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Monday, September 05, 2016

Confirmed: Rupert Murdoch Instructed Fox News To Take Down Donald Trump August 2015…

In an extensive article within New York Magazine, mostly outlining the rather sordid details of Roger Ailes, readers may also note specific confirmation of something we outlined in August of last year (2015). Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch instructed Fox News executives to take down Donald Trump.


(NY MAG) […] Murdoch was not a fan of Trump’s and especially did not like his stance on immigration. (The antipathy was mutual: “Murdoch’s been very bad to me,” Trump told me in March.) A few days before the first GOP debate on Fox in August 2015, Murdoch called Ailes at home. “This has gone on long enough,” Murdoch said, according to a person briefed on the conversation.

Murdoch told Ailes he wanted Fox’s debate moderators — Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace — to hammer Trump on a variety of issues. Ailes, understanding the GOP electorate better than most at that point, likely thought it was a bad idea. “Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee,” Ailes told a colleague around this time. But he didn’t fight Murdoch on the debate directive.



Anonymous said...

Unreal how a select few with large bank accounts can influence the direction of our country. So very sad, and been going on before our time.

lmclain said...

Re v o l u ti o n.

Mike wallace, Chris's father was a bought and paid for (by the CIA) newscaster and now these three have sold their souls to try to influence an election, not with TRUTH, but thinly disguised innuendo and obviously biased and targeted questions.
I can already see the debate questions....
1) Mrs. Clinton, would you tell us which thing about Trump makes you the most angry?
2) Mrs. Clinton, why do you love America so much?
3) Mrs. Clinton, how many poor kids will die if Trump is elected??
4) Mrs. Clinton, do you think Trump will openly kill black people or do something else, like poison their water?
Trumps turn....
1) Mr. Trump, why are you so evil and bigoted?
2) Mr. Trump, how many black people will die because of your proposals?
3) Mr. Trump, have you stopped cheating on your wife? Stopped beating her yet?
4) Mr. Trump, would you tell the audience about the Laws of Thermodynamics, please, and how they would affect your proposals to deport all the spanish workers and peaceful muslims who just want a chance at love and peace?
5) Mr. Trump, if you, your wife and a Mexican were on a sinking ship, would you shoot the Mexican before you threw him overboard, or give him a chance to swim 300 miles to shore?
Keep cheering?
Stop puking would be a better suggestion.

Anonymous said...

The Jews own the media.

Anonymous said...

Chris Wallace is a Democrat dressed in Republican clothing.