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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Twitter Wipes Out More Than 100K Accounts Linked To ISIS

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Twitter going to war against ISIS. Terrorists are using the social media site to recruit and inspire potential attackers. Now the company is cracking down, wiping out thousands of accounts linked to ISIS.

Rick Ritter has more on the efforts to step up security.

More than 100,000 accounts–all suspended–after pressure from both the White House and governments nationwide.

They’ve flooded the web with their heinous acts of terrorism, now ISIS takes a major hit on social media.

On Friday, Twitter suspended at least 125,000 accounts related to the terrorist group–all of these in the last few months.


Insiders Predicted That Bernie Sanders Would Be No Threat to Hillary Clinton

The stunning virtual tie between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Iowa came after months of mainstream media pundits and leaders of the political establishment confidently predicting that Sanders would be no match for Clinton’s electoral machine there — or anywhere, for that matter.

“For now, Hillary Clinton has nothing to worry about as she prepares for the Iowa caucuses,” Bloomberg political reporter John McCormick wrote last May. “Despite a wave of influence-peddling allegations involving her family’s foundation, her prospects for winning the first-in-the-nation presidential contest remain undamaged.” McCormick cited a Quinnipiac poll showing Clinton capturing 60 percent of the vote in Iowa to Sanders’ 15.

Quinnipiac promoted this poll as definitive in the race. “One thing is obvious about Iowa Democratic Caucus participants: They are loyal as the day is long, at least when it comes to Hillary Clinton,” said Peter A. Brown, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. “There is no candidate who appears to have the political and financial resources at this time to successfully take her on.”


Bill Would Require Courts To Tell Abusers To Give Up Guns

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Judges would be required to inform domestic violence abusers they are prohibited from possessing firearms, under a measure coming before Maryland lawmakers.

The bill would require courts to order people convicted of a domestic related crime punishable as a misdemeanor to transfer all firearms in his or her possession to a federally licensed firearms dealer. While Maryland law currently prohibits firearm possession by a person convicted of a crime of violence, abusers often aren’t ordered to do so, and may not follow through on their own.

More than a dozen states have strengthened laws to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers in the last two years. It has been a rare area of consensus in the nation’s debate over gun rights. Lawmakers and governors of both parties have supported bills stripping gun rights from those convicted of domestic violence-related crimes or who are subject to protective orders.


"Gotta Cover our ass." - Connecticut State Police

Refresh of Fager’s Island finished, will open Feb. 11

It’s unusual, and a little unnerving, to see Fager’s Island on 60th Street completely deserted.

Since Jan. 3, the Ocean City landmark has been closed to undergo what owner John Fager calls “an interior refresh.”

Functionally, it means fresh coats of paint, new flooring, a revamped VIP area, a new main bar and some upgrades to the outdoor bars; but to the casual observer not many of the changes will be obvious.

“This is the longest we’ve been closed in 40 years,” Fager said. “It was time for some upgrades.”

The main bar has been pushed out six inches, which provides a surprising amount of space for bartenders, and is awaiting a new bar top. The floor under the bar has been completely replaced, owing to decades of drips, drops and spills. The bar fixtures are all cantilevered, which means no legs on sinks or basins eating up space or tripping up bartenders. The lines servicing the taps and dispensers are now moved inside the bar itself to save space.


A Stunning Announcement Was Just Made About Fox News That Will Enrage The Liberal Media

After several days in the vortex of political passions stirred up by the feud between Fox News and Donald Trump, the former will finally have something a lot less controversial to talk about.

When the January ratings are released Wednesday, Fox News is expected to be the number one cable network in America for the 14th straight year, Adweek has reported. Fox News, launched in 1996, has been on top since January 2002, the first time it surpassed CNN.

In light of the achievement, Adweek released a snippet of an interview it had in November with Fox News CEO & Chairman Roger Ailes, in which he reminisced about a phone call from News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch that led to the founding of the channel.


County, resort hoping for recycling law relief

Ocean City’s discontinuation of its recycling program in 2009 to save millions in equipment and collections costs, could open some special events organizers to fines of $50 a day, unless Worcester County and Ocean City are exempted from a state recycling mandate passed in 2014.

Now working its way through the General Assembly are cross-filed bills from Sen. Jim Mathias, Delegates Mary Beth Carozza and Charles Otto that would relieve the county — and through it, Ocean City — from that obligation.

The measures would allow Worcester County to be exempted from statewide mandates to provide dedicated recycling containers and collections for special events held on public property.

The county commissioners voted unanimously on Tuesday to send a letter of support to Mathias, Carozza and Otto along with a suggested amendment further exonerating the county from the recycling plan.


Chinese Defector Reveals, Beijing’s Secrets

U.S. intelligence is debriefing brother of former presidential aide, translating documents

defector from China has revealed some of the innermost secrets of the Chinese government and military, including details of its nuclear command and control system, according to American intelligence officials.

Businessman Ling Wancheng disappeared from public view in California last year shortly after his brother, Ling Jihua, a former high-ranking official in the Communist Party, was arrested in China on corruption charges.

Ling Wancheng, the defector, has been undergoing a debrief by FBI, CIA, and other intelligence officials since last fall at a secret location in the United States, said officials familiar with details of the defection who spoke on condition of anonymity. The defector is said to be a target of covert Chinese agents seeking to capture or kill him.

Among the information disclosed by Ling are details about the procedures used by Chinese leaders on the use of nuclear weapons, such as the steps taken in preparing nuclear forces for attack and release codes for nuclear arms.

Other secrets revealed included details about the Chinese leadership and its facilities, including the compound in Beijing known as Zhongnanhai. That information is said to be valuable for U.S. electronic spies, specifically for cyber intelligence operations targeting the secretive Chinese leadership.


Homeless Vet Forced From Shelter And Freezes To Death… Just Across Town ‘Refugees’ Get Free Housing And Food

Liberals have created a situation that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Refugees who are flooding into host nations at an unprecedented rate are demanding housing, food and free education all while increasing the crime rate and refusing to follow the laws.

If this isn't bad enough homeless veterans who have sacrificed their lives and mental health are cast out onto the streets. Where are their advocates? Liberals don't seem too concerned with the military and the men and women who serve them and have shown utter contempt towards them time and again.


Documents Reveal Obama Deliberately Kept Congress in Dark Over Debt Ceiling Plans

The Obama administration deliberately withheld information and kept Congress in the dark on how it was going to prioritize payments if the debt ceiling was not raised, according documents subpoenaed by the House Financial Services Committee.

The documents reveal that the Obama administration directed the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to prioritize Social Security, veterans’ benefits, and principal and interest payments on the debt over other government obligations in the event that the debt ceiling was not raised.

While the administration was directing the New York Fed to prioritize payments, officials were telling the American people that prioritizing payments was “unworkable” and that they never made a decision to do so.

The Obama administration directed the New York Fed to keep the plan to prioritize payments a secret so that it would “maximize pressure on Congress” in order to support its “no negotiation” position on raising the debt ceiling.

The New York Fed objected to keeping the public in the dark and encouraged the Treasury to reveal their secret plan in order to prepare financial markets for a debt ceiling event. The Federal Bank of New York called the Treasury’s approach to this situation as “crazy, counter-productive, and adding risk to an already risky situation.”

“Rather than choosing the responsible course of action advocated by the Federal Reserve to ensure that the private sector was as prepared as possible for a debt ceiling event, Treasury opted instead to conceal its contingency planning from Congress and the public to advance the Administration’s political ends,” the committee wrote.

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Local lawmakers weigh in on state agenda, FY’17 budget

With the introduction of the Gov. Larry Hogan’s budget and the first hearing on a proposal that would pave the way for the eventual construction of a third crossing of the Chesapeake Bay, the local shore delegation seems to have picked its issues for the first part of the session.

The governor’s budget, which must be submitted by the third Wednesday in January, proposes a $42.3 billion spending plan with a projected $449.5 million left in the reserves at the end of the year.

“My take on the budget is it’s building from last year. It’s a continuation of funding our priorities, with education at the top of the list,” Del. Mary Beth Carozza (R-38C) said.

According to Carozza, the governor set aside $6.3 billion for K-12 education, which, she said, is an increase of about $140 million from last year.

Unfortunately, for Worcester County, that money won’t be flowing into public schools here. School Superintendent Dr. Jerry Wilson said under the spending plan and due to the nuanced nature of funding Worcester schools, the local district will actually see a minor budget decrease.


Police kill transgender man who gained viral fame last year with service dog

Arizona police shot and killed a transgender man who gained viral fame last year after uploading a video showing his service dog calming him during a meltdown.

The 24-year-old, who had Asperger’s syndrome, was legally known as Danielle Jacobs, but identified as Kayden Clarke and hoped to transition from female to male, friends told the Arizona Republic. Police were at his home Thursday morning after being alerted to a suicidal email he had sent out,according to the Associated Press.

A pair of officers tried to talk to Clarke through an open doorway as a third officer retrieved a “less-than-lethal option,” a Mesa police spokesman said Friday, according to video uploaded by the Republic. Clarke came to the door with a large kitchen knife in hand, said the spokesman, who referred to Clarke as a woman.


Bipartisan Support Builds for Occupational Licensing Reform

Senators on both sides of the aisle touted the benefits of reforming occupational licensing requirements at a Senate Judiciary hearing on Tuesday, saying the requirements kill jobs, increase income inequality, and reduce choice and innovation for consumers.

The number of occupations affected by licensing has increased over time, leading some to question whether certain jobs should be held to these restrictions.

“There are head-scratching examples of requiring licensure without an obvious reason,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.) said. “Someone should not have to pay fees and pass a multiple-choice test to become a tour guide. Similarly, although hair braiders neither cut hair nor use chemicals, many states require them to obtain a cosmetology license.”

Research from the Institute for Justice found that in the 1950s only 5 percent of the workforce was required to obtain a license. Today, that portion has grown to 20 percent.

Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) said that there are a growing number of cases where licensing regulations have been expanded so far that they harm competition, leaving consumers with higher prices and less choice.

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NOAA study suggests rapid rise in ocean temps

Fish that were down there, may be coming up here and fish that were here, may be going up there. That, at least, is what some scientists are saying is a symptom of a new finding by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: ocean temperatures along the East Coast may be warming more quickly and severely than previously predicted.

In addition to the scientific studies supporting that conclusion, fish and other sea life appear to be moving north with the temperature shift.

The findings, published in a Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans article on Jan. 8., indicate water temperatures in the U.S. Northeast Shelf will increase at double the previously conjectured rate and three times the global average.

The Northeast Shelf is the designation of the large marine ecosystem that extends from the Gulf of Maine to Cape Hatteras and contains a mix of temperate waters and warm eddies spinning off the Gulf Stream.


Heroin: Blame It On America

Any politician who claims to care about the drug overdose deaths sweeping the nation, but does not demand that we build a wall, deport illegal aliens and end the anchor baby scam, is a liar.

In 2014, more people died from drug overdoses than any year in U.S. history: 47,055. That's more than die in car accidents -- and it's not even close.

This is a huge, horrible problem -- and it's a problem caused entirely by the fact that Mexico is on our southern border.

The diverse, hardworking people of Mexico manufacture the majority of heroin in the U.S. and import "nearly all" of it, according to a 2014 Washington Post report.

The media and political class respond to this fact by asking themselves: How do we blame this on Americans -- preferably white males?

Even as Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the head of Mexico's largest drug cartel, is all over the news boasting, "I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world" (The New York Times, Jan. 10, 2016), we're informed, Hey, don't blame Mexicans! It's America's appetite for drugs that's driving the narcotics trade!

Mexicans aren't at fault for dumping these poisons on our country because ... it's the 14-year-old American kid's fault for getting addicted! Hucksters of cigarettes, subprime mortgages and fake weight loss pills should try that argument. We're just selling what Americans are buying!


Boy, 8, with gun tries to rob West Palm Beach grocery store

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —The state announced Friday that it will not pursue charges against an 8-year-old boy who tried to rob grocery store with handgun.

The incident happened Wednesday night at the King Foods in the 1000 block of 36th Street in West Palm Beach.

The attempted robbery was captured on the store's surveillance cameras.

The boy is seen walking into the store wearing a bike helmet and baggy clothes.

He walked down an aisle, then to a checkout register.


Voter Fraud: We See Dead People

It’s true, folks. Patriot sister Sharron “Braveheart” Angle has taken on battling voter fraud; sounding the alarm that it is running rampant in America. What good is winning the hearts and minds of voters if we allow Democrats to steal elections?

Sharron suffered the devastation of election corruption when she almost defeated Harry Reid in 2010. Illegals voted for Harry Reid. There is evidence that Reid possibly stole the election from Sharron Angle using dead voters, people in prison and illegals.

Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” I suspect Sharron’s painful loss has made her a passionate crusader; committed to cleaning up the electoral process.

Remember the Black Panther Party thugs who stood outside the polls armed with clubs? Though charged with voter intimidation, Obama’s DOJ arrogantly and without apology outrageously dropped the charges because the perpetrators were black. Can you believe that, folks? Meanwhile, Obama looks down his morally superior nose at us, proclaiming himself a defender of equal justice.


Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann
Posted by DispatchAdmin


The English Diner opened in 1939 on the corner of Wicomico Street and Baltimore Avenue. Moved to 21st Street and Philadelphia Avenue in the last 1950s, it was one of Ocean City’s most popular family restaurants.

It was known as “Little City Hall” for the daily breakfast gatherings of Ocean City’s political elite during the years that Hugh Cropper, Harry Kelley and Roland “Fish” Powell served as mayors.

The English Diner was demolished in November 2005 and the Mariner’s Watch condominium was built on the site the following year.

Photo by Bunk Mann from Nov. 6, 2005

D.C. government’s dysfunctional lemonade stand

The D.C. license plate slogan “Taxation without Representation,” just scratches the surface of the Orwellian farce that is the local D.C. government. Local politicians have been griping about statehood for the District for decades. Apparently to them, a mayor, a 13-member city council and a non-voting member in Congress, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), doesn’t rise to the level of “representation” they seek.

For instance, in the case of living-large Ms. Holmes Norton, she’s entitled to a cushy annual salary of $174,000. Yet, she doesn’t doesn’t do much for it, her bellwether accomplishment is advocating the public’s right to sled on Capitol Hill.

Last Monday, the colorful characters that populate the city council gave preliminary approval to the Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results Amendment Act (NEAR). Beyond a catchy acronym, this legislation would pay at-risk youths assumed to be predisposed to criminality a $9,000 stipend to stay out of trouble at least within the confines of the District. (Adjoining Maryland and Virginia, you are on your own.) Ward 5 Democrat Councilman Kenyan McDuffie, proponent of this bright idea said, “The goal will be to identify our teenagers and young adults at the highest risk for committing or being a victim of violent crimes, for participation in a stipend-based program involving life planning, trauma informed therapy and mentorship.” No doubt Mr. McDuffie’s crystal ball will be at the ready—and it will have to be as all participants, naturally, will be anonymous. This Obama-like transparency ensures no accountability to the proposed program whatsoever.



If you are headed out to a Super Bowl 50 Party this weekend, here is a little Eastern Shore football history small talk for you to share.

When the New York Jets and Baltimore Colts lined up to play Super Bowl III in January, 1969, no one gave the Jets much of a chance. The famous “guarantee” of victory issued by the Jets’ quarterback, Joe Namath, had been mostly laughed off back then as a silly bit of youthful and drunken braggadocio on Namath’s part.

But Namath’s Jets did just what he had promised, delivering a 16-7 victory that still ranks among the greatest of Super Bowl upsets.

There is a pretty amazing Eastern Shore footnote to the game.

• Five players on the two Super Bowl III teams came from the same school, and that school was the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, then called Maryland State College.


Ben Carson On Cruz Tactics in Iowa: ‘By Their Fruit You Will Know Them’

Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson cites the Gospel of Matthew, saying that when it comes to his political opponents, “by their fruit you will know them.”

“I hope you will judge all the people running for this position by the same standards,” he said at the National Press Club, refusing to say to reporters whether he was referring directly to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

When pressed by reporters, however, Carson explained that it was clear what happened in Iowa, where members of Cruz’s campaign sent a message to caucus supporters hinting that Carson might be dropping out of the race.

“It’s clear that there were people who tried to take advantage of a situation who tried to distort information there’s no question about that,” Carson said.

Carson confirmed he spoke with Cruz about what happened and would wait to see what actions the senator would take.

“Sen. Cruz told me that he was not aware of that when I talked to him and he did not agree with that kind of thing … and we’ll wait to see what he does to demonstrate that,” Carson said.

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I Speak Of Liberals

Countdown To The Superbowl: Cheesy Pull-apart sliders

Cheesy Pull-apart sliders

Cook these up at your Super Bowl party and the crowd will go wild!Full recipe:

Posted by FOX8 on Friday, January 29, 2016
Click title of post if video fails to load
  • 1 pound lean ground beef
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 teaspoon mustard powder
  • ½ teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 2 cups diced onion (about 1 medium onion)
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 (10-oz) can Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes and Green Chiles, drained
  • 12 slices cheddar cheese
  • 12 dinner rolls
  • ½ cup (one stick) butter
  • 2 tablespoons Brown Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tablespoon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Place a large skillet on the stove top over high heat. When the pan is hot, add the beef and season with salt, pepper, mustard powder, and paprika. Add the onion and garlic, and cook, stirring occasionally, until beef is browned and onions are golden. Stir in drained tomatoes until combined.
  • Slice dinner rolls in half and place bottom half of rolls in 9x13 baking dish. Top with beef mixture & sliced cheese. Finish off with the top half of the bun.
  • Mix all the ingredients for the glaze in a sauce pan over medium heat (or microwave about 40 seconds) and mix until melted, smooth, and combined. Pour evenly over the buns.
  • Bake at 350 degrees F for 25 minutes.
Makes: 12 burgers.

Today Was Ronald Reagan's Birthday

La Opinión: Marco Rubio Is a ‘Republican Obama’

Wednesday’s cover of La Opinión, the nation’s largest daily Spanish-language newspaper, prominently portrays donor-class favorite Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) with the infamous “hope and change” imagery that defined Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

The cover of the Spanish-language paper writes: “The Republican Obama? The surge of the Latino Senator in the presidential campaign has made him a target of criticism on the subject of immigration.”

Marco Rubio and Barack Obama share many of the same policy goals, such as Obamatrade and military intervention in Libya, but their most striking similarities are on the subject of immigration. Both men support citizenship for illegal aliens, expanded refugee resettlement, more green cards, more H-1B visas, and large permanent expansions to the rate of immigration and foreign worker importation.

Marco Rubio was the co-author of the 2013 Obama-backed immigration bill. Rubio’s immigration bill was endorsed by La Raza, the AFL-CIO, SEIU, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Mark Zuckerberg, and George Soros. Rubio has not renounced his support for a single policy item outlined in the Gang of Eight bill—including his desire to triple green card issuances, double foreign worker visas, and grant citizenship to illegal immigrants.

Rubio has even borrowed much of the language of Obama’s campaign—prompting Joe Scarborough to mock the young Senator. Following the Iowa caucus, “Morning Joe” replayed Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech celebrating his victory at the Iowa caucus and juxtaposed that with Rubio’s strikingly similar Iowa speech celebrating his campaign’s ability to inch up to third place.

However, there is one important distinction between Rubio and Obama. Obama represented the core views of his most ardent base, and presented a vehicle for turning his base’s dreams into reality.

By contrast, the Republican base is overwhelmingly opposed to large-scale immigration, amnesty and refugee resettlement—the pillars of Rubio’s campaign. It is the GOP’s donor base, not its voter base, that supports these policies.

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A Viewer Writes: Gun Free Zone Sign

Rt 50 WB near Hebron, 
Goose on the Roof store.

10 Years of Budweiser Commercials

House Oversight Probe May Include Hillary Clinton Emails

Sources tell Politico that House Oversight Committee Chairman
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) 82% plans to proceed with an investigation into federal record-keeping practices, with the blessing of House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) 56%… provided the probe proceeds with “caution” when it hits Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Politico’s sources say Ryan and House Majority Leader
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 40% want to leave the investigation of Clinton’s email to the FBI, while the House Select Committee on Benghazi handles everything related to that situation. The Clinton email scandal began as a result of the House Benghazi Committee’s request for documents the State Department was forced to concede it did not possess, because Clinton was keeping them on a secret private server.

As various other politicians and staffers quoted throughout the article make clear, there are practical concerns about interfering with the FBI investigation of Clinton’s email, or creating the appearance that such interference might have occurred, plus political concerns that a swarm of Republican committees digging into Clinton would fuel her narrative about “vast right-wing conspiracies.”


University of Maryland College Students On The Iowa Caucus - Can't Find New Hampshire on Map

Employees not to Use Sex as a Weapon

2016 SB 504 proposes to criminalize government employees using sex, or lack thereof, to withhold government services. Apparently, there is a reason for this bill. (B) A STATE OFFICIAL, A LOCAL OFFICIAL, OR A PERSON WHO IS EMPLOYED BY OR UNDER CONTRACT WITH THE STATE OR A LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNIT MAY NOT INDUCE OR ATTEMPT TO INDUCE ANOTHER […]

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Obama: Criticism of Muslim Americans ‘Has No Place In Our Country’

On Wednesday, President Obama, who has become the executive branch equivalent of a professional commenter troll, took his traveling roadshow of perverse failure to the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

There, he lectured Americans – as always – on our own intolerance, the glories of Islam, and how if we just gaze longingly into his eyes, our souls will be set free of the baser matter surrounding them.

First, a note: the Islamic Society of Baltimore has significant ties to terror supporters. Its former imam, Mohamed Adam el-Sheikh, presided over the mosque for 18 years and justified Palestinian suicide bombings in the pages of The Washington Post, as well as founding the radical Muslim Brotherhood-associated Muslim American Society.

Now, on to President Obama’s speech.

Obama began by stating that the ISB is as American as apple pie (minus the whole former imam who supported suicide bombing thing). He then said, “So the first thing I want to say is two words that Muslim Americans don’t hear often enough — and that is, thank you. Thank you for serving your community. Thank you for lifting up the lives of your neighbors, and for helping keep us strong and united as one American family. We are grateful for that.”

So, no bitter clinger talk for those who worship Allah. Got it.

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Amazing Grace

Berlin Needs To Hold Consultant Accountable

It was welcome news this week to hear the Town of Berlin is seeking some sort of “fair” compensation from the consultant that unnecessarily cost the municipality about $435,000.

Berlin Mayor Gee Williams reported as much this week and intimated the town would go to court if necessary to recoup some of the money the town will have to spend to right the mistake. While power issues can be complicated, the simplest way to explain what happened is the town contracts with a consultant, Booth and Associates, to manage its power operations. The town meets each December with the Maryland Public Service Commission to review the town-owned electric company’s purchased power cost adjustment.

That review found the town missed a peak power generation period in February that should have been tracked by the consultant. The end result being the town needs to recover $435,876 from property owners. Rather than pass it all on to the consumers, the town opted to use $100,000 of its significant reserves to soften the blow, resulting in property owners seeing their electric bills increase by $2.50, starting this month, to make up the shortage.


VA Officials Get Away With Fraud

Know an ethics violator in need of job security? Try hooking them up with a lucrative position at the Department of Veterans Affairs. In addition to providing lackluster care to millions of veterans, numerous agency officials were found abusing their executive authority, such as Kimberly Graves and Diana Rubens. The duo was recently demoted from the Senior Executive Service sector of the VA. Government Executive provides a quick backstory:

In September, the VA inspector general concluded the two improperly helped create vacancies at their respective offices and volunteered to fill them. The two employees occupying the Philadelphia and St. Paul director jobs at the time were relocated to jobs they did not volunteer for to make room for Rubens and Graves, who were working elsewhere at the time in positions with more responsibility, according to the watchdog. VA paid roughly $274,000 in relocation expenses for Rubens, and about $129,000 for Graves, for a total of more than $400,000.


Which way is the bus going?

Which way is this bus going? 

Click HERE to see the answer 

The regrettable decline of higher learning

What do campus microaggressions, safe spaces, trigger warnings, speech codes and censorship have to do with higher learning?

American universities want it both ways. They expect unquestioned subsidized support from the public, but also to operate in a way impossible for anyone else.

Colleges still wear the ancient clothes of higher learning. Latin mottos, caps and gowns, ivy-covered spires and high talk of liberal education reflect a hallowed intellectual tradition.

In fact, today’s campuses mimic ideological boot camps. Tenured professors seek to indoctrinate young people in certain preconceived progressive political agendas. Environmental studies classes are not very open to debating the “settled science” of man-caused, carbon-induced global warming — or the need for immediate and massive government intervention to address it. Grade-conscious and indebted students make the necessary ideological adjustments.

Few sociological courses celebrate the uniquely American assimilationist melting pot. Race, class and gender agenda courses — along with thousands of “studies” courses — have been invented. A generation of politicized professors has made the strange argument that they alone have discovered all sorts of critical new disciplines of knowledge — apparently unknown for 2,500 years — to ensure that graduates would be better educated than ever before.

Universities have lost their commitment to the inductive method. Preconceived anti-Enlightenment theories are established as settled fact and part of career promotion. Evidence is made to fit these unquestioned assumptions.

Two unfortunate results have predictably followed.


The Smith Project: What Voters Want

Veteran pollster Pat Caddell’s Armada group has spent the past several years charting the alienation of the American electorate, constructing a fascinating model of what most Americans desire in the ideal political candidate – the great statesman, or stateswoman, voters want for our time.

Using a large volume of survey data, they created a hypothetical “Candidate Smith” whose platform would enjoy strong majority support from the entire country.

Here are some of the many highlights from the poll, which is attached below:

70% agree that the federal government today no longer has the consent of the people
79% want to recruit and support more candidates who are ordinary citizens rather than professional politicians and lawyer
A majority of voters would join a third party if it had a chance of success
77% prefer candidates who “take on the political elites and special interests” to those who conform to a set ideology

Considering how bitterly fractured the electorate has become, with intra-party disputes almost as vicious as the exchange of heavy artillery fire across the partisan divide, there is a remarkably strong consensus about what “Candidate Smith” would stand for. All of the existing candidates from both parties fall far short of this lofty ideal… and yet, the passionate supporters of every candidate in the race would insist their man or woman is Candidate Smith.

Caddell’s research therefore offers a fascinating insight into the nature of the great American divide.

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After month of construction, Seacrets to re-open Thursday

A night out at Seacrets can take many forms, but what many visitors to the club had in common, up until this point, was the possibility of wet feet had it rained in the resort within the past 24 hours.

Work began on Jan. 3 to allay long-standing concerns about standing water at the nightclub’s entrance because of the low grade of the road leading to Seacrets’ entrance, which also had to match the road elevation.

That’s all changed now, as the entrance of Seacrets has been raised about three feet, according to owner Leighton Moore, and, from the city side, the road abutting the landmark has also been raised. A new storm drain was installed by Ocean City Public Works, so drainage should also be improved, according to Director Hal Adkins.

Instead of directing the flow of storm runoff to an area usually occupied by a number of visitors and vehicles at the front of the building, the water is directed to the new drain some distance away from the main entrance.


Hollywood Outraged After Clint Eastwood Says THIS About the ‘All White’ Oscars

In a recent interview concerning the whole ‘boycotting the Oscars because they are too white’ nonsense, Clint Eastwood finally let er rip. He told those who were offended to quit whining. I love Clint Eastwood! The man is not only an acting and directing legend, he has a spine and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. This is what he said abou the #OscarsSoWhite movement: “I don’t know anything about it. All I know is there’s thousands of people, and the majority of them haven’t won Oscars,” Eastwood said. The 85 year-old three-time Oscar winner and eight-time nominee added: “A lot of people are crying, I guess.”

From Qpolitical:

If there’s any celebrity that’s never afraid to give liberal media a brutally honest piece of his mind, it’s Clint Eastwood.

The 85-year-old legend continues to be known for his no-nonsense roles in films like Dirty Harry, Raw Hide, Gran Torino, and many more.

Turns out Eastwood is just as fierce in real life as he is in his iconic roles.


Citizens United: Rubio OK, Trump, Cruz Are 'Change Agents'

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio would be acceptable as president, but Texas Sen. Ted Cruz or businessman Donald Trump would do a far better job of changing the culture in Washington, Citizens United President David Bossie tells Newsmax TV.

"I've known Marco since before he got elected to the United States Senate, so I don't hold him out as a liberal," Bossie told "The Hard Line" host Ed Berliner on Wednesday. "I hold him out as somebody who is coalescing the establishment around him, or at least attempting to right now coming out of a third-place finish in Iowa."

Rubio finished third in Iowa to Cruz and Trump, whom Bossie described as "change agents."

Rubio wouldn't be as bad as those in the "Washington cartel" who don't listen to what the American people want but instead benefit their "crony friends," Bossie said.


Top House Republican demands Kerry explain $1.7 billion Iran payment

The chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee demanded Wednesday that Secretary of State John Kerry explain a $1.7 billion settlement paid to Iran that some Republicans have described as a "ransom" tied to last month's release of five American prisoners.

Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., complained in a letter to Kerry that his committee was not consulted about the payment. The Obama administration claimed the agreement was made to settle a dispute with Iran over $400 million in frozen funds that dated back to 1979. The remaining $1.3 billion was described by the Obama administration as "interest".

"It is unclear how this $1.7 billion payment is in the national security interests of the United States," Royce wrote.




They have probably been around for thousands of years. Now you don’t see any children playing with them. I’m talking about marbles. They were real popular back in the 1950’s. At every recess, you could find any number of circles drawn in the dirt with several boys gathered around waiting for their turn to plunk the opponent’s marble out of the ring. Some boys had a real knack of zeroing in on a desired marble and making it just fly out of the ring. I was never very good so I usually didn’t play “for keeps”.

Along the way certain marbles were declared ineligible. “Steelies” gave the shooter a distinct advantage due to the weight difference, so they were not allowed. These were actually ball bearings. “Bummies” were oversized marbles and were also not allowed. Their larger size made for a distinct advantage. Your shooter was usually slightly larger but not to be mistaken for a “bummie”. I always liked the “cat’s eye” type of marble. They remind you of some of the paper weights of the day. Very pretty.

Just about every boy had his marble bag with his treasured marbles. It was really a very simple game and the ability of a boy to knock one out of the ring and “stick” was an advantage. If you just hit one that went just short of the ring line, the next shooter could get that one real easy. The techniques used by the shooters varied. Some boys seemed to have just the right method of aiming and hitting anything they shot at, while making their marble stick in the ring.

Early marbles were made out of clay. Some clay marbles have been found that are 2-3,000 years old. Like I said, it is a simple game and can be played by any boy with any degree of skill. Of course, like me, if they played for keeps, they quickly lost all their marbles.

The old marbles can be quite beautiful. Several placed in any type of clear glass container make for a nice and colorful display. They can be found at flea markets, antique shops and any number of venues for a variety of prices. They don’t have to be expensive to be very attractive.

The game of marbles is all but forgotten by the youth of today. Electronic games have taken over their interests. Of course, if I want my computer straightened out, I have to ask a young person. Maybe they are smarter, but I’ll bet they don’t have as much fun.

Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain 'operational' intel, put lives at risk

Highly classified Hillary Clinton emails that the intelligence community and State Department recently deemed too damaging to national security to release contain “operational intelligence” – and their presence on the unsecure, personal email system jeopardized “sources, methods and lives,” a U.S. government official who has reviewed the documents told Fox News.

The official, who was not authorized to speak on the record and was limited in discussing the contents because of their highly classified nature, was referring to the 22 “TOP SECRET” emails that the State Department announced Friday it could not release in any form, even with entire sections redacted.

The announcement fueled criticism of Clinton’s handling of highly sensitive information while secretary of state, even as the Clinton campaign continued to downplay the matter as the product of an interagency dispute over classification. But the U.S. government official’s description provides confirmation that the emails contained closely held government secrets. “Operational intelligence” can be real-time information about intelligence collection, sources and the movement of assets.

The official emphasized that the “TOP SECRET” documents were sent over an extended period of time -- from shortly after the server's 2009 installation until early 2013 when Clinton stepped down as secretary of state.


Hillary misleading about email probe during debate, former FBI agents say

Hillary Clinton used misleading language in Thursday night’s Democratic debate to describe the ongoing FBI investigation into her use of a private email server to conduct official government business while she was secretary of state, according to former senior FBI agents.

In the New Hampshire debate with Senator Bernie Sanders, which aired on MSNBC, Clinton told moderator Chuck Todd that nothing would come of the FBI probe, “I am 100 percent confident. This is a security review that was requested. It is being carried out.”

Not true says Steve Pomerantz, who spent 28 years at the FBI, and rose from field investigative special agent to the rank of assistant director, the third highest position in the Bureau.

“They (the FBI) do not do security reviews,” Pomerantz said. “What they primarily do and what they are clearly doing in this instance is a criminal investigation.”


Historic Ocean City Church Undergoing Major Renovation Project; Steeple Removed This Week For Overhaul

OCEAN CITY — An historic downtown landmark, the oldest Catholic church in Ocean City, is getting a major facelift, including the restoration of its steeple, which was removed this week.

St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Church, which dates back to 1877 and nearly the beginning of the resort itself, is undergoing a major restoration and renovation. On Monday, the ancient steeple and bell tower at the historic church on the corner of Baltimore Avenue and Talbot Street was removed and is now undergoing a major restoration in a lot adjacent to the church.

The lot used to house the church rectory, but it was demolished last year as part of the larger renovation plan. St. Mary’s Star of the Sea-Holy Savior Parish Facilities Manager Tony Dicken said this week the removal of the steeple on Monday created a few anxious moments as a large crane carefully lowered the structure into the church yard below.

“As the crane was getting ready, it was completely calm,” he said. “The moment the crane started lifting off the steeple, the winds picked up and it was a little dicey for a few minutes. Once the steeple was lowered into the adjacent lot, the winds died back down and it was completely calm again.”


Even I Had To Laugh At This One

Are You With Me?

Caption This Photo 2-6-16

The Aftermath In Iowa

HUD: Public Housing Should Be Reserved for Poor People

( - The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has decided that public housing should be available only to low-income people who need it.

On Tuesday, HUD announced it is considering a new rule to remove people from public housing if their income "increases significantly" over time, even if those people pay full market rent and receive no subsidy.

"It is the responsibility of HUD and (Public Housing Authorities) to ensure that public housing units are available to those who need HUD assistance," the agency said in a news release. And right now, HUD says there is an "urgent need for affordable rental housing in many communities."

US Military Leaders Agree: Women Should Register for the Draft

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday on opening all ground combat units to women, U.S. military leaders said it is time to require women to register for the Selective Service. 

Federal Debt Just Exceeded $19 Trillion: $58,000 for Each Person in U.S.

On Monday the U.S. national debt hit a new record:$19,012,827,698,418. This is the first time the national debt has ever exceeded $19 trillion. That’s more than $58,000 for each person who lives in the U.S. today (including children).

The main culprit behind the rising deficits and debt is growing federal spending—especially among Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare.

Traditionally, Congress has set a limit for how much debt the U.S. may take on, known simply as the debt limit. But rather than put a higher limit on the debt, lawmakers and the president have repeatedly suspended the debt limit, most recently in November of last year through March 15, 2017. During a debt limit suspension, the Department of Treasury is authorized to borrow however much is needed to pay all federal obligations that come due. This means there is basically no limit on debt the U.S. may take on.


Iowa Ruins the 'Inevitable'

The results in the Iowa caucuses are a rebuke to the notion that the national media have all the influence over America's voters. Donald Trump has been the overwhelmingly dominant figure on television news. Even his decision to duck a debate was treated as bigger news than the actual event, and he almost fell to third place in Iowa.

On the Democratic side, when Hillary Clinton entered the race last April, she was presented as an unstoppable colossus, the American royal family returning to its natural place of power and adoration. Time magazine published a nauseating tribute from Laurene Powell Jobs, wife of the late Apple computer genius Steve Jobs, as "one of America's greatest modern creations ... she represents new realities and possibilities."

Team Clinton was left with trying to win Iowa by flipping coins, finally squeezing out a pyrrhic victory. So much for her inevitability. It must be said that while the media have noticed the polling trend of Clinton's decline and Sanders' ascent, they are wholly unable — or unwilling — to focus on the desperate nature of this candidacy.



There are more political points to be scored in Michigan

All of Pennsylvania’s largest cities have higher levels of lead exposure than Flint, Michigan, but you won’t hear Michael Moore calling for the prosecution of Governor Tom Wolf.

There is a reason for that.

Wolf is a Democrat.

Moore’s jihad against Michigan Republican governor Rick Snyder is politically motivated. Moore has used it not only to claim a Republican is poisoning the poor people of Flint, but he has also climbed up on his soap box and taken aim at General Motors and the Pentagon.

Now that he is dominating headlines, Moore has expanded his target list to include the wife of the Governor’s Chief of Staff. Deb Muchmore is a spokesperson for Nestle, the largest owner of private water sources in the State of Michigan.

Democrats are also in bed with corporations, but this does not figure into Moore’s political agenda. He has opportunistically limited his criticism to Flint’s water crisis and Republicans on its periphery.