent boats from running aground at Maryland’s only ocean port.

That study was deemed too complex and time consuming to carry out, and the scope has since been shifted to a large “scour hole” near Gudelsky Park, formerly known as Stinky Beach, with a result expected in 2019.

But now, circumstances appear to have changed again, as the promised action and regular dredging have not yet provided a permanent, sustainable solution to prevent damage to commercial and recreational watercraft.


Establishment Turns on ANTIFA; It's Now Quite Fashionable to Condemn Them

In the September issue of The Atlantic, the cosmopolitan political magazine for globalist elites, the topic of ANTIFA was broached. I wouldn't call their assessment of the alt-left group a rebuke, but instead a mild chastising.

Antifa believes it is pursuing the opposite of authoritarianism. Many of its activists oppose the very notion of a centralized state. But in the name of protecting the vulnerable, antifascists have granted themselves the authority to decide which Americans may publicly assemble and which may not. That authority rests on no democratic foundation. Unlike the politicians they revile, the men and women of antifa cannot be voted out of office. Generally, they don’t even disclose their names.

Antifa’s perceived legitimacy is inversely correlated with the government’s. Which is why, in the Trump era, the movement is growing like never before. As the president derides and subverts liberal-democratic norms, progressives face a choice. They can recommit to the rules of fair play, and try to limit the president’s corrosive effect, though they will often fail. Or they can, in revulsion or fear or righteous rage, try to deny racists and Trump supporters their political rights. From Middlebury to Berkeley to Portland, the latter approach is on the rise, especially among young people.

Revulsion, fear, and rage are understandable. But one thing is clear. The people preventing Republicans from safely assembling on the streets of Portland may consider themselves fierce opponents of the authoritarianism growing on the American right. In truth, however, they are its unlikeliest allies.

After the events in Berkeley this past weekend, where ANTIFA thugs went haywire, beating Trump supporters up for sport, support for the violent leftist group has plunged.


Goat Yoga Class Full Of Meaning, Fun And Laughs

BERLIN – The fitness craze sweeping the nation made its way to Bishopville this week as a local farm paired the peace and calm of yoga with a trio of spunky kids — kid goats that is.

Goat yoga, a phrase that will leave many scratching their heads, is in fact one of the latest fitness trends. The concept has made its way to yoga classes across the country during the past year.

“Goat yoga is a great thing because it allows the students to connect with the animals,” said Chrissy Ehrhart of Zenna Wellness Studio. “It allows us to practice cultivating a heart of kindness and compassion. It’s also super fun.”

Ehrhart partnered with Megan Hines of Naturally Sunkissed Farm in Bishopville to host a goat yoga session, with proceeds benefiting Future Farmers of America, on Wednesday. Hines said her family’s farm was home to two goats who’d both had babies this summer. In conversations with Ehrhart, whose yoga sessions she attends, the two decided to bring the practice to the farm.


Corporate-Owned Paul Ryan Begs Trump: Don't Scrap Dreamers Program

Surprise, surprise

House Speaker Paul Ryan has urged President Trump not to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, calling for a more “humane solution.”

When asked about the DACA in a radio interview in his hometown of Wisconsin, Paul responded that Congress is working on a legislative solution to keep DACA rather than siding with Trump to get rid of the Obama-era program.

“I actually don’t think he should do that,” Ryan said on Friday. “I believe that this is something that Congress has to fix.”


Scientists on the trail of a soft-crab killer

Researchers in MD, VA investigate virus that's taking a bite out of lucrative 'peeler' catch before crabs can shed their shells

Patient Number 133 looked sturdy. Male. Blue. Admitted with all limbs.

On a warm July afternoon in a makeshift phlebotomy lab on Maryland's Tilghman Island, molecular biologist Eric Schott pressed a needle into 133’s squirming body, extracting a blood sample that he then placed into an ethanol solution. The blood would go back to his lab in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. And patient 133, Callinectes sapidus, otherwise known as the blue crab, was returned to his shedding tank.

Patient 133 is part of Schott’s decade-long quest to learn more about a virus that is killing “peelers,” the term for crabs that are about to shed their hard, outer shell and become some lucky diner’s delicious soft-shell crab meal. Though they comprise only about 5 percent of the Chesapeake Bay’s blue crab harvest, which had a dockside value of more than $100 million last year, soft crabs are extremely lucrative. When sold, they fetch three to six times more per crab than hard crabs, and they are gaining in popularity nationwide as a delicacy.


Well-Deserved: Paul Ryan Now as Unpopular as Pelosi; McConnell Less Popular

To no one’s surprise, a just-released NBC News poll reveals that feckless Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has succeeded in becoming just as unpopular as his polarizing predecessor, San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

The Survey/Monkey poll shows that 30% of those surveyed view Pelosi favorably, a statistical tie with Paul Ryan’s 31%. The two are also tied up in the unfavorable department, with 64% holding an unfavorable view of Pelosi, compared to 63% for Ryan.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is in even worse shape. A Harvard-Harris poll released last week showed the Kentucky Republican with a dismal approval rating of just 19%, the lowest of any politician in the country. In this same poll, Ryan’s favorable rating is 33%, which is in line with the NBC poll.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s approval rating sits at 39%, which is not great but is still better than his congressional counterparts, who are not the focus of a 24/7 hate campaign from our national media.


Jeb Bush Begs Donald Trump: ‘Come to DACA’s Defense’

Failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants President Donald Trump to save former President Barack Obama’s executive decree offering temporary amnesty to illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children.

“Come to DACA’s defense, Mr. Trump,” Bush wrote on Twitter, sharing a link to a Miami Herald editorial. “With Presidential leadership, this can be resolved.”

The emotional editorial recalls Trump’s assertion to deal with DACA recipients “with heart,” urging him to keep it in place.

“Trump can terminate DACA with the stroke of a pen,” the editorial reads. “That would be a shameful mistake.”


Sacramento plans to pay gang members $1.5M to keep the peace

How bad has gun violence gotten in Sacramento, Calif.? City leaders now plan to pay gang members $1.5 million for a cease-fire.

Following a fatal shooting last weekend in a city park, the Sacramento city council unanimously approved a controversial program called Advance Peace in an effort to address a recent spike in violence.

The program offers gang members cash stipends for graduating from school and generally staying out of trouble.


Animal abusers now need to register like sex offenders in some states

A new law is growing in popularity across the country to protect dogs, cats and other pets. Several United States jurisdictions have implemented an animal offenders registry, which is similar to how sex offenders are registered, and will publicly reveal the names of known animal abusers in the area.

Currently, Tennessee is the only place to implement a state-wide registry. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations is currently monitoring the state's registry, which can be accessed at any local office. However, other counties, such as Suffolk County in New York, Hillsborough Country in Florida and Cook County in Illinois, are have set up localized animal offender registries. Other states such as Texas, Connecticut and Washington are setting up similar initiatives.

The information a person will learn upon seeking out the registry is the name, date of birth, offense, conviction date and expiration date of all know abusers. First-time abusers' names will stay on the list for two years and an additional five years will be added to their expiration date for every subsequent offense after the original.


Experts: Trump DOJ could reopen 'rigged' Hillary Clinton probe, but questions would follow

After President Trump said Friday that Hillary Clinton was cleared of charges by a "rigged" system, experts said it may be possible for the Justice Department to reopen the criminal probe, although it is unlikely.

Launching a renewed investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state would not run afoul of the Constitution's double jeopardy clause, which bans prosecution twice for the same crime, experts say.

"The double jeopardy clause ban only applies to prosecutions, not investigations. So there is no constitutional bar to reopening the investigation," said Susan Herman, a professor at Brooklyn Law School and president of the American Civil Liberties Union.

"Jeopardy doesn't attach until a jury is sworn in a jury trial, or until the first witness is sworn in a judge trial," said Lissa Griffin, a Pace University law professor who has written about the constitutional protection.


American Idol to hold open auditions in Annapolis on September 5th

Can you sing? Can you sing in a tent? Can you do it on Tuesday?

A production crew from American Idol will hold auditions from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Westfield Annapolis mall. The daylong event will take place in a tent set up at the mall parking lot near the Lord & Taylor department store.

No celebrity judges will be at the audition, which will look for singers good enough to be part of the fall season — maybe.

“We will be in Annapolis looking for next American Idol and invite everyone out to audition,” said Melissa Elfar, a Los Angeles-based producer for American Idol. “They have the opportunity to audition in front of our producer-judges. This is a few rounds before seeing the show’s celebrity judges.”


Comey's alleged Clinton 'exoneration statement' calls Senate testimony into question

Fresh allegations that former FBI director James Comey began drafting an “exoneration statement” for Hillary Clinton well before interviewing her and other key witnesses have called into question his Senate testimony about why he decided to go public with his findings in the email case last summer.

In a June hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey was asked whether his decision to announce the results of the investigation was influenced by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s infamous meeting days earlier on an Arizona tarmac with former President Bill Clinton.

“Yes, in an ultimately conclusive way, that was the thing that capped it for me – that I had to do something separately to protect the credibility of the investigation,” Comey told Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C.


Meet the Lovely Antifa Members Who Were Arrested In Berkeley

Photos have now emerged of the dregs of society who were arrested as part of the Antifa riots in Berkeley, California. And, seriously, each and every one of them looks like a low life.

The arrests were made during the Antifa riots when a conservative-minded group canceled a rally they had planned at Martin Luther King Jr. Park near the University of California at Berkeley campus.

The City of Berkeley has released the list of those arrested with the charges filed against them, and released photos of 11 of the 13 arrested, Daily Wire reported.


Saving the Country from Its Own Government

Make no mistake. Removing statues and monuments related to the Confederacy, which is driven by the left, is not about redressing the legacy of slavery and racism, but rather it’s to advance the agenda to takedown the United States. There is, after all, enormous leverage for the left in transforming historic monuments of America’s past into symbols of racism and oppression. It’s like giving a new set of crowbars and sledgehammers to America’s internal enemies to help them further pull apart the unity of the American people, divide the electorate, and bludgeon their political opponents and particularly the present populist president, Donald Trump -- to arouse yet more hatred and animosity toward him.

This demolition campaign needs to be understood not only in the context of past and present politics, but also in context of the philosophy of those leading the agenda, the 50-year continuum of secular progressive accomplishments that preceded this, and most importantly why this stage may be the lynchpin in taking the country down.

Philosophically, the left’s secular progressivism has always been rooted in Marxism and its neoMarxist offspring that are predominantly focused on socialist redistribution, environmentalism and race, class and gender warfare. This not only puts them at war with capitalism and free markets, but also with traditional and family values, patriotic symbols, liberties and national sovereignty that are enshrined in and protected by the Constitution -- the legal basis of America’s democratic republic.


"Rapidly Intensifying" Hurricane Irma Barreling Straight Toward The East Coast


At 500 PM AST (2100 UTC), the center of Hurricane Irma was located near latitude 17.3 North, longitude 34.8 West. Irma is moving toward the west-northwest near 12 mph (19 km/h). This motion is expected to continue today, followed by a westward turn on Saturday, and a west-southwestward motion by Sunday.

Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 115 mph (185 km/h) with higher gusts. Irma is a category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Fluctuations in strength, both up and down, are possible, but Irma is expected to remain a powerful hurricane for several days.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has just updated its forecast for what it is now referring to as a "rapidly intensifying" Category 2 hurricane in the Eastern Atlantic ocean and the results look disastrous for a large swath of the Caribbean and Southeastern United States. Here is a brief summary of Hurricane Irma from the National Hurricane Center released at 11AM EST:


Bastardi: Must Watch Irma..

Joe Bastardi/WeatherBell, usually pretty accurate, showing an increased chance that Irma will arrive near the US as a Cat 4 or 5 major hurricane and may have a major impact on the East Coast.

Keep a close eye on this one.

Left-wing activists launch ‘No Red Cross’ campaign, ask for donor dollars

Activists are discouraging Hurricane Harvey donors from giving to the American Red Cross and urging them instead to contribute to left-wing causes, some of which are advocacy groups engaged in little if any emergency relief work.

Linda Sarsour, a prominent Muslim and feminist activist, sent out a tweet encouraging donors to give to the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, which conducts “direct action organizing, grass-roots lobbying and electoral organizing led by working families in Texas.”

“TOP is one of many organizations on this list you can choose to support,” Ms. Sarsour said in a Wednesday tweet that included the #NoRedCross hashtag. “Grassroots orgs on ground. Long term needed.”

The Texas Organizing Project, which has fought Texas voter ID laws and supported sanctuary-state status, is part of the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund, a coalition that includes labor groups such as the Service Employees International Union as well as Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid.

More here

How the worst of Harvey brought out America's best

Trump on Harvey disaster relief: ‘We are one American family’

President Trump received an update Friday on relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey victims and said the outpouring of support was “an inspiration for the world.”

“We are one American family brought together in times of tragedy by the unbreakable bonds of love and loyalty that we have for one another,” Mr. Trump said. “And there is a great love and a great loyalty in this country and we’ve all seen it in the last four days.”

Mr. Trump said the rush of volunteer to Texas and Louisiana was inspirational.

“They have taught us all a lesson, a very very powerful lesson,” he said. “There was no outbreak of crime. There was an outbreak of compassion — real, beautiful, strong compassion.”

The president met in the Oval Office with representative from the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Organization, which are at the forefront of the relief effort for storm and flood victims in Texas and Louisiana.

The organizations partner with the federal government in helping at shelters, providing food, water, blankets and clothing to storm victims.


Harvey Efforts Show Who We Really Are

Feinstein called for 'patience' with Trump. Now she faces a liberal backlash

At a time when the Democratic base is more restive than it has been in decades, Sen. Dianne Feinstein ignited a firestorm earlier this week when she refused to back the impeachment of President Trump and instead called for “patience” over his presidency.

The statements — provocative in Democratic circles and near-heretical in her hometown of San Francisco, where she made them — reflected a moderation and pragmatism that have been hallmarks of Feinstein’s career. But these qualities, after proving politically advantageous for decades, could become an albatross because of the state’s shifting demographics and political leanings as the 84-year-old decides whether to seek a sixth term.

Potential rivals are already circling.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León lashed out at Feinstein’s remarks hours after she made them Tuesday at the Commonwealth Club, saying that women, children, people of color, immigrants and members of the LGBTQ community had little time for patience in the face of the president’s policies.

On Thursday, he reiterated his disappointment in the state’s senior senator.

“It wasn’t the proper tone or tenor, especially given the current state of politics at the national level,” De León, who is termed out and rumored to be considering a Senate run, said in an interview with The Times. “We don’t owe Trump patience. We owe Californians resistance.”


Bottled Water Commercial

Boomers Are Turning 71 - These 4 Charts Paint A Perfect Storm It Will Set Off For Investors

Few investors understand the magnitude of the looming demographic crisis and its ramifications.

The first Baby Boomers turned 70 last year. At the same time, the US fertility rate is at its lowest point since records began in 1909.

This disastrous combination means by 2030, those aged 65 and older will make up over 20% of the population.

Source: Mauldin Economics

In the meantime, the percentage of working-age cohorts are in decline. Combined together, these trends create a perfect demographic storm for the US economy.


Authorities teaming up this weekend to stop any illegal ATV, dirt bike riders

WASHINGTON — Two area law enforcement agencies are teaming up and dedicating manpower to go after illegal ATV and dirt bike riders over the long Labor Day weekend.

The countywide crackdown involves more than 50 Prince George’s County police officers and 25 Maryland State Police troopers, and will run from Saturday morning through Monday.

Lawbreakers will be cited — and if necessary, their vehicles will be confiscated.

“We’ll also have our aircraft, along with Maryland State Police aircraft, available to assist when and if needed. We’ll also have officers doing surveillance,” Prince George’s County police Cpl. Tyler Hunter told WTOP.

People who illegally ride ATVs and unlicensed dirt bikes on roads and highways have been a problem throughout the region in recent years.

“We will not tolerate this sort of dangerous and reckless behavior,” Hunter said.

Prince George’s County officers recently received a type of tire-deflation device that they didn’t have before.


Trump Slams Comey's "Rigged System"; Confirms Kelly "Doing A Great Job"

President Trump is busy this morning commenting on the mainstream media's news-du-jour.

After reports showing that former FBI Director Comey had decided to exonerate Hillary (and grant immunity to her staffers) long before any interviews were undertaken, Trump lashes out at the swamp's "rigged system"...
Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over...and so much more. A rigged system!

And then, dismissing 'sourced' rumors that he is upset at his new Chief of Staff's "handling" of him, President Trump confirmed the "great job" Kelly is doing...


Just in from Robert E Lee

Congressman Harris Announces Fall Military Service Academy Resource Forum

WASHINGTON, DC: On September 20, the office of Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) will host a Military Service Academy Resource Forum for high school students in Maryland’s First Congressional District. All college-bound high school and eighth-grade students interested in attending a service academy and their parents are encouraged to attend.

Congressman Harris has invited representatives from West Point and the Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and Naval Academies to attend. The Congressman’s staff will also explain Dr. Harris’ role in the nomination process. This event is an excellent opportunity for high school and eighth-grade students to explore their options for higher education. The deadline to apply for a nomination from Congressman Harris is October 30, 2017. Students can download the nomination application at

· Date: September 20, 2017
· Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
· Location: Todd Performing Arts Center, Chesapeake College, 1000 College Circle, Wye Mills, MD 21679

To RSVP for this event, please contact Dr. Harris’ Kent Island office at 410-643-5425.

Treasury Secretary: Putting Harriet Tubman On $20 Not A Priority

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Last April, the Treasury Department announced that Harriet Tubman would become the first black woman on U.S. paper currency.

There has never been a set time for when the new $20 bill will be issued, but the department had committed to completing the design for it by 2020.

But in an interview Thursday, current Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said getting the bill changed is not something he’s focused on.

“Ultimately we will be looking at this issue, [but] It’s not something that I’m focused on at the moment,” he said, noting that he’s more concerned with anti-counterfeiting features on paper money.


Trump Declares Sunday a National Day of Prayer for People Affected by Harvey

President Donald Trump on Friday signed a proclamation declaring Sunday, Sept. 3, a national day of prayer to think of those who are facing the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

"We invite all Americans to join us as we continue to pray for those who have lost family members and friends and those who are suffering from this great crisis," Trump said in the Oval Office as he signed the order.

His proclamation came one day after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R.) signed an order designating Sunday as a day of prayer in Texas, which has been devastated by Harvey in recent days.

The signing ceremony in the White House on Friday featured several faith leaders.


If Everything's So Awesome, Why Did US Construction Spending Growth Just Collapse To Its Worst Since 2011?

For the second month in a row (and 3rd of the last 4), US construction spending dropped in July. This dragged the year-over-year growth to just 1.8%.

The last two times construction spending growth slowed to this rate, the US economy collapsed into recession...

Ironically, according to BLS, construction jobs surged in the latest month - up 28k - the most since February?

But it's probably different this time - this time we have the internet, and eyeballs, and all that AdSpend (oh wait, didn't WPP just collapse?)


Rediscovering Courage

“When cowardice is made respectable, its followers are without number both from among the weak and the strong; it easily becomes a fashion.” —Eric Hoffer

Today, there is little doubt that cowardice — more often than not couched as a “reasonable” response to the demands of hateful, hysterical leftists — is not only respectable but very much in fashion.

In Memphis, the Orpheum Theater announced it will end a 34-year-old tradition of “Gone With the Wind” summertime screenings due to “specific inquiries from patrons.” In a statement, the theater company explained, “As an organization whose stated mission is to ‘entertain, educate and enlighten the communities it serves’, the Orpheum cannot show a film that is insensitive to a large segment of its local population.”

The hyper-sensitive local population to which the theater refers are ostensibly black Americans, who comprise approximately 64% of Memphis’ total population. Yet like most things progressive, the narrative doesn’t align with reality: A 2014 YouGov survey taken on the 75th anniversary of the picture revealed that 73% of black Americans rated the movie as great, very good or good. Nonetheless, Orpheum Theatre Group president Brett Batterson insisted the move was “about the Orpheum wanting to be inclusive and welcoming to all of Memphis.”

Both Batterson and a large majority of the theater’s board members are white, and all of them apparently miss the searing irony: Their insufferably paternalistic presumption that they know what’s best for black Americans resembles that of antebellum slave masters. Moreover their exhortations of inclusivity and welcome-ness are nothing more than fashionable cowardice.

They are joined — or is that topped — by the cowards at California’s San Domenico School, who have decided their 167-year-oldexistence as a Dominican Catholic institution needed an “update” requiring the removal of approximately 162 Catholic icons and statues. The head of San Domenico’s board of trustees, Amy Skewes-Cox, again issued boilerplate progressive bromides to justify censorship. “If you walk on the campus and the first thing you confront is three or four statues of St. Dominic or St. Francis, it could be alienating for that other religion, and we didn’t want to further that feeling.”


FBI, DHS warned of increasingly violent Antifa clashes in 2016

Well before the deadly Aug. 12 rally in Charlottesville and the ongoing violent clashes with white supremacists and other groups, federal authorities warned local officials the actions of left-wing extremists were becoming increasingly confrontational and dangerous.

Federal agencies warned of the growing likelihood of lethal violence between left-wing anarchists and right-wing white supremacists.

Some even classified their activities as “domestic terrorist violence.”

In previously unreported documents dating back to April 2016 and viewed by Fox News, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security wrote that “anarchist extremists” and Antifa groups were the primary instigators of violence at public rallies. They blamed these groups for attacks on police, government and political institutions, racists, fascists and “symbols of capitalism.”


Florida mother murders teenage boy for daughter’s rape

A Florida mom has confessed to murdering a teenage boy in revenge for him allegedly raping her six-year-old daughter.

Connie Serbu lured 18-year-old Xavier Sierra to a wooded area in Naples, where she confronted him about the rape, before shooting him dead, police say.

She then called the cops herself, reportedly telling officers: 'So I don't care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter... she told me everything that happened.'


A Costly Hurricane

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing strangers risking their lives to help their neighbors and fellow citizens after a natural disaster. It’s one of those rare moments when people put aside whatever differences they may have for the greater good. But now that Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters are receding, it’s time to start focusing on the recovery efforts and their associated costs. And the costs are tremendous.

Natural disasters cannot be prevented, but their impacts can be reduced if cities like Houston would take the threat from these storms seriously and act proactively. Data from the National Weather Service show that Texas has been hit by 64 hurricanes and 56 tropical storms since the 1850s. So it’s not like Hurricane Harvey was an anomaly.

Worse, Ralph Vartabedian writes in the Los Angeles Times, “[Houston] has been deceiving itself for decades about its vulnerability to flooding, said Robert Bea, a member of the National Academy of Engineering and UC Berkeley emeritus civil engineering professor who has studied hurricane risks along the Gulf Coast. The city’s flood system is supposed to protect the public from a 100-year storm” that is “based on a rainfall total of 13 inches in 24 hours.”

Clearly, the system wasn’t designed to protect Houston from a storm the size of Harvey. Had various levels of government directed resources into Houston’s infrastructure, the costs incurred would have certainly been less than those the city is now facing. Another way the costs of these powerful storms can be reduced is to fix the flawed and bankrupt National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Government programs always sound good, but there’s always more to the story.

The editors of Investor’s Business Daily write, “[NFIP] owes close to $25 billion to the U.S. Treasury, which means it owes you, the taxpayer. How could that be? The fact is, as with so many government programs, the very name of the agency is false. It is not providing ‘insurance’ in any true sense, but rather a taxpayer guarantee. Big difference.”


Obesity epidemic at new high, costs $150B a year, hurts military recruiting

Americans continue to get fatter and it's delivering a huge blow to the country, both in higher health care costs and undercutting military recruiting, according to a huge new study.

The 14th annual State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America report from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation bluntly reported that 70 percent of the nation is obese or overweight.

And while the rate of obesity growth is leveling off, the costs aren't. The report, for example, said additional health care for obese adults and children is $150 billion a year and billions of dollars more in lost worker productivity.

It is also costly to the military, said the report. Nearly one-quarter of military recruits are rejected because they are obese and it costs the Pentagon $1 billion a year in added health care costs for obese troops and their families.

More stunning, said the comprehensive 101-page report: " 70 percent of today's youth are not fit to serve in the military due to obesity or being overweight, criminal records, drug misuse or educational deficits."

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You Go Kellyanne

Christians Sign Statement of Christian Faith, Left Goes Nuts

Christians aren't supposed to believe what the Bible teaches but what social justice warriors demand.

Christians aren’t supposed to believe what the Bible teaches; Christians are instead supposed to believe what 21st century social justice warriors allow them to believe. That’s essentially the message of progressives in the wake of the signing by many prominent Evangelical Christians of the Nashville Statement.

National Review’s David French, who was among the signers, sums it up: “It’s a basic declaration of Christian orthodoxy on sexuality, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. Its 14 articles can be boiled down to a simple statement: We believe the Bible is the word of God, and the word of God declares that sexual intimacy is reserved for the lifelong union of a man and a woman in marriage. It acknowledges the reality of same-sex attraction as well as the reality of transgender self-conceptions, but denies that God sanctions same-sex sexual activity or a transgendered self-conception that is at odds with biological reality. In other words, it’s basic Christianity.”

Naturally, that’s vile bigotry to many on the Left. In addition to the leftist Christians whose politics often trump their belief in the Bible’s teachings, Nashville’s Democrat Mayor Megan Barry weighed in,


Summer Vacation

Summer vacation means different things to different people. It might be a trip to a theme park or a week-long stay at the beach. Many people use that extended time to visit relatives, a car trip for shorter distances or a plane ride to farther destinations.

When I was growing up, summer vacations were alternately spent going to Buffalo,NY or renting a vacation cottage in Ocean City. I didn’t like Ocean City at all. Being fair skinned, I would burn quickly and they didn’t have all the concoctions they have today to prevent it. I usually hit my mother up for a few bucks and would spend the day on the boardwalk playing arcade games. Mom would put a T-shirt on me but that never sufficed. Besides the burning sun, the water always smelled of iron at the cottage, and the streets would burn your feet. No, there wasn’t a thing I liked about Ocean City. After two or three days, I would usually beg to come back to Salisbury where I would hang around with my grandfather. Pop was home because he didn’t like Ocean City, either.

Every other year, we would take our vacation to go to Buffalo, NY. All my father’s relatives were there. He had moved here in 1939 with Martin & Schwartz, but wanted to stay in touch with his family. The total trip was 435 miles and took two days. Anybody that has traveled with little children knows what I’m talking about. The two highlights of the trip were Route 896 from Bear, DE to Lancaster, PA. It was 35 miles long, and Pop would always try to make it in less than an hour. My sister and I loved it when the old Ford would lurch over the little bridges that frequently were encountered along this stretch of road. The other entailed getting past Harrisburg, PA on Route 15. Somewhere on this part of the trip, Route 15 traversed the river, but Pop never seemed to find the right way and we ended up lost.

Our stop-over was always in Sunbury, PA. Pop determined it to be the half-way point, so that was our destination for the first day, coming or going. I remember one trip in the late 1950’s where we were in Sunbury and went to a movie that night. It was a double feature and both films were in 3-D – a phenomenon at the time. Since both of them never came to Salisbury, I was envied by many of my peers upon returning home.

I always liked the trip to Buffalo. My relatives always made sure we went to Crystal Beach, Canada, where they had an amusement park. It was nothing like Disney World, but, to a small boy, it was a total wonder, with a roller coaster and a fun house.

Once, when I was about 3, I left my Teddy bear in a restaurant. When it was finally discovered, I was inconsolable. So much so that my father had to drive back almost 100 miles to placate me. I still have that bear. Teddy might be threadbare and one-eyed, but he brings back many a nice memory. I got him on my first Christmas in 1943, so he rightfully deserves his place of honor in my corner cabinet. His memories of summer vacation probably include the time he thought he had been abandoned.


Wells Admits It Created 1.4 Million More Fake Accounts Than Previously Thought

Remember the outrage one year ago when it was revealed that in its push to pad its top, and bottom line, Warren Buffett's favorite bank had engaged in outright criminal account churning and "cross selling", opening some 2.1 million unauthorized client accounts without permission (subsequently this extended to unsolicited car insurance policies extended on Wells auto loans). Well it turns out there was not nearly outrage, because as the bank revealed this morning, the "real" number was higher. 67% higher.

According to the outside review whose findings were released today, Wells Fargo said employees created two-thirds more bogus accounts than initially thought. According to the review, an additional 1.4 million "potentially unauthorized" deposit and credit-card accounts opened when the bank was encouraging employees to sell multiple products to retail customers, bringing the total to about 3.5 million, according to a statement Thursday from the San Francisco-based firm. The revised estimate covers January 2009 to September 2016, almost twice as long as the period examined in the initial review.

Wells new CEO was, predictably, all apologies:

“We apologize to everyone who was harmed by unacceptable sales practices that occurred in our retail bank,” said Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan. “To rebuild trust and to build a better Wells Fargo, our first priority is to make things right for our customers, and the completion of this expanded third-party analysis is an important milestone. Through this expanded review, as well as the class action settlement, free mediation services, and ongoing outreach and complaint resolution, we’ve cast a wide net to reach customers and address their remaining concerns. Our commitment has never been stronger to build a better bank for our customers, team members, shareholders and communities.”


Type 2 diabetes may hit 84 million Americans, and they don't know it

One third of Americans may be on their way to developing full-blown type 2 diabetes, and most of them don't even know it.

A recent report from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) shows that more than 84 million Americans, or roughly one-third of the population, have prediabetes, a condition marked by higher-than-normal blood sugar. Of that group, 90 percent aren't aware they have the condition.

The primary risk factor for type 2 diabetes is genetics, but excess weight, obesity and lack of exercise also contribute to this alarming medical trend. "People with prediabetes who don't change their lifestyle are at a much higher risk of developing heart disease and stroke and can develop type 2 diabetes within five years if left untreated," said William T. Cefalu, MD, chief scientific, medical & mission officer of the American Diabetes Association.


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UN Human Rights Chief: Trump Attacks on Press Could Be 'Incitement'

President Donald Trump's criticisms of the press earned a rebuke Wednesday from Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, the United Nations' high commissioner for human rights.

Freedom of the press is "under attack from the president," Hussein said Wednesday at a Geneva press conference, according to The Washington Post.

"To call these news organizations 'fake' does tremendous damage and to refer to individual journalists in this way, I have to ask the question: Is this not an incitement for others to attack journalists?" Hussein asked, according to The Post.


[An interesting question.. so how does the UN view this? Trump Haters Call for Presidential Assassination --Editor]