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Thursday, September 03, 2020

Thanks To Coronavirus Panic, 1 In 10 American Families Is Now Home-Schooling

Is this a one-year coronavirus phenomenon, or will it change education?

Gallup released the results of a new poll on K-12 education last week, reflecting the post-COVID-19 landscape. Entitled “K-12 Parents’ Satisfaction with Child’s Education Slips,” the summary buried the lede in the bullet points: “[P]ercentage of K-12 parents homeschooling this year has doubled, to 10%.” You read that right. Gallup’s data suggests that, since last year, the home-school community in America has doubled in size. One in every 10 families with school-age children is now home-schooling.

The poll was careful not to conflate remote public-school instruction with true home-schooling. “Will your oldest child attend public, private, parochial, charter school — either in person or remotely — or will they home-school this year?” Gallup asked. “By ‘home-school,’ we mean not enrolled in a formal school, but taught at home.”


Biden and Harris Attack Police in New Campaign Ad as Violent Riots Continue Across America (VIDEO)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris attacked police in a new campaign ad as violent rioters destroy small businesses and threaten residents.

It’s open season on police officers as Marxists call for the defunding of police.

Police officers now have targets on their backs thanks to the Democrat-media complex.

Police officers are being violently beaten, run over and murdered.


Nancy Pelosi, Next President Of The United States?

IN an ideal world, markets and politics would be separate. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and the outcome of the upcoming election could have large ramifications for markets.

The stock market has done extremely well under Trump, so a Trump victory would logically pose no threat. But a Biden victory would mean higher taxes, more regulations and other policies that aren’t supportive of markets.

That’s why the election outcome is so important for investors. With the election just over two months away, where does the race presently stand?

We’ve all seen the headlines showing Joe Biden with a big lead over Donald Trump in the national polls and substantial leads in almost all of the battleground states in the state-specific polls.

Polls can be valuable, but not if you take them at face value. You have to deconstruct the polls to see what they are really saying. The results can be surprising.

The Only Polls That Count

First off, national polls don’t matter because the U.S. doesn’t have national elections. We have 50 separate elections in the states plus one in the District of Columbia.

Biden can beat Trump in California by three or four million votes, but none of those votes matter because you can only win California once. All of the excess votes are wasted.

About 40 of the 50 states (and D.C.) are foregone conclusions. They will fall predictably in either the Biden or Trump column. Only about ten states will decide the election and those polls are the ones to watch.


Cuomo says Trump would need ‘army’ to safely walk New York City streets

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo responded Wednesday night after President Trump threatened to pull federal funding from New York City -- as well as Washington, D.C.; Seattle, and Portland, Ore. -- as part of an effort to target “anarchist jurisdictions.”
“He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk through New York City,” Cuomo said. “Forget bodyguards, he'd better have an army if he thinks he’s going to walk down the streets in New York.
“He is persona non grata in New York City, and I think he knows that, and he'll never come back to New York, because New Yorkers will never forget how gratuitously mean he has been,” Cuomo added.
Both Cuomo, 62, and Trump, 74, are natives of the Queens borough of New York City.
Cuomo reportedly later clarified he was not threatening the president but rather expressing how disliked he believes Trump is by New Yorkers, according to Politico.

Trump Leads Biden At The Bookies Amid Surge In Black Americans' Support

The trend we have been noting for the last week has accelerated overnight and 'the streams have crossed', with the average bookie now seeing it more likely that President Trump wins the 2020 election that Joe Biden.

This huge swing comes as Summit News' Paul Joseph Watson notes that the results of a new national poll reveal that a stunning 28 per cent of black Americans plan on voting for President Donald Trump.

The Atlas Intel poll finds that Biden leads Trump nationally by just three points.

But the real story lies in the percentage of Hispanic and black voters who told the pollsters that they will vote for Trump.

According to the survey, 28 per cent of African-Americans say they plan to vote for Trump, a stunning figure.


Salon owner decries Pelosi 'set up' claim as 'absolutely false,' says she's received death threats

The owner of a San Francisco hair salon visited by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier this week denied what she called the Democrat's "absolutely false" accusation that she had been the victim of a “set up”.
ESalonSF owner Erica Kious told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday that Pelosi was serviced by an independent stylist who rents chairs in her salon. Kious said she decided to share the now-viral security camera footage when she found the Speaker indoors without a mask in what she called a "hurtful" display of hypocrisy.
Kious spoke to host Tucker Carlson hours after Pelosi addressed the backlash, claiming that she had frequented the salon “over the years many times," and demanding an apology from the owner " for setting me up.”
"There was no way I could've set that up," Kious fired back. "I've had a camera system in there for five years. I mean, I didn't go in there and turn cameras on as soon as she walked in and set her up. So that is absolutely false."
Salons in San Francisco had been closed since March and could only reopen for outdoor hairstyling services on Sept. 1. Pelosi said she understood that coronavirus restrictions allowed for a one-on-one appointment indoors.
The salon owner says she has received death threats, people have threatened to burn down her salon, and gone online and trashed her business, because they feel she threw Pelosi under the bus!

Alleged Armed Robber Shot Dead by Car Wash Customer

An alleged armed robber in Roseville, Michigan, was shot dead by a car wash customer around 7 p.m. on Tuesday night.

WXYZ reports that the attempted robbery occurred “at Wash Pointe car wash.”

Macomb Daily reports that a customer was using a vacuum when allegedly confronted by two men, at least one of whom was armed.

The customer was also armed and shots were exchanged, leaving one of the robbery suspects deceased.

Deputy Police Chief Mitch Berlin said, “It appears this was a street robbery, we’re unsure if it was a carjacking, and there was an exchange of gunfire. One of the suspects was struck and died at a local hospital.”

The customer was not injured during the exchange of gunfire.


Ernst says she's 'skeptical' about coronavirus death count

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) said during an event Monday that she is “so skeptical” about the United States' total COVID-19 death count, which has reached beyond 184,000 fatalities.
A man at the senator’s Waterloo, Iowa, campaign event, who said he believed the U.S. coronavirus death toll has been overcounted, prompted her to respond that she too was “so skeptical,” the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reported.
“These health-care providers and others are reimbursed at a higher rate if COVID is tied to it, so what do you think they’re doing?” she asked the crowd.
The Iowa Republican’s remarks doubting the coronavirus death toll reflects conspiracy theories promoted by proponents of QAnon that public health experts have railed against as untrue, The Washington Post noted. Medical experts have repeatedly said they believe the death toll is actually undercounted, because many local governments do not have the capacity to measure deaths in realtime.
Ernst detailed her comments further in an interview with the Courier, saying doctors and medical workers “do get reimbursed higher amounts if it’s a COVID-related illness or disease.”

California Lawmakers Pass Bill to Diversify ‘White, Wealthier’ Juries

Lawmakers in California have passed legislation to install diversity in juries that they believe are unfairly mostly “white” and “wealthier.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on the effort, said to be inspired by the desire “to Make California’s juries look more like the people:”

The Senate voted 30-5 on Monday night to give final legislative approval to SB592 by state Sen. Scott Wiener. It would expand California’s pool of potential jurors by drawing candidates from among everyone who files income tax returns.

Currently, California draws courtroom panels that decide criminal cases and lawsuits largely from residents who are registered to vote or have a driver’s license or identification card from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Supporters of the bill say people of color and poorer residents are less likely to register to vote or drive a car, leaving the pool overstocked with white jurors who are better-off financially.


Conway says even more 'hidden, undercover' Trump voters will help him win reelection

Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway warned that there are more “hidden” supporters of President Trump who will boost him during his reelection bid in November.
“The person who coined the term, ‘hidden, undercover Trump voter in 2016,’ there are even more of them, and they're even more committed now, and they're going to surprise you as to who they are this time,” Conway said in an interview released Wednesday by Showtime’s “The Circus.”
Conway cited a poll, seemingly one released in July from the right-leaning Cato Institute, that reported 62 percent of Americans said they have political views they are afraid to share, led mostly by conservatives.
“But they express themselves at the ballot box,” Conway said after referencing the poll.

The Picture you couldn't see before!

Portland mayor says he is moving after rioters target his home

Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) said he is looking to move from his condo in the Pearl District after it has been a site for repeated demonstrations and recent damages by rioters.
Over 200 people on Monday marched to the mayor's condominium tower — which houses 114 residents — demanding his resignation and causing damages and vandalism inside and around the complex, The Oregonian reported.
In an email sent to neighbors on Tuesday, Wheeler apologized for the unrest and said it would be "best for me and for everyone else's safety and peace" that he finds a new home.
"I want to express my sincere apologies for the damage to our home and the fear that you are experiencing due to my position," according to a screenshot of the email sent to The Oregonian. "It's unfair to all of you who have no role in politics or in my administration."

Police union account of Jacob Blake shooting emerges, runs completely counter to the media narrative

The Kenosha Police Union on Friday released its to-date account on the moments that led up to the shooting of Jacob Blake by a police officer on Aug. 23.

New allegations about the encounter appear to show that the interaction was far more involved than what it seemed on the surface: Blake reportedly confronted officers, placed one of them in a headlock, and was armed with a knife that he refused to drop — all before a Kenosha police officer was able to fire his service weapon.

Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey reportedly shot Blake in the back seven times last week during a call for a domestic dispute. Blake's family has said he is paralyzed from the waist down because of the shooting.

Since then, violent riots and out-of-control protests in Blake's honor have erupted across the U.S., putting further strain and pressure on police-community relations.


Moderators announced for presidential debates

The presidential debates between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will be moderated by journalists from Fox News, C-SPAN and NBC, with CNN being shut out of the debates for the first time since 2008, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Wednesday.
Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace, who has angered some Republicans for his pointed questioning of Trump and White House officials, will moderate the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sept. 29.
The second debate, which will be town-hall style, will be moderated by C-SPAN’s Steve Scully in Miami on Oct. 15.
The third and final presidential debate will be moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC and will take place in Nashville on Oct. 22.
There will be one vice presidential debate between Vice President Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), which will be moderated by USA Today’s Susan Page and will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Oct. 7.

Deep State Document on the Infamous Joseph Mifsud Finally Released – Indicates Mueller Gang Covered Up Scandalous Deep State Activity

Mysterious Joseph Mifsud is connected to the Obamagate Scandal after presumably setting up Trump volunteer George Papadopoulos in London and Rome. He also was close to Hillary Clinton and even dined with her in 2016.

Yesterday the 302 filed by the Deep State after their interview with Mifsud in 2017 was finally released. This report was kept hidden, perhaps illegally, to prevent the revelation of potential crimes by the Deep State and Mueller gang.

No wonder they kept it hidden till now!

In March TGP reported that the Mueller gang blamed George Papadopoulos for withholding information that ended up preventing the government from investigating Mifsud leading to their letting him go.


Chicago-area police reportedly warned by FBI of gang pact to 'shoot on-sight any cop' and video tape it!

The Chicago Police Department has confirmed to Fox News the existence of an intelligence alert reportedly sent out by the FBI warning area law enforcement of a pact among street gangs “to 'shoot on-sight any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public'."
The "Potential Activity Alert" from FBI officials was sent out Aug. 26.
“We have been made aware of this threat by a law enforcement partner,” a Chicago police spokesperson told Fox News on Tuesday. “The Chicago Police Department takes all threats against officer safety seriously and we will take all necessary measures to safeguard our officers.”
The alert -- which mentions around 36 gangs, including the Latin Kings and Vice Lords -- says "members of these gang factions have been actively searching for, and filming, police officers in performance of their official duties.” 

Virginia — Birthplace Of Presidents — Goes Over To The Dark Side Under Democrats’ Control

Virginia has gone dark blue.

For years, decades even, the commonwealth — “the Birthplace of Presidents,” as it is sometimes called — was a Republican stronghold (even former Sen. Bob Dole won the state as Bill Clinton won in a landslide in 1996).

Until the past few elections, the last time a Democrat won the commonwealth was Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Even this century, Republicans controlled the state: George W. Bush thumped Al Gore there in 2000, then hammered Sen. John Kerry four years later.

But things have been changing ever since.

Barack Obama crushed Sen. John McCain in 2008, then won again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney by 3 points. And Hillary Clinton won the state by more than 5 points in 2016, even as President Trump went on to trounce her in the Electoral College, 304-227.

The party is now fully in control. Democrats currently hold majorities in both chambers of the commonwealth’s General Assembly — the House of Delegates and the Senate — and a Democrat dwells in the governor’s mansion. Both U.S. Senate seats are held by Democrats, and the makeup of U.S. House lawmakers from the state is tipped in the party’s favor, seven Democrats to four Republicans.


Pelosi calls controversial salon incident a 'setup'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that she takes "responsibility for falling for a setup," following an acknowledgment from her office that she had gotten her hair styled Monday inside a San Francisco hair salon, an apparent violation of the city's Covid-19 safety regulations that enraged the salon's owner.
"I take responsibility for trusting the word of a neighborhood salon that I've been to over the years, many times, and that when they said we're able to accommodate people, one person at a time, and that we can set up that time, I trusted that. As it turns out, it was a setup. So I take responsibility for falling for a setup," the California Democrat said during a question and answer portion of an event in San Francisco.
Fox News reported that the owner of the salon, Erica Kious, was angry that Pelosi had broken the rules requiring such hair treatments to be done outdoors because of the pandemic. Fox also reported it had obtained security footage showing the speaker inside the salon not wearing a mask.
The speaker said on Wednesday, "I think that they, that this salon owes me an apology for setting up."

Democrats Can't Go 1 Full Day Without Being Insane

Happy Hump Day friends and readers. If there’s whiskey in your coffee this morning we all understand at this point.
A popular, oft-used refrain regarding the Democrats these past few years is: all they had to do was not be insane. The implication there is that things on the Republican side of the aisle are pretty crazy and the Democrats had a low bar to clear. We can debate that (I disagree) in depth another day. It is, however, plain for all to see that the Democrats have indeed lost they’re freakin’ minds.
I am reminded of a conversation I had with one of my first cousins. He’s always been liberal, more progressive than Democrat these days, so we mostly talk about food and music now. While having lunch late last fall he wandered into politics and asked me where I “was on the whole Trump thing.” I calmly explained what I liked — all of it having to do with policy — but concluded by saying that what keeps me supporting him is the fact that nearly everyone on the left has become a lunatic.
This morning’s subject of mental instability comes from our nation’s capital. Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser — a Democrat, of course — has put together a group to determine whether the Washington Monument is a racist symbol of oppression or something.
Like I said, insane.
“We believe strongly that all District of Columbia owned public spaces, facilities and commemorative works should only honor those individuals who exemplified those values such as equity, opportunity, and diversity that DC residents hold dear,” the committee’s chairs, Bowser advisor Beverly Perry and public library director Richard Reyes-Gavilan, wrote in a letter introducing the report.
The commission analyzed historical figures commemorated in public monuments according to eight “DC values”: accessibility, diversity, equity, livability, opportunity, prosperity, resilience, and safety. They examined whether such figures participated in slavery, supported “systemic racism,” supported the “oppression of persons of color and/or women,” was a member of “any supremacist organization,” or violated the D.C. Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on “age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national origin.”

U.S. postal chaos prompts Democrats to reassess mail-ballot plan

Turmoil at the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is causing some Democrats and local election officials to rethink their vote-by-mail strategies for November’s presidential election, shifting emphasis to drop boxes and early voting that bypass the post office.
The 2020 contest promises to be the nation’s largest test of voting by mail. But U.S. President Donald Trump’s relentless, unsubstantiated attacks on mail balloting, along with cost-cutting that has delayed mail service nationwide, have sown worry and confusion among many voters.
Democratic officials who just weeks ago were touting their dominance in mail balloting during a recent rash of primaries are now cautioning supporters of presidential challenger Joe Biden to be wary. Operatives in battleground states, including Pennsylvania, are particularly concerned about ballots arriving too late to count for the Nov. 3 election.
“We are considering telling voters that if they haven’t mailed out their complete ballot by Oct. 15, don’t bother. Instead, vote in person or drop off the ballot” at an elections office, said Joe Foster, the chairman of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County, the most populous of Philadelphia’s suburban counties. “We want to make sure every vote counts.”


Dr. Carrie Madej warns of the nanotechnology used in the rushed vaccine

Republicans Open Probe Into 'Left-Wing Violent Extremists' in D.C., Accuse Mayor Bowser of 'Inaction'

Top congressional Republicans are blaming the mayor of Washington, D.C., for recent skirmishes in the nation's capital involving protesters demanding racial justice—and the lawmakers want answers.
The ranking Republicans on the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees—Jim Jordan (Ohio) and James Comer (Ky.), respectively—want D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to produce documents pertaining to how the city has handled what the Republicans described as "left-wing agitators," according to a letter the GOP duo sent to the Democratic mayor on Wednesday that was obtained by Newsweek.
"Like other Democrat-run cities, the District of Columbia (D.C.) under your leadership has allowed radical left-wing violent extremists to commit senseless acts of violence and destruction," the letter stated. "By your inaction in response to their mayhem, these left-wing agitators have become emboldened to be even more aggressive and more dangerous."

Antifa 'commander' cried in 'fetal position' after being caught with flamethrower, smoke grenades on way to protest

Matthew Banta was previously arrested — and posted bond — after allegedly pointing loaded rifle at cop

A Wisconsin man was caught with a flamethrower, smoke grenades, and fireworks while headed toward a protest in Green Bay over the weekend, WBAY-TV reported.

Matthew Banta, 23, is charged with obstructing an officer and two counts of felony bail jumping, the station reported. He's also "known to be a violent Antifa member who incites violence in otherwise relatively peaceful protests," WBAY said, citing a criminal complaint.

Believe it or not, Banta also is known as "Commander Red," police told the station.


Fox News airs secret audio of Chris Cuomo discussing sexual harassment allegations

CNN host Chris Cuomo may have been accused of sexual harassment, Tucker Carlson claimed after airing secret audio of his cable news rival Tuesday night on Fox News.
Newsweek reports Carlson played a clip that was purportedly recorded by President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, during a private conversation with Cuomo. The “Cuomo Prime Time” host and younger brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is allegedly heard saying other reporters have contacted him asking if he was accused of sexual harassment.

Amtrak tells employees it will furlough 1,950 workers

Cuts to be effective Oct. 1; 100 management positions also to be eliminated

Amtrak will furlough approximately 1,950 of its unionized workers as part of cutbacks for fiscal 2021, according to a message sent to workers today and obtained by Trains News Wire. Additionally, approximately 100 managerial positions will be eliminated.

The largest portion of those, 698 employees, will come from on-board staff represented by the Amtrak Service Workers Council. Other planned cuts, by union:

— Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation, 509 employees

— Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, 390 employees

— Transportation Communications Union, 326 employees

— American Railway and Airway Supervisors Association, 27 employees.


Virginia House rejects bill allowing police to be sued over alleged violations of civil rights

RICHMOND — Legislation that called for ending qualified immunity for Virginia police failed Monday after opponents argued it would result in frivolous lawsuits and make it difficult to hire and retain police officers.

The bill would have allowed people who allege police violations of their civil rights to sue and collect money damages in state courts, ending the immunity that shields them from liability. It was defeated when two Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee voted with Republicans against reporting it to the full House.

The defeat stunned the bill’s chief patron, Del. Jeff Bourne, D-Richmond, who called the vote “disheartening.” He said the committee had “squandered a great opportunity” during a special legislative session focused on criminal justice and police reforms following the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Virginia Beach company sues after receiving thousands of dollars worth of alleged counterfeit N95 masks

VIRGINIA BEACH (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach company is suing after thousands of dollars worth of N95 and KN95 respirator masks they ordered early in the coronavirus pandemic ended up being counterfeit, according to a federal lawsuit.
MJL Enterprises, a government contractor, filed the lawsuit last week in Norfolk against Eco Lighting USA Limited Liability Company, based in New Jersey.
According to the lawsuit, Eco Lighting reached out to MJL in late March when N95 masks and other personal protective equipment were in short supply and said it had a large supply of “FDA approved” N95 and KN95 for sale. MJL intended to resell the masks to its federal clients.
MJL ended up buying $17,000 worth of N95s and $387,500 worth of KN95s from Eco Lighting on April 9, according to the lawsuit, and orally requested that they provide proof the masks were FDA certified.
However MJL didn’t get the masks within 14 days as required by the purchase agreement, and requested a full refund on June 2, the lawsuit states. After Eco Lighting refused, MJL learned on June 11 and 12 the certificates of registration provided by Eco Lighting were not issued by the noted registering agents and the Chinese manufacturers on the certificates didn’t claim to produce the “FDA certified masks,” the lawsuit states.
MJL stopped reselling the masks on June 12 after the findings, with several customers reaching and saying the masks were not genuine.
MJL has requested a jury trial and more than $600,000 in damages.

Macy's plans rollout of Smaller Stores away from Malls

Macy's is betting malls will make it, but only the best malls, so it's looking to grow elsewhere.

"We continue to believe that the best malls in the country will thrive," CEO Jeff Gennette told analysts Wednesday. "However, we also know that Macy's and Bloomingdale's have high potential [off]-mall and in smaller formats."

He said the department store chain is planning to test several smaller Macy's stores outside of malls, as well as a Bloomingdale's store off-mall. It is also still looking to grow its off-price business through Macy's Backstage.


Emergency hearing granted in lawsuit to keep Kanye West off Virginia ballot

RICHMOND, Va. -- An emergency hearing has been scheduled for today to hear a lawsuit seeking to keep rapper Kanye West off presidential ballots in Virginia.
This comes after Attorney General Mark Herring requested the emergency hearing Wednesday.
Attorneys for Perkins Coie filed a lawsuit in Richmond on Tuesday on behalf of two people who say they were tricked into signing an “Elector Oath” backing West’s candidacy.
Under state law, a candidate must have 13 electors pledge their support for a candidate as part of the criteria to appear on the ballot.
The lawsuit alleges that 11 of West’s 13 electors may be invalid and asks the court to block West’s name from appearing on ballots.

‘If you’re reading this I’m dead:’ Teen left note at accused shooter’s Harrisburg apartment, court documents reveal

HARRISBURG – The boy who was fatally shot after he was seen running away, naked, from the man charged in his killing had been at the suspect’s home earlier that day, where police say he wrote a note saying, “If you’re reading this, I’m dead,” charging documents revealed today.

Court documents have revealed several new details about the shooting death of 16-year-old Kyan King on Saturday.


JMU sends students home, transitions to online classes after more than 500 COVID-19 cases reported

HARRISONBURG, Va. -- James Madison University will transition to primarily online learning and students living in dorms will be asked to return home after more than 500 COVID-19 cases were reported on campus.
"In-person classes will transition online no later than this coming Monday, Sept. 7. Additionally, residents will be asked to return home by Sept. 7 unless they seek an exemption to stay," the school said in a release.

Wicomico will be Going Purple

Wicomico will be Going Purple in September, which is National Recovery Month. Wicomico Goes Purple, coordinated by a committee of the Wicomico County Opioid Intervention Team, strives to initiate conversations about the dangers of substance misuse and abuse and encourages our community to take a stand. The Wicomico Goes Purple campaign focuses on prevention, treatment, and recovery resources available throughout our community and emphasizes the important role that law enforcement plays in combating this epidemic.

Wicomico Goes Purple has a goal of promoting conversations about substance misuse which includes prescription medications. You and your community can get involved by decorating your homes, storefronts and businesses. For participation ideas, resources and additional information, please visit Facebook@WicomicoGoesPurple or

The Wicomico Goes Purple campaign will kick off at the Arthur W. Perdue Stadium in Salisbury on Friday, September 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm. A Delmarva Shorebirds movie night event will follow with a family friendly movie. Please bring a non-perishable food item to support the Wicomico Goes Purple food drive or drop off to one of the below locations.

Man fired for refusing to remove ‘Trump 2020’ hat at Newport News Shipbuilding

NEWPORT NEWS — Dave Sunderland said he had been wearing Donald Trump hats to work at Newport News Shipbuilding every day for nearly four years.
He wore them — most recently one that said “Trump 2020″ — as he walked from his car to his work site inside the gates, and sometimes for a short safety meeting at the start of his shift.
Not anymore.
Sunderland, 55, was fired last week after refusing to remove his hat before the safety meeting. He said the human resources department told him he violated a policy barring yard workers from “campaigning” while on the job.
Sunderland began working at the shipyard in May 2012, shortly after moving here from Ohio. At the time, he said, he noticed lots of yard workers wearing T-shirts supporting President Barack Obama, who was then up for re-election.
In 2016, he said, he saw workers wearing T-shirts in support of Hillary Clinton, such as the “I’m with Her” shirts, among others. “There’s Black Lives Matter masks that people are wearing, and nobody’s saying anything about that,” Sunderland said.


Let This Sink In...