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Thursday, August 02, 2018

Conversion Therapy Ban Fails in Massachusetts Legislature

A bill that would have prohibited therapists from trying to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a minor has failed in the Massachusetts Legislature, even though both the House and Senate expressed support for it.

An amendment added to the bill in the state House of Representatives five weeks ago proved the bill’s undoing, as the Senate failed to pass a reconciled version in time to meet all the technical formalities needed before the two chambers wrapped up their formal sessions in the wee hours of Wednesday, August 1.

As a result, so-called “conversion therapy” remains legal in Massachusetts, although it’s unclear if any mental-health therapists in the state are practicing it.

“We are relieved to see that parents and children will continue to have the freedom to seek the counseling they choose,” said Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, who opposes the bill, in an email message. “… The bill was defeated by all the hard work of our allies in the House and Senate, backed up by the phone calls and emails from MFI’s thousands of Bay State supporters.”


Somerset County Sheriff's Office reports most recent arrests

David Martin Brickwood Jr. of Pocomoke, arrested 7-24-18 on a warrant for violation of probation. Brickwood was later held without bond.

Malik Clodis Smith of Glenburnie Maryland, arrested 7-27-18 on a warrant for violation of probation. Smith was later held without bond.

Dennis Lamont Daniels of Cambridge Maryland, arrested 7-27-18 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Daniels was later held without bond.

Kenneth Leon Collins of Princess Anne, arrested 7-29-18 on a warrants for failing to appear in court. Collins was later held on a $1,000 bond.

Herbert Russell Dashiell of Salisbury, arrested 7-30-18 and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, negligent driving, failure to drive right of center, and failing to reduce speed to avoid a collision. Dashiell was later released on citations pending court actions. Deputies were called to the area of Sign Post Rd, Westover regarding a dump truck accident. Deputies later discovered that Dashiell was under the influence of alcohol while operating the dump truck.

Massachusetts Legislature Considering Requiring Civics in Schools

Civics education would become more prominent in public schools across Massachusetts, under a bill filed Tuesday night by negotiators.

All six House and Senate conference committee members signed off on the bill (S 2631), which could surface for votes during sessions scheduled for Wednesday.

The bill states that in all public schools, the “history of the United States of America and social science, including civics, shall be taught as required subjects to promote civic service and a greater knowledge thereof and to prepare students, morally and intellectually, for the duties of citizenship.”


Three Lies and a Truth: Long 'New York' Article on Elizabeth Warren Cut Down To Size

New York Magazine published Monday a long article about U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Cambridge) by Rebecca Traister. If you like edgy-sounding vulgarities and ponderous run-on sentences, dive right in.

If not, here’s a pithier summary, in four acts.

1. The Claim:

“He’s built one of his reliably racist shticks around his nickname for her, ‘Pocahontas’ — deploying it at least 26 times between 2014 and 2017 — in reference to her claim as a young law professor from Oklahoma that she was part Cherokee.

The Truth:

In a 7,177-word article, this is the sum total on the issue that disqualifies Elizabeth Warren from yet-higher office. As New Boston Post has pointed out in detail, Warren appears to have used non-existent American Indian heritage to help her get highly sought-after, highly paid work. The facts seem clear, and her occasional denials over the years have been neither detailed, nor supported by evidence, nor plausible.

It’s not racist to criticize someone for using a false ethnic identity to help her get jobs at two Ivy League law schools. Calling Warren “Pocahontas” isn’t a slur against indigenous peoples; it’s a slap at a fraudster.

But this long article doesn’t even describe Warren’s problem accurately. Warren’s “claim as a young law professor from Oklahoma that she was part Cherokee” isn’t her problem; it’s that she used it to get something that others sought and that she wasn’t (on that basis) entitled to get.


NYT Stock Outperforms Amazon, Facebook, Apple Amid 'Trump Bump'

The Trump era sure has been good for shareholders in what the president likes to call the “failing New York Times.”

New York Times Company stock soared 141% between Election Day 2016 and late June 2018. You’d have made more money if you’d bought New York Times stock on Election Day than if you had invested in a fund that tracks the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index (up about 29% since Election Day). You even would have made more money with New York Times Company stock than you would have if you had invested in high-tech stocks such as Facebook (up 62%), Amazon (up 118%), Apple (up 71%), or Google parent company Alphabet (up 46%).

No wonder former President Bill Clinton has reportedly been going around talking about how theTimes struck a deal with Donald Trump to get him elected because it would be good for the Times’ business. Trump has been good for the Times’ business. Wall Street analysts and cable business news channel CNBC describe the post-election surge in Times digital subscription revenue as a “Trump Bump.”


Names of non-US citizens increasingly found on voter rolls

Non-American citizens are increasingly found on voter rolls thanks to covert registration methods, with nothing actually stopping them from casting a ballot in an election.

Elizaveta Shuvalova, a Russian citizen who became a U.S. citizen only last year, was registered as an eligible voter in 2012 and added to the San Francisco voter rolls, theWashington Times reported.

She was perplexed to find herself in the voter rolls, saying she wasn’t an American citizen and didn’t even register to vote.

“I’ve never registered for anything in my entire life,” Shuvalova told the paper. “This is news to me.”

“I’ve never registered for anything in my entire life. This is news to me.”- Elizaveta Shuvalova, who became a U.S. citizen in 2017, but has been on voter rolls since 2012


Alexander: Therapists Re-brand 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'

“To restore … harmony … to render us again one people acting as one nation should be the object of every man really a patriot.” —Thomas Jefferson (1801)

It’s official!

Psychotherapists have adopted a diagnostic name for what we in the real world refer to as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDR). They have now rebranded TDR version 2.0 as “Trump Anxiety Disorder” (TAD). While that may be a nicer diagnostic tag for a new counseling revenue stream, the word “derangement” is a much more accurate description of the extreme cognitive dissonance TAD references.

The pop culture Urban Dictionary defines Trump Derangement Syndrome as “a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason. Symptoms for this condition can be very diverse, ranging from hysterical outbursts to a complete mental break.”

Given the benefit (or detriment) of holding several graduate degrees, including one in psychology, I would suggest that the increasing frequency and intensity of hysterics associated with TDR is greatly exacerbated by the unmitigated, constant consumption of hateful Demo/MSM propaganda, 24/7/365. The result is a mass movement of those so intent on undermining Trump that they are now far off the reality reservation and utterly obsessed with defeating peace and prosperity.

More here

Trump's DNA Test Jab at Elizabeth Warren Divides Her GOP Challengers

President Donald Trump’s remarks about tossing a DNA test at U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren during a hypothetical debate have not sat well with some top Bay State Republicans, including one who is running to defeat the Cambridge Democrat.

For years Warren has faced controversy over identifying herself as of American Indian heritage, including listing herself as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools legal directory. Warren addressed the issue in a speech in February in which she said that although she is not a member of any tribe, she learned of her Native American heritage growing up in Oklahoma.

Warren appears to be racially white, and Trump has regularly mocked her over her undocumented ancestry claims, calling her Pocahontas.

At a July 5 campaign stop in Montana, the president joked that he would toss a DNA kit at the senator if the two meet on a debate stage, and offer her $1 million if she was able to demonstrate American Indian ancestry.

“We have to do it gently, because we’re in the me-too generation, so we have to be very gentle. And we will very gently take that kit and we will slowly toss it — hoping it doesn’t hit her and injure her arm, even though it only weighs probably two ounces — and we will say, ‘I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian,'” Trump said to laughter and applause.

“I know what he’s trying to do. He’s trying to bully me and he’s trying to bully women all across this country,” Warren responded on Greater Boston on WGBH Channel 2 on Monday night. Asked by host Jim Braude why she didn’t submit to a genetic test to put the issue to rest, Warren said, “Why not just give into a bully? And get it off the table? Because that’s not how you deal with bullies.”


Guinness' first US brewery in 60 years opens its doors TOMORROW!

The day we've been waiting for is almost here! Guinness' US brewery and taphouse opens tomorrow, Friday, August 3, in Maryland.

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House, will open its doors tomorrow in Halethorp, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore.

It's the first Guinness brewery in the US in 60 years!

The "mid-sized brewery" and "innovation microbrewery" will focus on brewing beers specifically targeted for the U.S. market, like Guinness Blonde and Guinness IPA which have been launched in recent years. They'll be serving 16 beers on tap, including favorites from Dublin and brand new beers brewed on premises.


Maine Governor Vetoes Conversion Therapy Ban, and Wonders Why Female Genital Mutilation Measure Didn't Make It To His Desk

Maine Governor Paul LePage has vetoed a bill that would outlaw so-called “conversion therapy” aimed at changing the sexual orientation or gender identity of a minor, sending a blistering message to state legislators chiding them for not passing an unrelated bill that would have outlawed female genital mutilation.

LePage, a Republican, pointed out that supporters of the bill didn’t provide evidence that any licensed therapists in Maine are practicing conversion therapy, but he said Maine hospitals see cases of botched genital mutilations “gone horribly wrong.”

“Legislators who could not stand up and outlaw the permanent mutilation of young girls’ sexual organs by laypersons in unsanitary conditions with razor blades now are concerned with outlawing conversations, of which there is also ‘no evidence’ that it is happening in Maine,” LePage said in his veto message. “This is a disgusting double-standard.”


Mueller team lectured by judge in Manafort case

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors were lectured by a federal judge on Wednesday for the language they’ve used in the courtroom and more, as the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort entered its second day.

U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III specifically told prosecutors to stop using the word “oligarch” to describe wealthy Ukrainians, whose dealings with Manafort are at the heart of the fraud charges he faces in northern Virginia federal court.

The judge said the term has a “pejorative” meaning and is not relevant in this case. Further, he cautioned that using it could suggest Manafort is associated with bad people – and guilty by association.

“It’s not the American way,” the judge said. He noted that wealthy donors like George Soros or the Koch brothers also could be considered oligarchs.


Students for Trump Director: ‘Never Be Afraid to Speak Your Mind’

In a wide-ranging interview with Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM, Students for Trump Director Joseph Cortez told students to speak their mind on campus.

“Never be afraid to speak your mind. If you want to come out in support of this president, just talk about the numbers,” Cortez said. “Talk about the 4.1 percent GDP. Talk about the record-low unemployment. Talk about the record low unemployment for African-Americans, for Hispanics, for women. Talk about how wages are rising and taxes are lower. Look at the stock market.”

Cortez told the story of a professor at his college who told his class that conservative students would not pass the class. “There is a professor at my university who says that ‘if you’re a conservative, you are not going to pass this class.’ It’s a sociology class,” Cortez said.


Non-citizens across U.S. find it easy to register to vote, cast ballots

A Russian national or any other non-citizen can easily influence a U.S. election by simply registering to vote in California — just ask Elizaveta Shuvalova.

Ms. Shuvalova said she didn’t even know her name was added to the San Francisco voter rolls in 2012, when she was a 21-year-old Russian citizen living legally in the U.S. but ineligible to vote.

“I’ve never registered for anything in my entire life,” said Ms. Shuvalova, who became a U.S. citizen early last year. “This is news to me.”

The Washington Times obtained a San Francisco County voter log that detailed Ms. Shuvalova’s registration history and presented the document to her.

It showed that she signed up as a Democrat in July 2012 and that her registration was canceled in May 2016 after she told election officials she wasn’t a citizen. Her registration, as a Republican, was reactivated in March 2017.

“This is definitely a shocker to me. It is like an identity fraud because this is not coming from my end,” said Ms. Shuvalova, who now lives in New York, works as a personal trainer and calls herself a Democrat. “Like I told you, I haven’t even been a citizen during that time frame. So what can we do about it?”

More of a shocker is how easily Ms. Shuvalova was registered to vote in California without a citizenship check. Conservative watchdogs say the problem is surprisingly common across the country.

More here

FBI Launched Investigation Two Years Ago — Still No Collusion Found

It has been two full years since the FBI formally launched its investigation into the Trump campaign on July 31, 2016, but it has yet to find any evidence of collusion with Russia.

The collusion theory was first floated in the media by Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, on July 24, 2016, two days after hacked Democratic National Committee emails had been released on the eve of the DNC convention.

Collusion theorists often point to the number of indictments Special Counsel Robert Mueller has issued so far – against former campaign aides Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Russians who ran disinformation campaigns or hacking operations.

However, none of the indictments have anything to do with collusion or conspiracy between the campaign and Russia.


Dems Who Opposed Citizenship Question on Census Want to Ask About Sexual Orientation

(CNSNews) - The same Democrat senators who strongly opposed a citizenship question on the U.S. Census have just introduced legislation that would require the Census to ask people about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Senators Kamala Harris (Calif.) and Tom Carper (Del.), both members of the Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee, on Tuesday introduced the Census Equality Act, which would require the decennial census to include sexual orientation/gender identity questions no later than 2030; and the separate American Community Survey (ACS) would have to include those questions no later than 2020.

The senators say they want to make sure the approximately 10 million Americans who identify as LGBTQ "are properly counted" and represented in data collection efforts. They believe that LGBTQ under-counting results in "an inadequate distribution of resources and social services, including Medicaid, Section 8 housing vouchers, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)."

“The spirit of the census is that no one should go uncounted and no one should be invisible,” Harris said in a news release announcing the The Census Equality Act.


Lost Dog 8-2-18

Missing in the Foxchase area this morning 8-2-2018. Black, white and brown, Australian Shepherd. Very friendly and answers to Jesse. Call 443 614 2376

President Trump Calls for Voter ID

President Donald Trump has made it clear that immigration will be a major campaign issue for him, in both the midterm elections and in his own re-election bid, and that was evident at the president's rally in Florida on Tuesday.

"Republicans want strong borders and no crime. Democrats want open borders, which equals massive crime," he said. "And on top of that, the Democrats...they've launched outrageous attacks on our incredible law enforcement officers and on ICE and our Border Patrol -- can you believe it? People that keep us safe."

Trump said Democrats, in their pursuit of open borders, also want to let illegal immigrants vote. "It's crazy," he said:

"In some states, Democrats are even trying to give illegal immigrants the right to vote. They want to give them the right to vote. And what about all those people that are waiting in line for seven, eight, nine, ten years, trying to get into our country. They don't have the right to vote.

"We believe that only American citizens should vote in American elections. Which is why the time has come for voter ID, like everything else. Voter ID."

More here

HHS Rolls Out New, Affordable, Temporary Health Coverage

The Trump administration on Wednesday issued a final rule to help Americans get short-term, limited-duration, affordable health insurance that is designed to fill temporary gaps in coverage.

The new plan is exempt from the Obamacare requirements that apply to individual health insurance plans, and it comes as Democrats are trying to make health insurance a campaign issue. ("We want to expand access to Medicare," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told a news conference in June.)

“Under the Affordable Care Act, Americans have seen insurance premiums rise and choices dwindle,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. “President Trump is bringing more affordable insurance options back to the market, including through allowing the renewal of short-term plans. These plans aren’t for everyone, but they can provide a much more affordable option for millions of the forgotten men and women left out by the current system.”


Missing Dog 8-2-18: UPDATE

Missing in Sherwood Circle area near Salisbury Christian School between 8 and 10 pm on 8/1. Name is Tanner. 12 year old mix breed. Very timid but friendly was a rescue. Has had a stroke so weak rear legs. Call 443-614-8983

Federal Judge Declares Albuquerque’s Vehicle Seizure Program Unconstitutional

A U.S. district judge declared Albuquerque's civil asset forfeiture program unconstitutional.

Federal judge James O. Browning found that seizing property from those suspected of a crime, even before a legal judgment had been rendered, violated the property owner's legal right to the presumption of innocence. The law placed the burden on citizens to absolve themselves from crimes of which they're accused, even if they had not been charged. He also held that the program’s funds collection, which bankrolls its budget, enticed law enforcement officials to work for personal benefit rather than for civilian protection.

"The City of Albuquerque has an unconstitutional institutional incentive to prosecute forfeiture cases, because, in practice, the forfeiture program sets its own budget and can spend, without meaningful oversight, all of the excess funds it raises from previous years," Browning, who sits on the District Court of New Mexico, wrote in an order Saturday.


In Letter to Trump, DOJ Blasts FIRST STEP Act

The Department of Justice is forcefully opposed to a major criminal justice reform bill, according to an internal letter sent last month and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The letter was authored by Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd and sent to Marc Short, the now-former director of legislative affairs for President Donald Trump. In it, Boyd outlined Justice's serious concerns about the FIRST STEP Act, a bipartisan proposal for which the White House has signaled sympathy.

Proponents have argued the bill, which passed the House in May and now awaits action in the Senate, is a "prison reform" measure that would overhaul the process of incarceration without actually reducing terms. It would do so by expanding the number of opportunities prisoners have to earn "good time" credits towards early release through participation in vocational training and rehabilitative programming.

However, critics of FIRST STEP argue it would indirectly lead to the release of some 4,000 federal prisoners thanks to the new "good time" credit rules. These prisoners, the DOJ contends in its letter, could include violent offenders and drug traffickers.

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Watchdog Files Suit Against DOJ Seeking Comey’s Personal Emails

The government watchdog group Cause of Action filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Department of Justice claiming that the agency has not responded to three Freedom of Information Act requests, one of which is seeking emails from former FBI Director James Comey's personal email accounts that deal with government business.

The fact that such emails existed at all was made known when the long-awaited FBI inspector general report on the bureau's handling of the Clinton email investigation was released in mid-June.

The Washington Free Beacon was first to report that Cause of Action filed FOIA requests on the same day the IG report was released seeking the Comey emails identified in the report.


Sessions Targets Corporate Job-Discrimination Against Americans

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice is expanding its initiative to crack down on businesses that discriminate against American job-seekers.

Sessions’ DOJ signed a memorandum with the Department of Labor to expand collaboration of the Civil Rights Division’s “Protecting U.S. Workers Initiative” that seeks to protect Americans from being discriminated against and passed over for foreign guest workers who enter the U.S. on employment visas.

“Employers should hire workers based on their skills, experience, and authorization to work; not based on discriminatory preferences that violate the law,” Acting Assistant Attorney General John Gore of the Civil Rights Division said in a statement. “Our partnership with [the Department of Labor] … significantly enhances the Civil Rights Division’s ability to identify employers that favor temporary visa holders over U.S. workers who can do the job.”


Dems Worry About Election Integrity, Oppose Voter ID

President Donald Trump declared at a Tuesday rally in Florida, “If you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card. You need ID.” Cue the Leftmedia fact-check freak out. Headlines across the nation reacted similarly to the Chicago Tribune’s, which read, “Trump at rally makes false claim on photo IDs for groceries.” But if you buy, for instance, a six-pack of beer with your groceries, Trump is spot on. Intentionally missing the point of Trump’s broadly accurate remarks, the mainstream media saw an opportunity to dismiss outright Trump’s clear message: The best and most practical way to defend the integrity of U.S. elections is through voter ID laws.

In context, Trump’s full statements were aimed at the very common experience of every American when making a purchase — they are asked to produce a photo ID.

Here is the full context of what Trump said:

Judge Napolitano Doubles Down: Says Paul Manafort was Exonerated 8 Years Ago — May Call Rosenstein as First Witness (VIDEO)

Judge Napolitano dropped a bomb Tuesday on FOX and Friends.

The FOX News legal analyst told the audience that Paul Manafort was already exonerated eight years ago on these same charges and… Rod Rosenstein was the lawyer who exonerated him!

Here’s the Transcript via Bizzy Blog:

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Here’s Manafort’s defense: I was investigated for all this by the government eight years ago, and I was exonerated. And I’m going to put on the stand as my first witness the young lawyer who exonerated me.


Uncivil in a Civic — The Wages of Trump Derangement Syndrome

A 25-year-old woman who police say became unhinged at the sight of a Trump bumper sticker in Hyannis has pleaded not guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon.

The victim, a man, told Barnstable police on June 30 that he was driving when a gray Honda Civic began following him while the driver was honking the horn.

Thinking something was wrong with his car, the man stopped, which allowed the woman to pull up alongside him and ask if he voted for Trump. When he said yes, “She called me a racist and several other names,” the man told police, according to The Cape Cod Times.

When the man went to get back into his car, the woman drove her car at the open door, ramming it and almost hitting the man, the man told police.

He caught some of the incident on video, according to police.

The woman then drove off. Police in Bourne arrested the woman on an open warrant Monday, July 30 after a random check of her license plate.


Donald Trump Surprises Rush Limbaugh

President Donald Trump surprised talk radio host Rush Limbaugh by calling him on the air to congratulate him on the 30th anniversary of his show.

“You’re a very special man, Rush, and you have people that love you. I’m one of them,” Trump said. “What you do for this country, people have no idea how important your voice is.”

Limbaugh thanked Trump for the courtesy, noting that the president meant a great deal to his listeners.

Trump said his supporters were frustrated with establishment politicians who repeatedly let them down.

“They’ve really been mistreated for so many years by the politicians,” he said. “The country’s been mistreated. The trade deals were so bad. The taxes were so high.”

He reminded Limbaugh that he had only been to Washington, DC for a handful of occasions before he was elected president.

“I had no idea how evil some of them are, but you have a lot of great people too,” he said. “And outside of Washington you have the greatest people in the world.”

More here

Kitten Dumped Into Woods By Animal Control

I couldn't believe what I was seeing/reading. An animal control officer was called in to get this kitten. Once he retrieved the injured kitten they simply stopped their vehicle and dumped the kitten off into the woods in the middle of nowhere. They need to FIRE this animal control a$$hole and give someone who would LOVE what they do the job instead. In fact, perhaps they should FIRE the person who hired this a$$hole as neither one of them belong in these positions. 

Car Sales Tumble As Automakers Slash Discounts For The First Time In 5 Years

For years, some more skeptical analysts had been stumped by the relentless US consumer demand US for new cars, despite rising household debt levels, stagnant real wages, and concerns about record subprime exposure. Today, we may have found the dynamo that drove purchases to a plateau of between 17 and 18 million units over the past three years: pervasive dealer discounts and incentives.

Almost all major manufacturers reported a sharp drop in U.S. deliveries for July, led by a 15% plunge at Nissan Motor. The reason: for the first time in 55 months, the auto industry - perhaps due to concerns about the impact of auto tariffs - cut back spending on incentives, snapping a streak of monthly consecutive increases that began 4 1/2 years ago, according to J.D. Power.

While General Motors stopped reporting its monthly numbers earlier this year, Bloomberg reports that its sales fell 3.3% last month, the same drop as Ford.

Fiat Chrysler, which recently lost its CEO Sergio Marchionne, was the rare bright spot in July, driven largely by a surge in Jeep SUV sales fueling the Italian-American company’s 5.9% jump.

However, as we reported previously, both automakers could have used some positive headlines. GM lowered its profit expectations last week largely because of rising commodity prices, which have jumped since President Donald Trump put tariffs on steel and aluminum; meanwhile Jeep’s surprisingly weak performance in China - where subsidies for new auto purchases recently ended - was a major reason Fiat Chrysler dropped its forecasts for the year.

As a result of underwhelming numbers from Nissan, Ford and Honda (and GM), the annualized industry sales rate slowed to just 16.8 million, from 17.2 million in June, and just barely above last year's selling rate.

Fiat shares declined 2.2%, while GM fell 2% and Ford dropped 1.4% in New York trading.


Irrelevant senators suggest Kavanaugh will make Trump a king

Democrat lawmakers rallied with nearly a dozen liberal advocacy groups on Capitol Hill Wednesday to protest Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, warning he would turn President Trump into a monarch and destroy American democracy.

The lawmakers complained that Judge Kavanaugh has shown a skepticism toward criminal prosecution of a sitting president — and said that’s a dangerous attitude to have on the Supreme Court with Mr. Trump in office and under investigation.

“I see a Constitution with checks and balances, but Kanavaugh doesn’t, so let’s send him to serve in some country that has a kingdom and a king,” said Sen. Jeff Merkley, Oregon Democrat.

More here

PWC Collision Claims Life Of Fertility Doctor

FENWICK ISLAND — A Washington, D.C. area doctor killed in a personal watercraft collision in the Assawoman Bay near Fenwick last Saturday afternoon is being fondly remembered this week.

Around 1:40 p.m. on Saturday, emergency services in both Delaware and Ocean City responded to a personal watercraft collision on Roy’s Creek off Assawoman Bay behind Fenwick Island.

The investigation revealed a PWC operated by Dr. Stephen Greenhouse, 53, of Bethesda, Md., collided with another PWC. Greenhouse was transported to Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin where he was later pronounced deceased. His body was turned over to the Maryland State Medical Examiner’s Office, which will determine the cause of death.

The collision is still under investigation by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Police. DNREC Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police have said alcohol was not a contributing factor in the fatal PWC accident.


FBI Launched Investigation Two Years Ago -- Still No Collusion Found

It has been two full years since the FBI formally launched its investigation into the Trump campaign on July 31, 2016, but it has yet to find any evidence of collusion with Russia.

The collusion theory was first floated in the media by Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, on July 24, 2016, two days after hacked Democratic National Committee emails had been released on the eve of the DNC convention.

Mook told CNN’s Jake Tapper to look at the Republican National Committee’s platform on assisting Ukraine, Trump’s comments on NATO, and the hacking.

“I think when you put all this together, it’s a disturbing picture, and voters need to reflect on that,” he said. He repeated that suggestion to ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos.

Seven days later, the FBI’s No. 2 counterintelligence official Peter Strzok formally launched the Bureau’s investigation into the Trump campaign, on July 31, 2016.

Two years and the launch of a special counsel later, there has been no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Collusion theorists often point to the number of indictments Special Counsel Robert Mueller has issued so far – against former campaign aides Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Russians who ran disinformation campaigns or hacking operations.


WCSO Press Releases - July 31, 2018

Collins aka Gunther
Incident: Wanted Subject
Date of Incident: 26 July 2018
Location: 700 Block of Olivia Street, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Linette Collins, AKA Linette Gunther, 58, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 26 July 2018 at 4:00 PM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff arrested Linette Collins, AKA Linette Gunter at a residence in the 700 block of Olivia Street. The deputy responded to this location after the Sheriff’s Office received a tip from Crime Solvers that the wanted subject was at this location.
Upon locating Collins, the deputy discovered that she was wanted on six total outstanding warrants from both Wicomico and Somerset County.
  1. Failure to Appear for Theft under $1,500.00
  2. Failure to Appear for False Statement and Display Government ID of Another
  3. Failure to Appear for False Identity to Avoid Prosecution and CDS Possession
  4. Failure to Appear for Theft under $100.00
  5. Failure to Appear for Theft under $100.00
  6. Failure to Appear for Theft under $100.00
Following an initial appearance in front of a District Court Commissioner, Collins was detained in the Detention Center on a bond of $61,000.00 for all six warrants. Following a District Court Bond review the following day, Collins was detained without bond on all warrants pending future court appearances.

Bonneville III, Bonneville Jr and Bacon
Incident: Leaving the Scene of an Accident / Hinder and Obstruct
Date of Incident: 30 July 2018
Location: Wicomico County, MD
  1. Irvin Lee Bonneville III, 31, Mardela Springs, MD
  2. Irvin Lee Bonneville Jr., 59, Mardela Springs, MD
  3. Christopher M. Bacon, 32, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 30 July 2018 at 1:05 AM, deputies responded to a reported collision on Log Cabin Road in the area of Memory Garden Lane in Hebron. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the operator, soon identified as Irvin Lee Bonneville III, had left the scene. It was also learned that Bonneville III reportedly had stolen the vehicle prior to the collision and was currently the subject of a Circuit Court Bench Warrant that had been issued in a felony theft case.
During the ensuing investigation and search for Bonneville III, a vehicle was observed leaving an adjacent neighborhood, accelerating at a high speed. Deputies managed to catch up with this speeding vehicle and stop it, locating Bonneville III in the rear passenger seat. At this time Bonneville was taken into custody on the outstanding warrant and for stealing the vehicle and then leaving the scene of the accident.
Further investigation revealed that Bonneville III’s father, Irvin Bonneville Jr., was the passenger in the vehicle driven by Christopher Bacon in which Bonneville III was located. Both Bacon and Bonneville Jr. were taken into custody for assisting Bonneville III with trying to elude detection by law enforcement.
All three subjects were transported to the Central Booking Unit where they were processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released all three on unsecured bonds. However, Bonneville III was then detained without bond on the Circuit Court warrant.
Charges: Obstruct and Hinder (Bonneville Jr. and Bacon)
Motor Vehicle Theft (Bonneville III)
Leaving the scene of an Accident / Driving Suspended (Bonneville III)

Philadelphia Plunders Its Property-Owners For Cash

Like a lot of major cities in the United States, Philadelphia is in pretty rough financial condition.

One of the city’s biggest problems is its woefully underfunded public pension, which has a multi-billion dollar funding gap.

In 2001, Philadelphia’s pension fund was still in decent shape with a funding level of 77%, meaning that it had sufficient assets to meet 77% of its long-term obligations.

By 2017 the funding level had dropped to less than 50%.

Part of this is just blatant mismanagement; while most of the market soared in 2016, for example, Philadelphia’s pension fund lost about $150 million on its investments, roughly 3.17% of its capital.

It’s interesting that, along the way, the city has actually tried to fix the problem. Between 2001 and 2017, the amount of money that the city contributed to the pension fund actually increased by 230%.

Yet despite increasing contributions to the fund, the fund’s solvency level keeps shrinking.

Mayor Jim Kenny summed up the grim situation in his budget address last year:

The City’s annual pension contribution has grown by over 230 percent since fiscal year 2001. . . These increasing pension costs have caused us to cut important public services while the pension fund’s health has grown weaker. In fact, our pension fund has actually dropped from 77 percent funded to less than 50 percent funded during the same time our contributions were so rapidly increasing.

So, desperate for revenue, the local government has been relying on an old tactic to get their hands on every spare penny they can.


America Has Millions Of Millennial Brats That Need To Move Away From Mommy And Daddy And Start Acting Like Adults

Because our young people are not getting out on their own, a lot fewer of them are getting married and having children.

If young adults are America’s future, then they better get their act together.

Today, over 30 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds live with their parents or other family members. Meanwhile, marriage rates and fertility rates in the United States have both hit record lows in recent years. Instead of coddling these self-absorbed Millennial narcissists well into their adult years, we need to be kicking them out of the nest and encouraging them to learn to fend for themselves. In many instances, if they do not learn how to act like adults by the time they are 35, they never will. It is time for parents all over America to exercise some tough love, because we are facing a major national crisis.

If you go all the way back to the mid-1970s, well over half of all 18 to 34-year-olds were already married and lived with their new spouse in their new households.


Condoms are not reusable, CDC reminds Americans

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are reminding everyone to remember best practices when it comes to safe sex: Condoms aren’t meant to be washed or reused.

“We say it because people do it,” the CDC tweeted last week. The organization is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Condoms are designed to be single use and can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

For more information, visit the CDC’s website.


Trump on shutdown threat: 'I don’t care what the political ramifications are'

President Trump on Tuesday said he supports shutting down the government to ensure changes to immigration law, regardless of political consequences.

"I don’t care what the political ramifications are, our immigration laws and border security have been a complete and total disaster for decades, and there is no way that the Democrats will allow it to be fixed without a Government Shutdown," Trump tweeted.

"A Government Shutdown is a very small price to pay for a safe and Prosperous America!" he added.

Trump has in each of the last three days expressed a commitment to shutting down the government when the fiscal year ends in September if he does not receive funding for his border wall, as well as changes to legal immigration programs.

A shutdown so close to the November midterms could prove disastrous for Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress and are attempting to hold off a Democratic effort to retake control of the House and Senate.


Pastor: Trump Will Be ‘The Most Pro-Black President in Our Lifetime’

Pastor Darrell Scott thanked President Donald Trump for helping inner-city communities, predicting he would be the “most pro-black president in our lifetime.”

“I will say this, this administration has taken a lot of people by surprise … this is probably the most proactive administration regarding urban American and the faith-based community in my lifetime, he said. “To be honest, this is probably going to be the most pro-black president in our lifetime.”

Scott, a vocal Trump supporter, met with the president and a group of inner-city pastors at the White House to discuss their priorities on Wednesday.

He urged the black community to continue working with the administration and give him a chance despite the criticism in the media.

“Great things are on the horizon, I promise you,” he said.


Watch: Al Franken Won't Rule Out Running for Office Again

Disgraced former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) told CBS Minnesota on Monday he isn’t ruling out running for public office in the future.

In his first public appearance since resigning from the Senate, Franken was a featured speaker at the dedication of Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation. For eight years, the former lawmaker was a member of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and widely credited for securing $12 million to replace the decrepit education center.

“That means a lot to me. It was very moving for me. It was very gratifying. I put my heart in the job,” the disgraced Democrat told CBS Minnesota. “I miss the whole job. I loved that job, I loved the job as Senator. … It was very meaningful for me and bittersweet, I would like to still be there.”


Saran Wrap Sex-Ed Bill Fails

A bill that would have required all public school districts in Massachusetts that teach sex education to adopt state standards – which include a curriculum showing students how to use thin plastic wrap as a makeshift barrier – failed in the Massachusetts Legislature.

The Massachusetts Senate passed Senate Bill 2128 by a vote of 31-6 on July 20, 2017, but the House never took up the bill before its formal session ended earlier today, after midnight.

A supporter, state Representative James O’Day (D-West Boylston), tried a late push last month, but he said he had trouble persuading other state representatives that the bill would not encourage sex among students.


Police in suburban Denver kill resident who shot intruder

A Vietnam veteran who shot intruder that was threatening his family was killed by cops responding to the break in.

Richard 'Gary' Black, 73, was shot dead by police who burst into his suburban Denver home at about 1.30am on Monday after receiving several reports of a burglary at the address.

Black, who was armed, had just fatally shot the intruder who had injured a young girl when police arrived.

Officers later found the body of the intruder, who has not yet been identified, in the bathroom.

The cop who shot dead Black, described as a long-time resident, grandfather and retired family man, who was often seen tending to his front gardens, has been placed on administrative leave.

'This is a very heartbreaking and tragic situation for everyone involved,' Police Chief Nick Metz said. 'We are providing assistance through our victim advocates to help the family of the deceased resident through this very difficult time.'


14-Year-Old Running for Governor of Vermont

Ethan Sonneborn, 14, is appearing on the Democratic primary ballot later this month and now that school is out he is campaigning just about every day — driven by his parents.

Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean, and Barack Obama are his political heroes.

Sonneborn told Seven Days that the toughest thing about running for high office is “finding a way to show voters that I’m a candidate with practical, progressive ideas who just happens to be 14, instead of a 14-year-old who just happens to have practical, progressive ideas.”


Napolitano Bombshell: Manafort Exonerated of Same Charges EIGHT Years Ago!

Rod Rosenstein was the prosecutor that led to the exoneration!

In a television interview, Judge Anthony Napolitano explained how Paul Manafort was exonerated of the same charges eight years ago by then-prosecutor Rod Rosenstein.

The Judge’s words back up President Trump’s “Witch Hunt” argument as there’s a clear bias to this entire media circus the nation has endured for months.

“Paul Manafort was investigated by the federal government by a team of federal prosecutors and FBI agents for all this stuff eight years ago and they exonerated him,” said Napolitano. “And who was the young prosecutor that led that exoneration? Rod Rosenstein.”


Spain’s Socialist government sets aside millions to pay for “migrant emergency” they themselves created

Just in the past two days, 1,200 people have arrived in Spain via the Strait of Gibraltar, Murcia and Alicante

Spain’s Interior Ministry, headed by Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has approved several emergency contracts to establish a unit based in the Bay of Algeciras (Cádiz) to assist illegal immigrants upon arrival.

The total cost of these measures, for a period of only 3 months, amounts to almost €3.5 million, of which a total of €350,000 for translators and interpreters stands out.

The resolution, as reported by OKDIARIO, refers to the “emergency” caused by the “unexpected and massive arrival of vessels with immigrants to the Spanish coasts.”

Just in the past two days, 1,200 people have arrived in Spain via the Strait of Gibraltar, Murcia and Alicante. The report highlights that this situation is not “temporary” – it will last as long as the good weather does, which in Spain can mean until early November.

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HUD implements nationwide smoking ban in public housing

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) implemented a nationwide ban on smoking inside or near public housing facilities into effect on Tuesday.

Under the terms of the ban, which was passed by the Obama administration in 2016, the use of cigarettes, cigars and pipes is prohibited in all government subsidized housing units. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have not been banned but may be in the future.

The ban also prohibits smoking in areas up to 25 feet away from public housing units and administrative office buildings, according to a brochure from the department.

“Eliminating smoking indoors and close to buildings is the only way to fully protect people from secondhand smoke,” the department states in the release.



List of figures from left to right: Nikki Haley, James Mattis, Ben Carson, President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, MGoike Pompeo, Sarah Sanders, Ivanka Trump, John Bolton, Kellyanne Conway, John Kelly

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Breaking News: Pope Francis declared the death penalty inadmissible in all cases, shifting Roman Catholic teachings on the issue.

Pope Francis, who previously spoke out against capital punishment — including in 2015 in an address to Congress — added the change to the Catechism of the Catholic Church — the compendium of Roman Catholic beliefs.

He said the church would work “with determination” for the abolition of capital punishment worldwide.

Controversial law awards husband $8.8M from wife's lover

DURHAM, N.C. — A North Carolina man says he feels vindicated after winning an almost $9 million judgment against his wife's lover.

According to WRAL, Keith King married Danielle in 2010. In 2015, King said he found flirtatious texts between her and Francisco Huizar III after they met on a business trip.

"My marriage was murdered," King said. "It was destroyed."

After trying to repair the marriage for the sake of their 5-year-old daughter, King learned from a friend about North Carolina's alienation of affection law. In 2017, he sued Huizar for criminal conversation and alienation of affection.

"I was like, 'Wait a minute, are you serious? You can sue the person that destroyed your marriage?'" King said. "She said, 'Absolutely.'"

Last week, a judge ruled in King's favor, saying Huizar owes him $8.8 million.


Gnarly, Dude!

Oversight of Immigration Enforcement and Family Reunification


Chairman Grassley, Ranking Member Feinstein, and distinguished members of the Committee: 

My name is Matthew T. Albence, and I am the Executive Associate Director of the Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) division of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today to discuss ICE’s role in the Administration’s family reunification efforts, as well as its critical mission of protecting the homeland and ensuring the integrity of our nation’s immigration system through the enforcement of our country’s immigration laws. 

Our nation’s immigration laws are extremely complex, and in many cases, outdated and full of loopholes. This often makes it difficult for people to understand all that ICE does to protect the people of this great country. Nowhere is this more evident than in the recent events surrounding the Zero Tolerance policy. Today, I would like to discuss: the impact that this policy and the Ms. L case have had on ICE operations; the tremendous efforts made and successes achieved by the dedicated men and women of ICE; the progress made and challenges faced by our agency in implementing the family reunification process; and the issue of immigration enforcement as a whole.


Gold Alert Issued for Missing Georgetown Juvenile

Hunter Degraw
Hunter Degraw
Georgetown– The Delaware State Police is issuing a Gold Alert for Hunter Degraw who was reported missing from the Georgetown area on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at approximately 3:30 p.m.
Hunter is described as a white male, 5’09” tall, 179 lbs., with blonde hair and green eyes.
Troopers have been unable to make contact with Hunter to check on his welfare.  Attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful and there is a real concern for his safety and welfare.
If anyone has any information in reference to his whereabouts, they are asked to please contact Troop 4 at 302-856-5850.  Information may also be provided by contacting Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or via the internet at

Not In California

Wilmington man sentenced to prison for producing child pornography

WILMINGTON, Delaware — A Wilmington, Delaware man was sentenced to 210 months in prison on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, for possessing child pornography he produced himself, following an investigation by ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Delaware State Police.

Miguel Pagan, 37, pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography on April 25, 2018. U.S. District Judge Gregory M. Sleet of the District of Delaware sentenced Pagan to serve 210 months in prison followed by 10 years of supervised release. According to admissions made as part of his guilty plea, law enforcement found Pagan in possession of child pornography that he produced in his own bedroom using two prepubescent children.

This investigation was conducted under HSI's Operation Predator, an international initiative to protect children from sexual predators. Since the launch of Operation Predator in 2003, HSI has arrested more than 16,000 individuals for crimes against children, including the production and distribution of online child pornography, traveling overseas for sex with minors, and sex trafficking of children. In fiscal year 2016, more than 2,600 child predators were arrested by HSI special agents under this initiative and more than 800 victims identified or rescued.


Spanish Police Warn 50,000 Migrants Waiting in Morocco to Invade Spain

“Pressure cooker” of human tidal wave ready to explode

Police sources are warning that 50,000 illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa are waiting in Morocco to invade Spain.

As we reported yesterday, boatloads of migrants are already washing up on Spanish beaches in scenes that have shocked observers.

Now according to a report in Spanish newspaper El Mundo, North Africa is becoming a “pressure cooker,” with at least 50,000 African migrants desperate to cross into the European country via the Strait of Gibraltar.

The report explains how criminal people smugglers are helping the migrants circumvent border controls in Morocco while telling them that Spain is their “paradise”.

The number of migrants waiting to storm Spain is currently at 50,000 and “continues to grow,” with the men becoming more “violent” in their efforts to reach Europe.

Spain has become the number one point of arrival for migrants crossing the sea to Europe in 2018, with over 21,000 arrivals so far, a process that has quickened after the country’s socialist government gave the green light for open borders.